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XI ARVEY SICELXjER. ,Proprietor.]
Unwell fßnwcrat.
A waekly Democratic
paper, devoted to Pol -^1
tics, News, the Arts
on J Sciences Ac. Pub- IjF fey
fished every Wednes- I ~Z.' /'KSK-Seafe
day, at Tunkhannock,
Wyoming County, Pa. --J-'X-'ffcKlptoM jjj' f"
Terms—l copy 1 year, (in advance) 51.50. If
hot pain within six months, 5'2.00 will be charged
10 lines or • 1 > l j
less, make three 'four ; tiro )three j six j one
one syuarc weeks weeks mo'th mo'th mo'th year
1 Square 1,00• 1,25 2,25 2,87} 3,00? 5,00
2 Jo. 2,0u: 2,50;' 3.251 3.501 4,50} 6,00
3 do. 3,00? 3,75? 4,75; 5,50/ 7,00; 9,i)0
J Column. 4,00; 4,50? 6,50 B,oo> 10,00; 15,00
do. 6,00? 7,00} 10.00 12.00 17,00:25,00
do. 8.00; S>,so! 14,00? 19,00; 25,00135,00
1 do. 10,00; 12,00 17,00 s 22,00; 28,00 ! 40,00
Business Cards of one square, with paper, $5.
<of all kinds neatly executed, and at prices to suit
the times.
fusiitfss Notices.
BACON STAN I>.—N Icholson, Sn. CIi
JACKBOS, Proprietor. |vln49tf]
Tuukhannock, Pa. Office in Stark's Biick
Block, Tioga street.
VV fice in Stark's Brick Block, Tioga St., Tunk
hannock, I'a.
LAW, Office on Tioga street, Tunkhannock
• Office on Bridge Street, next door to the Demo
crat Office, Tunkhannock, Pa.
• Newton Centre, Luzerne County Pa.
i>lt. ,1. C HECKI'.H A Co"
Wonld respectfully announce to (he citizens of Wy
uiiiig that they have located at Tunkhannock wher
hey will promptly attend to all calls in the line of
neir profession. May be found at his Drug Staro
wh oot professionally absent.
JM. CAREY, HI. I). — (Graduate of the JJ
• M. Institute, Cincinnati) would respectfully
announce to the citizens of Wyoming and Luzerne
Counties, that Ueontinucs his regular practice in the
various departments of his profession. May oe found
at his office or residence, when not professionally ab
Particular attention given to the treatment
Chronic Disens.
entremoreland, Wyoming Co. P.i.—v2n2
TIIIS establishment has recently been refitted and
furnished in the latest style Every attention
will be given to the comfort and convenience of those
wio patronize the House.
T. B. WALL, Owner an 1 Proprietor.
Tunkhnnnock, September 11, 1861.
JOHN NAYNARD, Proprietor.
HAVING taken the Hotel, in the Borough of
Tunkhannock, recently occupied by Riley
Warner, the proprietor respectfully solicits a share of
public patronage. The House has been thoroughly
repaired, and the comforts and accomodations of a
first class Hotel, will be found by all who may favor
t with tlieir custom. September 11, 1861.
HA\ ING resumed the proprietorship of the above
Hotel, the uudersigned will spare no effort to
feader the bouse an agreeable place of sojourn for
•41 who may favor it with their custom.
June, 3rd, 1863
The MEANS HOTEL, i-one of the LARGEST
and BEST ARRANGEIi Houses in the country—-It
is fitted up in the most modern and improved style,
and no pains are spared to make it a pleasant and
agreeable stopping-place for all,
v 3. "21. ly
M OILMAN, has permanently located in Tunk
• bannock Borough, and respectfully tenders his
professional services to the citizens of this place and
urrounding country.
over Tuttoa'i Law Offioa, ke&r the Pos
I**:. 11, 1861.
lr ,' h V. days ' after undergoing all
n °r d ,rrefular expensive Smde. of
re.ttment without success, considers it his sacred du-
ILmTT u hiS a ® i(:,€ d fellow creatures
the means of euro Hence, on the receipt of an ad
dressed envelope, he will send (free) a copy of tho,on used. Direct to Dr Joua M.!
