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| gram was carried out and a delicious
| luncheon was served. Those present |
| were: Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Meyers, Dr. |
and Mrs. C. T. Saylor, Mr. and Mrs. |
| J. 0. Wolfersberger, Mrs. E Sullivan, |
Cry for Fletcher's
| Mrs. C. E. Swanson and daughter
{ Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Shanks,
Miss Nelda Shanks, Mrs. A. W. Mill-
| er; Mrs. W. J. Gardner, Mrs. Margaret
| Gardner, Mrs. C. F., DeHaven, Dr.
| John Erler, Miss Margaret Gardner, |
| Mrs. F. A. Walters, Mrs. George |
| Ernest and son Earle, Mrs. John |
| Brier, Mrs., C. B. Lane, Mr. and Mrs.
| W. M. Day and son Von.
Mrs. Fannie Moon has returned to | x
her home in Confluence, after spend- | LY Zz.
| “Fc A / LaZr
ing several weeks as the guest of her
The Kind You Have Always Bought. and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
mn and has been made under his per=
sonal supervision since its infaneye.
Allow no one to deceive youin this.
son Irvin Wolf of Main street. All Conntel itatior : and *¢ Just-as-good ’> are bub
Experiments that trite with and endanger the health of
jchn Ayers, a patient in the Mercy
Hospital, Pittsburg, is reported to
rapidly improving and will be brougQt |
' home this week.
Infants and Children—Ixpervience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare=
goric, Drops and Scothing Syrups. It is pleasant. If
contains neither Opium, Morphine mer ether Narcotie
substance. Its age is its guarantee. 1% destroys W«¢
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty veaos it
has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Tlatuleney, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the ‘Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sicep.
The Children’s Panacea—The Mdther’s Friend.
The Milford township schools will |
hold a picnic on Saturday, June 10, at |
the Walker school. There will be al
baseball game and other amusements. |
Addresses will be made by Supervis:|
Td ‘ing Principal J. L. Moore and County
Superintendent D. W. Siebert.
NATIONAL | nev lb % Ce ots, fier spond
fp lear y, after end-
5c & 10c BISCUIT ing several days there with relatives.
COMPANY Mrs. R. G. Benford and two child-
ray GY
ag ren of Jerome, spent the past several :
days here with relatives. _cars the Signature of
FAIR AND JUST ' employes having regular assignments ocse” out along the line. Later, wien 00 2A ne Harry a of
— {and established hours for service. these men lay off to recuperate, their the latior's aro Ne S _pusuly of
An Eight- Hour Work Day for Rail- but the very great majority of em- big check must, of course, dwindle, John Sacer parents, Mr. and Mrs. Items
road Train Service Men Will ployes who work in the irregular and soon these men are broken down | Mrs Ellen Snvd I & &® 4
Vizke Better Citizens. freight service and are allowed to and are dumped on the “scrap heap” | = 2 rom fe Bo 125 yorumel The
Lr work the day if sufficient freight with the other old machinery, and attended ws vad wk Where she open
A statement has been frequently shipments come to hand, but who may be taken in by some kindly re- | oD a of i SE or Ver ears be dey
made by the railroads that the pres- lose the day’s work if the business lative or perhaps fifind room in some in a th pugn it glia bee play.
