The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, October 02, 1902, Image 2

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    ('THE BOY FROM TOWN. ; i
Last ntcht a, bojr cams her from town
To ar wck r so,
Becaoaa his mw la all run down
And needs a rext. you know,
till name la Cecil, and he's eight.
And he can't skin the cat
Ufa maw calls htm "Pet;" I'd hate
, To have a name like that.
He wears a collar and a tie
And can't hand by his toes:
X curs that I would nearly die
It I had on his rlo's;
lie cant' ride bareback, and tn-dny,
When we sllil on the straw.
Be ast If roosters help to lay
The t'tn I pick fur maw.
When our old gander htiw d he run
As though hu thought he'd bite.
And lie uin't ever shot a Run
Or had a homrimuU- kite;
lie never milked a cow. and he
Can't even drive or swim
J'd hate to think that he was me,
I'm glad thut I ain't him.
IIo thinks lt' lots of fun to juimp
And see the water spurt,
But won't climb In the barn, and jump.
For fear of gettln' hurt.
Ills clu's nre t.Ule nice and flue.
Ills hair's all over curls.
His hands ain't half as big as mine,
lie ought to play with girls
A little while ago when we
Were f.iolln' In the shed
He suddenly gut mml at me.
Because 1 bumped his head.
There's lots of things that he can't do.
Ho thinks that cheep 11 bite,
'And he's afraid of ganders, too;
Put lie ran tight all right.
S. E. Klscr, In Chicago Ilecord-IIernld.
The Inan Who Would I
v Hot Be Saved. I
AN almost dismantled, forsaken,
nilolic house sUmm! nlonc near the
edge of the suiul-plnin in the midst
of a world of band, suit nnd moun
tains. To the onst n rniijji of squalid
Hack rocks rose into a precipitous
mountain rantro, striving with their
dark foreboding presence to subdue
the exuberant gladness of the bril
liant sunshine. To the west the mo
notonous yellow level stretched out
like a tawny carpet, to where n slight
rise in the land caused it to meet
,the sky as sharp and distinct ns a
placid lake meets the sandy beach.
On the side of the shack nearest
to the mountain side stood n new j
freshly-painted army ambulance; u
note of modernity interluded in n
.world-old symphony of sand, rocks
And atmosphere.
Crosswise on the tongue of the ve
ticle, limp ns n half-filled grain bag,
lay the form of a man clad in the
tnpeiess trousers ol a private sol- J mae the girl nwnre of the hope
Bier, and near him. in n tangle of j lessness of their situation,
gear nnd harness, lay a pair of the .-if, nU p vith 1IS now Vm
mule team th:t he bad but recently afraid. Miss Jordan," he snid, quiet
drjven. ".. . ' .. Jy. "They're gettiug read v for a rush
j - At first glance, it was easiTy rbs- out there, I see, nnd when they try
cernible that man nnd mules were that. I'm afraid I won't be able to
but recently
dead from gunshot .
wounds, and here and there a bullet
had trn ii wav thrntitrh the sides
of the
ters ai: 1 t
Xeath !
Were in; i.. -
w::!.;-i t 1
Lieut. 1! v
t,.n. of v,,
at F..r; !'-:;
rippinu off sdiii
tlie white w 'id i e-
U.vU On eerv i:an 1
t;.Uai:ie si.rr.s of Mr'ff.
' a.': ! e l:,.rv.' Second
n. r-c- :.'.y t .i.'.rt li.T-
v ' iviiit. ivw Mati'im-d
att. was !:r.rrd!y r.iakins?
s resist the band of
! . swarnvJ i.iv.onjt the
Mark r
s r.nd tool: oei
l-ioiial pot
the ts r t Hirt hous
until the otlicers
at Fort l'rritt v.uM become alarmed
at the non-nppenrr.nce of the ambu
lance, r.nd send a f'Tre over the trail
and rescue him end the girl who was
with him.
The devoted meca!erns who squat
ted behind the r'ks were in no haste
to rush i:: :.nd f.iiish the game wl.ieh
tiey !.:.: so secim'y traped.
They 1 .ai two mute witnesses up
ttere lh. the rocks, two who
were ; a- dead as the private who j "I'd sooner die a hundred times."
lay the ambulance tongue. tojShe stopped suddenly, for her eyes,
testify t . the marksmanship of the j roaming furtively, had fallen upon
man :n
in r. '.
house, and the rest were I
of mind to risk their
live by themselves to his
fire. There was much time. There
was r 'it
. ne m tt.e iio'ise and at each other, each fully cognizant
Lon? before the troop f the other's thoughts! The boy
d from Fort Trait theyrrew sick at heart, for there was a
" easily deposed of the world of pleading in the girl's eyes.
