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What Interests the World Chron- | to_crops is reported.
: feled by Telegraph and Cable. | Counsel General at Paris simce 1905,
Washington Looms Large as a Center | the blame for the trouble upon the |
of Interest—Legislatures Busy In
Many States—The Lights and
Shadows of the News.
i Washin dton
The Department of Agriculture has
Bunched a plan for better organiza-
tion of farmers throughout the coun-
The Senate confirmed the nomina-
@on of William H. Berry as collector | part of that State.
af customs for the port of Philadel- |
Captain Roy C. Smith, commanding | era] dairy farms near its coking plants | the effecs that injury by the freez-
sfficer of the Dreadnought Arkansas, | and coal mines for the benefit of its ing of May 10th was usually severe.
General Pershing won a #enal vio
tery over the rebellious Mores.
Andrew Drew, an aviator, was killed a :
when he lost control of his biplane,| Specimens of branches of fruit
while trying the “spiral dip” at Lima, | trees being sent by mail to State
Ohio. x .
| The Texas Panhandle is suffering Zoologist H. A. Surface, at Harris
| from a heavy rainfall. Slight damage | burg, at the present time show more
injury by frost effects than by any
other cause or combination of
resigned. causes. All such twigs show that
Crops were damaged by the recent|the leaves have turned dark or
snowfall in North Carelina. »
Ex-Governor Glasscock declared that | °TWD, and have shriveled or be-
West Virginia miners first asked for | come colored and the fruit is dwarfed
martial law. He put greater part of or rudimentary. It looks very much
guards employed by the mine owers. | ke the disease commonly called
A legacy of $5,000 was left te the | Fire blight or black Blight, but it
Xopona oman Sulirage Assoulition | differs from this in the fact that the
¥ ex-Senator Palmer, o chigan. leaves are not so dark in color, but
The estate of Luther McCarthy, the | : : ?
= | pugilist who was killed in a boxing | Shriveled aud d ied and the
£ | bout at Calgary, Canada, is valued at| W°© 1s nob so a * SO In ©
$10,000, of which $8,191 is bank de-|frost injury the line between the
posit. His widow is the sole bene-|injured and living wood is not sharply
ficiary. marked, whereas in blight injury
The Massachusetts Senate passed |there is generally a sharply marked
over Governor Foss’ veto the bill per- | line between the dead and the live
| mitting the New Haven Railroad to | park.
extend its trolley lines in the western
Frank H. Mason, United States
There is a universal complaint,
The H. C. Frick Coke Company, Dob only over Pennsylvania but over
Connellsville, Pa., will est-.'ish sev-| most of the States of the Union, to
New Figure Lines of Japan-
ese Origin, Gathered Skirts,
Cretonne Coats, Novelties
in Footwear,
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his pers
Sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this,
All Counterfeits, Imitations and «J: ust-as-good’’ are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiments
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paras)
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. IS
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotie
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhcea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the |
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep, ,
The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
#nd Lieutenant W. W.
®avigating officers, who
Smyth, aeting | workmen.
were court- | A real end collision on the New
martialled because their vessel in Feb- | York, New Haven and Hartford Rail-
mary struck a coral reef off the coast road, within a few blocks of the sta-
of Cuba, have been found guilty of | tion at Stamford, Conn., caused the
aeglect of duty. | death of five persons and the injury of
Instructions to postmasters were is- | about twenty more.
sued for handling C. O. D. parcel post | Sufficient signatures have been se-
Fackages, beginning July 1. Charges | cyreq to suspend the operation of the
will be collected from recipients of full crew bill, passed by the Missouri
Farcels and a 10-cent stamp will in- | Legislature. ‘
elude the fee and $50 insurance Governor Sulzer and Col. Roosevelt
®&gainst loss. spoke from the same platform at Ro-
| chester in behalf of direct primaries.
The Illinois Legislature passed a
Woman-Suffrage bill.
: ._ | ‘Mrs. Alfred I. Dupont, of Wilming-
Ex-President Gomez and his family | ton, Del., has presented Maryland with
#nd servants, fifteen in all, sailed from [a maternity hospital to be built in
Havana for St. Nazaire. He paid $7, | Cambridge.
#00 for the best suite on the ship. The | Construction has begun on many of
@uban press contrasts this evidence | the Panama-Pacific Fair buildings at
sf wealth with the fact that the late | gon Francisco.