ent demands of the railway train ser- | does not come—these “irregular distant “home” maintained by the g e graduating class. The Kind You Have Always Bought taught
vice employes ire not really for an freight service” employes gained al- employes’ organizations. Thus they CONFLUENCE : THE CENTAUR COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY oi
eight hour day, but are intended to most nothing, but were crowded back conclude their days—these soldiers of Mrs. C. W. Hall torctat y I : Micha
secure increased wages. {o an Gbourly compensation, instead the great transported countless num- 3 1. Clo ph Ai gers ained the L ber, Tr
This is not true, as the employes °F mileage basis, by excessively long v¢:8 of passengers and endless’trains Med i Soni pan io A re nr : en ing vi
composing the four brothorficods T2ins; ‘or, 7n other words, the rail: of freight. Though the engines and : m Kurtz of Cumberland, the pi
8 ; : ; ! ’ Md., has returned home, after visiting them
want shorter hours, They ‘want their, YES, tO cover the 1903 to 1914 wage cars become larger and yet larger, ,.. ives here fo al d }? = i
working day to be as near eight ‘nerease, gave each of their irregular and though the trains become even John js : Of Yea cays. ; i ale Sallow Cheeks ¥ § Yo. agains
hours as it can be made. ireight crews two trains to handle longer, and though the hours of ser- bo a Was recently in Py, 9 Nicho
a son ot wm od of ond. and uits mot only re vice become more intensely fierce, the 2 on na i : : show that the blood is impoverished and that the stomach is not prop- The
be apparent that it will be useless to °! ired other crews of a train and railway employe still measures up to r. and Mrs, J. T. Davis of Ursin, erly assimilating its food. In fact a woman's physical condition always set H
ne Jha : : ess to rs wrx Ti eon the tis work were calling on friends in ttown Fri- shows in her face. Paleness, blotches, pimples, sallownessor dull eyes all ing or
_an eight-hour day unless there “%¢* 3 ors v : day /
. . i un ort : ; vail : . ton, D
is some penalty attached for over- double train” dragging along the In the great railway yards the :s . : hia T il the Ne d f d
is a eras whely fu tuivay until it has, in many places, switchmen whose tired teet strike the a Si I on | e e bers, «
! : sai : 0 onzine A oe ; v r 0c o her Home | sane i.
eight-hour day obtains, there is an ex: become the practice of the railways © gine foothon d” or the cinders all ot Geice. Md | Beecham’s Pills. Women who are subject to these conditions should pleteq
tra charge for overtime; otherwise, 0 Work the employe the 16 hours and 42, or night, or the man in the “ca Ths funorel of ‘the late Mrs. M not fail to avail themselves of their prompt and beneficial effect. Wiley
’ He ; : ye rs. Mary usa :
there would be ‘no ‘eight-hour day: merely allow them the eight hours who pulls ond throws the levers back Water took place Sundny afternoon Beecham’s Pills are prepared to furnish the necessary relief. They Sjnosy
the work would go on at the same rest, anywhere, apd then continue | and forth all day or night, working iPM ) Clear the i of impurities, gently stimulate the liver, regulate the school
woul same aia Si nae 5 io. . M. owels and tone the system. Their mild and thorough action quickl
rate per hour just as long as the em- 0 with this “freight drag” as it js among countless and conflictinf sig ; a ; : : 8 L : 8 Juicy
ployer cared to work the men called by both officials and employes. nals and endless danger and in every Miss Melon Bowlin Who hos bes rid the skin of blemishes, improve the circulation avd help the digestion, Th
It has been amply abe : fan nr | nondition of weather—these are the ill for several months with rheumat- Every woman should know the comfort, and experience the help of .
s been amply demonstrated | So the net result of this is really : : ism is improving slowly ; Evere
that eight hours’ hard te | i] : s | true soldiers of industry. These men Yr ] ;
work is enough 'a decrease in the earnings of the’, .4 not need to ask for better con- H. R. Watson of Eastt Pittsburg ¢ ) Brum
for any man and any hours he work great majority of employs, since they | 4: ug - yisited his family here a few days re- C Bedfo
more than, eight, simply. d his | : ditions. Better conditions should have 3 ys , 1 ; x
ght, ply draw on his |are forced from fast miles at so much |, 00 oven them yeafs ago volve gently. : : ger Is
reserve energy and vitality, shorten- i 0 0 4 > 3 5 Sold by druggists throughout th 1d. In bo: Pm iy ;
ing his life and his availabl Ki per mile, to slow, long hors at the |} ours, or more, is their ‘present day Harry Flanigan of Flanigan Station Directions of Special Value to Women A A 1 Poe
ai e wor ing | same rate per hour and handle two, | night, when eight hours should be was in town on Saturday transacting tury
years. It on also been proven that %jand often three, trains where before |; i. limit business and greeting friends ; AL ER EA es ’ of Dx
man working eight hours is more ef- : i Wn : NE ITY. :
ficient, does better work, and is | Reader one, and many others| mpg fostering by some railways o Lucile Burnworih is Improving CHANCE FOR FORESTERs MEVERSDALE AND vielNiry : %
ES hoe cies on — uties added. . i various unfair conditions, and their slowly from her long siege of illness. — The local Sunday School Conven- in o
working longer hours There 2° some railways Bi usual opposition to all suggestions to- Miss Josephine McKee, a student at| Examinations for entrance of the tion held by the Amish church was wor
The railroad train service employ- Booms Ca ili wo or a | wards improvement and their com- Peabody Institute Baltimore, is spend- | State Forest Academy at Mont Alto | well attended last Thursday. po
Sey 5 C times, from their employes, and It Dlaint about unfair regulations has ing her vacation with her parents will be held in Harrisburg Monday | Mrs. Menno Miller left for Michigan 2x
’ g the railroad companies |seems that the only reasonable and _ : here. and Tuesday, J 1 : struc!
