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    "a have a job lot of note
on hand.' They must go
..-t. The price will do It.
Ltnples and prices for the ask-
Ich thm nrlntfx.
i.g wo iui r
lr less than you can ouy mem
lithout printing.
W. Wagenseller, M'wr Proprietor.
A Family Journal, Devoted 10 News, Scitoct, Art, Political Economr and Current Literature.
Halts: Out Dollar Per Annum, in Advance
" ' " ' : : ; : i a
Lively Little Liners.
Hustle and the Bustle of the
County Seat, Told In Brief
Lc More or Less Prominent.
Float ins 1'opuiuii"" -
,ere,t that Satisfy Curiosity onJ
Appease the Thirst tor
-i,. r . E. Soles attended tin? fair
nvn last week.
L,k Walter and Wife of this place
lie jut rents of another heir.
I t m i w nili'fllllU ..tla.ll.
IIP !1 lUIIIIUer Ol IH'.Cl.r. .....
. liluninsburg Fair Inst week.
ir,. Co W. llassinger has been on
si,k list for the past week or
Ifred Clelan nnd wife were visiting
ctis in the west end of the county
.reliant J. E. Magee and wife or
,mer paid a visit to the Editor's
lily Sunday.
lir Winter Millinery Opening will
IrOi't. 30 and 31st.
L. Duukelberger.
tin, (i. A. Sehoeh and wire return
itunlay from a Hhopping trip to
.. Henry Rauch is visiting her
, Mrs. Charles Erb, who is seri
ill at Salem.
Iliii' line of outing and ready-to-
V Hats, received to-day.
L. Duukelberger.
uiri A. K. Gift aud wife are mak-
In overland trip by buggy to visit
da in Centre couuty. ,
kill pay market prhrts for good
calves, hide and ftjHow.
10-15 -4t. Lewlsburg, Pa.
Jia,' anil Mrs. H. G. Frederick were
ijiing in Sunbury one day last
I'.nrkey of Verdilla has a iiC
v of strawberry plants for sale.
.irielles lie lias grow to be very
(';.; rir ( Ireenc of Lcwistow n and
i. I Mu aid, spent a few days of
t 'vl; at this place willi her
:ih 1 family.
.-.vinefoi'd and hi i lr of Mii'
iiid a visit to their mint,
'. I. bonds, over Sunday, They :
impaiiied by a -i-ter of the!
i-!n r, wlio lives m ar the 1. r
ufllii- !-lenf One, South of Sel-I
vc. ;. at the Count v Seat Sat-1
Mr. i'. is hale and hearty, ai.d
ill ways jjad to meet liim.
ip Piecse, one of the well-to-do
Irs and a prominent Democrat of
., was at the County Seat Salur-
lUilined with Banks Dreese. lie
vil in to order the Post went to
First National Bank of Middle-
'.uilies the needs of its customers
IK proper caie of theiu whetuer
business be large or small and the
with allits patrons are abso-
K confidenflal.
Burkey of Verdilla showed us a
potato vine that had a blossom.
fut generally knowu that sweet
have any blossoms. It is evi-
true that they do blossom, but
pf tlie blossom is very short.
1 BALE.-In Middleburg, Pa., a
frame house, 7 rooms, and lot of
Also a good livery stable on the
lot. For terms and particulars
lo F. F. Walter, 1 mile west of
leburg on road leading to Beaver-
Newman, who is farming for
Hower south of town, drop) ed in
to pay for his He is
nie hauling for the Water Co.,
ukthly pleased with the treat
iteeived ut the hands of the of
'f the company.
' S-VI.K. A house and lot situated
Olivine Is ollered nt private sale,
uildings are in good condition.
pome is supplied with first-class
'raits, etc. Write or call on
Sarah Boweksox,
Paxtonvllle, Pa.
!' "n A. E. Soles la bis uew shav-
M hair :uttina rarlor foi voui
tailed with ft refresh tn.r slinm-
flU cleHIl tjiura 4a..l.
Lrtli Side of Market Rmiarw nr
wutral Hotel. Satisfaction guar-
Alfred Clelan is putting down a Hag
stone walk.
Mrs. M. If. Hassiiifier of I.amona,
Pa., is vUitiiiK friends at this place.
