The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, November 12, 1903, Image 1

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We have a Job. lot of note
Lead on hand. They must go
..rW The orlce will da It.
t - -
Eamples and prices for the
l-j. We furnlsn them prated
la less than you can buy them
Without printing.
L. '. WifHr, I4lur aid Praarlaur,
L Hustle and the Bustle of the
County Seat, Told lit Brief
Lple .More or Les Prominent.
A 'tally Jaarsal, Dtu4 u Jewi, StitaM. Art, falitkal caaair aal Carreat tittntare.
One -!;r P-r ni-nm, n A1viict
Lively Little Liners, j
John K'rai,ir of Kramer was in
town faturdny attending to f.ii-inw-.
f. W. Ire- nf H.-nvrtown wi at'
be t' S i-! iy and .!-'.,;.-d !
:!. f . '.,. p. .st. j
' ' r-.-v.d to - the
fnon!;.- J -il jr.!.-i y and Inn. f :ii-ir
rcin-in i.,h- ( m; r,,mrnix-i'.n. T-. '
'.VASTK.'j: .:-
to inri'i F:A( Diiunof.-s am r r: r j:n r
or i.Di' i x i- nyij;i: focvrv.
; oo'-.oo!
Flnatini Population ani F.vmt of In
tfTtl that Satiify Crioify anJ
Apptau th Thlrt f f
n Folk ia aff"td witii typlw id
rfpii Moyer of Freeb'ir.' was a
,ty fat visitor Friday.
rril Shannon, who U eu. '. .yd at
kiitown, apwit Sunday at home.
i ( A. Hchorli i j.v! dii a
visiting friend ii L'ruoii t'o'ii.ty.
t. J of an inch thick wa taken off
m laurel in thin pla.- .-"aturday
vrill pay niArket price f..r good
lvm, bide and tallow.
10-15-4C Lewlsburg, I'a.
Un Field of Kreamtr ban asked us
Jftr hia thanks to thpople for the
jp rote.
Lniel Mar.eval of West Perry town-
smiled on hi frlend.4 at the
fcty eat Saturday.
Lph C'lelan of Lewwtown greeted
friends and viaited relativea at this
feover riunday.
G. Hwrnberger of Ifeiiwrvllle,
Yj over the el:tion, greeted hia
lu here Saturday.
I. Kline of Kantz paaaed
kgb thia plaoe Saturday with
til bead of nice cattle.
k E.a.Sublot Reailinia pay-
ruit to her parent Daniel 1W1-
tod wife in Franklin.
vJT. B. Church on . Than kagi vinn
(ul have a chu;kiui"Qd ''wmffle,
tt and supper.
W. ."troub of Lewiabury transaot-
ini here Saturday. He w a sou
u:ie! ?tnub of Penusvretk.
h 'niiiiitr and l)u!tr was put
;-.-l fir the enlar-d ,!:ii)t.
V.". II. :i:iier .in 1 h-.-r nmtli-r'
."v.-. and if is-- Mahi ;r.:n:u
i ;n'.:iy iu Siinbury wii i itn ; i,-
W. II. IViuIcf IV ivt-r ni-iiiif-'
v'l Sa:uril:ty ::-io.iii. ;-.
-'ui Inytil a.- :i !iian :lt the
i I ui'.din-.
ei:!ier y th d
.r..-. .;
5i. i.i
I'm. if
la.xt ve k
If. M.
I'fsr of i: u,n Fa v r,
fvin :i v i -1 1 :
ir .-'al'm ai.d .-itii- r.. ti.
t to -jnd Whi, .-,!.,,
tit f.i p. 'i
Ar.r.usl Irut.ti.:..
in what . -h
ss b.'sr. .v;r
:;rr. tv :rvM .v..
t.' -x' .'.
-5? :
VI ". '
;r r. a
f'.al .-
HrV-rt ;i:n!i i.4i.i), win, w m in-ployi-d
it Mi,- ( i.m.'ii u i- wnrk nt
I)ininr, I'i.ciir.K Imnie Sacurday on
i" i'nrt rri-v.n'Mii .-li-i-'iiatiti
J.C Hasainswr and h.;r dauish-: ut ;!t" ( '"II:lt 'Ht'.mlay. Mr.
