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The Moose Herd and Their Friends Make Merry---It Was a
“Feast"of Reason and
Flow of Soul”--A Big
Crowd and a Big Time.
Bi Last Friday night was Moose night
in Meyersdale. Friendship Lodge,
No. 76, held its fourth annual banquet
in their home in the Appel & Glessner
building, corner of Center and Clay
streets. The fourth floor was the
place where the light fantastic was
indulged in from early in the evening
till late at night. The Moose’s own
orchestra set the pace and there was
music and dancing galore. Due to
the local talent in the Donges Theater
the time for the banquet was delayed
When the large herd of Moose and
their friends were gathered in, Geo.
A. Wagaman lead the banqueters
down on the third floor to a feast of
the body and the flow of the intellect.
Mr. Wagaman, the Dictator of the
Lodge, acted as toastmaster, and
demonstrated that he not only knows
bow to use the throttle on the B, &
O., but he also knows how to get up
steam and shut off steam and guide
through an evening’s entertainment
two hundred people. i
After the inner man had been well
taken care of with ham, cheese and
Tettuce sandwiches, potato salad,
salted peanuts, olives, pickles, celery,
banas, oranges, ice cream, cake and
coffee, which was furnisned and served
by the popular caterer, Jonas Len-
bart, he introduced a full fledged
Moose, Joe F. Reich, otherwise known
as the Burgess of Meyersdale, who
delivered the address of welcome. |
This address was a classic, from the
home of the muse, who expressed the
cordial welcome in rhyme and metre.
A.M. Schaffner, editor of The Com-
mercial, was a guest of the Lodge and
delived a short felicitous address.
Chas. J. Cuminsky, Junior Past Dic-
tator of Cumberland Lodge, No. 271,
L. O. O. M., brought friendly gre t-
ings from Maryland.
Louis Cohen, the versatile merchant
and Moose, gave an interesting talk,
imparting to the Lodge much whole-
some advice right straight from the
shoulder, impressing upon his audi-
ence the great necessity of care and
circumspection—that as the members
honcr themselves they honor their
Lodge, and that laxity of life reflects
on the lodge which they hold alle-
Deputy Director James MacBlain,
of Clearfield Lodge, was present and
spoke of the exceptional prospects for
a splendid future of Friendship Lodge
of Meyersdale.
E. J. Adams, of Cumberland Lodge,
and Wm. M. Dean, Secretary of the
Cumberland’ Lodge, were present to
extend the glad hand and say the
kind word.
The chief Bull Moose, ‘Saxe’
Staub, did not have much to say for
the public, but he had his hands full
as master of ceremonies, and
‘‘Johnny’’ Saylor and Geo. H. Stein
were good seeonds in that depart-
ment, and much credit for the success
of the bunquet is due to their efforts.
J. B. Black likewise helped materially
to keep things moving, while ‘Johnny?’
Wiland was on his job throughout.
Taking it all in all, it was a very
enjoyable and creditable banquet,
where about 200 were present to en- |
joy the evening. |
{and women have an opportunity tc
take up vocational studies for eleven
{days each month throughout the
Other schools are maintained |
The Somerset County Medical |
Society did not meet on Tuesday last |
time but none but the President, Sec-
retary and Treasurer put in their ap-
pearance so that the meeting had to |
Last Friday afternoon, the Sopho-
more class of the HighZSchool gave a
‘“Mock Commencement’’ before the
school. The program was slightly
different from the preceding ones and
afforded considerable amusement.
The other classes were surprised, on
taking their seats, to receive a pro-
gram for the afternoon, printed on
light tan-colored paper. The Saluta-
tory, by Paul Hostetler, and the ora-
tion on ‘‘Weddings’’ by Anna Merch-
baker, deserve special mention.
The program read as follows:
Class Motta—‘fMe for a Diploma.”’
Class Flower—‘‘Gold Medal.”’
Class Animal—*‘‘A Pony.”
Class Color—¢‘Light Tan.”’
Scene from ‘‘Ivanhoe.”’
King Richard —Paul McMillan.
Clerk of Copmanhurst — Harvey
Grand March—Sanford Weinstein.
Salutatory—Paul Hostetler.
Oration on Pies—Sanford Weinstein.
Piano Solo—Stella Baer.
Autobiography of a
Marion Saylor.
Hair, Hats,!. and Clothes’’—Mar-
guerite Smith. :
Quartette—Mary Austin, Winnie
Spénce, Florence Just, Marguerite
‘‘Life’’—Mary [ ichty.
‘““Weddings””’—Anna Merchbaker.
Class Poem—Frederick Collins.
