The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, October 08, 1903, Image 6

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Leeaoa in the latrraattnaal Serlea ffc, Fareaer Wfco Dora Nat Adopt the
tor (tilnkrr II, ItttUI 4;ot'a
Vnirnaal tviih llailii.
Advance Methoda at the Day
la Sare tax Fall.
4. Ail'! ,
the woiJ of
G till il. cl tt .1
- Samu.-: 7:1 K t
it... I.'jiw cutiT Nathan, peeled to keep up and advance with the
Davd Thu i 8ricultural progress ol the world. Ho
The man who is engaged in agricul-
lural p rjuiu al the pit. sent day iscx-
my acrvupt
tilth the l..r.i. stall tlmu bul.l rr.e an
hius f .- n.- :u dtei. In 7
t Win run 1 havt- r. jt C.-It In any house
a.i.ct ti e lime that 1 luiiiiKht up the chil
dren ui I .i i.i uut of Kg) pi, even to thU
ta. but Lave ualkvJ in a ten: and In a
t.lhi-rr.a i-
. In h.; the plans whiTi-in 1 -.:iviwa'.k-il
WUh a., u. i- il. i, ill. n uf l.-raei up. ike 1 u
ord v i; :. .1 y t,i tlie tr!l" s of lra-1.
1 curr.rrvu U J to IkJ ii Im.ii-I,
l.y bui.J jt nit ! mi h. ju.-
Ci- .-.i I" ''
v Now u . ' sn Ml..i:t thii i s iv until change
nust dispense with the old methods
i nnd aopt the new and later invention:!.
! We (.annul raise and led our slock as
i our torciathers did a hundred years ago
1 because we are advancing and land is
more closely taken up; consequently we
; must work more on the order of the in
tensive system. We know it is hard for
some tanners, who have ueen taught
To Cure a Cold in One Day
. a? r
Take .uaxauve oromo Quinine Tablets, js mjb
Seven MDBoa host sold In past 13 months. - This fiisiutlire. 0 SK'jGyr
on every
One Horae t'aa Do blaht Weeding
with It al Small Coat ol Money
and Labor. I
Tbouaanda Leave the Country Ever '
tear to Kind Kinitlo went i
In the Lame C I I lea. ,
r and ra:.sed to do a thing a certain way, 1
liufctS. 1 M
trum fu..oM .
Siy p. i -,
j. Ai;a i
tl.OU l I l.t. -I
In II. K s u u ,
i. ; ii..
M i.
u v '1. lhm sinl; tin- l.i. M uf
i thff In n; tl .-hi t I'Cote,
; let- .-h- ip, to lie ruitfuVtr
r iMin ..
u:h :!.i ii whl'l.trs h-vit
a:.. I av cut i.ff a.; thine
.--Kill. ui;i! n.aiii!
i . i.
II 111. t ol
I. .it .iiv in ti i
1 w:
to the better methods. It
eems to them that it is wrony, and oft-
en tin y cannot be blamed for feeling so.
liut we must gradually free ourselves
from these ideas. Ail the other tlepart-
incuts ut the business world are advanc
ing, and why should not agriculture au- '
valu e with it? The whole race of hu-
On every farm where small fruits and
vegetables are grown a one-horse har
row is a great convenience. Ivy its use
Ihe lighter weeding is done -anC the
furface of the soil kept loose at imall
rxpense of labor. If one has n lever
harrow two of the beams may le us-cd
fur this one-horse harrow or the In tuns
may be readily made with, lunih-i r cC
Fropcr length, using long wire for
.1- for
I., that
r.i-tt ti.
II. UI I ,
t I i "'.J
i.. l-:.i.-.. an. I
"in a.. ti.m
' tl; li ci that
... Ill M
and I w.:
...'in lnr i
:i I l.
Slj .,n
I..ISH U i.i
' 1
, - .. r I? : ii ;: .:, ami
: Lit!.- If. 1 l.l
. h.i-h f l.a.i -ro-1
i ;. t:ab.ish
'if for My mime,
hi ia.v of his k.iia-
v. ami I..- h.
itinti;t . 1
'. l nu n, aiiU with
: ' n nf im n ;
,i nut ikiari away
: i j tu Saui, hum 1
Ihy hil.K lulil
: . vit in f.ii ihct;
ih.iMhi'il lor i v. r.
