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..$ 725.00
1. .$2,350.00
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Jtems Pertaining
to the Town in General and
Prepared for the Readers By
Our Busy Staff.
George Logue, spent Sunday with
relatives in Confluence.
A. B. Groff, of Somerset, was 2
town visitoi Monday.
Miss Evelyn Gordon, spent Sun’ ay
with friends at Mance.
Miss Regena Reich, spent Sunday
with Connellsville friends.
Miss Tillie Brown was a Salisbury
visitor one day last week.
J. J. Dougherty, of Connellsville,
was a town visitor Tuesday.
Robert Helbig, spent Sunday with
his parents at Oakland, Md.
Mrs. Albert Largent, spent San-
day with relativas- at Glencoe.
George Engle, of Berlin, is spend-
ing the week here with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Pp. Breig visited
relatives in Salisbury on Sunday.
Mrs. Albert Thomas, spent a few
weeks with relatives at White Oak.
ov. A. Keefer, spent a few days of
= week with his family at Berlin.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Deal, spent
Sunday with relatives at Somerset.
Misses Minnie and Susan Hittie,
spent Sunday at Berlin, with friends.
Miss Helen Lichty, spent several
days with relatives ab Cumberland.
Mrs. A. F. Darrah,” of Keystone
Junction was in town Saturday shop-
ping. ;
Mr. and Mrs. George Benford,
spent Sunday with Sand Patch rel-
Miss Vera Imhoff, is spending a
week with Berlin relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shoemaker,
spent Sunday with relatives ab
WwW. R. Morgan, of Garrett, R. D.,
was transacting business in town on
Mrs. John Slicer, left Sunday to
attend the funeral -of a relative at
Attorney Harvey Berkley, of Som-
erset, was a Saturday visitor here
with relatives.
Miss Genevieve Altmiller, returned
home from a visit with ‘frirnds at
Leisenring, Pa.
"Rev. J. A. Hopkins, baptized five
persons after the preaching service
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Charlotte Poorbaugh, is spend-
ing a few weeksiwith relatives and
friends at Berlin, :
Mr. Dale Malone, and son Donald
spent Monday with relatives at Mor-
gantown, W. Va.
Mrs. S. B. Philson, returned home
Thursday last from a visit with her
mother at Berlin.
C. B. Masters, of Beachley, Pa.,
was a town visitor Monday witH rel-
atives and friends.
Rev. W. A. Bauman, of Scottdale,
was calling on relatives:and friends in
town on Saturday.
Mrs. Thomas Bracken, and Mrs.
James Kelley, of Sand Patch, were
town visitors Friday.
Miss Elizabeth Payne, spent a few
days of this week with her sister, Mrs.
0. O. Cook, at" Berlin.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ‘Younkin, of
Williams, Pa., are spending a few
weeks here with friends.
A. D. Johnson, a prosperous farmer
of Garrett, route 2, transaeted busi-
ness in town yesterday.
Miss Margaret Dom, of Pittsburgh,
‘speat a few days of last week here
with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Wm. Smith, spent several
days of this week with her mother,
who is very sick ab Glencoe.
Mr. John Swindell, spent several
days of this week with relatives and
friends at Cumberland, Md.
Miss Ethel Plasket of Lonacoring,
Md., is a house guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs Isaac Bradburn.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Damm, of
Cleveland, Ohio, are spending a week
here with relatives and friends.
George Griffith, returned home
Thursday last from a visit with rel-
atives and friends at Johnstown.
Dr. W. T. Rowe, is having his res-
idence painted which adds very much
to the appearance of their home.
Miss Ida Meyers, who had been
spending several weeks at Atlantic
City, returned home Friday last.
CO. R. McMillen, of Listonburg,
spent Monday in town the guest of
Mrs. Suc Liston, of the South Side.
Miss Lula Baldwin, returned home
Monday evening from a visit with
relatives and friends abt Stoyestown.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matthias, of
Denora, arrived here Saturday in
their touring car and spent over Sun-
day with the former’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs George Matthias, of Beach-
Jey street, South Side.
Mrs. Earl Beatty, and two children
of Pittsburgh, are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. O. O. Gurley, of Centre street.
| Mrs. W.L Dahl, and three child
| rer left Monday oh No. 48 for Bed-
| ford, to spend a few weeks with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. England.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walters,
| returned to their home at Con-
nellsville, Sunday eyening from a
visit here with relatives and friends.
