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July 28— Miss Julia Illig, who has |
been spending the last 16 months with |
relatives in Rochester, N. Y., returned
hore Wednesday evening and will |
spend several months with her parents, |
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Commercial’s Special Correspondents.
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ear-by Places, Gleaned by The
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oT | ersdale, were guests of Mrs.
% | parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Beachy
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Fike of Mey- |
D. I. Hay returned to Akrom, O., |
Mr. Matthews, superintendent of |. 3 : 3
| the Reformed Sunday school at Oak- | ious accident breaking her leg while
July 22 — Mr. and Mrs. L. A. 1.4 spent the weekend at the home |
Smith, of this place, spent Sunday | ,¢ Tuneson Glotfelty and family.
with Mr. and Mrs. Annias Hover, of |
Elk Lick.
| her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C, | day at Hays Church and Berlin, jour-
Mary Keim of Elkins, is visiting
George Albright, who had been |; May.
Fike’s | settlement in
| moved
|-Jonas Klink, Monday last.
| Sunday, after spending his two Sooks is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
44-4 | vacation with his family at this place. | Lincoln Faidley, at present.
Howard Sell, who lived in the Peck
Elk Lick township
in with his father-in-law,
Mrs. Grace Schwartz of Pittsburg,
Mrs. Joseph Engle met with a ser-
visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. A.
Opel, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hershberger
and family, and E. R. Hay spent Sun-
neying there in the former,s touring
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Illig. working on the state road between |
L. L. Fish spent Wednesday night | Berlin and Somerset, spent Saturday
in Connellsville on business. | night and Sunday with his mother of
| car, and well pleased with there trip.
S. M. Gnagey is busy plowing for
wheat at present.
Harry Hay left last Thursday for
Akron, O., where he expects to find
Mrs. D. N. Barker, from Holsopple, |
mother of Mrs. L. L. Fish, arrived |
here on Wednesday evening to spend
a few days here on accounf of the ill-
ness of her daughter.
H. CO. Krepps spent Wedr esday even
ing with his family near Mill Run.
The tank of engine No. 21510n train
No. 6 was derailed just east of Indian
Creek Wednesday. The tool car was
needed to rerail the car and No. 6 was
delayed one hour on account of the
this place.
Mrs. Robert Lee, of Saylor’s Knob,
| was a welcome caller at the home of
| Mrs Lucy Albright.
Misses Edith and Catherine Smith
| were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
| Smith on Tuesday last.
Mrs. Lucy Albright was a caller at
| Summit Mills on Monday last.
| L. A. Smith, who had been very
| sick, is getting along slowly.
| Charles Yutzy has been making hay
| for Mrs. Lucy Albright this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Z. Lynn, Fred. D. |
Swearman and Miss Carrie Bredbenner |
were out for an outing along the Ind-
jan Creek valley Thursday. The day
and other amuse-
Mrs. Henry Merser and daughter, |
Mrs. Wm. Schultice and son, ot Pitts-
burgh, are visiting their brother and |
was spent in fishing sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ankney. |
ments. N. B. Hechler spent this week in|
H.R. Adams, of Davistown returned Frostburg on bnsiness. |
to Uniontown Thirsday. The second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. |
Wm. Ankney is very sick at this writ |
ing with appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ankney, Mrs. |
Dr. Newell, of Mt. Nebo, left for | Henry Musser and Mrs. Wm. Shultice
Columbus, O., Thursday on & business spent Sunday in Salisbury with rela-
tives and friends.
mission. He expects to be gone for a |
few days. | Miss Elizabeth Robertson, of Coal
Siw ! | Run, spent Sunday with her sister,
Robert Norris, who is camping ab| npg George Primrose. .
ill, left f ) 1lsvill |
Rogers Mill, Isis oF Copuellsyii-e on Wm. Lowry and family, of Kendall,
Thursday to purchase an extra supply | eT .
Foard | Md., are visiting his mother, Mrs.
of bed covers. Mr. Norris says the | .
3 3 - | Margaret Lowry, of this place.
cool nights require more covers. !
