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hav a jod ioi 01 now
heads on hand They must go
quick.' The price win do it. '
Samples and prices for the ask
tog( We furnish them printed
for less than you can .buy them
without printing.
... . . -.
We bought a large con-
Jsignment of envHo- - i m
... ..'...inner..
i Having boO. iITany J
we secured a rock bottom
figure. Send for samples J
5 and prices
V. Wagtnaeller, FdiUr ai4 Proprietor.
A Faintly Journal, Derated U Revs, Scleact, Art, Political Ecaaaay aid Correal Literature.
Rate: One Dollar Per Annum, la Advance
roL. xxxix
repass notices for sale at this office.
Ltleoient on back page.
Ldsy. Oct. 19, Communion in lie-
f0niHd cburcu, tieaverwwu.
nnr winter millinery opening oo-
Loct 21st to 25th.
Wasted Veal calves, also hides,
Jllow ami wool. J. L. Wlnemarf, N.
Jd streeii ia'wibuuijj. '
)The members of the Lutheran church
Vu celetrate the Lord's Supper Bun-
Vr morning, Oct Ath.
k. T. Dundore, of Dundore, dropped
to place an advertisement or bis
lre goods in the Post. Bead It
lDe Dcmagrawdish pardy sawgt:
Fnist uobody, but trust us." .Sell Is
Ude welf g'sawt ben tsu da shote.
ITbe Republican Standing Committee
in Middleburg Saturday. Tiny
ted a set of resolutions and decid
to hold a number of mass rueetiugs
tbe county during the campaign.
Millinery novelties Have you seen
They are dreams, every body
talking about them.
flie engagement of Miss Susie May
Ine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benj.
jhneeltine, of Beavertown, to Mr.
tnklin Welser, of New York City,
nianuel Wetel, of Mt. Pleasant
lis, brought a half dozen large chest-
Is to this office Tuesday. The larg-
ineasured 4 inches In circumference.
ho can beat it?
t. 0. Stroup's cider mill will run
esday, Weduesdny and Thursday of
li week. The press is in good ruu-
( order and every thing is in ex
tutsbape --".' tf
lv.ii An i p a .i... v:..
iau uu a. kjwictb in u in new nun v
and hair cutting parlor for your
cleaned with a refreshing sharu-
aud a clean towel to each patron
the north side of Market square op-
Ceutral Hotel. Satisfaction guar-
de Demagrawdn sich duch now
grlselhoftich doomla far der Pattl-
oveneer inuueha. Se sawga was
Iwet sich, b'drit sich." Awer sel-
holt net ous olla mohl. We ieh
mdndawd wore for Congress hove
ersht mohl tswae votes grecked
lmey un em Hilly Blxler siney. Es
uiohl hove Ich widdor tswae
awer i- drit mohl is mer der Bil-
ulla wurra un Ich hob, by chucks
amy grecked. Sell hut my pop-
oteg're.luccd fooftzieh per cent,,
gates mil em Pattison.
ator Pciiidsf and Secretary An-
are on hand nt the Republican
iicaiiiarteis in Philadelphia
to receive visitors, nnd are in
piiunication with Senator Ounv bv
traph and telephone. In the mean-
the .Senator is looklnc after the"
I'lon in weslerti Pennsylvania.
i'ennypacker is well pleased nt
access which has attended his
i' through western Pennsvlva-
He is luring forward eagerly to
"its to other counties, when It Is
ted even crenter demnntr itlnn
'orktheimthof the Republican
Marriage Llcennea.
G. K.lnil.ii-u
"iue M. Jairett Hummels Wharf
Opcnine of New Store.
POct.(ithtolUh. tw ni i
"d Owning of flue Mimuery
and Xnveitu. ..t
''f Htore, New Herlln, Pa. Mrs.
"'"iiosjUKt returned from New
, 1111 a ''' Mock, nud for a
"icy have bet ii busv
V great rtlplay.
For Sale.
lrnct of nearlv S onru nt ..a
. -..w gmiu 1UUU
I. l",'blk' through Hies
t7 lM .w't Perry township,
i vi o'ljuiKing lauds of Aaron
P1"! and ,,th.., m...u
iimuer ou
' 'particulars, address,
'ks. ivmm.vJ.Maiitin, "
T l.l m
v i, Jwourg, ra.
