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    Neighborhood News |
News Items of Interest From Near-by Places, Gleaned by The Com-
mercial’s Special Correspondents.
The last Session of the Elk Lick
township Teacher’s institute,for this
season, was held at Spings, Saturday
April 12.
The auction at F. W. Bender,s, Sat-
Grandma Nicholson of Pleasant Hill,
spent last week in our town.
Notice to Correspondents.
The correspondents wiil confer a
April I5—James M. Cover, of Som-
urday afternoon and evening, was a
howling success. R. J Engle did the
howling and Mr. Bender reaped the
success; about two hundred pairs of
Ed. Engle and wife of Akron, Ohio,
who were heavy loosers in the flood,
are visiting Mr. Engle’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Engle, at present.
April 16—P. C. Miller spent several
days of last week seeing the sights in
The Dol
lar .
erset, one of the state banking ex-|shoes and numerous
other articles
Mrs. Ada Kieffer and two children
great favor if they will get their corre-
spondence into the office not later than
Monday evening.
Friday last enroute to his home.
and accident insurance.
ERR L. H. Long, of
April 12—Ex-Jury Commissioner,
Milton L. Weighley, of Jenner town-
ship, was a business visitor in town
on his return from Johnstown.
Mts. George C. Keim, of Johnstown,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles B. Coleman.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, B. Getty, of
“ Meyersdale, are the guests of Mrs.
Getty’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam-
mel F. Sharrah, haying recently re-
farned from a six weeks’ trip to Cal-
fornia and New Mexico.
Ralph Spangler, and Charles R.
Eckbert, of Clearfield, spent sev-
Friday last.
this city Thursday last
were visitors to Johnstown, today.
man, at Meyersdale,
Johnstown this morning.
passed through the city
8. Walter Scott, of your town spent
last week in this city soliciting life
Connellsville, a
well-known travelling salesman and
a former resident of Meyersdale was
transacting business in Johnstown
Bert F. Landis, of Somerset, reg-
ister of wills, was a business visitor to
Eld. Silas Hoover, of Somerset, and
Eld. P. J. Blough, of Hooversville,
Edgar Klingaman, who spent Sat-
urday and Sunday visiting his pa-
rents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Klinga-
returned to
Meyersdale colony in the
were disposed off. A large crowd of
people was present and the bidding
was spirited throughout.
As a measure for reducing the high
cost of living -of Candidates the anti-
treating regulation is the greasest
thing ever invented.
From this date there will be preach-
in the Mennonite Church at this place
every Sunday Morning instead of
every two weeks, as formerly.
Married, April 13, in the Amish
Curch at Niverton by Bishop Moses
Yoder, Daniel Miller of North Dakota
and Lena Hershberger, of Kalowa
Mr. Elmer Bittinger, who was em-
ployed in a large garage in Morgan-
town, W. Va., during the last season
has again accepted his old position as
right hand man in Ed Miller’s machine
and general repair shop. Besides be-
the week in our town.
Robert Lee spent over Saturday
near Somerset.
Mrs. Frank Thomas of Coal Run,
and Mrs. Wm. Engle.
len on Monday, a son.
W. C. Burrell of Cumberland, Md.,
household goods near Meyersdale.
Roata Barrick Der 10 Obril, 1913.
Mister Drooker:—Letchta Sundog
of Finzel, Md., spent the forepart of
spent Friday with her parents, Mr. |
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wel-
made a business call to our town on
On Monday Robert Lee moved his |
eral days with Somerset relatives.
Rev. N. Frank Boyer, pastor of the
church, was
in town ronewing old acquaintan-
Ligonier Evangelical,
ces. Rev. Mr. Boyer, formerly held
pastorates in Somerset and John- |
Frank E. Rice, of Pittsburgh, is | ting along nicely. Several haye not
spending several days with his pa- | yet succeeded in securing houses,
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Rice.