Itou Btreat, Brooklyn. Now York. v2n2lly '
Pasted by Congress, Friday Feb. 10th 1864
An Act to amend an act entitled " An act
for enrolling and calling out the national
forces, and for other purposes," approved
March third, eighteen hundred and sixty
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United Stales of Amer
ica, in Congress assembled. That the Pre si
dent of the United States shall be authorized
whenever he 6hall deem it necessary, during
the present war, to call for such number of
men for the military service of the United
States as the public exigencies may require.
SEC. 2. And be it further enacted , That
the quota of each ward of a city, town, town
ship, precinct, or election district, or of a
county where the county is not divided into
wards, towns, townships, precincts, or elec
tion districts, shall be, as nearly as possible,
in proportion to the number of ruen resident
therein liable to render military service, tak
ing into account, as far as practicable, the
number which has been previously furnished
therefrom ; and in ascertaining and filling
said quota there shall be taken into account
the number of men who have heretofore en
tered the naval service of the United States,
and whose names are borne upon the enroll
ment lists as already returned to the office of
the Provost Marshal General of the United
SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That if
the quota shall not be filled within the time
designated by the President, the Provost
Marshal ol the district within which any
ward of a city, town, township, precinct, or
election district, or county where the same
is not divided into wards, towns, townships,
precincts, or election districts, which is defi
cient in its quota, is situated, shall, under
the direction of the Provost-Marshal Gener
al, make a draft for the number deficient
therefrom ; but all volunteers who may en
list after the draft shall have been ordered,
and before it shall be actually made, shall be
deducted from the number ordered to be
drafted in such ward, town, township, pre
cinct, election district or county. And if
the quota of any district shall not be filled
by the draft made in accordance with the
provisions of this act and the act to which it
is an amendment, further drafts shall be
made and like proceedings had until the
quota of such district shall be filled.
Si:*. 4. And be it further enacted , That
any person enrolled under the provisions of
the act for enrol ing and calling out the na
tional forces, and lor other purposes, aoprov
eii March 3, 1863, or who may be hereafter
so enrolled, may furnish, ni any time pre
vious to the draft, an acceptable substitute,
who is not liable to draft, nor at tin; time in
the military or naval service of the United
.States, and such person so furnishing a sub
stitute shall be exempt from the draft during
the titne f..r which such substitute shall not
be liable to draft, not exceeding the time for
which such substitute shall have been ac
Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That
any person dratted into the military service
of the United States may, before the time
fixed for his appearance for duty at the draft
rendezvous, furnish an acceptab'e substitute,
subject to such rules and regulations as may
bo prescribed by the Secretary of War
That if such substitute is not liable to draft,
the person furnishing him shall be exempt
from draft during the time for which such
substitute is not liable to draft, not exceed
ing the term for which he was drafted; and
if such substitute is liable to draft, the name
of the person furnishing him shall again be
placed on the roll, and shall be liable to draft
on future calls, but not until the present en
rollment shall be exhausted ; and this ex
emption shall not exceed the term for which
such person shall have been drafted. And
any person now in the military or naval ser
vice of the United States, not physically dis
qualified, who has so served more than one
year, and whose term of unexpired service
shall not at the time of substitution exceed
six months, may be employed as a substitute
to serve in the troops of the State in which
he enlisted ; and if any drafted person shall
hereafter pay money fur the procuration of a
substitute, under the provision of the act to
which this is an amendment, such payment
of money shall operate only to relieve such
person front draft on that call, and his name
shall be retained on the roll, and ho shall be
subject to draft in filling that quota; and his
name shall be retained on the roll in filling
future quotas ; but in no instance shall the
exemption of any person, on account of his
payment of commutation money for the pro
curation of a substitute, extend beyond one
year; but at the end of one year in every
such case, the name of any person so exempt
ed shall be enrolled again, if not before re
turned to the enrollment list under the pro
visions of this section.
