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- yisitor Friday.
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M. E. Martz, until recently master
mechanic in the B. & O. shops at|
Rockwood, has been advanced to
general foreman of the Somerset &
Cambria division, with headquarters
at Somerset. In his new position Mr.
Martz will have supervision of motive
power over the entire division.
Frank Milton Reedy of Somerset,
and Miss Katharine Olive Pyle of
Milford township, were married at
Cumberland, a few days ago.
Mrs. Barbara Keim Speicher, aged
85 years, widow of Jefferson Speicher,
late of Liscomb, Ia., died several
days ago. Her first husband was
David Putman of New Centreville,
this county. She was a brother of
John J. Keim of Elk Lick township.
J. Frank Lambert, a student in a
Philadelphia medical college, is
spending a vacation with his parents,
Postmaster and Mrs. John A. Lam- |
bert, on the West Side. |
Miss Ivy Denison of the North Side |
is visiting her brother-in-law and sis-
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maust =
Oscar Matthews, son of ex-County
Treasurer and Mrs. W. Scott Mat-
thews, who has been employed in the
Union depot, at Pittsburg, during the |
past five or six years, was recently
promoted to the position of cashier. |
Mrs. Frank R. Lyon, whoshas gone
to her new home in Fairmont, W.
Va., was entertained at a party giveu
by Mrs. John H. Beerits, Saturday |
evening, at which the out-of- town |
guests were Mrs. John D. Hitchman |
of Mt. Pleasant; Mrs. Frank B. Black |
of Meyersdale, and Mrs. J. Milton |
Black of Boswell.
Miss Carrie Rhoades spent several |
days with Mrs. Milton Taylor of Pitts-
burg, who is visiting her parents, the
Hon. and Mrs, C, P, Shaver, at
Miss Carrie U. Heffley is spending |
the week with relatives in Charles-
town, W. Va.
Mrs. H. H. Walpole is spending |
two weeks with relatives in Tren-
ton, N. J.
Mrs. Sarah Lipscher, who had been
seriously ill, is convalescent.
Miss Margaret Kimmell, who had
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. George F.
Baer, in Philadelphia, has returned
Dr. H. D. Moore is visiting his son-
{n-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph D. Baker, at Holland, Bucks
Frederick Halbrock, who had been
confined to his home with a severe
attack of rheumatism for several
months, is again able to be about.
The Rev. Thomas G. Hicks of Lig-
onier, a former pastor of the local
Methodist Episcopal church, spent
geveral days in town renewing ac-
Mrs. Frederick W. Biesecker and
her brother, Attorney George R.
Scull, are visiting relatives in Phila-
Miss Veda Shoemaker has returned
from a week’s trip to Gettysburg and
Elias Schrock of Meyersdale, and
Barney Krause of Salisbury, were
among the business visitors in town
Harry Berkey left for Newark, O.,
where he will spend several weeks
with friends and relatives.
Miss Mary Black is spending the
week with friends and relatives in
Morgantown, W. Va.
Miss Etta Lape has returned from
Rockwood, where she had been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. P. P Hauger.
Herschel Walker, a student at Jef-
ferson college, Philadelphia, is visiting
his brother-in-law and sister, Drug-
gist and Mrs. John W. Mullin.
Veteran Henry Forney of Chenoa,
111., a native of Somerset county, is
in town renewing acquaintances. He
will visit the Peter Koontz family at
Milford and other relatives at Berlin
before returning home.
Leo Donovon was a Meyersdale
Misses Mary and Beatrice Ravens-
craft spent Friday with relatives and
friends at Meyersdale.
Miss Annie Kerrigan, of Connells-
ville, spent several days here with
relatives and friends.
Mack Kelly was a Friday visitor at
Mrs. Greenop and son Ben spent
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3 News Items of Interest From N
% Commercial’s Special Correspondents.
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June 2— Decoration Day was spent
rather quietly and owing to the rain
there was not as large as would have
June 3—Wm.
lial Day with friends in town.