The ltcpublieaii standing eommitire
ill meet iii Middleburg Saturday nf
lirnoiii. Charles Mnnbeek of Akron, Ohio, is
oiijoyioga vi-it to Ui many frinids
h'-re, liis former lioiue.
.1. Meriitt Wonu ldorf, who lia- bin n
eniployi il at p.ast I'iltbin is vL-iling
liis parents Itv v. Womeldorf and wit'.'.
He will leave for his engagement Sat
urday. fieorge Tharp of Pallas -:ls t the
Comity S it Tuesday and while here
dropped in to oi us He reports that-
a new roof and a new bell have been
provided for i :U-neeer t hureh,
Just in, our new stockpt- Winter
goods, more variety, niivtrtrls, and
cheaper than ever. ConiijJndee it.
A. S. SrniKisr,
Yerdilla, Pa.
A new add in another column of the
First National Hank tdiows them to be
paying interes,t! time deposits at the
rate (f tlirtiaiwfWut. tier annum. This
Bank has theSAiCapitul and Sur
plus of any IhmtjKi Snyder county. It
Is strong, careful; safe and a successful
Take VIX-TK-XA and the good ef
fect will be immediate. You will get
strong, you will feel bright, fresh and
active, you will feel new, rich blond
coursing through your veins. VIN-TK-NA
will act like magic, will put
new life in you. If not beuefited money
refunded. All druggists.
E. (i. Sliindel left Monday morning
for LaParke, Lancaster county, where
he has secured a position ou Park's
Floral Magazine. John A. Snyder aad
Edwin Charles, also of this place are
employed on the same paper. Mr.
Shindel for two years was employed on
many friends here who wish him
abundant success in bis new field of
Last week Mrs. Kiuaiiiiel I.ongacrt1
of Verdilla went out into the field to
bring two cows. She was leading them
with clriiiis. which she fastened tu
i'ethcr. Oneol'the cows ran around
her ( Hii-ing tlie chains to encircle hci
wail. Tin- cow s became 'excited and'
an into thelurn digging Mrs.
a. -iv all !!' ay. I he uidy was pretty
well liiui-i d and scialched and weals a
lillel; evens a result of her experience.
She has been bedfast lor a week.
VIN-TK-NA for Depressed Feeling,
Exhausted Vitality, Nervous Debility
ami Diseases reipiiriug a Ton it Streng
thening Medicine. It cures iUickiy by
making Pure le'd Jlloo.i and replen
ishing the I'.lood Supply. Ueiietit
tiilalaliteiil or money rcfmided. All
The following item from the "Demo
crat and Sentinel of Lewistown in ie
ferenee to I.ollin i. Howersox, former
ly of Paxtoiiville, may lie of interest to
the readers of the Post : A large new
green house for the cultivation of Mow
ers is being erected on Eighth street,
between Electric and Highland ave
nues for a Mr. 1'owersox of Carlisle.
The building w ill be thirty feet wide
nnd over one hundred feet long, con
structed largely of glass. Mr. 15. ex
pects (to meet tlie demand for cut (low
ers and will have a good lield here for
hi business.
Clinton Mitcliel drove io Ilea vertown
Kayniond Spitler spent Saturday in
C. W. (iiaybiil Is having a new roof
put ou his hotel.
Mrs. Harriet Miller treated her house
to a ccat of paint.
Steininger Bros, shipped several car
loads of ties this week.
The plasterers commenced work in
W. 1$. Winvy's new house.
The brick layer commenced work
ou the new bank building.
J. B. KauHnian of Mt. Carmel tran
sacted business in town Friday.
Lillie Amig, who had been visiting
at Millersburg, returned home.
John Kulins spent Sunday at Cen
terville, under the parental roof.
Monday J. W. Swartz left for Phlla.,
Baltimore and other places to buy
Mrs. Frank Elliott and child of Sha
niokiu Dam are visiting her grand par
euts, Andrew Kratzerand wife.
Convention at McClurc.
Tlie Snyder County, Sunday School,
K. L. C. K and W. M. S. Cnioii lul.i
its annual session at MeClure, Pa., Oct.
7 and S, l!M):!.
The President of the I'uioti Hon. F.
