The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, March 26, 1903, Image 6

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The workman wrought f.T hlnuelf alon
Knil haxfl Ms fancy In marhle tone;
Stranpt'ly h. n t V.'.s r-xl anJ whim. ;
I"reclous niii r rr. ... i' iwd. to him:
Put th maMvr rjw i; an.1 turned away
tttttrrly tmllir.K. n.- v.ii.i t-hir ilJ ay:
Here nay 1 ::: - 'V '" lut.
But only a Renin ni l mui it out."
Xhe workman .: -;ht with a m.Mi-f
X noblrr In:. ! of v.oii.lrnr Krare,
Bubtlv lovilv in llnili an. I iln.'.
plest with til.- ti'ii.'h ..f Ihr Rift iltvinr:
Hut the Rtiittx s"lylH!. us lie hM hit
'To US 'tis Uivni to lia.l.'rslalnl;
Hut what Is h- re tlf throns In-low
Our little Lr-.tlnrs wli.i Co not knowV
The workman summon, il his wit ami will.
An.l mmle a lluure wiih plrasinK skill.
Set It up where the world mli-'ht k'aze.
An.l rev.l.. I le.p t;i the 1 pie's praise:
Hut the master frowned as he said: "My
Worse than this may I ever be
You mocked the K'.ft of the Reds on
For the base il. lislit of the vulfiar rye!"
The workman toiled in norrow nn1 shame,
l'oruot himself and his hope and fame,
WorkiiiK for nothinu I ut work iilone.
And the thinK he fashioned was searee liV
But the people w.'ndeied and wept and
Youth and elder, woman and child:
And the master said: 'Vou have done
your part.
The simple truth Is the itoal of art."
Francis lanu. In Youth's Companion.
A Romance of the
Agony Column.
By Marion Morris.
ITIIKi: f 1 lifin-- Mint is 1" si-.y,
illirr Dick llercsfiinl tmr Olivn
Jiiifscll- iuile iiiiili-rstoocl luw tin
ilisnfrrei incut illicit led Id tin
brrakinir nil nf the I'liuafjeinilit 1 1 : i 1
conic :i I ii ii t , lint tlien it so f reiiient ly
lia'iiiis that J pie win" lire fond of
rarh oilier iii;iitcI :i 1 n t ii.tliiti',r nt
nil. ami wninler lmw thrv cmilil linw
lirliaw-il so l'.iiili-lilv Anvliow. the
inisuinlcT-tiiinliii? li:i'l nrisi'ii. ::ii ! a
I'ertain tr 11 rinir. piircliasi-tl I Dick
only week;, had liooii
relllflf il to llilll li.V VC'istel'ed e t,
with a c. Id lit lie letler that well lifjli
dime him In the v-rv of despair.
Another man in tin- ein-iiinslaiiees
Would hae rcfilsrd to arri-pt his
Collide UN. I woiihl haw one siraiiiin
to hi- sweet lionrl's house i ml de
manded a reconciliation on tie spot.
Bill Dick r.eresford was not as other
moii. Pride was his predominant
fault, even as it was the fault i.f the
pirl lie hned, nnd pride rose up in
liiH path and liarred nil return, unless
Olivi made tin lirvt overtures in t In
direction nf reunion. Thus did it
come about Unit two people were
made, intensely miserable, nnd doulit
jess; ,,oiiltl have iryiuliit-u do uuu
the intervention of tin extraordinary
ineiilent which the lines that follow
will endeavor to describe.
One evcninij, some six months afl' t
the canceling of the . enfrair" '
Olive at with her teacup in her Ii.-. : i,
looking intensely woebegone, liet
mother, who wtis the only other oe
cupaut of the tea table, regarded ho
With anxious cxpivs-du.
"Viiii look lniseiii- !.-. ! :ir," she
aiil. snftlv.
"I am miserable," replied the girl.
There was a short pause, and then
Mrs. liasselt observed:
"I'.ver since you sent young Uorcs
ford aw;iy you have been anything
but yourself."
