The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 17, 1903, Image 1

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    Lis on hand. ' They must g
.ck. The price it,..
.aA nrl?e fof the a-1
nr. fnffiiah them printed
l. v o -- '
L ies than you cn .buy them
, .. ...Inline. . ,
linoui " -
A faadly Jaaraal, Pt4 la !. 4M, rVuitltal Rcmkmut anil Carrot Litr-ntnr.
I 'nTit.
'r"' '"' ' r 7 - ' ' ' : t -am -, - - -- - - - i . . L - r- ined;.
jvcly I-Ittlc Liners.
. ... I'.iialln (if thfl
County Seat. Told lit Hrlef j
1?Ie Um Prnmlient.
Appfll. lh llri
W. V. jt!i iim r K"' In-' '
,,. :r..tliT have a new wlv. ill
i.f the T'r.
I.;,,'.! cruet Band i-iyt f
Fair w".
i i.f t.iV' tn townhi,
Lt ilM-dmiity Heat Haturdsy.
(i. 117 P. V. I., bad tneirammai
. t Mclingrove Haturday.
t f,tli-r .f Ji''K McClur 'li"l
wk nml wi burled in l-ew!-
j honM deal at the J-vket and
l,e benefit of our Handsome Prern-
iidrup plated ailverware given
lth nur premium cheem at me
Ljcan K"i pure Winea and Whia-
fr medical ne t the Mi'lrllotoiig
k rt'iri-.
UHallie Mfft of Hwntmry jnt
Uj with h-r t.rotlifr, II. rt. MrU
- piitjlif: whwU of Hnylff county
ihout allien onel thia wwk
I, we-lt.
tFatmieB'nreri''Xff Hharnokln
yinga vlait to her father, Jfwph
twi and family.
Is Myra Koml of Beiver Hrlnirs
vLiit to her uncle, Jaa. O. Crouae
'iniily fcaturday.
k William C. Snyder and chlld-
kuited frienda in Jierka county
g the paat week.
juLiooer, wm at the County Seat
May of taster eek.. '
L Middleburg Drag fcitore baa ad-
i full Iiue of pare Wine and
rkies for medical u?e. tf. ,
F. P.ra Jenliaugh of inilersburz', (
(lent uf the Middleburg Water
wa ia town Satuniay.
S:ir Bill Eoard has beea erected
i FrtD'-a FlaU for the purpose (
E'.winz Walter Main's C'ir-jw.
Wiilet Arbga.t and daughter
iiuokiu Dam spent iuuday at
ictn.1 Hotel with W. Kuhn
velvLt- ami Silks tr wnist.
kLs v i JhawLs, etc. tto. at
Mk. K. C. Al r.v d.
at is ii'ii' to be done with the
niwtiou iu Dddlebun; ? The :
-iry wuditiou of the towu reimiret .
i jour lVvtir for a prv-riptiou
jw to the Middleburg Drg -Store
yvur Vin and Whiiie for
'al ur. tt
knit Sunday S;hool I'iouie was
u HiikIW Cirvve, Itli instant.
. K:l !, 5Upt., ningitiic bv the
I, Kli'iviK Ktiue, orxuiit ami
'. tVruvt Baud. Address-es iik
Mojer, W. Walburu aud t.5
iuiotvixer. I
' " V b:. jioles iu hi n shav
nl hair 'UtUit( parlor tn youi
cilwavxl nith a reftewhm sham-
k iJ i!on towel toench patrvn
U'-in sidy of M:uket stit. :t re oi ;
KWuiiitl Uotvl. ttiiJ'iivUuu miar-
MutV uui, Jr., ami family , tb
'" txk.H at the Va.-UiU;i)ii
U-.l t'huiHila.v tot I'lHimlviU,
they vull ma!t tlioii
Mi-Maim hf4 h i-im. I oiritv
wV.Mluaiii N. . City. tl!
