The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, June 18, 1903, Image 4

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la aranca. Kingta eniilaa. Iva '
A4rrtMe Rfttrik. w rmM pt Una, Hiratl mMnir
wt for An4 IriwrttrtT, rw 30 cento per ttmt fn mrh puhii
a.a inwvm. w or r it it n ivrnnu ivnrt tlouM
iKKiwii in ni i momi kmc mm n mildly jmi.
Volxxxx. Ji nk IS loS. Npmbkr t
"Republican Standing Committee.
fm-r. r. .1. T. Slim.
B-a-.T U. H. V'n-. A. H. Mmrr.
IVover Wi-t w r. ;-,-. lavlil KmnttiuT,
Vrtn- T. K V,n..l. .Smw'l.
"mAri It V. HskM, V H . V petr-lv.
Vrfcnkltn Hffix Kt !tv, .,.hn Kfnnmpfr.
.VKxili J. S mrrk, W m. !rhM.
VM.iVt. 'iff-i.-w n Hnkvcr, Hrk W. Yi-wlrr.
V'.i.I'.nti'. k VrM k t :?t'r. h. K nvHr.
H i IVi.i ".,. H. V 1'i-lior.
!!!. : !l. V..V.T V V Kw.
lV'-v I fi. v. . 'Mirw. .V U(-h:s.
', - x w .t ' n -,, vru:Ki,. v 'rtrlv,
. . i K W '. vi-rl.
v.r-u N i p. V mik.
i t. '. I . !",.'! ! . W, ..-r
Jamfa R"" proprietor of the Cbtafooowctlth
Hott at Ilarribbur, lias tutored, suit against
the Common wclth ftwr the reouwry of that old,
oldbill of 15,911.16 for supplies furnished mem
bcrs of the legislature on the famous junket to
New York in April, i$97t to Attend., the Gener
al Grant tnotmnieBt dedication ceremonies. (The
i it is brought under an act of Awcmbly paw
ed hy the recent Legislature,
The IVst is gratified to note the progress and
advantvnient ot Suiuehanna University. Dur
ing the last ton years there has heen a steady
growth. At that time there was hut ono'huilding.
Then tiustavns Adolphus hall was put up, the
Chemical laNwatory, the I indies lWmitory and
! Pining Hall and now the Alumni tivmnaiign.
' Studer.t forntoi lv ivuld only t-omphte the so
phomotv studies now they can got the iNimplete
tliVo oiniro. A hudnev eourM niiiMc, oi-;
(et,of fashiita, and the atoriea are extraordinarily
inlereftlinj. ' ' '
. Wemaa'a Hone Cenpaaion.
. Spda 1 1 one of the least exftensive and moat
indispeusaltle . articles in kitchen use. Acid
frufts.'suoh as gooseberri, rhubarb and plums,
mi'tiire less sugar if a little soda half a tea
spoon to one ipurt of frtiit is put in before the
sugar. Ikthing a patient in hot soda-water
will nHliHe the (Vvir. A littte soda put in
water in which meut and vegetables are boiled
will make them tender and sweet, besides hasten
ing the cooking, and thereby saving fuel.
When added to dish-water no soup if needed,
and then1 is no greay rim around your dishpan.!
In warm weather meats may Im freshened by
washing in odd soda-watt r U foiv cooking.
June Woman's Home Companion.
v. '
. 'r-.j v-i k i k
::t' , 1!:iW!i rt- 'o.
'. ( . W V 1
,t..v ( '.i-.j i omintv.
.!.! ; ( '. 'i .T.
ii. v 'rh't. " . t not v.
'i. McK i'i'I t !!:! v.
trv and si iin
liter brant -hes work the tar t
1, M:i
1 11 KKAK OTi:s.
iiv Iiloa Woman's Mnea7ino
."1'i'v t!.:ns: "'t inttTvt nn l iiiirtaivv t tl.e
IV,.!'. .n
in .
TV1 TH'Kl'.T.
I M . S!mii!i'l.
!;-.-..:-.1,t- -T. lv A-!sv:,m.
Il"' V;-;ii'k K !:'!.:.
'!'.v -M. i. lVt (.!.