SEC. 0. And be it further enacted , That
Boards of enrollment shall enroll all persons
liable to draft under the provisions of this
act and (he act to which this Is an amend
ment, whose names may have been omitted
by the propor enrolling officers; all persons
who shall arrive at the ago of twenty years
before the draft ; all aliens who shall declare
their intention to become citizens; all per
sons discharged from the military or naval
service of the United States who have not
been in such service for two years during
the present war ; and at) persons who have
been 'exempted under the provisions of the
second section of the act to which this is an
amendment, but who are not exempted by
the provisions of this act ; and said Boards
of Enrollment shall release and discharge
from draft all persons who, between the time
of the enrollment and the draft, shall have
arrived at the age of forty five years, and
shall strike the <name of such persons from
the enrollment.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That
any mariner or able or ordinary seaman who
shall be drafted under this act, or the act to
which this |is an amendment, shall have the
r ight, within eight days after the notification
of such draft, to enlist, in the naval service
as a seaman, and a certificate that he has so
enlisted being made out in conformity with
regulations which may be prescribed by the
Secretary of the Navy, and duly presented to
the Pro vest-Marshal of the District in which
such mariner or able or ordinary seaman
shall have been drafted, shall exempt, him
from such draft: Provided, That the period
for which he shall have enlisted into the na
val service shall not be less than the period
for which he shall have been drafted into the
military service. And prodded further,
That the said certificate shall declare that
satisfactory proof has been made before the
naval officer isvuing the same that the said
person so enlisting in the navy is a mariner
by vocation, or an able ordinary seaman.
Any person now in the military 6erv'ce of
the United Slates who shall furnish satisfac
tory proof that he is a matiner by vocation,
or an able seaman, may enlist into the navy
under-such rules and regulations as may be
prescribed by the President of the United
States: Provided, That such enlistment
shall not be for le-s than the unexpired term
of his military service nor for lesa than one
year. And the bounty money which any
mariner or seaman enlisting from the Army
into the Navy may have received from the
United Stales, or from the State in which he
enlisted in the Army, shall be deducted from
the prize money to which he may become en
titled during the time required to complete
his military service : And provided further,
That the whole number of such transfer en
listmeiits shall not exceed ten thousand.
SEr. 8. And be it further enacted , That
whenever any such mariner or able ordinary
seaman shall have been exempted from such
draft in the military service, by such enlist
ment into the naval service, under such due
Certificate thereof, then tfie ward, town, town
ship, precinct, or election district or count}-,
when the same is not divided into wards,
towns, townships, precincts, or election dis
tricts, from which such person has been draft
ed, shall be credited with his services to all
intents and purposes as if he had been duly
mustered in the military service under such
SEC. 9. And be it further enacted , That
all enlistments into the naval service of the
United States, or into the marine corps of
the United States, that may be hereafter
made of persons liable to service under the
act of Congress entitled " An act for enroll
ing and calling out the National forces, and
for other purposes," approved March 3d 1863
shall be credited to the wards, towns, town
ships, piecincts, or election districts, in
which such enlisted men were or may be en
rolled and liable to duty under the act afore
said, under such regulations as the Provost-
Marshal General ol the United States may
SEC. 10. And be it further enacted , That
the following persons be, and they are here
by, exempted from enrollment and draft un
der the provisions of this act and of the act
to which this is an amendment, to wit: Such
as are rejected as physically or mentally un
fit for the service, all persons actually in the
military or naval service of the United States
at the time of draft, and all persons who
have served in the military or naval service
two years during the present war and been
honorably discharged therefrom. And no
persons but such as are herein excepted shall
be exempt.
SEC. 11. And be it further enacted , That
section third of the act entitled " An act for
enrolling and calling out the national forces
and for other purposes," approved March 3,
18G8, and as much of section ten of said act
as provides for the separate enrollment of
each class be, and the same are hereby, re
pealed ; and it shall be the duty of the
Board of Enrollment of each district to con
solidate the two classes mentioned in the
third section of said act.
SEC. 12. And be it further enacted, That
any person who shall forcibly resist or oppose
anv enrollment, or who shall incite, counsel,
encourage, or who shall conspire or confeder
ate with any other persons forcibly to resist
or oppose any 6uch enrollment, or who shall
aid or assist, or take any part in any forcible
resistance or opposition thereto, or who shall
assault, obstruct, hinder, impede, or threaten
any officer or other person employed in mak
ing or in aiding to make such enrollment or
employed in the performance, or aiding in
the performance of any service in any way
relating thereto, or in arresting or aiding to
arrest any spy, or descrtor from the military
service of the United States, shall upon con
viction thereof in any court competent to try
the ofiense, be punished by a fine not exceed
ing $5,000, or by imprisonment mt exceed
ing five years, or by both of said punishments,
in this discretion of the court. And in cases
where such assaulting abstracting, hindering
or impeding shall produce the death of such
officer or other person, the offender shall be
deemed guilty of murder, and upon convic
tion thereof upon indictment in the Circuit
Court of the United States for the district
within which the offense was committed,
shall be punished with death. And nothing
in this section contained shall pe construed
to relieve the parly offending from liabitihy
under proper indictment or process to any
crime against the laws of a State, committed
by him while violating the provisions of this
SEC. 13. And be it further' enacted, That
the Secretary of War shall detail or appoint
such nutnper of additional surgeons for tem
porary duty in the examination of persons
drafted into the military service, in any dis
trict, as may be necessary to secure the
prompt examination of all such persons, and
to fix the compensation to be paid to sur
geons so appointed while actually employed.
