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Items Pertaining to the Town in General and
Prepared for the Readers By
Our Busy Staff.
Rev. A. S. Glessner spent Tuesday
at Somerset.
Miss Maud Saylor was a
visitor Tuesday.
Ike Weinstein,
yisitor Monday.
Rev. Father Rrady was a visitor to
Cumberland, Tuesday. i
James Price spent several days of
last week ab Uniontown.
Ms. John P. Kelley visited rela-
tives in Johnstown on Tuesday.
Mrs. J. A. Dixon, spent Saturday
with relatives ab Connellsville.
Mrs. James Kerrigan, of Sand
Patch, was a town visitor Monday.
T. W. Gurley was transacting busi
pess in Pittsburgh several days this
Miss Lillie Wasmuth, of Boswell,
attended tne funeral of her aunt on
J. J. Dougherty,
was|a town visitor
thi% week.
Miss Eva Leckemby, returned |
home Saturday from a visit to Som- |
erset with friends.
Dr. and Mrs. Ww. H. Ryland, and
children spent sumday with relatives
at Grantsville, Md.
P. J. Cover, is attending the Semi-
Annual Oonvention, ab Wheeling,
WwW. Va., this week.
Mrs. George Pfeiffer,
vho was quite ill for the
week 8 convalescing.
Mr. John Kegan, was in Cum-
perland, Md, Friday of last week
on a business mission.
A. W. Bittner, of Route No. 3,
called at the office yesterday and
renewed his subscription.
s. P. Fritz, of Pine Hill called abt
The Commereial office Saturday and
renewed his subscription.
Jobn B. Schrock, of Garrett, No. 2,
called at The Commereial Saturday
and renewed his subscription.
Wm. Deitle, of Greenville township
was in town Saturday. He is one
of our recent new subscribers.
Mrs. Ward Dull, and two children
Somerset |
was a Cumberland
of Conellsville,
here Tuesday of |
of Olinger
a visit ~with relatives at Ursina.
«Miss Hattie Morrell has returned
home from ‘McKeesport, where she
had been visiting for the past month.
Miss Alice Friedline, returned home
the last of the week from a visit
with friends at Berlin and Somerset.
Mr. Malichia Kelley, and daughter
Mrs. Thomas Bracken, of Sand
1] De- Patch, were in fown shopping Mon-
p day.
from : George A. Logue, proprietor. of the
relief Slicer House, spent a few days of
use of last week at Patton, Pa., and Johns-
onsult town.
Mrs. Ida Sturtz, of Scottdale, is
here at the home of her brother-in-
law and}’sister, Mr. and Mrs H. J.
Wilmoth. :
Miss Marion Domer, left last Wed-
nesday for Elking, W. Va., and spent
until Saturday thereZwith relatives
and friends.
\fax Weinstein, and bride of Brook-
lyn, are. spending a few days in
town the guests of the former’s father,
Mr. L Weinstein.
Mrs. Mary E. McKenzie, who spent
the past four weeks visiting in Pitts-
burg, Vandergrift, andyConnellsville,
has returned home. ]
Miss Cora Bigam and brother, Ed-
a weekEwithg their uncle and aunt,
Mr. andjMrs. D. Dahl.
of the latter’s mother,
Weber,2of §High street.
MissfTillie;, Brown, a trained nurse,
left Saturday morning for Kingwood,
typhoidgfever patient.
$/“and friendsjat¥Fairmont, Pa.
spent a few days of this
here fatS;the Thome of his
Lenses Free
nined free.
1e, nervous- nellsville gvisitor
returned home Monday evening from
of2Indian Creek, are spending
Mr. andpMrs. Michael Hurley, of
are guests at the home
Mrs. Anna
Pa., wherej she took charge of a
Mrs. James BE. McCartney, returned
homé the latter part of the week
from a pleasant visit with relatives
Charles Shoemaker, of Johnstown,
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Shoemaker.
Mrs. James Leckemby, was a Con-
a few days last
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Crowe, and
little sn spent Sunday with the
former’s parents, Mr.and Mrs. Geo.
Orowe, near Frostburg, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Collins, of
Pittsburgh, spent a few days at the
home of the former’s mother, Mrs.
B. B. Collins, of Large street, this
Mrs. H. G. Will's Sunday school |
class will give a lawn fete this even-
ing on the lawn of the Lutheran
church, when ice cream and cake
will be served. 3
Mrs. John Carey, and three chilC-|
ren of Somerset; came here Tuesday
evening to be presént at the wedding
of the , former’s niece,. Miss Estella
Crowe, Wednesday.
