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Lpies and price for the ask-
We furnish tnem primeu
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lout printing.
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A Faally Jsarsal, Atvu4 U Itws, Scltscs, Art, fslltlcjl Ecsssar Csrrtst Lruratara,
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unty Seat, Told In Brief
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AppaM Talrat lor
Sechrist U the efficient and
t.msnrlal artist at rnn Creek.
Ik la proving highly satisfactory
kauy patrons.
Stuck end Mr . aunora si
tu Herndon Campmeetlng
bi E- Yergerof Perry township
ding some time In Mt Carmel.
ie Carman has the contract for
ling theabe residence of H. A.
V d Washington township. Me
able assistant Howarra Garmau
1V. Roushall ofMt Pleasant
le making a handsome home for
kigler. They are ell competen
Martha Elsenhart of Snamokln
lug her slater, Mrs. O. M
loch of Schnee was a bualnesa
this place last week.
Jan'get pure Wines and Whis-
niedical use at the Middleburg
lore, tf.
Laura Walter of Akron, Ohio,
lied home on account of the
illness of her father, Daniel
lertha and Lottie Crouse and
lowersox spent Sunday with
rcla App at Mohan ton go.
Vutzy and Dr. Endere of Sus-
la University left Monday to
meeting of s Comgilftas- ssp-
' a mmmr nr T.utWtn
They met in Pittsburg to
le plana to raise ooe million
w the benefit of the shoots rep-
Ligar manufactures of York
nave organized and are mak-
krations to have an exhibition
Ibt Louis Exposition. They
have all the manufactures of
luternal Revenue district join
vement The clar makers
k County are requsted to write
tley Wlnget, Y'ork, Pa., for
H. Mengle, who resides on
i farm near town, purchased
Kepler farm in Hester Valley
ami will move over there iu
nj.imlue Bachman returned
from a visit to her daughter,
A. Lutz at Shippenaburg.
id tou Is getting along nicely.
alenbeck and wife, Foster
d wife Mrs. Mary M. Wagner,
n. Pawliugand MlssVerna
ft Mouday moruiug to spend
at Uliaiusgrove.
Meiaer, south of town sold
to lleury Deitrick for $1000.
Jmtt proposes to buy a larger
A Peusterbush offer their ser-
tttretiitberH. Tbey have an
outfit, it thntsbe clean and
VlUnt work. For lufornatlou
luent Feusterlush or H. A.
auhoru the geuial proprietor
Imiult House has beeu very
hv laat 15 weeks affected
ey trouble.
iU'Uuluger of Xaoe's Narrows
k t'ouuty Seat last Friday.
lutclluii Is spending the week
io City aud Pbllfl., taking a
pun seeing tne sights.
Tobiitaaud wife of Beaver-
IU Suuday with the former's
JttllteS O TholllIISOII H)fUt
Jut i.f town.
ward Folk's sister and fam-
w Herliu sbeiit Sunday lu
Viuliw ... I .. . . t 1
mimijf uuieriaiueu
il frluud laMt week. They
iioiue aud sieut Suuday at
SC. Muguo aud sister, KdiiH,
r Hut Tuesday lu towu.
Anted Hcboch left oa buil.
'uoaday uwruiug.
key nr.
Wuua Vulver-ity, Bollus-
V ikl lll l.l. 1 m
wiuuivuurg lutttjay.
Jivgers an I chicken lice ca i not ex
ist In any benneiy where the Brooks
method is used. Absolutely iufallable.
The secret for 10 oetit.
(K4MK9 Co.,
L. Box M,
1-f. Perkio, 1L
The Flntt Peuusylvaiila BtaUf Nor
mal School at Millers villa offers free
tuition to pupils over seventeen who
are preparing to teach In the public
schools of the State. It isa wellknown
fact that any intelligent man making
a list of the moat i rominent Normal
Schools a the United States would in
clude Mlllersvllle among the first half
dozes. ' The location of the school is
ideal. Parents may send tbair chil
dren to Milleraville with ibe knowledge
that they are as safe as Ihey can be
Studeuts who come to Mlllersvllle re
ceive full credit for what they already
know, and graduate as aoon as they
Cttu with credit to themaelves and the
schiMil. They are not pushed through
the sciiool, however, without being re
qulreu to study, but are expected to do
falthfui, eoergetie work.
Haveu se-u the latest catalogue?
A copy w ill be nt upon application
to the Priucipal, and full information
of the school will i given to all who
are interested. Comfortable rooms
may still beeiiani for the fall term
which begins .hi Tuesday, September
8th, 1903.
