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‘ wice he’ weft ito ihe home ofafriend
ron Tuesday ° of’ this’ ‘Week he was to | sweeper, namel —Mess:
M 1 t Sunda; with y
héve celebrated “his Toth. birthday: ap- of oye dale Sront SHniRTe | Deeter; Staub. )
niversary. -. The ministers Qf’ theq | Samuel ‘Saylor represen
‘Pittsburg wbiitéronce had planned to Mrs. F. Ww. Webreck " attended. the Chérel. of ‘the ‘BF ethan of
k . give a Special offering to the hospi-
a8 a birthday remembrance to “him.
he entered the
We have a big cir-
culation ‘and an “ad”
rg is read by thou-
ids of people.
Many tell us Wioy
are delighted with om
i” printing. 3
Rey. John Orbin at One Time a
‘this place received a telegram from
D.r Walter B. Orpin, from Washing:
offering from the church’ whose be-
- Order Sons of America, in this place,
was held Wednesday evening of this
Wes Shipley and Ben Leydig were
business callers in Connellsville on
‘Monday where they obtained jobs
with the West Penn’s Railway Co., as
motorman and conductor r pectively.
More tears for Northampton’s lassies.
The Band Festival of Saturday
night proved the eight wonder of the
world; such a majority of males for
once was astounding and the whele
'affair was right, financially and so-
The Circus at Meyersdale on Tues-
day took a number of our swains and
ladies to town to see the elephant.
Laura. Martz is back from a few
week’s stay at John Wagamans of
Mrs. Web Trent spent the week-
end at the I. D. Leydig home prior
to a trip to Gary, Indiana where ske
wilt locate with her husband soon.
Mrs. Ben Wagaman and children of
Connellsville spent a few days of last
week with her mother Mary Stoner.
Marion and Leah Leydig made a
trip to Johnstown on Tuesday in the
George Cook and sen ‘Walter went
apd wis taken illsayd-in-an hour and “to Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday to
a half he was dead... sce Bonesetter Rees.
Mr. Orbin wasborn-fn Bradford and Marion Saylor and Mary Poorbaugh |
_' Meyersdale Minister dies at
* Washington, Pa., of Heart
On Sunday Mr. George Hocking of
ton, Pa. fhat his father had died
that day of heart disease.
I was read at the even-
ce by ‘the local pastor of the .
i Rev. J. C. Matfe-
’ NE a by the congra
gation that 8 3 e of sympathy
be sent to the family with -a floral
loved pastor, Rev. Orbin = was. 27
years ago, 7 if
On Sunday morning, Rev. Orbin
preached’ in the ° Washington chureh,
taking the text, “In the midst of life
we are in death” bein, :
phetic of ‘his ewn lif :
Graduation exercises of her: ‘daughter
Alice at Carnegie Music H in Pitts-.
vurg ort ‘April 27. we
EATS couwry
Stal of which he was chaplain afd in
‘which he was so greatly interested,
When Civil War broke out he
enlisted i “the 87th Regiment, Pa.
unteers and. served throug :
color bearery At the close ¢
; ministry,
a member of the Pitisburg or
in 1866, “and served: many charges,
‘only retiring three “years. a; from a
pdstorate, but not from. active Ser:
Away Regently in This Vicini!
| :
widow, Mrs. Mary migabeth
_one daughter, Anna, a two |°
MRS. fay 6. GAR
Luther G.. Gardner.
resides. at anertows -with another
daughter, Mrs ~ Jacobs. Besides er)
husband Mrs.. Gardner is survived by |’
one daughter, her father and .one sis
ter, Mrs. Jacobs.
Funeral- services: were held Mon-
day afternoon in Mt.. Zion Lutheran
last business meeting before in-
stitution of the Camp of the Patriotic
week; and the institution will be next | Church., Interment. in the Church
“Wednesday night, the 10th. The new | cemetery in charge. of Undertaker L.
