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feThave a job lot ot nolo .
Ids on hand. They muw ij
k. The priw wlU io ,u
nples and price for the ak-
we furnlsn mem priniw
less than you can buy them
lout printing. '
L VtfeHtlttr, Hilar aa4 PratrtaUr.
A FaaUy Jearsal, Derates to Im, Seine. Art, Palttleal taiw? art Cirrtat Lruratar.
BaM Oh Dallar Per iaaaa, la Kriin
PIw! -Him
vely Little Liners.
mtleand the Butte of tb
,uty Seat, Told la Brief
More or Use Prominent.
L.i. Poaulatloa aaa Et of In-
L,t that Satiety CurlMlty
AppM the Talrat far
,,11 cUes on the last day of
L ave was sold at public sale
Li.v, July -H.
iiHlU'Rtloim are that onts will
very fuir crop.
Voder of Miflllnburg was In
e n Tuesday.
r nii.ka. who Is working at
L, seiit Tuesday In this place.
n,,tti.lirer lias owned tailor
the bakery building, where he
Lg bachelor's hall.
viuher. nronrletnr of the Era-
Is, Freeburg, was at theeounty
irsday of last week.
crman. the progressive alioe
Id family of Market street were
wn Sunday visiting friends.
id.llchunr Drug Store has ad-
ull line of pure Wines and
a for medical use. tf.
erlff David Reichleyof Penns
Cat the Couuty seat Wednes
t week.
bats aud flowers will be sold
ian half price next week.
..Cooper, of Sellnsgrove pass
ghtbls place Friday on his
be from bis farm in Adams
primm to spending the week
ly fishing party at Penns
spent Sunday at borne ana
'forth faetiviUea -
Lee Sale next week, July 22 to
. . B 1
li Kolti, wno nau Deeu tr-
V at Mifflin town, came home
on account of the illness or
V, James and Maud Kessler of
llierland and Miss Carrie
v Hummel's Wharf. Sundav
for at the Washington House.
hi get pure Wines and Whia-
ledical use at the Middleburg
ke. u.
Vet John F. Stetler and daugh-
Lillian, were down to Penn
Sunday to pay a visit to B.
In. whose wife has been very
ill vlth typhoid fever.
H. I'.owersox and daughter
t, have returned home after a
' sojourn In South Wllliams-
h relatives and friends. They
king had an enjoyable time.
Tired Working For Other?
. C. L. P.-No Agency. No
ITanted, simply euclnee stamp.
kith, 4921 Dearborn St.,
Pa. 1 2-t
tumor is speaking rather loud
V wedding lu the near future
two well-known persons on
treet are to be the chief
K. Otis Speesard of Mifflin
J. Oearhart of Lewlsburg and
n. ii lias oi emuqsgrove won
uptioiuted a eouiniltUe
arrangements to install
cforiued pastor, Rev. Noll.
r Doeotor for a prescription
the Middleburg Drug Store
ur Wines aud Whiskies for
kvld 1. Schaetter, pastor of the
Church at Mt. Pleasant Mills
ly, has tieen elected pastor of
Creek charge In Armstrong
khmglug to the Allegheuy
ItUlmrg Synod. He will pro
mpt. lite t-UIrt walaU pile 2.50,
1.5o and I") eta., will go next
ticca from $1.00 to 48 cts.
pdleburg Water Co. , are ad-
or hid for the pipe specials
i. The contract will be let
kut Ut They want 12,000
ch pipe aud 10,000 feet of 4-
-"0 uiuchl 2 uo;ule fire
6 tons pig Wad, 600 lbs. jute,
other items, such as teea,
luceiN, bends, cross 4 bells.
r trst shipment to ho made
Vt shipment, not later than
Miss Alice Haines of Reavertown,
sent several days In town last week.
Mrs. Charlt-s Iloush and Mrs. Geo.
W. Wageuseiler spent Saturday at
Thel'iiItiilTeleplioiie and Telegraph
Coin' any has decided to put their
wires underground in West Chester.
