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Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1863.
S. M.PeltcnsMl & Co.—Xo. 37 I'ATIK ROW
NIW YORK, £ 6 STATE ST. BUSTO.V, are our Agents
for the X. B. Democrat, in those cities, ana are author
ized to tako Advertisements and Subscriptions
us at our lowest Rates.
ttATIIER & CO., Xo. 333 Broadway X. Y.,
are our Authorized Agents to take Advertisements
for this paper, at out published rates.
The absence of the Editor, who has
been called to Towanda on business, will we
trust, be a sufficient excuse to the readers of
the Democrat, for the scarcity of editorial
reading matter, and other deficiencies in to
day's paper.—[COM.
Our readers will bear in mind that
our County Court will be in session in
this Borough the coming week. Our delin
quent subscribers will (hen have an excellent
opportunit}' afforded them, to bring or send
albng their money and produce.
As we have repeatedly stated through our
columns, we must have money and you must
pay up.
MESSTS. I. M. SINGER & Co., of
New York, who have been known as enter
prising and successful manufacturers of Sew
ing Machines, dissolved their Co partnership
by mutual consent on the first of August last.
The Company which now manufacture the
world-renowned Singer Sewing Machines are
a joint-stock Company, with increased faecili
t;es to conduct a mammoth business, and are >
ING COMPANY. The new Company have
the best wishes of the late firm, and the pub
lie need not hesitate to bestow on them their
confidence, esteem and patronage.
The Singer Sewing Machines are fast gain
ing a world-wide reputation.
INSI.EE A. HOPPER, Esq., is the President j
of the new organization. Mr Hopper is j
greatly esteemed in commercial circles, and
out of them, as a gentleman of ability and re
liability, and it is thought that under his able
management' trie new Company will have all
the success that can be desited.
What Would we Do.
"We are sometimes asked what would be
the positive policy of the democratic party
if restored to power."
"First, they would restore the supremacy
of our violated Constitution and laws, and
with this entire and absolute liberty of speech,
of the press and of the ballot, and the sacred
privilege of the habeas corpus."
"They will free the loyal States from* the
presence ot military encampments and of all
officers and soldier? physically able to take j
the field; thus re enforcing our armies at
least one-third.
"They will abolish the system of arbitrary
arrests for opinion's sake; they will abolish
provost and the entire system of j
military government in the o al States.
"They will offer the rebels lair and honor- j
able terms of peace, provided they will ground
the weapnos of their rebellion and come back
to the Union ; offering them the Constitution
of the United States on the one hand, and a
vigorous proseoution cf the war on the other.
Arc They Goya I !
The Governor having issued his proclama
tion, calling'-'on the good and loyal freemen
of this Commonwealth tu enlist in the service
of the United Sta'es, under tic proclamation
of the President, " and the q u<-ta of the State
being 38.208, we are anxiously waiting to
see the number furnished without the unnec
essary delay from the rantcs of the 200,000
" loyal " rebel crushers who cist their votes
for Andrew G. Curtin on the 13th of bctober,
thereby pledging themselves to su-tam all
the war measures of Mr. Lincoln. They are
great war men ; do they die or will they go.
Artmuß Ward expresses their sentiments,
'*■ If WU6S come? to wuss " they " will shed
every drop of blood their able bodid relations
has got to prosekoot the war."
A I>raft for Sixty Thousand.
The number of men to be drafted from this
Slate, unless her quota shall be filled up by
yolunterring by the Ist of January, (the
prospect of which docs not seem rcy proruis
hag at present,) will be about 00,000 —that is,
her q.uota 0fC8.208 volunteers, with the de
ficit on the last draft added.
Thefe is many a true heart in the
North and South, that yearns for the re
establishment of the old government of
"Washington and Jet&rson. lint the aboli
tionists of the one etctiou and the se
cessionists of the other, are continually tell
ing them that this they shall not have.
Mew York Elections.
