Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 18??-????, June 07, 1889, Image 3

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    B2 Ciii:::i ai Werl
t -hi Throu:;h the
,r Works WMl be
,ioJSind Men will be at
f k Tdiy Racovorlnj
J .-. - ,-1
'rgUpthe Dobris.
t;VJl of Vic President Powell
frug ttiila-lelpht the-e ha
".: i:V!1"r'41 ,,nn lo th at was
. r.,. Al 'v f i-. Wiist l!ie future of
. i lr in O.mpsny is to bp ifl an im
j.;.i.,.n as what is to be the future
,m T:-Jt the works ane to be
3. . si iy bi p lUlisUvJ. To-day
; ,.- t V of til gi tthadd iipirit of
Jfu. . furnished when J. 3.
j 4;i it: t mill, which wastMitire-,.,-.-
w this :
x i :a; ! -vv are requested to re-
..,;,: '"' -k fir work."
... :"- .-a :: f; i-i'-'.-r M.ll !m a
. i, n if is 1 1 have !! ilit nu'ii
1,. aiTta:n what mm of the
:,.....t s:i:i a!ive, the other
a i It is p issiiiie, too,
5 uv l pid o.T. Tliii dies
' ., ; more than 4 ."( employed
;. w:!i lie pail a th;it time. All
..... v v ...iriioy.. wo lid hivr been
..iv not the flood oo-nrrtl.
,, v :. ; s-n to 7,0 0 ru ;;i a-
,,.rv y Jay and the am.i'.ui', that
haul:-1 over to the
:iv of the disaster, bad it not
" , -i a .1, vrva: 1 have hen be
j.iin sii.l lJ"j.o ' J. The monthly
,(;.;.;!. .;-.- mill was tJ-1.i. In
3 i .' ''.I nie:i were employed,
of the liantier men have
, ; in the company's safe. It is fuir- '
, ..- i t ir m -n I report to ni irro-, j
nr. " ' 1 of the 1 "-.'I workman will !
,.t, vi. of Wa-hinton, who built
.ri work i and np until Janu
aw (I. "i. T:ii Superintendent of te
i pin Works ut Johnstown, sail!
i r Mi-tahi -il in round numVra, I
-:l. '.:'. 1 rearli'$:io,i"'.,"J. In
.sat I Would divide tiie Item fclsout
Johnstown pro;er, tlo,fioo,i3 ;
tnii r.ii'ro.!.! Company. $10.ul,
Si vl Compsiiy. $ V'-i ;
; ir..n i .iTiipii.y, J-ioioifi. aixl the
a' Minrrai Point, Kil Coue
tVioivriit. t'oiie'lift'.lti liorouh,
is. -k-towii. Mtllvillo, f '.K-ridan
-,:.v,;l;.. ahosit IJOk'l.lrt). ilouht if
will enu'ole the valley to rwiv
ut!:ear!iil h-ii-k, which is almost
i,i:r to ri-aiiz ."
uj.:-: t'liitn'-r, tf Jjhnst wn, l:o
'-"i hri.hin in it, an J is a st.xk-
;u miiljr of nvinnfaeiori'n
.-vtritil'' i-oti.v"is itt the valiey. faid :
. ... ) J. i:ti-toft a lilone is ej'tinjat!
it..' uu.1 I have talked at
;.. o.i ;. i ,f J.VO..-I. J think loy
, i.' i 1 1 " " n Til ! found a very iow
i. of J .li'ii. u's tinaiKlal io;i. I
. r i i l.t1 larvi'! estate in Johr.s-sa-i
k'.-.w wtiat I am taiktng a'x.ui
; : t: i :i'n.t;c."
-;; li.'ivhTt 1-wef. aiJ from the
.i Ir-in Coiopauy, are: .K.hustawii
' irai.y, ioo.i!.'; Vt ji:norola:id
a-.: -;a N .lural la v'ompatiy. lo1).
V J, v.ti ,v Th-mas, clutliine, !',
.'k ii. . r'iK ral nierohaimi.-w,
Hue ,: Sms. lumber, JlCcj.ih
: wi; i;;- -: ir- t'ompany. $!' .') ; T.
