Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 18??-????, June 06, 1889, Image 1

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n FT T! "Tl
:.f i
il r
i C(
is -i
Vi'S i
o the Work as a Mere
latter of Business.
orpses Still Eemain in the
Dying Embers.
:ers on the field,
Mtrrr ! Ant liurlty ff the sver
,!ju I..-D. Ilastinir. Ietile. That
H Hern W h.desalc Lynching
:rliciii littler- Kitaldlsliel Alioiit
t n.' K.-cordd Thr. Hnn
a.irc nrse. I'ouu.1 at Nineveh
. r in the Mot-Riles Provision.
..tiling .milii in lsapldli Tlir
..h.iiia K.a.l Again Kuntiiiig
untitle Once Tlirlviii City.
.n . ,1 niic 5. Tin' Pittsburg
t t 11-iW llflioVed, will SUCI'l-ed
n-y.i'.j: the fir.' at the ruins in
(.sl-.ti.- hl'i lge llV IIOOI1.
,! tin,, morning was fearful to
ri pi- cannot found ti
m!1 c.ti-iit of tin' wciu' pre
, fa' t. !n li (Ulr looks at the
. !i-':i'!n '-'f and liitrilly knows
No one ran realize w hat
.l.s.-i.-r li" s-es In-fore him. A
:i 'neciie 1 1 i j ti the town,
-,. :!y''l ly :!:l.oi!
; r! ri- k. (1. ainl tin- ruins
irtjiw; iaiUti in tin- riv.r.
till- shore VI U HtV tllf
i l I unit bodies of llieil,
: : riiii irell lying Oil tilt' bank
r i...-. You cannot walk moiv
1 n , '.limit seeing a headless.
!tvl' lIy, or thi' charred
f"i iiii-r rsii"iit of Jolim;
... rescuer- came to the Issly of
iii I. l ikiil to lie Imnlly r-i x.
1ii. rc seemed to lie a smile
: which iit la any -wot
itl- in't limu 1() fi't
in I.. iy .f a woman, Iki in
m;v wa tin- inntlii-r of tin
.- liaillv liunifii a to !
Ji'll IhkIIi W'tTI' jiu kir!
i' I ill i -lie i'iil?i.
.ri l u; taken from the ruins
i .! -mi- eery live minute,
i nt iTi nt tJ.ut fifty
- mi tif liaflk.
'v ..f . o:t:n on the w.'st hiile
il.' liui. run out. ami the
i". Tn iie laiil on the jrroutiil.
".!,! of -otliii!i is -xie'tii
''ii;. ami if tin y lo not r-.iii-wuik
nf re-uini; the lioilii'
Mmiiin niiiih will have to t'
tV -t.-iK h ur;ii;c f rom the
"i miilivtlr lli.-tilli;;.
:i. Hasting Matiil that in
.Mir sturi.-s Mtl)lis!iiil in eer-
ii- r-t.itlie I'tlii't that there
'' ale lyin hin anil rioting
s,iti-lay. SaM iie: "Thex'
n't. rK ..f truth ami
i:.jur.' tllr .al-ls that V,!I'-:U
-n mi- lu re krums th..t there
. II! !li' "tatelllellts, l.ut the
Itoin In re have no means
:-' i: l'iriii;i;ion only tiirotiL'li
'!. 1 tlilnk Iiiere is enough
!!! In r.' ithout I'lil.lishiiij;
-iIiiiii.;! stories."
I .nii.u'fc 1 ritir Ieal li.
1 '-. .'uiie a. Swift I (avis,
' .-.i'i' !i.i.t. fonnerly of i'itts-
''' the itwiijrers m the
' ii In lay last. He says
"ir.K i'aiil-.n ami a frieml of
'i. N. .).. were ilniwiu il.
"I cat of the ear ami hail
lin y waiKeil for some
!. lai'liii,' it very iniiilily, le
lin ir ovi-r-iims.. ami jiist as
:!'! 111.- rarai;aill tlit-v lxitleisl
i.-iiiIult I ,t i...-
iav. they put their arms
r . ins (, ;:, , (,ls f.,,,,1
II- Mil ,l out of Klilt of
il:'- l o lv li ..... l.-.n
tliat of her fl-iem! w
ie 'iNtaiHV from the car.
. June 5. As it is iinnossi-
a i.. ,t of the iiea.1,
li lliis .11,1, ,( s f.,r
'!- of tin. iviK. J),, hjw
tiiirtvir r..ei.t. ........ ......
ft tlie ti...,7i .iMriets. ami
urn r.fl.imi. i.i o lir.j
t" U'-:!n !.n.i ,.,., j,.
' 1 IT..!.:. 1.1. tl,... .1.. -'il
a. tin' iivui;; :, . wH-uri'il.
"f Where f.wi ..iveii out
'ti ll in. n takin- the name I
' '; iin ris-eiv.. ai l. '
"" r. i:i-tiati.m ofij,., ),ave j
CT'-at w-rviee. I ,.. ..... .i i
'""I of ea, h otle and in. i
a Ini k .in, I i-..i i '
t ; , ; !
-- ...j.. ior xne wir-i
"'""! to n.,ir .ir !
''"I.s.-.,.,, TiV f,.w hHi,,,!
' their iri-n is or rela- !
,':i"r -M the ,.ur'li !
-t a h,':.,'i inarte'rs 1
... every live minutes 1
l-oi l, .., ,., xi( ai.ej
' 'M i-t..:,,. in tHS wav a!. I,, toasver-
inui i,.i,,u . Illencs. VMlelia
lianie i., n a.l an l any one knows hnv
thimr the person. l,e Kivm the in
formation, which U placed in a Ixiok for
that piirpos. This manner of oUainin
news has be, n verv satifa torv.
s"l Hi. ArwI Father.