- - -
tllllil, , JJvllllvitlOll, '
iv iiUvi.Ul m the luw bitulv
uiU i UlvHt' town,
vltvliuin u I.UkiUM wiilt Hon.
ivluvh NfctuidMy . t hy Nt i
"lstuiil J. Umu, 4 llo
V 1 - V ttto UivL Nwav
BuiMw, HUkhI rHiildw. A
l" A" Netvvua VVuditiut t(
i H 'I'wtlvStrvuntheulun MtlU,
U UiitW l'u HUsst ; ulvv;
Hl Hiut Vl. Ut tvUt llto t)f j
pW.iit;y rvt'MHda, il sU.
ooiint'.v harm.
f Ol! HAM
cliif, 6'il a
lii'iitr at toi-
W. W. l:i.',:
t'i' FiiiK'rnl ' i
tl. T'ttiin.
r ONCF. A fw
A !(! at thH iViff.
I'fiy rriar. a fir't
! i'iiflf fnriilly i't-p.
:: e. i-t.
.vn Fir r 1 tf. n?tiii
Hint lir-i ii-In , Mr.
Mi li i k!-!.urifcr i in J'lii a.
Ilii wpek Mtteii-; Millin. ry
arnl puri ba-'iri.' j'A.
A'lrtrn Oordf.f- f Mf. floanf MWU,
w f.f Hi nff"j.. furrnorj of frry
tnwnMp, 'Irnr,), J in fc pny t,i miU
wriptloTi If, Fr, l iy.
II. f). HtAl.IriH, an.l fwlfr .tahl
riwkfr of f.'lAyUnd, Ohic, wr rKllerl
lioirif ,af.iir'Uy owin t" th "r!fnn
i I n. f,f ti,:r mother, Mn. J. A.
,wl K. f'awlinat and wife of H1
liiici'v wr erifrfainod Matnrday hy
Hon f. A. rtfhftrh and wifn. Xff.
I'awli" lro)iriei in to pay himuhcrip
fu.n t.. IVfl.
For ,.f.K.- An x 10 Viewing Outfit
Irirlmlii l' ''aoi. ra, threw lene with
pr rtrait MiiHhiiK'iit, trlpvt, carrying
ca, prlntinar frnmea, etA. Will ra
vtld cheap. Writ-or lno'tira a( thla
Mii Millrl HtveMSck of T.ykena
and Mr. Proi.r, jp. fisf, Mra. In.
Tjef.kard and .n O r-y of ftichfteld
and M it !Anne Hiifew. ,f Millerahurg.
were vial tora at fii- hum of W. H.
ftipka over Humli .
An Immenms ion In circula
tion In Lew intowri ukinir the I'., ft
Oimpany to run a pwnir.-r train ovr
thia diviaion Hundayi. Trin ti
Lewlatnwn in the inornin and at
Hunbury ahoilt 510 In the evt-iiinflj.
VrNT-TE-NA the trreatext of ail ronU
rentorea a weakened nervoim rim,
exhauatod vitality, brain-ftitf, nerv..n
neaa and aieeplemnean, by purtf yi'iwr
and replenkhinff tha blood ripply.
Makea pare red blood. Guaranteed.
All drngglaU.
, Mm Robert Pach niche and daughter
XmcUtM .WMhfaigiMr townahty,
paaaed through) thia place Saturday on
their way to Beavertown where the
latter will teaeh tc.hool the cominir
E. rf. StPiup, tro iptown is hanil
iin a.hig!i grade of Frtiliera, nianu
fai:tareil by the Baltimore, Pulveruiun
t.'ompany. Pru-w ranae from tVl to
Si-aton. Per-i'.n.s iifwlii a n rnliiiiilf
article should nil 'i h::ii tf
Fun r.v i.e. A Iioitf .tad '. it.wtwl
ia Pastonvii:.. :!-n-l at private .-aie.
The huildiuifi in 'io.I rnmlition.
The home Lt -lippilnl with in-ti-iu.i!'
vaier. r"niit.i. -n-. Write or . all on
uruf Biiveh.s)x.
Paxtonville. P:i.
Lo.-T. K.i,-: v .rlnu a .let-d wa
lost br.WHfii rhi'oiiore Fl.-her's fniil
uear Pawlimr -rarion aail Middlebur.
Deed was i;ivii by ( nn i'. Kiiwter ami
wife to Lydht Y'Ttt and 'ha.i. Hin
ile. ' ;t w-i- foiin.l. the tinder will
kindly return to (.'. F Hiukle, at Krea
uier, Fa.