Bower. Attv
j t
Mlddleburg, Pa. i
pu, ""k""i u pay. rnoe
S. S. K. L. C. E. and W. M. S. Con.
The eighth annual session of the
Uulted Evangelical Sunday School,
Keystone League of Christian Endeav-
lor and Woman's Missionary Society
Convention of Snyder county met in
convention In the United Evangelical
church at Kratzervllle on Sept. 30th
and Oct, 1st.'
The first session was hold Tuesday
evening, Sept 30th. Allen S. Sechrist
of Dundore, president of the organiza
tion, presided. The devotional exer
cises were conducted by Rev. J. Sham
bach and a good whole-souled welcome
address was delivered by Miss Lottie
Lepley, followed with a response by
N. J. Dubs.
The following ministers were pres
ent: J. Shambach, Mlddleburg; A. D.
Qramley, Beavertown; J. Lawver,
Snook; N. J. Dubs, Peunscreek.
Rev. C II. Goodliug from Lewis
town, kindly added his help and coun
sel to the convention.
The following topics were discussed:
Thv S. S. work and its nwds by Prof.
F. C. Iiowcrsox. In the absence of
Rev. H. T. Searle from Port Trever
ton, C. H. Goodliug was appointed to
open the topic "The Sacrodness of the
Pledge." Mrs. J. Shambach had a
well prepared paper on The Local Ben
efit of the W. M. 8. which was read by
Rev. J. Shambach in the absence of
Mrs. Shambach owing to aflliction.
Rev. J. Lawver gave a spicy talk on
the Duty of Parents Respecting the
Attendance of the Children at the S.
8. How to interest young men in S.
S. and church was very ably handled
by Rey. C. H. Goodling. What means
should be applied to the K. L. C. K. to
rid it of Its formality by N. J. Dubs.
In the absence of A. It. Young, Rev.
A. D. Graniley opened the subject,
How is the K. L. C. E. Beneficial to
the Church. Importance of Bible
Study by Dr. T. Herman. Rev. J.
Shambach read a paper of straight-forward
facts on Our, Duty Toward Our
Foreign Missionaries. An interesting
children's service was held at the last
evening's session. Addresses were
delivered by Revs. C. II. Goodling, J.
Lawver and A. D. Qramley, inter
spersed with solos by the young ladles,
The consecration service led by J,
Lawver was a sessiou of precious wait
ing before the Lord.
McClure was selected as the next
place of meeting next year.
The following delegates from the
Middleburg, MeClure, Port Trevcrton,
and Ceuterville charges were present:
Mamie Howell, Rhetta Hughes and
Henry Kaley, McClure; Prof. F. C,
Bowersox, Middleburg; Mrs. 8. A.
Bowersox, Mrs. Harvey Mitchell, Pnx
tonville; Geo. Lawver, Mrs. W. B
Hough, Mrs. W. C. Erb, and Master
Jacob H. Erb, representing the "cradle
roll," Lawyers Appt.j Mrs. J. S. Bow
en, Mrs. Sophia Fertig, Shriner; Sadie
Ram bo, Cora Reichcubnch, Dundore;
W. H. Hartman, Mrs. W. H. Hartr
man, Mrs. Nettie Sampsell, Muble Bo
HgaudMrs. N. J. Dubs, Ccntreville;
Gertrude Good and Wilson Good,
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: Pres., Prof. F.
C. Bowersox; V. Pres., J. Lawyer;
Secy., Alien 8. Sechrist; Treas., W. II.
Hurtmuu. N. J. Dins, Secy.
H. H. Schaffcr.
Henry H. Schafler of Kissiiuniee,
one of the oldest residents of Franklin
township was buried Sunday. He had
been In feeble health for some time and
was scarcely able to move about. He
was born Nov. 6, li" and was married
Nov. 3, IMO to Mary, daughter of
Samuel Bowersox. This union was
blessed witli 13 children, G sons and 7
daughters; lour of which preceded him
to the spirit world. Two of the, sur
viving children reside in Frniiklin
township; two In the state of Illinois;'
one in Oklahoma; two in Iowa; one in
North Dakota, and one In Ohio. One
of the daughters, Mary M., married
Wm. II. Wray May U, 188U.