' " -!.-u;r. tr.vbii.
i: f
irfiTi'-i:,rii; t"4!"
tw, nvi.l, ti jc:
inr mv -ii : fii'i!'!
1 1 .
!! t- o! i'i'I c-ountv )-
t-i ! !:' tin S'lrcn! p.i. ; Mak
lid oiin'it'.'i't oi'a homc-inaki-r in the summer -tinu'.
l.Mni p'' to Kitliing'-iiits anl tin- various
w:i ni' ; : vin: oherrics. lnvl upou in the
Midsummer N'nmiierot llie '-New Idea Womnn's
M.-iCiiue." ''lirniK n,id Sim KmSrella" are
revived ! v K::t W iillii.'e Clements. Francis lma
set t'.r!h the V )e;ur in '"Summer tilove and
Mitts," tip.1. M'fdd.m FmvivM tcli "How to
Porticoes Atirjiciive." '"The Fourth -t"
s"iTervisi rs cm c' hi: ai- .mi;v ir.
fii Si:it-. N" e"l rr hiivt Md .-lujrlin. and a puire ot humor delightfully
.!! mi, i.: t hi aruT.'priati 'i ' i!!i;tnitod is mi tAcvllent 1.-ature l'.r the hot
V ! wetiiher. The patterns sot torthtlie latest vajar-
Lii ti" i etnrniinc! v descriU'd 'v 1.
Rer.'TT. "Olrlch, "lfe and
chibl of Scenery 'Hill ate 'visiting
their parents. " i
Mrs. Mary Heuning of Philadel
phia visited among friends last
week. 8he said she liked old Bel
inagrove yet. '',. !
Mr. aud Mrs. Kline of Williams
port attended thf commencement
exeicises and were present at the
graduation of their daughter in the
tlept; of oratory.
Mrs. Frank llahue ami Mrs.
Holmes id Ijock Haven are visiting
the former's brother, Wells Holmes.
Rev. C. I. Macbinghlin of flit,
eftgo came up from General Syinsl
which was held at llilto. to sHiid a
tew davs with his father-in-law II.
I. Philips mid l unily.
Carrol llolig of Momu s-cn is at
home with his nareiiU fir a few
lake Kepeit.
The Philadelphia "North American" Monday 1J.V. tj.. Stover, wife ami child
published a tch gram from York stating there j are the guests nf Mr. S's." parents
was a pr,.khihty that IV. Knocti, pivfi.lcnt of Jdac. Iloimeworth and wile.
Sns.pieh. nna" Fniversitv, wmild probably bej K-v. d. Ik tininey ami (amily
cWtcd p,vsident of IVnnsvlvania Collcgr at re welcome guests of Mrs. G's.
, ., iian-nts .Ino. A. l orstii anil wile.
u-tKsiuiv, Kev. Stix'k to U'i'onie pii'sideut of;' ,
w. ' i i"..: : i i"... ii i m i - Kev. I". I-. Si-muuiuI, V. IV,
isiHeu: nun i iiimm-iu ;iihi ive.ii.ii. em
vis,v ,i" Cln ist Lutheran Church ol York.
This storv has Uvn pioninnii"el a lake pure
and simple by the authorities at Suipichann:i ' his lioyhood day.
I "niversitx . Mr. Soiii of Pine Smninit is be-
The annual c.mmcu.N.menl of Sns.piehanna ' " ''.v Prof. No-liing
. w i- .1- and wife. She witnessed the Kiailna-
l tuvci-sitv is in progress at N'linsjrrovt this ,, . ... .. "
1 . lion ol her son in the college.
wot'K. I i. xx. Manor, a son oi isaiao xtauer
. 1 Franklin township, i one of the graduates cf
the ci 'liege depart ment. The gwduates from
S'linsgrove are l-'lira Foster, Fanny .la"ohs, (.
M. Mark, Fnvlerick ll.Shrad.r, .lr., 11. Mer
rill Thi-mpon. Frank S. agonsoller and Sig
mnnd Wei.
Pres. of Carthage College, spent
several day. with hw aunt, Mis. F,
.1. Scli.ioh, and took in the scenes of
t . V . nt7'
tliiwi: fill.; t'u ncv .n: '
bv da-, making ti'iu .