KT. "I'll ihriint itlmll
i'il ! im i-r. 2 in . Tilil.
K Si'llll'Ti KK WKi.'TluN.
Il.ii. 'I a 1 ti. S.i in .
I.-. I hi i
1 1 uni 1 ?
Jitit a.
. ai: I n :
ti. till. Ha-
hf fsla I, , i m ii
' L'i l-.Nl. i
"UVlli l'.HIIS I Kol a's lllll...
L'uviii'n I'l.ijii'
Kt-ad .i.-j thv iiiti'iii.i
t'hron., 17, aisi, 1 ;i . in
ot praiyir I:; tin. Mime strain.
Daviil i'lans to Huild a Temple. Ia
furtherance of his desire lor a thorough
and lastitiK revival of religion in the
Jewish nation David had it in his heart
to build to God a magnificent temple.
He had conquered all of Israel's enemies,
now was the time to lay the cornerstone
of peace and prosperity. He expressed
this desire to Nathan, the prophet, who
is now mentioned for the first time.
"Go," said Nathan, "do all that is in
thine hpart; for the Lord is with thee."
God Pnrblds Him. -Hut the first im
pressions of even tin- best of men can
be errotii ous; so Nathan discovered thai
very nli?lit. Praiseworthy as the task
might seem, it was not for David to per
form. Now It is to be noted that God
does not here give the reasons why
Davlh should-not build the templp, but
merely frtys: "I have tint dwelt In any
ct- tlie that I brnttrfllt 041
ttia 'i llirec of Israel out of Hpy", f vm
to thin flay, but have walked in a tint ard
in a tabernacle." A r atiou, Ivnwryr. I
Klver. ii-. 1 f'hrnn. 22: S 'o 'he eff
It was no; i r. r i r I v frM;-. t liu t a :,
inanity is dependiir: ttpim agriculture)
tor a living and the trade should not be
thought any the U'..s ot by anyone. The J
man who is engaged in other pursuiis
ol lite should honor the farmer, as he1
must understand that whatever he cats'
coiiics lrom him. If the fanning clam '
does not advance with the, rest of the
' world il will be to its own loss. It is
mt natural that we should be satislicd '
, to work in the same road we did years
j ago, or even one year ago. We should
strive to !o belter this year and make j
an aibfnncement wherever possible. I
1.; be 1 1"''e easiest and most practical way '
will to advance ourselves is given in one sen- !
tence, namely, "Head plenty of agrlcul- j
tural literature and apply the facts'
gained to actual experience." The farm- j
ing world would be far behind where it '
is now if it were not for the help that has
been given us by farm literature. Every
farmer should try to make some im
provement and advancement every dav.
1 Never let your business get the best of
i Villi lull nut k l. 1. 1
Booker T. Washington recently gave .
two reasons for the general migration '
of the colored population from the
country into the cities the superior
educational facilities for colored chil
dren and the better police protection
afforded by the cities.
The increase In the negro population
of the United States between 1S'J) and
Ui'hi was l.uoti.uiiO, or at the rate of
about IS per cent., the white popula
tion In the same period increasing 21
Iter cent. Hut this gain in the colored
population is not evenly distributed,
if m::-.m. hi; iiai:i;o
tiif teeth. The beams are fastenrd to
getli. r lu a V shape, as shown in the
rui, iiiui a wc.oden frame is construct) d,
as i-hown, to support the handle. If a
lilai Usniith is conveniently i.iar the
support for the handle may be two iron
rods running from the corners of the
harrow to the handle. A board may bo
placed over the frame and heavy stones
si t upon It to weigh down the tool If Its
is found too light for certain soils. This
tool will he found especially useful In
corn cultivation durlngthV early growth
of the plants. Indianapolis News.
'.'.'.iVu'iii..';;i-i! ! '"- lmt R't the best of It, and you can
""count in 1 j best do this by advancing with the rest
which la u limn 1 nfl,,.r., . ... .
"w.iu. ii. 0. mcrairipe, 111 ripji-
Hott a Ntaten Inland Hardener Sop
lili'iiinita the Itnlnfnll with
tiood KflTrut.