Mr. John Dixon, of Connellsvile,
was here a few days this week with
his son and daughter-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. James Dixon, of Grant
Misses Ida Geiger, and Rose Daugh-
erty, left Sunday on the Duquesne
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Seggie, of Shaw | for Cumberland, Md., where they
Mines, spent Sunday here at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Col-
Miss - Helen Carr, of Baltimore,
Md., is a guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Stein, of North
Misses Sadie and Barbara Daugh-
erty, of Listie, spent a few days here
and at Salisbury with relatives and
Mrs. O.J. Winters and two child-
ren and Miss Mary Darrah spent Sun-
day and Monday with Sand Patch
Miss Theresa McMurrer, and her
nephew, Edward McMurrer, spent
Sunday and Monday with Pittsburgh
relatives. :
Mrs. W. D. Olaycomb, of J ohnstown,
who had been visiting friends here
and at Salisbury, has returned to
her home.
Misses Bess and Agnes Deal left on
Tuesday for Pittsburg, where they
will spend a week visiting relatives
and friends. i
Mrs. Clarence Rowe and her guest
Miss Weller, spent Monday afternoon
as guests of Miss Florence Maust at
Miss Mary Patterson, of Frostburg,
Md., is the guest of her relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, of the
South Side.
Mrs. Elizabeth Weyh, left Wec-
nesday moraing for a visit with rela-
tives and friends ab Pittsburgh and
F. Swearman, an old soldier of
route No. 3, was in town on Toesday
and adyaneed his subscription to
October, 1914.
Mrs. Thomas Judge, left here Sat-
urday for Magnolia, W. Va., to join
her husband, where they will reside
for some time.
Miss Neva Hilleory, of Pittsburgh,
arrived in Meyersdale on Sunday and
is visiting Dr. and Mrs. Lichty, of
Meyers avenue. Li
Mrs. Ed. Miller, and daughter
Miss Elizabeth Liebau, are spending
a week with relatives and friends at
Cumberland, Md.
Miss Bernadette Lyneh left last
week for Pittsburg, where she wil
remain several weeks visiting rela-
tives and friends.
Misses Fthel Ritter, and Marie
Crowe, left Saturday for Frostburg,
and Cumberland, Md., to visit rel-
| atives and friends.
Miss Charleene Evans; of Cumber-
| 1and, Md., is the guest of her friend,
| Miss Emma Gress, of Salisbury,
| street, South Side.
Mrs. P. L. Livengood, of Frost-
barg, spent Thursday last here at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Liven-
good, of Broadway.
Miss Edith Gurley, who had been
visiting relatives and friends at At-
lantic City and Philadelphia, return-
ed home Friday last.
Hugh Meese, of Swissvale, Pa., is
visiting at the home of his uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Klinga-
man, of Meyers avenue.
Cornelius Burkholder, of Garrett,
R.D., transacted business in town
on Tuesday and made a pleasant
call at The Commercial.
Misses Mary Elizabeth, and Barbara
Lynch, of Pittsburgh, are spending a
few weeks here and at Sand Patch,
with relatives and friends.
Miss Mary Livengood, returned
home Sunday from a yisit with her
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. M.J.
Kerrigan, at Connellsville.
Mrs. Alvin Murray, who had been
attending the funeral of her sister,
Mrs. Alice Largent, returned to her
home at Johnstown Sunday.
Mrs. John Stein, returned home
Saturday from a visit with her sone
in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
John Ryan, abt Connellsyille.
_ Mrs. M. A. Rutter, who had been
spending the past five weeks visit-
ing relatives through the west, re-
| tarned home Thursday evening.
0. W. Truxal, who attended the
funeral of Dr. J. M. Schick, former
pastor of Amity Reformed church,re-
turned home on Saturday morning.
Tiss Elizabeth Darnley of Lonacon-
ing, Md., is visiting at the home of
| her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
James Darnley, of the South Side.
Misses Maggie and Lillie Baer,
| are spending a few weeks with their
| brother-in-law and sister, Mr, and
| Mrs. Joseph Peerless, ab Pittsburgh.
| B. & O. Engineer, WwW. C. Irwin,
| leayes today for an outing with old
| friends at Martinsburg, W. Va. and
Harpers Ferry, Va., and other places.
were called to the bedside of a sick
P. B. Walker, of Garrett, No.1 R.
D., was in town on Saturday evening
and renewed his subscription and
reported that he had housed his hay
an. wheat. .
Mrs. David Lewis, and children of
Pittsburgh, returned to their home
Friday afternoon, ‘after spending the
past three weeks here with relatives
and friends. .