Camp will start with about thirty-five |G, Hoffman,
members. Official visitors and repres- rat
entatives from Camps of various sec- ANNA J ACOES:
tions of the state and coufity will be | Miss Anna. Jacobs, deughter of
in attendance. Casper Jacobs of near -Bakersville,
Among them will be State President died of pneumonia April 20, after a
C. II. Nonemaker, of Altoona, District short illness. Besides her father, the ,
President H.'G. Hamer of Hooversville | {decedent is suryived by the following
who will be accompanied by the De- (named brothers and sisters: W. D.
gree Team of his and other Camps of Jacobs of Jennertown, The Rev. C. F.
the north section of this county, and ' Jacobs of York, John Jacobs of Som- |
State Organizer S. L. Kinsey of York. | erset, Mrs. C. C. Barclay of Trent, and
The new Camps of Berkleys Mill and | Mrs. William Barndt of Jefferson. |
Rockwood, will also have delegations | erin
present. Arrangements are being made | --- -- MRS. W. E. LEONARD,
for the entertainment and lunch cor] A sister of Mrs. W. A. McCune, this |
vice for from sixty to seventy persons place, died at her home in Fairchance |
at the close of the institution. There | near Uniontown, Monday, after only
will be an open meeting for an hour {a few days illness. Mrs. Leonard |
at the first of the institution meeting | never fully recovered from the effects |
to give opportunity for additional of an operation last summer. She has
charter members who have not yet | a number of friends in this county
been able to make application, in or- | Who will be grieved to hear of her
der that they may get the benefit of death. The funeral took place Wed- |
the special. membership rate; and see | nesday afternoon.
the full degree work confered. There | ly!
are reports being circulated that join: OLIVER EMERT.
ing this Order. is virtually enlisting in| Oliver Emert of Somerset, died on
millitary service, which is absolutely | Thursday, night at his home, aged 67 |
untrue, the testimony of the 117:000 Years. Mr Hmert was born in Tincoln |
members of this state, and the 69 | township. and was married to -Ara- |
years, of the Splendid history of the ‘mints, Smith. Besides his wife he is
Order will testify to all who wish to survived by the followng children: |
know the truth. Our mission is that | Miltom John, ‘Harry and. Russel, all |
of Somerset. Funeral Seryices were
of peace and good citizenship, not E
strife and warfare. held Sunday at 2 p.m. ith inter-
(S. L. Kinsey) ment -in the. Husband" &émetery.
Katie @able;, daughter of Mr. and
A meeting of the officers of the
Eighth District, Sunday School Asso-
ciation. inter-denominational, was
Mrs. Amos Oable, of Conemaugh
township, died a few days ago from
leakage of the heart. She is ‘survived
by: her ‘parents and eight brothers
and sisters. The funeral was in
charge’ of ‘S. H. Shetler and L. A.
Blough. Six girl friends of the deceas-
were present at the regular m
meeting held on Tuesday ni hi
Messrs. Darnley, Saylor, St
“ter, Shipley and Smeg! s
Dia. To, :
_ crete § The
on was 14 cents per squar
committee, said that
pairs ‘being ‘carried. on ‘was the
H. Matist to repair the
track but bad not yet been
accomplish anything in this
ment of the sanitary condition of ih
town and for the comfort of its,
zenship has offered to pay $1
wards maintaining a street 3
and sweeper this summer, Coun
pointed the following committe
get prices on a sprinkler and a
sired to know the attitude of
Some Friénds Whom ' You Knew | ciation was ‘held Ja 1h Fhe
and Loved Who ‘Have Passed auditorium on last
! solo by.3
aged. dared; J
BR y
| aucea. He said that his subject which
i had
| the place inte which she has seeming-
The following members of ¢
he Bivins > >t the side ]
- sireet in the
Mr. Darnley, chafyman of 1
the only
Th meeting opened at.
: Ee fair sized
itl store from the nervous shock.’
A few days ago, while in an auto- |
mobile driven by ‘her husband, Mrs.
Samuel Farrelto
The f
was also seri-*
eut in “the
Mrs. Freiberg-
, leaped: from
i the rash. Neither:
‘although Miss Miller is
: le ta
trom e top. The
iwas'a ‘six-cilinder
was. badly. damaged. oF fo
. 1 by the pupils of Miss Cha:
- Bgerter. will be given in Amity
: for the bene?
- omy telephone éxchange
} snipe 8
re. alarm sounded = Meyers:
‘dale last might bétween the hours of
‘1 ‘and 2 o'clock, alarming the people
‘here but it was not until daylight
[that most of them learned of a very
destructive ire at Salisbury.
Starting ‘in the ‘baseme~. of 1
Shaw: building occupied by the New.
man’ Grocery and the family of Mrs.