Mrs. Thendorr Miller of Tiffin. Ohio,
is visiting at the liouie of Barber, A.
E. Soles. Mr. Miller will be here in a
few days. He Is n insurance nin
and before long will local at Berwick,
Hon. L. N. Myers of Akron, Ohio,
la paying a visit to friends and rela
Uvea at thia place bla fanner home
Mr. Myers at ooe time represented Sny
der County In the Stat Legislature.
Theodore Walter of Akrun, O , for
mer MMdleburg.poy : ltWijlng , a
atoort vJaHamsmf hs raaoy arteadaaad
relatlvn In this place. The Buckeye
Bute teem to agree with him.
Middleburg was well represented at
Orubb's picnic Saturday. In fact the
entire County was well represented.
It is said there were over 1000 convey'
Ex-Sheriff Daniel Bolender.
Lived thi AMvrTF.n Thrkk Soork a.vd Ten.
Monday, Acocst 24, l'J03.
Hewaa married Feb. 22, 1S55 by
ances on the ground at noon and those116- John P 8hindel to hina Shu
in attendance had to elbow through
the immense throng.
El-ner E. Walter, theefflelent farmer
for G. M. Moatt la digging a toll in the
tield North of town.
Ex-Sheriff David Reichley of Penna
creek la Just as young as be used to
be. Though older in years and his
hair are silvered with the snows of
many winters, he walked to Middle,
burg Saturday to attend the Soldiers'
meeting and walked home again mak
ing a total of ten miles. He was
wounded in the heel, while in the
Dr. A. J. Herman and Banks W.
Yoder were to Pennscreek Saturday to
try their hand at fishing.
mum Carrie Haas and her guests
Misses Buggy and Hauck of Shamo-
kiu were in town Sunday evening.
Miss Mary Shambaca of Blooms-
burg is visiting Mias Mable Moyer at
Three Points.
Miss Gertrude Dunkleberger return
ed Mouday from a visit to friends at
Suubury aud Shamokin.
Florence Kamer is speudiug several
days at Shaaiokin.
Miss Dora Libby of Suubury speut
several days at home recently
Mrs. Foster Smith aud Mrs. L. E.
Wetzel, who bad been visiting friends
at Jamisou City returned home.
Joini Miamoacu ana wile spent a
few d:ijs at Crotwgrovs Hall recent-
Wiuey Cucter aud wife aud Thomas
.Spechi aud wife aud Maud Custer re
turned Mouday from a trip to Atlantic
City, Philadelphia, Norristown aud
other points.
Mr. Milbery, wife and children and
Harry Laudeimlager of Lewistown are
severs! days with Merchant Swartz.
Miles liurber of Danville is spending
several days in town.
W. B. Wiuey, wife aud childreu
spvut lat Sunday at lUubfleld.
Chas. Stetler aud V. E. Wetzel spent
a day at Suubury receutly.
Steiuiuger Bros., shipjwd a car load
of trolley ties lat week.
Harry Walter of Beaver Springs
speut Sunday uuder the parental
Samuel Bruimer aud J as. Biugaman
of near CeutreviUe transacted business
iu town Friday.
Oolwly Pu Away Mssday Muraiag at !
tht A(t Strut Yir.
Daniel Bolender, Ex-Sheriff of Sny
der County, died Monday morning at
10:30, Aug. 24, 1903. He had been in
feeble health since last Summer when
he had such a severe sick spell, but he
moved about our streets regularly un
til last Thursday evening when he had
a stroke of apoplexy. He recovered
sufficiently to speak at times with his
friends, but it was evident that life was
only a matter of a few hours. His fa
miliar figure, that for 70 yea is, moved
over every part of Snyder County will
no longer be een here. He probably
knew more men and was known by
more men than any other man in the
The Ex-Sheriff was bora Ang. 16,
1833, ft twin, son of George Bolender,
bora Marsh , 1789 and died Nor. 22,
Comlnr. Erenu Cast Their Shadows
The readers of the Port are request
ed to send us announcements of all
events. No charge will be made to
publish the same when the event is of
public Importance.
Moxdat, Aug, 24 to 2, Grangers'
pisnl at Williams Grove, Pa.
Thursday, August 27, Luther Re
union at Kdgewood Park, Shanio
kin. Thcmdat, Aug. 27, Hummel's re
union 'at Clement's- Park, Opposite
SamiDaT, August 20, the Kratzerville
an u list plo-nic- will be held in Krat
zerville, Snyder County, Pa.
