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    ote THcabs
have a job lot of note
on nana, mcj 6
The price will do it.
lies and prices for the asV-
Ve furnish them printed
ks man you
Lt printing.
Vagenscller, Fditor and Proprietor.
A Family Journal, Devoted to Newt, Science, Art, Political Economy and Current Literature.
Riles: One Dollir I'tr Anuum, in Adianct
Jt xxxx.
ely Little Liners.
tie and the Hustle of the
Lnty Seat, Told In Urief
.More or Ecss Prominent.
.......... .., ri.-nt nf In.
B(J I'opUIUll""
that Satisfy Curiosity unJ
App. tlie Thirst It
h i b i est Monday.
inn people attended the show
W. F. Feeseand fitinily spent Sunday
with her parents F. K. Freyman and
Men-hunt 11. A. Ebrl-ht of Aline
was in l'liil. ami liultiiii'in
li i 11 tut t
Dr. ( 'harlcs Marksof I,. wistown has
iii-i-ii spending several days in town
with his pa: tits.
John Witli-nnivcr ami w if.-of M illlhe
Tlie water company began dinging
up the streets Monday morning for the
purpose of laying pipe in the borough.
"Napoh-on I'.onapartt" is tin- title
last week ' of n leeture to lie ih-liveieil in the
ISalam Lutlicrtn and Uet'ormed church
on Sunday evening (,-t. ith by the
Dillli'l t. iiT Iv' !.j si I ', 1 1 ir
b irg, visited M Iss A li i inula Wit ten in - j 1 . ... . .
. I Ills -vara t ioii with his inu nt.
er i i I- lanUhn Sunday, i
! I he masons started work on tlie fust
M.s. has. M. Smith of Adan.sburg .j,,,,.,, llaIlk M()l,,!iy.
paid n visit to M rs. Al. Cle'im on her i , ,
return from New Merlin. JilI,.,w !'l,,M,k a,Ml W,r-M,r "ve.. n
,,, i i .i ; wrc III town Satlllday.
AM persons di siring work mi the J
water wanks ran ml a joh. I' im.J Steiniiigcr litos. shipped several ear
Mcluts Half Tails. SELINSGROVE.
w.u;i iii:itl:iii.i. , M!s.- l'lorence WageiM-lIt r took
)nr ipiiet little town was anm-ed in tlie show in your town Saturday.
shamhach of Sunhtiry , soon . you can. Many more
inlay at home.
lessie Smith has returned from
to I.a I'urke, l'n.
teed of Pen n township was n
ut visitor Thursday.
Wugeiiseller of Selinsgrove,
ii- Cniinty Seat Friday.
A. Sehock was a business
Elizabeth vllle, Tuesday.
to wear hats and tinting hats
variety. Ii. Dunkelberger.
ilk-r and wile cf Selinsgrove
lay with A. W. Bowcrsox.
and Duck of Selinsgrove spent
with Mrs. Thomas Hosier-
i ura Oeinberling of Selins-
nt Sunday with the Misses
Lrnmn of Mt. Pleasant Mills
a visit to her son, W. I. hit-
11 ward M. Greene and soii Is
her father, W. W. Witteh-
Eitetler apent last Thursday'erpwl, where he btiilt a
st Bunnner.
If. Smith, Editor of the Eliza-
"Echo" spent Sunday in
Kids mother:
koligand wife of Tnfleld,
Idaywlth Banks V. Yoder
Mrs. Hottenstein.
Mabel and Dilla Grimm n-
litlay from a visit to relatives
liuig and I'nion County.
I). I Hegel and family of Win
Ld relatives in this place Stin.
mk in tlie show Saturday.
t . Kessler ol Salem, one o
tnown men in j'enn town
lit Sunday at the County
tanici i
Some of the fellows who got too I II II cl i i
chcii- .i unmade Saturday slept in the I
alleys all night and w-ilked home Sim-j
da, 1 1 ii -I ii 1 1 1 . ,
Anion ( I. l;.ihoar and family left for i
llnir.t v h m-eat Millershlllg Tues
day. 'I e I'o.vr j,ies them asueeess
fill and , 'easaiil lullll'e.
