The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, December 24, 1903, Image 4

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Ml!"RirTJO!f RAT1W.
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Advertising Watr. omr 11", non
pareil bihmiitt', fw fin Inwrtlot rM
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A ColMton Miuhjromalltht Ruiy
ing Ground in Sntftlcr Owiny
tor ihf "MMli-buiy iW."
Wamunhton Twi, St. Pktkk's
kvpoiosl Myron A. Mrtjfr.
Maohormor, Clira K., dan of Simon
and A., d Apr. SO, 1STS, aged
S y ni '2S d.
Miiinis .T.mK b May 10, 1840,
killed bv lightning Spt. 1,
1S7, aged 27 v S in 21 d.
Manrer, Henry, l Aug. IS, 177$, d
Aug. IS. IS72, ago! 04 y . .1.
Matnvr, Sarah, w ot Homy, h .Inly
5, 17S,d Nov. 27, 1S.V2, aged
Miller, Christina, dau of O. F. and
Isabella, b May 13. 1859, d
June 8, 1SG2, H 3 y 25 d.
Miller, Jainc, a of Kliaaand Sarah,
bXov. 22, 1858, d Nov. 21,
1873, aged 14 y 11 m2lid.
Miller, Fitniol , son of G. F. and
Isabella, b Juno 8, 18(V2, d
Feb. 18, 187. aged 12 y 7 m
20 d.
Miller, Sphia, w of George, b Feb.
2, IS2S, d June 1, ISO", rged
44 v S ni 2l)d.
Morr, Suaan, dau of J. J. and fcUrlr, j
b Jan. 21, 1S40, d May 22,1
1870 aged 30 v 4 m 1 d.
Morr, J. J., b July 31, 18C 3, d Mar.1,
18. 185$. acid 64 v 7 m 18 d7
Morr, Wilnon, a of I. and M., d
Nov. 22, 1854, aged 1 m.
Moire, FHfulxth, w of IMiilip, It
Aug. 1 7.1 780, d May 18, 1873,
aged 84 y U in 1 d.
j Morr, Susan, w of Jacob, b(Vt. 20,
1SU, .1 July 7, 1873, Hged 31
v 7 m 20 d.
MillhotT, Catharine, w of Peter, b1 Morr, Henry, b Mar. 17, 1851, d
tVarrr l H. Kan. A H. limn.
HrN-rt V1 V Oro PrM Kfnntntrr.
Vrtw T K Vohn, w S'.mr-rll
Otwoi 1' V HvkTfl. 1. H. rrrtsWvr.
rvuntlin Hi'nrT Krtv..ohn U. rtcnnlr.
VM.t'rhiirv -Vm. IWr, Hnk W. Y(.
Vnnroc H 11pml--V. H V V1r.r.
TVnu-J H hox-rr W Kcw
TVrrv Ammor, Sr-rtlr A hitrlv. S)inill, l Vl. INH, l .lUlV
Snrinv- v. lrlrv . Kw'ne
Tm vsno. Pvvvmhkk W.
Maurer, Sainuol, s of Henry aihl
18, 1874, aged 23 y fl m
I d.
June 2(, 180S, d Spt. 10,
1S,V, ng(.1 53 y 2 in 14 d.
Millliofl, John, s of lVt.r and t, bjMotr., John (, mm of Win. and
1VK 12, lSSr,,d Aug. 0, 18.iT,; ' Mary A., d Feb. 27, I8tCi,
agl 21 y m Urn. J r 8 d.
Milll.ofl. Klirobetb, d ot Peter and Motr, Allen 11., n.n ot Win. and M.
tth., I July IS. 18S3, d IVo. j A.,d 18, ISrtS, aged 28 d.
21, 18,i4, agfd 21 y .i m 8d.jM .i, John, not' John and BaiWa,
11, 18.V2,apd4.y S m P2 d. ! Millhofl, lVter.Jr., b July 2, 1SS1., h 1-eK 1. 1813. d Sep. 12,
wWMn(io, -v.cwi v., .1 v .Vwnr.o.r. M,.Mj,Hwav, Sitllie F,., w of O. S., d Aug. 24. 1M1, ag.l SOyj 1 S.:, aged 40 y in 11 d.
b Feb. 7, 1S."; d Nov. 15,! 1 m 22 d. i Mir., (too. AM'iM, aon ot John rpd
1S84. acvl 25 v P m 8 d. Mw. FJiraUth. b 17. 1822,
Wills tlii- ioe the P-t oloos Moier, tt1., w ot" IVni., h Mav j d IV. 12, 1S04, agil 72 v 1
if. 40lh A'olnnn uni? the nnwl
oe!n! vpsr in the hit.rv of the
IS. 1S40. d STt.
HC1 20 v S m 10 d.
i sro,
m 25 d.