Mrs. A.E. Spangler, and her daugh-
ing an excellent all around mechanic
hen mer die airshta meeting ghot fun
“Flood City”’ has been considerably
augmented by the addition of four
Rowe brothers— William, Peter, Mat-
thew, and John- and their brother-in-
law, Beniamin Green. The five men
| are working in the mines of the
| Valley Coal Company and are get-
locality as an automobile doctor.
a large class, here Mr. Miller and
veloping the latent musical talent
here, for which they deserve the grat-
itude of every man, woman and child
but with good prospects of perma-
in the community, for there is nothing
Mr. Bittinger is without a peer in this
E. D. Miller is at present giving
weekly instructions in vocal music to
| others have devoted much time in de-
| nently being located soon.
that hasa more elevating and ennob-
der Hinkelfooser Social Glup, uns sis
olles goot gonga, un ich konrn dir
sawga oss der Lons eppas fun emma
entertainer, iss, un mer hem olle sot-
ta guta zeita ghot, un sin net hame
kumma bis morya un vie ich ins bett
gegroddelt bin ist die Cass woker
| vodda, un sie hot glei germaint ich
sot uf bleiva un feadera un melka, un
ich vor mead, un ich bin im bett ge-
blivva bis die sun hoch im himmel
the ability to lay the
No matter what your
By to-morrow it has already earned some inter-
est, and besides, the increase in self respect,
each succeeding one easier to save.
more now, open a Savings Account with the
bank that desires to have your name on their
first one aside. makes
age, bring a dollar or
ter, Miss Cora, are entertaining Mrs. | P. 8S.
Walter, B. & O. agent at
] . | wor, na hot sie mich rous geyogh for
ling effect upon a people than music |
Cora MacLaughlin, of Pittsburgh. |Holsopple was transacting business
here today.
Tuesday, May 6th, will be a big
day in Johnstown, as Barnum &
Bailey’s greatest of all shows will
exhibit bere at that time, and there
Rev. George C.
the Evans City Presbyterian church,
formerly of Somerset,
relatives here.
Mrs. Harriet Speck of New York | will be large representation of Som-
who had been the guest of her son-in-
law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles J. Harrison, Jr., has return-
ed home.
Miss Helen Fisher, is visiting rela-
tives iu Keyser, W. Va.
Walter C. Carter, Baltimore &
Ohio, R. R., agent at Somerset, is
spending a few weeks’ vacation with
relatives in Cuningham, N. C.
Merchant Albert J. Bantley and
Dr. J. B. Bell, of Windber, were
among the recent business visitors
‘to the county seat.
Mrs. Russel Benford is visiting rel-
atives at Rockwood.
* Miss Olive Miller and Miss Hazel
Schlag, of Stoyestown, who had been
the guests of Mrs. P. Casebeer, have
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Stein, and Miss
Duirl Walter and Miss May Walter,
hive returned from Johnstown,
where they visited relatives.
Mrs. J. F. Retweger is spending
several wecks with relatives in
Wheeling, W. Va.
Mrs. Tainrence M. Phillips is visit-
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs J. P.
McCabe, of Berlin.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hileman of Mt
Pleasant, who had been visiting Som-
erset relatives, have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Sharrah,
haye as their guest, Mrs. Sharrah’s
sister, Miss Ola Coleman, of Brad-
Attorney Charles F. Patterson, of
Pittsburgh, who had been the guest
of Attorney Edward E. Kiernan, has
‘Yeturned home. :
Hon. J. H. Lonpenecker, of Bed-
ford, formerly judge of the Somer-
set-Bedford district, spent part of
the week with Somerset acquain-
Alex H. Huston has returned from
a week’s visit with relatives in
Mrs. Thomas S. Sanner, and daugh-
ter, Miss Edna are visiting Mrs. Sau-
ner’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Custer, in Stoyestown.
David A. Griffith, is spending two
weeks with relatives in Baltimore.
