The Meyersdale commercial. (Meyersdale, Pa.) 1878-19??, May 15, 1913, Image 5

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s, Picks’
ket Suits.
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Items Pertaining to the Town in General and
Prepared for the Readers By
Our Busy Staff. :
Wm. A. Markle, of Somerset, spent
Monday here. :
CO. Sides spent Friday last with |
Somerseb friends.
E. R, Floto, of Connellsville, was
a town visitor Saturday. :
F. A. Handwerk of Pine Hill was
jn town on Tuesday.
Ww. D. Lambert, of Somerset, was
a town yisitor Tuesday.
‘Wilson Gomer, of Greenville town-
ship, was a Monday visitor here.
H. ©. McVicker, of Johnstown,
spent Tuesday here with friends.
A. R. Goodwin, of Cumberland,
Md., was a town visitor Monday.
A. S. Glessner, of the firm of Appel
& Glessner, spent Monday at Mance.
G. W. Tressler, of near the White
Oak church was in town on Tuesday."
E. D. Leonard, of Cumberland,
Md., was a town visitor Wednesday.
Gc. BE. ‘Klingensmith, of Avalon,
was a business visitor here Monday.
Oharles McIntyre, and son Robert
wt. Berlin, were Monday visitors in
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Bonistall, of
New York, were Monday visitors
W. P. Townson, of Baltimore, Md.,
was a town visitor Tuesday on bus-
iness. .
Miss Nelle Deeter, of Berlin, spent
a few days of this week here visiting
friends. |
Hon. S. A. Kendall, of Washington,
D. C., spent Saturday here with
friends. ©
Mrs. Alice Schrock of near White
Qak chlarch spent. Monday here with
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Hanna, of
Rockwood, spent Monday here visit-
ing friends.
Dr. I. L. Ritter, of Frostburg, Md.,
spent Sunday here with relatives
and friends.
J. C. Reitz, of Rockwood, was a
pleasant caller at The Commercial
yesterday. :
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson, of New
York, were Sunday visitors here
with friends.
Rev. H. S. Nicholson, of Monroe,
is visiting relatives and friends in
this locality.
A. B. MacLannon, of Morgantown,
W. Va., spert ‘Sunday here at the
Colonial Hotel.
Mrs. James Darnley, spent Tues-
day with ber sister, Mrs. Ella Snyder,
at Rockwood. -
Mrs. J. A. Liphart, of Casselman.
spent several days of this week here
with relatives.
Louis Cohen,had been in Pittsburgh
on a business trip to « replenish his
always vanishing stock. :
‘Mrs. Annie Matthews, spent a few
days with relatives and friends at
Frostburg, Md., recently.
Mrs, Alice Bruner, of Frostburg,
Mad., spent Sunday here with her
friend, Miss Ethel Ritter.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warfield, and
son Clinton are spending the week
with relatives at Baltimore, Md.
Miss Hattie Morrell, left Friday
on No. 15, for a month’s visit with
slatives and friends at Braddock.
John Dunne, of Walk Pa., spent
Tuesday here with his mother, Mrs.
Margaret Dunne, of High street.
H. C. Smalley, of Elk Lick, Route
No. 1, while in town on Monday even-
ing subscribed for The Commercial.
David Lindeman, and son Irvin ad
left Sunday for Paw Paw, W. Va.,
where they have secured employ-
Cashier and Mrs. J. H. Bowman,
spent a few days of this week with
relatives and friends at Pittsburgh
and Johnstown.
Clarence Dahl, spent Saturday and
Sunday with his friend, Louis Weld,
in Pittsburgh, who is attending Car-
negie Institute there.
Mrs. H. W. Fike, of Savage, Pa.,
spent a few days of this week with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. K.
Clapper; near town.
Miss Grace Beal, of Sand Patch,
spent Sunday here with her brother-
ingdaw and sister,Mr. and Mrs. George
Benford, of North stgeet.
Miss Mayme Altmifier of Pittsburgh
spent Sunday here with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Albmiller, at
Hotel Altmiller, Main street.
Rev. J. N. Codori, of Johnstown,
and Rev. J. O. Oocoran, of Spangler,
spent Tuesday here with Rev. J. J.
Brady at the R. C. parsonage.
W. H. Mazer, and interesting sons,
Ralph and Merle, of Sand Patch
Route No. 2, were in town on Tues-
day and Commercial,
Charles Arnold, of Frostburg, Md.,
was a town visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. C. E. Deal, spent Thursday
last with Cumberland relatives.
Harry Habel was a business vis-
itor to Connellsville Saturday.
Mrs. Harry Snider, was a visitor
to Cumberland one day last week.
