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fcThTve a job lot of note
Ids on hand. They must go
, The price wm uj u.
Dles and prices for the ask-
ye turnisn wow pi.mcu
i, than you can buy them
Lut printing.
WaRta"'. MIw nd Praprletar.
A Family Journil, Devoted U Kewa, Science, Art, Political Economy and Current Literature. .
Rates: One Dollar Per Annum, In Advance
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Wone m.
jvely Little Liners.
Hustle anu lnc usl,
County Seat, Told In Brief
,pe .More or bw
'plotting Population and nwnt. of In Satisfy Curio.ity and
Appt the Thirst lor
Kieft'er Wolfe of Hartleton was a
Snyder (.'utility visitor Thursday of last
Little Miriam Aueker of Verdilla Is
visiting her grand-mother, Mrs. ('. II.
Mrs. 1 lottcusteiu iiml daughter Klla
ami Miss Mninl Unnklo visited ('. I).
Boligand family at Winlield mill took
in the Lcwislmrg fair
Rev. Joshua Shamhach and wife
of Bloom-burg were in town la.-t week,
the former on business in tile settle
meiit of liis father's estate.
W. A. Meiser it' Mciscrville Icnvcu
r''r'''''' ; this week for Toronto, Canada, where
,uelF. Maurer and wife of Free- l,e uiil pursue a course in veterinary
were oallors at this office last The Posr goes with liini.
(i. A. Sclmcli wasiiMiMiuburg
wife of New
jtf) Mi-, n. i.
rMilWvery Opening win
P hcl!y of the Lewlstown "He-
L ft,l Sentinel" was in town
Kesslerand daughter ofXorth-
L'rlaiid and lady of S :mb..ry were
iru Sunday.
l.riL'ht H'H'h and
i Mid a visit.
Lis Sunday.
r White
Oct. 20. :io
h Diinklelieriier. who is a store-
Uand guager in Bedford county,
Sunday at home.
reliant J. W. Swarta of Swineford
itingliist son, Wm. Swart, and
in East Pittsburg.
La Bertha Osinun of Shamokln, on
eturu troin a vn-it to East Pitts-
la visiting in Frankbfl.
fine line of outhaud ready-tu-
HaU, received to-tHHy
L report conies from Seliusgrove,
Mr. Uuu.burgerand wire are le-
lugon the arrival of triplets.
B.Ramer, the merchant of Pro-
t u a caller at this office last week
jtajbd some stationery jrlu ted.
H. Harter and wife of Bellefonte
isillngJ. M. Btelningerand wife.
is enjoying a season of fishing.
t Maud Houtz, who had been
all Summer, returned home and
t'HRi'd in the millinery business
Mis I.ibbie Dunklebuiger.
iiire J. ('. Kreltzer, of t'liapnian
-hip, who had a stroke of paraly
riti'iiilicr Kl, is now nidi to sit
it liis left side is enthvly hcl-
(!. llornberger of Aline was at the
ty Seat Saturdity. Mr. Hornber-
kiifiitly hiiil a stroke of apoplexy
wmc glad to note he Is out
v. A. I). iramley of Beavertown
lied inth- Evangelical Chapel,
ay nioriiiicr anil assisted the pas-
Uev. Wom.-.dorf to administer the
's Supper.
K. Hasshiger of Laniotiii, Pa., I
u Miildlchurg visitor, last week.
inl is making his mark in his new
(if labor and the Post' extends
mnty ('oininissionersMoy.'r, Eeich-
duudDerk and J. N. Brosius,
and A. F. Uilbert, Attorney, t
J the State Conuention of County
missioners at Pittsburg hist week.
Mnur post office robbers, captured
e Cent re county Sherill'and posse
f Seven mountains, will be tried
the United States district and
lit court at Scranton on Monday,
e First National Bank of Middle-
studies the needs of its customers
g proper rare of them whether
bus'tnens be large or small and the
fug with all Its patrons are abso-
fy confidential.
