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TTjob lot of note
hand, iney mu51 ku
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price win ao it.
and prices for tne asu-
furnish them printed
than you can buy them
I printing-
fditor and Proprietor.
A Family Journal, Devoted to News, Science, Art, Political Economy and Current Literature.
Raiea: One Dollar Per Annum, in Advance
. .1.1 i.. iiultit'ir a tliinl
......1,111 nf iheAYash-
St'., Rental Criid-
1 ' w IV
Tv,,f Heaver .-i...,v-,
... il... mililir. Iff is
i,h tin- latest meinno in
H work guarantee!!. jj
Market Street, in John
iMinf. Middleburg, 1'a.
i M:,v he will visit tut'
. .. . I.
,W,S (HI 'I'l.VS """
ntel. lir-t MoiKluy of each
,sV,.ri,nvii Hoti-I, first Tues-
l, iitl; Reaver springs
I r(-(iay i eacu
:.,i,ir.- 1 1.m.-i, third W !-
!, in .nth. I'
ll. m-. T, attorneys for ('has.
i r.mght suit against ine
for Ji'),(KK) damages
.. . i . . . i f .. . :..
tl' will' hi him lancr,
hjne. in the Thompson 'bus
ll,,. noting near i.ewis-
,, February -.
lfred Schoch and wife at-
fumn l of John Kline at
l:,.t Thursday. He was
i ti... i .....
.o Uti'l was one oi me i"
tms who h'lt New
c'ou tin' bark Asa racKer
the California Bold fields
irii. Sis inonins were com-
the tup-
ID: A person i Kiicneu
hmily f f'"r- ( ioHI wain's,
Lewistown, Pa.
' ! ""od-look-,abor-a.sud
by the
, o for not marry-
A. . v it
i in maite tne gin wuom me
ct his wife just to show them
uuot a'l verse to matrimony.
nt n corner nod wrote
liand-T. ... - .tifrere
,bers in the club, and the re-
H one vote for each. The
,n is still a bachelor, but the
iken up and its members are
each other,
ildleswurtii of McClure spent
ith Operator P. E. Kinney
The county of Huntingdon recently
entered cuit auahist Milliin 'ounty to
recover from $21(X) to $1M), w hich the 5
F '. 1.;.. 1 .1 . 1... e W7
101 iiier ciaiiiieu w hs ine soiue 01 ine
litter in theexnenses of running the
county line, but last week the matter
wim compromised by Milliin county
paying to HuntiiiKdnu $1100.
VVAXTKD: A Hood Cook. 'ay
Thre' Dollars a week. Addnss,
4 IS Market Street,
'Zt. Harrisl)iirg, Pa.
A. K. Cift and John Moyer, Sr., have
begun to lay out lots in Franklin.
They have provided for a utreet fifty
feet wide from Steininger Uros'. Ware
house to Middlecreek and will sell lots
on both sides of this Street. As there
is k demand for more houses, this is an
opportunity to obtain a home on a
lieatiful wide j-lh-et.
Coniing Events Cast Their Shadows
The readers of the Post are request
ed to send us aiiiioiiiiccinciils of all
events. Xo eluirgu will be made to
publish the same when the event is of
public importance.
Fkiiiav, April 10, (loud Fii lay.
Sati'KD.w, April II, Meeting of lie-
publican Standing Committee in
SATL'itn.w, April 11, Parti. il I'dipse
of the mem, visible here. P.egins
4:2i p. m. I'lnds 10 p. 111.
St'XDAV, April 12, I'aster.
Wkdxksha v, April 1", the Trout a
son opens.
TlifltsiiAV, April Hi, day set for ad
journment of the State legislature.
Fin l. V, April 17, Second Arbor Day.
Monday, April L'O-.'iO, Nineteenth
Hemi-aiinual Convention, Danville
conference of the Evangelical Luth
eran Ministerium in Selinsgrovc.
Monday, April 27 License Court con-
-.yenes in Middleburg.
John F. 15(yer, Snyder County's
I scientific and (irogressive farmer and
Iruit grower, was at the County peai
last Veliiesday.
Landlord J. S. Pkoop and wife wxre
at this place Fridav. attended
; the horse sale at Frit-burg and Mrs. 11.
' v'uileil relatives and friends here.
Charles Itouh and w ife spent Sun- i
day at Freeburg. ...... . .............. v. .......
wniie in town wiui 11 loan 01 nousenoiu
roods for V. S. Kuhn at the Central
(. Alfred Sehoch attended the hoise
sale at Freeburg Friday.
Cenlerville Saturday.
Uev. X. A. Kira.ofe and Mrs. Janus
Avers were on the sick lir-t.