Mrs. Dr. I. O. Barber and daughter,
Marearet, of Danville are visiting at
the home of Mis Amanda Witten
myerin Hwineford.
Editor Joseph A. Lumbard and wife
and his son, Ceorge M. Lumbard aud
wife, Sunday were the guests of Dis
trict Attorney, M. I. Potter and wife.
Mifis Martha Goldy of Camden, N.
J., Is vlxlting her friends, the Misnea
''Vitteiiinyer. MU Goldy attended
lliickiull Institute when the Misses
iiteimiyer did and the attachment
pr'xgated then has lieeu perpetuateil.
E. S. oup, Stn-ptown, Is hand
ing ii liigh nnule of V utilizers, nianu
fnctur--I ly he Hultlincre Pulverizing
ComHiny. ''rices ranir (join ?13 to
$.3 at P nns need I g reliable
article slioiila ' Hon him tf
The Lutli-rii parsonage is nearly
completed und the parson and his futil
ity will soon bike up their abode in its
congeiilalsurriiiiiiigs. The residence
is fitted up wiih nil the modern Im
provements, in lulling a furnace, lath
room, etc.
You can net m an I W uk-kies
anywhere, BC1 wwt oa vant the
best, tor Medical i e. ; i i pisiri- tln
from your Doctor, U p to Uf V i-
dleburg Drug Store ) U
Jacob Boop, proprieti r of the Deck
ard House, Miftlinburr, in town
Sunday, and spent a re hnrs with
his brother-in-law, Calvin Sti-tler. It
is rumored that Mr. Boop win retire
from the Deckard House tie ttrt of
April next.
Call on A-E.8oUlnh . n
tnin& JmV otUnna,rlo-.iisjioi
head cleaned with a r eaht r a 'in
poo and a clean towel; eac
on the north side of Mar tsqa ;e
poslte Central Hotel. Satis clio guar
anteed, tf.
Frank Mueeerof Vicksburg, Union
County, was at Middleburg, Friday,
having made the trip on foot. He
formerly lived at Kreamer to which
place he walked from here. He has
been sick for four weeks the past sum
mer, but in now enjoying better
T. F. Btadenbaugh was in town lost
week securing additional rights of way
for the Middleburg Water Co. The
rights are nearly all fixed up now aud
the work of constructing the plant
will begin in about two weeks. The
Water Company is advertising for 100
hands to work on the construction of
the plant.
H. B. Uelnettof Meiserville was in
Middleburg on business last Friday
and while here made a call at this of
fice. He had a siege of typhoid fever
last December from the effects of which
he has not yet fully recovered. His
left arm has been very feeble ever sine
bis illness. He also had the mlsfor
tuue of losing by death a horse foi
which ouly two days previously he had
refused $200.
Robert Mann, Jr., and family of
Lewistown came down from Lewis-
town one day last week and are domi
ciled at the Washington House. Mr.
Maun is one of Lewistown's most pros
perous bus! Less men aud our town
uotes with pleasure this temporary in
crease of population. They spent Sun
day at New Berlin with Joseph Mann
and family, wh? are summering in the
beautiful village along Penns Creek.
Through the assistance of a detective
ageucy two more of the poetofflce rub
bers caught iu the Seven Mountains,
aud uow lu jail at Bellefonte, havi
beeu positively identified. The man
who gave the name of James Ryan U
James Daily. He was seut to the
Peuiteutiary for two years iu February
MM). The man who gave the name of
William Palmer la John McCrae, and
he also v. us sent up for two years in
i February, 1)8.
llou. S. A. Wetzel of Beavertown,
ex-Associate Judge of Snyder county,
ex-Couuty Commissioner John P. WeL
xel of the same place and Associate
Judge Peter F. Kiegel, of Beaver
Springs, constituted a prominent and
congenial trio of the west eud who
dropped into this office for busluess
Monday morning. They are all three
good republican war horses and are
political factors lu their respective dis
tricts. Judge Wetzel la nowservlng as
postmaster of his bailiwick.