-l the iml uianee and scat- "You will, won't von?" she sid
a Wo:;.;.
lad arr
eoulj .:
tin. 1.
UreJ ojt mit their almost nntrace-
ab ti-jih- airiont- the m'-intain-?.
And the weimar,.' WelL Suilatean,
tielr ).: f. would pr' halily a'-eept
her u 1-1- f the ' o; tn.i add
her to Li.-: iireu'ly generous list of
.S'O tl'.V rrOUCheil r)r.s-'x Oov.n be-
Hi 3
-'ire: V
satf.i-'i t
rati'e si.f."'
Iiori'-r '
truit '
-.-xi ;... :
1.M r i
tvisT- that the
r a"
- m t
Wu- '
':.f Tii-T-'".:-
I'.' :
: .' v
y xti-
: t.Wej
h'.p :.gj
lion A
- 'j'iar- ',
ihevj h
i- the ,
pel in ;
t 1 ':. V.e
j'ruT ).:;
"ii- !.',, 'i.i
tj j.
rat: 1
e-r v.' -
" t i :
1 1 I e I.V.-'.M:
i 1 Jin. fcfir l.e la-5
O'.'fre.-t ji;: 'e Jie i:m tii;jr d
r tl 'i."; i:t ' r
w v
fvvu-i t '
posed redskin to force a very whole
some fear into the soul of the enemy.
The girl, entirely inefficient to rea
der any aid, sat silently watchlnj
with a wonderful kind of interest the
boy who was doing all that man
could-do to save his life and her
own. Occasionally a bullet bored
through the mud walls and sent the
dry mud flying in their faces, but
the range was great and the walla
stopped the majority of the bullets.
The hours seemed to come and go,
to them; a dozen times llorton hud
momentarily ceased his fire to listen
for the welcome thud of hoofs, and
as often was disappointed. It was
in reality but an hour before he sud
denly discovered that his supply of
rifle ammunition had been expended,
and that the six charges in his pis
tol were his only remaining articles
of defense. The girl saw this as he
discarded the ritle nnd drew the pis
tol, and felt her heart sink ns she
realized the situation. She saw him
as he gazed seurehiugly out over the
plain in an effort to discern a bit of
friendly blue, and saw the despair
which no man can hope to conceal,
come into his faee ami snuff out the
bit of hope nnd dignity brought
there by the joy of well fought com
bat. llorton carefully examined each
precious charge in the pistol, striv
ing to force himself to think calmly;
and nil the time nu unknown voice
repeatedly asserted that further re
sistance was entirely useless. Still,
possessed by that wonderful Anglo
Saxon courage which grows more
and more rebelliously firm as the
fight goes more and more to the
enemy, he quietly Informed the girl
that be had only begun to fight, and
by his demeanor attempted to live
the lie.
Instinct, however, told the girl
that his cheerfulness was entirely
assumed, but by neither word nor
look did she betray this knowledge.
Silent, not voicing vain regrets,
nor weak vindictives, they stood, liv
ing for the moments that reeled off
with fearful regularity, each fraught
with the question of life or death.
Occasionally llorton, from force of
habit, glanced at his timepiece, and
each time lie slightly shook bis head.
The wary Apaches, noting that the
white man's terrible rifle was stilled,
had stolen down to the last fringe
of rocks that offered them protec
tion, and were making visible prepa
rations for a rush. Still, thev knew
that the blue-shirted cavalrvmen had
nn uncomfortable habit of" shooting
terribly fast nnd accurate at short
range, with the pistol, and so they
still hesitated.
llorton, closely watching their
every move and carefully weighing
every circumstance, reluctantly de
cided that the time had come to
hold them off. I'll onlv have time to
fire probably a couple of shots, then
"I know," she said, quickly, as if
the prix '.lege f speech was a relief
after the bins' pulseless wait.
"We'll be killed. Well, you'll find
that I'm not afraid Ux die."
Tie boy became visibly embar
rassed. "'Tir-n't that," he sail, drooping
his eyes to the floor. "They won't
kill vim. von know. Miss Jordan:
ti.-n't their style xvith white women.
They'll they'll let you live; you un
derstand, don't you. Miss Jordan?"