Charles Lowry, from Mt. Nebo, was
a business caller in Connellsville on
| Mrs. John Clitz and family, of this
Mr. ann Mrs. J. I. Rogers, from Rog- | place, took dinner at Mrs. John Bow-
ers Mill are spending a few days among | 1, 4175 on Sunday.
Connellsville irlends, | Miss Edith Smith,of the South Side.
T. B. Murray, of Indian Head, left | was a welcome caller at the home of
for West Neuton and Pittsburgh, ona | her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and
business mission. | Mrs. L. A. Smith, on Saturday.
Ed. Schooley, from Killarey Park, | @. W. Smith took supper at the
spent Thursday in Connellsville on home of his son and daughter-in-law,
business. | Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Smith,of this place
We were shockee to learn of the Sunday evening.
death of Dr. Schick, of Washington, |
PD. C. Dr. Schick had been pastor of | GLADE CITY.
the Reformed church in that city for | The lawn fete held by the Sunday
a number of years, He was at-one | school on Saturday evening was a
time pastor of the old Beformed | success as to numbers and in a finan-
church at Meversdale. His death re- cial way. The school wishes to ex-
resulted from injuries sustained by | press its thanks through the columns
being struck by an auto. of the Commercial to the Glade City
band, under the leadership of E. G.
Bauman, due to the absence of the
instructor, Prof. H. K. Aurandt.
Chas. Froeze, a recent typhoid
fever patient has recovered to the
extent that he is able to be around
the house. :
Rev. M. A. Romesberg preached
here on Sunday and was the guest of
J. W. Forrest. In the evening he
preached at Keystone Mines.
Ed. Bittner and family entertained
Sunday was the banner day for the |
I. C. V. Ry. excursion. Over 200spent |
the day along the picturesque valley.
Lewis Thrasher and Miss Lydia Sipe
spent Sunday among friends at Har-
nedsville, near Confluence.
Miss Rose Steindel, from Mill Run,
is spending a few days here among
J. S. Gibson, from the Yough tower
peony a short time here Monday morn-
ing. | several friends from Connellsville last
Mico Julian Illig is spending a few Yeek.
J. W. Forrest made a business trip
days among Connellsville friends this
week. to Northampton township on Monday.
Dr. Brooks, from Normalville, was
called here Sunday evening on account
of the illness of Mrs. L.L. Fish, her
condition has improved.
Samuel Housel, from Lisenring,spent | team was defeated at Hyndman on
over Sunday with his family near Mill | Saturday by the score of 12 to 11.
Run. |
H. C. Krepps, who had been ill for |
| steady employment to more than
fifty men and boys.
the past week, returned to duty at | Roy Maust is working for Jonas | Frost
the A. Stickel & Co. store Monday | mice through harvesting.
of this week.
FW. Stickol from Magnolia, W.Va., Lichty’s for dinner
Saturday and is looking after his bus- Lincoln Faidley
ness here. | Summit Mills;
C. A. Austin, former piler for the | son Emanuel,
on Sunday were,
here packing up his belongings. Mr. | Ridge, Rolston Weimer
in Alabama. We are sorry to see Mr. | time.
Austin leave here; may good luck go |
with him, | Harvey N Ye iz 7 i
ey Newman’s at W est Salis-|. hor
Link Davis and son were Connelis- | bury. ited her daughter,
ville visitors Monday. | Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Pondor]
The Keystone Junction base ball
The visitors that were at Austin |
Miss Sadie Maust is working for
Mrs. Alfred Wagder who had been
seriously ill, is now much improved.
The Aid Society of the Reformed
church, held a lawn fete on the
ground east of the church Saturday
evening. Music was furnished by the
orchestra. The affair was quite a
success. The proceeds are supposed
to help defray expenses recently in-
curred by purchasing a new carpet
f. r the church. |
Mrs. Charles Gray who spent al
week at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Alfred Ringler, left Friday morning |
tor Addison where she will be the |
guest of her father and mother for a
few days before returning to her |
home in Pittsburg.