Mr. 1- '. Bowersox and Mrs F ' viiL.toPt lvalue a ,U!W-r:ir !.. 'hf
t,r ,,;' are vUitiuir Mrs. , P ,ST r,?ri1 'vwk3 M--M'
.i?ai;th at Xw KeuiD!jtoii. : -ar :"t,u"1 a" :'' ""r -'lur-
V. Ljt, wife aud child L-ai:it' up j
iy :r-ui bipnenyurg to pay a'
aonunt nf tli wrrU rlji,ir down
i wttern i(rt
U not an busy rm it had rxi
rT-;;dr.t. G:. '. 'Vi'.h-.rr.
'iC'i-Pr3i r.t.
(fa j .i j : . . t . ..... . ' ' '
.. -, m .--iiti in tin Lnf r ' . .
distant ocr'ar'.
Alfx. T. Paxi. wife and daua:!itr , Er.rsllir.g Chr'3. C' p-,m;.
Mry, or p.u-uw, anMnf enrr-. Ticket Aar.t :-n M P.r--.ii'c
. '.-ri'
a,-:. - :.
t- ' d? '"I
: .-,
" -iijca'
a pcw.r -
ty C'.iGrir.t-. I
A. 3:-t;;r
-r vrarr. r-r-.
tained at the F.ditnr' home thia woffe. fjcor Kei.-i.n i H
ur. .iaxwe:i an. I it r. Katton nf the '-,,.. "!1M W-mH.I
itra-w-r. "Rn Lauvr.
wrnie u-.a.'e are :iiso in town, i neyin r..r, c,Jt..
v rf. 2--r
H-Mntz! ?-: an.
,, Jlr. rxwnare enjoy- epCrters. "Wee:y Herald." A. 'V. Musser.
,u " u",,u "Snyder Caunty Ne-vs." Gee. A. Kerr.
Call on A. K. Holes id hia new sliav- ' Middleburj p-.r.t." Reno Snvder.
inaal hair uttum parlor foi you, "Selins Grove T:Te-." ?ev. E. E. Haney.
hrat cimiiMl with refreahm ahara- F reeburg Cour'er." 'V:!!:am P'.T.'.g.
pa)aiida cleair uwel to ea.-h patron ! "Sellns Grove Trtbur.e." Michael Baney.
on the north aidi- of Market ancare or-, ,Nj
poalte Central H..ti. Stwfati4 H iriar-! '' " ' " u
anteert. r. ' Prof. Ghar'.es H. Albert. Gtate Normal School. 31c.orr.sbur;, Ps.
Mrs. Lt. Orwhr and Mrs. M. .. -rancis Lybarger. Ph. D . M!ff!!nbur?, Pa
SteininirerofMiddleb.irgon laatlhuiT. ' Bastian. Esc.. WilliamsDrrt, Pa.
dy, on a cloudy day brought sunnhine pr;f- ''v-lliarn Noetlin?, Selins Grove. Pa.
and happiness to the family of Mrs. I Ira N- McClcskey. Supt.. Clinton Go.. Pa.
Reiohly at Centrevllleforwhirli theyM" Wscdruff. Cean Susquehanna University. Selir.s Grove. Pa.
are entitled to apiritual and temporal auI F" Ph- D- jt4te NciTCal school. Siocmsbur?. Pa.
hospitality XZ Professor inos. C.Houtr, Susquehanna Univeroity, Selins Grove. Pa.
Prof. Paul Eillhardt. Musical Director, Mlddleburg, Pa.
FOR SALE.-In Middlehurjf, Pa., a, Prof. William F. Brcwn. Ranlst. Freeburg, Pa.
goad foam immm 7 an-mav mnA MkWleburf CfrAestra-irflK tmr.Uk; jrst IbrerretetrtfuXSMK
land. Abo a anod livery stable on the
jeo j
v.rer of -a-h o-.pty .hail
. -r-rn :r,t :::r.?y :'-:n-:-,. -,oe .
g. 0 DO -.w-e ;.h5fl :,;t-.; .-t
?. 3'lt Oefor- , -.hail .--.v-,u-? aocr-r,r ;r
'eot r-,' Aw,o.'atJ.on hall jrt 'o -he 1oi;r'v vt'en and vhere the r,et!ntj -'a -.!-. - yv
't. "a ".oeaker-, vr errol-yd nd v'-at v-er--A
Aocroved. The 2 lot tay -J ,-prl . or.-!
i To oe -..ont nuei a ,r -..-
- -a-h
r f
r ' r - -
rae lot For t?rnM and partit-ulars
apply to F. F. Walter, 1 mile west of
Middlehur on road leading to Reaves -town.