And such surgeons, so detailed or appointed,
shall perform the same duties as the surgeon
of I he Board of Enrollment, except that they
shall not be permitted to vote or sit with the
Board of Enrollment:
SEC. 14. And be it further enacted, That
the Secretary of War is authorized,
er in his judgment the public intirest will be
subserved thereby, to permit or require
Boards of Examination of enrolled or drafted
men to hold their examinations at different
points within their respective enrollment
districts, to be determined bv him. Provi
ded, That in all districts over 100 miles in
extent, and in such as are composed of ever
10 counties, the board shall hold their ses
sions in at least two places in such district
and at such points as are best calculated to
accomodate the people tbereof.
SEC. 15. And be it further enacted- That
provost marshals, board of enrollment, or
any member thereof, acting by authority of
the board, shall have power to summon wit
nesses in behalf of the Government, and en
force their attendance by attachment with
out previous payment of fees, in any case
pending before them, or either of them ; and
the fees allowed for witnesses attending un
der summons shall be six cents per mile for
mileage, counting one way ; and no other
fees or costs shall pe allowed under the pro
visions of this section ; and they shall have
power to administer oaths and affirmations.
And any person who shall willfully and cor
ruptly swear or affirm falsely before any Pro
vost-Marshal, or Board of Enrollment, or
member thereof, acting by authority of the
Board; or who shall, before any civil magis
trate, willfully and corruptly swear or afirm
falsely to any affidavit to be used in case
pending before any I'rovost Marshal or Board
of Enrollment, shall, on conviction, be fined
not exceeding §SOO, and imprisoned not less
than six months nor more than twelve months
The drafted men shall have process to bring
in witnesses, but without fees or mileage.
SEC. 16. And be it further enacted, That
copies of any record of a Provost-Marshal
or board of enrollment, or of any part there
of, certified by the Provost-Marshal or ma
jority ofsaid hoard of enrollment, shall be
deemed and taken as evidence in any civil or
military court in like manner as the original
record : Prociiled, That if any person shall
knowingly certify any false copy or copies of
such record, to be used in any civil or mili
tary court, he shall be subject to the pains
and penalties of perjury.
SEC. 17. And be it further enacted, That
members of religious denominations, who
shall by oath or affirmation declare that they
are conscientiously opposed to the bearing of
arms, and who are prohibited from doing so
by the rules and articles of faith and prac
tice of said denomination, shall, when draft
eq into the military service, be considered
noncombatants, and shall be assigned by the
Secretary of War to duty in the hospitals,
or to the care of freednien, or shall pay the
sum of three hundred dollars to such ber
sons as the Secretary of War shall designate
to receive it. to be applied to the benefit of
the sick and wounded soldiers : And Prori
ded That no person shall be entitled to the
benefit of the provisions of this section, un
less his declaration of conscientious scruples
againsk bearing arras shall be supported by
satisfactory evidence that his deportment
has been uniformly consistent with such dec
SEC. 18. And be it further enacted, That
no person of foreign birth shall, on account
ofulienage, be exempted from enrollment or
draft under the provisions of this act to
which it is an amendment, who has at any
time assumed tire rights of a citizen by vot
ing at any election held under authority of
the laws of any State or Territory, or of the
United States or Territory, or who has held
any office under such laws or an j of them ;
but the fact that any such person of for
eign birth has voted or held,or shall
vote or hold office as aforesaid, shall be ta
ken as conclusive evidence that he is not en
titled to exemption from miliiary serv
ice on account of alienage
See. 19. And be it further enacted That
all claim* to exemption shall be verified by
the oath affirmation of the party claiming ex
emption to the truth of the facts stated, un
less it shall satisfactorily appear to the board
of enrollment that such party is for some
good and sufficient reason unable to make at
present such oath or affirmation ; and the
testimony of any other party filed in support
of a claim to exemption shall also be made
upon oath or affirmation.