A black snake which measured four |
feet, six inches, was killed one day |
last week on the lawn south of C. T. |
Hays home. Two young men were |
passing in a wagon and had seen the |
snake cross the roadin front of them,
coming from the direction of the |
woods. :
—rrm freien
Mrs. Jacob Klingaman of Berkley
Mills, and her mother, Mrs. Landis,
of near Rockwood, spent Wednesday
of last week at Bruce Fike’s.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. White and Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Nicholson attended
the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin
Shockey’s little daughter, last Wed-
of Meyersdale, spent Sunday in our
W. J. McClintock of St. Paul, was
a welcome caller in our town on Mon-
Mrs. Frank Thomas and children of
Coal Run, spent Sunday here with
Harry Commons, who spent several
weeks at his home, left on Monday
for Kentucky, where he is engaged
at carpenter work.
The Burkhart family held a Family
Reunion in Ed. Walker’s grove last
Friday; they report a nice time.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wellen spent
Sunday in Meyersdale.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Shuck—a
girl on Thursday of last week.
Mrs. P. W. White spent Sunday
afternood in Salisbury, with Mrs.
Wm. Engle.
Miss Margaret Saylor of near Mey-
ersdale, spent Sunday at Milt Fike’s.
Paul Werner is drilling the well
deeper on the W. H. Habel property,
this week.
Mts. Phineas Christner and child-
ren of West Salisbury, spent several
The Savage brick works are giving | days of this week with her brother,
Wilson Ringler.
eee eee
We feel somewhat relieved in this
| community gince the smallpex quar- |
| antine has been taken down.
| Mr. and Mrs.
in this community.
of Cumberland,
and family, from | relatives.
Tressler and |
from the Mattlicks,
McFarland mill here spent Saturday Daniel Klink, and family, from Chat’s
and John
Aastin expects to locate somewhere | J lchty. They all report a pleasant
| Albright of Meyersdale yisited their
| friend, Miss Edith Baer, Sunday.
Kenneth Brant,
over Sunday.
E. R. Baer, of Rockwood, is spend
Charles Parker, from Connellsville, | and daughter made a visit to Mey- ing a few days with his mother. -
is spending the week at Mill Run.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barthold and | Sunday to Calyin
and baby of Braddock, are spending a
few days at the home of Mr.and Mrs. | Maust and familv and Robert Faid
Jake Dull, at Jones’ Mill. |ley and family were visitors
James Bigam, one of our hustling Christ Maust’s on Sunday.
blacksmiths, of Mill Run, spent over| The
E. Schooley spent Monday in Con-
pellsville on business.
Cnarles F. Hood, president of the
1. C. V. Ry., spent Monday here on
Mr. end Mrs. Geo. Barkell, of Mill
Run, are calling on Connellsville
friends today.
J. M. Stoffer and two sons spent No. 11, last Saturday.
Monday in Scottdale. | membership of 50
| proved a beneficial success,
| aforesaid society $107. Mr.
| Verb, the president of said
| hat the dogs had Killed.
th er
children Cry
C A ST ORI A, |More power to Mr. Vert
| ersdale on Saturday evening and on
Jacob Sechler and wife, Clarence
at |
auditor’s, Daniel Maust and
Sunday among Connellsville friends. | is W 7] sis
: A g S Se i ore > Perry Do s| .stimable lady.
| last week looking after some sheep | (ont in music, both voca
A large number of persons from | ice cream and lemonade.
| Hooversville and vicinity attended | of post cards preceeded the surpris
the first picnie of the Benscreek Hun-
garian Miners Sick Beneflt Society |
They have a | ures was a severe attack of toothach
and the picnic |that was experienced by one of the
netting | party who chanced to touch a sensa-
Joseph | tive spot with some of the ice cream.
society, | After wishing the aged lady many |
| made it a success and is a hustler.
many useful presents were given thi
The evening wa
strumental, followed by
| party.
returns of the day, all returned t
their homes.
| just a little vacation.