,1 , r t 11. N :s " nfv. i i;,ri
ishc'; an. i- :. iiht:uTi.i ',
iiur. Hunr- hi ;
(tei.rr- Vi';- an.:
working a: ttn- Kim
dame- M. liano
hart: i
he readv
lieorjretoxvti spent last week with1
Iter parents. j
Minuii V., Kver of Selinserovo
! spent i, tev diiv- with her sister,
fii- i where str.iw inTrii are nbundant.
hiin.!- Ilnml'in ivrs. n irp!v premium
lie all vh.i '- f,j his stove,
it sick Tin tmv rain of lat week have
started ttu C'vil Jireaker.
nTr Annie Iloovpr oil the Island had
: carpet sewing fts-tival one da v Inst
Cherries few. Peaches not plen
lit'u'i. Apples halt' a crop. Potato
bugs full erop.
'Niiiire Si-hrist's strawlxcrri
patch is n money maker.
Norton Uendnx is taking care ot
his Ixpc colony.
II. F. Blessing was in town and
is deeply interested in the new rail
road. fiov. J. IT. Keeler and wife have
"t.. M..yi
. vanis.
Howard I week and among the participant, i r(",rnf"'1 Jr"n a ver.v l'-t tnP
! . I Ever. Lvdia TlfKver. Airnes Mover.
,lougtieil Ills; c
. i , , . ; . anu Aioiiy iioover.
Miiinur' iiimer inr u 01 t rii('
N"tio;; workmga: vv ei.ttel's new ; were: luwie x-uer: lincptta Mus
ban.. jsina. Maria W. Iundort. Minnie
.lacih Kerstettrr
of bnr.k wheal,
(tm.. A. Vt ol: l- ii viui
own tionsv at Silver C reek
' U:- tar: C'.lh-'Ctr.r i- mi.
a msji't t apv w;.' waii
tiif-:" La.:, an , t r-vm-
i- v.. in- iian.i-.
dav tiientin at Oiot1 a. m. at his
resideiiiv; a large concourse of rela
tives, friends and acipiaintaiuvs
from Iicwistown, Mlure, Troxel
ville. 1 leaver Springs, Middlebnrg
and New lVrlin and other plaivs
followeil his remains to their last
noting place. The funeral strmon
was preached by his pastor, Uev. 1.
P. Zimmerman. The floral ofler
mgs were rich and beautiful. His
wito preceedeil him in death on last
Christmas. He leaves a family of 4
sons and 2 daughters to mourn his
departure, all of whom are married
and have children.
Geo. Stetler and Samuel Rearick
twe. of our most respected citizens
have been very sick men for some
Lillian Stetler and Mrs.
George Steininger of Middlebnrg
spent Thursday in town.
Mrs. TV. Frank of Centre Co.,
acvtonipai ied by her nephew, Han
del Miller, are the guests ol Dr. E.
' " " .- M. Miller and nife. lUndcl will
l-arl, are fjiendmg a wmk in Mid-
lebtiif;, the gut of Mrs. F"s,
jaretits, E. K. Freyiuin an! wife.
J'lliu I. Smith, of Kan., was
'adled hert by the sudden death of
hi- fcitber, John .rL Smith.
Mias E3ua Winev viritel rela-
l3a ' ftwvrit 1 v
Tbe GeruuiD Medi'-it- Co., ha
The enginiers of the new rail
road have the canal along here well
marked with stakes and now busi
ness i- iiecoming in anticipation
il tx-tter tiniis-.
Birds are more numerous , than
usual and their music as. charming
a ever. .
Maria W. "Dnndore picked bo
of strawberries fjom a small jwtch
in her parden.
to give
' !7 ; Wilso:; BiurtniaL. Ianiel W,d;! BEAVERTOWN.
ta:: liuiib-(and Eiri Trout' art working for the! The funeral nf John S. Smith
i- v.. hi- nair.i-. jN. (.". liailwav will, faeadnuarters j uf whom was made mention in last
"ienni- .:rr thilam. of' at Miherstiurg. wkV issue i ttMik plane last Thur-
t!i Century Land Club
A Sv
Ar. Crpsn Letter.
hriw-iecttv' Nienuyr-
ic uiau ov tie eomiiiitt"
;IH-r- uu
Vlr- ' iisM-tlll"
Vlia- sn. J
!:ioh". sU'-t-nM'lj
fi. J.' a: tn tiiu' of to' aliotmetit tin- J : lieeti hre sjiiug mdintie$ and giv
tic i- jwid, voi: will Ik- iv?t; u iug uightly enterlainujfijt for the
. iu - '.TgU!