Ji.UNsTf.wx, June 5. -Street ( -imi-Mo;.,
r II of V .Ivale t.-lU of hi, nar
rovy ,Mae. He it,j lis tW(1
father, a-eil s. ti,tt aJ ?il, liveil
opsisite the ehi iin. iil works in Johns
tow n. When 1. ,-! the liaill hu.l
broken he t.x.k his fath. t in his arms
nnil wild his family starte.l to tin- lull.
His wife went to J'iltsliuri- on Sunday
witli nothing on but a caheu wiapT.
)Ie says t lere were NO.) residents of
V, tiodvale, -uiU olilv aUiut 1 ."'. are sav'Lsl
Three Iltinitr. il lt.Mli.-s lturie.1.
J(iit-ih-, Juno 5. Tuesday was tht
day s. t a-sKie by the citizens' mtnniitt.
for th"- Imryini; of all the uni ii utili 'd
!eaii, that liave ls'ii lyim; in t!u
iiiorrui's since Sunday. At lo o'. l.s k tin
men who were in charge of the tuirvim;
startsl to work, ami have Ijti-n busy al
day. Tin-re are no pathetic M'eii"s at
tluss hun.-ils. The inen who have h 'er,
hiril to do the work seem to do it just
a a matter of business. The bodies arc
la'inx interred in the cemetery nearest
the phi?" v. here the Inslies were found.
At noon a procession of a'smt tilt)
cotlins was seen e,oine; up t.hf hill alsivt
the railroad. Tiiere w as not a inournet
present and the sif.-ht was a h:istlv om
to behold. It w ill take se ral days U
bury the bodies in the dilferent jrrav
yanls, as there were few graves dua
and no implements to .lis them w nh. A
larire d.-t n hment of men arrived from
1'ilLshure; and they were immediately
put to work at diuu'ini; graves.
AltoLTther alsmt l Issliiss were taker
to the different cemeteries.
t:v. re are !mrn .".urtj to tj.tKH human
K'myrs an-1 1i.m0 dumb animals sleeping
in the Muolderinpr dcliris. These figures,
added to the S.atx) (xsiies alreadv recov
ered and those uot yet found', would
hrins the awful total up to at le.iit
I3,0il"1. AVhile rossin: the mountain
yesterday from Sane Hollow lo Ji hns
t wn a corrpmnlcnt came acrow a little
knot of workmen eneaijed in luryinj;
lh" dead. In one immense tomh twelve
coffins were lowered. They were the
remains of a fevy of the unknown denil
wbieie idciitilv will never be known iu
this life.
OlM of (xmI'm Niihleiueu.
JullNsT. ivvn. June "). 1". A. (V!dt.
one of the lai ire di v pshls dealers here
had ulout tlie only store left from th
flood, li is s:iil iie had aUmt ?.t.lHH
worth of st.i k on hand, but gave it all
uuav lo the ihssl sutferers.
Ke. ..wry of ItiMtien l'rieee.tln Ifapi.Ity.
Johnstown, June .l.The list of cas-ualtn-K
in the vallev of the ( uiieniau;;!
jn-ows itii appalling rapidity, and a.
the piles of del ris at different points an
moved ad iitionat Unlies are brouj;lit t
the view of those encased in the ghastly
wiiivli. The work of recoverinf; tin
)iodi" is l'in e;irriisl on in h very sys
tematic manner, but flier.' are hundred
of Udies which will l- iiumliered
anions the unknown.
Hie Debrt. Must Ih KnmeiL
.Iiiiinstovvn. June ft. - Dynamite Juiii little
et.t l mi til.- tfiirir.-w-li.T.. s.i iiuiiiv v u-linis ..f
llie rt-xsl are l.tirnci tort.-atl.. Person wiTb
s.'nitiv.. i...s!rils dei Irtie c bat a sleti.-h is
aliv.-tev Hi isiu- irtiru II, anil il has nlnnr-i iwrn
(Ixiil.d Unit llicsi acres .lelitis must lt
leund. Tlierv seeing to be no oilier way Ui
i:vi i-Mi of ii.
A ftN-rtator'a KMImate.
Johnstown. June S.-Tcn thmisani) people
N v.iml n iloul.t sui-i imili.,1 t.itlic ravages of
tlie rt'iml." siiid Mr. I- Jti k. "and Instead ef the
ae'-eiil.ts -nt ..lit In tlie lHie-s iH-iliK en
..w''erated lltey ere the very reverse. 1 w as
on Itic str.-ts of Jolinstna ti' tell minutes le
!nre llitr I!'h-I in all lis fnrv burst tiftou the 'I.venty thousand lasipl.. h;-M
heard the fearful vvariijtn; tlutt the
i!ni was ntmut t( burs! and Were
teeme li flit- tiK.untain !'r safely. That
teire limu half (il them .-(iitl.l have . scaiksi lo
I tie his. i. r rtHinit la lure the aler siihtm-ruiil
t;.i'Vai:ev seetns In mean nhsnlille lll'lMis-i-hililv.
tot- tins reitsiu lain im-lined to
lieve wilh Adit, tieli. IIstins that htfiM hxm
have been Ixst.'
SilitMeen. In ttin May.
