The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, December 24, 1903, Image 1

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r hate a job lot of note
Ljs on hand. They mutt go
Ct 'The price wlS do It
Wples Price ,or
, , We furnish them printed
less than you can buy them
Ithout printing. .. '.,.
If . v - ' JT eTV
Wi 1.
L V. WiftaMlUr, Ulte aaa Fwyrhew.
hjL. XXXX. V
Uvely Little Liners.
rlestle and the Battle of the
Ceaaty Seat, ToM la Brief
Lie More or Leea Prominent.
Fnatlaf Pspwfwtlaa aaa'JSYeerU af la
tere thrt Satterr CarlasM '
Aptmi tfcs Tklrct lac
A "sally Jeerssl, Dersttc U lews, acUaca, Art, PstlUcsl Itaiear aa Carrtst Ihamsra.
Raua: Om Dollar Pir isssa, ia Advaaca
Jit yoor pictures taken.
n. Amelia Showers, of Phlladel-
k paid a visit to Mrs, Merti, over
L.J. F. Kanawell, of Penns Creek,
democratic physician, was at the
It; teat one lay last week.
lie Post one year ; ."Farm Life'
i year and a Map of Snyder County,
ill for a little dollar. Bee partleu-
oa fourth page of the Post.
LM. Mots left for Akron, Ohio,
i hk dauabter. Mies Maude E- ia
tadlof a private seminary on Tneav
He will remain with bar a few
Vi Sals A house and lot at Krea-
Pa., opposite R. R. depot, contain-
2 teres offend. Nicely located.
J. M. Matron,
liS-tf. Kreamer, Pa.
E Boost, postmaster of rihreiner,
Wted business at the ooart house
Thursday, and dropped bis annual
in tne Doaineas omoe 01 uua
n Bowersox, one of the esteem
Means of this town, was a cat
tab office and paid ap bis arrear
aod a year la advance, Friday of
week. : ' '
nail wis of boaday goods wUl
Tuesday, Dee. 15. A splendid as-
t to select from, including flnej
es, and lots of them.
A. a 8KCHM8T, Verdilla, Pa.
k Perclval Herman, whose name
been mentioned in connection with
State Senatorship, was in town
Inesday to meet with the Pension
rd, and Incidentall dropped in to
the Post.
were favored with a call from
fry Benner, assessor from Selins
e, and Alpbeus Keyser, of gbamo-
Dam, oue of the bright young men
liit locality, last Thursday. Call
a. geutlenien.
Ml on A. E. Soles in hid new shav-
uid hair nutting parlor f i youi
(he north side of Market au u a re op
to Central HoteL Satisfaction guar-
N. tf.
m Bertha (.'rouse, daughter of our
psnian, Attorney James O. Crouse,
iug in Philadelphia sick with dip-
pa. Mrs. Crouse has gone to Phila-
lhi& to assist in caring for her wants.
trust the young lady may have a
tly recovery,
'a. Albert M. Smith, of Beaver
ugs who has an eagle eye on the
kSeuatorshir, was at the county
last Thursday morning. The
pfs name has also been nieu
W in counection with the Leglala-
Meudare galore at this office. There
Jwigus that carry you away in
kyof delight You may And your
li'titorout distancing you if you do
u- your calendars here. Our de
are all Topyrlahted and the Post
Mttexcluaiveaale of them In Snyder
fty. Order at once so you will not
tayd in getting them early.
& Hoot, of Dundore, was a oouu-
at visitor last Thursday and he has
iwl to appreciate a good thing by
g others have the Post. He
ht the newspaper business was
Soiling married. He wants his
So he dropped In and became a
iU-edvauce Bubtcrlber. and wa
N him up with the Pobt and Farm
'or a year and a map of Snyder
in hut big overcoat pocket
y Mover, nf Xuur Purlin
Mughter were at the county seat of
h county last Friday afternoon,
io nave a new set of teeth
f by 3. W. Orwlg and the form-
lnsao( some business at this of
r. Moyers son. Dr. C. O. Moy
one of the most successful practlo
oyalciaua lit Llueoln, Nebraska.
7 Moyer u ifntn.,1, w.u '..
not as active as he was In hla
J days, but he likes the Post
Xthaae?er. 1
h cleaued with a refresh m
aud a clean towel to each
The X Ray Photo Car will be ocen
on Christmas. All work guaranteed.
Mm. Lizzie J. Smith, one of the most
Intelligent radire of this place, dropped
In last Friday and made heneli good
on our Ibt for anothi r year.
Albert J. DuDklebunrer, of Kreamer.
had read about our great offer and last
irlday dropped in to be loaded down
with the greatest newspaper bargain he
bad ever heard of. .
