The Meyersdale commercial. (Meyersdale, Pa.) 1878-19??, November 18, 1915, Image 5

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There are many weeks of cold and inclement weather ahead and these
choice Ladies’ Suits will serve you well for the remainder of ‘the season.
Too much warm, summer-like weather this Fall is the reason; too many
suits in stock at this time of the year is the result—you reap the benefit in re-
duced prices. ;
Every suit in the store is included in this Sale, and everyone of them is
This Season's Style—not an old suit in the lot, and all put into lots of only
four prices.
Alterations free—and FIT GUARANTEED.
Come in and pick out your suit while the assortments are good.
Suits at $10 Suits at $15
This lot includes numbers in all the new Several Printzess numbers included in this
desirable shades, including seyeral numbers lot, in plain shades, plaids and tweeds. Tis
especially adapted to the girls in junior sizes. lot includes our line of Stouts—suits for the
All sizes in the lot from 14 to 44, formerly woman who finds herself hard to fit, formerly
priced at $11.50 60 $12.50 86 $10 Priced at $16.50 10. 820.00 af ...-.......-.-..--- $15
Women Write Checks
Men have no monopoly on the use of our
bank checks for business transactions.
Many women have their own checking
accounts here. They deposit checks and
money received; they pay bills and pur-
chases with their checks. We render a
statement at the end of each month.
The checking accounts of women are
welcomed here.
Citizens National Bank
“The Bank with the Clock”
Meyersdale, Pa.
Suits at $25
Nearly all the newest fur trimmed gar-
ments, many of which have not been in stock
trimmed styles, guaranteed for two full sea- more than a week, in broadcloths, gabardines
gons’ wear, formerly priced at $22.50 to $25.00 and tweeds, formerly priced at $26.00 to $40.00
BD did iresera sana bersiatee eaiesinies $20 Ab a ain hand, $25
Suits at $20
Nearly all Printzess numbers, in self or fur
Prof. Henry Gress, a son of ' our
burgess is making good as Supervising
Principal of Schools at Coalport,
having advanced / the schools from |§
no high school at all to a high school |
Silas E. Walker attended a dance in
Frostburg Saturday night.
Mrs, Catherine Loraditch of Poca-
hontas spent several days here visit-
ing among relatives and friends.
Miss Genevieve Lancaster of Mt.
These are regular stock suits—not special numbers ordered for this particular sale.
20 sgn son 1 al fo 3 ih sch AARTLEY. CLUTTON CO.
years. State Superintendent Shaeffer THE WOMBN'S STORE
Savage, Md., is here for a visit with | mended Prof. Gress for his good work.
relatives and friends for a few days. Rev. and Mrs. J. Clarke Matteson,
Miss Margaret Bane of Johnstown |at the Methodist parsonage, very de-
is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Mar- | lightfully, on Friday evening, enter-
garet Dunn of High street. tained the official members of the
J. M. Black spent Thursday night | church and their wives. The time was
SPELLING CONTEST WORDS WANTED—Aynumber of girls to work |
phlegm, peroxide pickaninny in the Meyersdale Shirt factory.
pickerel, pencil, pendulum I. WEINSTEIN, Proprietor.
penitentiary, parasol, Panama,
[HI [LA] J |
in Borel, Joopue steer bis Ysissts | passed in trying to answer three sets | orseverance, perceptible plebeian NOTICE—Is hereby given to the pus than any other make =e j
ere, e journeyed to and from the By conundrums, at which some of the | | tential puerile peninsular lie that | will not be responsible for of the same size 8, A
mining town in his Maxwell Roadster. | guessers made about 100.per cent. |, macy punctilio penetrated any debts contracted by my wife, ==] | pa er
J. J. Hoblitzell and his assistants, | A Victrola did some good stunts in|... sterous presume perforate Nina Bowman, she having refused to 1—A TROY is bigger at the Prem _
George J. Black and Karl Statler are | entertaining. Delicious refreshments tz go to housekeeping with me. / mouth than any other adv I
doi i k in B “« ’ quadrille quar queasy wagon. Look at the points marked *A”. Then figure for |
sdoing some engineering work in Bos- were served. “Photographer” Clutton |, eechy quiescent ration Nov. 15, 1915 . Edgar Bowman. yourself where the biggest strain comes. It’s at the mouth of Hii
well this week. |took a flash light photo of the offi- recipes routine ribbon the skeins.