Mrs. VanSickle and three children
of Somerficld spent Thursday in
town. :
Mrs. Lloyd L. Mountain and two
children attended the High School
| Commencement Exercises at Mey-
| ersdale.
Isaac Hall is entertaining his
daughter, Mrs. Frank Koontz, of
| been had not the rain interfered. The
| Friendsville band furnished excellent
music. In the evening the Civie Club
| gave a delightful play in the I. O. O.
| F. Hall entitled ‘Our Coilege Town’’
The play was a decided hit,the pro-
ceeds amounted to $104.25 they will
be devyted to cleaning up our'ceme-
The stork has been quite busy this
week. He left a little girl at Mr. and
Mrs. Earnest MeDonald’s and a daugh-
ter at t e home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Intelligence was received here on
Friday announcing the death of Rush
S. McMillen, of Somerset.
Mrs. Sue Liston, of Meyersdale,who
is here visiting, and Charles McMillen
left at once for Somerset to attend the
funeral, Mr. McMillen had a host of
friends in Addison who were sorry to
hear of his death.
John Eisentraut of Listonburg Sud-
{dayed at Ridge View.
Miss Bessie Jeffreys, of Addison,re-
turned home Tuesday after spending
| several days at Somerfield, visiting
her friend, Miss Ada Witt.
Miss Charlott Wass, an aged resi-
| dent of our place, is dangerously ill
at this writing.
Miss May Jeffreys spent Sunday and
Monday at Ridge View, the guest cf
grandmother, Mrs. KE. Grimes,
Snore ——————
June 3 Leroy Young, A.b:rt Young
and Harry Wolfersberger attended
the commencement exercises at Con-
nellsville last week.
Mrs. John G. Miller is spending
several days with relatives and
friends at Manns Choice and vicinity
Ross May, the constable,
Memorial Day in Pittsburgh.
Miss Ethel DeVore, a student, of
California State Normal, is spending
| the summer vacation with her moth-
er, Mrs. E. G, Devore,
Mrs. Ida Leach and Mrs. Violet
Sanderson of Pittsburgh, are spend-
ing several weeks as guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. H. Biftner, and Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. McSpadden.
Miss Ida Berger of Jeannette is
the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. B. M, Rafferty.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walcott of
Roaring Run were calling on Connells-
ville friends on Saturday.
M. S. Hutchinson,one of Mill’s real
estate men, was transacting business
in Uniontown and Connellsville on
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thorpe and
son Meloin returned from Ohio Pyle,
were they spent Decoration Day
among friends.
Train No. 48 set off a coach on Sat-
urday for Scottdale High School, who
were picnicing at Killarney Park.
Joseph Steimdl and Frank Kooser
were business callers at Connellsville,
on Saturday,
Mrs. August Darrah and children
left for their home after visiting Mr.
and Mrs. J. Z. Lynn.
Wm. Prinkey was marketing
this place on Monday.
Mrs. Hiram Hall, of near Mill Run,
made a shopping trip to Connellsville
on Saturday.
June 3—Mrs. Simon Nicholson and
daughter Harriet of Pleasant Hill,
spent Decoration Day in our town
and Meyersdale.
Milton Fike was detained from his
work on account of lumbago last
Mr. and Mrs, Martin Meyers spent
Saturday in Larimer twp., with friends.
Eugene Wellen is on the sick list at
Henry Suder and family spent Sun-
day with Peter Bowman’s near Sum-
mit Mills.
John White of Salisbury spent Sun-
day with his son, P. W. White.
Samuel Saylor and family of near
Meyersdale spent Sunday with How-
ard Fike’s.
The trolley was put out of com-
mission several hours last Friday on
aocount of a big slide at Huntsrick.
Frank Thomas and family of Coal
Run spent Sunday with Mrs. Thom-
as’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm
Wm. Seggieand family spent Sun-
day in Meyersdale with relatives.
Scott Keim of California State
Normal spent Decoration Day with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Mrs. Charles Robison of Ursina
spent Decoration Day in town.
Mrs. George Marietta of Humbert
spent, Thursday in town shopping.
Archie Zimmerman of Grantsville
was circulating among friends on
Thursday last.