Mrs. Ellen Krause and son Nelson
Conrad Brode, of |
burg, Md., are visiting relatives
Mrs. Friedline, of Rockwood, vis-
Mrs. Ray Smith,
A birthday surprise party met at
| the residence of Mrs. Lavina Liven-
good, in honor of her 65th birthday.
here were 62 guests assembled, and
1 and in-
consisting of sand-
wiches, fried chicken, cakes, fruits,
A shower
The only incident to mar the pleas-
J. A. Handwerk is hauling props to
Stotlers mines.
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Gnagey and son
Dillon, took advantage of the ex-
cursion to Pen Mar park, near Balti-
more, Md., Sunday last.
Mrs. Eliza Christner was visiting
friends in West Salisbury last Sunday.
H. R. Kretchman, one of the hust-
ling young men of this township, is
spending a few days visiting his
brother, J. C. Kretchman and family,
who live near Medina, O.
Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Meyers, Misses
Emma and Orpha Meyers and Albert
Meyers were Salisbury visitors Sun-
day last.
D.C. Handwerk is helping Adam
\ you.
Or any banking
ner when you wish to
Service That Counts
In the little things as well as the big
ones we are ever ready to accommodate
Whenever You Have
A check to be cashed
Money to be changed
nature, do not hesitate—and in like man-
service of a like
open an account
Citizens National Bank.
Johnson to harvest.
Everybody is doing it; what! read-
ing the Meyersdale Commercial.
July 29,—Mr. Editor, Your worthy
scribe has not been on a strike, but
NN a aa
A IAI NINN a ihe the i
Farmers are busy making hay and
hauling in wheat. Oats is nearly ripe.
Senator Speicher, of Accident is
calling on his friends here in the in-
terest of his reelection to the Senate.
Josiah Durst and family took an
automobile trip to Somerset, Pa., on
Sunday. ©. A. Bender was the
Mrs. Elis Handwerk and Mrs. Eliz-
abeth Shoemaker, of Springs were
Sundays guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jon-
as Folk.
‘Born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schrock
a boy, on July 28.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Getty, of Cum-
berland, spent several days of last
week with relatives here. Mr. Getty
although not so very old, is adorned
with many gray locks.
Mrs. Louis Miller with her two sons
and Miss Lizzie Miller visited at the
home of Rev. David Hostetler, of
Cove, from Sunday till Monday.
Holzshu & Welmer's
Will show to you the best line of
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Etc.
We Buy in Car Lots, Hence
Can Save You Money.
Goods Delivered Free.
Both Phones.
Centre Street
Mr. Louis Hauft, who for a number
of years has been manager and stock-
holder of the Keystone Lime Co.,has
sold . his interest to Arthur Holiday
and Samuel Hershberger. Mr. Hauft
has been employed in the lime quarry
for 15 years and has been an able
manager for five or six years. On
account of throat trouble, Mr. Hauft’s
physcian advised him to leave the
quarry and seek a better climate.
The first accident in the building
of the new church, at Grantsville, oc-
curred on Friday of last week when
Mr. Finegan, one of the bricklayers
of Cumberland, fell 37 feet, from the
steeple to the ground.
Mr. Finegan had built one of the
arches at the belfry and in staking
his lin he leaned out to far which
caused the brick work to give away,
throwing him head formost to the
earth below. He alighted on his head
and hands making bad wounds and
also bruising his legs. Being con-
| seiouse, he called for help, and was
carried to the National Hotel, where
| medical aid was summoned and the
| patient was made as comfortable as
possible and later he was taken to his
Mr. and Mrs. C. OC. Gauntz, and son lfome in Cumberland
Md., are her ith | i sai: iw
? sre wit His injuries are not considered ser-
ious, and it seems like a mira-le that
Misses Margaret Housel, and Grace | jnstent death was not the result. | daughter, Mae, of .Frostburg,
Those who witnessed the scene say | pp House
that it was horrifying, but all are
of Meyersdale, | glad that it was not any worse.
spent Sunday with kis friend, Paul —_——
The Evangelical Association of
White O:k are holding their annual
| camp meeting in the grove at Wit-
| temburg.
Mrs. P. W. Suder and Mrs. Harry
Housel spent Sunday ab Wellersburg.
The Reformed social held at Green-
ville Saturday night was largely at-
Wm. Housel spent Saturday and
Sunday with his parents here.