SEC. 20. And be it further enacted, That
if any one drafted ar,d liable to render mili
tary service, shall procure a decision of the
Board of Enrollment in his favor upon a claim
to exemption, by any fraud or false represen
tation practiced by himself or his procure
ment ,such decision or exemption shall be of
no effect, and the person exempted or in
whose favor the decision may bo made—
sh*!l be deemed a deserter, and may be arrest
ed, tried by court-martial, and punished as
such, and shall be held to service for the full
term for which he wa9 drafted, reckoning
from the time of his arrest: Provided, That
the Secretary of War may order the discharge
of all persons in the military service who are
under the age of eighteen years at the time
of the application for their dtschurge when
it shall appear, upon due proof, that such
persons arc in the service without the con
sent, either expressed or implied, of their
parents or guardians : And Provided further,
That such persons, their parents or guard
ians' shall first repay to the government and
the Slate and local authorities, all bounties
and advance pay which may have been paid
to them, anything in the act to which this is
an amendment to the contrary notwithstand
Sr.c. 22. And be it further enacted, That
any person who shall procure, or attempt to
procure, a false report from the 6urgeon of
the board of enrollment concerning the phy
sical condition of any drafted person, or a de
cision in favor of such person by the board
of enrollment upon a claim to exemption,
knowing the same to be false, shall, upon
conviction in any district or circuit court of
the United States, be punished by impaison
raent for the period for which the party was
SEC. 23. And be it further enacted, That
the fee? of agents and attorneys for making
out and causing to be executed any papers
in support of a claim for exemption from
draft, or for any service that may be render
ed to the claimant, shall not, in any case, ex
ceed five dollars ; and physicians or surgeons
furnishing* certificates of disability to any
claimant for exemption from draft shall not
be entitled to any fees or compensation
therefor. And any ageqt or attorney who
shall, directly or indirectly, demand or re
ceived any greater compensation for his ser
vices under this act ; and any physician or
surgeon who shall, directly or ind'rectly—
demand or received any compensation for
furnishing said certificates of disability, and
any officer, clerk, or deputy, connecteted
with the Board of Enrollment, who shall re"
ceive compensation from any drafted man for
any services, or obtaining the performance of
such serrjees required from any member of
said Board by the provisions of this act' shall
be guilty of a high misdemeanor, and, upon
conviction, shall, for every such offence, be
fined not exceeding $500,t0 be recovered upon
information or indictment before any court of
competent jurisdiction, one half for the use
of any informer who may prosecute for the
same in the name of the United Stales, and
the other half for the use of the United
States, and shall also be subject to imprison
ment for a term not exceeding one year, at
the discretion of the court.
SEC. 23. And be it further enacted That
no member of the Board of Enrollment, and
no surgeon detailed or employed to assist the
Board of Enrollment, and no clerk, assistant,
or employee of any Provost-Marshal, or
Board of Enrollment, shall, direttly or in
directly, be engaged in procuring substitutes
for persons drafted, or liable to be drafted,
into the military service of the United States.
And if any member ot a Board of Enrollment
or any such surgeon, clerk, assistant, or em
ployee, shall procure or attempt to procure—
a substitute for any person drafted, or liable
to be drafted, as aforesaid, he shall be deem
ed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon
conviction, be punished by imprisonment not
less than thirty days nor more than six
months, and pay a fine of not less than SIOO
not more than SI,OOO, by any court compe
tent to try the offense.
SEC. 24. And be it further enacted , That
the fifteenth section of the act to which this
is amendatory be so amended that it will
read as follows: That any surgeon charged
with the duty of such inspection, who shall
receive from any person whomsoever any
or other valuable thing, or agree, di
rectly or indirectly, to receive the same to
bis own or another's use, for making an im
perfect inspection,or a false or incorect report,
or who shall wilfully neglect to make a faith
ful inspection and trne report, and each
member of the board of enrollment who shall
willfully agree to the discharge from service
of any drafted person who is not legally and
properly entitled to such discharge, shall bs
tried by a court martial, and, on conviction
thereof, be punished by a flno not less than
three hundred dollars and not more than ten
TBFLM: S: 51.30 3?EH A.2MNUM
thousand dollar", shall be imprisoned at the
discretion of the court, and be cashiered and
dismissed the service.