Albany, Nov. B— "The'Argus of this morn
ing has a telegram from Middletown, Orange
Co., staling that Nivcn, (Dem.j, is elected in
the ninth Senatorial District over Low, (Rep)
by forty-seven majority. This makes the
Senate stand eleven Democrats to twenty-one
VALUATION. —The Revenue Board of Peitn
aylvania fixed the value of taxable property
in the State at $6%, 800, 000—Pennsylva
nia's share of the National debt is sf>fi9,ooo,-
000 ' V '.rrv account '
NICHOLSON, NOV. 4, 1833.
MR. EDITOR :—I have been vainly locking,
during the past week, for the lazv atmos
phere, the floating cob web*, and other indi
| nations of Indian Summer—have indulged in
many vague fancies to account for its non-ap
pearance have ever wondered whether "hon
j est old Abe" has suspended it, as a military
t necessity. Indian Summer, to be sure is of n<>
I gr. at duration, and only cntn.-s to us a a
seeming regret for the departed glories ot the
season of wliich it is, in a small degree an
! epitome. When the woods are glowing with
autumnal splendor, and the chirping squirrels
are gathering their winter stores of brown
nuts—when the crisp leaves and dried branch
es crackle under the footsteps, and the hour
frost glitters and sparkles rn the morning
sunlight, reflecting prismatic hues from every
bush and tree as the glittering, and pearly
drops cling to the brown and golden-hued
leaves, it is glorious to bask in the hazy per
n.eating atmosphere of Indian Summer, lor
getfu! of present ills, an I living only in the
sad, melancholy, yet sweet memories of the
October has been more than a pleasant
month. It has been rich in fruitfulness to
tho farmer, and beautiful and health-giving to
the invalid idler; but the Indian Summer—
the last, lingering footsteps of the rosy month,
has strangely failed to maik it with it's pecul
iarly grateful presence. October of last year
f spent among the paw paw groves, rocky
fastness and wildly beautiful scenery of liar
pers Ferry—catching fish in the Potomac
and searching the romantic shores of the
Shenandoah, for wild grapes and other forage,
grateful to the usually hungry stomachs of
the blue-coat'ed servants of Uncle Sam. I
cannot, in conscience say that my piscatory
excursions were always so successful as I
could have wished, neither did the grapes
and other gunie always reach catnp in suffl
cicnt quantities to satisfy the appetites o*
messmates remaining there, but they were
seasons f enjoyment to me, and afforded ma.
Ny pleasant incidents to enliven the usual
monotony of military life.
Dear old, rusy,t tumble down Harpers
Ferry ! Strange how I came to love it—even
in its filthy ugliness—and the wild mountain
scenery by which it is surrounded. Mry
land Heights, London nights, Bolivar
Heights ! How familiarly their rocky stteps
pass before the im-ntal vision now, and and
what a world of memories are conjured by
the . eminiscence of just a year past. Burn
side, Banks and Sumner were there, with
the greater portion of the " Grand army of
tlie P>t> mac," and " Little Mac' the ideal of
that army was there too. All were fresh
from the i attle field o! Autietam, and every
man a veteran hero, at least m h.s own esti
mation. II>w weary of listening to tin;
r.p*ated tale, told Hound the camp fire, I
sometimes became; and how many times out
of very weariness, I have wandered alone in
the grand <>! d woods, or climbed the rocky
fissures which girded the dashing, noisy Shen
But I hate wandered from my theme, and
indulged the inclination to do s<> a! too great
length to again resume it.
School mat'ers, for this Di-tnet, are, I am
informed, settled for the winter. The butH
ing formerly known as the N cholom Acade
my i? to be, or has been, rented, and a graded
school under the supervision of competent
teachers, is to be opened' soon. This ts a
step in the right direction. The district
schools build a suitable hotis* and fbus pr<>
vide against future cmting-ncier.
The apple trade has been quite busk, during
the past few weeks fair, picked fruit bring
ing 50 or 02J cts. per bushel, with plenty of
eager buyer?. Mr. James Howe, the princi
pal buyer started fir Easton tins morning
with a hundred barrels of prune fruit. II >qe
he may realize a handsome profit on his in
vestment. Every other "kind of produce is
far from being " a drug in the market," prices
ranging about the same a? last week
The bridge at Bacon's is not yet completed
and travelers must suffer much inconvenience
should a rise of water make fording difficult,
if nor impossible, as has been the case once
already during the past autumn. Scircity of
labor is, I believe, the principal reason for
the delay in its completion.