VN'TF.D A trustworthy gentle
I or lady in each county to mauage-
pifss for an old established house of
I financial sUndg.jAA straight
i fide weekly silar oltjf 18.&). paiil
wk each Mondajt witfi all ex-
pdireet from ueadi'Vacrere. Money
P for expenses. Enclose1 ad
envelope. MaiiaJfr, 200 Caxton
I. Chicago. 10-l-10t
r"ik Zellers was delivering goods
flidilleburg Saturday, when the
roc wasrtrlvlnst became frlirhten-
f"l Frank took hold of the bridle,
thrown against an Iron fence
rrii a short distance, but was
pt before doing further damage
ureaklnit a counle of dlahea. A
Nail sewed tin tha inuhM. .nd
Pk came here for day or two and
tieui to work again. Mlfflii
A, (J "onilierer of Allue desires to
b iv a .-voti-h Collie female pup, prefer
ably tan -olo Any one desiring to sell
sui'ii mii should address Mr
1 loi' iii. rn-i .
Mi- Uuth Houceworth of Selins
urove li is been appointed by (lovernor
l'liinypo ker to a scholarship in the
lYiiiisyiv.uiia ,i iisi'tpii and srhool of
Industrie Art nl I'liila.
LOST. 1 1 1 Middle!) irg-or, vicinity
a Kraternii Hadi- etbruij oals let
ters i'.. a. r. !MnirHe-t itiyowner s
initials (i. S. S. 1(MH. itewapfT if return
to (leo. S. Seli;ck S-iince-ffive, Pa.,
Luther A. Moatz returned from a
trip to the pruh-ifN In South Dakota,
wnere ne was iieiiKimg i- tttle In com
pany with Wm. H. Sliiodtl, who Is
now visiting in Onto and expects soon
to return to Middlebiirg.
Kon Sai.k. A lions-and 'fit situ ited
in Paxtouville is -dlert'd at private s.ilt-.
The buildings iu irXgooiL condition.
The home is suiplied wy( llr-t-clas
water, fruita, etc. WrVior cali . n
Sakaii oIkksx,
Puxtonville. Ph
Misses Mabel O rim in and Miiit-i.i
Stetler were elected delegate, to Hi
.. .i . , . . .
nuyuer vuuuiy v. -Cj. coil veillloll. jviro 1
0,.Y..JHahsinger and Beaver)
are the alternates from'' the 'Lutheran
FOK SALE. In Mlddleburg, Pa., a
good frame house, 7 rooms, and lot of
land. Also a good livury stable on the
same lot. her terms nuid
apply to I-'. I-'. Walter, nnile west of
Middlebiirg on road leading to Beaver
town. tf.
Prof. Thomas ('. llotitz, of Sii.-iuc-Imiinii
I'liivetsity, prcaclied for Uev.
Iiiehl at llassitmet's in the morning
and in town in the evuning. The ser
mon win greatly enjoyed by the large
Call on A. K. Soles in his new shav
ing and hair emting parlor f.u youi
head cleaned with a refresh in - sham
poo and a clean towel to each patron
on the north side of Market sutiare op
posite Central Hotel. Satisfaction guur
antecn. tf.
During the nbsence of the Editor last
week an item slipped into the Post re
tlecling on the millinery business of
Miss Libbie Duiikleberger. In jus
tice to her we wish to say that she is
one of the best milliners in Central
A new add in another column of the
First National B shows them to be
paying intertyfTiiiim deposits at the
rate of three perMtyft-r Milium. This
Bank has the lurjjjjri Capital and Sur
plus of any BaiJOn Snyder county. It
Is strong, careful, safe and a successful
Just in, our Winter Supply'of rubber
boots, shoes
best grade o
Boston and Bal
Do you know
system ? ( new
andm, wey
L-rwotVit'll Kin
inly have
W4i makes,
lowest price.
ur trading card
and lean it.
. K. Ski mkist.
VenMlla, Pa.
Anion L. Spanglerand Dr. Martyu
of Elizabeth ville were In town Monday.
Mr. Spangler was besieged by robbers
last week one night. A shot was rl red
in the hall outside of his room, but
they were frightened off. They obtain
ed no booty.
Cashier (ieo. L. Hussel and wife of
Lewlstown, Cashier J. N. Thompson
of Wilkes Uarre, Mrs. Robert Mc Meen
of Milllintowii unl Miss Cora Thomp
son of Mexico Sunday were the guests
of Cashier Jas. Q. Thompson at the
Washington House.