Tor a moment she did rot compre
hend, then wheji the revelation
dawned upon her all her composure
and self-possession gaxe way.
"My tiod, they don't really do that,
do they?" she cried.
The 'boy nodded.
"Oh. it can't be." she said, clasp
in? her hands as the fenrfulness of
the boy's disclosures crew unon her.
the niatnl in th liov's I, ami h onlv
lethal weatKm rernainine to them.
Her gaze rose steadily to his frank
eyes, and for a moment they gazed
abruptly. "You'll surely spare me
the fate of falling into'their hands
alive." It was a weak little plea, a
plea which told of all hoje for life
departed, and only a wish remaining
for decent death.
Horton walked to a loop-hole and
( Fcanned the plain in an effort to find
"Ce clew upon which to ban? a single
thread of Lop. lint nothing new
appeared to disturb the never-ending
moiiotoiiy of the landscape. Then
the L'.jx; died in his Lrey.-t.
"It fhall be as you wish. Miss Jor-
un," Le said simply.
Thank yo'i." she said,
Ji stoox d and reverently placed
Ler I.-and to Li- lips. Jle vvoiild Lave
tkit't spi kes, for tliey bad come to
b; very close r, eaeli other ia this
iL'yrt moment of awful trial, but an
utknovi n lor t saneiiiy held Llrn
in reserve. JJe held her Laud for a
it- o "Id j jiio;uer;t. theji Or"jjed it and turned
; -4 i;, :jij ; t,,, the Joi,r.
j It was a pjithetieally Leroic tableau
reile.i thejtLl'V Jreiemd Sth they tXj there,
- wsil's tip ciiWued by the -ainjjies of despair,
l ' ;. im :")5 aw aitjjjg the end.
'-atj -. TLe sftcruwa sun eaiue elantingly
' :.. : . ii thrv.b the r'j'ie windfws and
eht sir.- i;'!-. golden l.j'hts and dark
i '' :: 0 tLaOVW Uji Ii theja.
si-ie v. ijiii:e the fcuu kij'me. on the yel-
l : -l. UMlf- ' I'JVT t-UUii the hliiek roi-ks K it
Ltd ioi.e it'jui the beginniiijf, and
a breil. , mn laden hrnfjt ceiuiug
the rvvii iu-k& tbeui itli tkt
Bony that the world 1 sUH 'food
to lira in. '
' The girl stood with clasped hands,
gazLog straight towards from where
the fatal bullet would come,' per
fectly resigned and fearless to meet
her God; the boy with bowed head,
subdued by the duty imposed upon
him, stood facing the door, idly roll
ing the cylinder of the revolver be
tween his thumb and finger, waiting,
When the first naked braves
bounded tip to the door with, rifles
held at ready, he fired twice, quick
ly, at the foremost, then as more
came forward to take the fallen's
places, he turned and skillfully shot
her through the heart. When he
turned to meet his fate llorton
feared for a moment that his senses
had left him. . ,
The foremost Apache fell a wrig
gling heap in the doorway ns if
struck down by a swift and powerful
hand, and almost simultaneously one
more fell likewise.
It was Rome seconds afterwards
that the rifle reports coining up
from the mountain pass where
Lieut. Thompson and his troops
traveling towards Fort Pratt were
firing, dismounted, told llorton that
he was saved.
For a moment the new lease of life
fairly exhilarated him. . Then his
eyes fell upon the form of the girl,
as she, a white, still heap upon the
mud floor, lay beside him, .
After all, Thompson nnd his men
were too late. He was not to be
saved. The girl was dead, and tie had
no right
The first trooper to enter was a
lightly-mounted private, and he
found them lying almost side by
Lieut. Thompson, when he 1 bow
them, remarked thnt there would be
two more scores for Horton'a com
pany to even up when it came their
day to reckon face to facta, with
Suilnteau's mescaleros. Overland
Somewhat Chromatic
A Virginia reader sends a story
told by the late Albnn S. Tnyno
("Nicholas Spicer") ns an actual oc
currence. It concerned n hard-riding,
hard-drinking young Englishman who
settled near Linden, that state, in
the expressed hope that the rustic
surroundings would prove an aid in
ridding him of his abnormal thirst.