Jciiss7.iv , .Iiine S. -Tlie day iias Iss-n pro.
lilic ol iiiei.ii-iits nf mure than imiinarv inler-
est: I h. of l.latiin; the .e-hria troin .
aiiut It.e st.,(i,- liriiljr.' '.vus r.-aliy inl.-rfere:l :
wi'h b the iinm.'tise ii.iniU-rs'nf euriiliy i
seekers wh.i ihnnis'isi the br:.lL.'e. Aliollt'i
o'i lis k l.tenl. l-t'ir-at. ..imi'ia:ii:iii(f a weia.l ot '
the liflli r-iiiiieio. Nalmiiai oaarrls i.l I'eiin- ;
sv IvuniH. io.-tr( "ail u;-n I in- bri. I and draw- ;
on: his men in line ordered evcrMmdy tun th 1
lliillllainen Ireni liie'e mi tlie liaill nf m- j
slant (Lath. u.-li a s. atterinir a fi.ihm sl :
has net l-fii wiliiesstsi hvre slnei! the disaster i
is-( urred. j
li. rt. tl.isliairs s(M"it eonshierabletim.'at the
sc'.io..! h(ias(. iliit-.-t nib; the m. n. I he
h. i.rled general .-..uiit nut have lieel kin.h r. j
The iwM.r iM-Lpic intve l.-o rntsl luiove tiiis lusn.
and Ins ecjicrmis ('.ceil-. ili net Ik- fur-jnltcn. !
Ilea he sis-.tks. even w licit he an.n.l I. :
the lia-n. t 'lire is .ji an.l s.mis.lby m In.' '
t.Mies. and the pco;i!t. know it. I
Struns I'p by the rek.
,totisT.iw. .tune .V- T!.e i.hi'.iti.n.s of
lawlessness that laive taken iiace have lieel
liil.i. and .tinv et them a(is-ar cisch nere the i ine stun lais' e.,e is rti(rti.(I hea.
liis'ht Iruin Nl.eri.i.-m sia'i .u. live miles Is-low
.l.intl-t.ev Lewis I:. ..Mil. an III al th
I'.cdl.M-il lrs-I hn-l'ilai, is aiilhenty for it. A
li iie.-.i i;i a w .-(s i Hiis'iil imh'H real ill:; a c(iris...
and un-aT etn-e ttrwli.; uji bv tli-Mlisk hv an
ii.llli ialcii cruwil nn.l ti.ulied u il h lnilli ts
1 he aui ii.-i: v-t.r the story as a ar1ii ijianl
in the vencaii. e wreaked .iu the lieiei.
Wah:n;lonl:ini tsony Sin.OOO Worth,
Iteside twrtoad. of Clothlucwud fro.
visions The I'resldent Tresi.le. at .
M.-etiie and Makes a Feelln- Speeeti
C'tteerral Jj.ciatlon. from sany Othei
Sou roe v
Washington, 5fny 5. Tlie meotinc
for the relief of the Johnstown hiitterers
at Wil!.,rd s hall brought together many
irominent public otiicials, army anij
navy tdlioci'a and citir.ens and resulted in
pem roiLs cont : iliutions and donations of
nioiiev. provi-ions and clothing, l'resi
derit Ilarrisoii presided and ma ie a brief
but Impient and ijntiressive sts-h that
touched the st-nsilnlitie-i of all who heard
liiiu and elicited from his audience f 're
tient applause. His arrival iu the hall
was tlie iK-casion for loud applause. 1 'is
triet .'oinmisioiier IkuiL'la.s th
ims-timr to order and iniriHlucimc th
Iin-sideiit to the audience, invited linn ti
pr.s-i.le over the di lilK nitions.
President Harrison in takimr the chaii
sjioke a.s follows: Everywhere to-day
is distressingly conscious of the circum
staiues wnicli have convened this mis't-itiK-
It would U imiNissihle to stab
more imp:es-ively tiian the nevvspaTs :
have already done the dis;r 'iiii'4 inci-:
dent atteinliu the calamity which ha.- !
fallen tivm tlie ci'y ,.i Johnstown ami j
the neieh mriiis' hamlets c.a.l iin a !
lartre section of Pennsylvania sitnatnl i
UK.n the Stis-Ui hanna river. The j;i i:ij '
pencil of ! lore would be ina.leijuaie U. :
IKirtray toe I
Ifmrors of This Visitaliea. J
"In sti 'h inei titiLrs as we have h re in 1
the mdn.iia! ca dal and oth-r like oath- i
orinns that are taking place in all tin I
cities of this land, we have the onlv ravs ,
of Iio;n- and li dtt in the (;enei;il oo.m. ;
When such a ealamitous visitation falls ;
Ujion any .section of our country we car i
do no iiioi e than to put als.ut the dark!
pit tine the ";nl l.-n U.r.l.r ol love and!
chanty, j Applause. It is in such rir.t i
-as tlnsse that the brother!! "ml ot man is!
welded. And where is sympathy and;
lieip more appropriate th .n b.-re in th.'
national c:ii.l.d'r I am l !a I to s iv that
tally tills t, iiji'iiiri' fmiu a citv not long!
n'o d w ith pesiil nee. not loti ace ;
it-elf i'.pjs alinu: to the charitable -oih i
of the whole land fo.- rebel--tlie cilv of I
J.n ksonailie. Ha., tin r. cam
Jtiot at tlie ciose ot tne meetins; an
ct.ort was inade to j;isa resolutions
thanking the president lor hi services as
chairman of the meeting and for the in
terest he had manifested in the proceed
ing.: but the president Legged the
gentlemen who offered the resolution to
withdraw- it and then, declaring the
meeting adjourned, quietly left the hall.
Minor 4 fintri button.
r.leenwood Spiings, Colo., forwarded
Toledo has forwarded sixteen cars of
lumlier and two ears of cotton.
Two car loads of provisions and 200
men with tools arrived f r m Heaver.