, F.V-pliariU thuf eni(e active'y in
rnirni warfare U a if)it that cn only
t een with the Walter f.. Un en
oririniia t,oM wliich will rxbil i' "'
Mii'I tiirjr, '., rn f . . r. I v , -Vj.r
i'itti. Tln iIiIimt, and it i- the .nly
one tbat hit tcrmnVd in e'lm-at inif
herd i.f h ii. t to ri.f.nri
gun with f',ilierv pref ixion Ncrf oiily
d' they ((ii through the artillery fHCtif
but wbi'ti ernf.Tijed In a htrri little
airairit a riim of infantry in which
they nr defeated, they fin up their
fluut of truce and carry ctT t h-i r d-ad
from the field ( aptain h-W Jf.nea.
their trainer, put thm throusth all
the tacti. ard U-ad them !n thfir
charati with the rtpld Mr" a;iin. p
tain mvlfr the invurlnHry
enerrli' rtre and 'Vithouf a odr,
tiiey rcalie that tliey have i(Trcd
dfat. f C i then thsf one of them
nn up the vvhite Mas;. To other
actina; aa F'er ( r Nnr-ea hiirry t
hit lde. hut mt h i dad. fir the time
relna;, they tenderly pick him ip and
carry him nut.. One of the elephant
who ha heen wounded in th fray fol
low c.Ioae behind carryinur hia -er,rd
while the others ee the iratling; iriina
and retire. rurlnsf the battle the ale.
phant run out iurht and fire a dozen
rounda from the rapid fire aina and do
It witTt aa much ener and intereat v
would a (ratlins; jnn mrd. Tho who
regard elephant a ciumay, 'inirainly
b'AHU will have their niinda chamrcd
after aeelna; theae elephanta battle. Tt.
ia the moet perfeet exhibition of the
InVlliijenoe of the elephant ever m.
cnmpjlahed, and ia only een with the
Walter .. Nfitin enoi moua hnw. Re-,-rved
eat Tickets nn ile at Middle
bnrj; Dn .'o.' .""fore, Adult. .pnt
Children inder 1 .5 ytr i" cent.
fiK IdSF.PH FkiF.srw
k'"ii n.W of th- ftis.-.v
0 r .side I i;
f!iro'ih 'ijK'rliitpii.icm r ,.
rKnTill" h-i revivi'd ini.'r.-t
"PrieHtiy" l.y t .,
'init'.erliind and n intervi r
rl Of fr Printly'deaeonilanij
Pro!eor ( rdy' viit h-i
the Ihind. of rh eltienn that 'n-v u--living
vry m-ar to on nf th m-.- !'i
moua relic of hy-yone ."entiiy
A) i know to every fhor.l :,, Ti
Prlently the discoverer of - ,ven
Although a IHiiariaii eler .virtn lie
wan alo devoted to c.-nee. Hi li-. o"
ery W t one . imporane.., ---lntioizini
the cience of eheriii'r
and makinu; hia name fiimou f.,r l
the fjme.
The discovery of oYy cn ri mit
in Furland in lTT'i. fir. Prietiv .li.i
not, ;Miie to America until IT'il He
waa a f 'nitarlHn, a holief which r i
' r t
.': il.pi l
'.y . iim
! he nr1 j.
,1 n ii . ,.i 1 1.
I' -0.,lr-t ,. -.i.l,
wiid'M iiv ' ... ...
liri'-el -iv i.-' V ' r i, ,...1 ........
rllii'h ! :i !:.- l' !.'! t . '
Uiaila',l.t 'i '
oeiaMon n.-o-o.-r- ,o ..
Ml'' ' e,TKi le ih I . i r..
'. ft ,.,irilr!lmte -i. I..- !,.,.
' h ui.rii. i.. tl ...)..., t ii
f'.rdeil ill .il-'llliev, .r 'ani' . V . r,
irW.ll I , 'i I , ri Jit hertfi.r. il'ni.
. herfiy ,r. "l(..'i ! I .etr nelital
rtejt. 11. by Rev. W. W. Rot.hmek,
Jtmea 3, Wehh of Twintown to F.mnia
Kemberting of Sellnairrnve.