Attorneys Charles F. Uhl, Jr., and
Charles H. Ealy have formed a part-
nership which will be known as the
Uhl & Ealy law firm.
The interior of the county jail is
being repainted and repapered and
otherwise improved. Town council
has made a number of improvements
at the municipal building. J. B.
Holderbaum’s family, have taken
possession of their new residence.
Daniel Rhoads is remodelling his res-
idence on the East Side.
* Isiah Good is erecting a handsome
new residence on the East Patriot
lot he recently purchased from Hon.
Amos W. Knepper.
The Board of Officers of the Christ-
«dan church has passed a resolution
extending their thanks to W. P.
Young and the other musicians who
recently rendered the oratorio, ‘“The
Ll ee
Cheapest accident insurance—Dr. |
Thomas’ Hclectic Oil. For burns,
scalds, eufts and emergencies. All|
druggists sell it. 25¢ and 50c. a’
Miller, pastor of
is visiting
| limits,
| stains, rub with equal parts of turpen-
of the right kind.
——————————— eee
ville on business on Thursday last.
Mrs. Wm. Lenhart of Somerfield, is
entertainihg her brother, Wm. Woogd-
mancy, who is spending a few days
Mrs. Earl Critchfield and daughter
of Ursina, have been spending several
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Cyrus Sanner.
Ernest Baily of Pittsburg, spent a
few days with his parants, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Baily.
D. A. Griffith of Uniontown spent
Saturday in town.
Miss Maude Sanner returned to
Cumberland, after spending a week
with her grandfather, A. R. Humbert.
Miss Margaret Blackburn of Pitts-
burg, is the guest of Mrs. Frank Davis.
Lloyd Kurtz and family were called
to Addison on Saturday, due to the
death of Mr. Kurtz’s father, who was
well known here.
After spending the winter with her
son, H. L. Hostetler, Mrs. Robt. Hos-
tetler of Somerset, returned home.
Quite a number of young people
from town attended the spelling bee
at the River school house Thursday
eyening. After the contest the re-
mainder of the evening was spent in
a literary program. Mr. Kimmel
Vansickle taught a yery successful
term of school and the pupils of the
River school will look to the term of
1912-13 as having been a very pleasant
year’s work.
erset county people here upon that
The B. & O. has forsaken Johns-
town and the vision of a new pas-
senger and freight station, besides
other improvements entailing the ex-
penditures of many thousands of
dollars, has melted into thin air.
The mayor says the company is
‘“bluffing,’’ but be that as it may,
the fact remains that within the
past couple of weeks a large force
of workingmen iloaded up and ship-
ped away all material that has been
on the grounds for the construction
of the freight station on Baumer
street, and also ripped out the con-
crete forms and levelled the founda-
tions which had been partly con-
structed. It is also said that negoti-
ations are under way for the transfer
back to the original owners of the
property that had been purchased and
| Paid for as the site for the passen-
ger station. The mayor and council
want the B. & O. company to ele-
vate their tracks within the city
which the company stoutly
refuses to do, and now as a counter-
play the mayor has announced his
intention of taking steps to com-
pel the B. & O. company to vacate
their right-of-way from the New
Senate Hotel on Bedford street to
the southern city limits, claiming,
that the ground was filched from the
channel of the Stonyecreek. What
the outcome of the contest will be, TTY
can only be conjectured. SALISBURY
EE Richard Glotfelty was a town visitor
April 15—H. OC. Bonig i8 at Pitts-
burgh on business and expects to re-
turn via., of Cumberland, and bring
his daughter Winifred home, who
has been there for treatment.
G. J. Gnagey drove to Frostburgh
one day last week and while there he
ade Jig Tne fam of onset pl Will Hay in Cumberland.