The National Tulw wnks of McKecs
portsent tiity-tive negroes fullvei,i.ip(-,t.
1 lie are under full ciy from the
Dayton. O., telegraphed this i'lorning
that td . had been rais sj in uvi: min
utes fi r the' ii rs.
Van.Uili.iu tn the Mitr-ne.
JuIfNSTiiWN, June 5. The It-. v. IVale.
who has charire of the principal morgue
Ktuln that W.U otiluj LUot t uitat viui-a
italisiu is.ntiime toiK-cur throughout tht
ruins.' The depr.slations reach even t
the morgue, where numerous Individ
Uals have found their wav under th.
pretense of looking for d-'.-i-l fri'-n-is and
relatiws, and have eni:ai:iMl in picking
pm kels and extiaetiiig money from th
clothing of the dead. He say, that they
have a iinie tent. hard-working and
th.iroUL'hly hotnsit lot of ople there,
but they are unable to watch everything
that goes on. so that these gislle-s scotm
lrels can ea-ily pur.-ue their vocation, il
they use a little precaution, without b'.u
of debs tioii.
that tide of charity which Unwed toward
il in the time of it . in cd. in a telegram
from tin' Sanitary lieiief as-o. i.,: ion an
tliori.iug me f. draw tiivon thinn for
ii-.S''-is,i'orl'e rvli.'Xo tU4ii(a4-lviii)iJ.
.suiterei's. I Applause., tin is n.
time for sK-is h. While 1 t il ;, men,
wenic'i ;iiid children are siid'enn f(i
the relief which Ave plan to give. ( Ini
word or two of pract e il s i ;,;, stion and
1 w ill leave this ine. tin
lo give eileei 1 1 your impatient Nenovo
lence. I have a de-pat. h from t'ie gov
ornor of Pc:i:i-vlvama a Ivising me th it
comimrii' alio.i has ju t been op 'lie I
Willi v. ilU imsHiit, o:i a branea of tne
A TlirillhiK Story of tlie Km ape of Tn.
Mottiera an.l Tl.elr t liil.lren.
I'lTT-Bt U(i, June 3. Mr. W. A. I'raw-
I ford, a ook'rstovvn merchant, with hl
wife and laiuily arriveil in Pittsburg
I yesterday. His wife was one of the rs.
i cueit lrom the great Johnstown horror.
j Her 1- ur has turned white from the aw
f..i .i ..i... 1....1 i i
.... t.. n hi in r iiiiu nil- HHi.M wfllh HIlll
p.-.U'. Sir. Crawford tells the story of
their es a':
".My little family left me," lie said,
'two months ago for a visit ;n Harris
burg. On their way home they stopped
at Johnstown to visit friends, th:' family
of Jlr. John Fulton, general manager of
the t amhria Iron coin;any. They were
tin re w hen the flood "
And here Mr. Crtwford stopped.
There was all the nt-u;i emotion of the
siiss'tise and torture mid danger of
long hours aqii days in his faltering
voice. His trife came to his h dp.
"Yes. daughter and 1 were visiting
with Mrs. Fulton. Mr. l'ult m wasawav
at t omu'llsville. We had hail some warn
ing of the high water and had taken up
our aiieis. snouts and cries warned us
for our lives. We made for the roof of
the house. It was a thiee-storv brick
structure. How we got our children up
mere i snail never know, l rememtu r
Mrs. hultonwas the last to come III
through the hatchway to the roof: and
I that her clothing was drenched. lint
! there we were ut la-st. Mrs. Fulton, her
! two little girls, my (laughter and myself
an.l a must girl there alone uim.ii the
roof of that tlonlimr house, borne tijiuii
nv a iioimi oi ru-iiing waters.
"What did 1 do? 1 shut inv eves and
.a , .,. . c!asi my httle trirl ami tmtved. It
Hajor Forrnta Tlcrpfaa th CoTrnot
of th Depl )): situation of
th Popla.
HAEHT-iBrBr, June 3. Th following
toleraphic correspondence passed jes
teniay between liovernnr Beuvor and
Mavor Fureujan of AYilI.amsiKrt:
Wii,liamhimt. June 4.
.orF.R(n Bkavkb Ihr Hitutttion U th.:
TUv Nomii has iivn cMtrwl f frmlLe
prim ijiul the river and tut
niunurjwturtti umht-r ha lwn ivpt mwmv.
1 tie jou-H-Mot the iii)le nean-Ht th rivrhave
h-en rarril wnv with all thev xkshw?.L
ThouatMlxiif people are homelttAn ami wlth.Mit
aiivthintx but the clothe inm their . k:.
rrv!ionM are senne and need) quirkiy.
Many f our ieile are in absolute want for
tn-' iiertiw, icft if life.
We hwlly need 1 MnfertantR. Dead anl
Tiials and ail kindx of rtUh are -trewn upu liie
street.- and jfrave fears of an ertidemic are
ciiterttiim-d. Starkiifr KMMlt of wtoren in the
renter of the city nre ruined. It i ImposteiWe
to e-tlniale the low and damage To property,
five million ilol!art id a Vow estimate on lum
ber alone. Other le lancer. The wummnd-ittii-
country has suffered jurt a Iwnliy. KMn.-.
hruUeM and villuj; have reen weut "awa ano
tiie hw of life is conH:ilen.lle. Jitrltfe fiini
n. ins, trea-otirer of the relief fund, will be
leriinaU to the faithful distribution (if all
KMitrihutintis. KesiHinMihie rlief coiuniitteetf
ar now orimed in each wartl tn the city
and aid in aduitttiterd mm fant .ut we ifet it.
rien. io;l, ue are not 1ismaed, and rely on
Hit trMitiauco. the Keneromt v f our own At are
and country 10 aid uh in this the hour of dire
net w 1 1 v.