VIX-TE-NA Cures Loss of appetite,
Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Bllliousness, Constipation, Dizzl
ness, Jaundice, Torpid Liver, .Heart
Burn, Foul Breath, etc. Try a bottle
aud lie convinced. If It fails to benefit
you your money will be refunded. All
da me Law.
Doves, unlimited number can be
killed at any time.
Elk, Deer or Fawn, two in one year,
during Nov. only.
English, Mongolian ort'liincsc Pheas
ants, unlimited, Oct. to to Dec. 1"'th,
(rouse (Untied), commonly called
pheasant, ten in one day, Oct loth to
Dee. 1"), Inclusive.
llireor iiabbit, unlimiti d, not to be
taken with ferret, Nov. 1 to Dccenilier
I"), Inclusive.
(Juail or Virginia Partridge, fifteen
in one nay, Oct. 15 to December loth,
Uail aud Uccd J'.irds, unlimited, Sep.
Oct. and Nov.
Weli-Footed W I'd Fowl, unlimited
September 1st to May 1.
Wild Turkey, two in one day, Oct.
lo to Dec. 15, inclusive.
Woodcock, ten in one day, O.-tobir
15 to Di'c. 15, and dm tug July.
Squirrel, ray, Black and Fox, un
limited, Oct. 15 to Dee. 15, inclusive.
Plover, unlimited, July 15th to Jan.
All game can be bought and sold in
Dcasoii in this State except elk, deer or
fawn, wild turkey, rutl'cd grouse, com
monly called pheasant, ijuail or Vir
ginia partridge and woodcock, which
have been "killed in this Common
wealth," these can not be sold at any
No game of any kind can le legally
transported out of the State.
The English sparrow, king-rlsher,
row, Coopers hawk, sharp shinned
ii-iwk, duck hawk, and pigeon hawk ;
great horned owl and barred owl. Tue
grwen herrou and the night lierron, the
red squirrel, the jooii, the possum, the
bear, the wood chuck, or ground hog,
the skunk, are not protected, and may
be killed at any time.
. T. Dnudure
Nathan Tobias Duudore, Merchant
and Postmaster of Dundore; this Coun
ty died Monday morning at '4:30." He
was born In Berks County Apr. 2ti,lS40
was married to Marht II., a daughter
of Daniel Winner. She was born July
- ls4:i and survives her litisnaud.
They had no children.
Mr. Dundore is a son of Samuel k.
Dimdoreand his wife, Catherine To
bias. Only two of his iirothers survive,
viz: A ron T. of Myerstown and Cornel.
ins T. of Santiago. One of his brothers,
Samuel T. now descascd, is the father
of S. C. Dundore one of the merchants
of Penuscreck.
He was postmaster of Duudore for up
wards of 20 years. Funeral takes place
Thursday at ten a. m. cennony hy Uev
Searle. Aged tii! yeai.-, 5 mouths aud
2d days.
Xoitiiaii I. Fisher
Norman Fisher of the Isle of (jut
was born April :f(), lSls married Lydia
Forry, who was born Sept. l'.i, ls-1'i,
and he died Oct. 2, ! P. M. aged
55 years and (i mouths. He was the
only sou of Samuel Fisher and his wife
whose maiden name was Harriet Fish
er. His father died May 17, 1SS5 at the
age of 72 years. There were two sisters
Sallieaud Amanda married toll. E.
Miller, who preceded the deceased.
Norman and Lydia Fisher are the pa
rents of ten children (one dead) I dau
ghters and 5 sons living. The funeral
was held Tuesday morning at nine o'
clock at the house. Rev. Yut.y, Focht
auddensler officiated. Deceased is an
uncle of the Editor of the Post.
Mr. Fisher was well aud fajorablv
kown among a large circle of friend
where he will be much missed.
Charlie Spaiil Commits Suicide.
Charlie Spuid of New Berlin aged
HO years suicided Wednesday evening
of last week. He was the son of the
late Robert Spaid, who died about four
weeks ago. He is a brother of Mrs.
Alfred Clelau of this place.
He was alone at home on Wednes
day afternoon or evening aud, going
into the yard he called to Miss Rebecca,
daughter of Tanner Brainerd S.