Messrs. Brisbin and Cook, the President
and Superintendent of the Railroad, paid this
Depot a short visit yesterday—coming up
from S:ranton on an extra. The object of
the visit, if it had any other than a general
inspection of the road, has not transpired
John is known, however, to have more than
a passing fancy for horse flesh, where it is
properly made up and gives promise of supe
rior speed and the other good qualities which
make horses valuable, and It is jaist possible
that Esquire Tlallstead's blacks may have
been the attraction.
Our friend Kin? has returned from his vis
it to Gotham and the country round about,
and resumed his rather onerous duties in the
Depot office. He seems not to have lost hts
old fondness-fora joke, with aspic •of humor
in it, but wears the most abominably h"melv
city cut coat, that I hare seen for many a
Ion? day Perhaps I may, in time, become
accustomed to it. as the ladies did to hoops,
and adopt' the style and figure at some future
day. Who knows ?
The military furor has somewhat abated,
in this neighborhood, and the few who were
willing and anxious to volunteer are now
holding themselves off for substitutes. Some
have gone already, others are awaiting a rise
in prices.
My next I hope to indite you from another
locality, less barren in general items of inter
est then. Until then, adieu.
Truly Tours, CLINT
DICTATOR. —The President has caused an
order to be read in the Army, threatening the
severest punishment for speaking disrespect
ful of him. When the g eat Caesar declared
himself Dictator in Rome, he did not take
such precau.h n is 'his,
TOWASDA, PA., Nov. 9, 1863.
Say to our drafted boys
in a public manne to report themselves ac
Cording to notice. The Board will give them
a lull, fair and candid examination, and make
a proper disposition of their cases. Let thein
banish all fears that poltical bias will rule
agauist theui. Parties havng legal grounds
i (or exemption should get competent Counsel
ito prepare and put their matters in shape
which will enable the Board m< re readily to
comprehend the c'aim relied upon, and they
1 will obtain a decision in accordance with the
! merits of the case [.resented. Fairness and
justice has so far prevailed in all cases, that
; I most cheerfully bear testimony to the un
par'iality and efficiency of the Boird.
Capt Manville, the provost marshall enjoys
the reputation ol candor and honesty, he aims
ito do right. M. C. Grier the Commissioner,
Examines a witness in a legal like way,
I aiulas his voice rings our you would be re
; minded of Judge Grier of the U. S. Courl }
; whose brother he is. The name of Grier has
[ done honor to the bench, has graced the bat,
and elevated the cause of religion from the
pulpit, A name thus honored, will not be
j tarnished by unfair action now. If any error
should occur, it will be on the side of mercy.
I Dr. Bafcer, the Surgeon, is a gentleman to
meet; he is said to be well qualified for the
j position assigned him—if any one doubt let
I llietn make inquiry of Dr. J. C. Becker of
j our Borough, who has been treated with
marked consideration by the gentlemen com
posing the Board.
The action of the Board justifies me in raa
! king this statement. Ido so the more will
j ingly for the reason, thai whilst we differ in
politics, we do not in what pertains to the
duties of their high position, holding as it
were, the lives of men in their hands—the
happiness, or misery, of wives and children,
being at their control.
Let no man's name in Wyoming County be
I Recorded and underscored Deserter. Infa
my must attach to all such cases that time
will not efface. So far our sons have re
sponded most nobly, let them continue to
do so.
Yours Truly, VYM. M. PIATT
Written For The Democrat
Christianity vs. the Negro.