Miss Eva Steininger, daughter of
Oeorge H. Stelninger and wife, return
ed from Irving College, Mechanksburg,
where she is a student, to spend her
holiday vacation with her parents.
Benton Moyer, of Hotter, drooped In
lest Thursday while In town on busi
ness. He paid the subscripts for
William H. Hlle, who has learned the
fact that tlte Powr la the paper ft him.
Lost A solid gold eharm from
watch fob opon whleh Is the monogram
O. K. M. aod on Inside N. B. The
finder will be liberally lewarded by re
turning same to George Mots, Middle-
burg, Pa. 60tf
I just received a new lei of Sewing
Machines from (IS. WO op. The White,
Wheeler six) Wilson makes a speciality
See display advertisement
Mlddlehnrg, Pa.
'Squire Thomas Page and M. A.
Shaffer, ef Hofler, were at the ooart
house en business and dropped la to
pay their subscript too, and each want
away happy with a map of Snyder
county under their arm.
FOR SALE. Ia Middleborjr, Pa., a
good (rams house, 7 rooms, and let of
land. Also a good livery stable on the
same lot For terms and particulars
apply to F. V. Walter, 1 mile west of
Middlebarg on road leading to Beaver-
town. ' : tf.
William W. Fisher, of Port Trevor-
ton, paid a visit to William A. Smith
and wife, in Swineford, last week and
dropped in to order the Post and pay
for it, Wednesday of last week. Mr.
Fisher is a wide awake man and is
highly respected in Union township.
By an accident a hammer in the
hands nf Charles Roush, last Wednes
day, struck Mr. Cole's assistant plumb
er on the forehead, nd knocked him
unconscious. Fortunately the man
soon recovered aud made all hands feel
happy that the resulc was n t more
J. B. Weller, of Washington towu-
ship, was in town Thursday ou his way
to Lewistown. Before lew ving he drop
ped in to pay his subscription aud like
many others, he carried with him oue
of the highly prized maps of Suyder
county. Mr. Weller is a very success
ful farmer.
The beautiful and oorupiehensive
map of Suvder county we give away
with the Post to advance paying sub
scribers, is 7 inches by 'l iuchfg print
ed on Brunswick Litieu Ledger, 11 in.
by 17 iu. It is large enough to frame
aud will be an oruameut to any o I rice
or a parlor.
Charles P. I'lrich, Esu,., oue of the
Attorneys ot Selinsgrove, dropped In to
see us last Thursday and to leave au
order for some priutiug aud a check iu
full for our accouutagaiust the assigned
estate of Gray bill, Dobsou Jt Co. Mr.
I'lrich is an agressive tighter for the
rights of his clients and has a nice
In accordance with our usual custom
to give our employees a vacation about
the holidays, there will be no paper is
sued from this office next week. The
office will be open, however, for the en
rollmeut of subscribers, payment of
subscription, ieceptiou of orders and
execution of job woik and usual busi
ness that may be presented.
The Poer last week Improved its out
fit by the addition of a large Chandler
A Price 9ordou Job press and a uew
Reuilugtou No. 7 typewriter. A grow
ing Institution must always be up-to-date
and have the latest and most im
proved machinery on the market The
New Remington produces a letter iu
two colors with the same ease that the
old style produces a letter iu oue color.
This is the latest and most improved
machine ou the market When you
need up-to-date work, give us a csiL
Farm Journal Clubbing Oiler.
We will send the Poar oue year,
Farm Life, oue year, Farm Journal
one vear aud a map of Snyder County.
11x17, for only l.lO. Or we will send
the Post oue year, Farm Life one
year, Farm Journal Five Yews and a
Map of Snyder County for ouly 1.60,
prepaid. tfc
. Howard Folk was a Runbury visitor
Monday. .
D. A. Kern is putting a furnsce In
his residence. '
Bruce H. Crouse, of East Pittsburg,
cams homo to spend the holMsvs.
W. L.Garman has secured a trained
nurse to care for bbsick daughter, May.
The U. B. church wiU hold their
Christmas entertainment Wednesday
Miss Eva Wetiel, of Sunbury, spent
several daysin town this week with her
parents, David Wetzel and wife.
H. K. Hornberger, of Aline, dropped
in Tuesday to subscribe for the Port
and put a sale notice In our register.