Miss Gertrude Lynch of Youngs- cial members. The occasion Was 8 pompoid robin roguish | WANTED—Young or Middle Aged 2—A TROY 3 in. skein really measures 3X in. at the collar. See [il
town, O., is a guest at the home of |very much enjoyed one. : in t woman to keep house for the under- point marked “B’’, That makes the TROY a full size larger |
her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs , Rousseau rhinoceros rectify tedad. Good place: no children; good all the way through—axles, wheels, etc. Don’t you want that ili
Hiry Welsh i : -| rendezvous repugnance radish Mi . ane pace: de : 1 i ’ x added margin of safety? e | |
Te ; 3. ’ reddish rarefy rarity Fceranies, One half mile from moynton, 3—The skeins are oval, not round. See *A” again, Therefore Hilt — ov’
Dr. and Mrs. W. T. McMillan left The Home 0f ality rebellious reticent relieve FRANK MILLER, R. D. No. 1, Mey- they take in the full strength of the axles—just where the [ii A
Friday night for Chambersburg, where realanrant reciprocity’ Te 26 ersdale, Pa. strength is needed most. t
they were called by the death of the ’ ducibl rehearsal referendum == 4—_TROY axles are strictly clear, first-quality hickory. No other |
f Jd reducihie ars o ith _ timber has the same carrying strength or resiliency. i
ormer’s brother. micis aration reservoir | BARGAINS ON ROBES AND BLAN-| ij : |
Harvey C. Miller expects to move : Te Celite Tepsratio KETS at WEISEL'S HARNESS This is just an axle and skein talk. These things count—but they |
hi | rr resuscitate reversible rheumatism aren’t all. We want you to know the TROY all over—irom | i
is family and household goods from | mpANKSGIVING! the most im- righteou SHOP, CENTRE ST. i tongue to tail-board. Come in and let us show you why the I
the Saylor Hil to hi Te OY i best f le. You will like the [ji
e Saylor 1 farm near town 8 portant day of the year from a culin- | reiterat scion silage TROY hue ong rom every angle. ou will like the |
home oN 2 tow, Si , | 817 point of view. stigma shredder sumac FOR RENT=Negr the Centre of the p 5 i
53 Fide Hiner, W en The day when the utmost caution sassafras savory satiate wh, room houses. Cheap. Apply ° 9 Hi
Fopenient i her Tors Mt. oral and discretion must be used, and the | satellite sagacity Sagacious at this office. 10—21 tf. ; Siehl S Hardware Store ) ii
ock, has returned and expec 0 ind t ised in the Viands for oh) ; : i
judgment exercised in the Viands scarcit sebaceous shekel ;
spend the wnter here. the Thanksgiving Feast; success in wilh y sepal seminary NO TRESPASSING—On Springdale A
Miss Jennie Dixon, one of Lonaco-|thig respect, insures the additional |ginouette Sirioln sivhon pam or the purpose of Killing ar
ning’s very able teachers, Dea the | thankfulness of all concerned- the Subpoena. strychufiie stirrup a Ns fi ey aeming heed '
week-end with her sister, Miss Mary t. the Host and Hostess-and-the a In v . .
ri Dixon in this place. Ouest : Re * ir. . Statististan spigot i Fpecimen o this notice, be he friend or foe, will be Lot S All be Thankful Together
nL Dr. A. E. Truxal, Mr. U. M. Housel,| Just received a lot of Heinz’s Mince Sovereign suovenir SODUOMOTE | gegit with to the full extent of the i ; RR a
* ad Mr. Fred Rowe, Sr. are attending | meat and Spaghetti 8 TCC | satchel © shepherd sustenance gg, 4 So much of the good in this world is smiling
. : . Te ’ het Bie : LE ea . .
as delegates the Laymen’s Missionary But your Potato Ohips fro us, they TeppraNe Tm i) . : : JOHN H. HERWIG. on. this big country of ours, that we all ought to
.. 30c meeting of the Reformed Church at|are always fresh and crisp. shared. Sagi on too = = mh be deeply thankful. © @ ! 5 .