for an eight-hour day, also ask for |n luti f thi ti | provoked a reproof from one of ihe y, Juns 19th and 201. All jogs dgy Jast iis that
ee oanalt Tor 3 Rs ro umane solution for is prac fo | most conservative of our public men. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Weaver, well- applicants will submit to a physical Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Yoder who 5 2
DM emus = DS ao st be the present pi In a speech before the New York known residents of Confluence, cele- | examination at the office of the De- spent the past winter and Spring in ren
i rl ne railways declare that . ot Traffic Club on February 21, ex-Pres- | brated the fiftieth anniversary of | partment of Forestry on the 19th. Pennsylvania visiting returned to in}
- cifactive mettiod for I are demanding a $100,000, ident Taft reproved the railways for their -marriage recently surrounded | The examinations in scholarship will | their home in Bayport, Michigan, : 04
overt Ovortime” 1 | inorease, but admit that uqon many |inejr misdeeds and their opposition to by relatives and friends. An excellent be held in the High School buildng on |last Thursday. of &
vergime. vertime™ is commonly !lines and in many places there willl, dinner was served at noon d _| the 20th, and only th mm the 2
called “blood money,” and saps the |p li h b {the laws of the land and to reform. : . s BN 8 TO 2 only those applicants| Mr. and Mrs. Yost Summy and d
rk en i : ud e but. ittle c ange. There may be |e accused them of corrupting coun- ception was held in the afternoon. Mr will be admitted who have already |children visited Menno Yoder’s on jie
y lile out © e employes. o| some inconsiderable increase, but li; i i and Mrs. Weaver th passed the physical inati i ; Some
trust that the publi in id ! ~~ 'gils and legislatures and defying the . are the parents of physical examinations. Ascension Day. :
st tha public will consider the | nothing like what the officials claim; a six children, and death h t vi All applicant: t iti in Miller i i
fact that it is the overtime and expo- : 3 : interstate commerce commission and , as not visit- pplicants must be citizens of | Irwin Miller is home from College. SU
A wats th ares and in the light of past experience |being generally unreasonable, and !ed the family for thirty tfive years. Pennsylvania, not over 26 years of| The Orphan's Home in Elk Lick f ar
a snony empazers to rl the employes epsily can predict from | then warned them of a possible gov- The children are Mrs. Edwin S. Marsh | 486, and not under 19. The examina- has an enrollment of some twenty girow
their employes’ age limit 21 to lat source the railways will quick | ernment ownership. The general pub- of Connellsville, Mrs. L. L. Nale of tions in scholarship will include the |orphant’s. thing
ape ot “ PY recoup themselves; additional * 1; win give this conservative speaker Huntingdon, Miss Nettie Weaver, ordinary high school branches, alge- | diseh
years. In other vocations a man can | jutjes for employes IS always a fer- i 3 : Mrs. B. F. Tressler, Mrs. H bra, plane and solid : the 1
work at least 20 5 iq I | serious consideration. The employes . B. F. Tressler, Mrs. H. C, Dean, EL nda 8 geometry, arith-| A SURE THING. , ‘
ork at leas years—note the dif-|tjle field for retrenchment. But if |! 2 and J. H. We 11 of -o. | metic, English {| Silas—Hi them
ference in railway work. Considered : . may well feel they have able counsel LH, aver, all of Confluence. , glish grammar and composi- | iram says he really expects
L this way th% ates fi) ie employes win what they ask r'|ypon their side. Mr. Weaver is seventy years old, and |tion, physical and commercial goe- | ter git elected ter de office of consta Th
a I tt ids a im public will find them an improv- President Wilson has said that the his wife is aged sixty-seven. They graphy, civil government, physiology, | ble this time, fer sure. the
thelr present ote of LS ae the ny | ed class of workers and citizens, and workers have a right to say under have lived at Confluence for twenty- history, reading, writing and spelling. | a does? Why, what’s his San
aor : o p i 3 "in connection with this the public | what conditions they will work. The three years. An average grade of 75 per cent must y os e hain’t fer expansion ner coun