Lydia Shaw Martin, the building was
entirely destroyed, the Martin family
barely escaping in their night cloth: }
ing. AT the furniture in the home 1
burried. The Menhorn barber ‘shop,
‘joining ‘was also burned, as was H,
Maust’s office.
“Dr. Swank’s office” and the
were with great difficulty saved
it is only due to the heroic ini of
‘the volunteers that. they are ?
was slightly damaged and
‘A telephone message asked h =
ro how did the United States ac-
‘quire this great commercial standing?
From two sourges—her natural re-
sources and cheap labor. In the fu-
fure she will not have these revenues
fall back upon. A half century or
so ago 70 per ct. of the population
lived on the farm and raised grain,
cattle, wool cotton etc. Now the fig-
ures are nearly reversed and only
about 30 per cent of our population
lives outside of our cities. All over
the United States are abandoned
farms that are mo longer productive
or whose owners are unwilling” to
work them. The population has re}
creased at a wonderful rate and land!
is going up. There are no longer ma- |
iny sections thrown open for home--
steaders. Labor has been remarkably
| cheap. About two million immigrants |
a year have been coming to our shores
and the majority’ have made their
The speaker of: ‘the evening. oa
‘Hertzog, principal of the: Califortis
State Normal School, was then i
been announeed ‘as ‘“‘Prepared-
ness,” probably suggested a military
or a political speech but the only use
he would’ make of that phrase wou'd
be to take it as a starting point and
probably see how far he could get
away from it. He stated that his real
subject was “Preparedn«ss for Life”
If the United States wants to hold
'ly been thrust, whether she would or
“no—that of one of the World Powers,
‘she must» wake up to the fact that
a change is aproaching and she 1s
at present unprepared for the change.
After this war is coming another, not
one of swords and bloodshed but a
war for commercial supremacy and if
"the United States wants to win in the |way to Pennsylvania and other aes-
.contest she should prepare for it be! 0 states where they have been
(fore it comes. In the beginning she ..,,joveq in the coal mines, furnaces,
, Was -but a handful of people occupy- ete. ; ;but this war is bound to make a
(ing a little strip of land hemmed in | change there. While conditions in Bu-!
jon one side by the ocean and on the | ope will be unpleasant in ‘many
other by high mountains, but she |, the immense loss of life suf-
has gradually extended her domains fered will cause a demand _ for work:
until she reaches from shore to shore
and even beyond to the islands of the
| sea,some of which prove so much or to any great emigration. So we
| burden that it is a question if she |are bound to suffer from a loss of
| would not be willing to dispose of cheap labor also. How to offset these
them if it could be successfully done. | two things that are bound to affect |
Part of these she has acquired by her |our commrrcial life is the vital ques-
own efforts and part has seemingly | tion.
been’ thrust upon her, as when in the | Continued on 5th Page.
ers of all classes and there would
very likely be governmental objec-
cows or other animals have been’ bit-
ten by the rabid canines but parents
are afraid of their children being oa
D G N FORCE. the streets for fear of being attacked
: J Fo dogs. The. quick work of the au-
Notices were posted over Meyers: |thorities, however, has probably end-
dale Sunday that beginning Monday @& ed the danger,
30-day quarantine on all dogs would | ba bt ty
be established. ! . ASURPRISE PARTY
About a week ago a dogsowned by| A birthday sirprige party was gi
Solo (A) At Dawning (Cadmon;
(B) Love, I have Won You, Ron
ald, Mr. Frank Roth
Solo (A)Love’s Pleading,
(B)Down in the Forest Ronald,
Mr. Frank Roth
Reading, by Miss Betty Johnson
Solo (A) Still Wie Die Nacht, Bohm
(B) Prelude Cycle of Tife, Ron-
ald, Miss Emma Braesecker
Solo (A) Invictus Huhn
(B)English Drinking S-nz
By Woodman, Mr. Maurice (lark
Quartet—How the Night Starlit
Splendor (Donizetti) Misses Just
and Braesecker; Messrs. Griffith and
: Clark.
4,000 ACRE
With 4,000 acres comprising the
valley of Blue Hole Run as a necleus
the game protective organizations in
Somerset, Cambria, Fayette and
Westmoreland counties, have about
completed the first of a series of
game preserves and protected areas
on the Somerset Ridge in these coun-
ties. The chief game profector, E. W.