Mrs. Frank Daugherty, and daugh-
ter Dorothy of Listie, arrived here
Friday evening to spend a few days
here and at Salisbury with relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Frances Stacer, and two chilc=
ren arrived here Friday last to
spend a few weeks with their
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. John Stacer,
of High street.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leckemby,
of Connellsville, spent a few days
of this week here attending the fun-
eral of ‘the latter’s mother, Mrs.
Adam Ringler.
Property for Sale. |
“ Sixroom house with kitchen, bath
and electric light, No. 405 Broadway
street. Lot 66x120 feet, containing
stable and all necessary outbuildings.
Also two lots on High street and one
acre of ground on the Berlin road just
outside the borough line. For partic-
ulars apply to
jul. 17-3t-adv. Meyersdale, Pa.
Buy your groceries from Habel &
Phillips and get beautiful enlarged
pictures of any member of your fam-
ily free. ad
3 Cans Herring for 25 cents, abt
Bittner’s Grocery. au
a ed
Picnic plates, Saratoga chips, bulk |
olives, sweet pickles, ete., for pic-
nics, at - Habel & Philips.
For Rent.
Building now occupied by Frank
Hartline, as restaurant and residence.
july 10-tf Apply to Sheppard Bros. ad
Photographs and Picture frames at |
Oonrad’s Studio at half-price. Sat-
isfaction guaranteed in every sale of
Photos or Frames. E. E. Conrad. ad]
There will be a meeting of stockholders in
the Salisbury LUemetery Company held in Elk
Lick, Somerset Co , Pa., on August 23, 1913.
July 31 3¢t R. S JOENS, Sec'y.
Execu'rix’s Notice.
In the estate of Henry J. Wilmoth, late of the
i i 1 a
Miss Harriet Staub, eft Sund y| Borough of Meyersdale, Somerset County,
on No. 15 for Connellsville, to spend
a few weeks with relatives and
friends. She will also visit relatives
at Pittsburgh.
Miss Dorothy Shultz, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shultz,. returned
home on Saturday from a three
weeks visit with relatives and friends
at Pittsburgh.
Mrs. M. P. Shaffer, and two child-
ren of Stoyestown and Miss Etta
Brubaker, of Pittsburgh, are guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bowman,
of North street.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fike, and
children of Savage, Pa., spent a few
days of this week with - Mrs. Fike’s
parents, Rev. and Mrs. D. K. Clap-
per, near town.
Mrs. Edward O'Dell, and little
daughter, of Tennessee, arrived here
Wednesday to visit her parents, Mr.
land Mrs. Samuel Hoffmeyer, of
Keystone street. _
Mrs. N. D. Miller, of Pittsburgh,
is spending a few weeks here with
her mother-in-law, Mrs. Eliza Miller,
of the South Side, and with other rel-
'a ives and friends.
Misses Kate Keidle and Emma
Braesecker left yesterday tor a two
weeks vacation, which will be spent
with friends in Pittsburg, McKees-
| por], and Connellsville.
WwW. E. Bishoff, of Cumberland, Md.,
mail clerk on trains 5 and 16, stop-
ped off in Meyersdale Friday of lait
week on his way to visit atGrants-
yille, Md:, over Sunday.
Mrs. Ella McKenzie, of Salisbury,
her mother, Mrs. Mary Hummel, of
Avilton, Md., and son Charles of
Longville, La., spent Tuesday in
town visiting triends.
Miss Verda Sturtz, who had been
spending several weeks here at the
home of her aung, Mrs. H. J. Wil=
moth, of the South Side, returned
to her home at Scottdale.
Miss Marion Somerlatt, returned to
her home in Cumberland, Md., Sat-
urday after a very pleasant visit here
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Collins, of North street.
Rev. Father Berkley of Baltimore,
Md., arrived here Saturday, and ex-
pects to remain for several weeks as
the guest of Rev. Father J. J. Brady,
at the Catholic parsonage.
Totten Mathews and Miss Alice
Hart of Oakland, Md., motored to
Meyersdale Sunday morning, and re-
mained until Monday, the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bolden.
Mrs. Ezra Gaumer, and children
who had been the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Collins, of Large street,
for several weeks returned to their
home at Altoona, Tuesday.
| Pennsylvania, deceased:
Letters testamentary in the above estate
having been granted to the undersigned by the
proper anvthority all persons indebted to sald
estate are hereby notified to make immediate
nt and all persons having claims against
te are directed to present the sam"
d for payment to the under
signed Executrix, at the late residence of the
deceased in the Borough of Meyersdale, Som
erset county, Peonsylvania, on Friday, the 8th
day of August, 1913.
july3 6t.adv
On the banks of the Casselman river,
90 miles from Pittsburgh. Fertile soil,
sandy loam, profitable for small fruit
and vegetable farming. Spring water
piped to house and barn, picturesque
scenery—a charming summer home.