Foi -a:.;-:. A iinii.eand lot -itiuiinl
in Patron ville i. .itlcn-l at pnvati- -an.
The'.iii:.!i:i..-4 a.-- in t u-.iiit .mi.
Mondav Ev
'V A X riI- 'HHt vnrthy w-t.!Ul!
.-nan nr iady m -n nnnty ro nmiiHire'
; 'nHinpoa for an -ltt -tat,lihed homo i
ilid rlnaru'ial randtn. 4nihr
j inns ;lde v.tbly -alary nf .,Htl
, !y 'hwk -a.-h Mon1ay with all -
inmiri't frnni hndiiUHr'er. foney
advan.-wl for -c i ,-twei. Knfixno ;td-j
'Irtwi tnvf.!ni. .fanan'r. jiui i itxtnn
, ISidir., L'liinirfo. liV!-!'it
Engine For Sale
A twelve horse jjower pnrtahlt Frick
Engine i ottered at private sale. It
rrt f? sri at !rrrptrwn. rnquln or
E. ft. HTRnrp,
tmiiptown. Pa.
niF i f II ,F. F.VR.Kn
v.imirc; ;-.v-nts v.isr Their shadows
riie rt-vitera f J, T iro -o,,,,,.
e1 -t -end -n mnniin.-i.nient-' f all
event.. .v., . t,w wl!l :ila, ;,,
publish 'he -ante -vl.en 'lie .v-nt ..f
public initKr.iui-e
WKI.Vt.siiA V. N'ov. is. Ki uesf ilanil.le
liecitul 'o., will ijiv. a musical en
tertainment in the.eins(-mve I ipem
Ttrt nsruv. Xov. 2rt, Annual Tlianks
.'ivhnr I The fianka will Uplm.
i.ltnli ilite Shunts r.
-v :
A .1
'i; j
t Pow-
lliev is vi
sail .-trtv:.uvr -rvii-.-s v:il
in -lie Latu.-r-iii .-:i it" M;.i
ir.' :hi yar. Tin- -rrinui v:i: ie
iev. r.lias ' ill nf X.-w
it' '.:n ?.i-:'.i:"iifi imrrji
iH-i-ai-iied ; y
L'ei i.i. L'-i.-t' ir
r-:--r. M. W. I. i ;a;-:iiu:i. and
U a- C r Miy i (.-Tu in. -v;in
:i nn iir previous, v.
N'-iv .si :Ue :uni-i,a.
' D. w:!ier'..rd I'vnd'i.-
V eraiidp Benj. B icbmaii. Mrs.
i1" 't-'ud several weeks here.
U ALE.-yrwTor s Portland C
The Varerk)iiiuuv has a li
vnt left over ,
they desire to
te of Mr. Vreder-
LS P -"Uiuiav ijelweeii Itaaioat
Dam and Middyrftur a jold wati-!i.
year U.iuyfic '.ase. size Ii Elzm
rjiove'iieilt. jeJ. With 'liai k o i
attauhed .:hana i)uJB niaile ni" ,'im
metal with rhn-e -iJ feilieral reward
for tilt return of tbewatek to the Pnst
Prmtiui; oiUl-v, Middlebup, P.. Jt.
- :--::-at:r.? o.
:.r:r:a:e ::;tu
IIS i2jtU"a
d or :ne usu
d. Smith who had beeu emuii v-l li. Co.. ha rtjturmd!
avouut of the Companv's!
Iv.ion to out down exjitiisfs and
It'll riandh.
u have puiil your subscrii.tiou
k ibj liiat two uiuuih and vour
not ap-.'ared in the R ll of
Muoutjof the ftuir last isiues,
""'ify uts
anhoru proprietor of the
Hotel, is bwd fat aud helblew?
hlimUtarj like. parHlud. He
evvii raise his head from hi
w drink wuier.
M H. Mover and Wiu. H. Hile
ff. will pleased auisciitH!rti
uhIii tinr uni.tiim
rV id traustu.'leJ rtusit.e r
N't House.
iitill U it'a Aral V Ittif iiwr
IvtKt r aud wife iu Fraukliu. ! J!"