Meivlnu tJanies V., Ma gee, postmast
er of Kriiui r, and one of the direi-lors
of the new liaiik, was at the County
seat on husii.eas 'l'h;:ithiy.
J. W. Suier ni.d M. k-1 Maneval of
Mt. Plensent M ill.-i in d Mrs. Amanda
Wanner of were at Hit
Court House Monday. The latter took
out letters in lu i husband's estate.
LOST. In Mid.iletiurg or vicinity
a Fraternity IJadg-- -el ilb opa's let
ters E. A. E. Engraved , lilt owiiti's
Initials (i. S. S. l!H)l. lh-waid iTtt tun -tQOeo.
S, Schovk Seliu.sgiove, Pa.,
.ronatlian U. Snyder of r.i. hfield is
su Ili-rlng untold agony on uteonnt of
an ininieilHesore on his fuee. '1 n,- nose,
upper lip and the face is eat-.-i, ti.tay
that a two inch cube can he plae. d in
the Cavity. This ease is lint ed u d y
plorahle one.
hands ; '"Hits oi mining lies last weeU.
Fon Sale. Ahouseandlothiluategjfronia visit to her brothei, P. M
iti Paxtonvillo is offered at pi K-ale sale.ihwli in X Y.v city. ' - '
The buildings are in good condition.
The home is supplied with llrst-elass
water, fruits, etc. Write or call on
Mover, wifrf and children,,
trove spent Sunday with N.
and family. Mrs. Moyer and
i-s are sisters.
hsli and wife of Freehurg Sun-,
1 lln ir son, Charles Jlotisli
ami Fiank S. Kieei and wife
keir daughter.
Wagner of Milllinbuig, who
bployed in the "Times" Prlnt-
"pent Sunday with hlsgrnnd-
unryll. Tobias.
pirantl the leading milliner of
Slot) tin j morning went to
kuia to make fitirehaso of her
Kvinter Mlllinety Ooods.
ebold and wife t)i BunUiry
le County SeatSatui'tiayw Mr.
doing an Immense business
K organs and sewing lim
it services in the Lutheran
I Cdobe Mills will take place
Jrimotiof Oct. IStU In the
angtiage. Itev. H. t. Sna-
May Mrs. Lizzie Eyster re
lbr honiB iu Akron, Onio, nf-
Injr several months In her pa-
Pie. She was accompanied by
UMoatz, who expects to at-
Yi this winter, iu Akron.
Ubbof pnnsereek and John
JKwlneford were callers at this
Vrlday of last week. The
fleredan administrator's iit-
Mied which will 1 found in
IV Post.
kNatloual Bank of Mlddle-
ies the needs of IU customers
f'lereare of them whelner
news be large or small aud the
V'lth all ita patrons are abao-
r'-NA Brala workers, such
f Alerohanta. Bookkeeueni.
Mlnlateni. Clerks, etc. whose
kraln of work gives a depres-
fg, Mred .over-worked brain,
Prves, nervousness, sleepless-
iuicKiy restore health by use-
11WA. Mf not benefited
funded. xAll druggists, j
J'axtouville, Pa.
FOR SAI.E.-lii Miildichurg, Pa., a
good finme house, 7 rooms, and lot of
laud. Al.-o a g I livery stable on the
same Int. lVr terms and partietilais
l j apply to !'. F. Walter, 1 mile west of
. Mi'ldle'niirg on inad leading to 1 leaver-
town, tf.
Communion services will I e held on
Saturday evening at iu the Pax-
touville Ev. 'hiiivli Sunday luoriiing
at UbMa. in. iu tlie Middlebttrg Evan
gelical church, and on Sunday even
ing at TMii iu tlie Kreanier Evangelical
.Misses Jessie Alllg and Am v Mitch
ell visited W A. Suntli's last week.
Lewis Amig and wife of S.-linsgrove
spent Sunday with the I'oi nier's lirotlr
er, Philip Amig.
A huge crowd of people attended
Walter L. Main's show.
John Shannon, who is working at
Milllin, spei.t Sunday w ith his fain-
Miss Dora Lilihy, who is working at
Sunliuiy, spent lust week with her
. Ott and wife and Mis Lottie Noll
of Selinsgrove spent Siiud'.iy w ith Mrs.