: A" To.. prixxT, $'.U'0; fieis,
io,i:i:i. .j-iotO; K'onomy Clothing
.-. jV oi i ; ii!burt House, $ iX't :
u-.- H . i ! toi.c-)ride:nniVij. i.'-'i.t00;
! 4 irr"; i. iloihiii) 5.HHH; John
-Hi " o-..t .'Kki ; s .tnk t,
' A n-.t Lia u-r, groeers t ;,o.D;
-i . k W.ula id. planing mill, $'o.i.k0;
:. . 'ovry, i i.okI; T. T. Morrell,
".K;:t N'.iiion.i! Jiank.; Joins
.j .r.'- lu.ik, i-i-i o .
i.. y-'i r.m fi'id all co'ors of rejdy
' ;-J:i. as: ! in ar.y ipiantity yon wnnt,
:; i;i 'iy 1 tin rans ; a!, all kind
d rtirn. ti.U- eolors, paint lirsishes,
.ii itnti:.p hru.,r)i, at J. C. Hohr
. Ilo!w:tr. .Nror.-, Somerset Ja.
J. o,;.(. of the 1'. air is required by
ii a copy of Justice's fee hills in
Tiie fis- hills ean otily be oh
f "1 iii li.ia loiintv, at Kisher'a Iksvk
Down to Bed Rock.
't in a:;.! mi1 how httip you run buy a
'. .r l.m,p. Ij'nps f all kinds. Itches
tin.a-very rhesp. t.lass Wttrr
n:i.'-. at the More of
K. 1!. ColTKOHI,
t?omerK4. I'a.
tug Finish.
'Jiy fir ne. No niixing required.
ktn:l,e viin and finhes the whole
'"f 'di:t, .-,, (ine apiiiel ion.
" I unij ni.. w., a fur uti n pounds ftf
Ton a;.d i.ia-iLr wixt-J by hand.
"-ii' :). i y
J. II. l!oi.i'i:nim M
Fine Clocks.
a:.Wa V.,'-,. M,,.,,,. , ;,.( k, whil ,,e
m; r,,y, , , 1V m,)v,,.nt j i,,r
. .o j. tiii-y iiavc -ver
"val :,t 1,. ;..r,.. A-v, j,-!, Tholll
uf J .-a-K- at $. ... and M, at
Hi i n I'.aofiiFis.
(I.,. ,.,,,,. -ith rtll(1,jF :n B,
fwl.a:,.! UnUg,,;, fl !, or
' b,:S,! ''in-. TU-fwIU s.11
'm 10 r 'u rllir than 1vI-k1v
the CKoiN case.
Rta.tIi,,xT..f.m..!!y i;. ri. thj, , r,.I..,
Jur (iClilln c-rt,u:y Mii.l op
In the ae.
f'HK-AtiO, Jmi.. o.-.St-ij-tli,,.. rvid-tic-n
invert iK-fon- t'i.. : . ' l.y fopt. SU:tutk. It
ftulttl. lie to)--:ili. d l i-,t .... .k.. .1 ... ..
gnui-l jury t-K-,!c tip the ca. the tviu-t
Wmn riill s. m I.',.... ....... ,
. , . ..... .v.... 0.1:1 n,r u,ui and
cisJel thut l.o drove tho w:,;'.i with
tuc t;uk tlut ccmtauitU Crutun's loJv
irotn tlie hvtmston aveiiim cottiirc- to
the catch basin. Ue ,.,?no.l the conf
su by saying tlutt lie was in a :tlojn
on UivLnon ktrwt, near Franklin, one
fhyw-uli two men jiame-I Kin and
and took King aide. Ue produx-ed a
bin 'roll of money and pave some toKinir
find trt ruirt.iti-n ." U . i i n
T,: , -"'". ' ueu ii- jiaa cone
... ... iiu ii ua. ana
lierephcd: "That the r Toat lawyer
-'ui.n. itooaruit went on to
fiar that he - loV,t v.. i ....:
. ..." , -.v. in-ntor
Cougnlin for the sum of 8?3 to tro to the
leiuij,-niH pi IW ITUntf. J he two
Inen tiffi.ri. efim.,ut i l
- w ... v. n:Kitiieo uiin.