Sept. 4, hy Rev. S. Duba, nio' J.
ritetler ofGlntie Milla to Dtlla K. Hum
ruel of Midilleimnr.
ep. V lf Rev Womeidorf;.. Her
bert K. F Tiber and P.rtle A. Hhe
mtvirTy. .ept- il, Uy Rev. J. Womeldnrf, Tien.
W. 3hemorry and Ffannah B Kuiitr
nutn. epr. 111. liy Rev J. W imelilnrr at
."(hreiner. WU!:ir.t ) r.M-hrin md !ia
Nf. K.immi'!
diicttimr niu" '
el eiTl It tot : '
lot 'i owiro nt,.i-
4 -ill'' .i. j .
he fer.ertl '
Thomas Spe-hc spent Satunlay out
of town.
JMe ?heily i li.tmz -ipeut Ifnnday
iu town.
S. B. Sjpitier and wife peuc ?uuday
at 5uniuiry.
H. K. Walter of Beavertowa pent
Suuduy at home.
Ueulah Katai'"U sie;ii ftw days, at
Sollliwrov l wwk.
Mrn. Altlf i! if Sjiiusnive pfut
a lew dayn iu tmv'i rei'eutiy.
iHtme Kutiior is it that there will
bv aiioihi r WMi.:ti; ?re loug.
J. W. Sarc, -vim h d ben oil the
li-i, - a '! ' N about Ajrtin.
Joim Uuuiiu. ol Harry Kntuce n
vt l'a.i(.vi;k' .vui SttiurUa- in
tu l.
Miihilchiiix I ilhvr Manufacturing
iii ' a '-i load .if hiden las-l
XIih. W. V. nilll, a)U H'lldillg
vim! vli, ii ? i vilunn, ivlurnni
lt, ,1. t'. A'uu;, tife alul .'U uf
l.vt iuw ii vj'cii. "viuvlay Aith J. L.
Miu iiv
Vtltiu ktu.Ul, ai;o hikI iiatuj;bir of
Uvuwiuwn duivd at llw Mtiiie llolvl
tuitlavs .
J.O, Hfiltalv and H of Itrvw
Uvt N-ntSMntv Koi.iw Sii,;h
fHunu4 Hvv-twj; Uitdvitiot Shiaudvt
Vl(tMf NlvM v Umct it4 Salri4AM
ulUt U Utv
Haliiic Sate.
HOTEL at Pjliiie ale at !
on Tliurxlay, -epte!uier ITUi. i:k'..
I'lie ("oiiiU Hotel. r.iivu.-!" :U
New Berlin, Cnimi .hiiu . r'aree
-tory Brick. ! 1!..iiu. -"tuie Puioni
and Dwelling, lnr oarn and other
aei-essan out building, with larse
iruuiids and aniens, -ituatiii on 'he
X. K. .lorner of Market and V.iie -lh.
This is au oid estaioi.-hetl -taml iuu -well
pairniiieil 'oy -.umnier H.arueni.
in addition to the reirtdar trauV. F::it
hiiatinir, tlsnimr, srunniuir. efi. Sil.t
by the heirs of Michael Kleckner.
dt-M. -:t-:l
'inder the tian in Flni!and at that "iine and .ner.-a-nr ,i,r.ii,i i-i
and he wax !anihed foniimr 'hi
wintry iie elected the Ji,arey u-t.
tied pot loni the North Branch f
ferwarda named Northumlrtand
fter Dr. Priestly received from -he
P.rifiah Virrimient an .tulenmity .if
10.1)00 poiind" He then !. nil t for inm
elf a lieauufiil nian1on. on he .tifir
of the Jnfiiiehaniia. ft a it t Ime
wheni the Red nien ti; .-nainerl o-er
thehllln and iliooninm. nf hi c;inn.
The maniinn built ry Dr. P.-etiy ,
fill Ktaii.ttn?. ft . near he :anl
faetma; the U. f.. V railroad it ,
exceilftitly preserved. 'irnanienui
land well .,ijt tit .''acf. . .ndi.'ate.!
that no exiieii r ia ipanl In t -on-stnieflnn.