C. I iowersox- presided ably during toe
entire session. In his address, setting
f.U'lli, the ol'jeets of the convention
and how to derive the greatest good,
the president advanced tlie following
excellent points. The purpose is to in
terchange ideas, gather thoughtful in
struction, and he edified, and enlarge
our social relations, form a more inti
mate acquaintanceship, and thus give
mutual inspiration and incite earnest
ness. The subject "Willi Christ in Sit
iiiaria" was discussed by Kev. F
Crumbling. Christ was in Samaria,
out of His way, to seek mi opportunity
to save souls. Likewise we should
make sacrifices to help to accomplish
this end.
The subject, "Preparation of the
Teacher," was presented by Kev. A.
D. tiramley. The teacher lias a mis
sion. He should prepare for it.
In the absence ot Kev. N. .1. Dubs,
Kev. E. 1 'rumbling opened the discus
sion of "The Devotional Life of the
Leauguer". He presented it in these
three divisions: What is it? How can
it be maintained V Why maintained?
U can only be maintained by prayer,
reading tlie bible, and religious papers
and books treating ou the religious
Ditlereiit members of the convention
spoke on tlie subject of "Tlie Jicnelit
in i ne S. 8. to the Scholar.
I lie subject, "A Model K. L. C K
Prayer Service," was opened tor discus
sion by Kev. J. Lawvcr.
1. A good Leader. l. All the mem
bers present, u. Pull together. 4.
Have life.
The subject, "The Successful S. S.
Superintendent" presented by Kev.
J. Wome.dorf,
Aire. J. Wonieldorrgave-an excellent
address on "The Missionary Enterprises
in our Church". ''Primary Work"
was discussed by dillerent members ol
liie convention.
(hi Thursday evening a lecture was
delivered on, "The Pledge", by Kev.
W. 11. Fouke, editor of "K. I,. '. i :
Journal, and S. S. Literature," frmu
lI.tlTishlllg. The lecture was deeply
interesting, instru 'live, inspiring ami
c hi viiieing.
I I awakened a deeper in each
liosiiin In be true to the pledge, ami
hold il more .sacred.
1 lie next si ssiuii n (he eon vent loll is
to he held at Shriller, I 'a.
'I'll e mi ion i as rein ganied as follows:
President, '. Uuaeisux ; V. p.,
Jacob Lawver ; Secrctai.v, A. S. Si
chrisi ; Treasurer, . il. llariman ;
Supeiiuieiiilu'it of Home Dcparlincilt,
Mrs. ,i. Womeldoif.
Committee on resolutions ottered it
Tin nveiiti'ui proved an interest
ing and successful one.
Ccntrcvillc l'riiiiiiij School.
The following are tlie names of tlie
pupils who attended the Ceiitreville
Primary Scliool i very day during tlie
lirst month ending Oct. U'nd.
Boys : I'rie Bcrger, Marion Sheary
John Walter, Paul Dundore, John Kol
land, Jay Kulins, Dorsie Mohn, Jay
(iirls: Kuth Long, Edna Long,
Blanche Musser, Annie Fessier, Lulu
Snook, Alverda Bingaman, Lena
Spangler, Carrie Kuhns, Sarah Walter,
Myrtle Hunt, Clara Walter, Minuie
llartiiian, Alice Bingaman.
Ho.mkk B. Boweksox,
Henry Scholl.
Henry Scholl, a well-known citizen
of Union township, died at bis home
Friday. He was an old soldier and a
highly respected citizen.
He was jiick oniy about two weeks.
He was married to Mollie Sechrist aud
his wife has been an invalid for years.
They are the parents of three children:
? . Howard, a school teacher who re
sides at home.
2. Sallie, married to Jacob 8. Iteicb
eubacb ; residing In Suubury.
3. Lewismarried, resides In Wash
ington Co., aud holds a lucrative posi
tion. He was aged about 65 years. Fun
eral was held Monday.
At Salem, Oct. 11th, by llev. II. G.
Snable, Milton S. Benfer aud Cora V.
Mover, both from near Freeburg.
At Salem. Oct. 13th, by Rev. II. CI.
Snable, - Charles O. Kenuinger and
Emma IS ace both of Selinsgrove.
Tern Matter in Snyder County.
