North Branch democrat. (Tunkhannock, Pa.) 1854-1867, September 07, 1864, Image 1

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    HARVEY SXCULljDEJYl^'iorrletor.}
'llaillj ftoanrji flentofrah
A weskly Democrati
paper, devoted to !'ot y).
tics. News, the Arts j
end Sciences Ac. Pub- ■. RLA.J * iL '
fished every WeJnes- As jwiiiPmU
day, At Tunkhanuock, fSpj jfyVw
Wyoming County, Pa. WV * fJI—D
Terms —1 copy 1 year, (in advanced 51.50. I
not pain within six months, $2.00 will be charged
10 lines or ,
less, make three i/our two <three ) sir | one
one square ieecks\ireekspno' th :mo' tie mo' th [year
1 Souaro LO'F 1.2 V 2.25 2.9:' 3,00 ! 5,00
2 do 200 2.50; 3.25 3.50 4.50' 6,00
3 do. 3,00' 3.75, 4.75; 5,50 7,00 9,00
i Column. 4,09* 4,50; 6.50' 8.00 10.00', 15,00
do. 600 "-00 10.00 12.00 17,00. 25,00
do B'oof 9,50f 14,00, IS,OO> 25,00; 35,00
1 do. 10,00} 12.00! 17,00' 22,00' 29,00' 40,00
Business Cards of one square, with paper, S3.
JOB wortiv
of all kinds neatly executed, and at prices to suit
the times.
fhtsititss IfltitfS.
1 Tunkhannock, Pa. Office in Stark's Brick
Dlock, Tioga street.
V v fice in Stark's lirick Block, Tioga St., Tunk
hannock, Pa.
LU LAW, Office on Tioga street, Tunkhannock
• Newton Centre, Luzerne County Pa.
la at " ' - VERNOY
Merhrsr>7>en Sept IB 156'.
Office on liriuge Sireet, next door to the Demo
crat Office, Tunkhannock, Pa.
.T C. BEC K l .Il .
Would respectfully announce to thi - ilizensof Wy
tning th-it he has io -ated at Tunkh inno k wh er
ho will promptly attend to all calls in the line o
his profession.
Ur" v.- ill b found at home on Saturdays
:uih weo
I 'HIS vstaltlLhuicnt has recently been refitted and
furnished in the latest vie Every .otention
will he given to tin* comfort und ••onvenience of tie se
ir'ao patronize the Jlou-ie.
T B. WALL, Owner and Prej rietcr.
Tunkhannock, September 11, 1361.
Wm. 11. CORTKKHIT, I'rop r
{ T .VYING rcunied the proprietorship of the above
.1. Hotel, the undersigned will sji.ire no effort to
render the house an agreeable place of sojourn for
*ll who may favor it with their custom.
Jane, 3rd, 1^63
ifiinits Hotel,
towaltcba, PA..
The MEANS HOTEL, i-one of the LARGEST
nnd 13EST ARRANGED Jli>ujes in the country —It
is fitte-1 up iu the most modern and improved style,
and no pains are spared to make it a pleasant and
agreeable stopping-place for all,
v 3. n2I. 'v
\ T OILMAN, has permanently located in Tunk-
IVI. Vianncck liwrough, and respectfully tenders his
professional services to the citizens of this place and
urroundiDg countrv.
ITff Office over Tutton's Law Office, near the Pos
Dec. 11, 186/.
ESS than 30 days, the worst cases of NI KVOL'SNESSS
in potency, Premature Dacay, Seminal Weakneos
Insanity, and all I rttiary. Sexual, and Xcrv
Affections, no matter from what cause producedus
Price. Gne Dollar per box. Sent, postpii J, by mail
o receipt of an order. Address,
Station D, Bible House
New York. I
n3l-3m. M. k Co,,
A GENTLEMAN, cured of Nervous Debility. In- i
competency, Premature Deeay and Youthful Error] |
actuatee by a desire o benefit others, will be happy j
to furnish to all who need i:, (free of charge ), the j
recipe and directions for making Ihe simple remedy j
used in his case Those wishing to profit by bis, and |
possess a Valuable Itemed*, will reieivo the came, '
by return mail, (carefully sea led.) by addressing
„ . No- 60 Nassau street, New York.
y 1 ILLS are the only Reliable Remedy for all <* the Seminal. Urinary and Nervous Sys-
Try one box, and be r-ur.-d ONE DOLLAR
1.1/ box perfect a cure, or money re
*aaed. sent by mai l on receipt of pr j cc
Station D. Bibl# Poaso
Now York,
41-H-3a | .U A gtnt
(Dfficc uf Jutcntfll gfDCQOf.