- Race, for a team of young ba : teas
mares. Mr. Gnagey is Fn i, i Eerney Simpkins is busy these days
fine horses and expects to raise colts grafting and transplanting fruit trees.
in the future. Arthur Emerick of Akron is at home
suffering with blgod poison in the foot
Albert Blocher is at work again af-
ter a few day’s illness.
Archie Cochran Jr., of Cumberland
who is at home with tge typhoid fev-
er, is improving.
Mrs. E. H. Perry and son James
and Edna Hay spent over Sund with
Migses Gertrude Haun, Blanche :
Miller, Mrs. Charles Yourkin and canged by show eyelet, His father
Mr ° A. Bender were shop- and brother of Holsopple are also
pers in Meyersdale Saturday. home at present.
J. U. Stanton and Emanuel Hersh-
berger sold a horse on Monday.
Quite a number of people from
here attended the auction at F. W.
Bender’s on Saturday afternoon
at Springs.
C. A. Bender, Jonas Gnagey and
D. J. Stevanus were visitors to Monday,
Pittsburgh several days last week.| Adam Fogle and sons, George and
While there they attended the auto | Ray, who are employed at Connells-
show at East Liberty. ville, spent the week-end at home.
Miss Ethel Broadwater is home| Norman May and family of Jerome,
again after spending several weeks |are visiting relatives in Salisbury.
in Cumberland. Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Hay entertained]
Excavation for the new church js |the following children and grand-
completed the formation was ex- |children at dinner on Friday evening:
tremely rough with a strata of hard | Mrs. E. H. Perry and son James of
rock. Punxsutawney; Mrs. Earl Garlitz of
Ferris, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. C. M. May,
Mrs. D. I. Hay, and Misses Esther,
Anna, Imogene and Dorothy Hay all
| of this place.
J. L. Barchus is improving his prop-
erty by removing the fence and put-
ting down a concrete walk.
James Riley who har been absent
in the family circle.
Norman Hay was a town visitor on
Children Cry
CC A S TT ® R 1 A Hester Shaw entertained a number
Wiping Out Grease Stains. | of he small girl friends at a sewing
For grease stains on fast colors, | party on Saturday afternoon.
benzine can be used. For dry paint | ee
tine and alcohol.
Aplirl4—Chas Beggs was in Friends- | un en bawr olte boxa un glaeser, un
from home for several months isagain |’
die arvet shoffa. Es vor grosordig.
| Mer hen die meeting ghot im waw-
| ga shop, un mer hen of course net
teal furniture gebreight, nur en dish,
so vie mer hin kumma sin hot der
Lons awfanga locha, un hot uns nuf
gernumma in der shop, un die meet-
ing is glei los gonga. Der Lons hot
die seit gernumma fum kicliher
aisel, ovver ar wor bong oss die olde
des argument net ghaert hot, un es
iss aw ken vunner.
"Kensht du seine olde? Sie iss about
drei mol so gross vie der Lons, un
dem no vie sie guckt kon sie aw
mechtige shtreich druf horka. Mer
waara olle dot, der Benj Bittner, un
der Ducter Miller fun Glencoe, un der
Boyer, der nei Posht Meshter fun.
Fairhope, un sei maedel, un sie iss
base vodda.
Der Boyer wor ferhoodelt den ar
“Golden Link” and “Sunkist,”
Two of the best, high-grade patent Western Flours.
Buying direct from the mills in car lots, we save you
money. Every sack guaranteed. We keep a well-
stocked wareroom of.
Grain, Hau, Straw and Feed of All Kinds.
A visit will prove to you that we have the most up-to-
date Grocery Store in Somerset county, and
that our prices are the lowest
Goods Delivered Free of Charge.
kon net feal deitsh fershtae, ovver ar
hot zeimlig gut ousgermocht, un venn
ars nei fershtonna hot, hots der Lons
im ferzailt.
Sie hen mich geleckt fer entertain-
ment Committee, un mer hen ousger-
mocht mer vodda emol en Ladies
Night hovva, un mer vella oll die vie-
ver mit nemma, un na gebts en zeit.