llsey firt drove throuirli Lincoln park,
where the trunk was taken out, and
ajriun iet timed to the buptrv. Then
uiey orove to the catch Ui.-vin. After
the Kidv loi.l 1.., ..i i
ut.k. " V. 1 -1.11 VII
ttH're.n nml Ute tniTik Imit by
nv w u M( H, VM'V iIO t TO a
ui"r4 ami il.-HTl 11 j I.
t'ouoidiu. In. wont onto sav, told hi:n
seveinl il rys U-foiv hand tii;t he had a
job for him. )ti the a! to: noon of Way
4 he cutoe to liiin and s.-iid: "Xmr'a the
Ill -I.L It Jla t-ot to lie done. If vim
can't pet out bi fore 3 o'clock it will in-
no use. At f o clooli he Kt the wngiin.
Aria- ...o., .i.i
.inn . iinu n imiu i 1.111.1111101 .'i.ij.'i
Sampson, a man well known in the
police courts and tho ltridcwell, testified
ti...r t -. too. i..,. i.o,. ......
time ajii to sin,; ( rontn and protidsi d to
p.:v literii!!y for the job. A luan named
lhjly Lyon coirolKHiited this and an ad
journ im-nt v.ns taken.
itie tvulencc t;ik; u earlier in the day
w ah that of the Ijikevicw ico i;licTB
that raw the mysti i ions vehicle on the
fnliJ nielli and of the dm-tors that made
the j-o-t iiiortcin exaivdiintani.
Cairo. rllIll1-K iliiovrd.
f 'hiof i.f I3ii'i TTid.ti'ir.l loiu iwui'd mi
order ere!iipt-.rily i'npt.
m ii.i.n ti iioni iof loiiiniaoo oi ine i ni-
ciipo avenue uwnil and alo susts-ndinp
ini trotu ilutv. This u' tion was h:msi
iiion his tin-,'tisfactory oviiVnco mid
in sin the oiiiniou that lie had ton. -led
tlie r;w from the tJrt. IK- adniitt'U to
the jury t!;t he Ji:!il iKit VfJ-
rnff to dcs-ii'io Al --. end in
pcneral ili'iiio:t..r:it'-.t thai lie had trust
. l.o.i.i t ......... i... . i-,... i.:...i- ..f
i.f :.iiiriii v ii":iiiii iu t.n iitii'iiaLil.V Ui
the in "e-otiirctioa.
Au Important i'ltie.
CtllcAtio, June 5. The i-olice claim to
have au important clue to the murdcrera
of lr. I'loniu. They have found the who liaitled tlw murderers"
P'sols from the huiluinp at 117 Clark
t-tris't to the'.'arlsoncottat:''. According
lo the expn-man tin- fellou-ri U l.utf; in
Chicapo and he has wen lsth ol them
frotptcntly sitice he hauled their poods.
Tiie l.Lst tnue lie w them was hint Sat
urday. The CApriiMiiiairti ile.-icripiioti of
one of (lie men tallies closely with that
of Hiimms. who Loujhf the ffirnitnre
from Uevell A Co.. and of A iili.iln.-i. who
rented tiie cottage from th.- C:ulsons.
The jk.Iicc believe the two men are still
iii town and tliev lire relying on the cx
iixisiiian to tinil them.
At H.v-tim llo-to-i. ; l'hiia.!i !!'l.!a.
At t iio-i-,.o 1 Itlca'o, 4: lei I'ltimt. .V
At a-loiigton al:ii:i:ton. ."i; Ni-w York, 3.
At l;ni..kl u, -i; Khii-h t it . , 3:
.M liail IT'ior..- 1; I It onore, .1: I .llu iluiu! t. t.
Tlio C olumliti-l. !uis yaine!;Kiid;
At PfiilHiU-li'liia -No Kniuc, Loaisvilles not
Jet an r.eit.
A 'Hler Krwint In Cuioiits.