John Dietrhk and wife of West
Milton spent a few days of the past
week with her parents, John Stetler
and wife.
Mrs. Carrie Nation, the Saloon
smasher, assed tnrough Middleburg
last Wednesday morning on the train
on her way to Shamokiii.
Theineiubersofthe Reformed Church
of this place celebrated the Lord's Sup
per Sunday morning. The new pastor
Rev. Noll of New Berlin, officiated.
Robert Rearick, the elevator man in
the Harrison Building at Sunbury,
spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs.
William Romig, on West Market
William Aycrs, the popular new
benedict of 1'axtonville, was in our
city Saturday smiling cheerfully to his
many friends here and paying a visit
to bis parents.
Mrs. Shlpe of Sunbury, nee Ma me
Clelan, who lias been sK'in1ing some
time with her mother at this place, is
the mother of a bouncing Uy. Mother
and son are doing well.
The republican primary election of
Mifflin County will be held Saturday
Aug. loth and the Convention, Aug.
18. Saturday August 1st is the last
day for Candidates to register.
W. D. Bilger, the enterprising phos
phate agent of Jackson township, was
at the county seat Saturday evening
shaking hands with his many friends.
He is selling a great deal of phosphate.
M. Millner of Sunbury was in Mid
dleburg last Thursday to attend a
meeting of the directors of the First
Saiional Bank. He haa just moved to
Suubury and will open a store about
September first
The German Medicine Company,
who gave entertainments In Swlneford
last week, decided to come to Middle
'mrg this week. They are exhibiting
n the lot near George car
penter shop tfupuioua neigut
. i. - r nd a "ita
I-S"-- TTif, .-., . - -f - -
Harry Bingaman spent Saturday at
Lee and Harrison Wlney drove to
Richfield Saturday.
John Shannon wife and children
spent Sunday at Paoll.
Charles Heinbach of near Centrevllle
transacted business in town on Satur
John Rennlnger, Sr., and wife spent
last week at Riverside, with James
The Middleburg Leather Manufac
turing Co., received a car load of hides
last week.
Mrs. Lewis MUl?r is spending some
time at Strode' Mills with her son,
John Miller.
Mrs. C. A. Rathfon and daughter
Beulah, are visiting at Granville with
John Gilbert
Misses Edna Walter and Edna
Wlney of Beavertown, spent a few
days in town last week.
Lottie Heiaerdied Sunday night, of
rheumatism of the heartaged 16 years,
6 months and 1 day. She was buried
Wednesday at Mt. Pleasant Mills.
Middleburg Gets Another Bank.
Middleburg Is goiug to have another
bank. There were rumors of such a
move for some time, and during the
past week, the project took more defl
nite shape. The capital stock will be
$25,0tNl and the application was sent in
Saturday to the Comptroller of the
Treasury for a charter. The new instl
tution is backed largely by Swineford
capitalists and a few from this side of
the stream. The bank will be located
on the Brooklyn side of the river. A
lot was purchased fmm Miss Amanda
Wltenmyer, where the bank building
will be erected.
It is rumored that John R. Kreeger,
formerly Assistant Cashier of the
First National Bank of this place, will
be the Cashier of the new bank. Four
teen years ago Snyder county had only
one bank, now there are four andthose
already in existence seem to be doing
a prosperous business, which seems to
be the impetus of the new Institutions.
We hope they may all prosper abundantly.
The new bank project is being sup
ported by Azariah Kreeger, A. H.
Ulah, W. B. Wlney, Geo. M. Shindel,
Stelnlnger Brothers, Banks W. Yoder,
A. a Bashoar, M. K. Schoch, Charles
Bolender, Henry Dietrich, James Shu-
man and others. By an arrangement
of the promoters, no on will be per
mitted to take more than 11,000 of the
capital stock.