The recoriia how list f
'WtP a n-nf .um 'or -hat tay
The ielcrn v.-re ri ai,.i
ut with .jiieiT :'nrna'ps :'..f c-r!;ii.-Ti-tal
puriioeea. while ; he arrain.f-n.ent
andaplendid fiiuab of :he :i.anu.n j ,.jf y
clearly ni.1i.-nte the aristocrat ie aste ..f r(lH,u. ,
the Inn decetweit Imilder. riie nnn- j ,,y
pr-nr vvmniet trr Kotiert I ,-i i
Hcott, who vnrehaaed It atnit :lftei t
year airo. !
lir. Prteatly r:ir.ded t I'nl:.
church in Nnrfhuniiieriaiul. wl,,. ;
ei.-t.. There are 'hieo lirect
,,a .r '1 e ,-;,:iiiiii jcinf i-it Jti'l
' i Nir'hiiriiir!aiu!. -r-nr
..!aiuhi..-s. Ml. .ni.e .'
.1 .. .i-iiiif i':!ei:v ii, .1 '.;,
i i&irt. i'"i.rV-.r i n.rii' a. -
ii iiese i.-ulim uul -4' u ;-r:i,. ;,
v.. iKniic a .iiiiiitr if .nrt-rni n.'
.in which -.-b .r.. e -he . i ..
,'-t.-t!v l ',.r tMr,. .
i e nii-ro. piie. i -er..f" --.i,.-. t
'! '1,1 lW, 1 T.i,C .f fil.( ...
."awii. and a ;ij;irf:c iai.trn; ill''
I' i ti.nly il-o aw l.r- ;-.
lir. I'-le-tly in,) visual If in
lie enieterv. i )n "he :,fju..
lie '.llownii: ::.-crii 'i'.M
' T i "he .Iit-'norr '.t 'he p.rV.
P-l.-stlj'. w!. h-tarti-d !..-N4.
OaleT'l 1
fall i.t-'
X n .1 I .
iifi. :n .e .-ti' ,ii heir
( It norbnie n h
;rirerity .r ,N i-.Mt.i.o
ers of ,mportniiee einli
der'dnrment. ind 1teii :ntpim'ii.
at :n eenrlns l.e ,tal lihmeni r n
.InatHev 'hat five added M,ilst ici i
veil a 'AVHi.'e ,r. rirtv ),eret.v i..
tireor y if. I n tr r" 'ivijccr ' n ' nw,
V it onfrti nte '.. he reneral n
teliljrpnce ..f 'he iiiiui.itant .v r
Mient .JjjU'llasioM '' lie. linn ..f i ,liw
ic aatlir. lint 'V he t.leritilltf
m-e .f it her "ter
'tiental .tevftnr.nient
'cnt .",tienhi:.. v'.
''. .rce .it .my ...v,.
i. it nntr;'..iite.
'are .y iIkkii.hi I . ' ..etkfi.i .rt:iui iiar-'
:"(!. :.y , r.-iU :ntf in ,oin;-t.aiMlini '
:'Hint .-auswl i.v tiiir -h. ehMl. .r
roui.e. , romotiinf etrj
letter -choi. I- and l.erer 'arm--
tunuhitini nor nterer
of "l.etter Tllen to ' 'ttlee -xnil ler .-n '
ai'tion of the , .ii I t ii ' i iiinneM of ,.iu,n-
irian i counties, and -tat.-.
din t
.1.01 ic
ial '
'lie if
,,.., . r
-e'.r .1
iir ,t ' Ml
, Ti i.r. -.
tO.ic'l ,-."1
If r-,
i ier,rlee r'th
ja. "nntiTt'."iei!c- ; 'T
ic !v V 'V V.nv. f -nn.
IT'T. V.".C' rolt,.
I -till '
t.rY I-.-l
. - at
. n "he-e vva
ai -.:v. :-,.;i;,'v
-li'ii..- iacc .
ate .-inije .-.
. ' .1 I n. tic.
Kodiiccd Hates tu Centre Hail. Pi.
To accommodate visitor to the en-,
campuient aud exhibition of th.1 Pat
rons of Husbandry, to lie held at
Centre Hall, Pa., September t ui !.