C. A. Kotlifon.
Miss Minnie llmitrsox of Pe.iver
town spent Saturday in our town.
Olive Wet .el of Sunhiiry spent Suu,-.
day with her parents,
I. (i. Smilli, who is opcialiug lii-iif
' 'eton, is liome on a visit.
Minnie ilowelsox spent Sunday un
der the parental roof.
E. W. (.'lister of Suiilniry was in
town Friday.
Middlchurg Leuthei Co. leccivd it
lo: of hides last week.
Miss Hose Sell - eh returned last w eek
Mr. J. F. Kaufrinan of Mt. Carmel
bought Allen l.udd's teums and is
hauling timber from liotteiger's tract
in llicster Yullev.
A new add iu nnotlu-r column of the
First National Hunk shows them to la
paying interest on time deposits at the
rate of three per cent, per htintini. This
Hank lias tlie largest Capital and Sur
plus of any Hank in Snyder county. It
is strong, careful, safe and a successful
Call on A. E. Soles la his new shav
ing and hair cutting parlor f i youj
bead cleaned with a rtfreshin - i-ham-poo
and a clean towel to -neh patron
on the north side of Market mt are -o
Hsite Central Hotel. Satisfaction tinr-
antt-ed. tf.
VJN'-TK-XA, a specific for Wood
lJiea-e., for Sluggish Tired Feeling,
Scrofula, Chronic Catarrh, Pimples, or
any form of Skin Disease. Take Y1N-TE-NA
it acts like magic in restoring
New lllood to the system. If not bene
fited your money refunded. All drug
WANTED A trustworthy gentle
man or lady iu each county to manage
business for an old established house of
solid financial standing. A straight
bona fide weekly salary of 18.00 paid
by check each Monday with all ex
penses direct from headquarters. Money
advanced for expenses. Enclose ad
dressed envelope. Manager, 200 Caxton
Bldg., Chicago. 10-1-M
Emanuel S. Bowersox, who has ueeu
spending tlie past eight months iu
Snyder County, left luesday for his
home iu Lindsey, Ohio. When he
came East he had expected tostay only
a short while, but ho liked Suyder Co.
so well that he prolonged his stay.
He will stop at New Castle, Pa., aud
Cleveland, Ohio, oc his way home.
He b nightly pleased with the kind
treatment of friends here and thinks he
may return within a year. Mr. Bower
sox is a widower and his children are
all married, so lt is very lonely in Lind
sey for him, so he may return East both
I for busluess and domestic felicity.
A Lame Order.
ProhaMy the largest order ever iriveii
for paint iu the Stateof North arolina
was received bv the Udell Hardware
Co., of ( iretiislioio, N. C, from V, A.
Irwin, J-'.sip, of Durham.
The order was for ."),ijoo gallons of Di
Voe lead-alid-ziuc paint, to be used on
(he large Irwin MilUaud their cottages
now being luiilt iu J lartnett ( "ounty.
Many of the leading paint manufac
turers were eager to secuie this order,
aud it speaks volumes Unit the prefer
ence was given to Devnc lead-and-.iiie
which is undoubtedly the foremost
paint in this country to-day. tirteiis-
boro (N. C.) "Record."
from its similiter when the ueddiin.'
Ie!s began ringing for Jacob Wanlund
Kathryn Ilerrold, the fnnncm contrac
tor and liveryman of Millcistou ii and
tlie lattiT one of our esteeuied ladies nf
our pretty little town. This wa- li
ipliet Innnc wcibling yet ipiite a nuni-b'-r
of friends were pie-cnt. Tlie bride'
sister played tin-wed lint; niai- li after
which tin- bride and bride l-ioihh
were met in (be center of the loom by
the liev. E. E. Ilanev, who perfi lined
the wedding ceremony.
After the ceremony and cmic,rat illa
tions the gucts tin in I, ci jug ;;o ncirclnd
in the Half Kails llnu.c and partook of
an elegant supper w he li deservis. spec
ial mention due to the pains taken by
the honorable Host Jumbo Kcr-tct'er
and wife.
The occasion was enlivened by a
string baud from far and near which
added enjoyment to the occasion.