President Palma was penniless when | The New York Board of Estimate
He left the Presidency. | appropriated $40,000 for the construec-
It was announced that President tion of municipal ice plants.
Wilson's family would go to California Mitchell, S. D., voted $60,000 in
ahortly. . | bonds for the erection of a municipal
J. J. Hill has left on his annual telephone plant.
dishing trip to Labrador. The Massachusetts bill permitting
Aduiphus Busch, 3d, iweniytwo, |... New Haven io extend its trolley
gramdson of the big brewer, is to mar- |; 0 was vetoed by Governor Foss.
ry ia St. Louis, Mrs. Florence P. Lam- | The jury in the trial of Police Ser
Wert, wealthy divorced wife of Marion | geant Peter J. Duffy, of New York,
Bambert. She is thirty-eight and! 4; cod after 24 hours deliberation
pretty, and is the mother of three , "Lo .. discharged by Justice Geoff.
children. | Willis Hickam of Spencer, Ind., will
= i be graduated from the same class as’
. = his son in a law school at the Indiana
! Sporting = University.
More than 6,000 applications have
been received to date for concessions
at the Panama-Pacific Exposition to
be held in San Francisco,
The UJenate committee investigat-
ing the West Virginia mining condi-
| tions is convinced that citizens of that
State “have been tried and convicted
in violation of the Constitution and
America successfully defended the '
Westchester Polo Association cup by
again defeating England at Meadow
Brook, L. I, in the hardest fought
match in the history of the Interna-
#omal trophy. The score was 41% to
¢1% goals.
Duke Kahanamoku, the world’s
champion swimmer, made two new | laws of the United States.”
world’s records at Honolulu by swim- | ’
ming 100 yards in 55 1-5 seconds and | 2
320 yards in 2 minutes, 34 2-5 seconds. |
Charging the American Baseball !
Jesus win IE he Sremn Captain Scott's Antarctic ship, the
ager of the St. Louis Federal base- | Terra Nova, arrived at Cardiff, Wales,
ball team, has brought suit against | The suffragette “bomb squad” threw
that organization for $25,000 damages. & lighted bomb from a street car pass-
Riding the distance without a sin- | 108 Over a bridge near Liverpool. Lit-
gle stop, Arthur Chapple of New York | tle damage was done.
won the fifty-mile open championship | The Dowager Empress of Russia aec-
at the Motordrome at Brighton Beach | cidentally broke one of a pair of vases
dcing the distance in 38 minutes and for which the late J. P. Morgan of-
46 1-5 seconds. | fered $25,000.
| PBugene Maggi and his wife, whose
wealth is estimated at $10,000,000,
committed suicide in their home in
The Servian government proposes
Till HIN
The Massachusetts House passed |
the Washburn railroad control bill | to Bulgaria the demobilization of
@ver Governor Foss’ veto. three-fourths of their respective
“Dream II” won the Philadelphia to | armies.
Bermuda motor boat race. Pope Pius was so pleased with mov-
The summer White House at Cor- | ing pictures of New York city that he
@ish, N. H, will be opened June 28. | said he wanted to go to America.
Chicago suffragettes propose Miss The New Zealand Farmers’ Union
Jame Addams for Mayor of that eity hag asked the government to aid in
im 1915. | securing 6,000 additional laborers.
The United Commercial Travellers At Buenos Aires it was announced
af America chose Jamestown, N. Y., | that Theodore Roosevelt is coming to
as their convention city in 1914. Argentina to lecture on the progress
An unknown vandal cut down 600 of the United States.
two-year-old peach trees on the farm Five soldiers are dead and nineteen |
of Martin Kohoud, in Camden County, ' others ill from heat exhaustion at the |
NJ | military manoeuvres near Aires, Ger- |
The Virginia Polytechnic Institute’s | many.
shops at Blacksburg, Va, were de-| The situation in Morocco is general
stroyed by fire. Loss, $150,000. In- ly thought to be critical. After the dis-
smrance, $50,000. | quieting reports from the Spanish
Captain Ting-fa Vang, of the | zone comes the news of fighting on
Mminese army, will be admitted to the | the part of the French.
West Point Miktary Academy under || A general shake-up in the Cabinet
& special act of Congress. | of President Huerta, of Mexico, oc-
Frank Esola, a San Francisco city | curred. General Manuel Mondargon
detective, was sentenced to five years | resigned as Minister of War and was
Sm prison ‘for aiding the “bunco” gang | succeeded by General Aureliano Blan-
mown as the “Forty Thieves.” | quet, former military commander of
Mrs. Riizabeth Maugherman, died | the federal district.