Also a Large, Powerful Draft Horse,
used to farming, Percheron breed, 6
years old, 17 hands high. Address,
Fort Hill, Somerset Co., Pa.
Jul. 31-4t
Sempre Giovine
eaning ‘Always Young.”
A Sem-pre Complexion
Perfection :
A most effectual Skin Cleanser and |
aid to beauty of exceptional merit.
Insures a healthy skin condition
that is so necessary to a perfect :
We Sell and Recommend 16.
Next to P. O. Meyersdale, Pa
Baltimore ‘& Ohio
Via Pittsburgh and B. R. & P. Ry.
AUGUST 2, 23 AND 30.
Ask B & O. R. R. Ticket Agent for
Full Information.
| uf BAG
| BOUGHT 1892
Pure Spun
|uminum Ware
Siehl Hardware Store,
and I won’t have to buy
any more utensils for 15
years, because it is guar-
anteed for that length of
| glasses, donot delay,as it will pay you to consult us at once.
Nothing has been
left out in our aim
at Soda Perfaction
The service at our soda. fountain exemplifies the highest possible
degree of perfection in the serying of ice cream and soda water.
And that means a lot, because fountain service today is better in
every respect, almost everywhere, than it was a few years ago.
It is a matter of pride with us to make everything about oar foun-
tain so absolutely right that there will be nothing that will not please
the most fastidious person.
me Jourdainztaexellse
Gollins’ Drug Store,
Hartley Block:
Meyersdale, Pa.
July 3,17 and 31; August 14 and 28; September i. 4
TS. 3
Good in Coaches Only
Stops “Summer Complaint ”
This remedy should be in every home—not only for the littlecones
but for the older members of the family as well.
In cases of Cholera Morbus, Colic, Diarrhea, or any bowel complain® f
is so certain in its action and relieves in so short i at vou
a short a time that you canuob
1t relieves alltirritation of the intestines, is slightly astri 1
ses the bowels before they are checked, and is Ey A = ;
It is without doubt the best remedy of its kind we know of and is |
equally good for children and adults. is
There Are Two Sizes 25 cents and 50 cents the bottle.
When we had a chance to get the exclusive selling a Jv:
Family Remedies we jumped at it. They are known al Zim
as the highest quality line on the market, and are prepared by a grea
firm of manufacturing chemists, famous for fifty years. g 4
Leading Druggist. Meyersdale, Pa.
Opposite Citizens National Bank.
Both Phones.
I ANA ELS Il ul el WW
Have you any of the following symptoms of Eye Troubles?
If so, consult
Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 12 and 13.
FROM 9:00 A. M. TO 5:00 P. M.
IF the letters blur or run together au
you become sleepy after readingae
short time.
IF you are troubled with nervousness,
dizziness or a constant tired exhams-
ed feeling.
IF you get sick at your stomach easy
while riding or mingling with a mot.
ing throng of people.
IF your eyes water.
IF your eyes become swollen.
IF you have pain in the temples.
| IF it troubles you to see at a distamee,
IF your eyeballs ache.
| IF one eye is weaker than the othe,
IF your eyes feel swollen.
IF your eyelids droop.
IF your eyes feel tired and worn iter
IF you suffer from dull or periodically sewing.
sick headaches. IF your eyes feel tired after doimg
fine work of any kind.
IF your eyelids stick together in the
IF you experience pains or aches in morning.
the eyeball or in the top or back of | IF there is
head, extending ofttimes into the | eyes.
neck or shoulder. IF any’black spots appear beforé yom.
No matter how clear your vision, if you are experiencing any of the above
troubles, step in and have a talk about your eyes.
IF you are wearing glasses that do| IF your Bglasses tire your eyes wizan
not fit you perfectly. | using them.
your glasses do not give you clear | IF your glasses draw your eyes ax
and distinet vision. | muscles.
SPEGIAL ATTENTION to correct fitting of glasses which is a
the utmost importance to the eves amd
body in general as regards of health,
IF your eyes smart or burn and the
lids become inflamed.
any discharge from tis
If you have any of the above symptoms, weak eyes or improperly filkdd
We will examine
your eyes free of charge and candidly and truthfully tell you if we can esses
your sight, and give you correct results.
Remember I visit Meyersdale, ab Collins’ Drug Store, every two weatss
and guarantee all my work. I will make all necessary corrections and chang:
the lenses and time within two years absolutely free. Eyes and sight exams -
inod free. Special attention to children’s eyes. Glasses fitted from $2.00 mms