Tlie bride and bridegroom were pn
sented w itli many costly and useful
presents by tln-ir friends. The follow
ing were tlie guests present :
Mr. and Mrs. John Ward of Millers
town, Edward Beecher, Mi-s (iordon.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Uciclienbin-h, M
Kees Falls, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. lleale, M. D., Mr.
and Mrs. Win. Buhner, Mr. and Mrs.
J. II. Herrold, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Ward. Mr a ml Mr-. J. Reicheubacii,
Misses Mabel ru-ichenbac!., Susie H.-i-rold,
Laura Herrold, Edna Beicheu
h.tcli, ftllof M.'Kees Half Falls. Itev.
E. E. Iltiuey, Port Trcvortou.
Milton's i:ii I air.
Nineteenth Annual Meeting will be
Held October 7th, Mb, and '.Uh. The
annual fails of the Milton Association
have always attracted the people, lo
calise there is always a good show there.
There are pleully of exhibits and tine
sloch, wiiicti .. Ways intefetiU i'ne larf it
er atiti stock-raiser; there is always a
magnificent line of fancy work -the
culinary department and domestic pro
duct. that always plea-e and interest
the ladies, .,!! ii,,. iniere-tim: race- and
eiitertaiiiiug al'ractioiis ilr,t pl.a-cs
everybody. Every feature that !. : ii
' - to the -ucee-s of well managed
- ui.ty fair is found at Milton, not i en
excepting the gau-ly fakir and the mid
way shows. Then- i.-iui ctitiie ai -i.i i
i'f gainbling and gambling devii -cs aid
the best of order is al wa maintained.
This year's fair promises to eclip..- them
a. I. Among tin- atlra-'tioi's will be the
celebrated Mytri- Peak co-ubin-i; i -n,
t he most daring t-ipiesti ian exhibitions
ever given. Ev-ryhody is going to the
Milt in fair-join the prx-cs.-ion.
hen- wciv a niinilier of our i itien-
I HI; I III Ul, K. !..!.n.
II. M. 'riionijisoii. who ia Keen
out of tow ii lor ijiiili- a u liile, is
lion ii a vi-it.
Mi's. Lewis I'.iwlinn vi-it ii
lies -on lit Lcwi-llUt;:.
Mrs, ,J.S. Warner, wlio - Im-cii
a vi-itor in I'liilailcljihia, returne.l
home last week. '
i ii i
.lis. t .M iVe.", who
visit to In-r parents .In,,.
Cmiiiim lit cuts j !
Hcfo If.
the I'..
I to
- id u-
evelit-. No eo
publish t be
public 1 1 1 1 ... , t:,,.
Ti i.-in', , ..(.!
County l-aira
W i l i -1 1 , , -
eran .- im ,.
I n
William II. Attitigcr wlio was
employed at Snyilertown iiiidl- home
last week, nursing u sore loot.
Jacob Noll auoltl citizen, and lor
link a long time otic of our Tovvn-
whiji'u iMuju-rs was htitictl Wetlnes
day ol last week.
JlarryKrcitzt-r and brother (Jims.
and Jolin M. Garman returned liome
thtf two lbrnier from Akron, Ohio.
The latter l'rotn Netlraska, all their
friends arc glad to fes them home iu
ynytkr Co., again.
Abel l.cichenbach, who had been
einployctl at Milton, is home listed
with the sick.
Tlie wedding bells were twice in
our community last week.
Miss Jennie Snyder who was
mentioned iu last week's issue is
able to be up and about again which
speaks well for the young Dr.
Miss Ellie Sutk-1 and gentleman
it-ieud from Willianisix.rt visited
the former jmreuts, Wm. Suftcl and
wife over Sunday.
Our young people feel at a great
loss since 'uVuLe and festivals are
not ou the urogram bny more.
Mrs. AVilliam Heintzelmaa and
Mrs. Ililey Strawser are listed with
the sick, aud at this writing are in
a critical couuttion.
Mr. Ellis Bergey and lady friend
Miss liogenriet . took a drive ' to
Paradise church to attend prayer
meeting Sunday evening.
PetJs Petorded.