Hut lie clung to his old habits, nnd
soon became n connoisseur in moon
shine distillations, rather preferring
them, after n time, to those bearing
the government stamp. His face was
a mingled purple and Bunset-red, the
joint product of whisky and an open
air life; nnd he had nothing of charm
apart from bis faultless manners to
offer the pretty mountain girl who
consented to become his wife. One
afternoon he was carried home pret
ty well mussed up as the result of a
fall. The gravel of the roadslda, the
green of the grass and the ttedr
from some cuts added to the color
fulness of his countenance; and the
young wife, when Dr. 1'ayne arrived,
rushed out on the porch, screaming:
"0. doctor! doctor! go in to him
quick! lie has all the diseases of the
rainbow'." 1'hiladelpliia Times.
Whnt Ills Mother AVonl.l Do.
A teacher in a boarding school tho
other day was "showing off" her pu
pils before a number of visitors.
During the spelling lesson nnn
small, red-haired boy was given the
word "introduction." He paused,
twisted his lips, stared, and then in
a faltering way spelled it correctly
nnd was apparently very much sur
prised when he discovered that he
Lad done it.
"Do yon know what that word
means'.1" asked the teacher.
"No. miss."
"Well, now. 1" explain it to you.
Does your mother ever have vis
itors?" "Yes. miss."
"Well, now, suppose that two wo
men come to call on your mother.
Your mother knows one of the wo
men, but doesn't know the other.
She has never seen the woman and
doesn't even know her name. Now
how would she become acquainted
with this woman and find out her
"She'd send for a pot of beer!"
As that was probably the correct
answer the teacher had nothing fur
ther to say. Stray Stories.
Don't Hurry.
Adj- one can hold out a dumb-liell
for a few fcecunda; but in'a few more
seconds the arm hags; it is only the
trained athlete who can endure even
to the minute'B end. Kor Hawthorne
to hold the people of The Scarlet
L-tter i-teaiih- in focus from Novem
ber to February, to hay nothing of
hix years' preliminary brooding, is
surely more of an artistic feat than
to writ'- a short utorj- between Tues
day and Friday. The three years and
nine u.ontiis f unremitting labor
devoted to Mi!lleinarch does not in
itself afford any criticism of the
value of the book; but riven Ceorge
KUot's brain to la-grin with, and then
concentrate them for that jerIod
tijjn a einjrle theme, and it in no won
der that the result ia a masterpiece.
"Jan van Kyek wa never in a hurry,"
says Charles Head of the great
1'leuiiith painter in the Clou-.ter and
the Hearth. "Jan van V.ytk was
never in n hurry, and therefore the
world will not forjjet Mm in a
Lurry." Atlantic.
j ttpltefaL
Maid The lustre, aaya $'i a week
for hpriukJin' the r-treet ia robb-ry,
1 an' .he won't have it sprinkled.
! MuMucki" Klie won 'teh? rilKfioW
Ler what I think of her "won't."
I'M sprinkle her street ain wpite of
Ler, beob.MiuneapoUs Tribune
; 5 : S2!
i turrit cents a pound is
what a young woman paid for
twelve pounds of flesh.
She was thin and weak and
paid cr.o'cbi'.ar for a bottle of
Scott's Emulsion, and by tak
h.Z rccrular doses had gained
twelve pounds in weight before
the bottle was finished.
Eight cents a pound is
che.r) for such valuable ma-
, terial. Some pay more, some
,'less, some get nothing for
I their money. You get your
j money's worth when you buy
Scott's Emulsion.
We will send you a little
SCOTT & BOWNK, Chemists,
409 Pearl Street, New York.
50c. and $1.00 ; all druggists.
j Jury Lilst.
I List of ornnrt Jurors drawn for Hie Court 01
j Over and Terminer and Oeneral .lull deliver ;
laud Court of tjuurter Sessions of the 1'eaee of
ttnvder comity held at Oct. Term, comiiienrlt.g
' Monday. Oct. . lWtt.
j Name- Occupation. Residence.