One thousand military tents will affird th
preaievt tm-"jtiie relief to our people who art
now without nhi ltcr. eini us veral Urge
tnesH teniM, w here we can feed the people in
L-irue nuiuiter. The low ground where the?
pcit;''' re-i.le i- annnlit place fur them to re
turn to for sanitary reasons.
(.SiK'i,c-l J MAYtMt FoHKHA.f.
The piv.-rnor rplind :
Hot irood cheer. Your ri-li.-ince is not mis
ni;ct d. inrtl and t iie ctinu. r Mill su-taiu von.
ill rea li yu with in ip h mhu a-Mimr-Comery
hriilL.'. can be cr-sr'd. Am loitdnn;
i art here with ttt.iir and rot-cri.-?., notwith
KiaiMlinir the prMirt' of our own stricken et
pie. ill teU-nnipii i'f-i.a tclphi al on-e lor
prviions and iiit,ectaiit-. I'nt y..ur unein
ptoved men to work in removing debris and
cieanitij: your city. 1 w ill furnish mnuis f.i
IHivuai llu-iH n-asonahlo wa-rrs am) this will
answer theuotihle purpose of preeiilinu liiie
ene arnl l;iw losnt-ss w hieh springs f nun Idle
ness. Ma not be aide lo -end uU tenia, but
may 1h- able to send c:tnv:is.
Iulic4 and Klrenieii ll-1(eved.
Johnstown, June 5. tliit f J. O.
Hrmvn of tht1 (Irpartni'iit of puMu
Kitli ty La arrival In-n wilh itns at
tiicmen and jmlire to rrlicvt- timsc
on duty wlid are titvd out. Th'r' ar1
KixUftt tirt'n-n under tin' control of
i hi'f Kvans. w ho n'lt.'VfH I liit f iM.N'h.
iKd.M tive Mara lias 4 liari'4f tlio fn-sl)
n.l 1 ;....t O. .i.r I. ,-. ,1...... ! vilie. l iie I
, , ' -..". a a I wMrclittur. but
aiH W OI K. Ml JTtl tl!!!!' lOU'"lN"I!l" Hl.
SiiirinUindi'tit RiLer )f th hall!i dtv
iKirtnu'rit and men arrivinl mi
Ktmt I milt and will rvort to tlie und
1'rider Martial Law,
Jotinjstow, .lunea.- The town it now in tht
ha mis ut the initio Hint he deputy Mheril'
and it i "ht- i.ikh t U..t j4iiinstK n never hao
tiHre prote'Uir- ol tt.e pi-ace wittiin her txnt-
er- ! h hi ' ti.t at prc-n(. I ne -hen II J;
l" ! i io-er c i.i rl a cl tlbil i ai law
The ''t'pm v shentt- and t hp jmiice nin ei. ol
1)ie tim n wt tT iciven oid. rt iiot tontiwan
en-' tv IMtMii.U it 'iiit--- ! the ii
prijH-r. i t -t iiM'uttes an tttmt with can?
a iff tiie nun u'lvi'ii t u !.)Ci-i.i -id iiat t(
tner'' v m t be tdiitvoi piii.icr . hy whn n tht
citv t- iji.w MV.'rrnit. Tiic dt'tmt i-ri stattsi that
t'n- utu;.i ripr.t a : i y ' ' I ' mi siu'ht whowa
f"'it:d in thy Jutii---- if the drowm-d pio;lt. th to-tt n-uard -;ji: at a r.ifiu win
r'fi-d to nt'ivi' awjty from the nla-'v wht r
he bin.:. The di l not 1ak'
ei(o l. Icit ; loan di !it't uivelhe. r.urd uii
'.Midav.nlli.i-ht ii.eenl.lmer. from Pitt-I "j"' :'' nT, atl t'lat ft h--s
li iri; iuiv- Ixru wrli'ij v.illi lire ln-t'e... It j III ihat S ;; ii Ut II 1VC I tH'tt apt allm-: tlial
i -kes.:.,. to-, -e a .o.i rem inad.- in On- :iiv lliousiillds of IiiiU tlicn art
ii'iriM'ii or in the iimit-, .iev tlie erii!ttiinl;iii
are i-nt into the Umu-s, hut one vii
i;-l ii. the blool -ifc.-ht. M.-n h;ive uot-
tell hi votid t lie :iuv W iieli U-mi-w rtiiU . Tl.c :nt :
too w t-ir anil it rriti.-d tti v.e p. In fact. ThoM' i itw,j ti re'h'Vc t it nt i-xMIpts.. Ho ad- I ininlf v rvsriicd. Tills is in leriff tin
scciipm !mt ft ni.tnii-nr. anoint-r ti citing
uotiM' Utre cia-hui down inNii u-t. v
could Ufl tin huu-e lieiieatli us parsing
out from under u.s, leaving us with the
ror alone Utwt-i-n u.s and th; water,
Ti.l TMat Mr Plvinjr way. 1
thoulit it was death wt fa d. and tuv
hewrt wns Lr-'aking for tny little Kirl and
for my luiiiand And lien Mr. t 'raw-
ion nnTiKtM, teanrnr the nervous
in v.,urhipMsl,.;:,luI, ,l,,,s Wif,'l u . , v eiii.s eiiouim. in? bain. Illfsa.
two women and four girls, wilh noth
ing left them but the frail rthif in that
h i rilile rloo I, were saved. With ih-s-p
rate Mrenth. taking their little ones,
tiny made their way to another roof
against which theirs swung, and from
that were taken into the tinner st irv of
i house not driven trom its foundations
ll. meles, ninl IN iiuil.-.s. I XI,, -re they si ivisl. pu ked in a darkemsj
And tiiat there is an immediate call fot ! hall all night, and from there thev were
w ht) Im e hM f netei ;t;tMar to !w nimt hel ie, tleep "Imvii in h'lr l.eitf!, t lierc IS alt llfh-
iiW pain tlial cm never he hcahtl.
of fM 1 tin', i stoiy.
ne I.e t Out of a I amlly of Ten.