Olive laughed bitterly.
"I wish I were anybody but my
self," she made answer, putting down
licr cup with an abrupt gesture, "and,
better still. 1 wish 1 were dead."
'Mother, it is the truth. I've noth
ing left to live for. and the days seem
to me like weeks."
"It is your own fault. Vou dis
missed pour young l'.eresford in a
moment of temper and now you are
Borry fi r it."
"Sorry or not, it was as much Ids
doing a mine, lie hail no right
positively no right to use the words
lie did."
"I think you were both in the
wrong, and if yon were sensible you
would write liim a nice little note
suggesting a reconciliation."
"I Mould Kooncr be burned alive
The girl's checks flamed, and she
stamped the tloor with her small feet
no passionately that Mrs. 1 '.asset t
looked up in alarm,
"I line Dick now as I have always
loved hi:n." she said presently, "but
do you tiiinlc I could ever humiliate
myself to do what you advise? It's
ont of the tiiestion."
"Suppose lie came hack to you of
his own accord, lunv then'.'"
Olive shook her head decisively.
"Vou don't know him as I do,
mother mine," she replied quickly,
"lie n-.Y to say that we were a well
mate';.. I pair, for both of us were as
proud i.s l.ucifcr. And so wo are.
Kach '. rs wants the other to speak
first, and so we're at a sort of dead
lock f.r i vcr and ever."
"In i . young days," returned Mrs.
l!asse;t. "men were different. If a
man 1( ! ti woman he put his pride
in his p..ckct and did not pause to
consider vho should be the first to
npologln for a fancied grievance.
Dnt that was 30 years ago," she
udded, with a smile, "and times have
Olive nude no comment on this re
flection. ,-fiu was thinking of the
happy d-.ya which she had enjoyed
with. D':. k of the long, delightful
evening- at the theater, of the pleas
ant S'liol iy afternoons, of the myriad
joyo i '.ours that go to make up the
courtship of a man nnd a maid, and
for n moment her ryes grew soft
frith happiness. But aoon the dull
reality forced its way back Into het
brain, and aha sighed heavily.
That same afternoon Dick Beres
ford was lounging In the Bniokeroom
of his club, feeling intensely de
pressed. Already he had had re--ourse
to several drinks to revive his
Jrooping spirits, but these adjuncts
to gaycty did not produce the de
sired effect.
"The stuff they sell at this cluo
grows worse and worse," he remarked
livagely to his chum, .lack Alling
linni. who sat in the adjoining orm
rhnir. "I shall really have to say
fnmcthing about it in the suggestion
"Seems nil right to me," replied
Allinghain in a cheery tone. "There's
something troubling yon, Dick, apart
from the whisky, tome, out with it,
and let's sec if 1 can help you."
l'.eresford was in that melancholy
j condition when a luau seeks sym
pathy from the nearest available
source, and, encouraged by young
Allinghain's friendly manner, he de
cided to relate to that gentleman the
Incident in connection with Olive, lie
therefore proceeded to do so nftcr
some little hesitation, whilst the
other man listened with ti half
nnmseil expression.
"Well," said licresford at length,
when the recital was concluded.
"what do you think nf the business'.'
"1 think vou're n fool."
'Thanks for your candor, but your
remark, whilst niliuil'nhl V forcible, IS
hardly helpful. 1 want your udvici
not your objurgations."
"Advice: Croat Scott, what's the
use of asking for advice? Isn't the
solution of the difficulty as plain as
the head waiter's hint for a tip when
he's giicn you an extra bad day's
dinner'.' Write 1o the girl at once
or. better still, see her at once, and
make it up.' iis the kids say."
"Allingham, I can't do it."
"Vou won't, you mean."
"Can't or won't, it's nil the same.
When I was a boy I was thrashed for
ten days running because I refused to
admit that I was in the wrong, and
I belieie that the same old pride, or
wh-tou-r it is, sticks in tin- still."