Cor.fKfi, Out., June 8. Heavy rains
have pie. ailed in thi.s di.-trict during
last wts U. and thin inoir.inp what aje
peartil to I' a larpe watT Ksut pawed
over this ) lac' in a northwesterly dinsj
1 i ii and burst when a couple i.f nub's
distant. !n a few minutes Mitall creeks
lss ainc rivers and rll bridpes ami dams
lltTii vvro the hurt oerurreil and
Ijike tintario were rarril swav and
railway etiiliinkmeids destroyed, ilany
honscM were inundated and i-eople had
to I e rescued in boats. In this city all
the Cellars in the business portion wore
flooded, wat r in aome inst.iiut risinp
above the htote fUsirs. fanner will
lose heavily, many of them their entire
crop. The lose w ill reach half a million
Although M. M. Tir.lwell Co. have done
the largest milliner- business this senson
they have done for years, by opetiinp fresh
invouvs twice a week, thry not only keep up
a full Mock, but are pure to have everything
of thelatest as it ccnirs out.
More Truth Than Poetry.
(Jrocer Vought has come to stay,
The reason why is just this way,
His trade increases with each day.
ISiranse Lis poods are the best, all y.
In murder trials it is most important to
know the exact time at which the crime oc
curred. To the unfortunate criminal time
may be life. In all cav-s time is money and
money can Is? raved by buying time-pieces
st XvB & Oas-lxer's. who cany a lare as
sortment of the riuest tirades of Watches
and Clocks. Jewelry and Silverware, Eye
jrlasseS and Spectacles.
We also do enfrravine of all kinds. Goods
purchased from 'us will be entraved free of
char-e. Ntrr t ("asehkeb.
Five Brothers.
Fred. John. Hen, Huby, and Xick, now on
trial at the tore of
Fd. B. CorraoTH.
Fob Otuitb UriLi-s bo Sat thev rsm rskll
They Cannot,' Never Could, Never Will.
Honest Uonling nid Kair 3?i-tse
Th, Kor.kry. ire all Time ard t! Liam are Ctuiccd.
t.- Come ana See for Yourself. -i
SIPE BROS., Sipesvlile. Pa,
Maniice Karri ToititlM That He IVtfercd
MiGM-tian Lrt rtiiladei'bi fo tti
I'hi-kv of tUillngr Cronia Alex. KolU
Tan'a Nam rrornlucntly Mlisd Up Ix
tlw Cam Luk Dillon to Tcotifr.
ClHt AfiO, June 6. Ail the evidenco in
the C ronin inquest was directed toward
e-tahlishing the fact that the deceasec
wa firmly impressed with the Idea that
his life was eiidanptred through the ma
chinations of Alexander Sullivan. Mau
rice Morris, a member of the Clan na
ael, said that, at the last convention, ht
had heard several delegates srt that Cro
nin and Dr. McCahey, of Philadslphla,
ought to be gotten rid of. Cronln had
told him tiiat he belie ed McGeehan,
the Philadelphian, had come to CJiicapc
at the inntiputton of Alex Sullivan, to
kill him. Joiieph O'Byrne, eecior guar
dian of Camp 3ot!t swore that on the day
liofoi the physician disappeared, Cronin
had told him that ho was badly broken
up and discouraped, and that he be
lieved he would pive up and let tho
rascals, Alex Sullivan and Itecorder of
I'olice Slicliaid Itoland. of Kansas City,
complete their murderous designs and
kill him. O'Hyme went on to sav that
he had heard M'HiWhan say that Ciwiin
and McCahey ought to be kill.'d, liecause
they were scouiidrcls. lie had heard
that there was a trial in Camp 30, but
knew nothing dclinite on the jnint. lit
did not, however, believe that Cronia
was a t niitor.
1 roii la Tried mjk Convlctcil.
Closely presstsl. he admitted that ru
mors that Cioiiin hail Isx-n tried and con
victed came to him through friends o
the laji r. I Mctiary. a Xjikeview
boiler maker and intimate friend of the
dead man, pave his evidence with sc
much dramatic effect that once or twice
he was applauded. He ti-slitied that
( Yonin had several limes told him that
bis life was in danger, that Alex. Sulli
van, if he was murdered, would be
found to be the instigator and that there
were pat icrs in his wife that would con
nect Sullivan with the divl. WituesF
told how he. went to Toronto and met
long, the rcxrler. who was responsible
for the circumstantial stories regarding
Cronui having lioeu seen in that citv.