T . J, a 3T
i'----z ore :v
ror. eotrsi
u vr. '". - srrhu.
. .-.urs-day, Gsc. 3, i :C
--u. .u..i .wr. .-Mgzs. .-- :o oeurr.tec our
tope to nave .v.:n r.ere again. ev. . M. GMchar.t, '.Vh.
7vo ;i 2 :r.:st siessmg features :f the entertainment at ":
a.t vere tr.s :rr.per:cnat::r.s or.i -vr.:s;!ir.g ocics oy SniiL-ar.
i i - -Mr-i
1 in.
... u
M. Z. A.
. t
a;n Sealer'
oillman ixiggs is a deiigntful entertainer. His voice, even in ,:r:eaKing.
Thomaa H. Hostermau, warn faiiniy
resides in thia place is iu the hoiuea
pathio Hospilai iu Pittsburg suit'ernii:
from a severe iilutss. Ho had leeu
emilovei iu one of the iron mills and s r-
raduailv worki-1 his wav up from -t :s. ar.c wr.en acsuea to tne elegant pr.rasir.? anc poetical imagery :i hu :ec
Sl.W to J a day. The empioymeur, :ure !n the extreme. A fine vein :r humor -uns thrcugn
however, i very hazardous, w huh a. h:s lecrure. and tne -.Uustrattve itcrtes call :':rr. loui cursts ot merriment ar.a
tll, tiriltie .-AiIm. nf ilis illileM. UpplaUie. .
. :ji -i a.c iiiicucr
vhen acsiied
oo rveet. olea;
"h li iu Uurhiiiu. X. (J. for
MloJMra. Ulaha hoalth. Ira
w Kvi'jalajKe mill dou
it! ia pwoared to do aun-ii-id
!va, ma tt.UU6iv ejnwUMc
Maiitprwf of hia ability. Ar.
I WvU acuity, Hia eUu-
F""" oJUajxieuiw inallrt. Ki,.
a. ' -a bii av taaui
Hx-UwMtfwk. tf
This i oue cuance iu your life tiu'e - l - -fy.
to i;et the euuineiieuny iiictures, rif Teachers Enrollment Fee. including Season Ticket r'cr Seservec Seat,
two pi. iuies fVOO cents, tlii week 31.-0. Monday and Tuesday evening, Reserved Seat. 25c. General Acmis-
o ily. lteiufU'J'riie date as we pos aion eacn evening 20 cts. ' Vednescay and Thursday evening. Reserved Seat.
tively wjII uot tai; :yry tnore penny -Wets, general Admission -.5 cts. Season iicket. 51.0C.
pictures aiter this yeek. Located ou ' Positively no Tickets vill be sold to anybedy betcre !I o'clcck A. M.,
Suj-w-r tret, aJkfiiiijj Ceutrai Hoiei, Nov. CO, 102. All the School Sirectcrs of the County are most cordially :n
Mlddleburg, Pa., X-Ray Photo Car, A. vited to attend the iessions of the Institute. Directors ccrr.e and opend the
C. Hockeubery, photographer. veek with us. Both the teachers and the Co. Superintendent viil be oieasea
Ouaxwuu of the football game , .d encouraged by ycur presence. Go to J. N. Brostus. the Ticket Agent
twee., the tmu of UickiUsou College , t0 be enrC,,ea' ani ;CU vM be Z :ree :tcxet t0 r evening en-
and State College, l be played at !lc,L" ; , , n. . v ,
Wilhaiiu-port ua Nov. 14, the! . ' " . V' , 7 w"'a croance witn tne act
ill st l4iitswu tickets to,s: n" w , w ' e--a n mo oireticrs ci me ucunty Vill
At me inn it-t -atonlay i;arr..-r -aid
, lie was worKimr nuhe i'mN i ri'i an n
iiimijer for a new house, .m.j . ail :.iK.-!i
-Uiis wife wita iiiai to ueip itiai aars
v-j the loirs, -uiideuiy i -not was .n-afl
: anil jln. turner Il-u uucouacioua. :
says there were Uuuters ,u ihe
tUounn he aid not see taem.
treat iudnnauoa has i.eeu arouse i
by the i-nnie and the authorities iru
making a thorough mvestiizauu.