From and alter August I, 1864.
Stamp Duty.
Acknowledgement of deeds exempt,
Affidavit 5 cts.
" in suits or legal proceeding exempt.
Agreement or A ppraisemen'(for each
sheet or piece of paper on
which the same is written)... 5 cts.
Assignment or transfer of mortgage,
lease, or pokey of insurance,
the same duty as th® original
44 of patent right 5 cts.
Bank Cheat, drafts or orders,&c., at
sight or on demand 2 Cls.
Bills of Exchange, (Foreign,) drawn
in,but payable out of, the Unted
Slates, each bill of set of three or
mote, must be stamped.
For every bill or each set, where
the 6um made payable does not
exceed one hundred dollars, or
equivalent thereof in any foreign
curreuryin which such biHs may
be expressed, according to the
standard of value fixed by the
United States 2 Cts.
For every additional hundred dol
lars, or fractional part Thereof in
excess of ODC hundred dollars
(Foreign) drawn in, but payable
out o', the United Slates, (if
drawn singly or in duplicate.)pay
the same duly as Inland Bills of
[The acceptor or acceptors of any
Bill ol Exchange or,order for the
payment of any sum of money
drawn,or purporting to be drawn
in any foreign country, bul paya
ble in the United States, must,
before paying or accepting ihe
tame, place thereupon a stamp
indicating the duty.J
Bills oj Exchange, (Inland.) draft or
order, payible otherwise than at
sight or on demand,and any pro
missory note, whether pm.ibie
on demand or at a time designa
ted, (except bank notes issued lor
circulation, and checks and
intended to be and wh 100 shail be
forth with presented tor payment)
for a sum notexcceding one hun
dred dollars 5 cts.
For every additional §IOO, or trac
tto nai pat t thereof. Sets.
[The warrant ol attorney to confess
judgment on a note or bond is ex
empt from stamp duty, if the
note or buud is properly stamp
ed. ]
Bills of Lading, of vessels for ports
of the United Slates or British
North America exempt.
" or receipt for goods, to any
foreign port 10 cts
Bill of Sale of any vessel, or part
thereof, when the consider*
tion does not exceed five
hundred dollars 50 cts.
4 < xceeding §SOO, and not
exceeding §I,OOO §1 00
44 exceeding §I,OOO lor each
500,0r Irac'ionai part there
(4 50 cts.
44 of personal property (other
than sh p or vessel) 5 cts
Bond, personal, for the payment of
money. (See Mot (gage)
41 official §I,OO
41 for indemnifying any person
for the payment < f any sum
of money, where the money
ultimately recovt rable there
upon is §I,OOO, or less 50 cts.
14 Where the money recover
able exceeds §I,OOO, fur ev
cry additional §I,OOO, or
fractional part thereof 50 cts
Bonds. —County,city,and towu bonds
railroai and other corpora
tion bonds, and scrip, are
sul ject to stamp duty. (See
44 of any description, other
than such as required in le
gal proceedings, and such as
are not otherwise ehrageu in
this Schedule 25 cts.
Certificates of depo in bank, sum
rot exceeding one hundred
dollars 2 cts.
44 of deposit in bank, sum ex
ceeding one hundred dollars. 5 cts
44 of stock in an incorporated
company 25 c8.
44 general 5 C , B .
44 of record upon the instru
ment recorded exempt
44 of record upon the book.. .exempt
44 of weight or measurement
of animals,coal wood, or oth
er articles, . xcept weights'
anJ measurers' returns exempt
>; of a qualification of a Jus
tice of the Peace, Commis
sioner of Deeds, or Notary
Stamp Duty
?übl'C 5 ct'
" of search of records 5 eta*
" that certain papers are cn
file 5 cts.