Negro equality rules the hour ; threatening
clouds hang over us ; the land is draped in
mourning ; the judgment* of God are falling
heavily upon u, but still the preachers seem
intent upon nothing so ranch as to break
down the constitution and free the negro. It
f fear nl to witness the inroads which this,
accursed doctrine is making upon Christianity j
There appears to be au active competition
between the preachers and the imbecile abo
litioti leaders as to which shall furnish for
'his uusanctified purpose, this unholy negro
war, the greatest amount of fuel. The con
test is still doubtful, in abuse and he* and
-landvting of respectable citizens, the pleach
er.* meyjustlj claun the veid<c> ; but few il j
any f the abolition and secti-tial fader* can j
vie scandal with the so called h use of wm- ;
ship. In meanness 'he preachers clearly have j
the precedence. Brotherly fellowship i* j
mea*ured by the amount of negro rqmhii 1
you possess instead oi earliest effort to nft -i j
acceptable worship to God. The service-' ar-' J
evidently intended to stii up p -lit cd *'nft i
and advance the abolition cause. Sermon* ;
arc carefully written and studied l-.r tin*
purpo-e ; the avowed design lc ng lo
keep the te->ph- under the influence of the
gospel*. A-o abolition sermon, or a political >
one, i preached weekly, and in all the ser
men* and prayers for old Aire and the Cabi j
net, there is not a breath in the II dy-ghooi I
—christian* never mistake such a bteath—all |
of this is done to revive the lagging interests, j
not of religion, nor for the furtherance of;
Ch:i*t's cause, but f-.r the nigger.
We object to those expedients tinder trie j
pretence of polluting Christ's cause. They |
are directly con rary to all the example* ;
giv-n u* bv Christ and his Apostles.
Never had Christianity such formidable ob
stacles to encounter as at the ppc*ent day ;
gag and may gag are joined together
Slavery did exist when the Saviour was j
on earth, and He declares that He k< came not
to destroy the law, but to fulfil the law-''
Now he6e so called preachers undertake to
quote scripture to justify themselves in this
abolition cause. About all they can find i*
that we must do by our neighbors as we
would they should do by us. So we suppose
according to their teachings if you 6teal ne
groes vou do God's service.
Paul, when the servant was converted un- j
derhis preaehing, sent him back to hs master. !
Y"U cannot find in the acts of the apostles
or in their epistles any allusion to any practice I
that bears the slightest resemblance to the
modern c<>n.rivances for the abolition of
slaves. What they did- in behalf of their
religion was done directly they made sacrifi
ces for Christ. Now when the claims of the
gospel are generalv admitted, the church can
not be sustained without catering to the de
praved appetites of miserable, dishonest, abo
lition tricksters. It must be. indeed' in a fal- j
len condition in communities this doc- i
trine is generally believed —the spirit of
Christ is utterly wanting. Whatever doc
trines it. may hold to in theory it cannot be
a christian community ; it lacks the vital ele
ment, they practically educate the people to
impiety". Pure religion requires no' merely
right action* but right feeling; it d<>e* not dis
tribute its blessings according to the mere
showing of the subscription book—mite of
the widows given out of love to G>>d out
weighed in the balances of the sanctuare, the
golden offering of the ostentatious pharisees
who spoke and acted to be seen and beard of
men. I is not ivery one that says Lord
Lord, but He that does the will of Him
who seeth in secret. The motive fixes the
character to the action. The doing of pious
acta for selfish ends is stoutly repressed by
God. " Who is there even among you, that
would shin the door for naught, neither do
you kindle fire on mine altar for naught
I have no pleasure in you smith the Lord of
II uta, neither will I accept an offering at
your hands." It does seem as if the Devil
has so entwined hinielfaround those preach
ers that they perform the most solemn acts
of 'lie church for selfish ends. The regulari
ty of the children in the sabbath school is
rewarded by a political harangue, or a negro
portrait in their little papers ; the lessons are
learned not. that the scholars may be made
wise unto salvation, but that they may hate
the Sou'h, and thereby receive the praises of
the abolition preachers. We believe that re
vivals are sometimes sought to abol it ionize
the converts. This constant urging of these
considerations that terminate in the negro
equality, will if heeded, make the pure selfish;
their piety will become corrupted in its very
foundation. When children are trained up in
the sabbath school and brought into the
church under the influence of such motives,
what can be looked for but that the rising
generation should become the devotees of ac
cursed amalgamation rather than the spiritual
worshipppers of the true God 1 Thus under
the outward garb of piety the rankest implici
ty is promoted ; they seek to unite the whites
with the blacks by preaching that a negro
man is as good as a white woman. Thev
would join together in loving hartnonv what
God has put forever asunder—.they obliterate
the distinction between the two races, their
avowed object is to keep the people under the
influence of Christianity. To accomplish this
they will pray lone and loud for this imbe
cille administration and denounce every one
as copperheads that does not join thetn in
their prayers. To attempt to lead men in
this way to deny themselves, take up their
cross and follow Christ, is as wise as would
bo the eff.rt to reform a drunkard bv giving
him wine.