The Standard Concert Co.
This Company began Tuesday eveu
ing with a six nights engagement in
Secbold'B hall Middleburg. The aud
ience lu.-t night was iu continuous roar
of laughter from beginning to end.
The plaers are all artists of superior
ability. There will be entertainments
every night concluding next Monday
evening. Baby Madeline Henly is
only 5 years old and is a four voice
singer, baritone, m;zzosprano, tenor &
alto. Do not full to see and hear them
Admission ten cents.
Take Laxative Bromo-Qulnlne Tablet
All druggists refund the money if it
ails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
on each box. 25o
Samuel Gelse, of New Berlin, a med
ical student, visited in town Inst week.
C. Showers, of Pennscreek, was
at tbe County Seat Saturday morning.
Prof. Geo. W. Walborn, County
Superintendent, dropped In to see us
C. H. Dunkleburger returned from
Brumbaugh and will spend a month
at home.
J. W. Stlever, of Mt. Pleasant Mills,
reports that he has five apples that
weigh Cj lbs. 1
P. M. Schoch and wife, who ppent
several weeks iu Franklin, returned to
New York last week.
George Tharp, of Pallas, dropped la
to see us Tuesday and paid his paper
to November 11, 1!K)3.
Ben. RIne, of Beavertown, made call
at this olllce Tuesday and became a
cash-iu-advnnce subscriber.
Roland Burns, of Rochester, N. Y.,
spent part of Tuesday in town with
Geo. W. Burns and family.
Harry E. Specht has been granted a
pension of fU a month and received
$2C3.C3 back pay. Congratulations
Frank Woodling, of Dundore, and
Prof. Geo. E. Fisher, of Selinsgrove,
kindly remembered the printer by
sending in subscriptions Monday.
Charles G. Hendricks, of the firm of
Mi ndricks A Son, Selinsgrove, who
was one of the Grand Jurors, made a
pleasant call at this office Monday.
Commissioners' Clerk J. N. Broslus,
and Commissioners Wetzel and
Knights attended the Commissioners'
convention at Gettysburg last week.
The name of Mrs. Geo. Seaman,
Richfield, was added to our subscrip
tion list Monday through the kindness
of W. R. Gordon, Mt. Pleasant Mills.
John Stlckel, of Milllintown, the
German baker, who worked a number
of years in the Middleburg bakery,
was at this place several days the past
Wm. K. Miller, Es j., of Salem, who
has been employed In Philadelphia
and New York for the past three
weeks, spent Friday and Saturday In
this place.
A. H. Moyer has been ill with neu
rulgic ailments and could not drive his
dairy wagon. Mrs. Moyer has been
lilling the bill very acceptably, also
the buckets.
Paul Billlianlt, who was engaged
with nu orchestra nt Atlantic. City all
summer, has returned home. He has
recently visited Wilmington and New
ark, Dele ware.
Among those who dropped in to see
us Tuesday were: Isaac Smith, Slia
niokin Dam; J. W. Klester, Peuns
creek; Robert, Meiserville; V.
A. Arbogast, Selinsgrove; A bra llen
ninger, New Berlin; B. W. Yoder,
Middleburg; A. V. Walter, Pennscreek
Ellas 8. Iferrold, of Port Trevcrton
and others.
De Polly sell wared by em crosehor-
nieha letfi-l os won Ich net my uickob
nem un sbof far unser Seniblvmeiiner
so os der Penrose wldder United
Shtntes Senator waerdt don mist Ich
mere en on nor bed soocha un en nle
kuch dinga. So hut im "llawsa Bar-
rick Blotter" c laesa os are de doonersa
Oleoniargeriiie kctzer. woo budder ous
huns-fet innucha ob-g'lliggeled hut, un
wile se ganuk budder muucht for unser
glader un der knecht batzawlu. sawet
se es ware on shout ene net tzu belona.