ployes are not seeking the “enormous | wj]] also secure an improved rail | railway employes merely ask that the| Dr and Mrs. H. P. Meyers and sou, | be attained to pass No specimen ex- TOS Sil vor coln
increase,” but desire better living con 4ay service and pre tfreight move- | lot 9 : e : Hr > Lu i : Silas—Oh! they say he’s got
ditions |way service and promp ig € | public approve their effort for a rea- Paul, attended the funeral of a rela- amination papers will be supplied. scheme ter make the forei &0 poun
The ‘physical and mental strain sal | sonable condition. tive in Markleysburg yesterday. Of those who pass the examina-| the internal revenue tax * He Ts ang
train service employes, compelled tol The railroads are circulating prin-| Mr. and Mrs. Silas Hileman and tions, the 15 with the highest stand-| it down ter the store the over a Yi ta
work long hours, is beyond oti re. | bed statements showing names of | ROCKWOOD Jerry Augustine have returned from a |Ing will be assigned to foresters on an’ it took like hot cakes. miles
hension b average minds oi | train service employes who are be-| Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Miller of Buffalo | Visit with friends in Braddock. State Forests for two months of prac : hulle
all the ices ad aldtitie Bekins paid large wages and they are | Mills, are here for a few days visiting | Mrs. Cal Coughenour, formerly of tical work in the woods. At the end) OF COURSE NOT. gun,
companies classify railroading as oe | doing this to lead the public to be-|With friends and relatives. this place but now of McIleesport, | Of this period an additional test will To Yois Jor your bill,” said the Con- ouLh
tra rodn ie many of - ruiik | ieve that, because a few men are] John R. Lochrie has returned home has returned home after a visit with | be given . The ten men passing the | oe T would have {o siuli’y my= guar;
ing to insure soilvay employes on ac. | GATING large salaries, it is an exam- rom Pittsburg, where he spent sev- | friends here. test most satisfactorily will be ad- “Just Sor Suid'in :
count of the great risk of loss ang [le Of what the average train ser- eral days transacting business. Jonas McClintock of Broad Ford isimitted to the Forest Academy on| py “And of a Jonhyist bane B
- : | oie ; : : ; | is i j ; spending his vacation at his home September first. : tor: oy nL expect Me
where these employes are injured.) vice man is getting. Invariably the H Miss Bessie Bittner of Meyersdale, ih a man to stulify himself for nothing® Cum
there is a definite limit set on the 2- | men whose names apepar upon the |is the guest of her brother-in-law and > mt i
mount of the risk, and an extra | lists as examples of large salaries be- | sister, Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Hauger of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kelso and two chil-| > sy Write for new Dick
charge is made to te Tusured "ing paid to railway train employes | Rockwood. dren have returned to their home in 11S Training that Counts fei a beauti. Anne
I | ol i lave men engaged in fast passenger | Averring that appendicitis was Ligonier after visiting Mrs. Kelso's By y illustrated Ira
n reality, the railway employe re-| . | 3 ; ts. Mr aM F : : A book of 128 pages. i
ceives a less hourly compensation | F428 and are excptional cases. They | brought on by carrying a typewriter. parents, . an rs. Franz Deal at The Diploma of The Indiana : Jeffr
than almost any other trade. A DoG | should not be used as examples of 'W. M. G. Day, an employee of the Addison. Norsiel mans fat the gtajuste Earl
J nial DOA: - : : ok sti - M. B. Mitchell has returned to his 1as been through a course ot prac- BElize
carrier receives $4.50 for eight hours | What the average train service em [Rockwood Electric Company, has ap- Er roa 7 hed t is line hich efips one 10 €
or about 56 cents an hour. The high- | P1OYe gets, because in the present de- plied for compensation under the | WOT in epublic after visiting his fli the best positions in the teach-
est paid train conductor receives 5; | mand for an eight hour day the | Workmen’s Compensation act. family here several days. ing world. !