W. W. WltMumyer is making a tour
ooverlng Pittsburg, Akron, Mansfield
and other places daring the holiday
Thomas J. Specbt and family spent
Sunday In Sunbury with Edgar W
Caster and wife. Mr. 8prcbt Is the
obliging assistant at the MHdleburg
Mrs. Dr. J. C Amlg, of Lewistown,
nea Nettie Marks, of this place, had the
misfortune to nave eight rings, three
of them containing diamonds, and $25
in easp stolen from bar room last week.
Our readers should taks advantage of
our special offer of iba Post and Farm
Life, each on year, and a map of Sny
der county for one dollar. Good only
one week mora. Jupires with Dec. 31;
' Thomas J. Hostenian-, who had been
lying in the Homeopathic Hospital ill
with typhoid fever, returned borne Fri
day evening, mnch to toe ddlacbt of bis
many friend and the pleasure of his
family. He Is rapidly eonvslescing. .
William I. Bllger, of Middlecreek. la
sending a remittance, ;.enuiossd a do
ping annsssnclng the death of bur gran.
daughter, Jennie E. .Yocom, of Lewis
town, at the age or 14 years: Bne Is
the daughter of Samuel Yocum and
died December 12. 1
"Sky Pilot," our new serial story,
will begin in the Post shortly after
New Year. Those who have read it
pronounce it one of the best and most
interesting pieces ot writing that has
ever comefrom the pen of any writer.
Tell your friends about it, ho that they
can subscribe In time to g t the opening
chapters In the Post.
A new Lodge of Free Masons, called
Maclay Lxlge, No. 8.!2, wa constituted
iu sunbury, Saturday at one p. m., by
kdgar W. tennis, R. W. O. M. of
Masons in Pennsylvania. There were
twenty-nine new members. A bamiuet
was served at the Central Hotel after
the ceremony. Snyder county was re
prusented by Ira C. Schoch, ot Selins
grove, and the Editor of the Post.
Among the uew members were Edirar
W. Custer, of Swineford, F. E. Specpt,
formerly of Beavertowu, and H. H.
Harter, all of whom are well-knowD in
Suyder county.
WarS mm mm la kjr RT. . B.tlnw r4. Mj
fAtthor of "Onward, ChrutUn Soldlerm." U-
U m ! - Wkl - tU fa ik kwt . i mm
I amldat that bUaa sf fluty
tandt s rapb, uta anipraT.
Radlanc aa or auauawr Bhrmls(
O'ar tlla barren landjeana mhmi
Rous, ya ahapbaria! ahaSia aff Inirws
BanlabaS tram aacb draway kaad-l
, UlorUr la txaaiaia Oaa
f ttdTasn itedt tSa haaru -
I Sat eoau. aaS saws 1 Salaaa -
as aarth this Jas a asrUuir
Cbrlat ta Jaw Uaallta srhta
aUsaa a, sbarsron. Uah ssvrveissm.
Taaa wltb aasaay aarola aUujt '
s Worim as asUls Oast
"Paaaa aa aarth. ts man wood fawwsa.
Token tkIS tka HtaMalr CaUa
Lrlas naw la Bath. (ham a BUfir, '
Bars of Vtrgla undaflUd.
ChrUt, Maaatss, lao aspaata4 . '
Bartfe and Ilaawan raeeaefUtf: '
Otsrla la sseaisls Oaer
Thaa from rhsus 4 ueaas tea
AACals. IS aupaaaaj Uwftt.
BisTst a akoraai "O ra saopia, ,.
Bast sa4 Waat. la aaa aaMa.
Pralslns OoS, tka Lord JaaovaAl
ta with anaela la tha hetsU:
CUrh ia axoalata Paal" K
iL E;Zechman moved hla saw-mill
rrom Dnlendert woods to tract two
nJlae Vest ofCfcntreTlIle Iawt week.
Quite a number of our boys spent
Saturday evening out of town. We
have not been able to find out where.
W. W Fisher and Mrs. Nathan
rSchambacb, of Port Trevorton, visited
mends in our vicinity a few days last
Serenus Bowersox and Elias Brunner
two of Centre township's industrious
farmers transacted business in town,
The llkldlenurg Leather Company
are now running a hundred hides per
day. Twenty-three men are now em
ployed In the plant.
Remittances Acknowledged.
We beg to acknowledge the receipt
of lemittances since the last issue from
the following named persons : John
R. Knepp, Juo. J. Bolender, Wm. ().
-. ; frecger Danklebarger.
Tnaada? morning at fl o'clock, John'
R. Kreeger, Cashier rrt the First Na
tional Bank of Swineforti was quietly
married to Miss Elizabeth Dunklecur
ger, one of the well-known milliners
of this section of the State. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. W. K.
Diehl, being witnessed only by the
father, mother and sister of the bride.