Schock, saying "Tell mother I have
gone away". He then drew a revolver
and fired a shot Into his head which
killed him instantly. He was unmar
ried and lived with his mother, who
was visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. W
8mith at BeaverSprings.
Engine For Sale
A twelve horse power portable Frlck
Englueis offered at private sale. It
can be seen at Stroptown. Inquire of
Ki. O. DTKOUl",
t-f Strouptown, Pa.
Dee Js Recorded.
Charles Secht and wife to II. W.
Matteru, house and lot m Beaver
Springs for j:!iH).
Oliver C. (ieniberling and vile to
Eyer Walter house and lot in Selius-
gtove for $I(M).
M. A. (iriinni it. al. to Albert Drecse
15 acres in Beaver township for $1,-
Edward Bassler aud wife and Emma
J. Wicst to John Walter, t acres in
Washington twp., for $'io.
Marriage License.
Amnion A. Strouli, Washington twp.
Nettie V. Nagle.
Custer Sax tun.
Edgar W, Custer of Swineford, now
employed in Sunhiiry was married
Wednesday of last week to Miss Bertha
Sax ton of Lewlstown. The ceremoney
was performed by Uev. M. S. Creshiiian
D. D. pastor of the Lutheran church.
After a reception and dinner Mr. and
Mrs. Custer left for a tour of Eastern cit
ies, after which they will live in Sun-
Convention of Synod.
The Evangelical Lutheran Synod nf
Central Pa., met in fiftieth regular con
veiftion, iu the Lutheran Church of
Beavertown, Uev. I. P. Zimmerman,
pastor ; Weituesday evening, Sept. 'M,
The Pres., Rev. J. I.I. Rarick, rjien
ed Us sessions with a sermon from
Matt. 2S:2(), after which the Holy Com
munioii was administered to members
of Synod.
The President's report, giving a gen
eral view of the "Activities of the
L'hurch," was decidedly encouraging.
Two new. churches were dedicated and
considerable Improvement iu church
property iu the way of paisoiuigcx, etc.
was reported.
The -vent iixwrj'jprMhJp of Synod Is
9i).'4 j ho contributed for benevolence
flOCM.dO, and for all objects, a grand
total of $75,000. In accomplishing this
result, the Sunday Schools and Young
People's Societies, were important fac
tors. The general work of the Church,
Missionary and Educational, was most
interestingly and forcibly presented by
representatives sent by the Hoards and
Institutions. Special attention was
called to the fundamental work of Ivhi
cal ion, for the support of which the
I ieiieial Synod, at Baltimore, decided
to raise a fund of 1, , , within the
next the years.
The '1 re.-sler Orphans' Home at
l.oysville is in splendid condition and
caring well for the Orphans of the
( 'hiirch.
It was decided that, at the next con
vention, the Scmi-Centennial of the
Synod he celebrated by appropriate ex
ercises. Uev. C. L. MeCoiuiel, was ap
pointed historian orator, for the occa
sion. Synod was informed that it's indebt
edness on account of the Theological
Seminary, at (iettysbiirg, was cancel
led, because the necessary money has
been secured from other sotircss.
The Woman's II. it F. M. Society,
through its President, Mrs. W. 11.
Schocli, rendered a most gratifying re
pott. This society, with a membership of
S00, contributed for missions, $1550.
Synod earnestly urges the remaining
4000 women of the Synod to enlist in
this noble w-i k, and add their prayers
and gifU i -r the advancement of
Christ's Kim: loin on earth.
At the impressive Sunday evening
service, four young men were licensed
to preach the gospel for one year, and
J. B. Langham of Marysville, was or
dained to the office of the Holy Min
istry, by the laying on of liajids.
After re-electing the old officers,
Pres. Rev. J. M. Rarick, Secretary
Rev. W. D. E. Scott, Treasurer, J. a!
Price, Statistician, Rev. T. C. Houtz,
Synod adjourned to meet in Belleville,
Pa., Sept. 1004.
The Convention was marked by har
mony and charity. Its sessions were
well attended and theservices through
out were most enjoyable and inspiring.
The Synod will long aud gratefully
cheririh the memory of the cordial and
open-hearted hospitality of the people
of Beavettown. W. K. D.