Ill last week's P.ellefoule "loielte'
T. H. Ilarter, formerly Editor of the
Pnsr wrote of what he sas he saw
and heard in Snyder county. His let
ter is as follows : ,
Berks county has bad its reputation
as a De erali sitonglcilil from lime
immemorial. Snyder county may be
classed as irrevocably and irredeema
bly Peiius ami Itnisli
Valleys, this county, arc the Democra
tic strongholds, because they ale inha
bited mostly by Pennsylvania Her
mans w ho seldom change their politi
cal faith. This in all probability ac
counts for the regular and overwli lin
ing Kenibliean majority in Snyder
county. Both districts are "sot" in
their faith, aud their customs are us
unchangeable as the laws of the Medes
and Persians. Yeais agoSnydei county
had its leaders the one was .lele
('rouse, who served as piothonotary
for seven successive terms ..r twenty
one years. Tlie other leader was Daniel
Bolcnder, now deceased, who was
elected live times to the ollioe of sber
ill'. As these two leaders belonged to
the same party Kepublicau-and al
ways had a safe majority behind them,
many weretlieacriiuonious campaigns
through which they passed lo retain
the leadership. Both were skilled
politicians, liberal, open hearted, ready
to forglv: their enemies ami marshal
them to their individual support at the
next campaign ; for as soon us one
campaign was over they turned over a
m w leaf in the political ledger and be
gan to pave the way for the next con
test two in three years hence, when
I hey would again come up for olliee.
Crouse was the accepted Cameron and
(Juay leader and so potent was his in
llueuce with the people that many
looked to him for all changes in the
government which they considered
necessary. Upon one occasion one of
his constituents warned him that if he
dj I nel, v'U'out reiluctiou f ,; Ui . tarill'
ou siig.ii' lie would lie defeated In the
next campaign. Luckily the price of
tlie commodity came down and J ere
was gien the eieilil lor il and was
triumphantly i h eied for his ellective
work in lessening Iheexpen-i' of can
ning fruit. To-day the coiiely has
many leaders, ami il is declared that
liion;:h ibe campaign prae, ieaily emt
io; securing inc I e pti1 'ii. an iioinnia
I ion, I hi',i x pi 'i:se of o'ntaiiiinu il doi
not justify the attempl ; fm ike in
'el. lie county, I hey have I heir l.-ai!s
who w nul l sen lli 1 1' I'll ih-i'n.' Ill for a
mess i.f J ul i idee, forget principle and
vote for the man willi the long pur-e
or l he well-lLleil demijohn, So nun h Snvdcr county po;:iies w hich like
our ow n county badly needs the appli
cation of banner i c ami a scrubbing
billsh. The citizenship of the county is
piineipally composed of thai sturdy
class of people know n as l'eniis Ivauia
Dutch the best people on ( iod's green
earth. Slow but .sure-- they never tra
vel on the cow-catcher imr on Lie rear
platfoim, but w hen the train rolls into
the depot they are all there w ith both
feet. Commercially they are well-to-do
though they may not look it ; which
recalls an incident of our own experi
ence. A man appeared on the diamond
at Middleburg some years ago during
court week (which is theipiarter-annial
occasion for the uatliui ing of the clans i
and ollered harness at put.hc sale. Not
receiving any bids at his lirst ollering,
lie became very much discouraged, de
claring that these people had no money
and that he was going home ; where
upon some friend informed him that
they bad more money than he ever
saw, aud that if he would once get
them started he would soon sell all he
had. He concluded to stay until the
next day, when bidding began and he
sold three dozen sets in less than two
hours. The astonishing feature of the
whole affair was that only two of the
purchasers accepted the lilieral time
payment which was ollered the rest
all paying ca.sli for their purchases.
The town of Middleburg, the county
seat, is becoming quite a beautiful lit
tle town. Notwithstanding the com
bined population of Franklin and Mid
dleburg of about 800, it baa one rattling
fine bank and another one started for
which the building is in course of
erection. It has good buildings and
good substantial people, but they are
too slow else they would not have com
mitted the unpardonable blunder of al
lowing an outside corporation to bring
ou the moiiev
from S to .10 per cent
Among its men w ho gained a place
in history are ioveruer Snyder, after
w hom the county was naiiieil, w hose
remains li buried at Selinsgrove, ami
another was Honorable ,.- Middles
wa' lh, lo: g since dead, a member of
Congress nnd ., Iu. fnotable charac
ter. He was a typical Pennsylvania
I iteliiuan, ami possessed not only a
slroiig intellect, indouiinahlc energy
ami great political acumen, but enjoy,
ed an abundance of Me dry huinoi and
natural wit forw lii. h that race is noted.