The biidal couple boarded the 8:40
train for a week's trip to Philadelphia.
This wedding had been looked for,
for quite a long time, but as it bad not
occurred and then occurred so sudden
ly, and the secret kept so sacredly, the
surprise was all the greater.
notii or me contracting parties are
uell-kuowu among a large circle of
friends who join the Post in wishing
them a long aud huppy voysife down
life's pathway.
Ceming Events Cast Tbtk Shadows
1 Before.
The read of the Post are request
ed to send us snnouncenienN of all
evenU No charge will be made to
publish the same when the event Is of
public importance.
THCRsnAY, Dec. 24, the Lutheran Sun
day school will render a cantata.
Friday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day.
Legal holiday. Bank will be closed.
Hdxdat, Dec. 27, St John's Day.
FaiDAY Jan. 1, 1904 -New Year.
Thitosday, Jan. 7, 1S04, The Hnyder
County Directors' Association will"
meet In the Court House at 10t4r7. m.
Sunday, Jan. 17, Benjamin Franklin'e-
Tuesday, Jan. 19, Meeting of Stock
holders of First National Bank,. of
Friday, Feb. 12, Lincoln's Birthdsy.
Sotday, Feb, 14, Ht VslenUnes Buy.
Tursday", Feb, 18, Hhrove Tuesttoy.
Monday, Feb. 22, Washington's Birth
day. Legal holiday. Banks will be
Mowday, Feb. 22, February term of
court ooens.
Monday, Feb. 29, Extra day for Leap
Year. This Is the first that wiU
have occur for eight years.
Thursday, March 17, St Patsiora
Da. .
Clubbing List
' For the economy of time and money
to our subscribers, we offer tha .link
ing reduced rates for clubbing the fol-.
lowing named periodicals with the
Post. The first column Is Ilia l-Mmlav
price of the publication named. On
receipt of amotfnt named In tha Mn
column, we will send the
narnd, the Post one year, Farm Life.
on J -, and a Unre Mao of r- .
County. The list is as follows r
3 r..
Farm Journal, 1 year.
Fiirm Journal. ) years,
Tribune Farmer,
X. V. Tribune. Tri-Wkly, .:m
i. ori(i. in-weekl-,
Woman't Hume C.nupaii
Farm and Fireside.
- 3
Chrisiaias Candy.
Stop at I. II. Bowersox's cotifection-
erv store. H hus thx niMt oj.i.'Lr ,f
uamoy, vm. W. rlsUer.Thomas Page, Candies that ever wiis iu Middleburg
H A. ShafTer, Wm. H. Hile, J. S. a"( at tbe lowest pru-es.
Heintzelman. Auirimtus ni..r fr Sunday .School orders rlll.Kl at u trifle
I The map of Suvder County we give
I away is printed on a -iwt
jLetler paper. 11x17, large enoiiti to
frame. ,Se- oiler on piige lour.
Boru to John Libby and wife a son.
Our citizens have their ice houses
Reed ejhamory, of Kantz, spent a
day with S. B. gpltler last week.
Wallace TeaU and Milton Erdley, of
Kreamer, spent Saturday in towu.
James Detrich, who Is working at
Beaver Springs, spent Sunday at home.
Clayton Wetzel, of WUliamsport, is
spending a few days under his parental
Amos Bowersox and wife spent Sat
urday with Isaac Brunner Jt Paxton
vllle. Frank Scbanibactjand H. W. Smith
transacted business near Beavertowu,
Mrs. Reuben Welrick and daughter,
Kate, spent Sunday with Mrs. C. A.
John Moyer, Sr., and Reed Libby
spent a day shopping at Troxelville
last week.
Dauiel Millhouse, who has been ail
ing for several months, Is still unable
to be about
Ralph and Celestla Wagner left for
Selinsgrove on Monday to work in the
shoe factory.
Saturday the directors of the Frank
liu township School Boardmet to pay
their teachers.
Butchering aeason is about at an end.
Next issue the cbamplou porker raiser's
name will appear.
John Rodgere, of Dry Valley Cross
Roads, spent a day with his father-in-law,
Henry MJUcr, reseotty.
Cath. Howell, J. B. Weller, M. It Hoot,
Alpheus keyser, I. E. Boust, S. H.
Reich ley, J. L. Meiser, W. C. Teats,
Curtin Bowersox, Mrs. Mary Witten
myer, Henry Moyer, A. J. Dunkle
burger, Calvin Fierick, Lizzie J. Smith,
Hon. P. F. Rigel, U. S. Sholly, Hurley
Shaffer, James Middleswarth, D. O.