Merchant J. E. Magee of Kreamer
was In town Monday.
Hon. Jera. C rouse of Selinsgrove is
spending a few days in Ihia place.
Mrs. Jacob Walter and daughter
I zona, bf Selinsgrove, are visiting here.
Mlaa Luurte Rlpka of lewistown and
W. W. Rlpka of Harrishurg are visit.
in the Flata.
Anyone In need of rye straw thresh
ed with a flail, call on Chan. A. Hack
enburg, Aline, Pa.
Henry C. Nagle of South Rend, Ind.
is visiting his parents, J. P. N'ag'.e and
wife near the Summit
Commissioner's Clerk J. N. Broslus
and family attended the pionlc at Mt.
Pleasaa Mills Saturday.
Thomas Attinger, formerly a resident
of Chapman, was killed at Berwick last
week aud was buried in Paradise cemetery.
Mrs. Dr. Deckard of Richfield visited
her sister Mrs. Ripka on her return
from Atlantic City and other eastern
Mrs. T. Bruce Birch and four chil
dren of Selinsgrove passed through
this place Tuesday afternoon on their
way to Mi 01 in burg.
James Beaver and family of Mifflln-
bnrg were hospitably encertalned at
the home of his father, Gabriel Beaver
aud wife Sunday. Mr. Beaver has in
vested In a valuable piece of horse
flesh that brought them over and took
them home In double quick time.
Milton Orwlg of Philipsburg, former
ly of this place, was a visitor here Sat
urday and Monday. He is employed
in a large wholesale bouse in Philips
burg, aud at present, he with his fam
ily are spending their vacation with
Mrs. Orwig's mother, Mrs. Matilda
Fisher, at Salem.
Official - Pragraa U Sayder Coantv
. Teachers' Institute.
. 1 he 4nth annual session of the Teach
ers' Institute of Snyder county will
convene in Middleburg, Pa-, Monday,
Not. 30 1903, and the fourth annual
publication of the "Teachers' Institute
Magazine" will be issued as tne official
authority of the convention under the
direction of the County Superinten
dent, Prof. Geo. W. Walborn, Freeburg
P-. ;
The book will contain all the official
announcements of the program, the
instructors, entertainments, names and
addresses ot teacheis and directors.
A few pages will be reserved for ad
vertisements of a clean and respectable
nature, at the following rates : Full
page $5.00; half page $1.00; quarter
The size of the page will be the same
as last year ; ti inches by 9, the type
page 4x7J.
In order to get the book to the teach
ers and directors' in ample time, it
will be Issued earlier tha i usual and
copy for ads should be sent at once in
order to facilitate neat displays.
This is a aplendid means of ad vert is
ing for schools, colleges, book publish
era and school supply houses.
Send in your copy at once to
Geo. W. Wagenseller, Publisher,
tf. Middleburgb, Pa.
la Camp at the Rocks.
The Centerville Rod and Gun Club
have been camping at Rock Spring,
one and a-half miles west of Centre
ville for a week and intend to stay this
week yet The members who are in
attendance axe J. H. Hart man, H. H.
Grimm, D. Bolender, H. A. Ritter, J.
E. Spaxgier, D. F. Bingaman, Foster
Spangler, Dr. J. W. Sampsell, Sheriff
Chas. E. Sampsell, Paul Grimm, Quay
SampselL William Sampsell from Three
Rivers, Mich., and a few invited guests
They expect their families to join them
on Thursday of this week. Dr. Samp
sell is the owner of the ground and haa
decided not to cut the spruce timber
away, but to keep it for a permanent
camping place. The parties who are
there claim they have the finest spring
of water that can be found anywhere
along Penns Creek, besides elegant
fishing ground. The Dr. is now put
ting up permanent buildings.
Fire at McCIare.
Monday about noon the residences
of Rev. Dutt and Lewis Mm beck at
McClure weaa destroyed by fire. Ik is
not known hew the ore originated, bus
it is thought It may have been started
with sparks from a railroad engine.