Satckday, Ang. 29, The Centreville
Cornet Band will hold a festival and
Cake Walk la CentrerUle.
Tctkrdav, Sept H to II, Pennsylvania
Bute Fair Aiwociation at Bethlehem.
Wednesday, Sept to 11, Juniata!
County Fair at Port Royal, Pa.
Sati rday, Sept. 12, The 1". K. Sun
day H.;hool will hold a picnic in Red
Bridge Grove. FeRtivsl will lie held
in the evening.
Satukday, Heptentlier 12, the Kant
H. H. will hold their annual pic-nic.
Music by the Kant Cornet Rand.
Sati rday, Sept 12 to U, Ptmn of
Hiwl.nmlry Kxhihition at (Vntre
Hall, Pa.
Monday, 14, The public schools
of Middlehurg wHI open,
Tr ksda Y, Sept. 1" to IX, Union County
Fair at LewlHtiunr, Pa.
Thckhday, Sept. 17, Re-union of the
Mint Regiment P. V. at I-wiHl)nrg.
This is the anniversary of the Battle
of Antletam.
Sati-rday, Sept. The Reformed
chu rcln of the Went end of the
County will hold a re-uuion and
picnic in Dr. Smith' grove at Reav
er Springs.
SaTTRDa Y, Sept. 2B, iMtt day upon
which you can pay your taxes in
Snyder County and make live per
'cent discount.
Satprda Y, Oct. :l, is the lant day jou
csn pay vour taxes in onler to lie en
titled to a vote this fall.
Court opens.
", Regular Term of
died in 1882 at the age of 82 years. He
was born In Franklin Township, (then
Center twp., Union County,) now
Snyder County, and made his home In
and around Middleburg ever since,
man, with whom be had 11 children.
four sons and one daughter being dead.
The living are six daughters as fol
.Laura, married Theodore Walter, a
clerk residing in Akron, Ohio. No
Ellen, married Q. E. Hassinger, of
this place. Two sons.
XJzzia, married emmet h-yster, a
clerk In a grocery store In Akron, Ohio.
No children.
Kate Anna, of Akron, Mollle and
Margaret of this place the last three
being single.
He was the fifth sheriff of Snyder
County after its organization in 1855
He was the only sheriff of Snyder
County who was re-elected and he
served tour terms: first from 1867 to
1870; second from 1873 to 1878; third
from 1879 to 1882; fourth from 1891 to
1894. He was nominated by the Re
publicans of Snyder County for the po
sition of State Senator and declined
the district nomination because be
could not make a public si eech. Dur
ing his term of sheriff he saved men
from being sold out whenever he could
save them. He was always known for
his generosity, and his liberality ex
tended so far that his own finances of
ten suffered.
He was baptised Nov. 17, 1833 by
Rev. William German; Sponsers,
Christian Walter ttnd wife. He leaves
an only sister, Mrs. Ellas Hummel, of
this place.
He was one of the oldest Masons in
Snyder County and the next to the
oldest surviving Member of Middleburg
Lodge, the oldst being Peter Hartman
of Pennsoreek. He was entered in La-
Fayette Lodge No. 1U4 Dec. 27, 1867,
passed Feb. 6, 1H08 and raised March
7, 1868. He was admitted a member
of Lodge No. 1611, Apr. 21, 1809 as a
Warrant member, the day the lodge
was constituted.
The funeral will be held from his
residence to the Court House Thursday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. According to
his oft expressed wish he will be buried
with the masonic rites by the members
of Middleburg Lodge and further ac-1
cording to his wishes h,is body will be
taken to tbe court bouse, so that his
Sunday School of KanU will hold
theirannuml picnic
Saturday, Aug. 29, The Sunday
School at Red Bank will hold a plr
nic and a festival in the evening.
Jtev. E. E. Gilbert of Mt Pleai-aut
Mills, Prof. Chaa. Miller of Freeburg
and others will speak. The Free
burg Cornet Band will furnish the
Saturday, Aug. 2!), Visitor's Day
ami Re-union at Orphans' Home,
Hynvllle, Perry Co., Pa. Band
concert and addresses.
Saturday, August 20, the Paradise
Sunday School will hold its annual
picnic in Page's Grove.
Saturday, August 2, A L'uion Sun
uay scnooi picnic will be held at
Saturday, Aug. 2, The Salem S. S
of Oriental will hold a festival at the
church in the eveuing,
Tuesday, Sept 1 to 4, Huntingdon
fair at Huntingdon, Pa.