te on SH Yh shies anf | PASSENGER SERVICE IS NOT IN- | The Rockwood Playgrounds Asso- Nineteen of the 67 guarantors of the Indiana Graduates are so suc- : Th
nr | CLUDED | ciation was formed recently by the Chautauqua which will be held here cessful because they are ambitious > er, (
ed as many hours as the railroad | > . { ; ! : . wD la t 18 to 22 inclusi t in th and because they are trained to
conductor he would draw a larger | The public which does not not al- | election of the following named offi-! ugus 0 clusive, met in the iin silcceas. plac
enlafy and could then be inmad hyd Yoys understand railway conditions ! cers: President, H. W. Musser; Sec- | Odd Fellows’ Hall recently and effect. well,
the railways as the “aristocrat of ino land railway workers, hear only the retary, H. S. Wolfersberger; Treasur- | ©d an organization. Pennsylvania State 30,
labor world ”» | railway side of the story. In the rail- :er, Dr. C. J. Hemminger. A committee | rr N 1 S h Rev
if the raflwavs complain that time | 2Y talk of moving terminals there is | was appointed to secure a lease 6n a | TO PREACH SERMON TO | orma C ool hous
Alf” . : iin ins ; but little to heed. The railways can suitable lot for a period of five y¢ rs | THE ODD FELLOWS | £ Indi P Wat
and a-half” means in some instances : tan i dia the lot 18 1 The local Lodge of Odd Fellowsw 11 | of indiana, ra. T1
(pe > reig rice and! As ¢ as t 3 leas a g : . abl : .
an increase, let them avoid the in- expedite their freight service anc } Soon Bs (ne lo is leased a g00d el SE Practical Thorough Efficient
: +33 x _ | continue with their present termi equipment will be erected. attend preaching services in the ; : . sold
crease by avoiding the overtime, for . : 2 ; van. church q lay eveni | The location of Indiana Normal is health-
that is the desire and purpose of the | R218 if they really wish to do so. Jn The baseball game that was sched- Brethren church on Sunday evening fal. The buildings are modern—steam host, ses
be EC - © JSC L > ~7.9 ’ , " 2 tors. —and -
loves : some few cases there may be a cou- uled to be played between the Rock- 7:30 o'clock, when, the pastor of that un tor eC ae M;
OD i ho ple of hours overtime. wood Baltimore & Ohio team and the church, Rev. H. L. Goughnour, wil ee eg 3M
The railways claim there was an : cach. tt al Memorial s one year—excepting books—for those pre-
arse in wazés to the men Of be-| When an engineer has Connellsville Yards team, was post- Preach the annual Memorial sermon | parig to teach. Others pay $260. FC
Increase in i es Oo 1 Ine 1 ool yh . a . ong h 1 i Op ned on account of rain to the order Everybody is cordially | The Indiana Conservatory of Music men
tween 30 and 42 per cent from 1903 | check for 523i for a mon g .. : : invited to be present | and the Indiana School of Business, two
1914 hie ie partly tru 1t the il mav call attention A surprise party given In honor of invited ¥ I hrs of the k equipped schools in An ica, are Dam
)14. This is partly true -the may ca atientio \T1 and Mrs. W. R. Scott at | o aan connected with Indiana Normal. ’ Pitts
worl iploves IT ef wedne Children Cry 42nd Year os nom dalal rr: oy . oo
: 3 nost . ’ | For new catalog—illustrated—addre he Principal w
th i IX 0 I FOR FLET CHER S Opens Septem- Dr. Yorr Aerk “We i
bl 00 i - gna = » ana, £'a. Dam
CASTORIA [b= 1916. aR A ah Ae ll