V etn : IT- t (I'JI-
'!; buyp. J 'l J :
aur: "iear piaii-
; i
a A
m A
' ' outili- "rVH" i'jl.nin", i. lrj"
-if. Uik-tUii" JJ'jiOJUe t l--l"' io
if. pa: t io' Jiit?lJj;riii I'-
"JtLlO'j'. Li'...
: tUi'.'Jf.. f 1'. Ml!. i vtVL.if.
'1 i u'i'- '-' 'hsif loutio; vi
OU w:'. I fiirte)tjllli?-. a-
.. ti :i J h iO j U
i..i'.'llij-l '. ') ji- httVii". Ufe.
i. l,f.'-:-l-'' r-UV.i- tli
j- iiuiu.-i-. cw, l jjt : oU'--
. . na? ''. '' JlJ V fOJ .
Mi'.-" ' '.ii! lL.e(lj;-! i;-
i i
1 i jiiij' LivI lei;iijji-
.,:i.iij," i" Z".:i'.
'..(, sw.ic i. 'ill' I'..', i. liullj.l-'
i;,.. . t:'. iu.. '. i;U '..:
. . . . f. In i p iiuUi;,W' uja'l
j . !.. ,j ruir...-, I tm iiuu.-
.. -, r'.s't i i u t.i':.' rt'vtfir i-jll.i
I- .. ' '..i.- i'Lr ji tn j' i'.
: i . , , i i1 ,i i o'
til' Lo
or a' lH.'.-Ttri ein'ii. ( r von huv- a vir
1 p:r tii' Usikiici o' ?iil'jf,at tii nu ofaiut
?!.' pe" tuynti..
Noli' ')' tin'i iou- are wort 1 1 ie- ttiaij .jOd'
and a- Dii a- ?-" '.'M.i. MeuJop- of th- elub
t,uf: pav lor tueir jijt tv briujriije; in u-i liietii-i-r-.
Lai. uii-iui von u join you will
fi-iv. t eidi". j'. t Z-AM i oil our lot.
Vi i t'. luak- tL-'alioliueataWjt Juiv
j. sue ". tnai tuiji wi- iioie to pa.-j- at iaaMt
'-itnru- I'. iu:i iu-Uil-j.. J lit j;
tM'. Ill til' iiar JVri Of OplJhitiOlj ill Will o'
tlii ui'j-' firiiabii- UUfiiiiay iui;ij oi Y ijkesintii
auc Ji?!iy-y hiiun.. l:uji-rs iiind uo i'orliier
jfuiataiiiw , iiu'. wlia' a!! proiijim- will ia-itJi-ioiiy
iuiidiif :. huuii- u'tioii ar to thir ha
Li'fli law1, pi ili :i pal iy i.un tlii- lyU an:
'in; , ati'i tii mviili v.iw- t-tian uw-A t:.e
p' i i'U'. - lli 1 1- lli'raur A ad Wtfl i'1'lij',, i.
uui Hi -i i- 'jtiCi- aii'j fttunl! pi'j!j. Ju
Wiumyl. Wi M vl-i'-. 'J J i) tiit .U ,o.ij
tue "i-'i-ii '..i:i!.uiy Jjviri Ciui.i W iv.u at wiim
an'' jic'. a oi' iv' , u.eti vpp-cLuuiiy i vi.
Li iitjvet liiivi lij,!ul..
pat wetk.
Wj. Lizzi Hys-ell rpetit bf'eral
Lr ; d at M'Jlurt last wik.
llev. J). C Kaufltuau and bride
reiuroed Fridav afteruwu and fiat
s' j urday went to M'jCJur where they
wjr 1 tndertsd a rjt-jtiyn; tli-y 'X
5 ' e'"t to take up their aUide iu Uie
Lutheran uarixnae iu a f-w days.