Hurry and Haehael Kilter are spi nd
ing a week at Shauiokin Dam.
Kead .1. L. Marks' double column
advertisement on another page.
Jacob S. Staull'er of Hummels Wharf
was at Middleburg Wednesday.
Ceo. S. Davis and Liveryman Luce
spent Friday at the County Seat.
P. A. of Mt. Pleasant Mills
was at the County Seat Saturday.
Mrs Alfred Clelau went to Siinbury
Saturday to visit her daughter, Mis.
Iiciihcn S. Meixer, the popular plain
ing Mill man, w as nt Middleburg Friday.
Wm. H. Nipple and wife enjoyed a
briif trip to the County Sent Satur
day. Ceo. W. Peaver, w ho had l ei 11 aw ay
mi' two wiias, ret 111 1 itit Home iai
M. I.. Hassinger of Marucs, Warren
County, was a Middleburg Uitor last
Levi Artley of K reamer was at the
C puiily Seat Saturday and made a i all
al t ins olliee.
(. C. Varger and L. C. P.ingamaii of
l'eliuscieek were ut the County Seat
'l'hursday of last week.
J. A. Kbright of Mt. Pleasant Mills
dropped in last week to become a cash
i 11-iid valiee subscriber.
W. R. Cordon and Frank Iteichen
bach of Mt. Pleasant Mills were at the
County Seat Wednesday.
hangc of Ownership.
to inform the general public
lave bought the entire stock
Merchandise of R. E. Gift
iken possession April (!.
i a shape to do business on
J ....JTll M 1 . 1
miiiiiimt 01 marKeu uown
mo arl ollering at a bar
ftnil e us, we will save
bud vou richt. We are
n Citis this week buying
ami attractive goods to
present stock.
Yours Very Truly,
o'HA Villi.!,, DOHSON & CO.,
Pnxtonville, Pa.
lican Standing Committee
ulilican Standing Committee
r county, will meet in the
'iseSattirday, April 11, 1903,
J. S. Yearick. Chairman
The Central Hotel.
" coming to Middleburg,
well to stop at the Central
i try the Marks' Brand of 8
t "ne particle of headache in
N. The bar is well stocked
and wines. The house
n'wly refurnished. The table
pied with the best the mar
"and I would be pleased to
p ' 01 your patronage.
ivnix, Proprietor,
Central Hotel,
Middleburg, Pa.
Manager Wanted.
thy Judy or gentleman to
in this County and
rritory for well and favor.
House of solid financial
WW straight cash Rulnrir
h. lald each Monday by
- toiu Headquarters. Ex.
7 advanced j position yet-
"ures 1 nomas Cooper,
'030 Caxton Building, Chi.
, . (3-19-7t.)
V .. .... Vail'.r mill II. T.. PIlilioH
- . - I A. A I Ml I.. Ur f- M.ilklnU Dlll.P. 1
Saturday, May 2 last day to file
widows' appraisements and accounts
for confirmation at June Court.
Tin hd wkkk in May, District Minis
terial Convention of the United Ev
angelical Church in fieuvertown.
Thursday, May 21. Ascension Day.
Wkdxkkday, May 27, Republican
State Convention at llarrisbuag.
Saturday, May :!0, Memorial Day
for the Decoration of the Soldiers'
Moxday, Juno 1, Regular term of
Court opens.
The following named persons Lave
filed with the Clerk of Quarter Sessions
of the County of Snyder, their apnli
cation for Tavern, Distillers and Whole
sale Licenses, which will be presented
forapjiroval Monday, April 27, J903.
1 W A Mohn,
2 II H Faust,
3 William F Roush
4 J E Spangler,
5 I) F Riugaman,
CPA Troup,
7 W II Kerstetter,
8 M J Fisher,
9 C W Graybill,
10 Daniel Herman,
11 Carbon Seebold,
12 WSKuhn,
13 Arlington C. Fisher,
14 Martin Slear,
15 W W Frynnre,
Penns Creek.
Pen us Creek.
McKees j Falls.
Shamokin Dam.
Shauiokin Dam.
10 Laura Hartmnu, Shamokin Dam.
17 H C Haas, Mt. Tleasant Mills.
18 Francis J Kerstetter, Schnee.
19 Jicob P. Buck, Selinsgrove.
20 Z T Hetrick, Selinsgrove.
21 J B Arbogast, Selinsgrove.
22 Edward Taylor, Selinsgrove.
23 W E Stahlr.ecker, Beaver Springs.
24 Adam Arnold, Port Treverton.
25 V H Schrawder, Port Treverton.
20 Lewis Fisher, Freeburg.
27 Geo. W. Weaver, Freeburg.
28 J R Vanhom, Summit.
29 Joseph L. Marks, Swineford.
30 Isaac Shawver, Port Auu.
31 Joseph L. Marks, Swineford.
32 V M Grimm, Freeburg.
33 A II Wltmer, Selinsgrove.
Geo. M. Siiindel, Clerk (J. S., Mid
dleburg, Pa., Apjil 0, 1903,
were at the County Seat Monday aiter-
uoon between trains.