: Morr. Maria, widow of J. J , F-so,.,
h May 24. 1807, d June 2,
18(i4, aged 50 y 7 ni 8 d.
! Morr, Amelia, d of J. .1. and Maria,
b A ug. S, 1 SSS, d J u ne 0, 1 SO 1 ,
ngtsl 22 y 1 0 in S d.
parvr. The Pi-t ha for its nptw- Mpisr, H(i)j. K.. s ot lvmj. ami
dent thi Fni.M: (Vi. TVwofcrat, a F... d Apr. IS. 1 SOP. aged 14 d.
iTerniai; v mc natvr. rjrroi ni i(Mnes. Infant, s ot Y.. - ano 11..
Nov lvrlir. in the forties. Purine l Feb. 22. 1S5S, aeed 2 d.
tb Oivii war, the name, the Ian- MengesJohn, vn ot V,. K. and H., j
cnar and I he roliti ot" the paper mjtd 7 ni.
v-s- r-haivod. Menp. Friah. s ot C.H. and Susan, Morr, Man-, w ot Isaae, b Aug. 4,
"b Apr. 14, 1S45, d Jan. 11,; 12. 14. ago,l
Si lini Ftritin 1S51, agol 5 y S m 27 d. j 22 ' 2 m
Tbt followinc is set of one- Meng, latharine, d of G. W. and i Morr, Wm., son of Jnoobapd Susan,
tion addrwi to even- fruit grower S., d Apr. 0, 1S2. age.1 Sm I d Feb. 2(, 1803, age,! 9 m If
nd fanner ii. Snvder (.Vnntv. If 28 d. d.
ytv: are infetJp.i seiv an answer to Meo Wilon. son ofS. 0. nl I Morr, Mary A., dan of Ja.oh and
Cyrii- T. Fox. Snnerintendeni ot . ..Mary Ann, d Oot, 14, 1S54, : Susan, h Feb. 1, 1S05, ngel
Keadinc. Ph. ae! P ni P d.
1. Will it he possible tv seonre ; Mpii Susan, w of G. W., b Ang.
from your eonnty any printer vxrip- 1S24, d Fek 10, 1SSS, the crop o: 1P0S. rrl OS v 5 m 14 d.
for exhibition! tht Si. 1 niExv- Menr Oath., w ot Jaooh, b Sept. i
2P. 1791. d June 15, 1S6S,
1. Are any e.ini.-ierable onantitus1 arwi. 77 v S ni lOd.
of winter flppir an.l rrs now in ! Meages. Conrad W s ot G. W. and
Titorajr' i yonr immediate vicinity,) d Mav S, 1S57, aped o y
and tan you rive the namfs cf a I 11 n 12 d.
f rw ptrtK- having truh in Mora.t? I MeopCo, 5 and d of J. C and Mary,
Robert, li Mar 0, 1S52, d
Apr. 2S. 1 K57. aired 5 y 1 ni 3
i". Annit, t Aug. 25. 1S55,
i. Am: 2' . 1 s"7. ar: 1 y 7 m
6 m 22 d
Morr, Fmma C, dan of Amelia, d
Jan. 11, 1S01, aged S in 17 d.
Sarhh, b June 7. 1818, d S-pt
20, 1S52, aired 4 v 3 m 10 d.
Motr, Siisantinb, dof John and Klir,
b May 7, 1838,d FeK 11,1 840,
age.1 1 y p m 4 d.
Motz, Hnrbara, w of John, d May
14, 1847, agtxl(4 y 8 in lid.
Mot a, John, d V-t, 8, 1847, aged
00 y fi m 20 d.
Mot a, FJiralvtn, d Mar. 14, ,
agtl 24 y 4 m 1 1 d.
Mover, (too., son of (too. and Sarah
bAng. 24, 1845, d Nov. 2,
1807, aged 22 y 2 m 0 d.
Mover, Cath. K., dau. of N. II. and
1. d mar. 22, 1870, aged 13 y
5 m S1.
Moyer, Ksther, w of Jaoob, b Aug.
8, 1817,d IVo, 21, 1880, age.1
OP y 4 m 1 8 d.
S. Wliiii rarietie of apnlt and
fthr' Trmt.-. nnnve t-. vour eonntv
- wtin:. : ;t - State, nan tieohta
e.: x!.iin:i.;. eir.'irr now rr dar
inp the summer an.i iix'.'i :
ii--- er:rti::ifi: snetrtmen- f':' snia'.i
1 run- .tr:iwtrmf.-. liasnnerrtt.
l.iaei.tterrir- e: .: v-nr -"eii'i;..
t:ur:r. in- seao:
" . tiow didxif v.::: rro: ( :" ! ho:
i: v,i::- iitii'iiirti'xi . eor.iu'.r- w;t:
cllt vtar- a- t cusctrv lu . uca'r-
' :- '' ixi'. :. i'."'i:ui;.. Evcn!