Piano Duet—Gertrude Lintz, Stella
McQuain. :
Prophecy—Sylvester Stouffer.
Presentation of Gifts—Mary Wiland,
William Dill.
Presentation of Diplomas—Daniel
Class Song (tune of Circus Day.)
Class Yell.
The High School librarian informs
us that the pupils have taken out an
average of forty-five books a week,
since the beginning of the term. Con-
sidering the fact that many of the
books are out two weeks at a time,
fully seventy-five percent of the
pupils must be using the library regu-
larly. A larger library, with greater
variety, would, no doubt, add the re-
maining twenty-five percent to the
circle of readers.
Uncle Sam, Taking Lessons in Edu-
cation from Little Denmark.
Glowing preliminary reports on the
rural school system of Denmark have
been received by the United States
Bureau of Education from its inves-
Prof. Harold W. Foght, of the
bureau, accompanied by W. H. Smith,
of Mississippi, and L. L. Frend, of
West Virginia, is engaged in touring
Denmark. He declares that the re-
markable development of the country
along agricultural lines is due to the
education of not only the children,
but the adults as well.
Denmark’s ‘‘folk high school’? Sys-
| year.
tem receives chief credit for the de- |
velopment. In these schools, men
for the education of small farm own.
ers, the principal studies being horti- |
culture and kindred branches of agri-
week as it had been announced. The | culture suited to in
announcements were issued in good | mp \
be called off. One member arrived | American educators.
later on a freight train but too late to |
greet the officers. Four of the thirty- |
six were in attendance.
There was no more sickness on |
Tuesday than on other days, but )
ably the doctors thougl
be. Shall we
The work of Prof. Foght is only
| part of a wide-spread investigation of
| rural schools, with the hope thet we
may obtain valuable help i
ening one of the weak places in our
educational system.
tensive farming. |
he work of the schools is very high- |
ly praised by Prof. Foght and his
complete report is awaited with con-
siderable interest on the part of the
| Order of Moose.
County Superintendent Daniel W.
Seibert last week, issued diplo-
mas to the following pupils in
the various districts of the county
successfully passed the eighth grade
examinations at the close of the 1912-13
term of school:
* Milford Twp—U. M. Lingenfelter,
Harry ,Tedrow, Florence Pyle, Mary
Speicher. a Tm Ce
Allegheny Twp—Annie Baer, Bessie
Hall, Grace Caton.
Brothersvalley Twp—Oarrie Nichol-
sol, Edna Hentz, William Werner,
Allan Smith, Eula Wilson, Ira Flamm,
Jennie Walker, Alda Brant, Helen
Shober, Lena Stahl.
Larimer Twp—Elizabeth Habel.
ESummit Twp—Harry Vogtman, Les-
ter R. Sipple, Myrtle Mankanyer,
Edith Frease, Edna Tressler, Mar-
garet Sipple, George Griffith, Frank
E. Witt, Myrtle Miller, Grace Fike,
Margaret Saylor.
Casselman Bor—Edward VanSickle,
Malcolm Barnes.
Quemahoning T'wp—Minnie Wetzel,
D. W. Lambert, Ethel Naugle, Paul
Custer, India ldoyle, Orville Custer,
Frederick Doylé, Beryl Kocher, Alma
Ackerman, Clyde Weamer.
Elk Lick Twp—Edith Mort, Leota
R. Folk, Raymond E. Engle, Dewey
Trent, Mayme Bittner, Sara Robert-
son, Clyde Smalley,” Roy E. Maust,
Olive M. Peck, Galen R. Peck.
Lincoln Twp—Frank L. Henderson.
Lower Turkeyfoot Twp—Maude
Pyle, John Rhoads, Mary Lingenfield,
Guy McMann.
Paint Bor—Frieda Marie Shumaker,
Guy O. Gindlesperger, Foster Shaffer,
Foster Luther, Edna Viola Strunk,
Zena Z. Luther, Dorsey Luther,
Mayme Ruth Foust, Addie Luella
Weaver. -
Shade Twp—Harold Powell, Carrie
Southampton Twp—Ida Getz, Nina
L. Getz.
Ursina Bor—Ida King, Myrtle Pre-
vier, Anna Forquer, Fay Rush, Laur-
ence Thayer. %
Hooversville Bor.—Anna Barron,
Elmer Lohr, Marian Berkebile, Marian
Luther Lehman, Ursula Naugle.
Addison Twp—Fern Cochrane, Mil-
ton Turney.
Somerfield Bor—Lucy Lenhart:
Addison Bor—Elizabeth Nedrow,
Mary Nedrow.
Middlecreek Twp—Ira Sanner.