Johnstown". June ."i. A family of ten
jMrNons name 1 Ii'iher came here last
Velnesilav from wmie town in Khode
Island. The father an-l M'Vetal moils se
ctin tl work in liie i'amhria iron (lks.
All were drown, d ex- t pt Havry. lo ye:ir
oltL The little fellow has heen taken
rharp of hy a kindly diihMni lady hv
ino nut of town. The Uy savs he Jiar
an uip le named Thomas' 1. J'ui;h living
iu Westerly, K. I.
Still IHcxiiMt Out the Oeat.
JtH::-Tow , "i. Rr-lies wrest It hin '
retoeret khvifii Nt r lorencc and Joiin I
tow iu So far t ouLi In-it-arte-d in -Tjws;
Inive been found at iJcrry. Ittflivcr or h!air-
ple Hi tliew places art) -0.1 ;
loe mid ili dn l mi clci l. .
that not hmw: of an a'-eour. uii bcdine. i
Al M-imMMlli Minif lo - itaiinf in Oie -t.imi '
the - Wteiirlhed another corpse. A In tut fifteen
were pfn'-n1 j ni i piai-e an -ei rier. !
At Nineveh nine p.ore !mmIm-s wetV I.ii.-.i..
One wu re (.-riiel a Miir liarncv tFf tirtKMi-
burtf. Aboiit i" hodte are now l!iitf 1 Or 1
l'ate. The conquer s clerk h? tj lauaics til j
-tioi i ne ocuti.
S it TH Fohk. June 5. A ntimlier of
minors have Iss'ii flying around as to
Set t"i.Ml Ht a Mel.
Ji iHNstiiwn. June .1. A man who was
employed by t apt. Jones was discovered
purloining valuable In in a roidence.
) le was set uui by an infuriated mol
of workmen.and but tor the itit.-i vei.tmn
of Capt. Joti.-s he would have been hung
up to the nean-st telegraph jxile. He wa
si nt to the lockup ntt- r la ing s.-archi'd
l v Capt. Jones. This is the
riilv time the s'ae' was di-turls d on
this side of the river up to noon.
At Cambria Citv over .VI Huniiarian
houses were ran ii'd away, and f !"
Iluiieanans employed iu th mill over
.en-half are missing. Spkarae denien
the stori.'S that the Huns are robbing,
and hays they an- inhumanly
and Millie are in a starving condition
without food or rlothing. and are like dogs when they apply for
At letii t to SIiihiI stionla.
I JoHvsTovv x. .ii iie I.nte vcter liiv aft. r-
nii ::. II eiier r.-tcirT.-d that llin-ve had j
I ii. -I re'.iin-d lie- liil-li:. nd's irr.-tve. A n.vvH fel- !
li'M.dliie He:ieitl llll.t iillil-crs Id lie seelje. t
I 1 li.-re were -ix men e.illtl.-el 'd viilb lh ;
KiMiei-v. Tlicv were I'Tsjnai'ly nrresied. and j
; w hiic an tie-ir a:.y to . lie ii-rn ut llen-lia-l-!
i inirs a tri'iil lemaa pnllerl tils revolver and
vellisl. ",.w ."i d'.-, ..'! crave reldier-. Iml !
In-. .i-fel n. I sd tile, anil Ivf .rr he is .aid -le.; !
as'a.i' ti.e ''.( is, l,.id I nrnisl amain! and lliev '
at ii'iee rcsiiinc-l tin- ii i-s r li-itid and plae.d 1
tlx O men ill lie- hal.d- of tile R
t In-.-, iii-d I'lIkiiI in a teiiijN.rur jttil .
I.r Ha' piirixe. .
vis. tne that
ran he hast 'I v gathered lu re sl,,ul. Is
wilt via to W'illiamsiHirt
w here tin y wiil la' distributed. I sug
gest, therefore, that a committee ! idn-
stitutisl naviii; in char'e the Ms-cdv 1 w hat had Is-come of two or thns- of the
collection of .inicles of foo I. Th s--1 Pittsburgers w ho were siipi-n'd to have
casion is such that the bells mi-lit well ; bts n at the lake. Th 're were but tnree
li' rung through your streets to call the : or four gentlemen there, and they went
attention of the thought les to this grctit j overland to Cresson and fmm there east
j exigency, in order that a train load of ; and are presumably now at Pittsburir.
i provisions may In-iiispitti lied to nie.t or 1 Col. Ciller started east Monday for the
i in the 1'iirly inorying to this sutlcring purtvose of reaching Pittsburg ia the
i ieople. 1 suggis-t s..condly as many of j I'hila lelphia A F.rie. He was deeply
iueHsipie nav nan me entire iiirnisii- grieveit over tlie altair. A story pre
ingsof their hou-es swept away and have j vailed here that the Pittsburg (sports
now only tcmiiirary .shelter, that a com- man's club had failed on an indemnify
mittee ! anK.iiit.'d to collei t sueli I ing bond of i,(MHi,ll0l, but it proved "to
artii Ie of cloihim:. ami esi-ial!y Is dlla- incorrect. Another story is
clothing, as ran lie span d. Now? that ! iu circiilatii u that the " dub
the summer season is on it ran hardly be ' intends to at once coin-
that a house in Washington can t spare ; ineiieo to ri ivair the ilamage done the
a I'lanKit or a coverlet. .Mid tliirii, I
suggest tlii.t from the slil-tamial busi
nesit men and Uinkers there le apKintcd
a loiumiifi e who shall collect money,
for alter the first exigency is passed
there w ill lie found in those communities
verv many who have lost their all. who
will need aid in the reconstruction of
(heir demolished homes ami in furnish
ing them so that thiy may lc a.'aui in
habited. Need I Ki v in c. inclusion that
It(.lii;lit I. round for a t'emeterr.