Prof. W. H. Kretchman, and wife
spent Sunday ab , Rockwood where
Prof. Kretchman, delivered a me-
morial address before the fraternal
orders of that town.
The Spinster Club was delightfully
entertained at the home of Misses
Lulu and Nan Hocking, on Meyers
avenue, Monday evening.
John Stacer, who had been spend-
ing the past week with relatives at
Pittsburgh, returned home with his
little grandson, Regis Stacer, who
will remain here for some time.
Charles Beachem, of Somerset, and
Miss Margaret Hoffa of Pine Hill
were married at the Lutheran par-
sonage at 6 o’clock on Tuesday even-
ing, June I0th, by Rey. J. A. Yount.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gorman, and
three children of Johnstown, spent
a few days of this week here with
their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Reich and Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reich, and
children and Mr. and Mrs. William
Gorman, fof Johnstown, spent Sunday
evening with Mrs. Reich’s parents
Mr. and Mr. Lloyd Beachy, at West
Salisbury. :
B. J. Lynch, who had been work-
ing at Uniontown for several
months, arrived here Monday on
No. 14, to attend the Crowe-Sanders
| wedding, which took place Wednes-
day morning. :
“Mr. and Mrs,” Ray ‘Hartley, and
little daughter of Cacapon, Md.,
arrived here Saturday afternoon to
spend some time with the former’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 8. C. Hartley,
of Broadway.
Miss Bthel Collins, and little Fran-
ces Damico, attended the wedding
of a friend of the former, in Berlin,
Wednesday. They furnished the mu-
| sie for the occasion which was beauti-
fully rendered. : :
Mrs. W. H. Sturgess, and little
daughter Dorothea of Oakland, Md.,
arrived here Saturday on No. 15, to
spend a few weeks with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hocking, of
Meyers ayenue.
‘Miss Maud Sheets, of Connellsville,
arrived here Wednesday to attend
the wedding of her friend, Miss
Estella Crowe, and Charles Sanders,
Wednesday morning. She returned
home Thursday.
Mrs. Joseph Grebenstein, and
daughter Emma, of Cumberland,
Md., were guests at the home of the
former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Stacer, of High street, Thurs-
day of last week.
Mrs. James Darnley, returned home
Friday evening from a few days
visit with her brother-in-law and sis-
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lepley, at
Somers<t, aud sister, Mrs. Ella Sny-
der, at Rockwood.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Naylor and
family, and G. E. Bolden, automobiled
to Meyersdale on Sunday from Oak-
land, Md,, and spent the day here
visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. Bolden of North street. ;
Miss Helen Lichty, arrived here
| Saturday from Chambersburg, where
she had been attending Wilson Col-
lege and will spend the summer va-
cation with her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. Bruce Lichty,of Meyers ayenue.
Mrs. Charles Fike, and two sons
Leslie and Karl of McKeesport,
spent Saturday here at the home of
their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Orowe, of Meyers avenue. They left
the same evening on the W. M. R. R.
this morning made 2a pleasant social
call at The Commercial.
is the guest of her uncle and aunt,
Centre street.
the Hospital
nesday evening.
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Pewder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
| Shakerespeare’s Hamlet, with Ham-
let left out does not make a very
| strong tradgedy, similiarly a lawsuit
of | tried in the court of Squire Hay last
evening without the presence of John
Michael Kegan, who had been in | Noditck lacked the principal chara-
in Cumberland, Md., cter in the settlement of a question in-
for an operation returned home Wed- | volving the ownership of eight gal-
lons of beer. i
The story of the dispute is something |
like this: = Monday was a very warm
day, and two sets of foreigners in the
vicinity of Boynton thirsted for that
cooling drink and these men had no
desire for the beer that made Mil-
waukee famous, not Pabst’s blue rib-
bon beer but Meyersdale beer,the beer
that big-hearted and popular John
Hartung superintends in the brewing.
Two men contributed a dollar a piece
for eight gallons of this beer, John
Moditeh was sent’to purchase the beer
at the brewery. Instead of buying
Hon. J. A. Berkey, while in town
Miss Edna Long, of Connellsville,
Mr. and Mrs. George Blake,
Mrs. William Rutter, and daugh- |
ters Nancy and Nelle, returned home
Tuesday from a very pleasant visit
with relatives and friends at Pitts-
burgh Uniontown and Scottdale.
Mr. Simpson Large, father of Dr.