" ; We jiu with their uiauy friend
-utieiuerj intei- Wi- , j i- i -i
,. riC' iu v Hie Jiev. aud iu bride a
sale ati'J jdeaa;jt jourijey dowu lilVr'e
'Jliar. E. i' IWjijl hai- U:i-U toufler-
! iui; it'jiii i utiutiujaUwy rhcu iitieut
tor tLe IrtM two or tint.' wtel.a.
Samuel ( icintiorlin, one of our
aged citi"iis, died Saturday morn
ing. He was apil iiImiuI i,l2 years,
ha Ixvn a meinlM'i" of the (lid Fel
lows for many years, and will lie
buried by that organization.
Our band gave n twilight con
cert on the campus ot the college
Saturday evening.
The town can (eel .proud of its
band. 1 hey are making rapid nil
provemenls in tltetr playing.
Samuel (Jralta::; of llarrisburg, a
former resident of this place, is vis
iting liiends.
Miss Jennie Miller is on an ex
tended visit to Phi la.
Miss Katie Krehart of Rilto. is
being entertained by her cousin,
Mrs. IV. Focht.
Uev. II. 1. Hoover and wife are
taking in the commencement.
Miss Ix)hr of Milton is being en
tcrtained by Mrs. Xoettiiig.
Sick Headache?
Food doesn't digest well?
Appetite poor? Bowels
constipated? Tongue coated?
It's your liver! Ayer's Pills
are liver pills; they cure dys
pepsia, biliousnass.
25c. All drsreUts.
"I fcayt utcdVour
for flva years and im J)
pltaaad with It. It Wia
torea tn orlglnsl colors
bslr. It keeps my hiirtoft "J
Haten Kllktnnjr.New Ponii
Ayer's Hair VW
been rcstoiinp color
gray hair for fifty
and it never fails to
this worK, cither.
You Qan rely upon
ior stopping your V
from falling, for keep
your scalp clean. aJo
making your natr prow,
tl.Mlkollb. A'Hrn,rqt
If ..n ... .
miiI ii una iliilur mnl ii','JJ
yiil IiiIUk. IIh titnnml rhii.Tj
ut jrodr nnimt viiirwui oil'. ,. . ,3
J. ti. AYrii t ii I.' I'M
1 1... 1.......H i ..r it.
I "I lllf '"lllllll 'l lll'.HI. ,(v
attend tin' exerelset to I i I,,.',!
tynhurit, I'a,, eiiininiMii..i:ii,,,j
aniilvHrsiirv "I tin' lutt t '. ,i:!j,
ami M, the I'l'iiiisylviiniM
Will HI'll rilllllll-tlll ti. U. n Irt
tnug f'liin all Htaliiinsi.ii
Slate of I VnilHvh iinlii ,,f
elmlliii! .Inhimtown ; nK,. jy,,,,
on inii i niniueiiiiiii mnl i
H1..1..1 ....i ii... 11..11 .
1'l.e.M'ii iiii'i iin- i"i n i
mlietiy N'ulley llvhlnii i,
nut illeinllll (Ml ( 'II y, u
gle rare fur the ruiuiil in;, :il
rate, II.IMI). Tleki'lM will h. Kk
Kiinil Kolnu June Md, .lul ;
aii't punt to return urn i', ,l:Vi
si VP. .
us Tf.ur nnnitAcbe or bard a baantif ul
rrpwt t.T ricti ft ,ik i Dan d.a
Diiniiunuiu'o nvrforthe
DUUMnunnm o uit whiskers
V i"' Minaiy. Jol tln:f hjlVI
! ui. t Alwjdi.d trip Ui iS'tivv
Lev. Fled. jviaU-cnner of 'i'y
i OUI." ll i.'.
11. J
Some jiarties who were wishing
for rain and got it are now winhiug
ior it to stop; mxaa are not satisfied
no matter how the world goew.
Our merchants are laying iu a
big Bujijdy of buckets for their
huckleberry trade tlii beasoD a they
ar exptf'-ting a bl crop.
Jauiis Steely hax UiCMoi theiek
lit for the pat week.
'J'he fclrawlrry war 'm over.