';'' ". the sooner you get it out of
yn the better, for that kind of pride
causes i:,ore bother than half tin
other that liesli is heir to. Any
how, I'm- given my opinion, and yoit
j iMii-t take it or h ave it, as our pawn
j broking friends say."
"I'm afraid." replied l'.cret ford,
I slowly, "that I shall have to leave it."
The other man Took up a newspa
: per and said no more, whilst Dick
j !eresf..rd followed his example.
Languidly raising a copy of the Iilado
from the .of, whither it had fallen
;y hands of n fellow
erased the columns of
with anything but nb-
.1 -t.
I listlessly from page
presently he lighted
. tion of the newsimner
(lie "Agony Column."
his gaze became glued to
d page, his heart beat like
from tin
mend" r. I
that ioiii" i:.
liis e
to page
iron th:
known i.
IV- -nth'
f print
: Menni hammer, and he leaped from
ids chair with a low cry of delight.
"Ilal'ii!" exclaimed Allinghain,
looking up sharply. "What's the mat
ter.'" I'.ut Dick hardly heard the words,
and had he heard them he would not
have waited to answer his chum's
question. Kaeing in the direction of
the hat room he Hung himself into his
overcoat, and then rushed down the
club slops at breakneck speed.
A hansom crawling westward
swayed towards him. Dick jumped
in and shouted to the driver to drive
"like Jupiter" to the address he gave
All the way Dick was hugging the
club copy of the l!kide to his hcjirt,
and was murmuring to himself in a
delirium of neu-born happiness.
"The dear, sweet little girl," he
muttered, "how good, how kind of
her to make the first overtures,
whilst I, like a stiff-necked ass, have
been hanging iu the wind, too infer
nally proud to say a single word of
With these nnd similar reflections,
the voiing man consumed the tedium
of the long drive, and when nt length
the cab drew up ut Olive's door he
leaped out with alacrity nnd Hung
the man half u sovereign.
"I expect 'e's backed u winner to
day," thought the latter as he drove
The maid servant who opened the
door iu answer to Dick's summons
on the bell was a new arrival nnd did
not know him. When, therefore, she
impaired his name in order that she
might convey it to her young mis
tress, he said abruptly:
"Tell her simply that cr there is
a gentleman who wishes to see her at
This would give Olive a surprise, he
retlected, and would be a more in
teresting method of return than the
formal announcement of his name.
With swiftly beating heart lie waited
in the spacious hall whilst the maid
departed, but he had not long to wait,
for, after a moments' interval she
tripped back and said politely:
"Miss llassett will see you if you
will step into the library, sir."
licresford followed the servant, to
wards the room in question, and 1tio
girl, having thrown open the door
and said simply: "Here Is the gen
tleman, Miss," retired to the banc
ment. Olive, wondering whom her
unknown visitor might be, advanced
towards him, nnd then fell back n
step or two.
"Dick Mr. licresford:" she
"My own darling!" he cried, ns lie
took her in his arms and covered her
soft cheek with kisses. "What joy
it is to be with you again. Forgive
me for all my folly."
Olive could hardly speak for Joy.
That Dick should have coma back
9 Ms Mf Kisa je brf abandoned
all hope of seeing him again semed
to the girl wonderful, and a long
pause ensued before she could trust
herself to frame the first words.
"It wns 1 who was guilty of folly,
not you, she murmured, stroking
his check gently; "it was I, all the
lint Dick would not hear of this.
He vowed thnt he was the original
sinner, and that whatever blame
there was in connection with the
disagreement should rest upon his
shoulders. I litis did the two foolish
mortals wrangle in loving accents.
and it was not until the affair had
been compromised by each allowing
the other to admit that perhaps there
was a tiny measure of fault on both
sides that Olive asked shyly:
"Dick, dear, I 1 want to ak you
a question.
"tin on, my own pot."
"What was it that made you re
solve to to come to see to-night?"