5T""-V- " vi;;- lUJUItfaUil. Vl'Jintf
vweuitjjt.. prow:: t ; arv
.t1.": ' "' i::::'K' ' j: vcn- "-"'.iiu:.
mi:. u:uv: cttcstio: nai.: i ii-v
f.rieu- ' iiov aiou; tKt&toe:
' M'i ti J'." J UJI .-
ii""".i..::iir.. t s . i -1 : ;.
JJOlli- '
Minr.. Jeftersor.. - of G. W. and
i.. c Apr. Ii".. 1 S2(.-. ari ! y
I r. - 1 ' 1 i
Menit-.- .i'.n. C. Ii. le.2-i.
ii Jai.. IT. lM.'i, firetl o7 y 1 n..
Mcru.. lif-nrr Ii.. t Ie. 2t . lSir.,
i Ff:, 1 arei; 5i 1
e 2
Men.. l ett: ; : 2L. IT74.
mm rails
STFarm Life One Year FREP
l A
The al xive will be given absolutely free to all piiliserilarN ( j
I iiddleburgf "Post,"
who renew their Miltsonptiou paying at least one year in advum ,UJ
hip nionui ui Mii'iniTr iin;j.
v New siilwi iln rs who onvoiie venr In biKbihh. will tret Mm....
, i . - r,'Hw
iiiiiima e
. The tunp ofSnvderCo'inty waa drawn by Prof, llillhardt ninlJ
all the Imitoi t int KoihIk and PoHt Olllcff. 1
"Farm IJfe" is a large liirm Magor.ine publiHhed by the 'vy
map iniblisluia i f Hand MeNally t o. It ia a 20 page pitpT mj"
iKaiu-d every inontli.
Our Popular Features.
The Middleburir Pont ihhhIm iui intt-niliii lwui In Hn.-.l..-
.... ..... V"K
uoiiu'k. i uv fHH'i.ii leai urea pre
1. The Court 1Ioihi News, inelu.ling, deinU, marriage jrJ
leuern granieo ami w ma proiHUeii.
2. All the New a of the County Neat.
3. Obituaries from all part" of the County.
4. An entire pagt of Newa from nil parts of the County. )
news of your own family. All the tender of the Pout are invited
kerp us informed of the newa of their vicinity.
A. Religion : lr. Talmnge'a pennon, Pundiiy Felionl
Christian Fndenvor Topiea.
rt. triginal Flitoi ial mutter on Im-al Htnte and National Aflm
7. "The Future Keyenled Ciilnmn," giving all the iiiiH.riBDt4
of Snyder County Fventa that mn lie foretold. Thin la a imwl
fi-atnre and the Pivt U the only paper in Hnyder County that iwiiWji
5. All the iiiiHirtnnt Newa of the State, the Nation and Furo
Coiintrio written up to Wednesday morning of eneh week and pris
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FA'xtor Vosr :
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vounty. Is your siuisonption new or renewal?
1 "W t nave iiceide: t. present everv person wi;L u p mud (ti Mixed
'LaiMv. FILIZI. (" CTlAJKiE win. vi-iir our unii nutkt a ur
ii i cuk ( f' 3t( in iron, now until Ciiristmas. N- diflerein what
Ej ;., buy k ione; a- t ii puretiaM- amount- in ?.(Mi,r over. We have as
i hue i. iin o: fotiu- as vol wili iw,; is. tti count v.
Mtrr:... 1'eu- I . .-itr;. Ii
airs i CI ' " u
KiDir-. lr.'.iifi. Cuf
l'.i;ti' NVat'j. CiiaiL
NUTS NV'' imV' a!l ki,,(lEBI,d
tio'v yre this vearV
it:-, atrec
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, J ZZ: , atre'.: i y :.. v..
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; AjT'..- V. i:
; Sues Fin-. ' oiiar lintti.ot. eti... a: emw tii. Aiiuundr.. Enp. W alnuts,
Kiffht Prices., Chvtiiut-. Mixl Nut.
tnw aii. Mjiuetiiuig tnat wi' t .(jniir-. Figt- mid Itoteh. Tint art
i buiiabi.-irut lw b'iv uu.. ! lruiu- m.u fjn.-uid Iwve to complete
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1 !"- lou,:eJ - y. ' l,l,r M""-' -tW Ji.uiu al! iw for tl.U
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let i,ei; 7f. y tutJt.