Jlctiary olfercd him ?'.'.l)mi to suubtuh
tiaU' what he had written, but h could
not do it. Instead he Maid: "I wi.-Ji to
iiI I bail never bad anything to do with
this tttsinesw." lie had heard that Ice
iH-ah r Sullivan, Detective CVmghhii and
Detective Whaleil were InemtnTS of
Camp 2i. it was a matter of daily con- j
versatioti nmong tho memlierj of the
clan that there was a conspiracy to kill
Cronin. At one meeting of Camp 20,1
when tl.e witneM remarked that the
man who pave LeC'aron his credent itdi
vviis worse than LeCaron himself, l jiw
ycr li'iss rematked: "Them must lie
tin ion and unitv among Irishmen, even
if Uieie has to le war."'
Crealfil a Neusation.
Closely nuestioned, the witness said
that tlio man who pave I-C :utron hit
credentials was Lawrence II. litiekley ol
this city. This created a sensation. Re
Koning to another question the witness
said dramatically: "I thank Clod Unit I
don't Islong to any organization ol
which Alex. Sullivan is a niemUT, for 1
consider that man is the cause of all the
disgrace and shirs that have been put
uj'on the Irish people. '
The bust witness was Byron C. Smith,
rrsceiverof the Traders' bank. Heshowed
bv chei-ks on tile and ledger entries that
iii the summer of lw"-2 Alex. Sullivan
had altogether $lHU"!in the bank, of
which MO .Out) was a personal account
and the balance credited to "Alex. Sul
livan, agent." By Sept. 6. INS.', all this
money hail N-eii drawn on on checks
made payable to J. T. Ix-ster & Co..
brokers. A member of this iirm will Ik
HuitunoTicd tivday,
WoisinilT emphatically denied that he
maU- the confession attributed to him
by 'apt. Schank to the effect that he saw
Sullivan pay a large sum of money fa.
two men in a saloon.
Dillon to Testify.
State's Attorney Longeneiker, Chief
of l'ohco UublmrU and Luke Dillon of
Philadelphia were in conference last
nipht from 7 o'clock until nearly mid
ni-liL Dillon is to lie called as a w itnost
and is willing to tell all that he know
concerning tlie conspiracy against Dr.
Cronin. He is anxious at tho same
time to preserve, the secrets of the Clan-Na-tla-H
so far as its written work it
cono-med. He considers that in a
measure the oath of secrecy has been
removed from the members of the or
ptuiization, but only so far as the doinps
of the particular camp that condemned
the Nationalist to death is con
cerned. On this jioint tin
otlicials do not apree with him, and when
he is put upon the stand to-day an effort
will la? made to compel him to exsise
the inner nullifications of the organiza
tion. The iolice authorities confirm the
report that the expressman w ho hauled
the furniture from the Clark street Hat to
the Lakeview cottage lias lieen found.
He will lie plaited on the stand to-uior-row,
and his evidence will go far toward
fastening the crime on certain susjiected
individ tials.
Sixtv bt'.ililinps were disttroyed by fire
in Jacksouvillo Wednesday.
David C. Cioodcll has lieen declared
elected governor of New Hampshire.
Thomas rhilliM of Philadelphia has
lieen eiectinl president of the Boot and
Shoemakers' National organisation.
A slight but very perceptible shock of
earthquake was feit in the south, rn and
eastern tortious of Nashville, Tcnii., on
Tlie Stewart will is likely to lie settled
out of court. It is believed Judge Hil
ton has made substantial concessions to
the contestants.
Tlie Rink of Omaha has closed it-
doors. The linbihtH'S are between MK),
ooo and Soii.ooii, with nominal assets.
Lad loans and management.
The London Gazette takes tlie ground
that the Johnstown disaster shows that
the local government is not capable of
dealing with emergencies. Tlie Oarette
poos further and attributes the disaster
itself to delicits in local government.
The Phttir!r-Intiani)sli same pomtponed.
At lliolon- 4: PiiiUdt lj.liia, i.
At Wai.hiiu.1on Wsshiiigton.l New iork.4.
At CliH mku-Urst name hieaen. ; l'lev.
land, ;. (seionil laur -i 'hies?". S:('evi-land..