44 that certain papers cannot
be found 5 cts.
44 of redemption of land sold
for taxes 5 cts.
" of birth,marriage,and death s'cts
* of qualification of school
teachers 5 cts
44 of profits in an incorporated
company for a sum not less
than §lO and not exceeding
§SO 10 cts
" exceeding §SO, and not ex
ceeding 1.000 25 cts.
" exceeding §I,OOO, for addi
tional 1,000, or fractional
part thereof 25 cts
" of damage,or otherwise.aml
and all other certificates or
doqjiments issued by any
porf warden.marine surveyor
or other person acting as
such 25 cts
Certified Transcripts of judgments,
and of all papers recorded or
fui file 5 cts.
[N. B.—As a general rule,
every certificate which has,
or may have, a legal value in
any court of law or equity,
will require a stamp duty c-f
5 cts.]
Charter putty, or letter,memorandum
or other writing between
the captain, owner, or agent
of any ship, vessel,or steam
er, and Any other person,re
lating to the charter i.fhe
same, if the registered ton
nage of said ship, vessel, or
steamer does not rxceed one
hundred and fifty ions.... §IOO
44 exceeding one hundred and
fifty tons,and not exceeding
three hundred tons 300
" exceeding three hundred
tons,and not exceeding six
hundred tons 5 00
" exceeding six hundred tons 10 00
Check, dra r /, or • rder for the payment
of any sum of money exceed
ing SIO, drawn upon wiy"*"* 1 '
person other than a bank, •
banker, or trust company, at
sight or on demand 2 cts.
Contract (See Agreem< nt.)
'• Br ker's 10 cts
Conveyance, deed, instrument or,
writing, whereby lands, ten
ements, or other testify sold
shall be conveyed, the actual
value <4 which does uol ex
ceed §SOO 50 cts.
11 exceeding §3OO, and not ex
ceeding §I,OOO §1 00
4 ' for every additional §SOO, or
fractional part thereof in ex
cess of §I,OOO 50 cts.
Endorsement of any negotiable instru
ment exempt
Entry of any goods, wares, or mer
chandise at any custom
house, either for consump
tion or warehousing, not ex
ceeding one hunhred dollars
in value 25 cts.
44 exceeding one hundred dol
lars, and not exceeding fiVe
hundred dollars in value. ... 50 cts.
" exceeding five hundred dol
lars in value §1 00
" for the withdrawal of any
goods or merchandise from
bonded warehouse 50 cts
Gangers'* returns, if for quantity not
exceeding 500 gallons, gross 10 cts.
" exccedidg 500 gallons 25 cts
luSUra ce, [Marine, Inland, and fire]
where the consideration paid
for the insurance, in cash,
premium notes,or both, does
not exceed ten dollars 10 cts.
" [Marine, Inland, and fire.]
exceeding ten dollars, and
not exceeding fiuy dollars.. 25 cts.
44 [Marine, Tnlaml and Fire,]
exceeding 50 |dol)ars. 50 cts
Insurance, (L fe,) when the amount
insured does not exceed si,
000 .. 25 its.
44 exceeding §I,OOO, and not
exceedi 5,000 dollars .... §1 00
" limited to injury to persons
while traveling exempt
Lease of lands or tenements, where
rent does not exceed §3OO
per annum 50 cts.
44 exceeding §3OO, for each ad
-44 ditienal 200 dollarp, or frac
tional part thereof in excess
of 300 dollars 50 cts,
44 perpetual, subject to stamp
duty as a "conveyance.' * Ihe
stamp duty to be measured
by resolving the annual ren
tal into H capital sum.
44 clause of guaranty of pay
ment of rent, incorporated or
indorsed, five cauls addition
Manifest for custom hou# entry or
Stamp Duty,
clearance of the cargo of
any ship,vessel.or steamer for
a foreign port, if the register
ed tonn nge of such ship,ves
sel, or steamer does not ex
ceed 300 tons §1 00*
44 exceeding 300 tons, and not
500 tons 3 00
44 exceeding 600 tons 500
Measurers' Returns, if for quantity not ex
ceeding one thousand bushels 10 eta.
44 exceeding one thousand
bushels 25 cts.