J. H. Hoover, of Johnstown, spent
several days of this week here with
friends. :
Miss Lydia °- Holtzhouer, who is
working at Rockwood, spent Monday
here with frends.
Charles F. Hammond, of Oakland,
Md.. spent Tuesday here visiting rel-
atives and friends.
Miss Mary Stotler, is spending the
Absolutely Pure
Economizes Butter, Flour,
Eggs; makes the food more
appetizing and wholesome
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Creain of Tartar
week in Cumberland, Md., visiting|
relatives and friends.
Miss Mary Geiger, of Greenville RECENT MARRIAGES
township, spent several days of this IN THE COUNTY.
. week here with friends.
Misses Clara and Edith Coleman,
of Merlin, spent several days of last
week here with friends.
Miss Nelle Bittner, is spending a
few days of this week with rela-
tives and friends at Rockwood.
Miss Rachel J. Spaugy, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Spaugy, of Mil-
ford township, and Noah Beabes, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Beabes, of
Somerset township, were married at
: the residence of the officiating clergy-
Mrs. John Stein, spent Tuesday | man, the Rev. Daniel H. Walker, of
in Connellsville, the guest of her|gomerset township, pastor of the
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and| Church of the Brethren, May 11, 1913.
Mrs. John Ryan.
_ B. & O. Engineer, Jacob Opel, Who| Miss Susan J. Baker, daughter of
is working at Quemahoning Junc-|Mr and Mrs. William Baker, of
tion, spent Sunday here with his| Brothersvalley township, and Parker
family on Salisbury street. F. Shank, son of Mr, and Mrs. William
Mrs. Tillie Vought, and daughter | Shank, of Stonycreek township, were
Miss Vida of near Berlin, spent| married at the home of the officiating
Tuesday here with their relatives, | clergyman, the Rev. P. U. Miller,
‘Mr. and: Mrs. C. R. Darrah. pastor of the Church of the Brethren,
Mr. ‘and Mrs. C. E. Crowe, and |near Berlin, May 10th.
daughter Dorothy spent several
days of this week with relatives| Miss Katharyn V. Kuhns, daugh-
and friends at Frostburg, Md. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kuhns,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barnhart, of |of Ligonier, and Charles W. Ankeny,
Johnstown, are the guests of the son of Mr.and Mrs. Christian Ankeny
latter’s - grandmother, Mrs, Eliza |of Latrobe, were married at the par-
Miller, and aunt, Mrs. Jacob Opel. |sonage of the Somerset Methodist
Leonard Long, of Connellsville, | Episcopal church, May 10th, by the
spent a few days of this week here | Bev. Homer E. Lewis.
with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. George Blake, of Center street. MARKET REPORT.
D. P. Ford, and Samuel Cramer,
left Monday for Paw Paw, W. Va.,
where they have secured employ-| Smith.
ment with the Kerbaugh Construc-
tion company. Fi
Mrs. O. O. Cook, and daughter | Eggs, per
Mary Elizabeth, returned to their | Chickens, per pound
home in Berlin, after a visit here| Apples, per bu
with the former’s parents, Mr. and | Potatoes, per bu
Mrs. Wm. Payne, and with Cumber- | Country Side, per pound................ 12¢
laud relatives. Shoulder, per pound............ccoceeevens 13c
Miss Boatrice Truxal, who haa Ham........ genet sevarsrinesvatisransenrasras i6c
been attending College at Buena
Vista, Virginia, arrived here the
last of the week to spend the sum-
mer vacation with her parents, Mr. SELLING PRICE.
and Mrs. C. W. Truxal, of Broad-| Corn, per bus............cccecoiiniliinn,
way. Oats,frecleaned.............
Wheat, per bus................
Largest stock of flower and garden Wheat chop, per cwt
Corrected weekly by Becker &
seeds, at Habel & Phillips. :d| Corn and oats, per cwt. home
gro. Ln hin 145
Flour, ‘‘Best on Record’ per bbl. 5 25
NOTICE. ¢‘King of Minnesota’’ 60 per cent
Notice is hereby given to owners patent, per barrel...... .......... 6 00
or possessors of dogs with the Bor-
ough to give the number and de-
scription of the dogs and have them
registered by the Borough Treasurer.
The owner of any .3og who shall
fail to register the same in violation
of Section 2 and 3, dog ordinance is
liable to a fine. This ordinance will
be rigidly enforced. The license can
be secured from the Borough Treas-
urer, R. H. Philson.
By order of Council. »
E. J. DI1ckEY, Sec.
Get It
4 cans good cream corn for 25 cents,
at Habel & Phillips. ad
Things Worth While in the Next to
Circus Realm. Postoffice,
The Sanger’s Greater European
Meyersdale, Pa.