The dry season has enabled me defi
nitely to prove the practicability of an
exceedingly simple method of supple
menting the rainfall, which is so cheap
as to he within the reach of garden
ers, while It does not have the objec
tions of i':!i:"ing and washing away
the food 1 ' ihe ground, nor endan
gering it ): ,-ase of a heavy rainfall
Immediate' :.fter the watering, as is
1 the soil Is flooded by
i. I elevate the water
ot high, and for a plot
Mtroiicn la Ihe VI out Importnnt and
Mmm ll i:nol In a Vurlety
of V a .
. -X-1.- s. ... .11
lf; v .
ii.. i'
HL .... B iiMj
the case wh
the eld n
to a tanl:
war, and "!'"
stain nf Hum
the (.1,1! v.
1 11 I'.O-r
. shiniii:
tin i
It may
Iiro.ii 1'
wori. v.
it is h
yr 1 if
whii li
v.-.T- lint
Thiv f :; t,
hinted a' i
Will ie"u '
thn( to lii
ItlK the ti 11
the i"ron-is
i Im tl.:i
- htit 11..
, ".for.:
!;! red
'1 i. ff
i.i was
lal tnth
1 'M-.i.l.
'i t!ie pf
V." the
:t will
hands was t i: r
1 -;iM a ti 111 pic to
n ti one cf pence,
'ime for this
. : -viiiN.
!: t..: ' f Israel
1 nt he !;,-id not
n that linn basis
i ;:fter Lis own
kit:-, hut he
'. 1 f '.rvanization.
ia'ti-r ri ason is
1 l" God that He
of David, and
i.etiisk uriitiild
1 r. I. i t Inn enmes
"Thy throi;p shall
1 ' i:i:i:i:ai ii;iui;ath in.
lje est r.'
(rat it ud
it was
Uaisul t
coti'iuiiii nntmn. Sur'
small tiling In itselt'.
tlirore Fht.-.M he e.-rab
wor '- faib d to dp ,ii;ii.
tilde lie f, 't. No Wor.'!
claim-'d: 'V.' T
O Lord Goi! ; I'or there
relth'T i 1 it
coriilnu tr a
our ( a- ." N it nlnr.e f.
blcssitii- ,'ii' T avid e:i ;
"Tl,n-.i l.a;r cniilin:)!-.'.
pi r, I '?.- 10
rurreti' in' rpr tu if r.
Prof. Willis F. Ileecln r.
rr; littsies the tl-.onvl.t
.--ui. st:i Ii build the nip
hitr-' 'f l pr . Ii i I . i ' 1 '
of ! C feet s'tiare run a half-inch pipe
to the center, as shown In iln dia
gram, making a cross in the pipe at
the cen'er and placing live one-fourth-inch
stands, as shown by the dots.
These stands are eight to Hit feet
high, and have two atomizers upon the
top of each one, which will discharge
2n to 2"i gallons of water In the form
of a heavy mist each per hour, and
o he king of a, give a total of 2,ouu to 2..riiiu gallons
ly this was no each ten hours. The water is turned
R'lt that hisui only at night, or, If the weather is
very warm nt six p. ni., and turned off
at seven a. m. thrown out so fine, the
water is buoyed up by the air, and
! drifts more as a heavy dew than as
rain. The number of atomizers may
be doubled If desired, or only used
il that we have heard with each other night. I have found 2.00i!
to Davi
1 fon-v
- Prr.yi r- Th! N a prayer of
How Ir.iir.My David asks if
s;r.".';l thine "that tliuu hast
Or pttiiUi": 1 ;:;c hitherto."
rr.n a sin
i-hid forever
to the rratj
t David rx
hnu ar" gri at,
lone like Thee,
1 ar.y God ! siiieTher . ar-
r the prrsonal 'gallons a night ample for thp finest
u'.'.ks. but that j plant growth. S. S. Hoyee, In Rural
'i Thyself Thy, New Yorker.
o;i into The..
I hit 1;. wrltpu
Cnnurprrlnl l-'ertlllxera,
romnii rclal fertilizers are not vcrv
that David's
which David
r't:-i building.
And crtniiily this 'licight "ad the
greatest iiuportance '1, Pnvld. liut this
is not vncre tiie nc-ount Itself places the
emphasis. It devotes one .-lanse f v. 1.1a)
to the btiililltiB of the temple by David's
seed, and a down clauses (1.1 b-16, 19.