Mb. Hingsto,
In MiddlalKfrg
His oneDollar
did. Now is yot
lent photographs
Thk New York
over Runkle's store
dolngblg business.
togrophs aresplen-
ance to get excel-
Dq uot miss it.
Proceedings in Full. Y rouble villi the
liny Wheel. j
Court opened Monday, Oct. 5, at 11
a. in., Hon. I. M. McClure, President
Judge, i Ion. .. T. liemberling ami
Hon P. F. liigel, Associates in the
The Constables were sworn and the
returns were tiled.
H. F.Mohn, .1. E. Urccd, Wm. C.
Snyder and Aaron (iuudriini were
pointed tip staves.
Commonwealth vs. Charles Ally and
tieorge Side, aud same vs. Milo J.
Stctler. Nolle prosecution was enter
ed. Ucturns to orders of sales were con
firmed in the estates of Polly Noll,
Adam B. Walter, James S Troup,
William Hettrii'k, Walla, e 1). Lauden
slager. Henry Mengel, Susan Hen
dricks. Petitions for orders of sale were
granted ill theestatesof Horace Haines
Catherine Wagner, C. W. Wagner,
Elizabeth Smith, Hemy A. Ott, Abram
M. Freed.
Auditor's report iu estate of Joel
Bilger was continued ni. si.
David O. Buck was appointed guar
dian of Frank D. Kline, minor child of
Josiah Kline.
J. C Si'hooh was appointed guardian
of John II. and Sarah E. Wagner,
minor grand children of Catherine and
Isaac Wagner.
J. A. Fisher was appointed guardian
for Sarah E., DenniH K. and Hany P.
Ott, minor children of H. A. Ott.
Commonwealth vs. David ('. Kess
lcr. Surety ot the Peace. Sentence
susieiided. Defendant is allowed to
go home with his father. County to
pay cost of Prosecution.
Commonwealth vs. Charles (Soy, lar
ceny and receiving stolen goods. De
fendant plead guilty to second count.
Sentence $1 line, pay costs of prose
cution and restore or pay for stolen
Petition of Tobias E. Reitz vs. Surah
Reltn, for divorce was presented.
A Writ of partition was granted iu
the cstateof Edward U. Waguei.
Ueports of Uoad and Bridge views
Mere presented irom Adams, West
Perry, Middlccrcck ami West Ilia
Harry Weis of Selin-gio e was ad
milted to practice law.
l in: .it KY mi ini t:.
Tuesday morning when the case i f
Mr. Seifrcd vs. the P. U. U. Co., cam.
up, testimony was presented to show
that the jury wheel was not tilled in
cording to law. The law specifies that
the Jury Commissioners shall each
drop one name in at a time alternately
This was not done. 1 he mint post
poned the i ase for next term and or.
tiered the Jury Commissioners to refill
the wheel and place iu KM) names.
Court then adjourned until Thurs
day at 1:.'10 p. m.
Yo the Christian Endeavorm of Simla
County, IYiiiki.
The Eighth Animal Convention of
the Snyder County C. E. I'liiou will
convene in the Trinity Luth. Church,
Scllnsgrove, Pit,, Oct. 22 and 2:id, I'.O.!.
Let the various C. E. Societies of cur
roii'ity see to it that delegates are
selected at once. Blink reports will
be sent to each Cor. Sec, which are
to lw filled out and brought by a dele.
gate to the convention or sent by mail
to the Sec.
No ellbrts have been spared to make
this convention a success." Our State
Secretary, Maxwell I). Lath rope will
lecture for us Friday evening. Come
and enjoy this convention.
A. R. (iilbert, Pres.
Estellu Romig, Sec.
A Great Opportunity to make a Fortune
I am forming a small syndicate to
purchase high grade ijoltfy property.
Tests sluwivtuue ahead fiw thse get-
tiiitfffr no afW developing? utoerly.
Owner of lirnd imt.uieiit afiid ignor
ant of mining val)V Twoatties now
working Bame Belli cleang oVcr $200,
per day. Address.
10-l-2t Washington, D. C.
Broke Into His House
S. Le Quinn of Cavendish, Vt.
was robbed of his customary health
by invasion of Chronic Constipation.