Vaeshtder Lons iss eppas fun emma
bolitishun, un er kennt oll die grosse
bucks drivva in Somerset, un ar gaet
olle gebot nivver zu reporta vies gaet
im lond rum, un ar viil mich mit nem-
ma fer ne deitsha speech mocha, un
ich gae au emol mit.
Letsht voch vor ich im Meiershta-
eddle un vie ich nei komma bin zum
Haley hot sei bar tender mich gfrogt
ob ich en railroader vaer, ei hob ich
gsogt, vos mochts ous? No segt ar
venn du en raelroader bisht konsht
geld hosht. Sel hot mich base ger-
Ar iss yusht so en glaener kaerl,
about so gross vie der olt Charlie
Raupatch. Sog, hob ich gsawd, du
glaener ratser, geb mer en boddle
bear, ader ich shlog der aens uf die
Na iss der Haley kumma un hot en
nous geryogt.
Beats net der deihenker vie so en
glaener kaerl frish iss? .
Sie sawga oss der Judge en ferboata
hot em raelroader zu ferkaufa. Iss
es net orrig. Vos bin doch froh oss
ich ken raelroader bin. Na muss ich
on die arvaet.
Dei Deitcher Friend,
———————— eee
Iliter”.'+ Decreasing.
It is gratifying to learn from official
figures furnished by the bureau of the
census, at Washington, that in the en-
tire population of the United States
the percentage of illiteracy declined
from 10.7 to 7.7 in the decade from
1900 to 1910. The “decline among
children between the ages of ten and
fourteen years was especially notable,
the percentage of illiteracy being re- |
iduced from 7.2 to 4.1 in ten years. The
‘general decline of illiteracy marks the
‘improvement of educational opportu-
‘ties throughout the country, and this
improvement is most distinctly meas-
‘ured in comparing the children who
have just passed through the schools.
‘Generally speaking, each successive
generation in the United States shows
a smaller proportion of persons unable
to read and write and this proportion
is always lesast for the children from
ten to fourteen years of age. From
this it Is evident. that illiteracy is
considerably less for children than for
the aggregate population.—Manches-
ter Union.
du nix hovva un ven du noch so feal|’
When Run Down
in physical condition it is usually because the action of the
organs of digestion has become irregular or defective,
Then there is need for a safe and speedy medicine to relieve
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i oir sia ©
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ing, healing treatment which bas cured hundreds. which I believe wil] cure
Fou aren ord > fee, Postage paid. without any obligation on your part.
ow and ma $0 me, or i age ) ess
I will send the treatment free of cost to you. Ville ms. giving your Rams, 8nd adds
WED NSD GD VS GND Sma mes ew ==C UT AND MAIL TO DAYS own oo mom mv om oon me - - aw
Jd. C. HUTZELL, 115 West Main 8t., Fort Wayne, Ind.
Please send without cost or obligation to me your Free Proof Treatment.
J. GC, Hutzell, R. P,
®etsesesces senu.yanr
NORTHAMPTON TWP. last day of school
Pei Yo Charis Cg snd oe noon there was a good entertainment
arry o ance, spent Sunday at]... 3
Beane of the forniore Bebe Samer | ay en by the pupils. The band for
Keefer, of near Johnsburg. ished some excellent music, and the
C. W. Ackerman and J. H. Holland | *°St Of order prevailed. Miss Kathryn
were Meyersdale visitors on Monday. | Keidel was the teacher and is held in
Henry Keidel is on the sick list at | in the highest esteem by all.
this writing. | Henry Tressler and wife were Mey-
Samuel Saylor was a business visi- i ersdale visitors, Wednesday last.
tor to Sand Patch on Monday.
and in the after-
Mr. aud Mrs. Jesse Cook are on tke
Last Thursday April 10th, was the | sick list at present.
% Sim
of J
, his
of: |
. ges,
4 Princ