(fl!t:rNl!t'H'f. June 4. Rev. I).
SSl... .:-,.r lin.r !.,.. of it... .Itton.v
disiriet of to- C. B. church, wife and a a tenipirarV , tt.Zen of U ash.ngton it
daiuht. r. Ki i-s-ea. aul nieoe. ralna w""1,1 -''"' n' gntit satislacti.m if the
Mi.srer. who lived in Curnsvillc, a;!,l "aHonal capital should m. generoiisly
who were in I he flood, but ar- i pl''". - this ral of our .listresd f,l
rivel here vestordav and are at thr ' 'V' "un "s a" U "-I" ""Us among
r.-i.ience of their son. Ma. k. Kd. l,it.-- ",c ' ;l'l t",f "lr Al'l-lans, .
field and tsife of this riiy, who well j The I'resi.lent sen 1 His 3!lt.
visiting in Johnstown, and who wen- n-1 f..t. that as I am now callingfor con drowned, an safe. A force of tributions. I should sav th; t on Suur-
n lett Here yest. ruay utlernoon j,,.. wi. ti,--t m.i.i isisl of tin .lisnster
Morse. Carta "I Va-n Slilpe.l.
Pitt-bi kh. June V-i-The 15. & O. !
lljiilroad rompanv sent out " cars if
liiinlaT. ho;-ses. carts, wagons, hoisting !
engines, and lls of all kinds forremov- j
ing the n k. Jw. p.e ars oi .vi- ( nn!ta imtneihate
sn.iis .'irrivtsl at Johnstown to-dav, sent : over a iiirect v i:
for Nineveh to dig trencln-s and bury the
dead who are not idetitiliisl. The nm
inissioners of W. stmori land, Cambria
and Indiana counties have Isiuht a
trai t of ground there for a cemetery.
The to.venior Wake. t"i.
Pirrsiit'R'i. June 5. Tlie following
telegram has be'n rei'eive l by the relief
comniilt.'e. in resjioiise to one sent ask
ing the governor for aiJ:
Wal. Mei'rocry, F.s.j., llltstiurif. l'a.:
JlH e ni.nle rr-iiiisiiion fur Tlave
Llimieiil on tlie iireshtciil
v in endeavor to k.-i up
at Johnstow n. I Id'-graphed a sui scri
tion to the mavor of that citv. I do not
like to siieak of anything so jiersonal as
this, but I felt it line to myself and to
you thai I should say so iirt.rh as this."
Alter the president roneluileii his ud
diess, a numlaT of vice presidents,
wcrctaries and the treasurer of the incrt
ing were seh-eted and working com
intttii'8 w.-n' appointed. It was an
i nthusiastie meeting and the resjmnses
to the president's call for immediate sub
scriptions were -rompt and hla-ral. The
district Uir gave SVi. Attorney '.ieneral
t Hru. . Ok sent ailotlier ' iirsimjuim in o -. nun. i.u.i . eiin i.i i-iear sillier i". Jolin VV . 1 lloln nson S-.IIO,
i.iroi nrovisious anu i iiiniiun; .uii-u i ,,..
tw o more cars of tiiiso llaii.sMis tirovi- i 1 her.' should is.- ihm!.
int-iiiiiiii:li. Hue lour
e-ojerT!e and 1 a-l!l pay e.v s-les-s.
h.'iii.l is: nod. -lav. J.VMKS A. iir.AV fc.H i
si. eis and clothing, l'smth v Minn -nt , W hen this was receivisj the tn -misTS ,
out ft HI lalmrers. 'of the committee present congratulated !
Itheliislves uimti tne promts.- of rdief. ,
; one saying. "11 has waked up at last." ,
I .Y.XKI tlte lit.sit IC.llmate.
JulIN -TOWN. June a. The lat. st esti
mate of the nuiiilicr of : olios I uriel
laue:ith tne ruins at the stone in id -e is
bv .sui.-riiit nd. tit Pat Ion of the 1
1 . i. . i ... i.
Iretru. lions have t-s-en i--uisl from
Ottawa to fi ll as.- the captun d Ameri
can schooner Ma tie Winshipat l.'alilaT
savs hethinkn at lis? least calculation ' turity for her vaJ je.
and Ohio railroad. .Mr. Patton j Uon the l inted States yotiul giving
National Metmisilitan bank .sVn. Na
tional Hank of iiepuhlie 'Vm, I"rivate
Ss n'tarv Halford s'".0, Sivretary Noble
s-"d. C. II. la-nion S.VKI. Ilain rult lavis
M'i'i. Srrit.iry and Mrs. Proctor s"o
and Auditor John I t:m h -sluo. V great
niim'yrol' citizens i:.-cniasl sb u. An
ngLI"- gate of S. 10 ls W;.s sui M l iKd.
1 i -roups more valuable than th money
Mi:eriptioi:s w. re the large ipiantlties
ol fa.l and clothing donated tiy scores
of men bants thniULrhout the citv.