WEDnksday, Sept 2, is the last day
for registration for a vote this Call
Wednesday, Sept 2nd, Democratio
State Couveution at Harriaburg, Pa
Saturday, Sept 5, A festival will la
held at Erdley's church for tbe bene-
nt of the church
Saturday, Sept 5, The Summit Sun.
day Schoal will hold their annual
picnic In Summit Grove. Music by
the Freeburg Band. Speakers: Rev.
Gilbert and George Dunkieburger.
Festival in the evening.
Saturday, Sept 5, Laxt day for filing
accounts and Widows' appraisements
for confirmation at October Term of
Saturday, Sept, 5, Democratic Pri
mary Election for Snyder Co.
Saturday, September 5, the Sunday
schools of Troxelville will hold their
annual pic-uio.
Satubday, Sept 5, Tbe Lutheran
Sunday School of Kratzerville will
hold their annual picnic. The Se
linsgrove Cornet Baud will furnish
tbe music Everybody cordially invited.
Monday, Sept, 7, Democratic Conveu-
of Snyder Co.
Monday, Sept 7, Public Schools of
Selinsgrove open.
Saturday, Sept 12, The Fill End S. S.
will hold their annual picnie in Her
man's grove. A festival will be heldH
in the evening for the benefit of the
S. 3. The Sellnsgrove Cornet Band
will furnish the music
The Hummel Family.
oi thenenetlt of the Hummels of
the present genemtion, the Post has
compiled a list of ancestors, who resid
ed in the South Eastern Counties dur
ing and after the Revolutionary War
as gathered from assessment and tax
1780 Hummel, Adam , Assessed in
1784 Hummel, Adam, Single Free
, niaa, Brunswick Twp., Berks Coun
ty. 1785 Hummel, Adam, Federal Tar,
2 horses, 2 cows, iu Bethlehem twp.,
Northampton County.
1786- Hame.
1786 Hummel, Adam Geonye, .15
acres surveyed in B-rkH County Dec
!.!) Hummel, Andrew, Laborer,
Greenwich Twp., Berks County,
1780 Same.
17.80 Same.
in,- nunwnei, lienneviiie, z acres
surveyed, Schuyltill Co., Mar. :!).
1785-1786 Hummel, Christlau, Fed
eral Tax, Whitehall Townxhip, North,
ampuiu Co., 2 horses and 2 cattle.
iuo nummei, I nnstlan, a) acres
surveyed iu Northampton County Feb,
1778-178.1 Hummel. Christian. Ran
ger on the Frontiers of Northampton
iinn nummei, uurisuan, iuu acres
surveyed iu Dauphin County, June
1785 Hummel, Christopher, Feder
al Tax, Bethlehem Twp., 2 horses, :
1786 Same.
ir- Tr w t a ...
into nummei, ua via, si acres sur
veyed in Juniata Co., Sept. 15.
1870 Hummel, David, 2 acres sur
veyed in Schuykill County, November
1772 Humuijl, Elias, Farmer, Beth
lehem Twp., Northampton Co., Pro
prietary Tax.
1785 Hummel, Ellas, Bethlehem
Twp., Northampton Co., Federal Tax,
180 acres, I cow.
1786200 acres.
1875 Hummel, Elias, Jlo.TH acres in
Northampton County, surveyed May
1781-1 hrw, 1 cow.
17S2 Hummel, ierrimd, Newlicrry
Twp.. York Co., lor. seres, 2 lmr-e, 2
J-lummel, Henry, Peiins. Pensioner,
Sept. lsil); ..
177! Hummel, Henry, Hrinwlek
Twp., Berks Co., 5i) acr.s, 2 horse, I
1780 -Sfune, 100 ikmho, J cows.
1"S Ssine, 1 1 0 htc, 2 liorw, I
Hummel, Henry, U :crc surveyed
in Schuylkill Feb. 15, 1X15.
Hunmiel, Henry, 2-5 acr.-s surveyed
July 2(i, 17!rt, Franklin Co.
Hummel. J. H., IS screw surveyed in
Schuylkill Co., Sept. 19, 1HK2.
1785 Hummel, Jiicoh, Charleston
Twp , Chester Co., 10 sheep.
1769 Hummel, Jtwoli, Limerick
T.vp., Philadelphia Co., 1 cow.
177!)--Hummel, Jiicor., Single Free
man, Windsor I'wp., Berk Co.