24-29) to thp perpetuity and eternal
dominion of David's seed, and the rela
tions between this eteri,a!!y operative
promise to David find God's earlier
promise to Israel. It makes the lattpr
bo much more important than the build
ing of the temple that David doe not
even mention the temple when he goes
In before the Lord (vs 1S-2P).
Ilam'a Horn Itlnala.
Morning prayer sms a picket for the
Living with Christ makes the Chris
tian. K
The waste of time sows the weeds of
Truth may be eclipsed but it never
cense to shine.
'Patience and earnestness are pass
nnjrfls to Bucces
You casnot sing a long-mettr profes
sion to a short-meter practice.
Whatever gives man the greatest hap
Iiineis tes Ood the most Joy. t
S. S. Times, j extensively used in the middle west.
The lack of interest is due largely to
the extravagant claims made for them
years ago by chemists and dealers. Now
they are better understood. Very fre
quently they can be profitably used for
special crops, and in connection with
barnyard and green manures. As the
natural fertility of our virgin soils de
creases they will become more and
more Important. Inform yourself con
cerning them and see if some of your
crops cannot be increased by the use of
lime, potash salts, phophate or other
compounds. Qrange Judd Farmer.
Pome Aaarora Coat Advlee.
Angoras are at their best when three
years old and should then be sent to
the butcher unless it Is desirable to keep
them longer for their fleeces. After this
age thpy begin to grow coarse, both in
fleece and fiber. No -wether should be
kept In the flock after it has passed Its
prime and done its best. Where a num
ber of old wethers are kept In the shear
ing flock the average fineness of the clip
of mohair is materially lowered, and the
longer they are run In tha field, the lower
goes the standard ot the hair Texas
Stock' Journal.
Each element used by plant life helps
in the building of certain parts of the
plant, and likewise, doubtless, each has
some one or more special functions.
What some of these are, says a late
Vermont station bulletin, is not well un
derstood, but some are known. Nitro
gen is known to Bhow its effects on plant
life in three ways. It promotes stem and
leaf growth, and, if in excess, delays
seed and fruit formation. It deepens
the green coloration of the leaves. Its
abundance may Increase and its defi
ciency may lessen the relative amount
of nitrogen in the plant. This means a
variation In food value. If nitrogen is
freely applied In fertilizers, or is pres
ent In plentiful quantities in the soil, Its
effect Is generally shown unless its
effect be negatived by phosphoric acid
by a vigorous, dark-green leaf growth,
and by a somewhat retarded flower and
seed formation. If available nltrosn ia
relatlrely lacking, either In theaoUorta
the ml6d fertilizer, a somwtrfcat more
scanty foliage than occurs undue bot
t conditions one of a rather lighter
green Is grown. The peed, moreover. Is
apt to mature rather earlier than usual.
The farmer may, by careful observation,
jml;" somi what as to the crop nerds In
this manner. It should be renunibi red
In this connection that nitrogen isrssin
titil to plant cmwth, that available rito
ircn i i't -tf.a'I quantity and ;im1v is
h.vistnl ffi in .-oils, and that cnripequi ht
it is and ii'iwavs has been the most
co.-' ly form of plant food.
C : a out ti..' strawberry bed, unless j
you are going to plow It under.
Cultivate ot'eti in the gardi n and or- :
chard, weeds or no weeds, and thus l.erp I
the turf ace i:i condition to receive the
rainfall or to fi tain soil moisture.
An old sow with a lltur of vigorous
pips will root recognition out of the
garden In about 15 minutes. Pigs and a
garden cannot be raised on the same lot.
When the lettuce are too old to use
on the table clear the garden of tin m
tinUss you have some little chicks that
wiil relish them: in this case let them
remain as chicken feed.
The value of good stock was shown at
New York recently when strawberries
were Felling a',1 the way from two to ten
cents per box. Thrre were only about
"n.nno crates received on 'that particular
SiieeeNnf ul AVnr on Anla.
Large numbers of ants can be de
stroyed by a liberal use of boiling water,
kerosene emulsion or strong soap suds
poured over the nests at night when the
insects are all nt home, but the more
effective is a substance known as carbon
bisulphide, which may be used in the
following manner: Make some holes
some inches apart and several
Inches deep with a broomstick
or bar in the nests, and pour
lu each about a teaspoonful of carbon
bisulphide, and cover the nests with a
wet blanket, and after a few minutes ex
plode the fumes collected underneath
with a match or other light on the end
of a short stick. This treatment. If re
peated one or two times, should de
stroy all the occupants of a nest. Coun
try Gentleman.