Last Tuesday evening we had-a hail
storm but little rain.
Misses Emma and Iva Lotig were
Sunday visitors at P. W. Suders.
Peter Knepp left Tuesday for Paw
Paw, W. Va., where he will be em-
ployed by the H. S. Kerbaugh Co.
Miss Alma Sass spent Monday ab
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Suder took in
the show at Meyersdale on Monday.
F. A. Werner of Finzel, Md., un-
loaded a car of feed last week.
FoR SALE—A Three year old Colt
mech 27-tf ad (Sippleville) Meyersdale.
Children Cry
Corrected weekly by McKenzie &/
Butter, per pound........... a 2890
Shows have spread a dragnet over the
©opyright 1018 The H. Black Co.
Bakers of Wooltex Garments.
We are offering our entire
line of this Spring’s Styles of
Ladies’ and Misses’ Suits at
prices that will interest you.
You are acquainted with the
high grade of Clothing we al-
ways sell.
$18.00 Suits, $13.75
20.00 i 15.75
22.50 : 16.75
25.00 ke 18.75
30.00 # 21.75
35.00 oy 24.75
Miller & Collins.
amusement and zoological universe
and hauled in the ropes; have made
a scientific assortment of the great
catch, retained all that was wonder-
fully striking or sensational and cast
the refuse to other shows.
If there is anything really worth
while in the circus realm today which
has been overlooked, the newspapers
in the large cities have missed it, for
they have proneunced the Sanger’s
Greater European Shows as the
world’s perfect show. Every field of
possible innovation has been invaded
and every feature which would bring
delight to young and old is seen with
these shows.
Do not fail to enjoy their great ex-
hibitions, at Meyersdale on Friday, |
May 16th.
Have You?
Price 25
Both Phones.
Flour ma advancing. Our G
| en Loaf at $5.50 per bbl., is cl
vt Habel & Phillips.
Toilet Talcum Powder,
Leading Druggist.
Have You?
Cc per box
Meyersdale, Pa.
Decoration Day. |
Let us have your order now for
Carnations, Roses, Peonies, Lillies. '
Our stock will be very large, but you can be
sure of your order by leaving it now with
Hartley Block. 780 Rexall Store
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Meyersdale, Pa
oho o OO OO OO OY oy, on, oT, TS, Ti, Sa, SU, SS,
Our showing of rug materials on display in
our window is the most complete assortment we
have ever offered.
-~ Wg, Wy,
Jy, oo
/N RUGS in any size can be made up from any
/N sample on display and delivered to you in a few
A days.
MN We allow the manufacturers to carry our
MN stock and are thus able to quote rock-bottom
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Nn Wn” Nin Wm Wy Wy Wm hn Wa Wm WR WR WR WR WR
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Oxford and Pump
is here in full bloom and we have prepared our
selves to meet the large demand.
We carry them in all styles and colors—
black, tan and white :
: (ur line of White Shoes for Women Misses’
and : hildren c innot be surpassed
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Nw Styles In House Dresses |
(You couldn’t ask for neater or more per-
fect fitting garments than the Electric
Brand House Dresses we are now
lounging garments for women and misses.
The styles range from the ‘‘Simplicity’’
—a princess effect that buttons all the
way down front, to snappy tailored
effects for semi-street wear.
Every garment is a wonder of skill and | f
care in improved designing—in flawless
construction—in perfectly proportioned
Fabrics are dark and light patterned
ginghams, Percales, ete. $1 to $3.
All sizes in a perfect range of patterns.
Hartley, Clutton Co.,
Hartley Block
Meyersdale, Pa
A Lady or Man to represent the| If you are in need of lumber see ff.
Grest Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., | Phillips, at 331 Beachley street, or
in and around Meyersdale. Apply:—| call by phone. Both phones. We can
122 N. Centre St., Cumberland, Md. |save you money on building material
| by delivering direct from the saw mill.
Cracked corn, chic and scratch CUNNINGHAM LUMBER CoO.
food; also charcoal grit, louse killer, | May 1-tf
| ete., at Habel & Phillips. ad] ?
—_— in
—_———— As long as the present
For. RENT—Mrs. Annie Hanning |goods last, we will n e I
| will rent her dwelling house of five graphs at one half the regular pr
| rooms, steam heat and bath. A store | All portrait frames will also go
| room in connection or separately. |the same rate. We gua:
| Apply, to No. 510 Main street, |goods to be strictly first cl
Meyersdale, Pa. ad | up-to-date. E. E. Conrad. as
vs BAU a
They are the quality line of “work and | E