A puzzled expression swept over
his features.
"I could not very well have done
anything else," he made answer,
"seeing that you hinted that if 1 came
back everything would be nil right
It was now Olive's turn to look
"Hinted? I don't understand," she
murmured. "What hint did I give,
Dick dear?"
He smiled and placed his hands on
her shoulder.
"Why, you little goose," he cried,
"surely you haven't forgotten your
sweet advertisement in the 'agony
"In the 'ag my column?' "
She echoed the words with pained
surprise, and it was obvious that he
was speaking to her in the language
of enigmas.
"Ves; I came across it whilst glanc
ing at the I'.lade at my club this aft
ernoon, and you may be sure I lost
no time in coming after that. See,
here it is."
He pulled forth from his breast
pocket the copy of the newspaper
and pointed 1o mi advertisement
which ran thus:
Dick l'orgivc and forget. Perhaps
T was wrong. Who knows? Put let
bygones be bygones ami come soon to
your sorrowing Olive.
A mighty Hush came into the girl's
cheek as she read the words
"Dick." she breathed, "J-
inserted that announcement, i'ntil
this moment I had never set my eyes
on it, and I cannot for the life of me
understand how it got into the pa
per." "P.nt I can," he replied with flash
ing eves, as he threw his arm around
her slender waist ami pressed her
more closely to himself "I can"
"Ves. The affair is simply the re
sult of a eoineidonoe of mimes n
blessed and glorious coincidence.
Ooioc tiUtrp oimplrt, nnmed respective
ly Olive and Dick, have quarreled,
just as we quarreled, nnd the Olive of
the advertisement, like a good sensi
ble girl, was the first to say 'come
back.' "
Olive nodded sagely.
"Ves," she acquiesced, "yes.
is the explanation." Chicago
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tcke Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Mimon feme sold In Mst 12 months. This siematnrfk nV. StTjCfy
In TwoD
ini. &;j
VThen the urgent cull wns received at
the doctor's oflice he was out attend
ing another patient, and consequently
did not reach the house until twohours
ufterwnrd. As he entered he met the
undertaker coming out. "Ah!" he ex
claimed, with a look nf deep chugriu.
"This Is bad. I am, then.too late."
"Don't blame yourself," said the un
dertaker, composedly. "It is not your
fault. Vou were not here." N. Y. ller
ul Only One of the Kind.
"Those Kuropcau kings seem to have
a lot of trouble with their minister."
"They're constantly makiiigchangetf
in their cabinets."
"Why naturally?"
"llccause if all the ministers should
be in harmony tome day they'd discov
er that they didn't need u king at all."
DiuoLiyn Kngle.
Clarence What's the matter, old
chap? Vou look nil cut tip.
Kcginuld My sibtcr is going to mar
ry a duke.
Clarence That's nothing to feel
clow nlkcarted over jou ought to be
Reginald Yes; but 1 can't afford to
be proud. It's going to cost the old
man such a lot nf money ihat I'll have
to go lo w ork. ,1 uilgc.
Ilia Only Kxcunp.
"Your honor," testily cried counsel
f"i' the plaintiff, "I protest this case
tdiouhl go on; the defense has secured
many postponements, and it's learned
counsel is micr ready because he is
afraid "
I 'Tie got a good ext use," interrupted
the "learned" counsel for the defense.
I "I deny it. 'Ignorance of the law ex- no one' " Philadelphia Dress.
The Popular Tbinv to $ny.
The sermon was exceptionally long,
and the minister had just reached tne
I never ! t f vc n t h division of his subject.
.uu now, mar brethren, he ex
llaimed, "what shall 1 say more?"
"Amen," suggested the thoughtless
man who had juet waked up. Chicago
If jou are in mtd of Furniture, Carpets,
Matliiis, Knos, Oilcloth, LinoleuniJ'Ltee
C'liititiiiss, YVinuVw Similes, Pictures, and
ii:.., i' ii it-
i ii. ii re j-rallies, give us a call. Me
suit vou in
Style and in
Our stock is new and up-to-date. It is
no trouble to show goods and quote prices.