Drafted Men.
The following lint will show the disposition
that has been made of the cases so far heard
before the Exemption Board, now in session
for fliis County at Towanda.
Kenan] J. Ross, paid Wm Shragp, Exempt
Roht. Stonier, exm't. Earl Sickler, accepted
E. S Carpenter, overage J W Harding, dis'y
A.O. Baker, accepted John Weil, disability-
Jacob Dewitt, to pay Henry Young, father
0 M. Goodwin, dis'y of motherless child
C t. Goodale,exm't G. K. Thompson, exin
Eiiwin Ross, paid Charles Day, paid
Win. Barnes, disability.
John Barry. Geo. Walter, over age
N. B. Graham, paid Jacob Shupp. overage
J. R. Cullmgw.irth, ex'i Paid Billings, paid
Sy Ivesier Rveves, " L*wis Tranger, paid
E l ar Smith, exra': Eugens Palmer, ex
Cliis'iun Ku.•sinan. deaf on ac't of talen
Jac b W|ey, gnh'i m Th •. Kerns, d'sli
now month* Ahraiu Co kli... pant
A. L Averv, scr iluHi Jan.z W Carey, iu
Ptnllip K"oiisuah, aupi's hr.oner* in armv Oscar Caskey, pant
J. E. Wagner, only son P r* r Marcy , ev> 'i
Asa ilul-ail, two tiro I, G M :o.>d, act'
ers in army M iter Patterson, pd
ll.iaiilioo K -cner, exm,t, Myr>n Calkme,
James Jones, exm't, over age,
Geo W liter, exm't, A D Clark, eXtu't.
A.iurcW B lias, exm't Jos E, Miner, eXdi't
James Shot weH, Cnas. Furgersoti. taken,
over age, Elisha Ellsworth, exm't
Walter Manning, exm't Then. Shaw, paid,
Caleb Shoiwell exm't, John Beamier, acpt'd.
Shubell Diirl<.ivl exui'i.
L. is Rnker, exiu'l. J M Rohinsoti. paid,
James \\ . Rmker, exin'i Geo. Rogers, paid,
John 1). Rogers, exm't, Jahai! Laharre, act'd
Chan. R isengraiil, acpt'd, 11 D. Kyte, pt*d v
Jesse W S'ep!iens,exm'i, Tun. Vaiitvle, exm't
Ed Rosengra nt, exm't, Eleazer Dm a, paidj
Win. Auuiick, exui't, Win. Spencer, a child,
Elijah Ney, paid, Wdlard Harding, paid,
Porter J ayne, paid.
Reuben Yale extn't, D. W. Swettland. paid.
Henry S. Ager, paid* ,
Pioneer makes the following extraordinary
Mr- Seward at the time of the recent French
invasion of Mexico, delivered to the French
Minister, Mercier. from the archieve* of
Washington , all the plans and maps from* the
campaign of Gen. Scott, in order thereby to
facilitate the assassination of the Mexican
republic. In a conn'ry like Mexico, *uch
plan* and maps have quile a different value
from what they possess in wn open, cultivated
and topographically known territory. They
have the value of a deadly weapon ; but even
were 'hey useless, their surrender would be
an act of low dishoner, infidelity and infamy,
which no Government eonhf c unmit with >ut
becoming the object of universal cotnempt.
Jcy Col. •nel Stone, the newly elected
Governor of [uwa, thus declaims :
" : admit that this is an abolition war
Ft was not such in the start, hut the aitntn
istration has dic vered that it could not sub
due the South el6e than by making it an ab
olilion war, and thev have done it ; and it
will be continued as an abolition war so
long as there is one slave at the South to be
made free. * * * I won Id rather eat
with a nitrger, than with a Democrat.."