Mortgage, trust deed, bill of sale, or
personal bond for the payment
of inoneyexceeding §IOO and not
exceeding §SOO 50 cls
" exceeding §SOO, for ev
ery additional §SOO, or frac
tional pait thereof in excess of
SW) 50 cts.
Pawners 1 I hecks 5 cts.
tension Papers.— Power? of attorney
and all other papers relating to
applications for bounties, arrear
ages of pay, or pensions, or to re
ceipt thereof. exempt.
Passage Ticket from the U. [5. to a
foreign port costing not more
than §35 50 cts.
Passage Ticket from the U. S. to a
foreign port, costing not mora
than §35. and Exceeding §SO. §1 00
Passage licket for every additional
§6O , or fractional part thereof ir.
excess of §SO §IOO
Power oj Attorney to sell or transfer
stock, or collect dividends there-
on 25 Its.
Power ot Attorney, to vote at elec
tion ol incorporated company .. 10 cts.
Power of" Aftoi ney to receive or col
lect rents 25 cts.
Power of Attorney to sell or convey.
or rent, or lease real estate §1 00
Power of Attorney for any other pur-
P' ,Bc ' 50 cts.
Probate of Will, or letter of Adminis
tration, whe r e the value cf real or
personal estate does not exceed
§2,00 SI 09
44 for every additional §I.OOO,
or fractional part thereof in excess
of §2.000 50 cte.
44 b nds of executors, admin
istrators guardians, and trustees,
are each subject to a stamp duty
OF si 00
44 certificates of appointment. 5 cts.
Protest upon bill, note, check, or
draft 25 cts.
Promissory Sote. ( Se Bills of Ex
change, Inland.)
44 deposit note to vautual in
sur.inoe companies, when policy
subject to duty exempt
44 renewal of, subject t u same
duty as an original note.
Quit Claim Deed, to be stamped as a
conveyance, except when given as
a release of a mortgage by tho
mortgagee to the mortgagor, in
which case it is exempt,
Receipt for the payment of any Sum
of money or debt due exceeding
§SO, or lor the delivery of any
property 2 cts.
44 for satisfaction of any mort.
gage or judgment or decree of any
court exempt
Sherifps return on writ, or other pro
cess exempt
Trust J)eed,m<iile to secure a debt, to
besiamped as a mortgage.
14 conveying estate to uses, to
be stamped as a conveyance.
Warehouse Receipt for cov goods,
wares,or merchandise.not other
wise provided for, deposited or
stored in any public or private
warehouse, not exceeding §SOO
in value 10 cts.
44 exceeding §SOO, and not
exceeding §I,OOO 20 cts.
4 ' exceeding §I.OOO lor every
additioual §I,OOO, or fraction
al part thereof in excess of
§I,OOO lOcte.
44 for any goods. &c., not oth
erwise provided lor, stored or
deposited in any public or pri
vate warehouse or yard 25 cts.
Writs and legal documents:
Writ, or other original process by
which any suit is Commenced in
any court of record, either of law or
equity ? 50 cts.
Writ, or other original process issued
by a court not of record, where the
amount claimed is §loo,nr over.... 50 cts.
Upon every confession o. judgment
or cognovit for Sloo,"r,ovt#r,e v -*pt
incases where the tax for a writ has
been paid 50 cts
Writs, or other process on appeals
from justices'courts,or yther courts
of inferior jurisdiction, to a court of
record 50 cts.
Warrant of distress, when the
amount of rent claimed dees notex
ceed § LOO 25 cts.
Warrant of distress, whan the a mount
exceeds SIOO 50 eta
Writs, summons, and other process
issued by a justice of the peace, po
lice'er mo:d- ; pd eour',af BO greater
jurisdiction tnan a justice of the
paace'in fhe name State exempt
Writs, and other process in any
criminal or other suits commented
by the United States in any State.exempt
Official documents, instruments, and
papers issued or used by officers of
thcUuited States Government exempt.
Rt vanue etamps|niav be used indiscrimi
nate ; y upon any of the matters or things
enumerated in Schedule B,except proprietary
and playing card stamps, for which a special
use has been provided.
Postage stanigs cannot be used in pay me nt
of the duty chargerbie on instruments.