'Jlie rult ww UAh widen defeated
with li'i liwb of lite.
Some j.rtii;ii have ordeitl tiite
which Mill U: put up along Jaeku
oioouUitj thiti isuiiiuier during the
Luek Wjfrry Muyij.
J'yijvh linker ha U;eu iuliucd
t; w iiouw tor the punt week or
no viit.L itilluuiiiiutoiy I'lii'iiUiatioiii
Al NVuuer in tilovvJv improving
fl'OUJ hi- bi'Vel t' ulUu'k OI rheUlJllitiblli
'J he old ldit!i ti ut this cud iirc
ull ipliel iu Jllildr- U their nHciid
, tug L'.,i j.A. t. i cumuli iu ui,
lAu,ui o i tli. Jt in aol for the
! Miiut of uiouiy tliut ku ph ihiiii lion i
F,'-""K- 'J hoc will not ullovv tliein
ij ko. i lieu' iiuxiuii' if iroiii n to
Ll,Jrt"' , dolhoii jK:r luoutli ptnaiuii plenly
iuin.1. 'ofcuHh m lidi ulLcr BupplyiiiK II
ri tl.- Si j.i.r .... ...I I ..i.l 'i-. .:i til. i'... I .....I ..I. ii.!....
.y " 'wjjc.i n'j mi nun- wr.oi iAiiiii tyii.ii jou iiiu i'.ioijiui
it Real fistate. Jersey Shore. Pa.
W,a tr.j, to eljiitrky. (jii.-iou hatia' jcpoil.
' ' Oil Mo. j. A. ilaiW (uu:jiiu- Soiiu' jiitu.ii ure talking of rc-
' ''"l ir v'"'t'" l'tnU-. j pUntiii :oni w wuii us the r
Wir, ill. Ji.jli uiid laiiiily huve
Tut (,....,. .1 4.. il.'..:.. ..I.I I . . .: XI.. 1 ! a I i" .. I . : l
rrn'iiuwi nieii om Aiouu'. ii I . ,ii- j j i)! I ( op Ol wni.'H ja Ii put. lei I
J. L..- 'yM.ii vvorkiiiL' iiuur 1'ilUhuiy , if iiotliiu liiiii(i;iir. il in loo hhui
..i,t I. :.i i.:. . i .. , . 11..1...111
ui in.- luiiiiiji dui: nitu mui( ijui. ut unit jti"iui uiu oilio hiiu i.ojii i jop.
he did liol like tin- oyiiutry ,-) n- 'J'iuu; and ood w a'bi j" i J 1 lull,
; tui'liul holuf.
fttnrlllna It Mi nr.
rrnun iphhiiioiiv 111 u'n:,!,,-!
! 1 ..,11.. :. .
in cmiHiiii'iiy eoiMini; ir, ,uj
ir. jvin h etew HiKi-ov,,,.
OouifllB Hlld Coldn to he un,
A reeent pxtirnRnirii frui T.;
Farlnnd Hentorvjlle, Vn KJ
exRinplrt. He wril.en: ' 1 Lsij
CMim iurinrrn and im
II II . ! .. 'll .1 1
an tue nine wiiiioui ni'iucttJ
men i uenan iiikiiik )r. kh
Di"eovery, and n few bonis J
ourea me. ' r.quniiv -fjrft
Luuir and Thront 1 routj.
suniution. I'ueuiiiou nd tir-J
antend Mnldlnbuiv Prup S:m
mil A unrinanot nicl iK-lifr
HninqHell of 1'ontiR Creek M
inai notion tree, regum: sa
aud .m.
Kcduccd Kates to Ashvilld
For the benellt of thnst 6uJ
attend the meeting nf tlitjr
MuHloTeiichem' AHSoriatiimif
at AHhvllle, N, C, June SO ili
IL . VI -'! " !
me rennsyivania lumrnaiia
will round-trip tickets tn A-m
all stations on IU line. Juwli
inclusive, gMKl to return uaj
inclusive, at redueed rates 1
positing tickets with Spwuuia
Asliville, uot later tli:m Jul; J
payment of fee of fifty ifiiutl
sion of final return limit me
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not later than October lu
For Infants and Chile:
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