Se hut mere drl-furdle duwler de woch
gaollcred ous cram ngena sock won Ich
uowsgingt speeches maucha far der
Penrose, im wile soli mue geld isos Ich
g'Micna hob in da iler vohr os mere
hoongers-note galitta hen we der Cleve
land IJresident wore, doon Ich. bv
chucks, ull' der shtoomba gne, un der-
no gook far en ardt-baving In der
Bockinult valley.
Official Program of Snyncr County
1 . Teachers Institute.
The 45th annual session of the
Teachers' Institute of Bnyder county
will convene in Middleburg, Pa., Mon
day, Nov. 24, 1902, and the third an
nual publication of the "Teachers' In
stitute Magazine" will be issued as the
official authority of the convention un
der the direction of the County Super
intendent, Prof. Geo. W. Walborn,
Freeburg, Pa.
The book will contain all the official
announcements of the instructors, en
lertalnments, names and addresses of
teachers and directors.
A few pages will be reserved for ad
vertisements of a clean and respectable
nature, at the following rates: Full
page $5.00; half puge $3.00; quarter
f 1.75.
The size of the page will be the same
as last year; 6 Inches by 0, the type
In order to get the isiok to the teach
ers in ample time, it will be issued iu
a few weeks and copy for ads should
be sent at once in order to facilitate
neat displays.
This is a splendid moans of adver
tising for schools, colleges, book pub
lishers and school supply houses.
Send in your copy at once to
Gko. W. Wauknseli.ek, Pub.,
tf. Mlddleburgh, Pa.
Part)' at J. S. Kaufliuan's.
A surprise party was given by J. S.
Kauffman for Mrs. Kauttruan liiBt
Wednesday evening iu honor of the
latter's birthday. All the friends,
nelghbois and relatives turned out and
rushed into the house. So much of a
surprise was it to her that it threw her
into convulsions from which she re
covered later in the evening.
- Barring tills unpleasant feature, the
event . was a happy one and good
things galore were spread out for the
craving appetites.
t vIMl ., . ' -
New idea Woman's Magazine.
The forthcoming November number
of the New Idea Woman's Magazine
will alt'onl entertaining and profitable
reading for woman in all classes and
conditions of life. It will be tinged,
naturally, with the Thanksgiving ideu
but will cover the ground of woman's
needs. A novel feature will be the
first of a series of bright letters from an
Englishwoman's pen, under the cap
tion of "The Journal of a London Wo
man." "Dressing tbe Bride" will set
forth a new occupation for women,
and there will be half a dozen good
stories I y the cleverest writers. "An
tuuin Novelties" will illustrate the
newest departures in fancy work, and
iu "Good Housekeeping," excellent
menus for Thanksgiving dinners will
prove helpful and suggestive.
Data of Historical Interest to the Read
ers of the Tost
The original name of Middle!
was Swiuefordstettle, or Swiuefords
town. The name conies from the earlv
Swlnefords who settled here. The first
of them was Albright Swluefcrd, who
was born Feb. It). 1728 and died Oct.
15, 1810. In 1772-3 we find him as
sessed in Middletown, Lancaster Co.,
ra. lu l( ,i be was assessed with 100
acres of unimproved land in Paxton
township, Lanejmter Co. 100 acres
Mas surveyed for him Aug. 7, 1772; 100
acres June 30, 1773; 200 acres July 10,
In 1780 and 17S1 we find him
ed with a grist mill, 8ilw mill, and 070
acres iu Peiiu Twp., Northumberland
Co., also 2 horses unit 2 cows.
From 1782 to 1787 his name appears
in Peuu Twp., assessed with the grist
and naw niill and from 400 to 070 acres.
Ife was' buried near the Middleburtr
depot. He owned ull the land around
here as tar west as Hassingor's church.
John Swineford, the son of Albright
was Isirit April l.", 1758 and died Jan.
14, 1805; aged 47 years, 8 months aud
30 days. In 18(H). the town of Middle
burg was laid out on John Swineford's
In 1787, he opened the first hotel in
Middleburg and had a family of eight
The assessment list of Penn town
ship show that John Swineford, Sr.,
resided in that district 17M."Hi-7 and had
2 horses and 2 cows.