Henceforth let the abuliti'-nnt open his
mouth, if his political opponent claitnthat
thf *ar for the Union haa been converted
into an abolition crmade.
IT A late letter fmin Alexandria,
Eg\ pt, represents the present cotton crop of
that country as in roen# and of great value.
| Wanted, on subscription, at thla office,
: Wheat, Corn, Rye, O. U, Buckwheat and grain „f nit
kinds Also, corn n the ear. h*j, straw good winter
apptfes, potatoes, hotter, lard, cheese nud produce of
inost all 'kinds. Money never refused.
Donation Visit.—The friends of Rev* C R.
LANE, will pay hiui a dofitfinfl visit on Thanksgiving
Day at his residence in Ttrokbannock Borough, at
I three o'clock in the afternoon, and at UNION HALL
; over John WeiTs store, in the evening.'
Read The new advertisements in to-days paper.
Prof. T J. Cook, cur musical friends will be
pleased to learn, is to pe present at the next meeting
of the Wyoming Co Musical Convention at Factory
villc. See aovertiscuienf
The first of the Season.—A slight fall of
snow occured at this place on Monday (tight and
Tuesday. This is the first of the season, and should
admonish those who have not yet finished their Fall
work, that winter is coming Those who have corn
to husk after this date, will be liable to hare cold
Large Turnips.—Mr. M. Walter, of Mehoopa
ny, will please accept our thanks for those large
Turnips bo was so kind as to leave at our office
They were indeed fine ones. One of them, of the flat
species, measured upwards of twenty-eight inches in
Supposed Drowning.—Mr. John Bingham, an
old resident of this place, and who lives npon the
bank of the river, left the town on last Saturday
night at about 10 o'clock, since which he has not
been seen or heard ot. He is supposed to have fall
en into the canal on his way home and drowned,
The canal for some distance below, has been dragged
and raked, but no trace of tfca body has yet beau
The undersigned having been restored to health in
a few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after having
suffered several years with a severe lur.g affection,
and that dread dise se, Consumption—is anx-ous to
make known to his fellow-sufferers the means of
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription used (free of charge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
will find a sure cure for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA
BRONCHITIS, COUGHS, COI.DS, AC. The o.dy object of
the advertiser in sending the Prescription is to bene
fit the afflicted, and spread information Which he con
ceives to be iuvaluable ; and he hopes every suffer
| er will try his remedy, as it will cost tbem nothing
and may prove a blessing
Parties wishing the prescription will please address
REV. EDWARD A. WILSON, Williamsburg
Kings County,
New York.
TERM, 1863.
EXETER. —Robt. Winters.
WASHINGTON. —Daniel Carney, M F Al len
MESHOPPEN. —Wm. H. Cortright, Robt. Donlap,
John Bunnell 2nd, N. I*. Dunlap N Overfield.
NORTHMORBI.AND. —James Besteder, Robt. Caton.
WINDHAM. —Royal Garey, Henry W. Fassett.
EATON.—WM. Hunter. E Borimvn, 0 W. Benja
MEHOOPANT.— AIIen Furman, Albin Russell.
BKAINTRIM. — Lyman Keeney.
lin Decker
OvEnriEtn--T. W
CLINTON.— W. W Cc.i|>*ntf>r.
NICHOLSON llinni Kcllv.
PETIT JtlttoßS
WASHINGTON —Geo Jenkins.
CLINTON. —Peter Baker, Win. Belcher.
WINDHAM. • Ro-well Garey
MESHOPPEX. —0.11 Lootuis, P C Clayton, Wm.
Blackmar, Jas. N. Khy, Warren Brewster.
BRAINTRIM, —Ezra Keeney, Simoon. B. Keeney.
EATON-— Milton Wheeler. Wilmot Cnrpentor. An
drew Frutchy, Peter Struh, Dainon Stevens, Geo-
Ney, Chauncey Brown.
MOKTHMORF.LAND —Geo. Brungcss. Jacob Rhodes,
11. H. Brown Thos Pin ler.
FORKSTON. —CaIvin Robinson, John Hitchcock.