Verysimiiar to the assassination of
iixxiUnif, the old farmer -not to deatu
as he at at a wiudow .a his iiome
uear Oneutai ou the eveumirof i K-t
lKmJ, ii the mysterious siuyinj; nf Mrs.
Absalom Barner s trial 'vaa one of
the most seusatioual aud most vit;or- .
ousiy ..outested ever held ia Jumata ,
County. More than one hundred I
witnesses were examined and theevsu, j
itii -.
ar -.
r-r ;Ull
ll.Mllcl ; r -. '.. .".
' 'I'i! X aI'I. ,. I. .:.
i.e i ' 1 . . in.- . a.
V. rhrn-.-a-.Vs: 'V.-rM.
un- il...
Address ad nit-rs i
hie ifvr.-
Middieimra. l''."!iLa
, . u l.nj, , . . , . ' . .
V,v. 11 nice .u oijiuw .-sMivii .ii uio V.UUU i ivuac di iYiiuuieourj, at iU:40 0 C10CK. A.
uutTl N6vmovr w' iuI! A.. Thursday. Jan. 7. 1904. The following committees is requested to meet
Beilelbut Ueuovo ' Kl-' in C3unty Superintendents office at Middleburg, at I o'clock. P. M.. Dec.
.uLJri' mi i 3- 19(-- t0 irS a program fcr the Directors Convention : Rev. Dr. Focht.
aud rviuiuitig
elusive, froui Utile
mira. Ki BloomsLuii,. Mt. Car.u.l. J- iy(- t0 ir& 2 ?KVm tcr e Ctrectors Convention : Rev. Dr. Focht,
Lykeus, HairiaUirMlddleburg, Co-! Hcn- G" A!fred 5choc!l- Dr" Marand Rock. J. H. Hetrick. S. A. Knouse.
buru, aud iutvwueviiate statious, at, A2 ACT1,
rate of a siuKle fare for the round trip, , . . . . . , , , ,
Uuiuuuuiumte,oeut). . o. eitaoiish county assoc.aticns of SchocJ Directors.
tt Sec. 1. 3e it enacted, etc.. That it shall be the duty of each county
superintendent of schools to call together, during the school year beginning
MurUtt UcuxMa. j June, one thousand nines hundred and three, and annually thereafter, at the
( tieo. K. VVhitelaud Thoiusoulowu. v-suniy ci. ur aumw uuicr auiiauw ptaca m mo county, ail me scnool Qirec
r.O.ST. fa Midaifoursr -r -wimty
a Fraternity iiauire ?t ntli .pais let
ters K. A. i-l. Euuravwi with owner
imtiais i S. s. : ol. llewari if rtur:'.-
tO(iei. -i. -eh'X-if s-eiillsitftive. ;'a..
It'etn Extrattcii 'Vithom i'aia.
r . .
including pay of detectives who worK-1 1 rl'raa "m -nuout , am. wuu-
oui sieep, wiliiouc ' iK-aine iud -orse
Mollie K. Weumd
Oliver Harbesoo Killed.
Kx-Couuty Comiuistioner Uliver
Uaxbesouot Forest Hill, Unioa Co.,
was struck by a I tea ding passenger
train Saturday afternooa at Lewis
burs aud WM instantly killed. The
hiinw h waadnvins was hurled manv
McCluts. ' tor of the county, for the consideration and discussion of questions pertaining feet-
ei up the case, aggregated t-loO.
It was the purpose U' the prosecution
to prove that Barner, who suspected
Itoudliug of intimacy with his wife,
had committed the crime. The testi
mony showed that Barner had threat
ened i ioodliug, but through his accus
ed wile and his sea the defaudaut es
tablished aa alibi, aud the jury return
ed a verdict of "not guilty."
lueutlv without daiiifer.
"ur Newest I'icovery;' proves it.
'ome iu and have youroid teeth ex-
l tractud aud cu a new et. Vou will
enjov life iietter aud you can properly
masticate your food. All work iruar
auteed. Practicing Dentistry for over
W years.
t-f. I.-K. J. W. ( liiwtll.
Wanted A Wife.
A good woman with f.'i.OUO is waated
for a wife. Money wanted to help to
pay for a good and pleasant farm neat
to a nice town. Title to be iu wife's
name. Age to be between. 30 and 55
years. Common sooids need not write.
Address, 'Matrimony," taje of the
Post, Middleburg, Pfc 10-iEWt.