Of the children and erown children
of John Swineford and his wife, Bar
bara Ruploy; we learn the following
from John P. Smith, a grand son, who
Is now the oldest inhabitant of Mid
1. John, the son of John, was
Will Ask ',ooo.
Postmaster General Payne will UHk
Congress at the coining session to ap
propriate 12,000,0(Mi for rural free do
livery. For the fiscal year l'HU the
sum of 1, 750,000 was iiutdi) available
for the purpose. For the fiscal year,
l!t()2 those 'figures were more than
doubled. The postal olllelals have
avail;i nle for the present year J7,'00,(XK).
From present Indications there will be
a deficit of about $300,000. On July 1,
1!H)3, 1 1,000 rural rotites will be in oper
ation in the United States. It is esti
mated that it will take $!t,000,000 to
maintain the service next year.
Pried Apples Wwnleil.
Ten V ousftnd pounds of dried a)-
ples are xeanted. I will pay five cents
a pound iu trade at my store.
C' Boy Kit,
tf Paxtonvllle, Pa.
Notice to Farmers.
Blank Si Gottsball, Sunbury, will buy
all kinds of grain at McKees Half Falls
at market price. Levi Kerlln, the
ferryman, will attend to the weighing
and the loading. 9-25 4t. '
Zinc and tirlmling Hake
Dcvoe Lead and Zlne Paint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand
Carlisle Indians-Buckncll Football.
On account of the football game be
tween the Carlisle Indians ami Buck
nell College, to be played at Williams
port on Saturday, October 11, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets to Williamsport,
good going on October II, nnd return
ing until October 13, inclusive, from
Bellefoute, Renovo, Elm Ira, East
Bloonisburg, Mt. Carmel, Lykeiis,
Harrisburg, Middleburg, Coburn, and
intermediate stations, at rale of a sing
le fare for the round trip (minimum
rate, 25 cents).
also had a sou Washington, who was
married. Ills Wire died and he went
out to Iowa to work at his trade (tail
or) while Jacob Fryer's raised their
son, Theophilus.
2. Margaret, (daughter of John, sou
of Albright) married George Snyder.
Their children ure:
1. Lucy Ann, married Conrad Has
inger. 2. Mary Maria, married Jacob Aur
and. 3. Sophia, married Jos Hassingcr.
4. Anna Margaret, married to Jos
eph M. Bowes, residents of Mid
dleburg. 5. Simon Snyder, married Margaret
miner, lived in Jiullulo twp.,
near Cowan.
0. John Snyder, married Mary
Sampsell, lived and died in Middleburg.
7. IM ward Snyder, married Anna
Slahlnocker, died in Indiana
8. Aaron Itupley Snyder, married
Shambach and died in Ohio.
George Snyder, died single.
Amelia, died single.
Klizahfth, died single.
Ahsoloin, born Dec, 22, 1M7,
baptized Jan. 27, Is Is, by Rev.
1!. Walter, witness John Aurand
and wilo Catherine, lie was
married by Rev. A. Casper, Dec.
12, 1M7, to Catherine Troxel of
Miisser's Valley. They had no
children. He died Jan. Is, 1!I02.
III. Mary, (daughter of John) mar
ried Jacob Foil.. They had 3 children
1 son and 2 daughters. Jesse, the son
lived in Milton. Mattie niurried.Look
Murks, of near Richfield and Sophia
married Mr. Bostwick.
IV. Susanna, ( daughter of Jobni
married Jacob Fryer. They bail no
children, though they raised several
lor others.
V. Elizabeth married to John
Smith. They had 4 children:
Coming Events.
Tuesday, Oct. 10 to 14, the Lewistown
fair will take place.
Friday, Oct 10, Ex-Go vornor Pattison
aim his campaigning party will be
ut Selinsgrove.
Saturday, Oct. 11, a sock social at
Globe Mills.
Friday, Oct. 17 and IS the Snyder Co.
r Lonveutioi. will meet at
Sunday, Oct 10, Rally Exercises In
i.utiieran Sunday school, Beavertown.