I bis strikingly iiianifesi. il is,.f during
bis term in Congress w hen one of bis
colleagues delivered himself an address
w 1 1 i l I was so embellished w ith Latin
ami (ireek iilolal ions that it disgusted
the old veteran, and at its conclusion
he jumped to bis feet and began a har
angue in Pennsylvania Dutch which
so astonished (he speaker that he call
ed upon him I'm- an explanation of his
outlandish utterances, declaring that
he was out of order. Mr. Middles
wartli blandly explained his action In
stating that the language tub Iressed to
the last speaker was good, old Penn
sylvania Dutch, and that lie meant by
il to convince tlie House that tlie last
speaker was not tlie only man in that
body who could handle two languages.
This performance, with his already re
cognized ability, attracted attention to
him and a short time later, at a ban
iiet, be was relucted to carve the
turkey iu Pennsylvania Dutch style.
Mr. iWidilleswarth promptly accepted
the challenge, and placing the bird iu
front of him he sliced oil" a "drum
stick" and "second-joint" which lie de
livered ou his own plate, and then,
setting the turkey hack in the middle
of the table, remarked:' "Now, gen
tlemen ; help yourselves. That is
Pennsylvania Dutch style !"
Our visit last week was principally
confined to McKecs 1 Falls, where we
went for the purpose of catching fish,
but b our surprise lound that the 'has
tor w hich the State has stopped almost
all kinds of fishing aud spent thou
sands of dollars in legislation for their
preservation, had mysteriously disap
peared, and we didn't get a bile. Some
claim thai the pollution of the v; ln
ol the Susilleliaiilia has eau-ed I
dc-l filet ioll, While nlhi'ls
i in il aii- lo in co;,i u a
Ibe : i con fi'i 'in ibe a:,ihi aeile in:
on the 'cs Blanch w hieh piactiealiN
eovi I- its hot! aei 11:'. l;e . 1 1 . :
Ullder I he locks -a 1 1 . iv I he li-h V ill
wont to make their habitation. Il
W i i'e well, I hel efoie, '..r our law luak
ers to pay some at'etiiiou to the pie.
ervalioii o (he naluial i otuhtion-- ol
the si ream ami I n d -n much to tin
r fellow s who apply
sideieil legit imate mi l h
a ine.-s of fish.
.noi wn iisiaiiiiiug hiir taiiiire to cap
ture fish ,,nr slay al .McKecs I-a lli
was a delightful experience, lor wt
were under the careful iiioieclion of
"Jumbo" Kcrstetier, the proprietor of
the hotel, whose house is situated on
one of the most pict uresipie spots along
the entire stretch of the Su.siUchanna,
and tlie mention ol whose name brings
back pleasant memories of chicken and
wallles aud everything else to tempt
the epicure. His table is a realization
of tlie hunter's dream whose provisions
are exhausted and lie goes hungry to
sleep. As high as llfty guests at one
time flock to his house to eat aud
sleep aud listen to the rush of the
mighty Susquehanna as it tumbles
over tlie falls.
There is, moreover, no place iu the
State that affords equal opportunity to
study human nature. Here it is found
in its primitive state. A few incidents
will sulllce :
Some time ago a native of that local
ity, while on his May to the Falls, was
overtaken by a minister who invited
him to ride along. The conversation
drifted along pleasantly for a time, un
til the minister asked the boy if he
could tell him the way to Meiservllle.
"You c bust go down dis here bush
till you come to au apple tree Held and
then turu right," was the reply.
The minister amused by this young
man's picturesque English, asked him
what he did for a living, to which be
replied that he was a day laborei . This
familiarity emboldened tbeyoung man
to ask the man of the cloth ( whom be
bad not recognized as a minister) what
be did for a living, to w Inch he replied:
'I show people the to Heaven."
water-works iuto the town from a line This was too much for the native, and
mountain stream less than two milts lie burst forth iu Dutch :
away which ulTords a gravity pressure j "Duiiner wetlder ! Dob room cooma
e the
weis i mi waislit
is. '
l b ii lulcral ii ii i :
here lo show pi opl
aud don't know w
Askim; one of tin
expect, na!e inn. the sa:...