(Ca'.ltd by Some the ".Messiah" of Our
Colored Population.)
the cities generally gaining at the ex
pense of the country districts.
In Charleston, S. C, the colored
population Increased in ten years from
35,000 to CO.noi); in Jefferson county.
Ky.. which includes Louisville, the
colored population increased from 33,
000 to 43,000 in ten years; in Shelby
county, Tenn., which includes Mem
phis, from Gl.OOO to 85,000; in Fulton
county, Ga., which includes Atlanta,
from 35.000 to 4u,000; in Baltimore
from 67,000 to 7,000; in Washington
from 1GD,000 to 230,000; in Duval coun
ty, Fla., which includes Jacksonville,
from 14,000 to 22,000; in Warren coun
ty. Miss., which Includes Vicksburg,
from 35,000 to 45,000; in St. Louis from
2t!,000 to 35.000, and in Galveston from
7,000 to 8,700.
Indications of the migration of col
ored residents to the large cities may
be toaiU i aba Bawtk as weU m aa
aonaaV la tfae MM PiaiMliils
die inoruase la OM colored popUtiee
in ten years was 49,000. Gf this S7.t00
was in Philadelphia and Pittsburg
In New York the Increase in the
colored population in ten years was
29,000, but of this total H5,00t was in
New York county, 7,000 in Brooklyn,
and 2.01111 in Richmond and Queens,
and l,iiu in the whole rest of the state.
Another reason for the increase in
the colored population of the city, not
given by Mr. Wn.-kington, is the bet
ter wages paid to lol.ired people in the
cities nnd tiu iv I vger opportunities
lor material ndvtitt'agp.
A good ratioa for farm horses Is ten
pounds of hay, eight pounds of com, and
eren pounds of bran per day.
Hood Memra for Shipper.
The supreme court of Minnesota has
decided that the Wisconsin Central rail
road must pay for apples frozen in tran
sit. A lot was sent from New Hampshire
to St. Paul, and arrived frozen. The
owner refused the apples, brought suit
against the railroad, and a Jury gave
verdict of $262.26. The road appealed,
with above mentioned result. As the
Produce News says, it is the duty of rail
roads to haul the fralt and deliver it In
good order. They always claim not to
be responsible, but whenever the owner
of the fruit has the nerve to go to the
courts, he usually gets justice. This ver
dict will be good news for a number of
('ii rnii'ii I t;
the I'uM.i
of O
-,i N i tilfi.nve nnd
'.a rr i f- ut
I al in. 1.
"C -.titi. ti K;.!v:." I'jttecn K'..'aboth of
Rmiinaniai ha.- '.";! occupying her
time receii.l..' r' uiu a play founded up
on even:;- in t'.c '.y of Roumania.
The Nt w Y' V .: !; mis that the
story is wo 1 ti lii-or.ii.i the adventures
ofu l.r.ig' K'.;uu;uniau prince. He is
r Ui "
(Better Known by Her I'en Name, "Car
men Sylva.")
wounded In battle and taken to the home
of a simple countryman, whose only
daughter nurses him. The prince and
the countryman's daughter fall in love
and the prince gets her father's consent
to educate her to occupy the position of
a princess.
She is placed in a convent, and while
studying there she realizes the distance
between her and the prince. So she
takes the veil and becomes a nun.
In despair the priace follows her ex
ample and becomes a monk.
The royal moral Is plain. It is that
marriages between peasants and
princes are to all right-minded persons
against nature.
Left II I m la Doabt.
He was In doubt. He didn't know
whether he should be angry or pi rased,
and a great deal depended upon it.
They were sitting on the sofa togeth
er, and once, when the conversation
seemed to drag a little, he had sug
gested: "Don't you think It rather close to
night?" "It might be closer," she replied.
It was a terrible predicament in which
to place a man who was anxious to
make the best of his opportunities.
Should he take advantage of what
si i nied to be an invitation to grt a little
nearer to her, or should he be angry at
being termed an "it?" N. Y. Herald.
Ht-iil l .ilninlty.