REPAIRING neatly and prompt I j' done.
Lewistown Furniture Co,,
No, 1214 Valley St. Felix Block
Grent Core.
The Doctor Ves; 1 understand what
ails you. You can't tdeep. Take this
prescription to the druggist. (Next
day) liood morning; you hk bitter
to-day. Have you slept well?
Petersen Like a top. 1 feel like a
new man.
Doctor How many sleeping pow
ders did you take?
retcrs.n (surprised) I didn't take
ny. 1 gave a couple of them to the
tia'by. Dagblailit.
An OpIimUt.
"Do vou think that the world is very
"I assuredly do not," answered Miss
Cayenne. "No on is burprised at any i Standard.
one's beinggood. It is the normal state
of affairs. It is only when people do
wrong that any astonishment iu pro-
Xcsacd." Washington StftrV
No In a Snniiilll.
"Shut that door:" bellowed theirate
! merchant. "Where were you brought
up. sir in a sawmill?"
"Well, I'm not sure as to that," re
I plied the young drummer in honeyed
accents, pressing both hands to his
ears, "but of one thing I can assure you,
j feir, and that is that 1 was not brought
up in a boiler factory.' fcyrneuse
in a
He Had.
"Have you ever written anything,"
said his cynical friend, "to make the
world happier or better?"
"Kather," cjuoth the insurance agent
who sometimes dabbled in verse. "I
have written $4l)l),(mo worth of life in
surance within the last year." Chi
cago Tribune.
Oprra Kiifht In Kilen,
Eve had just arrayed herself
I pirdje p f t n i yj'' ' t ' '
Uh, Adam, she (filed ecsiw ..Jv
"Isn't this just lovely?"
"Ijcautiful!" assented her spouse,
with a sardonic grin. "I suppose you
are attired for' the opera?"
Hastily linking his arm in hers, he
led the way ton grove where the ptero
dactyls were singing. X. Y. Times.
I She I make it a point never to be
. lieve more than half I hear.
J He Hut the trouble is you women
, generally believe the wrong half.
Tempo. Fnlt. yllere fce TroubIo tom ,
An up town woman r ntly went llej hope J oU didu., hvVivye wliat
with some friends to Cape May '.V tl.v jj bout me.
water, and became interested in the
picturesque attire of the weather
beaten features of an old chap In
sailor togs who boarded the boat at
i nest el . lie spoKe to nooooy, oui sat ii.,,,,.,... , ;
in his chair and gazed afar until the! !
landing was in sight, when he nrose, Incle Itenlirn Sni
hiihIh a voracious inroad on the huge "1 kin sot down an' gib my feller man
plug of "navy" he had been using on advice by de hour an' feel as compla
the trip, took from the folds of his j cent ns an old hen about it, bin de niinit
blouse a huge telescope, nnd proceed
ed to sweep the horizon. Then he
turned, doffed his cap, and courteous
ly passed tin glasn to the ladies.
When they returned it, one of them
"That is an excellent telescope, sir."
'.'Yes, miss it be that," he replied.
"That there 'scope was given to mo
by Lord Nelson."
"Nelson?" repeated one
my feller man begins to ndvb e me I git
nil upsot ober it an' wonder what de
idiot am tnlkin' 'bout. Detroit Free
of the
ladies. "Why, he's been dead nearly a
hundred years!"
"Well I'm blowedl" exclaimed the
'sad old tar. " 'Oiv the time do fly!"
Philadelphia Times.
TralliiK the Sermon.
The minister of a parish In a part
of New Kngland where doctrinal
points are considered of great impor
tance says that his test of a satis
factory sermon is the opposite of
that which is commonly applied.