Rev. J. F. K el ley and wife of Liver
pool spent several days last week visit
ing relatives and friends here.
Robert Ixsher, Sr., of Blue Hill died
last Friday. He was one of the oldest
men it the County.
District Attorney M. I. Potter nt
tended to some business in the Fast
end of the County Friday.
Joe Clelau of Lew istown came down
to our county seat Saturday morning
on business and pleasure.
John Ramer of Riverside passed
through Middlibuig Saturday. He
formeriy resided in Snyder County.
Harry Bibighnus and wife, who
spent several week at Geo. M. Moatz's
left for their home in Philadelphia.
J. WardDiehlof Watsontown, for
merly Editor of the WaUontown
"Blade" was a guest of the Kditcr this
The Editor of the Post left Wednes
day morning fiir New York and Brook
lyn wherj he will spend the entire
Enoch Laudeiislager of Penn town
ship spent Sunday in town to visit
Maria Stahlnecker who ison the sick
Mrs. C. H. Dunkleberger paid a vis
it to Bedford County where her hus
band is employed as storckee)er and
Lillie Dunkleberger and niece, Mary
Sallade, who had been in Schuylkill
County returned to the former's home
to Middleburg.
Mrs. L. E. Paw ling of Selinsgrove
and a Mrs. Pawling of Philadelphia
spent last Friday in town with Mrs. G.
Alfred Schoch.
C. 10. Corkins of Siinbury paid us a
visit Monday. He rejiortshis mother
at Oriental seriously ill and not ex
pected to recover.
Mrs. Jennie Martin, nee Kerstetter,
of Milton has been visiting her father,
David Kerstetter near the dejwt, where
he has rseumed housekeeping.
John II. Wagner, of Dubois, a for
mer employee of this office, wa9 in
town last Thursday on his way homo
from the funeral of his grand father,
Isaac Wagner.
This office is supplied with a tele
phone notwithstanding the fact that
the directory does not show it. Orders
for job work, advertising or news can
be phoned to us.
Hotel, paid a call at this office. Call
Robert Hotl'inaii. representing the
Shamokin Packing Co., was in town
Friday night. He is the son nf J, F.
llotl'man, wtio formerly was in busi
ness in Selinsgrove.
H. H. i'.uist, proprietor of the Cen
tral Hotel, Picavertowu anil oneof the
members Of the Republican Standing
Committee of Beaver twp., was at the
County Scat the latter part of lust
Rev. .Samuel P. Orwig vnd wife of
Watsontown spent several days of the
past week with his brother, lr. J. W.
Orwig and wife. The parson funnel !y
was the pastor of the Lutheran ehnieli
ami lias many liienils here who are
always glad to see' tin in.
John Zei-lmi 111 of 'i'roxelviile spent
Thursday in town.
Rev. J. Shambaeh ol Blooms! 11 rg
dined at the home of Philip Atuig
Samuel Meisi r left for Altoona.
Ilulph Wanner has secured employ
ment near Dry Valley Cross Roads.
Si phares Hiamhach ami son, 1 loraee,
transae'e 1 some business in low 11 l'li-day.
.Mrs. David Spaid is oji the sick
ieo. SchaH'cr is spending some time
with Joe Musser and wife.
Mary I'.owelsox of l'axion ville spent
Fridi.y w itli her brother, Amos liower-
Ed. us ROXe-luc. ..?:it Saturday
with 8. B. Spltler. wme
Mrs. John Libby and Mrs. Foster
Reigle, were to MeiserThursday.
John F. Smith of ICreanier was
noticed on our streets Saturday.
Franklin Milling Co., shipped a car
load of (lour Friday.
A. Kreeger transacted business at
Meiser Friday.
Maggie Shambaeh of Kissimniec was
visiting relatives in town one day last
Eva Wetzel of Sunbury spent Satur
day under the parental roof.
Vergie Bingamau of Centerville is
spending some time w ith her brother,
John Bingamau.
('has. Verger drove to Selinsgrovc
Wesley Martin, wife and child of
Milton are spending some time with
tlie hitter's sister, Mrs. John Hacken-
'Sipiiie Mitchell and John Earnest
of Paxtonville were in town Satur
W. A. Smith and Miss Diliie Hale
lire on the sick list.