Harry Campbell of Humbert was
a town visitor Thursday last.
Mrs. Bartholamew and four child-
ren of Rockwood spent a few days
with the former’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. B. Mitchell.
Miss Stella Miller
Mrs. L. A. Silbaugh.
Mrs. Edward Clark spent Thurs-
day last with friends in Ursina.
Mrs. Wm. Grove was called to
Connellsville by the serious illness
of her sister, Mrs. Templeton.
Mrs. Samuel Downs and Mrs. F.
Clouse entertained the J. O. L. Sun-
day school class at their home|
Thursday evening. Arrangements
were made to hold a reception in
the church in June. After the reg.
ular business was transacted they.
adjourned, A very .delightful social
hour was spent in playing games and
contests. Dainty refreshments were
served by the hostess. The following
members were present: Misses Stella
Miller, Helen Bowlin, Edyth Show,
Nellie Brown, Ida McDonald, Lucy
Porterfield, Nettie Weayer, Edyth
White, Erma Flanigan, Grace Stark,
Louise Hagans, Mrs. Samuel Rey-
beck, Mrs. Milton Clark, Mrs. Tay-
lor, T. W. Black and C. W. Hall
The following visitors were also
present: Mrs. ‘Haryey Mease, Mrs.
Edna Augustine, Della Silbaugh
and Ronald Clouse.
June 3—Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Poor-
baugh of Wallace, Neb., were visi-
tors at A. C. Lepley’s, Mrs. Poor-
baugh’s father. :
Miss Mary Zimmerman, who was
working for Washington Boxes is at
home at present.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Lichty and
daughter Mary made a visit to Elmer
Engle’s, Sunday.
Cyrus Boxes is staying with his
son Washington who liyes in A. C.
Lepley tenant house.
John Lichty was a yisitor with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Lichty,
Most of our people attended the
Memorial service at St. Paul, in
the Reformed church last Sunday,
which was one of the best Syor held
at that place.
Charles Arnold, who had been vis-
iting in Cumberland returned home.
Next Sunday, June 8th, Childrens
Day will be observed in the Reformed
church at St Paul Everyboay wel-
Mr. Foust of Pittsburgh and Miss
Ella Trimpey of Kingwood were
guests of Mrs. Milton Trimpey on
Mr. and Mrs. Stahl and little daugh-
ter, Mildred of Meyersdale have re-
turned from a four week’s visit with
relatives at Casselman.
Daniel Bittner who is working near
Uniontown spent the week’s end with
his family.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Putmgp
a girl.
Messers. Glen and Clark Witt and
Claude Meckes, of Connellsville were
guests of the former’s sister, Mrs.
Harrison Sechlur, on Memorial Day.
Mrs. Ada Whiplsey, of Connellsville,
is visiting relatives, here.
Miss Pauline Whiplsep, of Center-
ville is the guest of relatives.
Misses Ida and Della Shrock, and
Mrs. J. A. Sembower were Casselman
callers, on Saturday.
Mrs. C. W. Gauisbert, of Pittsburgh,
is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. A. N. Lape.
Miss Maude Lephart was a Meyers-
dale caller last week.
friends and relatives in Ursina.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lephart have
left for Homestead to attend the wed-
dieg of their son, Ralph Lephart.
Mr. Lephart isa well-known young
man in this vicinity. We wish the
young couple much happiness.
and Mrs. L.
Monday with friends at Meyerdale
Robert Kelly was a Meyersdale
r, Friday.
and Monday in
p spent Sunday in Cum- |
Som- |
Mr. D. Cramer were
business callers at Rockwood, last
Mrs. Burns was a Cumber-
land visit veel
Clouse spent Memor- |
| Baer, of Rockwood,
| mer’s sister, Mrs. Howard Speicher,of
Wm. Heil has been visiting |Z
June I2— Messrs H. W. and E. R. |
spent Tuesday |
with their mother.
Mrs. Ira Fike and Mrs. Chas.
teney spent Wednesday with the for-
Mrs. Henry Platter and children,of
Meyersdale, spenta few days with
Mrs. A. C. Platter.