CO. P. Large, arrived here Wednesday
evening on No. 5, and will remain
during the summer with his son
and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs.
O. P. Large, of the South Side.
Mrs. James Stevenson, and little
son are spending the week here at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. John) gion gallons, he purchased four gal-
Hartle, of Main street. They leave | 1ons. Frank Robusky was also very
Sunday for Paw Paw, W. Va., where
Mr. Stevenson is employed by the
H. S. Kerbaugh Construction com-
thursty the same evening, also from
the vicinity of Boynton, he also came
to town with his own money purchas-
eight gallons of beer for $2.25. Both
Eugene Naugle, went to Cumber- | parties left Meyersdale on the 8:20 caf
land, Md., on Wednesday to take |and at Boynton both parties got off
his wife who had been in the hcspital | the car and the beer likewise. John
there to the home of her parents, Moditeh, who had been sent to buy
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stiver, at|eight gallons with other people’s
Everett, where she will remain a few | money and had bought only four gal-
weeks. Mr. Naugle will return home | loans, laid claim to the eight gallon
today. keg, and John and his companions got
On Monday June 16th, J. H. Black, possession of it, while for the time
special agent for the Mutual Life | being Frank, the prosecutor, did not
Insurance company of New York, | have any, and Frank brought suit for
paid Mrs. Rush 8: McMillen of King- larceny and assault and battery.
wood, Pa., a check for $1,043, full The four gallon keg had been left
amount including profits of a policy | on the road at Bauman’s store for
‘held by the late Rush 8. McMillen in some time, but later the John No-
that company. ditch party evidently had use for the
f tour gallons in addition to the eight
gallons which belonged to Frank
Rebusky. Many witnesses were, heard
and the fact was brought out that
Frank lost the beer for which he
paid and John’s companions drank
beer which belonged to Frank Re-
pbusky. John Smith represented the
: 5 ; commonwealth. Davy Brandt, rep-
Misses Marion and Nancy Deal, |resented the defense and acted as
of Groye City, arrived here Friday |court interpreter. Nearly half a hun-
evening on No. 16, and remained | dred people had assembled at the
until Sunday visiting relatives andi seat of justi. e.
friends and went from here to Seibert, | The charges of assault and battery
W. Va., to spend a few weeks With | and larceny against the companions
their brother-in-law and sister, Mr. | of John Noditeh were not sustained.
and Mrs. R. H. Warn. The court decided that those com-
Mrs. Ralph K. Quillman, who had |panions of Noditch pay the . price of
been here for some at the home of | the beer $2 25 and that they divide
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. the costs of the trial among them-
Wilmoth, at ‘Hill Crest’, returned selves, amounting to $22.86. The
to her home at Norristown, Pa., said amount to be collected form
the first of last week. She was accom- | John Noditeh.
panied home by her sister, Miss :
Clara Wilmoth, who returned here FOR THE BENEFIT
Friday evening on No. 5.
Mrs. John. A. Yount, left Tuesday
At last the time has arrived when
Miss Hester Meyers, returned home
the last of the week from a visit with
friends at California, Pa., Pittsburgh
and Grove City. She was accompan-
jed home by her sister, Miss Flor-
ence Meyers, who had been at the
latter place, for several. months
employed as a milliner.
for Huntingdon, to attend the 33rd an-
meal SR the band is to receive help and en-
ana Sy a OS couragement of a financial character
from the citizens, in the entertain-
church. Mrs. Will was elected delegate aks >
of the local society but could at- inet whieh is being staged for, them
toad, Mie Yount . 1 th | An enjoyable evening will doubtless
hat. oe as ay sli 1 ° be in store for all who attend the en-
Tr. - convention will €l0S¢ te tainment and in addition the larger
ursday afternoon, | the crowd the more the band will be
| helped.
——ee peer
TE Just received a car of sterling corn,
Experienced firemen at! oats and barley chop $1.45 per hun-
West Penn Railways power | dred or $27.00 ton, at
| Habel & Phillips. ad.
station, Connellsville $2.40 ee
for eight hours. Apply at! Lantz the ‘‘Reliable’”’ tuner is here,
Power Station Connells- | busily engaged in attending to the
5 2 | wants of his many patrons. He will
ville, Pa. adv.
| likely spend a few weeks in town.
| june-19 1t. ad.
