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« w ‘Barchus spent last Thursday in Jeu-
_ tives in Mannington and Morgantown, 'jyngs digestion
SALISBURY. very large number ai‘ended.
Union Thanksgiving services will Mrs. Rebecca Johnson and children
be held in the Church of the Brethren } spent last week with her son, Edward
© Thanksgiving Day at 10 &. m the ser-' in Garrett, Pa.
mon to be preached by the Rev. F. M. J. Folk, of Fredonia, Pa. is vis-
Waltz. iting friends and relatives here.
iy Herbert McKinley returned to; Dr. Wm. Grant and Mayer A. T.
her home at McDonaldton after hav- | Matthews, Oakland, were in town on
ing spent a week with Mr. and Mrs. Sunday.
S. R. McKinley.
Jere Shoemaker, snakeologist of There is to be an old time “shoot-
Negro mountain, was in town one day | ing match” in the Berkley club room
last week and we suspect that he was | in Berkley, Nov. 25. Every body that
making arrangements with our snake can carry a gun is invited to come.
charmer, Wm. C. Wagner to assist| People are busy making prepara-
him in his Snakeological researches rations for butchering. Those who
the coming season. Mr. Wagner who butchered on Monday were: C. B. Sa-
has been troubled severely with boils ler, Isaac Neimiller,
and carbuncles for the past few weeks and John Bayers.
will by that time have recovered sudi-
ficiently to aid Mr. Shoemaker in the
capture of the venomous rattlers
which are quite plentiful in parts of
Negro mountain. Landlord William
Dietzz is already making arrange-
ments to get anotherman to fill the va- ;
cancy in the porter department which :
will occur should Mr. Wagner sign up
with Mr Shoemaker.
Howard Yaist and family moved
last week from near Coal Run to their
home on the outskirts of Salisbury.
The quarantine has been li“ted from in the Western Maryland hospital for
the home of J. L. Barchus where a | the past three weeks, is expected
mild case of chicken-pox had existed. | home this week.
Bishop U. F. Swengle, D. D. of The pupils are enjoying their vaca-
Homesburg preached in the local Ev | tion this week. Th2 teacliers have
angelical church on Sundy morning | gone to county institute.
at 10:30. Mrs. Mahlon Reich suffered from an
Miss Fannie Shaw of Hilldale Farm | attack of quinsy the past week.
-is visiting Mrs. Lydia Shaw. Mrs. Amos Broadwater spent the
Rev. F|. J. Sparling of Pittsburg rast wek with her daughter, Mrs.
spent several days last week with his | Durst, whose little daughter had been
son, Clyde V. Sparling at this place. | very ill but is now recovering.
The Salisbury basket ball club will On Monday evening, a crowd of
celebrate Thanksgiving evening by | “cung people assembled at the home
having a game in the Fire Engine | of C B. Saler for the purpose of hav:
house and a dance in May's hall and | ing a miscellaneous shower for Mr.
a supper from 5 to 12 in Hay’s opera |and Mrs. Harry Saler, who were re-
house. cently married. They received many
Frank Engle was taken to the Wes- | useful and beautiful gifts. Those pres-
tern Maryland Hospital, Cumburlapd, ent were—Marie Shultz, Cleda Shultz,
the latter part of the week and Mon- | | Nellie Neimiller, Howard Sellers, Nel
day was operaied upon foi appendi lie Sellers, Mabel Sellers, Stewart
citis and floating kidney. © | Walker, Mary Hay, Edgar Hay, Ida
On Friday afternocoa thu different | Wilhelm, Stanley Wilhelm, Lester
rooms of our schools collected in the James Walker, Cora Weigley and
second primary, and second interme-, Walter Fike. The evening was pleas-
diate and grammar rooms and render- antly spent in playing games after
od appropriate Thnksgiving etertain- which elaborate refreshments were
ments. Invitations were sent out to served.
al the patrons and quite a number of | Lester Wilhelm spent Saturday re-
visitors was present. pairing Wilson Neimiller’s house.
Misses Pearl Dahlgren, Helen Some of our people have been at:
Knecht, and Ruth Hay were present tending the meetings in Meyersdale
at a chicken dinner at the Victoria at the Brethren church this week.
Hotel in Grantsville a few days ago. —_—
Mr. an Mrs. C. M. May, Mr. and THE WEAKEST LINK.