Frank Kreamer spent Monday in
Mrs. James O. Herbster of Beaver-
town spent Sunday with Mrs. Foster
L, Smith.
Boyd Kaufl'man, Swart.'s clerk,
spent Sunday at his home near Buyer's
W. P. Winey shipped several ear
loads o' ross ties.
Jesse 1 . Shelly of Kant.s pent sever
al days last week with Samuel Hare
and wife.
C. W. Graybill transacted business
at McClure Monday.
Emanuel S. Bowersox of Lindsey,
O., who has been visiting friends here,
has been sick in bed at the home of
James Sliuman.
William Shambaeh of Kissimmce
was taken to Reading to receive treat
ment for cancer.
B. II. Custer and Son began butcher
ing April first.
Samuel Moyer of Philadelphia Is
visiting Ills son, Waldo.
A Freight Juniper Rilled; Another Hurt.
Mr. James Reieheubach, son of
Thomas Reiehenbaeh of Chapman
1'ownship and John Sthal, son of
Stahlofnear Verdilla, Union Town
ship, employees on the C ravel Train,
on the Xortheru Central It. R., with
head (plarters at Miilersbiirg, came to
Georgetown on Thursday evening and
after spending the eveiiint; eoneluded
to jump a freigh (train to get homeaiid
did so. I'poii arriving at Miilersbiirg,
they jumped oil" the tiaiu right in front
of Itull'alo tlyer. Reiehenbaeh had his
head and an arm cut oil' and died In
stantly. He was buried Sunday at
Stahl was severely bun about the
head and was taken to the Packer
Hospital at Sunbury. It is hoped and
believed he will will recover.
A Special Train l'uc Workmen.
Dan. I "o well, of l.cwistowu, was
here last week to secure workmen for
the stee! works at P.uriihain,' mid if a
stllllcielit number can he secured be
tween Lewistow n and Reavertown the
raiiroaii eoiiipanv will pal 011 an extra
train to take the mi 11 to work 111 the
morning and bring them home in the
evening, l'his would In- an advantagi
10 laiioruig men, as living expenses,
rents, etc., are much, cheaper in tin
smaller towiw along tiie railroad than
In the section clus to the Works. Tin
small towns would aUo he considerably
helielileil as more tenant houses would
be n iUiiei ami t'ai iie'i's could market
tlnir produce more r.adily. I'.iavel
.-springs "1 iciald."
v 'i ii' n in.
M. .il. Austin of Windiest' t, Inil.
Knew w hat to ,J,i m t h! hour of
need. His wife had ell all u 11 11 sal
case of Htomache and liver ir.iuble,
physicians could not help her. He
thoiiL'ht of and tried Dr. Hint's New
Life 1'illrt and Slir. got n lief at once
and win finally cure 1. Only 2.V, ill
Middkdinrir )n ;0 ( (;r.ivbill
Carman' Richfield, Dr. J. W. Suiud
sell PcuusOreok.
I. ....
Owing to the midden death of the
groom's father, which prevented his
relatives from attending the wedding
of Samuel Met.garof Altoona to Miss
Ida Beaver of this place, about six
weeks ago, a wedding party dined at
the home of Gabriel Beaver Saturday.
Those present from a distance were:
Siiuiuel Metgar and wife, William
Metgar and wife, Harry Metzgar, wife
and son, James, C. Loieinan and wife,
Miss Bessie Metzgar and Mrs. Wat
son of Pit.sburg.
- .
Driving Out The Fnemy
Tlies'j are the iluvs of cold, sharp
and Hidden, att;ictinr throat and
1 11 .
iuiujs, auu leauino; to coiisiiueii'es
one docs not like (o think, about.
Avoid futlicr exposior and lirht tlic
encniy ol health and comfort with
Kerry Davis' Painkiller the family
stand by lor sixty yea's. It con
ijucrs a cold in a day. S'c that
you uet the ri'dit article There is
hut one 1'; inkillc r, IVrry P.ivi.s'
Arbor di:v last week was Letter
observed than usual; many planted
apple, pear, ilum, pcac'n and shade
trees', and all feel Letter for it.
The Susiiielianna coal breaker
has been idle lor the last si xty days,
and the future is cloudy, but we
may have cheaper coal for the home
I I ... U. I 1 1 . ,
.10,111 oiani, who met with an
tcoident at Millersbiirir last week.
is duiuir well but liis ceai)e was a
Flic poisinin ' ,.f the lloaclie
family as reported by the I'osr last
week lias created ijiiitc a stir, but
wliat? the Ivlitoi had to take it.