It is the duty of the maker of an instru
ment to affix and cancel the stamp required
thereon. If be neglects to do so, the party
for whose use it is made may stamp it before
it is used ; bu f in no case can it be legally
used without a stamp ; and if issued after the
3uth of June, 1864, and use d without a stamp
it cannot be afterwards effectually stamped
Any failure upon the part of the maker of an
instrument to appropriately stamp it renders
him iiable to a penalty of two hundred dol
Suits are commenced in many States by
other process, than writ, viz : summons, war-
p'jblication. petition, &e.,in which ca
ses these, as the original processes, severally
require stamps.
Writs of scire facias are subject to stamp
duty as original processes.
The jurat of an affidavit, taken before a
Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, or other
officer duly authorized to take affi lavits, i 3
held to be a certificate, and subject to astamp
duty or five cents, except when taken in suits
or legal proceedings:
Certifica'es oj b an, in which here shall
appear any written or pr nted evedence of an
amount of money to be paid on demand, or
at a time designated, are subject to stamp du
ty os' Promissory notes."
Tha assignment of a mortgage is subject to
as amp duty as that imposed upon tb origi
nal instrument : that is to say, for every sum
■ ffl ve hundred dollars, or any fractional part
thereof of the amount secured by the mort
gage at the time of its assignment, there
must be affixed a stamps or ttarnps denoting
a duty of fifty cents.
V* hen two or more persons join iD the ex
ecution of an instiument, the stamp to which
the instrument is liable under the law may
be affixed and cancelled by any one of the
In conveyance of real estate, the law pro
vides that the stamp affixed must answer to
the i alue of the estate or interest conveyed.
No stamp is required on any warrant of
attorney accompanying a bend or note, when
such bonder note has affixed thereto the
stamp or stamps denoting the duty required,
and whenevtranv bond or note is secured by
mortgage, but one stamp duly is required on
such oapers, such stamp duty bning the
highest rate required for 6iich instruments,
or either of them. In such case, a note or
memorandum of the value or denomination
of the stamp affixed should be made upon the
margin or in the acknowledgment of the in
strument which is not stamped.
FRIEND SICKLF.R :—I havo not receive! a
copy of the Democrat for some weeks now ;
and, indeed, it has been anything but a regu
lar visitor lor a long timt. I know how
these papers, straggling to the four quaiters
of the globe, are often missed in making up
the mail, on publication day : and how, when
the edition happens te be short, they (those
going in 14 single wrappers") are the first t)
be cut; but it often happens that they ate
more impatiently expected and more eagerly
read than any of those going in larger pack
ages. lam not, by any means, making a
paragraph of this topic for the benefit of oth
ers ; and have only to say send me the first
readable paper that comes from the press .
and by the first direct mail that travels fr%m
the Post Office, and I will not loose sleep by
wondering Whether other people, who get
their papers in "single wrappers," do or do
not get them. Most of the nun who belong
to the 3d N. Y. Independent Battery, having
followed the fortunes of Gen. Geo. B. Mo
Clellan. ' " ugh the successes and vieissi -
tudes of his military career, and never having
had cause to question or doubt his vrlor,
patriotism and ability, are disposed to look
upon his pretensions to the Presidential
chair with an eye of great favor. Clearly
two thirds of the men in the Battery have
the warmest admiration for the man, and
would support his election with heartfelt
zeal. Thus the North Branch Democrat has
r requent inquiries made for it by those who
have no local interest m its columns, and
their political cravings are held in beyance
quite as inu o r.s are my local longings.—
Active operations having been resumed
upon this line, we have had some rare knock
,ng about lately—hurried inarches from point
to point, fierce assaults, desperate defences
and much desultory fighting—all without
tor apparent result, with the exception oi
tfi® immense advantages gained by Warren's j
vst h) corj*, n its demonstration upon th
enemy's right en Saturday Senday but. f
Our force# net duly took possession of tits ,
Weldon Railroad, but bave fortified aome
three miles beyond it, and held their por
tion, with comparatively trilling Toxk up to
the present time, The Rebels have made
despi-rate efforts to recover posse s ion of thia
important line of communication, but with
in measure of success that would justify the
immense sacrifice it has cost them. During
yesterday afternoon and last night they
made seven successive charges against our
first line, and finally succeeded in taking it,
and with it 12 to 14 pieces of artillery ; but
the success was dearly purchased, and Will
result in no permanent advantage, as all the
force in the Rebel army, will not be suffi
cient to wrest from Grant the immense ad
vantage the possession of this important line
of Railroad will give to him. It is the main
artery through which the Rebel army in and
about Petersburg and Richmond draws its
supplies from the south.