Benson Bor—Vietta Hoffman, Re-
becca Cassler, Mary Snably, Orlo
Snably, Luther Spangler, Ernest
Stonycreek Twakl. Reitz,
Annie P. Hillegass, Eva E. Will, Gla-
den E. Walker, Vesta E. Caryer,
Ernest Bickel. ¢
Paint Twp—George I. Seese, Maur-
ice Knayel, Miles A. Murphy, Oran
OC. Naugle, Merlo P. Johns, Edna V.
Naugle, Amelia Boyd, Ida Weible.
Upper Turkeyfoot Twp—Charles
Black Twp—Evelyn Weimer, Elea-
‘nor Kretchman, Emily Heane.
Jenner Twp—Goldie Friedline, Dew-
ey Beam, James Keim, Pauline Cap-
lan, Gertrude Caplan, Anna A. Spei-
gle, Mary E. Keim, Mary McClarren,
Katharine Biesecker, Foster Lape,
Mary Nye, Enola Fritz, Kathleen Pur-
cell, Ella A. Witt, Alice M. Zimmer-
man, Sadie E. Weighley, Charles
Walter, Harry Gonder, Harry * Win-
ters, Lav 1a A. Ream.
Somerset Twp—Margaret Menser,
Harry Dickey, Ruth Ross, Roy M.
Bittner, Milton J. Brubaker, Ellwood
Gasteiger, Edward Coleman, Minnie
{ Baldwin, Ora M. Beabes.
Conemaugh Twp—Charles W. Wil-
{ liamson, Curtis M. Thomas, Ralph
| Yoder, Frieda Kaufman, Marian
| Truax, Lucinda Lehman, and trella
| Swank.
| Jefferson Twp.—Flora E. Baldwin,
| Ella Pyle, and Dwight Putnam.
Deptuty Director James MacBlain,
who had been doing field work for the
‘local lodge Loyal Order of Moose for
the past two months, left for his home
at Clearfield, Pa., Wednesday morn-
ing. Mr. MacBlain is an affable and
courteous gentleman and while in our
city made a host of friends and added
| many good members to the local
| lodge. He is conscientious and a hard
| worker and holds high above all else
| the interest and welfare of the Loyal
Taking everything |
{into consideration and the condition
of things just at this time, Mr. Mac-
Blain did remarkably well and we
hope he will return when conditions
are more favorable. He was tendered
rs of
Wilson, Maurice Rodgers, Harry Clark,
| Kaufman, Laura Livingston, Glendora |
The issuance of an order of sale of
the real estate of Charles Lohr, late
of Quemahoning township, by the
Somerset court has closed the litiga-
tion among the heirs to the Lohr es-
tate which had been fought in court
for several years in the form of a
will contest, the testator haying died
on June 17, 1911. *
The order of sale is issued to Attor-
ney H. Earle Sorber, of Johnstown,
whom Lohr appointed executor of his
will. Attorney Sorber opposed the
contestants in several legal battles
seeking to invalidate the will, with
the result that the instrument stands
as written. Among the contentions
of the contestants was one to the
effect that Lohr had lefthis widow
only $100, unreasonably blaming her
for being too familiar with a minister
of the Gospel. The widow, however,
has since died, after which the child-
ren did not seek strenuously to make
the will void, as their object in nulli-
fying their father’s provisions was
mainly in the interest of their mother
and not themselves.
The order of sale issued by Judge
Ruppel will be forwarded to the Cam-
bria county Clerk of the _ Orphans’
court, as all of Lohr’s real property
is’ located in Cambria county, bis
personal property being worth only
$900, not enough to pay. the bequests
he named in his will. Lohr’s estate
owns several houses and lots in the
borough of Ferndale, Cambria coun-
ty, estimated to be worth about $8,000,
and Executor Sorber has filed a bond
in the sum of $16,000. The indebted-
ness of the estate is given at $3,218,
$600 of which is required to defray
the costs of the contest proceedings.
The order of sale is necessary be-
‘cause Lohr in his will did not empow-
er his executor to convey his property
by deed.
In his will Charles Lohr bequeathed
the sum of $5,000 to his daughter,
emima, wife of Simon Holsopple, of
uemahoning township; $100 each to
‘wen and Elizabeth C. Lohr, children
of his son, William M. Lohr, late of
‘Quemahoning township, and directed
that the balance of his estate should
be divided equally among the follow-
ing children, all of whom reside in
Johnstown: Ida May, wife of Henry
Focht; Bertha Jane, wife of Mahlon
H. Beeghley; Mary Ellen, wife of
John Stevens, and Lowman A. Lohr.