SEC 25. And be it further enacted, That
all able bodied male colored persons between
the age 6 cf 20 and 45 years, resident in the
United States, shall be enrolled according to
the provisions of this act, and of the act to
which this act is an amendment, and form
part of the national forces ; and when a slave
of a loyal master shall be drafted and mus
tered into the service of the United States,
his master shall have a certificate thereof ;
and thereupon such slave shall be free ; aDd
the bounty of §IOO, now payable by law for
each drafted man, shall he paid to the per
son to whom such drafted person was owing
service or labor at the time of his muster in
to the service of the United States. The
Secretary of War shall appoint a Commission
in each of the Slave State; represented in
Congress, charged to award to each loyal per
son to whom a colored volunteer may owe
service a just compensation, not exceeding
S3OO, to each sucn colored volunteer, paya
ble out of tlie fund derived from commuta
tions, ar.d every such colored volunteer on
being mustered into the service shall be free.
And in all where men of color have
been heretofore enlisted, or have volunteered
in the military service of the United States,
all the provisions of this act, so tar as the
payment of the bounty and compensaten
arc provided, .shall be equally applicable, as
to those who may be hereafter recruited.—
But men of color drafted or enlisted, or who
may volunteer into the military service, while
they 6hall be credited on the quotas of the
several States, or subdivisions of States,
wherein they are respectively drafted, en
listed or shall volunteer, shall uot be assign
ed as State troops, but shall bo mustered
into regiments or companies as United States
Colored Volunteers.
SEC. 26. And be it further enacted , That
the words "Brecinct" and "Election District"
as used in this act, shall not be construed to
require any subdivision for burpose of enroll
ment and draft less than the wards into
which any city or village may be divided, or
thao the towns or townships into which any
county may be divided.
SEC. 27. And be it further enacted , That
so much of the act entitled "An act for en
rolling and calling out the natloral forces,
and for other purposes," approved on tbr3rd
day of March, 1863, as may be inconsistent
with the provisions of this act, 13 hereby re
Paying For The teighf.
They've got down in Courtland County
an old farmer, noted for his greediness and
his keen lookout for a spot wherein to turn
a penny honestly, or (he isn't very particu
larly) the reverse. A while ago he succeed
ed by accident in raising a very large hog.
It was soon noised abroad and the people in
that vicinity began to call on the old man to
see the monstrosity. A gentleman from our
town was stopping awhile in the village hear
ing of the porker, desired to see the sight,
and having obtained directions as to the " lo
cale," started for the spot. Arrived there,
be met the old gentleman about
themnimal. Wall ; yes," the old fellow said
'"he'd got sich a crjtter : mi'ty big 'un. but
he guessed he'd have to charge him about a
shillin' for lookin' at him."—The stranger
looked at the old man for a minute or so ;
pulled out the desired coin handed it to him,
and started to go of.—"Hold on," says the
other; "don't you want to sec the hog?"
j No," said the stranger ; I have seen as big
a hog as I icant (o sec!" and ojf he Kent.
The Clarion papers state that a fatal disease
has broken out in that county, and many
homes have recently been desolated. The
first indications of the presence of this dis
ease is noted by a sudden trembling of the
body and arms, which is followed by slight
symtoms of fever, and paralysis of arms and
lower limbs, with severe pains in back.
and finally the vision becomes affected.
Several physicians have been called in, but
are unable to t dcterininc the diagnosis of the
diseases. It is neither typhoid nor spotted
fever, and they are unable to arrive at any
conclusion as to its nature. Its action throA.
out resembles the effect of some powerful nar
cotic poison in the system.
HUMAN LlFE. —There is A story somewhe 1 *
of an eastern king, whose delight it was to as
semble his subjects in a glittering hall, whero
thty were crowned with roses, and drank the
purple wine from cups of gold; but under
them were caverns and chains Suddenly the
the floor gave way, and the guests were pre
cipitated into the darkness below there to
meditate at leisure over the former blind
enjoyment. Human life is just such a tvrant
—but not long, soon very soon, are we preci
pitated iuto the depths of experience and re
A traveller stopping at a hotel exclaimed
one nvrning to a waiter. " What are you
about you black rascal ? you have roused me
twice from my sleep by telling me breakfast
is ready and now you are attempting to strip
"off the bed clothes. What do you mean V*
Why," replied Pompey, " If you isn't going
to get up, I must have the aheet anyhow
'cause dey'r waiting for de tablo doff,"
VOL. 3, NO. 32