Kélly of DuBois and Game Protectors
Kinter B. Rodgers and . H. Osmer,
with Field Secretary James B. San-
som, of the Wilda" Lite League, left
Thursday night to @¢omplete the ar-
rangements and lays the lines of the
In all, about 17, 000, ‘acres of land
have been secured for’ the use of the
State, 4% ‘connection ‘with this pro-
tected area. Others dre to be estab-
lished in jhe Back ‘Greek and .Roar-
ing Run districts along the Indian
| Creek Tegion and the :Quemahoning
section and also mn ‘the vicinity of
Robert Saylor ran through the town |en at the home of Mrs. Wm. Seggie
and surrounding country while affict-{near town on Saturdav afternoon in
ed with rabies. At least 15 other dogs honor of the 8th birthday anniversa-
were: bitten. On Friday, a dog owned |ry of her daughter, Agnes. A number
‘by Mrs. Bisbin developed rabies. The lof nice gifts were received hy Miss
3 Saylor dog was killed but the Bisbin | Agnes and a delicious luncheon was
held on Saturday afternoon, at Amity |!
ed were the pall bearers:
Hall, with Rev. Ira D. Monn, of Sal-
isbury, presiding.
Arrangments were made and the
date set for the district convention to
be held in Meyersdale on May 26th. |
The morning service will be in the |
Progressive Brethren church; the af- |
ternoon service aill be in the Meth-
odist church and in the evening i
| the " Rofprmed, « chiireh, &. prominent
| speaker WL ieeture and | Special mu-
{sic .be rendefed,
The 'Penth district wilk hold
| convention at Rockwood May 18.
The county Sunday Sehool conven.
| tion willvbe held at Bik Lick,’ June
| 27, 28 and \29.
at large in the country
about’ Meyersdale.
Meyersdale officers are shooting all
dogs ‘roving about the streets. In one
wagon's on: Tuesday the officers had
ten; dead dcgs. Owners have been
warned to keep their dogs tied for a
period of 30 days.
So: far as can be learned no horses
iserved. Those present were: Sadie
| Swearman, Ruth Wellen, Mary Mey-
ers, Gladys Shuck, Lilly Housel, Em-|
ma Meyers, Anna Lee,
| Spence, Mildred Stein, Ruth Clappers
Agnes Seggie, Mildred Shuck, Irene
| Seigner, Ethel Spence, Helen Gnagéey
{Gladys Wellen, Margaret Stein,
| Velma Stein.
| The
agent at the B. & OO. sttion. He Had
been to Rockwood and was returning
bn a freight. No one saw the accident
and it is supposed that in getting off
he slipped under the train, his head
being almost crushed off. His lifeless
body was first discovered by a man
from. Meyersdale. It was a sad mes-
sage to carry to his parents, brothers
and sisters. His father and mother are
Mr. and Mrs. James Nedrow they are
living as are the. following brothers
and sisters: Harry, George, James Jr.
Roy, Mrs. Annie Shoefaker! of Akron,
Ohio, Mrs. Edna Porte and Miss June.
The deceased was an exempLy
young man, very highly regarded in
the community. He was from boyhood
a faithful member of the Lutheran
Church. It is said tha he was soon
o have been married to the young la-
dy he had just been visiting at Rock-
puffuance of the call or procla-
ti recently issued by Gov. Brum-
baugh, designating May 25th as “Good
Roads Day” throughout the State, the
Somemnset Board of Trade will, as it
did last year, take the initiative in
organizing forces throughout ‘the.
county to do work on that day.
A mass meeting is to be held at the
Court House on the afternoon of May
13h, when, it is believed, the Assem-
bly room will be
roads advocates. At this meeting,
Chairmen, will be selected for the va-
rious districts and a plan of work a-
Judge Ruppel has sent out a re-
quest that all join in making this
day count for much on the roads of
Somerset Coney;
propogation of deer, ‘wild
i turkeys; ruffed grouse; squirrels and |
{other game will be undertaken on |
‘these preseryes; With a paid game pro-
tector in charge Gf the work and all |
lithe lands protected agdinst
| fires. The anemone of protected |
areas. in Clad
Catherine [ahd Indiana, Sognties will be started |
ray poLs SLICED BACON, Boil
ed Ham and Silced Beef
forest | | CAR
| ROLLING $27.00 in Ton lots from
n, Jefferson, Venango | the car
neem sas be tice
| Wanted— a good all round country
bred printer at this office. Must be
{sober and: industrious oy )
was aged 24 yours: was the assistant =
filled with good ‘
es ee ga