"My clerical friends in the city fell
me that so long ns their congrega
tions appear wide-awake and inter
ested they feel encouraged," he said
to a visitor, "but with me it's differ
ent. "Of course I wish to interest the
congregation, but if I look over to
lleaeoa Drew's pew, nnd then to
Deacon Snow's, nnd see them with
their eyes closed and heads nodding,
I feel thnt all is well. Just as surely
as I discover them wide-nwnke nnd
alert after I've been preaching for
ten minutes, I know that there's
something wrong, to their minds, nnd
that I shall hear what it is as soon
as the service is over." Youth's Companion.
Her Mother Friend.
A fond mother impressed upon her
Infant daughter that when she wns
naughty it was Satan who made her
so. On a subsequent occasion there
was an extra disturbance in the
nursery, with much stamping of tiny
feet and derangement of the furni
ture. "Elsie," cried her mother, en
tering the room, "what docs this
mean?" And a small voice replied,
"Oh, I s'pose it's your old friend
Eftten again!" London Globe.
Rot Coin to Be SllgMad.
"Ah, what a clever man your hus
band is," said Mrs. Oldcastle. "It was
very lovely of him to tell me that I
wjis not growing old, but merely
gradually undergoing the transfor
mation that is necessary to make an
flngel of a beautiful women. Still,
I gave hint a Itoland for his Oliver."
"Did JosiaJi give you an Oliver?"
her hostess exclaimed. "I'll make
him give me one the minute he conies
home from the ofliee. I wonder if
he got it from one of them friends
of his that was here yesterday from
Denver?" Chicago Ilccord-Herajd.
Two Mmilnim.
When first I kissed sweet Mnrpuerltn,
When tirst I kissed sweet Marguerite,
8he blusheA ro?e red,
An.l sternly (.aid:
"Vou mustn't:! Stop!!!"
Last iiIbIu I klfft'if twtct MarKuerlt,
Last nlKlit I klsscil pM tet .Mursuerlte,
She blushed rope red,
' Hut sweetly mill:
"You mustn't ttop."
L'tlca observer.
' Johnson Will
Johnstein Xoj
N. Y. Sun.
you have another
I'll take the same.
The Wirlulit of Evidence.
First Monkey l'rof. ISnbooii deliv
ered quite nn interesting discourse
on the question: "Do the human
animals think?"
Second Monkey What is the pro
fessor's opinion?
First Monkey Well, he doesn't
know, exactly. He says they cer
tainly do a good many things which
indicate that they don't. l'uck.
Following Order.
Mrs. Hiram Offen Here, llridget, see
how dusty it is under the bed.
Bridget Yes'm.
Mrs. Hiram Offen Haven't I im
pressed upon you that you must sweep
under the beds?
Itridget Av course, ma'am, nn' how
could the dust get there if I hadn't
swept it under? 1'hiladelphia 1'rcs.s.
Klne Times Out of Ten.
Archie Uncle Archibald, what ii a
Uncle Archilwld A reformer,
Archie, is a man who thinks he cau
cover up his own shortcomings by
loudly calling attention -to the faults
of other people. Ilrookly n Life.
The day It lire nits though It never falls
The renson I'm jure 1 can't fee;
The nlKht it falls but It does not break
U'b very perplexing to me!
St. Nicholas.
Venerable Aunt (who is nbout to de
part) Oh, I do hope I won't miss the
Little Johnny You won't, auntie;
papa set the clock half an hour ahead.
Fliegende Blaetter.
A Change of Textore.
"Her cheek wa velvet." thus declared
His tweet love-note; but when, In court,
These note were read aloud, he thought
Her cheek was of a different sort.
Town Toplot.
Special Coat Sax
At il.,. M-;V .STOIIK
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i, tension 1aiU-. Hiiliy Unlirt
2) and Uo-curts. I
4- Jlillliiibiirf
J. J.4 J.S J. j j. ; J. :l.$rl
Schroyer k 5my
Jtepresent onl r rut-class
panies Libtini: Clause aud
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or otherwise.
In Schroyer'8 Building,
Snyder County.