When Dr. King's New Life Pills
broke into his house, his tronble
was arrested and now he's entirely
fiinvl 25f nt Middlelmrcr Drutr Co..
o o ;
Graybill and Carman, Richfield and
Dr. J. W. Sampsell Tenns Creek.
Coining Events Cast Yheir Shadows
The readers of thclWrurc reoiiest-
ed to send lis announcements of nil
events. No charge w ill l.e made to
publish the same when the event is of
public importance.
Tl Ksn.w, Oct. ti, 7, S and Milton
Tli:si..v, Oct. i; too, ( Vntic County
Fair at Bellefonte.
SATI Itl.AV, Oct. 10, Meeting of the
Uepublicau Standing Committee
meets in Middlebiirg.
Spm.av, Oct. 11, The Lutheran Con
gregation of Middlebiirg will cele.
brute the Lord's Supper.
Sati-isdav, Oct. 17, atone o'clock on
Blue Hill, the Executors of the late
Uobert Lesber will sell one mare and
colt, a month old, six cows, a sleigh,
a buggy and other articles too num
erous to mention.
Tt i:snAV, Oct. 1: to lii, Columbia Co.
Fair at Blooiushurg, Pa.
Tm list. a v, Oct. 22 aud 2.1, the Snyder
County C. E. Cnion w ill convene iu
the Lutheran Church of Selins
grove. TtKsiiAy, Nov..'!, The (ieiieral Elec
tion. Tiu ksdav, Nov. 5, Full Moon.
Till ksdav, Nov. 2(1, Annual Thanks
giving Day. The Banks will be clos
ed. Monday, Nov. Ill), The 4Hth annual
Teachers' Institute of Snyder County
will convene in the Court house at
Middlehiirgh at eleven a. m.
Our President.
Our President a limn is he,
To weaker frames he power instills ;
When others tremble like a tree,
Hestamleth firm as Albion's hill,
lie suiiidi for light to rich aud poor,
To vl thought1 he gives no p.'ace ;
When villain would to wrong allure,
He shows them soon n Lincoln's
The bribers with a smile declare,
" The rest have yielded he will too",
Hut ere the end t hey are a w are,
That they have met tlo ii Waterloo.
He s br.tve in battle lor the tight,
He -bowed this down on Cuba's
-holes ;
If you have any doubt, - i nrrlit,
lu-t go and u-k the second Moors.
"He served II- well" .-:i - I u VSalii,
"ilc did his duty e cry day ;
So help him boys, help all 1 1 can,
When to the poll- you make voiir
M . I!. I '. I : i p. k Kit.
Hlooiiisliiii'g, Pa., 1'iii.
On account of the Fair to be held at
I'.looin-buig, Pa., October 1 .1, II, 15,
and bi, the Pennsylvania llailroad
Company will sell excursion tickets
from Newberry, I larrishurg, Lykeiis,
Lewi-town, Mt. ( 'armel, ( 'obui n, Tom
hickeii, Wilkcsharre, ami intermediate
station-, to Ea.-t Bloomsburg and re
turn, on October l:i, 11,15, and 1(1, at
reduced rates (minimum rate, i'5 cents).
Tickets will be good to return until
Octob'T 17, iuclusives. 21.
Mifllin County Fair.
For the NI i 111 in County Fair, to be
held at Lcwislown, Pa., October 1:1, 1 1,
15, and l'i the Pennsylvania Uailrond
Company will sell on (hose dates ex
cursion tickets from Milroy, Sunbury,
and intermediate stations at reduced
rates ( no rate less than 25 cents ). Tick
ets will be good to return until Ictobcr
17, inclusive.
Sheep Ranch.
WANTED: Lady of refinement and
means, under :5 to join gentleman iu
Sheep Uanch, Eaest Tenny.
double yearly. Address,
William Aiul'sti's (Jhionly
9-17-M. Chattanooga, Tenn.
A Love Letter.
Would not interest you if you're
looking for a guaranteed Salve for
Sores, Hums or Tiles Otto Dodd, of
Ponder' Mo. writes: "I suffered
with an ugly sore for a year, but a
box of liucklcn's Arnica t'alve cured
me, It's the best salve on earth. 25e
at Middlebiirg Drug Co., Graybill
and Carman, Richfield and Dr. J.
W. Sampsell, Penns Creek Drug
is t