At Kni,.kli lli.a. li- A' ii
K!s Ueaiha K'vortrd aril Manj others '!
llx;i-cted to Live.
DaV!U.e. Ya., June 1. Details of
tl-13 disaster of yest -rilay sliow that Uie
1im of life and projs'rty w.n greater
than was at lirst supposed. The dozen
men r.t work on the rean buihling had
but hu'.e warning to make their ca;i
ere ths erau came. A white man named
E. W. Young, tiie bois brkk-layer, was
at work ou the liftii lloor. He jumped
iroui uie uuieung ro me grounj Diiow,
sustiining iutemal injury, and had his
shoulder injured; Torn Carter, a colored
brick (atrriiT. waj on the sixth floor, and
as- the building separated he went
through to the cellar and suilered a
wrench in the back. JIo -t of tha brick
layers Stopped work at la o'clock or the
loss of life and injury to person would
have been much greater. As It
is. two persons were killed outright and
cine injured. Four of them have tine
died. Crowds soon gathered, and in a
driving rain went to work removing the
debrU in order to get out those supposed
to be under it. After hard work the
body of William Young, white, a car
penter, was reached, and when taken
out there was hardly a whole bone in his
body. His neck was broken snd resting
on one of his legs, while the bod v wae
doubled tip in a knot. The following is
a list of the killed and wounded:
Killed Koliert l'ruitt, white, car
penter, death instantaneous: 'Will
iam Young, white, carpenter; R
(!. Jones, white, carpenter, crushed
internally, skull tract ured; Buck Kooper,
colored, hod carrier, skull crushed; Henry
Oukes, white, carjienter. skull cracked
anil hurt internally: D. N. Collie, white,
carpenter, skull crushed, arm broken,
injured internally. Injured William
IL Crowley, white, carpenter, hnr-- in
head, may rex-over; Thomas Sawyer,
white, carpenter, two ribs broken: E.'V.
Young. Uws brick-layer, iujured in
shoulder and internally"; John Strainer,
colored, hurt about the bodv, but will re
cover: Tom Carter, colore.!, lirick-carrier,
hurt in back and internally. The loss by
the disaster wUI probably reach $lU,00.'j.
Clnrtniwtt Races.
Cincinnati, June 1. Weather cold
and wet and track very heavy. First
race, selling, three-fourtlis of a mile,
Jakie Toms lirst, Holland second.
Clamor third; time, 1:22 1-4. Second
race, selling, oue mile, Kedar Khun first,
Castaway sK'ond, Nyleptha third: time,
l-"3 1-2. Thin! rao-, for 2-year-old
fillies, four and one-half furlongs, Allele
M lirst. Pally Hoo second. Lady l'lack
burn thiid: time, 1:11 1-2. Fourth race,
one mile and seventy yards, Pan Uaz.-m
tir-.t, sec nd, Ouindaro Pelte third:
time, l:5i 8-4. Fifth race, sensation
stakes for 2-year-olds, ?1,04) added,
three-ronrtlis or a mile, Avondide hrst.
Starter Caldwell second, Outlook third:
time, 1:22 1-2.
Tlie Pamrll ( omnilslon.
London, June 1. At the sitting of the
Parncll commission yesterday Mr. IJeid
of the Parneilite council stated that in
quiry had resulted in the finding; of
thirty Usiks belonpr.ig to the JNational
li-agne, which would lie produced in
court. Mr. Jxickwood. ono of the Par-
nellite counsel, produced a pass liook
Epiiarently belonging to Mr. Justin Mc
Carthy, which dated from Novemlier,
1KM). to May. 1SX7, which contained an
entry of a check for i'lOJ paid to Frank
IJvrne. the dynamiter. Sir. McCarthy
informed the court that tlie pass hook
did not lielong to him: that it never was
m Ins possession, and that he did not
know that the lok existed.
lnvestigAtlng Physicians. '
PiTTsnrRU, June 1. The committee of
the state honrd of health, apMiiitisl to
investigate charges nunst Urs. van
Kirk of MeKeeiort and Cain!eH of
Latrolie of issuing certilicates for the
transortation of corjises if persons who
nan uiisi oi contagious uiseases. r-pan
its work yesterdav. Tlie case of Ir. Van
Kirk was lirst taken up, but. after an ex
haustive inquiry, he succeeded in con
vincing tiie committee that the case,
while one of carelessness, was not done
with criminal intent.