Some uauzance was carried. '
Coming Event Cast Their Shadows
The readers of the Post are request
ed to iwnd us announcements of all
events. No , h irge will lie made to
publish the same when the event Is of
public importance.
Friday, July 31 to Aug. hi, Twenty
first Annual Conference for Christian
Workers at East Nnrthfleld, Mass.
Satcrday, August 1st Hummel's
Sunday School will hold their An
nual picnic.
Sati rday, Aug. 1st., Hummel' ('.
B. church will hold i fetivHl in the
Saturday, August 1. A Literary
Entertainment, Lunch and Tee.
Cream Social by the Y. P. S. ( '. E. of
the Lutheran Church, Beavertown
In the evening.
Sati rdav, Aug. 1, The Salem Sunday
School will hold a festival at Row's
Church in the evening.
Sati roay, August 1st a festival will
be held at the Summit for the liene
fit of the Sunday school.
Satcrday, August 1st, pi-nic and
festival at Hotter.
Saturday. Aug. 1st. The Kheneezer
Sunday School will hold their annual
plc-nic near Freeburg.
Sunday, Aug. 2, Communion services
in the Shrlner United Evangelical
church at 10:.'U) a. m.
Thtosday, Aug. rt, the Installation of
Ellas 8. Nol! as pastor of the New Ber
lin charge will take place in the Re
formed church, Middleburg, at 7-10
in the evening.
Sat., Aug. 8, Hasainger's C. E. Society
will hold a festival at that church In
the evening.
Satcrday, Aug. 8, the Salem S. S. of
Centra twpwlU bold a festival in
- thnlvedtetogt ''. . :
Satoitoat; Aug. S, Smith's Sunday
School will hold s picnic near
Satcbday, Aug. 15, Shreiner's Sun
day School wtll hold their annual
picnic, and a festival in the evening
tor the benefit of the school.
Saturday, Aug. I.-,, The lillh Annual
Choir Convention of Snyder county
at Freeburg.
Satvruav, Aug. lo, The Odd Fellows
ornnyoer, Lnion, Mifflin and Juni
ata i.ounties will hold a reunion at
Beaver Springs.
Monday, Aug. 17, National Live
Stock aud Breeder's Association at
Mt Gretna.
Monday. August 17, National En
campment G. A, R.J opens in San
Francisco and coucinues all week.
Ttr.nun . . ...... ..
i , .lugiint j i, ine i-iiinisn re
union will be held at Islaud Park.
Tburmday, Aug. 20, Third Annual
Slear re-union will lie held at Brook
Park near Lewisburg.
Saturday, Aug. 22, (Jnihh's church
Sunday School will holdJ,their an
nual picnic.
Saturday, August 22, Dogjduys end.
Monday, Aug. 24, StateJConveutiou,
P. O. S. of A., Lancaster, Pa.
Monday, Aug. 24 to 2!), Grangers'
picnic at Williams Gmve.JPa.
Thursday, Aug. 27, Hummel's re
union at Clement's Park, Jopixwite
Saturday, August 2, the Paradise
Sunday School will hold ita annual
picnic in Page's Grove.
Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, Democratie
State Convention at Harrishurg, Pa
Saturday, Sept 5, Last day for filing
accounts and Widows' appraisements
for continuation at October Term of
Saturday, September 5, the Sunday
schools of Tmxelville will hold their
annual pic-uic.
Saturday, Sept, 5, Democratic Pri
mary Election for Snyder Co.
Monday, Sept, 7, Democratic Ccnven-
of Snyder Co.
Tuesday, Sent. S, Fall Term of Sus
quehanna University opeus at Selinsgrove.
Tuesday, Sept 8 to 11, Pennsylvania
State Fair Association at Bethle
hem. Wednesday, Sept 9 to 11, Juniata
County Fair at Port Royal, Pa.
Saturday, Sept 12 to 18, Patrons of
.Husbandry Exhibition at Centre
.Tuesday, Sept 15 to 13, Union County
r air at Xjgwisburg, Fa.