Tw o lit!', il im p',1 s w it; cut to lock
l".ir sniic itf.ii- pitie s in hide.
Thiv -.hiaiul i thai tit r.ier cou! 1 find a
Tli! ikif Miisny Api.'ia :li2)' apltd!
Tic 11 iinw n 1 hi : iv.i
I.itti.' I'.imi ! s :i. v
Tili each was imii;. I in a cheek,
Aral 1 r i in s tl.iy'vi; trii j
Hut tl-.i y car.iu t I I I.-.
Kir whin M:r:tv hnhs out they perk!
"hlciiK j Chronicle.
i:i i i; ii 1: iiM:vr thkuhent.
Doctor Tell your mamma I have
been so busy that I was unable to call
last week.
Little Girl Oh, mamma just sent me
to tell you she began to get better just
as soon as you stopped calling, and
she's all right now! N. Y. Times.
; Spring Opening,
: At the XKW STOKK Sm,l.,..i,
i ' 1 a.
Larger Muck .uul jinn,,
tli'in ui-. 11 4 In,, lit...... t.. lit
with new things tor bjuinjr ) ya
t aae.
imcmis, iirt'imuiiics, o,. r)n
IioimIs. Nik Waists. Dress Ki :..
JV.iiitit'nl line of .Ki ill's, Sj.rj,,
Jackets. Wmtmi'i s. Muslins 1 e
. ' 1 1 aiiim
tiiiiurii:ims mid Into Spreai
We will Ikivo :i siuwiI-iI ...i
1 -'He 111
Ladies Musclin Under
4 A a a
wear, iuay isi 10 iMe 16
w.. .. ;n i ,t .1
. iii ii, im- iin- iiinsi lltailtilu
line ni ii in i rvi in i' i'v J
-I" 'Mil in
20 yds. muslin SI. IK).
33 yds. muslin $1.00.
(iiiiRham 5c and 7c.
Calico 5c and 7c.
$1.00 White Snread .s-v
$1.00 Table Linen 20c to 23c.
Come in mill see. tin ti',,i,l.l ,
i i
si l()V.
H. F. Clemmor
4 Ui Market S?t., SUNIIL'KY, l'A
'I'l.i.. I f 11,., AI...1. . ii
A llll ll'i'll- I.II.--1 111 IIIC .Tllll Hi! Jlnllw.
V .
Z P II nillTSI IHL" r
i rllHiJI i IIKr
f m W a Wlatal
Tin vim nmiil nnv riirnlturu'i k
? ifc .!,..,' ..:! i t
I A store ami get our lii iees.
t We can suit vnu In
- . v
i from the cheap
1 est to the better
- r -
When I bahold the statesman' ways
I Ions to look behind the scenes. j
I plainly henr Jim what he says; j
And yet 1 wonder what he meapy. .
Washington Star. '
Nat Their Faalt. -
"Not one coot for foreign nli!a,,'
aaaei-ted the maa of tJtuim. "War
don't yoa look, after the heathen at
"We have a mission class," was the
quiet reply, "but we never could get
you to go to it." Chicago Post.
oimrnt uiu) iona.
Salesman, recommending blue neitk
Ue with largo pink spots But wouldn't
you like one like that? I'm selling a
lot of them this year.
Sarcastic Customer Indeed! Very
clever of you, I'm sure. Harvard
"Lady," said Meandering Mike, "I
haven't had a square meal in two days."
"Why, it was onl; last night that I
gave you a piece of pie."
"Dat wasn't a square meal, lady. Dat
was triangular." Washington Star.
A l-'rnnk C'nn feaNlon.
Doctor Do I think I ran cure your ca
tarrh? Why, I'm sure of it.
Patient Ko you're very familiar with
the disease?
Doctor I should say so! I've had it
myself all my life. Judge.
.Iniio'a Kali mate.
Mistress Jane, Jane! Y'ou must bo
more careful. Each of those tumblers
you've broken cost a dollar apiece.
Jane Law, mum! now I should 'ave
thought they wouldn't cost more'n 20
cents apiece. Judge.
A ery 4'lionp Ten.
Housekeeper Are you sure that this
tea Isn't half copperas?
Dealer (convincingly) We couldn't
afford to scM copperas at the extremely
low price we charge for this tea, ma'am.