Edward Meyers, wife and children,
of Greenville, spent Sunday with the
former’s sister, Mrs. John Bowser.
Herman Baer and family spent Sun-
day at Hay’s Mill, visiting the for-
mer’s brother.
Miss Edith Baer spent over Sunday
with her brothers of Rockwood.
Mrs. Simon Marteney spent over
Sunday with her daughter, mrs. How-
ard Speicher, of Rockwood.
G. E. Baer and family, of Meyers-
dale, spent part of Friday with the
former’s mother.
Mrs. John Gauntz and family spent
part of Sunday with Levi Gauntz’s,
Miss Carrie Keefer, of near Berlin,
spent over Sunday at the home of
Mrs. Baer.
Paul Baer, who is working for his
uncle, at Summit Mills, spent Sunday
with his mother.
Miss Ruth Griffith, of Shady Lawn,
spent Sunday with her friend, Miss
Susie Gnagey
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glotfelty of
Connellsville are making a short vis-
it with Garrett street friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Burdette were visiting
at Ursina.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Mitchell spent
Saturday at Connellsville.
Miss Gertrude Stull left on Tuesday
morning for Brunswick, Md., to spend
several months visiting friends.
Mrs. R. ‘C. Holt left on Saturday
for Ursina where she is visiting among
friends. .
Mrs. Ray Taylor and daughter spent
Friday in Connellsville.
Mr." and Mrs.
spent Sunday in Ursina.
Mrs. Wm. Joseph and children left
on Monday evening for their home in
Connellsville after a short visit with
friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wagner, of
Akren, Ohio, are visiting relatives at
this place. On their way home they
will spend a week with their son in
Bud Wagner who is employed in
Johnstown spent a few days of last
week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Wagner.
Fay Lichty has returned from Se-
lins Grove where he had been attend-
ing college.
McClure Barchus left on Monday
morning for Sharon’ where he will
visit relatives for several weeks.
The Merchants Power Plant ab
Coal Run was burned te the ground
Monday night.
The Fancy Work Club was delight-
fully entertained by Miss Emma
McClure at her home Thursday after-
noon. Thirty-two members wer pres-
A letter from Representative C. J.
Hemminger on Tuesday states that
Gov. Tener has signed a bill which is
of considerable importance to the
taxpayers of Somerset and other
counties having a population of less
than 150,000. The new Act provides
that the Poor Directors must adver-
tise for sealed bids for the furnishing
of all supplies where the same costs
$150. or more. It is asserted that
much money has been lost under the
old system which permits the pur-
chase of supplies without the formal-
ity of receiving bid.s The bill was
drafted by a Somerset attorney and
was introduced by Representative
Hemminger. The new law provides
a penalty of $500 or six month’s im-
Judge Ruppel has filed a decree con-
curring with the May court grand
jury and the county commissioners in
their recommendations of anew bridge
across Roaring Run, in Jenner Town-
ship, where the public road leading
from Glessner post office to Freeman
Gonder’s farm crosses the stream,near
the residence of Samuel Griffith. The
bridge was recommended by the fol-
lowing viewers: Attorney Rufus E.
Meyers, Somerset; Peter Hogman, of
Paint Township, and Jeremiah J.
Reiman, of Stonycreek Township.
The court has also similiarly concur-
red in the matter of anew bridge over
Fallen Timber Run, in Quemahoning
Township, where the public highway
leading from Hooversville to the Ridge
road crosses the stream. This bridge
was recommended by the
viewers: Attorney Louis C.
of Somerset, Josepl
ferson Township, anc
Mar- | |
M. H. Hochstetler | |
following |
1882—When S.
1869—0Only a few years later, there
was started in Meyersdale
the bank Philson, Black &
Co., which was so operated
the firm which was then
named the CITIZENS BANK and
so continued until ;
1901—When it was incorporated as
Old in experience
New in methods
Gives efficient service to its depositors
1861-1864—The soldiers whom we honor
this 30th day of May won
their glorious victories.