Saturday, Sept !!, The Reformed
ehurcheaof the West end of the
County will hold a re-union ami
picnic in Dr. Smith's grove at Beav
er Springs.
Monday, Oct. 5. Regular Term f
Court opens.
Thi Aniinal SwalW ,,nd Divlixrn The
Rr)tile Without Injury to the Firmr
But KilU th loiter
Tiie most remarkable case on record
and we think the only one in which :t
calf swallows a t wo-foot snake without
injury to the ai.imal ami death to thu
reptile, is reported from Stroiiptown.
1 he calf is owned by Susan Dinhl of
Stmiiptowu, this county, and is now
only ten w.vks (4.1. The , ir was kept
in the "ti.ble ami noiirihfit entirely on
milk. It w:is getting along remarka
bly well until alxitit :i wiek ago, it .lid
not serin to care for nourishment and
was not a very promising case. Mrs.
Diehl could not imagine what was
wrong with the animal. Imagine her
surprise the other day when the calf
discharged a snake H4 inches long in :
iecr:iuoed state.
After the reptile had lieen discharged
the calf liegun taking nourishment
with the usual, avidity and ic now
seems to Im all right. This story is not
to ls confused with the usual snake
stories, but is properly verified by K.
S. Stroup, Postmaster aud merchant of
Stmiiptowu, whose veracity no one has
auy occasion to doubt.
Dee.) Recorded.
John P. Maurer and William A.
Mann, administrators ot William .
Maurer, dec'.!., to Wm. Whitmer A
ma, M2th the interest in 742.1 acre
unseated land partly in Hartlev town
ship Union county, Annaugh town-
snip uimtn county, and West Beaver
townahin, Snyder county, $&5&J3.
EktelIs.D. StiUman et sJ. to Win.
Whitman and sons, the above tract for
Elmira Portzline and husband to
Mary Ann lverstetter for : acre in
Chapman township, $400.
Utter Granted.
Letters of administration in thr es
tate r Euos Ivlingler late .,t' Penn
township, were, granted to U. b, John
A. and S. E. Klingler.
Uarnae License.
J. M. Long,
Effle L. Jiirrctt,
Alvin J. Hickel.
( Lottie M. Heaver.
Mrs. Musstr Ilurncd to Death.
Monday evening at Lewistown Mrs.
Levi A. Musser, formerly of Penns
Creek, this county, was making rtre iu
her stove and in order to hasten it,
poured kerosene into the fire from the
The oil ignited and tiie nreconimuni-
cated to her clothing and burned her
so oadly that she died at midnight.
Her sister, Mrs. G. W. Slieary, had
been very ill and was thrown into a
relapse from the shock of the news.
Mrs. Musser and Mrs. Shear- are
sisters of Postmaster F. H. Stine of
Penns Creek.
Capt Ityan Pout, MA. Every mem
ber, this means you! Not the other
comrade! Every one of von. is not
only Invited, but urged tj "attend the
regular meeting of the Post on Fri.inv
evening, August 7th, next Post
meets at o'clock. Matters of vital in
terest not only to the Post, but tn vonr.
self individually w ill lie considered, m,
don't fail to come.
Jxo. Y. Shindki.. P. r
G. C. Gutelius, Adj.
Card of Thanks.
The family of Williuiu Bowr desire
to return thanks to all who so kuullv
and generously assisted them in bring
ing home the body and the burial of
their sou Charles Buyer. Siwcial thanks
is extended to the pastor and to Lodirs
No. 174 Brotherhood of R. R. Trniu-
meu, Altoona.
I If U 1 want from 75 to 100
men to build the Middle
bunr water works. I will lu. ....
to begin work in August aud I want
as many nanus as i can get In order to
hasten the completion of the plant.
Persons who desire employment can
hand their names to Calvin Steder.
H. G. Frederick,
3U MlUvUle, Ps,