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
wtll sell round-trip tickets from
stations in Pennsylvania to Centre
Hall. Px, at special ralueed rates.
TUie tickets will be on sale and .xxi
from s..pteuibcr 11 to IS, inclusive, and
iPanl for return passage until Septem
ber I
P.eturn unto ihy :-et. 1 1 :
or the Lont hath l-ait .
with thee T ivill in v ine.lown
and -lep till 1 awake :i t:.e
"f "lie Itwurrectiou.'" ;)r. i'-i
ii.rn iu 17io.
; .;arr;e.t
U.-Ui.e! CI.
t.ei 'ti.'!.
er ;avti'-' c
-;.1ve: Mr.
-' r.c .v. .
-w trr!iu. i
' 'ii:'..-cr.-ei.
ir" .i-aii.
: .niiiireu
. t
r -
a : . :
Uarriate Licenses.
i Willanl O. Co'brau,
. Ida it. Hummel,
i Jamea S. Webu,
'i. kluiuut KemU-runit,
I. enter K. Derr.
The Vfith
ers' nti
fuivene i
Nov. 10. 1
ite of -
ii viler
v. ii:ill
i. 11-a-i!l
t-urv ""'i
Middlenurs;, Pa.. M. iiiiav.
1. 1 i
and "he t.-urtti" initial ! fu
of the
ir.'.lte .
will in? Issue 1 as '.he ci".. sai I
authority of the cmivciitiou ..atu r 'he
directiou of the t'ouuty ."Uiienutcn-
dent. Prof, tiro, W. Waioorn. Frwonriri
The luM.k xtiII .-mttain ail the mV. -lal 1 U'uu "'
tie '
1 Hatie b Slmuiuavu. Beaver Spnuirs. aiinoimcements ot the proumin.
I Peter f. Balev. ' shamnkin Tain
sli!M4n. s. ifcuuVr, WashiOKton twp. adiireeees m teavhere and directors.
, ... 1 .V tew pajjT wiU 1e reserveii ;'or aii-
vertisemeuls of a cieau and respwtaolu 1
nature, at the toilowiuir. rales : Fiiil,
pageJij.tW: half pane $11.1)0; quarter
'a "tori.
:tiiuin: - tr-.:
Moai. -
horses, .-veii
lustructors, entertain menu, names and 1 '
addresses ol teachers aud director.. -
-ertoiiMlv hurt.
en i :
cr 1 nl
:ia 1
an :c
Cider Makiun.
I will operate way cider prvse in
Kmnkllu this year aud I invite ail my
ptttrvus tt bring their apples in to my
null, t will begin tu make cialer Thurs
day July '."j. After that, tlie days will
In rurday aud Thursday of every
tm-k. unul otherwise notllieiL
C-V1.V1M U. Stkoi p. tl
t-Qiciuc For Sale
.V twelve tHrs powwr portable Frick
Ku&iu U ottered at private sale, It
cU la wu at StrvitvwUv luuire of
1 S. Sl Ki-n,
t'f 5?trvutown, Pjl
The sue of the page will be the -au:e
aalaotyear; i iuches by ', -the type
Iu onler to get the book to the teach
ers aud directors iu ample time, it
will be ieeued earlier than usual and
oopy for ads should be sent at once in
order to faulitale uettt dxsplajT.
Thia ia a spieuUid meaua of advertis
ing forsAthouls, uolleges, book publish
era auid school supply houses.
Smd lu yur copy at ouce to
Gw. W. W.uiosELLER. Publisher, 1
tt illddleburxh, IV
WAN'l'Ki I: I.-wi r of reliuciueiu aud !
tieaus. under -a to ioiti geutletnau .n j
She. n llauch. Eael Tenn. Mom-v
duuuie yearly. Address.
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kllEU-HA riSM. Do you suiter with
inriamatory rheumatism'.' If so send
aO e. in stamps for a prescription that
will quickly cure you.
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Box. 104,
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Sunday at Beaver Spnuis.
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ed otT over Sunday with T. I. -Spjcht
and wife. Mr. AYaruer formerly wa
the operator at this place.