®t Bryan, Ohio, aged 108 years. She | For cursing the Pope, the police,
was the mother of seventeen children. { the army, the Ancient Order. of Hi-
Miss Gladys Mason, of New York, | bernians, and the buekles om the con-
Began her walk to San Francisco on a | stable’s coat, Felix Mulholland was
aul and vegetable diet. fimed $5 at Magherafelt, Ireland.
Fores: fires are raging in the New | The Spanish cruiser Reina fired on
Zork Alirondac:s. | the looters of the gunboat Concha,
The gold production of the world | ashore at Morocko, killing nihetten
during 1912 is estimated at $472,975,- | and wounding many others. The
| looters had killed thirty of the crew
suspended | of the stranded. steamer.
ub for fiying | from New Zealand.
Frederick C. Hild w
for a year by the Aero (
One gentleman in York county re-
ported that he expected a crop of
five thousand bushels,
the circumstances, lost the entire
crop, and will not have a peck of
apples in his orchard. Many have
reported more or less injury in their
orchards, while some of the advanced
fruit growers, who have pruned
and sprayed and kept their trees
vigorous, will have two-thirds of a
regular crop. This means, of course,
improved quality of fruits because
of the reduced numbers.
Frost injury demands no special
attention on the part of the grow-
er further than keeping the trees in
good condition, so that they will
out grow it. It is not blight, and
will not change to blight. It does
not continue to infect and injure the
trees, as does blight A twig that is
blighted retains the germs of the
disease within the wood and bark,
and these germs will live to continue
to work downward beneath the
bark and extend the blight. While
it is not necessary to cut off and
burn twigs injured by frost, it is
advisable to thus treat those that
were damaged by blight. The chief
reason for failure in the control of
blight is that persons pruning trees
infected with the disease have not
pruned low enough to remove it. It
is not sufficient to cut it out at the
line between the living and dead
wood. The cut should be made at
least one foot below the lower limit
of . the blighted - area. I= this is
done and the pruning knife or shears
sterilized frequently, as by passing
through’a handful of straw or paper
and the stump or stub is also washed
with an antiseptic solution or painted
the parts containing the blight germs
con be removed, and the disease
can be effectively checked.
If your back gives out;
Becomes lame, weak or aching;
If urinary troubles set in,
Perhaps your kidneys are ‘in a
Genuine CASTORIA ALwars
but under
. vn NE . .
The above design
OI. ¥, New’ Yor
~ dl
New York, June 12—
One has only to study the outlines
of the fashionable crowd to recognize
that the influence of Japan extends
way beyond the borders of the Pa-
cific coast. The drawn in drapery
at the foot of the skirt, the up-
ward swirl! of the lines in front, the
wide sashc. and girdles, all show a
similarity to the kimono clothed
Japanese ‘oman. There are modi-
fications aud differences to be sure,
but the source that inspired the de-
signers .is unmistakable. To eyes
unaccustomed to the change the new
silhoutte is neither graceful nor
becoming, but custom makes so
much difference in eriticism that
when a little more modification is
made, we may come to like the
lines and cease to find the effect
The gathered skirt is constantly
gaining adherents, which is not sur-
prising as it suits the filmy stuffs
used so admirably, and certainly the
folds gained by small clusters of
pleats or gathers here and there on
the skirt .are. a rest. to eyes tired
with’ the drawn skimpiness of the
past few seasons.
There are always a number of
smart conservative styles to be had
and the majority of the well dress-
ed select these for all ordinary
wear. It is the flamboyant costume
that attracts attention in the thro: g
SO we are apt to lose sight for the
majority, whe dress conseryatively
and quietly.
With skirts split at the foot and
draperins . soaring upward in front
the foot is constantly in evidence,
and shoes and hosiery makers keep
peace with the demand for fancy
bad way.’? footwear... Many of the models are
Don’t delay—use Doan’s Kidney dainty and pretty and irresistibly
Pills. attractive as their vogue proclaims.