NORTH BRANCH.-- Henry Champin, Gilbert G. Ad
MKHOOPANY —J. L. Hahn, Geo. Barrowcliff, John
B. Place, A. K. Fair.
LEMON- —John Cyphers.
NICHOLSON —HII>way Stephens.
MONROE. —David Montanye
OVEBFIELD —H. H. Walter.
EXETER. —llanford Smith
Teacher's Examination.
The annual Examination of Teacher's for Wyo
ming County, will be held as follows;
Meshoppen Township, at Eaceyvitle, November 28th,
at 10U A. M..
Forkston and North Branch, at Forkston, November
7th. 10| A M.,
Northmoreland and Eaton, at Thurston Hollow, No
vember 14tb, at 10, A. M.
Meboopany Township, at Mehoopany, November 21,
10, A. M.
Braintriin Township, at Meshoppen, October 31st
lt)J, A. M.
Clinton Township, at Factoryville, Nov. 27th, 10,
A. ivl
Those desirous of Teaching during the ensuing
year will please be present promnt'y at the time in
dicated. The Directors are earnestly requested to
attend, also citizens.
W. LA MONTE, Co. Supt.
SICKLER—Of Apoplexy, at the State Lunatic Hos
pital at Harmourg, on Wednesday the 4th inst.,
JOHN SICHLER, a resident of Overfield Township,
this County, in the 52d year of hi? age.
About eighteen months ago, the deceased, prostra
ted by disease, which produced a partial paralysis of
the organs of speech, the brain being affected by the
same cause. Early in July last he was placed in
charge of Dr. John Curwen of the State Lunatic
Hospital for treatment Under the care of the able
physician of that excellent institution, his bodily
health was apparently restored, but his mind bad re
ceived a tatal blow. He had an apolectic shock on
the 3rd inst., which he survived* but a few hoars.
Mr Sickler was one of the most thorough and en
ergetic business men of his day. Hone .t and up
right in all his dealings with his fellow men ; be mer
ited and secured their confidence. Among those who
knew him, his word was as good as a bond. To the
poor h<> was ever hospitable and kind None ever
appealed o bis charity in vain—none left his door
anhungered. Thoagb not a professed christiao, he
encouraged the preaching of the ilospel and the
mninUioance of Saobath- Schools, by liberal contri
butions to their support Bat now he haa passed
from taong ; h has gont to his reward-
JJpeclal Notices.
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is h'reby given to all persons in created
,in the following n com t, v : i:
The Final recount of Charlotte Eastwood, and Au
tin Eastwood. tdininistrHtriv and Administrator of
the Estate of John'wood. deceased.
Filed'gkpt 19th l^S.
That the above wiC ho presented to the Orphan'*
V^' rt ' v y' nun : County, to he held Nevt-mbar 16th
IHbj, tor confirmation and allowance.
Register a Office, Tunkhannock, )
Oct. 20th-11-163. $
v3-nl l-t4,
Subpoena in Divorce.
Jacob A. Thomas, 5
va. In the Court of Common Pleat
Lrura A. Thomas. ) of Wyoming County, No. 96
August Term, 1862.
Libel for divoree from the
bonds of matrimony.
I Levi H. Stevens, High Sheriff of the said County
of Wyoming, hereby make known unto tne above
named Laura Thomas, that she he and appear at a
Court of Common Pleas, te he held at Tupkhanpoek,/
in the Couhty aforesaid, on Monday the loth day et
November, A. D., 1963, then ard there to answer the
I said complaint, and show cause if any she hath, why
the bond of matrimony, between herself and the said
Jacob A Thomas, her husband, shall not be dissolv
ed. LEVI II STEVENS, Shejiff.
Tunkhannock, Dot. 19, 1963. v3-nll-t4.
Executor's Notice#
NOTfCE is horeby given that letters of admin
istration of the goods, ehattles, Ac., which
were of Abraham Trausue, Isle of Nortbniorelaiid.
Dec'd, have been granted to tne AH persona in
debted to said estate are notified to make payment,
and all persons ha/ing demand against the same'
are notified to present the same to uie at my boose'
in said township, duly authenticated for settlcmer'
Sept. I, 1863
ToDiafted Men.