17m 170 ticrcH, J liorsew, .; ,-owv
17hi) i ord weaver.
17hl- tKith Jiu-ohs the snme am 17-0.
17x4 Same.
17.H5 Hummel, Jacob.
Hummel, Jiu-nh, J iicres siirveynl in
Berks Co., Dec. 1754.
Hummel, Jivoh, 1(k) itcre in Berks
Co., Apr. 5, 17H5.
1779 Hummel, John, lalsirer, Green
wich Twp., Berks Co.
17S1 Hrunnwig Twp., Berks Co., Jt
ac res.
171 Same.
17n single Freeman, WindsorTwp.
Iterks t o., UK) surveyed, Berks Co.,
Aug. 19, 17h.S.
'SO acres surveymi Berks Co., Sept. 12,
21)U acres surveyed Berks (ii., Sept
14, 1785.
40 ai-res surveyed Berks Co., Sept. 14,
100 acres surveyed Berks Co., Sept.
17, 178W.
l.W acres surveyed Berks Co- Mar.
J.9I ' TTWji s'i sim c
l&Ourastrrveyed Berks Co Not.
13 acres surveyed Schuylkill Co.,
Dec. ls;i5.
Hummel, John George, Drjmmer.
P. M., Pensioner, Feb. 1, l.SXt-72.
Hummel, Levi. 4 ucres surveveii
Perry Co., Mar. 12. l.Miti.
14 mti surveyed 1'i-rry ( '.., Mar. 1 1,
4 .'utisi surveyed l'crrv i '
17SI Hummel, Martin.
100 aiTi-i in Grwuwick Twp., IWfcs
I.s) !'ri surveyed in Berks Ct.
28, 17S4.
l.,i mt ai-res surveyed
wich iwp., jJerks Co.
17.SO Sanie.
Hummel, Matthias.
17S5 Federal Tax, 250 m'res. Alleu
Twp., Northampton ( .
Hummel, Miehat-1.
1779 mt acres surveyed Brunswig
twp., Berks Co.
1780 Same.
1781 IW) acres BninswigTwp., Berks
175425 acres surveyed Berks Co.,
Dec. 24, 1754.
Hummel, Philip.
1781 First ( o., 4th Battailion. I 'um
berlaud Co., Militia. Commanded by
Col. Samuel Culleron.
Aug. 29. l7S2,till in same Com
pany. 2 acres .sun-eyed Schuylkill Co., Mar.
31, 187.-,.
Hummel, Samuel.
7 acres surveyed in Westmoreland
Co., Mar. 13, 1820.
earthly career will end In the taber-l
nacle of Just ice where twelve of the Tuesday, Sept 8, Fall Term of Sue
best years of his life were spent in the I quehanna University opens at
performance of public duty. llnsgrove.. V
1771 Hummel, trederiek, Freder-
icktown, Lancaster Co., assessed .50
acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, 100 acres sur
veyed iu Cumberland Co., Juue H,
1772 Same.
1773 Same, 50 acres, Hunimellstown,
Berks Co.
1779 Hummel, Frederick, New
berry Twp., Taxed 5 pounds.
1782- Same, Taxed 3 pounds.
1783 Hummel, Frederick, Manches
ter Twp., York Co., Single Freeman.
Hummel, Frederick, Rev. Soldier, ap
pointed in charge of manufacture of
guns at Humelstown, to rank as Cap
tain, Sept 13, 1777.
Hummel, Frederick, pr. P. M.
Northumberland Co., May 24, 1833
1874. 1781 Hummel, George Adam, tan
ner, Plnegrove, Twp., Berks Co.
Mar. 14,
in iireeu-
Public Sale.
HOTEL at Public Sale at I o'clock
on Thursday, September 17th, 1903.
Hie Cuion Hotel.
New Berlin, Ciiiou 'ouuty; Pa. Threw
Story Brick, 10 Rooms, Store Room
aud Dwelling, large barn and other
necessary out buildings, with large
grouuds and gardens, situated on the
N. E. corner of Market and Vine Sts.
This is an old established stand and is
well patronized by summer Ixwrdei.
iu addition to the regular trade. Fine
boating, tishiug, gunning, etc. Sold
by the heirs of Michael Kleckner,
deo'd. S-27-3t.
Aug. 23, by Hev. N. J. Dubs, John
Brouse of Kratzerville to Jennie E.
Loss of Pennscreek,
Aug. 23, by Rev. W. A. Haas, Elmer
E. Mliler aud Eva Laudenslager, both
of Selinsgrove.