N. V. Weekly.
Hard wood, gcMcti tmk linisli
Only $12.50
Mattresses - $1.90
Bedsprings - $1.25
G-ood W laito
Ennmol I3ods
I 'liAii-R, Itoi-kor. Coiii'lie.-, SiiV
A Iioui-iIh, Fancy mill cheap ii-
t. tt'linioli Tiililrtl, Uaby l aritiui'i h
4 1111J lio-ciirlH. J
M. IIAUTMAN Fl'liMTtiiliCO. j
.Miliiiiiliuru-, Tit.
.j. j. 1 .-s j 4, f i ; .;. . .;. . .;. . j
Schroyer 8- Smyser,
Jeirestnt only lirst'-class Stuck I'mir
ii.'iiiies Lightint: Clause nnd Sti-am
I'liresliing permit graiiteil.
We tire eoniiiiissioiied by our
imnien to issue jiolieieH nnd U'minic!
liilsiness nt our otlice siinie us al li'W
All litisinesi eiitrusteil lo our
will lie nroiniitlv ntteuileil to by mai
or otherwise.
office cHestNT street.
In fVl. oyer's P.uildiiig, near IM"'1
Snyder County. I'l'-NNj
Time for Thirty Yrara.
"Are you one of the striking min
ers?" asked the woman at the door.
"Yes, mum," he replied. "I'm what
they call a pioneer. I struck 30 years
ago, and I've never give In yet." Tit-Bits.
All diseases of Kidneys,
Bladder, urinary organs.
A 1 Bll,.II.IM tl,.W
mm,, a..m
ache, Hean-tDUease. Gravel,
Dropsy, Female Troubles.
! of the "i""
iin i 111 Mil F"-'
. t'i" ri'iiiyi"
. i -iniiilly-i-uiiil'
nt r iniirkiil'i;
Via Pennsylvania Railroad, Accou
Meeting National Bankers' Asso
On account of the nici'tc
Bnnkera' AiwOciiitloii in h
cirwo, I'uh, Uctolicr 2i to .
Kailronil Cniniany olTer. .1
ed timr to the l'aclllc Count
rutt. ,
Tills tour tHie will leiivi- V Yuri;, 1
delplila, llnltmore, Wiml. u"' o . i"1'1 "J
lAinta nn H.iiiihvIvu illlilrmlil elva n
l'lttihiirit, WeilncHilay, ()i tier 11, by i
tmln of the lltKliest Khule I'ulliiiiiii equii'W1
A oulck run we.otwaril to sail Kriim"
will be made, via CliieiiKo, Umulio, ClieJ"
and Oifrten. .
Kivedays will be devoted to Sun Krani'W;
1 i 1 ....., ult till III'
const renorta. HetUrninii, utopa "ill he ma'
Salt bake City, t'oloroilo ttprings. l'e"1.". ,
St. Louta. The party will nutU .:wor'"
tne evening ol eictobcr ill.
Kound-trip rate, covering all i,i'n"'"
eluhteen -lava, except ilvo dnya "Pent In
Frauciaco, f HHI.
!... ...m PULUh ...111 l.a '.! ti'Mk
For lull information apply to Ticket . tr
or ueo. w. iioyn, uenn hi i iiiise.Kei
Brood Street Station, Philadelphia,
Don't become dlseouraf ed. Thr Is a
euxe for you. If necewtary write Dr. Fenner.
He baa spent a lite time curing Just such
vasea aa yours. All consulUUens free
bt had severe ease of kidney disease and
rheumatism, discharging bloody matter.
Suffered Intense pain. My wife waaserlously
affected with female troubles. Dr. Fenner
Kidney and Packache Cure cured us both.
Druggist. B0cM tl. Ask for Cook Book Frte.
. .Ml
afr. Alivaya reliable. I.idlva.k nwlTVi
CH ICII SfiMTKK M KM.i.lMlf In .nual
M nwulllo boxes,
aeuled with blu
b other. Kefaae1aaceroaa''2
aaaaal laaltaUaaa. Huyof tou"'"2
id 4e. In aumpa for Partlealar '5,
at aaad
nwi.ii ion aaeiiei wor - -.u
hT I.I..H M.ll '-'- a.
UDfUfirlsuv .
vaiuaiarii ouaioau
UHlailMaHaar, rHIl "1