Wm. M. I iatt will prepare exemption papers for
Drafted men and viil attend to their tia : ins before
the Board at Troy.
Tuiikhannor!:. Oct. 14. 1963.
A Carriage Smith '<• work or light wagg ins, or
young man to work under instruction at that busi
ness. Hood wages will be givn.
Tunkhannock Sept. 26th, 1363.
The Wyoming County
Will meet in Convention, at
on TI'ESDAY. NOV. 17th, 1963, Commencing at
10 o'clock, ot that day, an I duitinuing THREE
DAYS, closing with a
Concert ox Thursday evening.
The CONVENTION will be conducted by
PROF. T. ,f. COOK,
of NEW YORK author of the Olive Branch," and
several other popular musical publications.
Gentlemen's Tickets, including Concert, 31.00
Ladies ' •' '' 50 cts.-
Concert, 2.1 '•
Prof. Cook will use his uc r Book. ' The I niou,"
which will be furnished free for the u-e of the Con
RiCBAHn P Ross, Pros. A. F. Bltk, Sec.
STICVKXS DAM. Treasurer.
Tunkhannock, Xor. 3, 1863. —v3-nl3-t2.
/ast)ionaoic i]air tutting,
Shop Opposite May--
nartl's Hotel.
Ladies' haircut in the must ns.ilanshle f y!e, ei
ther at his Saloon, or tluir residence, u desirable.
Mr. Berlioghof is recently from New York city,
where he was employed in the best establishments
and consequently feels warranted in guaranteeing
satisfaction to all who may favor him with their ens
To any desirable shade, without Injury to it, or dis
coloring the skin.
For sale, with full and practical directions for
Manufacturers of Photographic Materials,
Our Catalouge now embraces considerably orr
four thousand different subjects (to which additions
arc continually being made) of Portraits of Eminent
Americans, etc , viz : —72 Major Generals, 190 Brig
adier Generals. 259 Colonels. 84 Lieut. Colonels, 207
other officers, 60 Navy Officers, 525 Statesmen, 127
Divines, 113 Authors, 30 Artists, 112 Stages, 46
Prominent Women. 147 Prominent Foreign Portraits.
2,500 copies of works of art, including reproductions
of the most celebrated Engravings, Paintings, Stat
utes, Ac- Catalogues sent on receipt ofstanip. An
onlor for One Dozen-PICTURES fr in our catalogue
will be tilled on receiptorßl.Bo and sent by mail,
Of these we manufacture v great variety, ranging
in pric from 50 cents tc Sou each.
Our Albums have the reputation of being snperior
in beauty and durability to auv others. The smaller
kinds can be sent safely by mail at a postage of six
cent* per oz.
The more expensive can be sent by express.
We also keep a large assortment of
Our Catalogue of these will be sent to any
address on receipt of Stamp.
Manufacturers of Ph >tngraphic Materials;
Fneds or relatives of prominent military men wilV
conferna favor by sending us their likenessee to copy.
They will be kept carefully and returned uuinjured.
Flue Albums Made to Order for Congrega
tions to present to their Pastor, or for otbei puipoeMj
witht suiable inscriptions. Ac 6 mo
A most valuable and wonderful publication. A wcrt
of 4(H) page*, and 30colored DR. 11l N
TER'S VABE MECT M, an original and popula.
treatise on Man and Woman, their Physiolog*, foot
tions, and Sexual disorders of every kind, with Nev
er-Failing Remedies for their speedy cure. Th
practice of DR HI'NTER has long Keen, and still is,
unbounded, but at the earnest solicitation of numer
ous persons, he has been induced to extend his Medi
cal usefuln 'ss through the medium of his " VADE
MECTM " It is a volume that should be in the
bunds of every family in the land, as a preventive of
secret vices, or as a guide for the alleviation of one
of the most awful and destructive scourges ever visit-"
ed mankind. One o> py, seourely enveloped, will be
forwarded free of postage to any part of the United
Si ates lor 50 cents iu P. 0. stamps, or three copieo
for SI Address, post paid, DR. HUNTER, No, 4
Division Street New York..
v3N0,4 ly.