Kcv. Keller is (Miivaleseeiit but
lis wife is suflciiiej; from 1 1 it result
ot trrip.
Maria W. Dmitloiv has over one
liun lrcd little peeps and does not
believe in nitilical incubators but
is ijuite clit'iiisia die over her bull
Our merchant's driving horse
died and now he thinks ot' going
to Philadelphia t , ,.,.( ,,:ie to take
his place.
.!i Ki'i-stetter.s j i -1 1 all jret
at nilil which 'li.ius coii-
cluslvely dial lish su better at
nig'd than in day time.
'Siiire Seclirist is shipping eejirs
by the him 'red to patties ,1(.a1. !md
far lor hatching.
( )ur merchant shipped Rill) doz.
Ivisier eggs to Northumberland Co.
and pays two cents more than
market price, but he sacs bu-iucss
is business.
Kcv. '. 'I'. SearV will preach
011 V. islcr Sunday at itmcr's,
I louver's and Aline I'. . elm relics
and as lie is the foremost pulpit
oratcr of our county all should
conn.' and hear him .
A. E. Wittner is sidling his
potatoes ut Sunbury.
(-- Hetiy Witiner - look Lh: l.V
loads of jiotatoes to IlWudon for
our fa rnicrc.
Dr. Krcbs makes many iirofcs-
ioiial calls.
J. D. lliegle bought a valuable
mule team.
Next Sunday is Master; color
sonic eggs for the children.
Last week flitting were numer
Democratic Mctting.
A small portion of the Democratic
Standing Committee met in Middle
burg at the Ceutral Hotel Saturday
and re-elected J. G. Lesher Chairman,
J. E. Hummel was elected delegate to
the State Convention.
The date selected for the primary
election was Sept. 5 and the Convert
tloa Beit. 7th.
All Vl.TO Ulllll.'ll.
Won) comes from Wake, Ark.
that R. Jno. J. J;. had a strange
malady ncccinpained by yellow
jaundice For 12 .wars, physicians
wcio bullied iiiid though everything
Known to the wim used.
the trouble lemaiiied. One day he
btgau to use Electric Bitters and in
n week, 11 change for the better
came and, at length he was entirely
cured. It's tho most reliable medi
cine for Liver mid Kidney trouble.
Only 50ij and guaranteed by Jliddlo-hm-r.
iw,,r. (, ri.,.i,;n .v. n .......
Ri hfit'ld, Dr. J. NV. Sampsell Penns
A Live Wild Swan Captured
(1. W. Portzline and Kohler Moyer
of Meiserville last Thursday captured a
wild swan that was traveling with a
Mock of wild geese. The swan could
not keep up with the geese. The prize
was captured alive in the Mahoutongo
creek at Abraham Portzline's. It is as
white as snow, has black feet and a
very large black bill.
Make A t'lenu Nweep
There's nothing like doiog a thing
thorougiuy. ui an tno halves you
ever heard of, Uucklen 8 Arnica
Salve 19 the best. It sweeps away
and cures Burns, Sores Bruises.
Cuts. Boils. Ulcers. Skin KruDtions
and Piles. It's only 25c, and guar
anteed to give satiaiaction by,
a wa v
Letter to J. I Stctler.
MhhUi-burij, I'n,
Dear Sir: The cost of lalmr is
painting a house is three times the
cost of the paint. You si cm to
save a little when you buy a lower
priced paint, but you certainly add
to the cost of labor when you pay
for siivading more gallons,
You don't evcy save on the
paint. Devuc Lead and Zinc costs
a little more than nixed paints, but
it takes fnwcr gallons, and the cost
is actually less.
Wears longer too longer than
mixed paints, longer than lead and
You don't save a cent.
Mr. C. Loch, a painter in Magno
lia, Miss., writes:
After years of experiments w ith
mixed paints, I find that your paint
covers more surface to the gallon
than any 1 have mr used. For
density and wearing nualiiics it
cannot be excelled.
Compared with lead and oil: A
house belonging to the late Pres
ident of the C'roton lliver Hank, at
Hrewstcrs, N. Y., (cost 0 1,000)
was painted with lead and oil in '8 i
at the cost of $ U 0. In '87 throe
years it was repainted with Dcvou
at a cost of $:0. 1 11 '!7 the
was still all right.
llcsults; load and costs $400,
wears throe years; Dovoo costs
350, wears ton years.
Yours truly,
F. W. Dcvoe & Co.,
New York.
SaSn"! 1f's-1':1' Suiith of SuuW
sell Penns Creek. sells our pamt