Mrs. E. H. Miller and Mrs. J. L, Ljttle Talks on Health and Hygiene
By Dr. Samuel G. Dixon.
in- law, Mrs. Hostetler, visited at the
home of John Bayer over Sunday.
Tuesday evening, Nov. 16, Howard
Werner and Miss Edna Hay were mar-
ried in Berlin by Rev. Wiant.
Mrs. George Fritz is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Shultz.
Mrs. Levi Shultz, who has been con-
fined to her bed for four weeks hy
an attack of sciatica rheumatism, is
not improving very rapidly.
Mrs. Joe Neimiller, who has been
ner making the trip in the May car.
Mrs. Victoria Baumgartner return-, po you know which is your weakest
ed last week from a visit with rela- link in your chain of life? Is is heart,
or nerves? Which
of the various organs apd functions
. S— | of the body threaten trouble?
GLENCOE. The chances are that unless you
Fred Thomas and Wm. Addis, of have a thorough physical examination
Connellsville are at J. T. Leydig’s you could not tell, for symptoms are
on two weeks’ hunting siege. {misleading and oftentimes their
Bob Webreck left his parental | manifestation is general or sympathet
home last Thursday to seek other |ically indicates the trouble is located
pastures where he hopes to land a ,in some other organ than the one that
good job. ‘is the actual seat of the trouble.
8. R. Leydig and wife entertained | If there is a knock in the engine of
the bulk of their Leydig relation at | your automobile you are the first to
dinner on Sunday. It was a. sumptu- {desire an overhauling to rectify the
ous affair and everybody enjoyed the | { trouble. You know if a mechancial
eats and the talk common to suCh-0C- | 4.¢..¢ of this sort continues it is go:
{ing to multiply the trouble before
Our teachers are attending the Co. tone and that is just what happens
institute at Somerset. ,
Chas. Hartman of the Formosa J He humag mechatlisn.
Stock farm is the proud father of a It is well known by the medical
fine boy born November 15. profession that those suffering from
Robert Shumaker of Mt. . Pleasant | esate complaints may often through
spent a few days of last week with vigorous adherence to certain ration-
old friends here and incidentally did al methods of living , recover suffi-
some hunting. ciently to live long and useful lives
Mrs. J. L. Snyder is busy getting | While those suffering from functional
her extra house realy for renters; disorders may, by following out the
Mr. Rae and family of Bosell to occu- | [nStructions of able medical men, en-
py it. entirely recover their health.
John Tressler has. been promoied Everyone suffering with persistent
to passenger on the B. & O. for which | cold, headache or pains, should con-
sult a good physician and submit
‘e duly proud.
‘The vaudevile show of two nights | themselves to ,a thorough physical
stand was well attended by our ©Xamination. It would be well for
town’s theatre goers. everyone to be examined once a year.
The ladies are busy engaged can- This should include an examination
ning “squeals” since the men chopped of the blood vessels, blood, heart, kid-
up the most of the swine in this sec- | 2675 consideration of weight in re-
tion. gard to height and the general ac
tivities of the various organs.
Thonucsiving erviess Vere bent Such an examination superficially
W. Va.
by the pastor, Rev. A. S. Kresge.
y b ® jmade is of no value. It should be
GRANTSVILLE thorough and the daily routine and
habits of the individual carefully con-
sidered in relation to his physical
Men ordinarily are obliged to sub-
mit to a medical examination now and
then when they take out life insur-
ance. Women are not so oftem in-
sured and hence under ordinary eir-
cumstances are more apt to neglect
{ physical examination. It is egnally
essential to both.
Henry Miller and family of Stone
House Farm, and Miss Catherine
Crowe of Frostburg, spent Sunday
with H. C. Bonig and family. !
‘Lafayette Miller of Ohio, was a re-
cent visitor at the home of his broth-
en, Joel Miller.
Mr. Clarence Loechel and family
took dinper with Mrs Dr. Carney on
Mr. Bob Miller of Uniontown and
J. A. Beachy bought a number of Byy YOUR COFFEE AT BITT.
horses last week, two big ones being NER’S GROCERY AND GET ALUM-
‘bought of Urban Stanton. | INUM WARE FREE.
Miss Lucretia Boucher spent the | rm ses
week-end with Miss Angela Getty. EGGS ARE A GOOD PRICE; KEEP
An entire week of service was held YOUR HENS HEALTHYWITH DR.
by Rev. Oney in the Lutheran church | HESS PAN-A-CE-A AND LOUSE KiL-
in preparation for communion ser- | LER, BOTH GUARANTEED, AT
vice which Was held on Sunday. A: HOLZSHU & WEIMERS.