Marvel flour makes more bread to | is
| the barrel, has a finer texture and |
If you are in need of lumber see H.
more delicious flavor that any Spring |
wheat patent on the market. Try |
one sack; your money back if it does Phillips, at 331 Beachley street, or
not make good bread, abt | call by phone. Both phones. We can
ree fee
1 The Crowds Go!
Our store is the coolest and cleanest in
town. Stop in when you are tired
and warm and ask for a bracing cooler.
The Best Soda Water and the Most
Delicious Ice OGream in the Oity
Friday, June 20th, half our fountain receipts will
be given to the Young Womens
Society of the M. E. church.
iHome Missionary
Come, join the crowd
ami CC , TF oy Tr i
Hartley Bloc! Tre Ro kl Store Meyersiale, Pa
ess or outings, dress functions Ww
MN or sports; young men who want the quality that endures, Ww “’
/N\ the style that keens shape, the tailoring that lasts, and the WW *
JN fit that’s jost right, ought to come to us and ask for
/ clothes. They’re right in every way; all-wool fabrics; and
\ ihe highest class fabrics. We'll fit you, whatever your
M\ size or shape. Call in and inspect our line.
‘A For all sorts of uses; busin
= sa
+ Q
Home of Hart Schaffuer & Marx Clothes.
- + fe Ss AT AB A Ao As
and Pump
is hire in fall bloom and we have prepared our-
selves to meet the large demand.
e carry, them in all styles and colors—
black, tan and white
Our line of White Shoes for Women, Misses’
and « hildren c sanot be surpassed.
would like to have you call and see our
large line before making your purchase.
M_& JIM,
3 . ao Te CW SW, Wa, SW SS oy, «Wy, of oy, cW,
NSS SS Sooo ooo oor ore rrr”
Miller & Collins
Is the only store in town
where you can buy the now
MN famous Munsing Un- Wo
A derwear for men, $F
women and children. ©
We buy the under-
. o
mr L 2)
M wear direct from the factory Yi
MN 5 Minneapolis, and thereby ¥
1 will offer at public sale on Sat-|
Neb., daughter of John Martin,
formerly of the Cove, Garrett County, |
1 necessary
f lenses ab-
ime within
; i ili dg; i er’ rofit. We
strain} My week with her son and daugher-in- | for Frostburg, Md., where they will | Habel & Phillips. ad | save you money on building material A save the . iobber’s PY ofit. VV € i W
1 from $2.00 Jaw EMr. and Mrs. Ross Leckemby. |Fema™ Boe time withthe form. pe by delivering direct from the ibn W\ can sell it cheaper than most : &
> arents. . i NUNNING MBE 8 A : : : .
used. You : Misses®Ruth and Hulda Glessner, ol Matin: ot Linco! Public Sale. 4“ So SORT LUMBER ge. A any other line in the market. - Come in \4 Wy
Drag Store of Pittsburgh, are visiting at the 2 incom ayo age d ond let us show you all the different Af id
g g y :
homelof} their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
grades we carly.
John =A 7 Glessner, {at Trans-Meyers-
We want you to give it
Actual use better than anyth
vrday, June 21, 1913, teginning at! Strayed or Stolen—A small chest- N°
Md., is here on a visit at the home of | *
30 p. m., the household goods of | nub bay mule. Large letter H. brand- a trial.
.rangements dale. Mr. and Mrs. James Darn]... of the|the wate CO. L. Delauter, including ed on left hip. Finder Will be liber-| gi\ else will convince you of its merit.
lenses; par- Mr. W. H. «Ryland, left here | South Side. She had been to Phil- | stoves, carpets, refrigerator, a great | ally rewarded if returned, to ANESEE PIII LL EEE
to children. Thursday evening in his touring car adelphia, New York, Baltimore and | variety of furniture. Also 2 looms| W.A. MERRILL, Garrett, Pa. ad. . CEE TTT
for Lonaconing, Md., and returned
other points of interest on the Con-
with fixtures, carpet chain and knit-|
two weeks.
RS : \ home] Friday accompanied by Mrs. | vention trip of the Lutheran League | ting machine. See bills for particu-| A good team of heavy work horse A a TY ee Tee
,.7 to 8 P _4 ) Ryland,fand three children, who had | wisich met at York, Pa. She is lars. | for sale. Quick cash sale. See Hq.
= ous been there with relatives the past | President of the Nebraska State | Mgs. C. L. DELAUTER, | Phillips, or call by phone. Has All the Rie
0 C arrio |
| | 3 Fond | re v
| Luther League. ad Clay St., Meyersdale, Pa. |may 22-tfad 331 Beachley, St. Th / 0 Mm m J I A aid i