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;iiiuualiu or olio.; in tLe Lomij. Oyt;rr, tJraoUfirii. fcwtt Potatoct;
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d Jan 'j 174, u t2 v ui 1 bpaiiibii Otiou i,dpcou.p.eU; tlii Jiue
jRfcintmber we will prc-tcnt every person with
'Ur trV"! Visits the "Racket
, r 1l e ivi.e be, Jt &jui
wit. ,ii'-. fcuS' t. Cv.jfci:jer iuoLiVo.,, Jul
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wii-. uvte Li.kifco... kUiiMtii ii.t. a - :
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b.o ii.r f-vyrr TLic i but o JU i 7, IWv, 1 fStjp. !
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J- a f" jifllJor- fjs4e;!i!iuf "i j ,
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J'fartS to it luerit, u4 Mttiu U Uiiai . jililitsr, Ci-w-. mI'C 4 Jat. ;
tl'. UsJiSiv lr, tri W-WU'jkA by LwDCf-' . ,v.f. jii A a '
itI, t, y 1 id ji- jyu, uiitiHJrfiaUnae aud wai-w a jiurelW of 1,0U aixi uy,
W 'iii U a MivliKy UiULMAijawJ
A JiAi'PV, J'KOfePhJiOUfe NKW VFAit.
Youlk io' J3uhiot;W)
Middlcburjf, Pa.
Mover, Wm. C, son of G. C. and
' E., d Mar. 22, 1S61, aged 22 d.
Mover, Gea C, s of James P. and
Emma, b June 23, 1 872, d Sep.
1, 1S72, aged 2 m 8d.
Mover, Eliza Jane, dau of G. 0.
and E d JaD 31, 1SGC, agtd
1 m 18 d.
Mover, Sarah E., dan of Win. aud
Sarah E., b Oct 25, 1800, d
Nov. 30, 1800, agel 1 m 5 d. .
Moyfr, Ida Jl., dau of Jos. C. and
' C, d Mar. 24, 1 WH, agl 4 tn
Myyer, Jawb, h May 31, d
June 7, 1M,kw1 .08 y 7 d.
Moyer; Mi:hael; C.; h Ayr. 2, IHli,
d Mar. I, agwl 08 y 10
w 2V d.
Moyer, Kaoliael, w of M icliatd C,
b Jan. 23, JW, d Aui. 31,
lbW, agod 81 y 7 m d.
Moyr; jatLariue, w of Jolm i'.f Ii
J. 25, J8W,dUot.20, Jb85,
agtd 74 y U ui 26 d.
M-ot, Gorg J., b Jan. 3, J8JJ,
d Max. G, J&7U, aguJ 76 y 2 w
Mxr, BaiaL, w of jto. J.; b i'eb.
l'J, lb06, d Apr. H,
agl 70 y J w 23 d.
Moytr, J'jiiuia IvliUj, d of Jawea 1'.
aud Kwma, b Bcp. 13, 1873,4
June 18 187U, H 6 Utu d.
ULtynTf Jidaut, au of fcitiuuc) urn)
Wjytr, XJaU.afiu.', w of Gtiiirge. Jaij
J of iCliiiot aud Jktty Moyer, b
Apr. Jl, Jbij3,fcH-p.d2flJ862,
I auJ 4'J v 6 id 6 d.
Ifnver. Ivid. b Jan. 2l). 1812. d
j Fb. n, m, h w y f
Mover, John C, d Oct. o. li
agetl 31 y 7 m 19 d.
Mover, Jacob B., s of M. Cmi
d Sep. 15, 1817, agdU:
Moyer, Magdalene, w of Frai
d Dec. 1G, 1862, aged 2;
Moyer, Christopher, d June
1840, aged 64 y 4 m i i
Moyer, Ketty, w of Chriit'.w
Oct. 20, 1777, d Nor. 10,:
aged 85 y 20 d.
Moyer, John, Oct. 20, 170;,'
10, 1843, aged 73 y at
Moyer, Ksther, w ofJuiin,
3, 1831, 65 yU
Mover. Geo. Jurud, of O.l-l
EliuU'th, b Mar. 5S4, It
tS'pt. 10, 1852, aBl!.i
22 d.
Mover, Infunl. d of Gij.
both, bOct. 1, lb53,4
Moyer, O, Aiith'.iiy, solW
I.1 I. M...i Oii WVj.i
i, r .JT. '
23, 1846, agud 2'jd.
Moyer, t!athttiiio Aim,
and Auiiu, d Apr. t
agtid 3 in 1 d.
Moyer, Klla Noia, d f J-H
Cath., I. May 22, 1HM
2li, 1844, auwl4yt
Moyur, 0ailca F.,isuofK
I4..4 Duo. 22, lb55,
1 '
Moyur. Umii
Noy. 28, J844, agf
Moyur, Jonathuo F.,
Mover, d Due. 28, In
1) tnSd.
Mover, Uurlmro. w
Moyer. Fjanuu, w uf Kv
1 )uo. 22, 1865,
nA' J