John Wilhelm
Mrs. Wm. Hostetler and daughter-
NO. 58333
Of Meyersdale, Penn’a.
ve e's ee ete etn
Early Models of
To clear the way for
incoming holiday goods,
At the close of business, November 10th 19135.
1. a Loans and discounts (notes
held in bank) — — — — — $592,916.99
Total loan — — — — — 592,916.99
2. Overdrafts unsecured $ 182.26 182.26
3. a U. S. bonds deposited ‘to secure
circulation (par value) — — 66,000.00
b U. S. bonds pledged to secure
U. S. deposits (par value) — 8,000.00
c¢ U. S. bonds pledged to secure
postal savings deposits par value 2,000.00
Total U. S. bonds — —— 76,000_00
4. b Bonds other than TU. S. bonds
pledged to secure U. S. denosits 2,000.00
c¢c Bonds other than TU. 'S. bonds
pledged to secure postal savings
deposits — — — — — — — — 3,000.00
f Securities other than U, S. bonds
(not including stocks) owned
unpledged — — — — — — — 88,110.00
Total bonds, securities etc.— 93,110.00
5. Stocks other than Federal Reserve
Bank Stock st 9,125.00
6. Subscription of stock of Federal 86,885.00
Reserve Bank — —9,900.00
a Less amount unpaid -—4,950.00 4,950.00
7. a Value of banking house (if un-
encumbered) . ie Ti 26,000.00
6. b Equity in banking house —_ — 26,000.00
7. Furniture and fixtures — — — 3,300.00
8. Real estate owned other than $
banking house — — — — — 6.200.00
9. Net amount due from Federal Re-
serve Bank — — — p= — — 9,950 87
10. a Net Amount due from approved
reserve agents in New York, Chi
cago and St. Louis — — — — 10,221,97
b Net am’t due from Appro’'d re-
serve agents in other res’ cities 53,739.54 63,961.21
12. Net amount due from banks and
bankers (other than in 9 & 10) 165,403.66
14. Other checks on banks in the
same city or town as rep. bank 179.89
14. b Fractional currency .nickels, cts. 191.49 191.49
14. Notes of other national banks — 9,600.00
15. Federal reserve notes — — ——= = 500.00
18. Coin and Certificates.. .. 40,916.30
19, Legal tender notes, Lawtal
money reserve in bank .. i... 16,120.00
18. Redemption fund with U. S. Trea-
surer, not more than 6 per on
Due from U. S. Treasurer — — 2,660.60
Total — — — — — — $969,057.57
1. Capital Stock paid in — — — — 65,000.00
2. Surplus fund — — — — — — — 100,000.00
2. Undivided profits 41,645.29 : ’
Reserve for — — — — — =m == 41,645.29
Less current expenses, interest
and taxes paid — — — — 7,835.73 33.809.56
Circulating notes outstanding .. 64,300.00
30. Due to banks and bankers not in
28 and 29 .. .. lite 909.47
8. Demand deposits — — — — — oa .
a Individual onli subject to
check — — = — — = pe 181,540.38
b Certificates of deposits due in
less than 30 days, — — — — — : 65,129.48
¢ Certified checks, — — — — — 20.49
d. Cashier's checks cutstanding — 105.76
e United States .depo pe — 4,333.48
t Postal Savings deposits -§ — — 3,545.88
Total Deposits . 264,676.47
10 a Certificates of deposit due om oF ‘Fw. 7 "~~ 7
‘after 30 days — — — WH == = 143,239.57
c Other time deposits — — == «= ' EH 307,123.50
Total of Time Deposits 40-41-42 .450,363.07 kas
Total — — — — ~— — $969,057.57
State of Pennsylvania, County of Somerset 8S:
I R. H. Philson, Cashier of the above-named bank do
solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
" R. H. PHILSON, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to
before me this 19th day of
November, 1915. :
J. Milton Gnagey,
Notary Publc.
My Commission expires at
end of next session of
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The Hillworth Coal co. has begun
the work of re-opening its No. 3 mine
at Acosta, expecting to have it in full
(operation about 1. Jno. C. Cosgrove
the local manager whose office
is in Johnstown, has placed an order
for new pumps, new haulage locomo-
| fives and new mine cars.
The company will need about 109 kd-
ditional men. The other mines of this
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ek ;
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