Caroline Drce-o aid Hanks Dtee-c to
Aaron Moyer, house and lot iu Spring
township, for $i).
Letters Granted.
Iii the estateof Jolin (irubb, late of
Centre township, to VYiliiuui llrubh, of
Pciins Creek.
In the estate of C. W. Wagner late
of West Perry township, to Amanda
Wagner of Strouptown.
Marriage Licenses.
( C. II. Ziegler, Milton.
(.Mary E. Jlouseworth, Selinsgrove.
Carlisle Imlians-Buckncll Football.'
On accou i of the football game bo
tweeu the t arlisle Indians and Buck
nell College, iu be played at Williams
port on Saturday, October 3( the Penn
sylvania Railroad Compauy will sell
excursion tickets to Williamsport, good
going ou October .'!, and returning un
til October 5, inclusive, from Belle
fotite, Itenevo, Elmira, East Blooms-
burg, Ml Carmel, Lykeus, Harrisburg
Mlddleburg, Coburu, aud iutermediate
stations, at rate of a single fare for the
round trip (minimum rate, 2-5 cts.)
A Watch Saves a Life
Friday Solomon Brubaker of Produce
with rille in hand, was watching for
a chicken hawk. The rifle was; acci
dentally discharged and the ball struck
his brother, who was standiug a short
distance away. , Fortunately the ball
hit his watch and glanced off prevent
ing a serious, if not a fatal wound.
Engine For Sale
A twelve horse power portable Frick
Engine is oflered at private sale. It
I can be seen at Btroptown. Inquire of
V a Cb-nnnu
was on a
1 1 iwi ro
and wilt! was railed to her hone- on
ai cjiunt of tin- sii kiu oi lier lnis
Utuil. We learn that the family nf K.
( icmls-i lino- of l'hilinlelphia who
have been so sorely iilllicteil with
typhoid fever, an- slow ly but -urely
recovci ing. Then: were live down
along time, mother ami lour -on-.
We learn that Miss Mary A lie
man has gone to X. Y., to continue
her .studies of art.
We are gradually gutting Auto
mobile's? iu town Win, Xippie and
M. I. linker having each cliircha.sed
Mrs. Xettie Snyder is on a visit
to her parents lr. and Mr. . Y.
We notice by tin-dailv papers
that Wtu. M. (.'urn- of Mt. 'arnn-l
bad died. He was formerly ;i citi-.-n
of town and was a tm-iubi-r of
Co. V. Ell.-t U-ot.
Agent Smith and f'amilv visihd
town "cvertil uav. lie i u master
of tjieart of catcLing li-h.
Trinity I. nth. S. School held
Icalley Day, Sunday. The exer
cises were very interesting.
" Mrs. Hamilton ot Shamokin' was
a visitor to town last week.
Miss Martha Pimm is visiting in
the city of I'.rotln rlv Lofe.
Mi-.- Mary ll--ii-ewirth wa-iuar-
ricdto.Mr. .ii 'ier, an i-tn-ratM!- t
Krucr I in i !,i art t' A !!";:.. uv i-,
vi-itin l.i- 'i :i:i l-iiior!:ef and -i
t- r. ;
Mi-. Mil.ln.i I-'- ht I- ft M :!-!., . '
tuo.-ii'uig I"f ! cr -In i.l at l',rv:i
Ma r.
Senator i 1 uniin 1 an 1 wit I.t-t
week took their i!au'liti r.
a ladic.-' .-c-lii in I i-i ( I. rmatitown.
Mr. Miller and wife ,f Klkart
Iini. tire visitir.j their uncle aud
Tint, (i. K. Ib.ndnck-and wife.
K. I'. ILohliiuh and witc arc en
tertaining theit son-in-law and dau
ghter, the Ucv. Stauiler who is
prctiching in York Co.
Frank Wagenscllcr, son of (Jeo.
C. Wagcnsellcr, took his prelimi
nary cxatniiiitioti in law tit Wil
liamsport last week.
Win. Mattis and sou, Pavid, are
visiting the former's daughter, Mrs.
I I l: I '
1 .
t Ii
. llle
ut M- t Im.-.
s u i i:i. . i . .. i , .... w ,:: i ,
bed by II ,-.: .. , . ;,,.,i .