The following other matters were
acted upon in the Orphans’ Court on
Thursday : :
In the estate of Mary Houpt, late
of Somerset, order of sale issued to
County Trust Company, guardian.
An allowance of $200 awarded Olive
June Shaffer, a minor, in the estate
of Noah Shaffer, late of Quemahon-
ing township.
In the estate of John Kooser, late
of Jefferson township, order of sale
of minor's interest in real estate
awarded executor.
Order of sale awarded A.M. Lichty,
administrator, in the estate of Samuel
J. Lichty, late of Salisbury. Bond
In the estate of Eleanora B. Rals-
ton, late of Meyersdale,<order of sale
awarded Mary Elizabeth Plitt, admin-
An allowance of $300 awarded Susan
| L. Shaffer, widow, in the estate of
| Joseph H. Ream, late of Boswell.
In the estate of Cora B. Schrock,
late of Milford township, citation
awarded on guardian to file an ac-
Antonio Lomonaca -appointed guar-
dian of minor children, in the estate
of Antonio Mann, late of Windber.
Bond $2,000. i
| In the estate of Wolfhope, late of
| New Baltimore, citation awarded.
| est awarded in the estate of Jacob S.
Brougher, late of Upper Turkeyfoot |
| township.
fee ee
Wilson Hutzel, of Summit town-
ship, who had been in jail for several
months on a charge of assault and bat-
| tery with intent to kill was released |
{ on parole for a year, Sheriff Charles
| F. Hochard being named as probation
| officer. Hutzel some time ago was
| alleged to have had a quarrel with
| his family when he fired at his wife
| with a revolver. The wife, it was
| claimed, concealed herself behind a
| door in the building and the bullet |
rerntered the right arm of one of the
Hutzels’ daughters. Hutzel was
promptly knocked down with a poder
by a son, and was later arrested by
the State Constabulary from Meyers-
I'be G: A. R.
Post of
_The CivicELeague of Meyersdale
had its innihg on Friday evening;when
the Donges theatre was crowded with
an enthusiastic audience. The lengthy
program from beginning to end was
full of amusement and entertainment.
The local talent gave an excellent
account of itself. The Civic League,
one of the newest organizations of
town showed what it could do in the
way of givingZa delightful evening’s
entertainment to the people of Mey-
ersdale, and to better the condition
of its own exchequer with coin of the
Kings realm, and the local talent gave
Sheriff Charles F. Hochard, Des
paty Sheriff Clayton L. Berkey, Jury
Commissioners Josiah W. Pile and
Solomon D. Shoemaker, Jury Com-
missioners’ have drawn the follow-
ing jurors to serve at the regular
May term of criminal court, which
will convene on Monday, May I9th:
James Weigle—Jefferson twp.
Albert M. Cober—Brothersyalley
Charles F. Barndt—Conemaugh twp
William Sebhler -Elk Lick twp.
Norman B. Christner—Elk Lick
twp. ;
D. W. Maust—Elk Lick twp.
William Deal—Meyersdale borough.
Charles Menges—Allegheny twp.
Harrison Brougher—Upper Turkey-
foot twp. r
Solomon C. Baker Lincoln twp.
J. 0. Weller - Meyersdale.
William H. Hosselrode—Northamp-
ton twp.
William Ebaugh—Summit twp.
{William J. Miller-Brothersvalley
James B. Ferrel New Centreville.
James P. Meyers Rockwood.
‘Simon P. Fullem —Meyersdale.
John F. Younkin—Upper Turkey-
foot twp.
Charles B. Walker—Somerset twp.
J. G. Baumgardner—Windber.
Simon States—Windber borough.
Order. of sale of minor's interest |
Frank Shaulis- Quemahoning twp
George V. Emerick—Fair Hope.
Peter Koontz—Milford twp.
G. Mognet—Summit twp.
J. D. Snyder—Rockwood.
Harvey F. Friedline—Jefferson twp
Isaac ‘Ankeny—Hooversville.
Edward H. Walker—Jefferson twp.
Wesley Hostetler—Middlecreek twp
Frederick Shaffer - Allegheny twp.
Edward H. Stauffer—Somerset bor.
Andrew C. Hyatt—Upper Turkey-
foot twp
- F. M. Parnell - Ursina. :
John Grassor—Conemaugh twp.
F. B. Miller—Northampton twp.
Wilson Miller—Greenyille twp.
Uriah Blough—Conemaugh twp.
Josiah E. Kaufman—Conemaugh.
P. W, Suter—Larimer twp.
Lewis Kessler—Lower Turkeyfoot |
George B. Barnett Jenner twp.
Noah Rodgers—Ogle twp.