Snow foil in various suctions of Michi
gan on Thursday to the depth of from
three to ft utr inches.
C. I Mapee of Httsburg sails for
Euroe on July 10. He is out flat-footed
against the amendment,
Tlie Reading Railroad company will
bring to market I.Oml.OOO tons of anthra
cite coal per month for the next seven
John Wilson, who was shiblied by
Andrew Heiser in Pittsburg on April
last, died from the injuries on Friday.
His murderer is in jail.
Thieves stole a horse and set of harness
from a man living on the Perrysville
road, near Pittsburg. Thurwlay evening.
They also stole a buggy from another
Governor Beaver says the judges'
salary bill is unconstitutional and will in
all probability veto it. He is also op
jHised to the bill granting fcTo.OOO for the
dress uniform for the national guards.
William Dunn, w ho was shot by John
Galloway some davs ago. has ln
spjted away from his home in Home
stead to escape the $otK) line imposed on
him by Judge Lwing in the Pittsburg
Rev. George Schweinfurth, the Beek
uianite apostle, who claims to i e Christ
incarnate, is now a fugitive from tho
iiolice, who want Mr. Schweinfurth on a
charge of obtaining money under false
There is a general desire among the
miners and ojierators of the uke region
that F. C. Keitrhley, late superintendent
of the Ytunpstown Coke works, be ap-pointi-d
mine inspector of the ConnelU
ville district,
A passenger train on the Pittsburg and
Lake Erie road struck Bernard Vincent,
an iron worker, U tweeu Haselton and
Struthcrs, mar Youngstown, Friday
morning, causing fatal injuries. Vin
cent was single, aged 25.
Rain falling Uion molten cinder in the
Youngstown rolling mill caused an ex
plosion. Charles Myers, a roller, had his
feet anil legs burned in a frightful man
ner, crippling him for life. The other
employes escaped and the mill was not
In the Unib-d States district court at
Pitfcdiurg Perry Hallock PrtT.who was
indicted for selling counterfeit money
jointly with Curtis Fox, was brought
into court trom the northern district of
Ohio and gave bail for his appearance at
the July term.
"E Pturibo Urnm" on Colas.
"Did you know that the legend 'E
Pluribus Unuui,' which has appeared on
diilerent United States coins, was never
authori3od to be so plaoed by law?" said
a cnniismati&t. " "It was first used in
tliat way in 1736. There was no United
States mitit then, but there was a private
one at Newburg, N. Y., and the motto
cf the United States was first placed on
a copper coin struck at that mint. Few
collections have specimens of this coin.
They ere valuable. In 1 787 a goldsmith
named Brasher coined a piece which
was known as the $10 gold piece, and Uie
motto placed in this form, 'Unum E
Pluribus,' was stamped upon It. The
coin is worth today $3,000, and only four
are known to be in existence, in 17S7
tlie motto also appeared on various copper
coins of the State of New Jersey.
"A great many of cur early coins,
before thero was any legal authority for
national coinage here, were made In
England. The State of Kentucky liad
some peculiar copper coins which were
minted in England in 1701 and bore the
national motto. The United States mint
was established in 1792, but the use of
the motto on any of the gold, silver or
copper coins was not authorized or
directed by any of the provisions of the
act establishing it. The motto had not
appeared on any of our coins since 137
until the present silver dollar was coined.
It remained on our early gold and silver
coins until 1834, when it was omitted
from the gold coins. In 1826 it was
dropped from the silver twenty-five cent
piece and the following year from all
silver coins." Philadelphia Press.
A Mouker Felo I Hi Sc.
Not long ago the authenticated case
of tlx t suicide of a dog from grief at
being beaten by its master was chron
icled, and now we read of a monkey de
stroying itself tinder very remarkable
circumstances. The facts of the case,
which are positively vouched for by a
corresxntlent writing to a Paris con
temporary from Montrichard, in the de
partment of Loir-et-Cher, are as follows:
A learned monkey, named Bertram, was
deeply attached to its owner, who, nmong
other tricks, had taught it to fire a pistol
w hile galloping on the back of a dog.