Thursday, Oct 23 and 24, The 21st an
nual re-union of the 4!th P. V. at
Sunday, Oct. 20, Communion in the
Lutheran church, Middleburg.
Sunday, Oct. 20, Communion by Re-
lormed congregation St. John's
church, Fremont.
Tuesday, Nov. 4, general eloetbn.
Tuesday, Nov. 4th, the I.Vltli anniver
sary of (lie time when Hon. George
Washington was initiated into free
masonry. The event will be cele
brated Nov. 5th by all the Masonic
Lodges in the state.
Monday, Nov. 21, Snyder County
Touchers' Institute will open iu Mid
dleburg to continue till Friday, Nov.
Thursday Nov. 27, Theanmial Thanks
giving Day. The h-inks will be
The Requirements of the Law Govern
ing Voters Next Month.
It is the duty of every (pialitied vot
or to cast his ballot at as important
..1 .. ....
election us nun which will lie held on
X I . .
govern ucr h next, and it is every
man s duty to tie rjuulified (t vot
, - ... v . " mi ui - - j ' i''
shoemaker and removed to Ohio where order that he may take advunhnre
1. li i ... . .... ...
ne men. ne loo had a sou, John. He I me right oi sulliage guaranteed to him
WaJnnls Wanted.
One thousand bushels of walnuts are
wanted. The highest prices will be
paid in trade.
Charles Boyeh,
tf Paxtonvllle, Pa.
Joseph, married first a Moor, ec
ond a Willi.
Mury, married Henry Backus,
who lived on and owned the
furm now occupied by Geo. J.
Schoch of Monroe township. He
was a peddler.
John P., bom Doc. 13, 1814, mar
ried Elizabeth Troxel and is now
the oldest resident of M iddleburg.
Barbara, married Lewis Jacobs
of Muhantongo.
by the constitution. A ouulitied voter
Is one who has complied with the re-,
quirementsof the law governing elec
tions in Pennsylvania. The courts
have decided that no man has a right
to vote unless ho has compiled with
the following provisions of law:
"First: He shall have U'cn a citizen
of the United States at least one month
Second: He shall have resided in
the state one year (or having previous
ly been a qualified elector or native
born citizen of toe state, be shall have
removed therefrom and returned, then
six months) immediately preceding
the election.
Third: lie shall have resided in the
elect imi district where he shall oiler to.
vote at least two months immediately
preceding the election.
Fourth: If twenty-two years of age
ami upwards, beshall have paid, with
in two years, a stale or county tax,
which shall have been assessed at least
two months and paid at least one
month before the election.
Presuming thai, he can meet the
three first named I'l oiiiivniciits the cit
izen to be enabled to vole ut till! .'(1111-
ing election, would Mill l,e unable to
vote unless he has paid a state or coun
ty tax within two years, and this tax
must lie paid before inidhivJit of Satur
day, October 4th, one mouth before
Followed His Conscience.
not often that von hear of a
Fewer O.illoim; Wfnr Linger.
You can paint a building with fewer
gallons of Devoe Lead and Ziuo than
with Mixed paints, and It will wear
twice as long as lead and oil mixed by
hand. tf.
man following the soft whisperings
conscience when it comes to chosiuga
profession in life. The treiieral run of
humanity is after the almighty dollar,
letting the future life take cure of it
self, About one year ago Victor Koyer
of Spring Mills, was admitted to prac
tice law at the bar of Centre county.
He was Industrious and had he buck
led down to the profession he might
have been able to make a comfortable
living. He is a sincere christian and
all through life there has been but one
aim, aud Hint is the uplifting of hu
manity and the saving of souls. His
duty for this kind of work became so
apparent that he has decided to aban
don the law and go to Harrisburg
where he will make his headquarters.
From there he will go through the
State as an evangelist. His ninny
warm friends iu Bellefoute wish for
him unbounded success.
Get a free sample of ChambcrlaiDS
fltomachn and liver tablets at Mid
dleburg drug store. They are easier
to take aud more pleasant ju effect
than pills. Then their uso is not
followed by constipation as is often
the case with pills. Regular size,
25c per box.