Sunday S.-,,.,i- ,- .
w.-t of tol .
S. it i:,A', . ,- : i i-,.
ui-faet f,.r i .. I., -s
hoil-e and I am .n. . J . ..
tract of 1 1 a r.--.
MU IIIMV, ( let.
enn pay our ta.--
titleil to a Vote ti,i-
ONIiAV, Oct. .1, K.
t ollrl opens.
TTKSIi.W , Oct. I,, the K. I.. C. K. ,,f
Middleburg. will nive a i Ui.-k.-n and
limn r in Dunk:.-', HaH,
-tore, under ti..- au-Mees of
r- lit
" .li --i;
- and a
a-t day y. i.
r-i.-r to be ,-n-
iruiar Term rf
over his
the Evangelical imri h.
Tl'K-l'AY, Oct. ti. 7. s ,t,
I I rIA Y, t let. (.,
Fair at Ile.lefoij;.-
SAT1RHAV. f)c. n. ,.,
liepublican Stnidini
n.eets In Middl.-I.urir.
Tl'KSI. ay, (-. 1', to ',.. t
Fair at liliM.iu-l.ti r r. I'a.
' --UM-- t'otnitS
lik' of the
1 ollllJiittee
,1.11.1 I ',,
How'., This'.
, goffer on"e 'TTre,!" lollars
reward 'r any cpe id" Catarrh that
cannot be . iV.iv..' i,v Ha!!'. Catarvl.
I-'. .1.
I'. !. i . -
i -
W. -
A 1
1 1 i : .
r, -
The v
progressing rapidly.
The work of laving the sewer
Charles V. Wagner.
A promising young man of Buck
wheat Valley died Saturday afternoon
at two o'clock, age :2 years, 4 mouths,
23 days.
Iu 1.!M, he married Amauda Portz-
line. The widow and live children
survive. Funeral Tuesday at Arbo
gast's church, Rev. E. E. Gilbert officiating.
Deceased was a hard working man
having hauled lumber to Middleburg
all last winter. It is believed by his
neighbors overwork killed him.
A Great Opportunity to make a Fortune
I am forming a small syndicate to
purchase high grade gold property.
Tests show fortune ahead for those get
ting in now and developing property.
Owner of land non-resident and ignor.
ant of mining values. Two parties now
working same field clearing over $200.
per day. Address,
Houtherx Minerals,
10-l-2t Washington, D. C.
At Saleni, Sept 20th, by Rev. H. O.
Snable, Oscar D. Ilomig and Anna
i .r'i-;
Hall's j.,..
. f t :
a;: .im ik': .
A ii-w-paper ina-i i-! ,:. . .1 with
lot that he can't help, - ;,-h as ti-in
partiality in meti;i.n:tn: vi-iti,rs. uiv-
ing news about some !.- -it,,! iirnor-
inc the eomim; and :4"it of other-,
etc. llcshn !y j tint- tin- ne,- he can
tind. Siime people inform him about
such tliimrs while others do t;..t. An
editor should not be expccte-l to know
the names of all your uncles and aunts
even if he does see them. a-,y man, wo
man or child can be an associate editor.
Broke Into His House
S. I,c (Juixiu of C.ivi'tidi-h, Yt.,
was rubln-d of his customary health
bv invasion of Chronic Constiatioii.
Vlieti Pr. King'- Xew Lite rills
broke into his house, his trouble
was arrested and now he's entirely
cured, 25o at Middleburg Drug Co.,
(iraybill ami (iarinan, Uichticld anil
Pr. J. W. Sampsell lYnns Creek.
Couimittco Meeting.
The liepublican Standiug Commit
tee will meet in the Court House, Sat
urday. Oct. 10, UK).;, at 12:.W p. m. A
full attendance is requested.
By order of
B. V. Yoder,
H. C. Hendricks, Chairmaht
Strouptown, Pa, Bolig both of Selinsgrove.
Sheep Ranch.
WANTED: Lady of retluement and
means, uuder 35 to join gentleman in
Sheep Itanch, Eaest Tenny.
double yearly. Address,
William Augustus Giuonly
0-17-6t. Chattanooga, Tenn.