There now remains to them but the
Lynchburg Road; and another successful
Hank movement would put that in our pos
session ; but unfortunately we have not the
men to spare, and have resorted to rathpr
questionable means to keep up tfiA appear
ance of strength, when our weakness would
otherwise be too apparent. It is a veiy easy
matter to spread canvass over fields, but it
is not so easy to people it or give it the ap
pearance of being peopled. Everything has
been brought up from the rear for the pur
pose of making a show wherewith to quell
tho rebs. Their lines are, no doubt, weaker
than our own, and if we only had our own
glorious old Corps here, we could walk into
Petersburg before sundown. Rut, alas ! we
have only a skirmish line, aad one line of
battle composed of 10th Corps niggers.
We have m Ist beautiful Pyrotechnic dis
plays here, every night, and those to whom
the sight would be new, might find mncb in
them to admire; but when you have bad
your rest disturbed night after night by the
incessant booming of cannon and rattle of
small arms with the occasional bursting of a
shell in too close proximity to be safe or
amusing, these displays become entirely too
common to be novel or desirable. Some
times there are as msnv as 12 to 14 shells in
the air at the same time, and you can trace
their (line of flight, by the burning fuse,
which looks not unlike a shooting star, from
the time they leave the mortars, until they
strike the ground or explode in mid-air.
I have the inclination, but not the timei to
write you a long letter, as lam quite biwy
with Pay-Rolls and other company writing
aEd expect to be kept 60 for a week or two.
Our Captain, William A. Ham being the
senior, is now in command of that portion
of the brigade remaining here. He is a
most excellent and experienced officer
having served under; Anderson in the ever
memorable defence of Fort Sumpter—and ii
in every way well fitted for the position.—
This leaves the Battery in command of sen
ior Ist Lieut. A. S.McLain,who has proved
himself a most excellent executive
and will, undoubtedly, make quite as able
a commander. Ist. Lieut. Harry Fitz Ger
ald is Brigade Ordnance Officer, and will
soon earn for himself the reputation of being
prompt and efficient—the two qualities most
necessary and desirable ia his position. 2d
Lieut. Geo. P. FitzGerald was a former Ist
Lieut, in the Battery, when it was known as
Mott's, has had command of it in some of
io periods of greatesi trouble, but was forced
to resign on account of ill health. A
sea voyages, however, restored him, and he
aga'n enlisted—coming out as a private, but
attaining his present promotion rapidly.—
He has an innate love for the profession of
arms and is a promising young officer. 2d
Lieut Gee. W. Kellog is more of a book sol
dier than a practical one, but will soon Be
come accustomed to the rotme of actual field
duty and make a very useful officer. The
Ist or Orderly Sergeant of a Battery, after
the commanding officer, is by far tbe most
important personage,in point of fact, in it.—
Upon him devolves the care of company
property, the dress, discipline and well or
dering of the command. All tbe minor de
tails are dependent ypon his sagacity and
discretion. He is required to know every
thing and a little more. Oar Battery is for
tunate in the possession of just the man for
the place—lsaac RheitCo, from the vine-cl
hills of France, that land of poets, philoso
phers and soldiers—though, indeed, his mer
its are deserving a much more exalted posi
But I meant merely a deserved compli
mentary word for Capt. Ham, and 1 find I
have, unconsciously almost, given you a
brief of all our officerp. Hoping to havo and opportunity to write yon a more
generally in teresting letter soon, I remain
Truly your friend
4*- '"
Thc Kmg of Bavaria is coming to Ameri
ca, As he is coming incog, he will doubt
less be invited to enlist within thirty-five mc
ends after Undiog— provided, that he lan<|
at Boeton.
VOL. 4 NO. 5