H. J. Hoffman - Somerset twp.,
William C. Seese—Paint twp.
Simon P. Miller—Jenner twp.
Charles A. Coughenour— Allegheny
twp. :
lsaac A. Gashaw—Jenner twp.
Charles F. Darr—Lincoln twp.
Norman Romesburg—Garrett.
James L. Winters—Somerset twp.
Frederick Holbrook Somerset bor.
E. R. Levy Berlin borough.
Russel Wagner—Meyersdale.
D. W. Swank—Quemahoning twp.
George A. Ott - Paint twp.
Ward Kennel Wellersburg.
John Rhoads—Brothersvalley twp.
Allen Sechler—Milford twp.
Russel M. Hay - Salisbury.
B. A. Kevling—Windber.
Henry Mankamyer—Summit twp.
James C. Beagley, superintendent
of the Lavansville Lutheran Sunday
schdol, was recently in Somerset when |
| Kentucky to visit his son who is em-
he forwarded $13.13, the amount of
| the Lavansville school’s contribution,
to the Ohio flood sufferers. ‘‘Jim?’’
| said he didn’t think the Ohio people
{ wouid be too supersticious to ac cept
{ the money, although the number “13”?
{ figured conspiciously
| contribution was tak
1 The
up April 13th;
there are 113 members of the L S-
ille s
ind it
A Large and Enthusiastic Audience Highly Pleased With
the Evening’s Performance.
a splendid demonstration of its ability
in music, literary work and in theat-
ricals. Every one who had a part on
the program rendered a good account.
To [single out would be unjust, for
comparisons are invidious we are told
and yet perhaps we will be pardoned
for mentioning the names of litttle
Frances Damico for rendering the
piano solo, ‘Ill Trovatore’’ and the
vocal duet, ‘‘Good N ight My Little
Teddy Bear,” by the Darrow sisters.
The League cleared $65.65.
The same program will be rendered
at Garrett next Tuesday evening.
Miss Rebecea P. Wedge and Charles
R. Miller both of Meyersdale, were
married at the home of the bride by
Rev. A. E. Truxaly April 17.
The home of the Rev. 8. P. Zim-
merman of Conemaugh township, was
the scene of a pretty double wedding
Sunday afterncon. The Rev. Mr.
Zimmerman officiated at the wedding
of Miss Ida Schmucker of Holsopple,
ad Henry W. Friedline of Boswell.
| Tue other couple was Miss Emma B.
Schmucker, a sister of the first bride,
and John J, Walters of Boswell. Both
Young couples will make their homes
in Boswell.
Miss Mabel A. Hill, and L. R.
Emerick, both of Shanksville, were
married at Shanksville, April 19th,
by the Rev. Henry A. Buffington, pas-
tor of the Sonierset United Brethren
Miss Emma M Brant of Brothers
valley township, and Ausker O. Imier
{of Akron, Ohio, were married at the
barsonage of St. Paul’s Reformed
church, at Somerset, by the Rev. Dr.
Hiram King.
Miss Sarah Mull and Elmer Clyde
Albert Diveley—Brothersvalley twp | Gerhard, both of Meyersdale, were
married at Meyersdale, by Justice of
the Peace William H. Hay.
Miss Magdalena Hershberger of
Johnson City, Ia., and Daniel J. Mil-
ler of Mylo, Rolette Co., N. D., were
married at the Flag Run church in
Elk Lick township, April 22nd, by the
Rev. Moses D. Yoder.
In advertising the dance to be held
in the - Moose gHall next Saturday
night we failed to state that the ladies
are admittedffree. It was an over-
sight on the part of the printer and
something that is liable to happen in
the best regulated family.
A thrifty farmer of near Grants-
ville, Md., came to town the day
after he had received The Commer-
cial and told Geo. D. Siehl, of the
Siehl Hardware Store that he had
| seen his ad in The Commercial. Yes
| he reads The Commercial—news and
{ads and patronize the advertisers.
| That is one of our more recent sub-
On Monday four members of the
Council left for Terre Haute Indiana,
Charles H. Dia, H. E. Bauman, W,
C. Appel, and James Darnley. These
men left on invitation of a supply
| company of Terra Hautte, Ind., with
| reference to furnishing supplies for
| the new sewer system and sewage
plant. Some of the councilmen are
expected back today or tomorrow.
Mr. Dia will likely prolong his trip
a few 8ays and Mr. Darnley will also
likely side step and take ga trip to
ployed by the Consolidated Coal
company in Kentucky.
‘esterday Guiseppe D. Pasquale,
of Shaw Mines, died. I aged
7 1 in Italy. The
ars, and was b
ol gw