I hi'-h stands on a ;
the cent f the Imli 1
the mail, which is cai i i. !
M iddleburg ever misled
he lephed : "Ye. in ,1,-
p W e ', i
net w,, Meiserville
me around
id to Heaven
i - I iile is !)
i l'.'lligH
'.':,M spit-
: a, .it i.'i
' '. .et her lo
i lions,
I Well
.el hot
'i. in
I one
n the
ole. Jill
i de snow i- ,
' as W e got em."
This , in.,' the kii'L-'
I knot- is i ,iia to 1 1
' lady paid aiiotlu-r w I
j habit of being tardy at
tugs, w h.-ii she said
I "Well, well ! You're
You lis, ,! I,, . behind b.
to see .Miu're first at last."
So hue is part of w hat
bear iu Snyder .ounty. Ii
never lu-en there, go now ;
you have been there once
sure to go again,"
Tom evidently overlook,..! ti. f..t
that almost a century ag ,, I vv. Henry
Fries, a preacher of Center county iu
delivering his farewell sermon said :
lieu zwincUed de Welt und
Brush Valley.
i see and
oii have
:ii i, I allei
u will be
Coining Events C.iM Their Shadow's
The readers of (lie Post are request
ed to send us aniiouiici incuts of all
events. No charge will be made to
publish the same when ibe event is of
public importance.
Tin iisi.Av, oct.i'j and::::, the Snyder
County C. Union will convene In
the Lutheran' Church of Selins
grove. Sati ui.av, Oct. 1M and ly.tli, llieexer
cisesof the One Hundredth Anniver
sary of the 1st Ev. , Lutheran Church
SelinsgKiyo will take place. Address
will be delivered by Kevs. S. K. Och
seiifonl, C. !'. Dry, J. !. ..l(f j)iT)i
fold, (,. Ii. Handier and If.
Ill-mining, M session -pi, ; ,
p. in.
n, int,
I'M' ,
I- the .
van. I
pia;.. '
( 1,'t.
' I V -I
et a pa I :
Ik I. d
111 'e
VI' .1'
I'l l ...
Tin i.
!'!! ::-
!!l I!
T- . :
w ill ,
'll .1,1
i blU '.d
i a I
' Ol' - I
he ('.
otl-e at
:.t,er : .
c it will
ild l.ll.-i-
ie alien-
Shelli -K'ipk.i.
From the " is,,wn
By a marriage notice cN.-a
lie learned w hat the imp.
liess was that was receiviuu
11,1,1 yesterday of our cllii-ieiit foreman,
W. P. Shelly. II,. hMS taken as a shar
er of his joys and sorrows Mi-s l-.lia-bctli
Kijika, one of Middlchurg's ex
cellent young ladies, the ceremony Ins
ing performed qtiiiely at the home of
Kev. Dr. Crcssiiian last evening. Mr.
Shelly has been in Lcwistowu for a
few weeks and bus made friends of all
who have come lo know him, ami bl
and his estimable bride have ihi! bei-t
wishes of these friends, and assuredly
of the entire force of Tlie Sentinel of
fice, for a future full of sunshine and
Hides ! Hides !
A reliable man is wanted to collect
aud ship country hides. Highest cash
market prices paid. Address
of 90 pouuds and will net the company da leit der wake uuch em himmel 10-lVlt. M. O, Kuxtz, Lchightou, Pa.
Engine For Sale
A twelve horse ixiwer portable Frick
Engine is oftered at private sale. It
can lie seen at Stroptown. Inquire oi
I'.. S. STKori ,
M Strouptown, Pa.
a i
1'iililic Sale of Furniture.
My regular semi-annual public sale
of Furniture will take place, Saturday,
Oct. Ill, PJ0.I, at ten o'clock a. in. Abo
at the same time, 1 will oiler at public
sale tlie house aud lot now occupied by
u. v . isuriis, on Sugar street. Terms
10-l.Vi't. H. E.