Snyder, Adam W. Aucker, S. H.
Kemrer, J. W. Deppen, J. S. Brubaker,
Wm. I. Bilger, Mrs. ElmiraReed, S. O.
Dengler, Mrs. Caroliue Peters, Bennett
Kaufman, Joseph Heimbach, James
W. Steffen, Isaac Ramer, Edward
Hummel, S. P. Sampseil, P. A. Stuck,
James F. Hoover, W. L. Stmwaer,
Wm. H. Wise, Wm. Sholl, Jesse Bolig,
Henry Snook.
more than cost. If not so, do not buy.
Sale Regjater.
A Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year to all.
Swartz A Graybiii's store, Swineford,
is headquarters at which to buy your
Christmas gifts. Do you wish to make
your friends happy ? Then come and
examine our large assortment of holi
day gifts. We will mention a few :
Do you want dolls, jewelry, gloves,
linens, lamps, hankerchlefs, furs, um
brellas, books, glassware, Chinaware,
etc. The articles mentioned are but a
few of those we should like to show
you. You should see the many novel
ties we have. Do not wait till the last
day, but oome eaxry.
Oar farmer In the show window bids
you oome In, select your gifts and make
your friends happy.
Respectfully yours,
50 Swartz & Gkaybill.
J. A. Smith. Globe Mills, is prepared
to shoe horses with Never-slip horse
shoes at $1.50 p r horse aud the com-
mou shoes at W ceuts. Give him a
all., . ... . . 12-10-5 1. r
"I sound him in the act.1
An intkrestiag bit of femininity is Gwrn,
oneof the picturesque characters ia "The
Bky Pilot" The artist caught'her here
in one of the interesting situations which
abound in the story.
Will be oar Next Stacy
Aad'itieaneof the best yottfrava mad.
ft js not only absorUaw eabMsWng,
f or th Pint Gbmptat
pac'tnu to ham aaia ahuuiu wlscl n ,ita anu
bare i tnwrtad in thia column.
WKDNKSDAY. Dec. W. ,nile wutheart f
U oba Mllla H S. W. c. T ",11
L , . ,K'k- !rm linpleuienia. miU
bouaenoid gnaUa.
TcKaDAY. March 1 one mile wmh-wea or
ii'T"1" Mr ''"hrnnB Moyor will
all live tluvk anU rarminic impleiDaala.
TlDAr. March S 1 milm, anuth ..f HMiflelU.
Mary Swartz. for the helm ot .1 W. Swartz.
drceaaeti. will wit live Hock, farm im
plenianla, honachoid irooda and raal eataic.
Thubsdat, Mareh.l(l, the adminiatratom of tha
mtata l John Zicber will Mil Uva alock.
farming implementaand hoiuelmld gooda.
SATtKDAT, March 12. Wm. .V. Rullck will Mil
Ht stock and farming impleaMiua, una.
half mile north of Seliusgrore.
Saturday, March 11. in Waahingtoa township
John H. Miller will mi I liorwim cowa aud
farm I tuple menu.
Tvsiay. March 13. S. M. Kcntetter. Mr'enlai
will aall household gooda, Cum imola'
menta and lire atock.
Wedhmday, March l, mile waul of Meiser
vtlle, (Jeo. U. Uoodling will aail Itvw alotk
and farming Implementa.
WaOBmixAY March 1, at Saiem. Wm. J. Rotm
will sell S horses, ju bead of cattla aud
farming linplemenla.
Thuuhbay, Mitrch IT, one aiila south of Sellna
grove, Wm. H. Kanninger will aall borer.
cowa aud farming uupiamanla.
Thuskuay, March !7, at Uloba Mills, B. P Wal.
tar will sell live stuec and farm I mule.
Fbiday, March:. In -iin Twp., William M.
Maaea will sail lire slock aud farming
Satcboay, March north of SelinagroYa.
Amoa Bollg will sell lira stock aud farm
Monday. Maruh 21, ona mile east of Melaarrill
Wm. Kice will sell lire stock and farminv
Mokoay, March '21, ona-fourth mile south ot
Helinsgrove, on H. K. Daris farm. R. H.
Wirth will aall S horses, 8 cowa, S bead of
young cattla, ttt suoala and good far nil na
TvnaoAY, March 2S, north of 8allnumM
Samuel Bullek will aall stock, firming
tinpleaienta and household gooda.
Tcbuiay. Mareh , near Kauka, Hear Bomlc
will salt hva stock and farm implements?.
W,"iAlr Mn,,l, tw mllaa south of
"''"'" '"" n. rawar wiu aall Ura
" atosk aad facaalnc Implamaula.