2 Allentown this week. ‘We sell the best. Walnut on the Ea WANTED—Three girls, good Tobie PEST . :
rae Mrs. Margaret M. Weld and son, market; try them'and be convinced sayerkraut - _scabbard . serenade piu... Good: Wages; pay ‘25c- per Thankful for peace and prosperity; thank-
eo sas ol ? St 7 fuk eat 1 "3 AY . 5 Fx poles i Seq.
oe Louis, of Salisbury street, expect to| We are hesdquatiers for all kinds Seas ary hl hundred up. Our stock is good ¥. ; ful for good Crops; thankful for our ability to
car 2 leave Meyersdale theilast of this week | of High Gradé:Ooffee, snd are in a| sieble. ©. Siegfried sidereal ~ Lsa M HORREVETZ, Connellsville. help” the homeless ones; thankful that a
coe 2BC for Washington, 'D. C., where they position to give you just what want; an Ey i Site ppt rr huge shell isn’t going to crash intoonr hottie: #144
oo 26¢ have taken apartments for the winter. try-our own blend. © ~ =: Slows | 4 oi Fen OGG NOTICE TO HUNTERS—Notice fs any minute. 3 - a : a :
; 25¢ 1b The Misses Helen Lichty and Edna | If yon want an Olive with food Sortie = «3 shvey: Sliorory hereby given that all persons are for : ; ae i z
5 Payne spent the last week-end in|yalue, try a can of Hejnz,s ripe ones. |" fa | egirch smithereens [bidden to- hunt-on my premises’ Ia | = ++We're thankful that we have so many Ooppor-
.. 25¢ Pitjabury as £8 guests of Mige AUB | TY x Tern saw nk "solder sonata Summit Township, = All violators of ‘tunities to sérve the men in this community;
= y . The Margaret | cent sizes. . -i- -:i- y 3 ah a y . . LAT Wr : Beir
15¢ ee hy Bt THe Ma aro Se oil ih bost 10. cont Doss on|fomEhumy Sulffagette tillage Sin. Wilifhe scar With J Aoeteyanes we're thankful for their response to our efforts,
: Nia 1 5b ov : tuberculosis taffeta tenement - “| “RECHT : Suan iy Tan,
Ai 10e Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Matteson enter- | the markt; you motley back If. you | Oe eT hae TT Hart, Schaffner & Marx’ mak the kind of clothes any
ang J%¢ eines Teun Sb Rte Qfcis IRM YEE tomahawk thousandth tonuing House for sale or for rent, ceritrally || man ought to be thankful for; we carry shirts, neckwear,
25¢ a : tournament _- tranquillity transient | located—North street. 8 rooms. Apply |} and any other furnishings of the same class; everything
wives and the Epworth League Cabin- F. A. BITTNER, 5 at this offices! : ve
. 1c et at a delightfully appointed reception : ves A. IF: ireacherdus.. -.tyrapnize . trestls here to make you look well and happy on Thanksgiving Day
. 15¢ at the parsonage on Friday evening. 142 Centre St, « Meycrsd.le, a trousers, treasury typhoid ARTES NOTICE THE PLACE IS
15 it - tuberculesis, . truly trellis : fli :
C | Assistant Cashier of the Citizens in ae Peanhauser| Notice is hereby given that an ap-
2106 Bank, Mr. Clarence Moore, was a SUMMIT TOWNSHIP, yp Tr tam i : plication will be made to the Govern-
12ic recent visitor to Philadelphia attend-| Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Gnagey and part ynatimous Sing utensil or of Pennsylvania on Saturday the ul
ing a conference on Rural Credits |of the family spent from last Friday umbrella usurer vaseline 20th. day of November, 1915 by V. L. H AR ] LEY & B ALDWIN
15¢ 2 veneering vicissitude viciou P. Shriver William G. Hocking, and :
held by the Corn Exchange National [to Tuesday visiting at the home of . Porat ro. Kesh, unde: an sot of 9
Bank at the Bellevue-Stratford. H. B. Trimpey and family near York, | vengeance = veternary VIBOTOUS, |. omply entitled, “An Act to provide MEYERSDALE PENN’A
i this state vermilion vinegar valentine for the 1 ; d lation of 9 .