The Reformed people of White Oak
S| will have church Sunday morning at
$110 o’clock. All are inyited.
The Owl Lodge, will meet Wed-
nesday evening. They have selected
that evening for their regular meet-
ings. All members are requested to
be present.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the ATi
° Signature of
Mrs. Jane Davis who had been visit~
ing at Friendsville has returned home.
Chas Marquart was transacting bus- 5
iness in Connellsville, on Saturday. :
The Cold Storage plant is almost
ready for service. /
John Seibert has completed his
sewer on Sterner street.
Mrs. Wm. Reiber and family enter-
tained Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Deal, of
Meyersdale, on Saturday and Sunday.
: ’ . J. W. Fisher, of Connellsville is
Professor Lint, of Pittsburgh, is the | spending some time here and at John-
guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Miller. son Chapel. :
Rev. R. L. Atkin, pastor of the| Andrew Coughenour, a prosperous
Rockwood Methodist church is spend- | farmer of Dumas was in town on
ing a week at Sebring, O., where is Saturday.
attending a meeting of the Young| Tyizzie and Ralph Sanner who live
Men’s Forward Christian Movement, | pore with their grandmother, Mrs
of which he is a member. James Watson, have returned from
At a meeting of the members of the | Toledo, Ohio,where they visited their
Rockwood Lutheran church, it was | parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sanner
decided that the Lutheran reunion be several weeks.
held at Rockwood August 21st.
Miss Genevive Everstine,of Cumber-
land, is the guest of Misses Emeline
and Ella Snyder.
Rey. D. 8. Kurtz, pastor of the Rock-
wood Lutheran church, will spend a
few weeks of his vacation in the east-
ern part of the state. :
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Reitz and fam-
ily, of Elkins, W. Va., returned home
after spending a month with their
Harry Flanigan, of Flanigan Station,
| was a business caller at Confluence on
July 28,—Ms. John House and | Thomas Brown, of Connellsville,
Md., | spent Saturday night and Sunday
with Confluence friends.
Thomas Smith returned to his home
at Masontown, after spending some
time with his sister, Mrs. Charles
Show, of town.
Miss Lillian Van Sickle is visiting| NS Joseph Shipley and children,
friends and relatives, of Pittsburg. oF Suneavie, Rete after spend
sora] weeks wi
Miss Florence Orlidge, of Braddock, | i i weeks with the former's
Pa., is the guest of Miss Carrie House.
Rev. R. H. Sawetelle, of Altoona,
Pa., lectured at the Casselman U. B.
Coen EB gti of iid Anti -saleon Miss Lillian Firl entertained Miss™®
eague, Satur bl u i 3 Ellen Sutton on Tuesday.
Miss Leora and Estella Cramer an Mr and My a
Naomi Weimer were the guests of Hine atthe irr Talley ore is:
Miss Nelle Braucher, of Mt. Union, : 2e of aus in Lichty.
last Sunday. es Miller and Maggie Faid-
Mrs. Geo. Tipton and children haye i li easant time in Elk Lick
returned home from visiting her par :
are visiting the formers sister, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Stremmelle and child- |
ren, of West Virginia at the home of |
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heil.
‘Weather is favorable at present.
Earnest Engle was seen in our com-
munity Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence’ Maust and
son visited Mr’s. parents,Mr. and Mrs.
Christian Maust.
Thee wil] be a lawn fete on Satur-
Hi everybody invited.
ents, Mr. and John Lepheart.
Mrs. John Lepheart, who has been |
| sick, is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Cramer and Miss
Maude Lepheart have returned from
an auto tour to Pittsburg and vacinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Brenton, of Pittsburg,
Pa., are the guests of Mrs. H. H. Van-
| Misses
The farmers are busy making hay at
Florence Orlidge, Hazel Children Cry
{House and Carrie House were guests | FOR FLETCHER'S
| of the Misses Lepheart, of Mt. Union, |
over Sunday. 3
late ¢
ner, i
of T
late ¢
tor. |
of W
ed gu
of OC:
$215 :
by g
J. H