Here is good evidence of their The Colonial pump with cut steel
worth. buckle in patent leather, or satin
P. T. Miller, retired farmer, Main is perhaps the most worn with
street, Berlin, Pa., says: ‘I have
had no reason to change my high
dress costumes. Lately the ribbon
bow has made its appearance on |
opinion of Doan’s Kidney Pills and I
recommend them just as highly to-
day as I did in October. 1907. I have
not had to take a kidney medicine
during the past several years. I was
severely troubled with kidney and
bladder complaint. The kidney se-
cretions were irregular in passage and
it often seemed as if my kidneys
were not acting at all. I also suffer-
ed from acute pains in my back.
When Doan’s Kidney Pills were
recommended to me I began using
them. They acted just as repre-
sented and it was not long before
I had relief. My advice to other
kidney sufferers is to give Doan’s
Kidney Pills a trial.”? :
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., ‘ Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name—Doan’s—and
eczema that had annoyed me for a
long time. The result was lasting”
Hon. S. W. Matthews, Commission-
er, Labor Statistics, Augusta, Me. ad
| are pretty, but they are not adapted
the Colonial. The tied bow that
was formerly relegated to Oxford
models. Colored heels are in again
and when worn appropriately these |
to morning wear in town or to dusty
country roads. Every variety of
cross strapping is offered in slippers
and these styles are not only in line
with present modes but they do offer
a moderate amount of support and
stability at the heel, which is where
the vsual pnmp and slipper fails.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured.
With Local Applications, as they
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
| take no others. acts directly upon the blood and
Eee mucous surfaces Hall’s Catarrh
“Doan’s Ointment’ cured me 0 | Cure is not a quack medicine. Tt
was prescribed by oneof the best
physicians in this country for years
and is a regular prescription. It is|
composed of the best tonics known, |
combined with the best blood puri- |
fiers, acting directly on the mucous | rect urinar .
Papers promptly executed Vv. -6ma7
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Havs Always Bought :
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Jones’ Break-Up
For over 20 years has Cured
Sciatica, Lumbago and Gout
It you have Rheumatism [any form] get Jones’
Break-Up, it will tama pA has i) era
have taken it, Guaranteed 0 cure all cosets
COLLINS’ DRUG S(ORE, Meyersdale, Pa
and Bath Jn
When building-a home for renting purposes remember
the charm, the potential force which these two words have
to the seeker of a comfortable, convenient {
home. ;
A pleasing bathroom may easily be
the deciding factor in the renter’s choice
of a new home.
. For the small home or richest
residence we recommend “Standard”
plumbing fixtures for pleasing appearance
and durability. .
aa Ta
w Uffice in ook % Beerits’ Block. up sta;
Powerful, clean explosion.
No carbon,
Waverly Gasoline
% refined—distilled—not crude
A compressed gas.
Fr OMcewith F. J. Kooser. Esq.
)et.28-03. EN FREE=S2 aschudk al ’
> STI Pittsburgh, Pa.
Deeds, Mortages, Agreements and all Leg»
Distiiiars of Pure Rye, Wheat, Mal
snd Gin. Distilling up-to-date,
Ought to Use
They will -
= your backache
‘'r kidneys, sos
gularities, bull |
ever the Meadow Brook field while
#he international polo match was be-
f=z played.
B. H. Gary, Chairman of the United |
State Steel Corporation, testified at
the Federal dissolution suit that he
did not now approve or certain con- |
tracts ke made in the'early days of
$he trust.
hs dition cr. no dbase 24
_. | on a four-year Arctic expedition. |
| 3 Arct pf
Milon Eaeton, Betty Saylor.
June 14,1913. J. F.NAUGLE, P. M.
More than 300 persons were killed
in India, on the Arabian Sea, owing to |
floods caused by heavy rains.
The Italian Chamber of Deputies ap-
Proved the appropriations of $20,000,- |
000 to continue the war in Tripolil | makes you an easy victim for diseases,
Steffanson, the explorer, left on | pgp pure and sound digestion... Bor. |
board the Karluk from Victoria, B. C., | dock Blood Bitters. At all drug
Price $1.00. ad
————— ie i
duces such wonderful results in cur-
ing catarrh.
blood runs you down— |free.
Sold by Druggists, 75 cents.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for eon
| stipation. ad |
The perfect combination |
the two ingredients is what pro- |
F. J. CHENEY, & Co., Toledo,
ap the wo. ou* tissues, and |
eliminate the excess uric ack
Send for testimonials, | that causes rheumatism.® Pre
| vent Bright's Disease and Die
bates, and restore health ary
strength. Refuse substitutes
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