Miss Etta Stahl very pleasantly en 1s 8 . : or the incorporation and regulation o
I" es, tertained several of her friends on| Mrs. Blocher of Meyersdale, spent vegetarian vehement velveteen certain corporations,” approved April
Tuesda; i t her home on up- | Sunday at the home of J. A. Opel and | verdigris viscera Wednesday | 29, 1874 and the supplements thereto
y evening at her home on up Wizard woolly which for the charter of an intended corpo-
anas. per Main street. Those present were: | family. q ration to be called Garrett S-..okeless . &
Misses Mary Dixon, Emma Broeseck-| The second spelling bee held at|witch-hazel yassal Waxy | Coal Company, the charact:: nd ob- Cold and Cough and Whooping
andy Hollow on last Friday evening | weasel wryness wholesome ject of which is mining > ucing
er, Zura Peck, Kathryn Kattan, Carrie | Sandy y :
Donnecker and, Emma. Finnosan. was pronounced a success and was |Xanthic xerophilous xylography Imnspoiing a Ro “ ae Remedies.
oh F. B. Black and J. J. Hoblitzell largely attended. Monnens i ii Buying and selling of coal lands. inci
were business visitors to Philadelphia | Hunters are busy making use of the | yeoman yeasty dental to the mining of coal, and for If you are in need of any of these Remedies
last week Mr. Hoblitzell returning [snow by hunting rabbits. zephyr zoology zealous these purposes to have, possess and Al
; f the | zither zodiac enjoy all the rights, benefits and priv- Call or send to
to Meyersdale Saturday morning, | Prof. H. B. Saylor, teacher o : ileges of said Act of Assembly and
while Mr. Black went to New York on | Walker school was unite in holy wed- SALE avi \d about | SuDPlements thereto.
further business lock on last Friday evening to Miss | PUBLIC —Having sold a BEATTY, MAGEE & MARTIN. . .
eu e: .
f near Berlin, the [all of our farm machinery, stock etc, Soliitors. )
Miss Margaret Duffy who spent sev- Margaret Hay oO 5
B eral ts here with her uncle and | Rev. W. H. B. Carney, pastor of the we still have more in the way of 306 Fric” Bldg, Pittsburg, Pa. . ys LU 4
L A M 3 Lutheran church officiating. household goods etc. than we want to! . i.
& . and Mrs. John Haley, left | Lu .
1aracter and 1 isl jis her home in Carnegie. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shumaker move to town. We will therefore have PU BLIC SALE—Sat. Nov. 22 at 12:- Opposite Citizens Bank MEYERSDALE, PA.
ipport of the William H. Hamilton of Beaver Falls spent a few days last week at the public sale at the Saylor Hill farm, |30 on the Samuel Albright farm Two — - =
hty God ac \ : ; d t the home | home of D. S. Gnagey. 1-2 mile from town to the west. on | miles S. W. of Pocahontas —3 yr. old ne - a
{ is spending a few days a t is baey building him: | gray mare, Jersey bull nearly 2 yrs.| IF YOU WANT A CHANCE. to go|SALED HAY WANTED AT
ctrine, disct J of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Collins. | Tlom® Nr .Lo"onddy, Noyember 22, 1915 at 1:30) Deering binder, mowing machine, |farming, eall on the undersigned at HABEL & PHILLIPS.
\. M. B. 29 : Mr. D. A. Floto accompanied his I : o’clock p. m. to dispose of such goods wagon, bob-sled, plows, har-|once. Saylor HII Farm, 1-2 mile rr ert
i BT: . 3 4 . .
. mother, Mrs. A. D. i on a Opel spent Monday at Keyser, as beds, bed springs, chairs, tables,| ..o piggy, sleigh, harness, hay, | West of Meyersdale. Mine must go EGOS ARE A GOOD PRICE; KEEP
. Bow on 318 to Akron, Ohio, where she Will : carpets, dishes, kitchen ware etc. straw, fodder, corn, buckwheat, lum-|with farm. Harvey C. Miller. | YOUR HENS HEALTHYWITH DR.
Roe. an eftended a= Se Live YOU LEFT YOUR ORDER] | HARVEY C. MILLER. |ber. Also Farm for sale, 102 acres. TIE oe ioe HESS ZANAOEA AND LOUSE KiL-
Mrs, Haivey Verne ‘| FOR A SLICE OF THE 300POUND' | J. F. ALBRIGHT, — W. 8. Weller, | BE FL ; , BOTH GUARANTEED, AT
William Floto. Mr. Floto purposes
returning home OD M ;
| "Our job work will certainly please