B. Philson entered
Centre Street
Will show to you the best line of
We Buy in Car Lots, Hence
Can Save You Money.
Goods Delivered Free.
Both Phones.
DD rm
mn ~
Feed, Etc.
Judge Ruppel has confirmed the
sale of a 167-acre farm by P. M. Wey-
and, administrator of the estate
of George W. Weyand, late of Jeff-
erson twp., to Jessie G. Weyand, for
The court has passed on the fol-
lowing other matters in the Orphans’
court recently:
Administrators’ accounts confirmed
in the following estates: Tony Dom-
inick, late of Jenner twp.; Sarah
Yoder, late of Comemaugh twp.;
David R. Holsinger, late of Wind-
twp.; Herman P. Fritz, late of
Brothersvrlley twp.; Wm. A. Gar-
man, late of Berlin; Sara Woy, late
of Somerset twp,; Edward S. Ogline,
late of Semerset twp., and Josiah
Shaffer, late of Jenner twp.
In the estates of the following ex-
ecutors’ accounts have been confirm-
ed: George C. Bittner, late of Som-
erset twp.; Abraham Landis, late
late of Paint borough and John, J.
Gumbert, late of Brothersvalley twp,
Guardians’ accounts confirmed in
the following estates: John Liebau,
late of Southampton twp., Reuben
S. Hay, late of Lincoln twp., and
Frances Woy, late of Somerset twp.
Widow’s appraisement confirmed in
the estate of Norman S. Saylor, late
of Somerset twp.
In the estate of Milton C. Johnson,
late of Windber, order of sale of
minor’s interest in real estate
Widow’s appraisement confirmed
in the estate of Wilson C. Paul late
of Greenville twp.
of Lincoln twp., Carrie E. Knupp,
appointed guardian of minor children.
Bond $600.
Attorney Frederick W. Biesecker,
appointed auditor
Herman P. Fritz,
| valley twp.
In the estate of Wm.
late of Brothers*
C. Holbert, appointed auditor.
The Rev. James P. Sass,
ber; W. H. Miller, late of Jefferson |to
of Stonycreek twp.: John A. Luther,
In the estate of John Queer, late
in the estate of
Maurer, late
Quemahoning twp., Attorney A.
Gettysburg Automobile
Map Free.
The War Department has prepared
for the information of autombilists a
map of the big camp of 40,000 veter-
ans at the Gettysburg Semi-Centen-
nial, July 1 to 4 inclusive. The map
shows every street in the camp and
the adjacent roads, and gives detailed
information as to which streets are to
be open for wheeled vehicles and all
regulations for the same.
This map will be of great value to
automobilists who attend the celebra-
tion. It will be mailed free of charge
all who write for it to Col. Lewis
E. Beitler, Secretary, Gettysburg
Semi-Centennial Commission, State
Capitol, Harrisburg, Pu.
Novel Massage Cream.
The most delicate skin will quickly
respond to the soothing and tonic
effects of Hokara and when this
pure skin cream is used, pimples are
soon a thing of the past.
As a massage cream or after shav-
ing it is unequalled, removing all ir-
ritations, and making the skin soft
and velyety.
Apply a little to the hands or
face after washing and surprise your-
self with the dead skin that comes
Hokara is the only antiseptic mas-
sage cream, and pimples, eczema
and all skin blemishes soon disap-
pear when it is used.
nary massage creams and sold on a
guarantee of ‘“‘best you ever used or
money back,” yet the price is a
trifle, only 25¢ for a liberal jar;
larger size 50c.
Sold on guarantee by S. E. Thor-
ley, at the City Drug Store. ad
In the condemnation proceedings of
the Manufactures Water Company, of
Johnstown, against Joseph Wads-
worth, of Jenner Township, in which
{ gnardian in the estate
Children Cry
Reiman, of Stonycreek Township
of Dennis
| McCauley, late of Windber. Bond$200 | the defendant $1,700 damages, Wads-
a board of viewers recently awarded
worth has appealed to court, alleging
| that such amount does not adquately
compensate him for land appropriated
by the Manufacturers conce
construction of its Que
Although far superior to the ordi-
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