' 'ilni r' Vi,t, Js
Jnstlee t.rav Married.
Wa-h i, .T, ,x Jlmi. j ustice Cray ol
the I nited Stat.-s suprciue court and
Miss J.annett" Matthews, daughter of
the lat" Justice Matthews, were married
at the bride's residence last evening. A
large ntimla-r of distinguished guest
witns.sed the ceremony.
Soldier. ilizentv, l'niviuna and Monej
Sent t. Aid t'ie Johnstown SniTerera,
PlTTsfU liu, June 5. Sixteen passen
ger cisiches on the Pennsylvania road
were standing on the Liberty street
tracks last evening waiting to be loaded
with lalairers to n-nder whatever assist
ance they could at the scene of the flood.
A- rsdfepmiin stool ut the' entrance of
etic-h roach to see ihat no mere curiosity
seekers and loungers Uiarded the train.
Wagon load after wagon load of meat,
bread and other solid provisions were
also lieing loaded into the express cars
and roach -s. The men who go to give a
helping hand are coiihms1 of nearly
every nationality of the world. Eurli
man carried a iiich ax. shovel or crow-
inn street was packed with riti-
zens widening tie- molly rnwd, and
when the tram started a cheer went up.
The men are under orders from the
Chamlier of Coniinen-e. The train
started on its destination alxilltU o'clock.
At 1 o'clock in the afternoon four
eompanii-s of the Fourtivnth regiment
left the Cnion depot for Johnstown,
(iovernor leaver having l-alled for them
early in the iiiorniig. At 4 p. lit. other
members who missed the first train left
to join their romrades.
Telegrams have lieen passing between
inciuliers of the relief here
and at the scene and between railroad
otiicials. One of these eseeially is not
calculated to lie reassuring, and is little
less than alarming. It was from a mein
lierof the relief corps there, and said:
"For (.oil's sake hurry the triaips. The
situation here is indescriliable."
lake, and this story created the most
intense excitement, and around the sta
tion several men emphatically stated
that they would shoot the first man that
ever attempted to r'iair it. As far as
has la-en learned by the expressions
made .South Fork would not he a very
pleasant place, to say the least, for any
member of the club to le just now. for
the expn-ssion appears to lie general that
had they exen iietl protier care tlie acci
dent would never have is-curred. The
Cambria county courts were to have
oa-iiel on Mondav. but oil account of
tin; terrible calamity and the loss of a b
the indictments with liistriet Attorney
kosi- it w ill lie po-tpmed and an effort is
to le made to have the grand jury rail
the attention of the court to the accident
to see who is n-stiisibIo.
The loss to the Peiii..sylvania road will run
np into millions.
,ov. Heaver tins ordf red all memhers of !dn
stall tore.irl lo tiim at -loll ti-l.iwn at once.
. A. K. tjosis are responding liberally to the
fluid. Many of their comrades have found
watery aTaves.
.Many ot the rescued survivors have arrival
in I'lltshtinc and are lomfurlalily housed by
kind-heart. 1 .-iti.ens.
t'harles II. la-wolf, atravrling man fmm Al
tisH.a. is slill no, and it is l.lieve.1 ho
MTishe.t In I he waters.
The linns were not the only ones who were
irniily of mhtiimt the dead. Many trofessiiiu.l
I li lev es were ou the w-elie.
Three h lltdred mure rwvdies were found yes
terday atleriioon opposiTe Ninev.-li. 'this
makes Ten found at Ihat
Nine thousand persons out of :u.UO recorded
their names at the twelilv-nve reinslrv olfu .-s
opened 'f'ues.;ay nioruinv for the liviitu.
Alleeheny t'ilv sent six car loads of nrnvl.
sions to Johnstown this niornimr. Over toill
;a inoiM')- was also sent f roui the aanie city.
S. B. Hradford, of l'ittshnric, who was re
ported .Irov lied, rclurt.ed Iiohh: at a lale hour
Tuet-day niiciit. conuni; hy way of fcrie, I'u.
A woman was taken into a uiorirne with fill
in Bold and silver on her iwrson. she iirolu.l,K-
knst her lite in the allempl to save her money.
ThelK.lyof J(Reilt the first victim of
the Mood, lias lasen nssivered. Hoss was .-rs-intc
the street ou a uiuie when the Hiaal cauiiht
Manv heniie men are utterly worn nnt. Imr.
irut heen on duly constantly from the tirst.
Many of them fali to the earth from sheer
Pittshuruers have rstahlished a hank at
.lohiistown and will reteive all cnntrihul kuis
and haiHileall warrants ordered hy the .r.per
It will take weeks to ascertain the total
numtier dn.w-ned. Well-intormed people al
Johnsiown iill lnlst that lu,im is nut piacints
the number any tun hiKiv.
MaJ. Frank K. Patterson has teieirrapbetl le.
friends in I'ittshunt tu-a his wife and chil
dren, w ho wenr reported on the day ex
press, are safe at Kbensburif.
For the first lime since the flood rnmmunt
ration hy the l'enlls Ivania railroad was re
established Is'tweeii the stricken and the
oulsele world on Tuesday n.M.n.
Wili Hee.1 of 1'iltshurtf has tas-n sworn in aa
mayor of Johnstown by lien. Hastimr.. Ills
nrst otticiat a-l was to dose all the saloona
and empty what stray whisky he could Unit
into the nver.
The wa'er di'iiartments of Pittsbarv and Al
leaheny and many pmiidnerit phywi. lann nrice
every lamily in the eily to use no t-ily water
fur driiikini; and culinary purgioMn unlew it
has first been littered and distilled.