The master of the animal, it feems,
lately met with certain domestic troubles,
and, in a dejected frame of mind a few sent a bullet through his
head, death being instantaneous. The
monkey was present at the death of his
master, and probably took in every par
ticular. In any case, w hen a doctor was
called in to see if life was extinct in the
man, he was astonished to find himself
iopresenee of a double suicide, the
monkey's body being stretched beside
that of his master, with the revolver
clasped between its fingers. It is stated
that the animal picked up the pistol
after his master liad blown out his
brains and imitated what he had just
seen done, sending a bullet through his
head precisely as tho man had done.
London Standard.
The Voltale Battery.
At tho very beginning of the present
century Volta, stimulated by Galvani's
recent discovery of what ho called "am
mat electricity," invented the "pile" and
the "crown of cups." Wo now speak of
any equivalent arrangement ns a voltaic
battery. Without attempting to trace
out the path of discovery and invention
pursued by Volta, it will be sufficient for
our purpose if we make clear the gene
ral construction and action of such un
If a plate of zinc and a similar one of
copper be nearly immersed in water con-
taininga little sulphuric acid, which may
bo held in any suitable vessel, no note
worthy action will bo apparent so long
as the metals do not touch; but if they
be brought in contact, or bo joined bv
means of a conductor, bubbles of hydro
gen gas will at once appear on tho sur
face of the copper, and the zinc will
more or less rapidly dissolve to form
zinc sulphate with the acid.
If the plates be separated, and the por
tion of the zinc which remains above
the liquid lie tested with a very delicate
electroscope, it will . be found to be
charged with negative electricity, and in
like manner the corresponding portion of
tho copper plata will be found to be
charged w ith positive electricity. Pro
fessor C. F. Bruckett in Scribner s.
ririitjr of Oil.
The fear that there would bo an oil
famine in the near future has been ex-
pressed again and again; but the figures
given by The Oil city Derrick and in
dorsed by BratUtreet go to show that
the Pennsylvania and Virginia belt alone
is practically inexhaustible. So far the
yield from this tract of 204 square miles
lias been over S-IO.COO.OOO barrels. Tie
cstiiuato is that the possible future yield
will not be far from 2.COO.CC0.C00. This
estimate makes no refeence to the fields
that exist in Canada, in Colorado, Cali
fornia and elsewhere, both at homo and
abroad. Tlie yield per square mile has
boon for fifteen years l.WW.OOO barrels.
There seems to lie no reason to fear that
the cil supply will fail before its eubsti
tute is fully established. Ut. Louis
Globe-Democrat. .
The ElflVt Tower.
The whelo tower could be lifted by
four men of average strengtli. The case
has been proved. When it was about
half its present height a few menuctually
did lift it. This is not humbug: tiie
thing is perfectly simple. The construo-
ticn of the tower is based on the canti
lever principle, and its bulk of C400 tons
is so adjusted as to press on Uie founda
tion with less weight than that of a man
in an armcliair on the floor.
Is the tower "beautiful? No. But it
has the erect," fragile looking elegance
of au olieliak not hewn out of rod granite.
but knit of dark hued meshes. Eiuilo
Michelet in Paru Uluslre.
l .lrl Ui 1. - J hv IwrlMHl
Tli-n, r- Sf OO l.nv 1. avA
American visitors were present to w it
Den evictions to-day on the Luiacurren
state. Tlie families of ei(rhf tenants
were put out of their burnt.
Don't Fail To Ses
Champion Mower and Binder,
0 the Street rrj Day Tiiii Week Alt
The Champion Hay Rake.
Before ym leave town be sure and go to
And examine his stork of
You will nud it on
Special Prtperation for Thin
Week I
Freb Green Groceries ETerj
88 S3 S3 8
Our name has been a household
word througliout Somerset couutj
for tlirec generations and it lias al
ways been tlie recognized head of
tlie Pry Goods Trade.
And will continue to lead, where
merit is rewarded and confidence is
not misplaced.
Our business has outgrown it's
quarters and we will have a
added to our already large store
room inside of sixty davs.
We are constantly making
iu some particular line for the ben
efit of our customers.
Call and see us during the week,
wc haro
Parker & Parker.