I Ai liiKt, ( M., lalmrer. Perry Went
htmtmuaii. Daniel, laliorer, Ccmre
1 ltetifer. Jiu'iili, laborer, Miilill'-ei ei k
Kli'K'iinnn Win II . carentrr, Heuver
l'roew. lohn. farmer, Vnililiil.,ii
Fry. Charles, Inrnirr. Jnckmvn
Hither, lUrry. fitrmer. Heaver Wct
tlill, A. W teaclier, Adittna
(iilhert. Jan. II.. Iirli'klnycr Minima
; Oerliart JoM'pli fanner Washington
Howell Ailmn Inhorer .vuitllrhiirtf
Hendricks t hai U merchant Nflfnsirrove
Hendricks Henry fnrmcr L'tuiiintan
llerrolil Mnborcr I'liion
Kline John farmer Jacknoti
Moyer Michnel laborer VnshiiiRton
Mover Philip T iuhorrr WanhiiiKt""
Malil Jarnbtl far tier I'nioii
St'hovli John dentist Monroe
Stover J WiUon furmer Perry
Stahl John laliorer I'enn
U ise tiutirivl farmer I nimi
W sutler Witt A farmer Beaver West
Young A Kllry farmer -Monroe
l.lntof I'eilt Jiinirx druwn lor the Court of
Common I'leas, court of ouarter Sessions of the
Peace. Court 01 Over and Terminer and lienoral
Jail Delivery of Snyder County. p.i aold ax
Oct. Term, commencing iiei. 1, jt z
Mhiiio. (kvupatlou. Residence.
Antic Philip farmer Franklin W Agiie'i'hant SelinsKrove
tlowciaox ( urlin farmer M'llillelmrn
Hoyer laiil Kent .iiddlecrcek
Patley Inane trucker &elinKrnve
ttruttakt-r John farmer Union
Dielil Franklin laltorer Washington
Dreese Isaac farmer Heuver
Dicntcr John S laborer YVaiduiiLMoii
Cuter Henry D farmer Peun
hither Henry It farmer Perry
Follz John farmer Union
Korry V in U laborer Pcrrv Wrt
Oood Allen 1 farmer Monro
tiarnian I) U farmer Chainnnti
Glass t rancis Kent WashiiiKton
Oross Geo M merchant .Monroe
Garoian V Irvln slioedealer Middleburic
linainiel Hen r farmer Jihonroe
Haines L K nddicr prinu
Carman Jacob U farmer Franklin
Hctric k Wallace S' farmer Monroe
lloNhue Abraham gent Beaver W oM
llnine VV P Kent SprltiK
Haines John Kent SprinK
llei-tcr Win r farmer Heaver West
Jarret W 111 D teacher Penn
KanlTntan II K farmer Spring
Kratrer Newton Inlnircr Scltni;roe
Moyer t han fanner ' J111 k.1011
Motirer ''lia- farntcr Sprini;
.Viatibeck 1.' .M fainter Sprinu
Manbeck Lewis W uborpr ltcaver Went
Mover Isaac tanner Franklin
N'ipl'lc vV in U bookkeeper Jjelinnyrove
Keiclienbach J no s luboier Perry
iinitlt Itnnl sawyer Monroe
pecbl F'ltitiK farmer Wiishini;toii
!wart7.lanilcr lienry farmer Perry
cltnlTer Jniob carpenter I'liion
plinth Kobt cat penter Spring
Slear T I farnn r Monroe
ThontHin John Kent SelinsKiove
Wentcl tieo M fanner i'nioii
Winter lwaac clerk ltaver
Wise Jtihtt 11 farmer Cnion
Wacner lAwrenee A farmer Heaver
Young Peter farmer Monroe
TUKWS' AI'I'H.MSEMKNT!. Nonce is here
' by trlveti tl.r,t the folluwlnir WUovvs' Ap
prKKen.viits under t'4ettii law, have been tiled
with the clerk ol tile orp lann' Cimrt of Suyder
cjuiity foreondrniutlun Oct. fith, lu2.
1. Appraisement of Mary C Showers, widow
of Adam Shower., Kile of .VliddlubnrK. deeeas
ed, e'e.-t' d to be taken under the f;UU exemp
tion law.
S. Appraixernent of Matilda Trenster, widow
of Levi K. TreasU-r, late of West lieaver Twi
deceased, elected to be takeu under the -ivO
exemption law.
S A ppraisementnf Jennie M. Mover, widow
of William L Mnyer. late of Franklin Twp ,
deceased, elected to be taken under the :J00
exemption law,
4 Appraisement of Sarah M. Pnnke, widow
f John W, fnoke late of I'liion Twp, deceas
ed, elected to be taken under the 00 exeinp
lion law.
5. Appraisement of Caroline Herrold, widow
of Da'id Hi-rrold. late of lhapman Twp, de
ceased, elected to be luken uuder the lJuO ex
emption law.
The following accounts will ta nresented for
conformation Monday, October S, iVrl.
r Account of J. G. Hornlcrirer, Committee In
Lunacy of the pi-rson and estate of Kliza Alice
MieafTer, of Perry Twp., hnyder county, Ja.
' First and final account of Ira C. Hcboch. Trus
tee. cc of the person and estate of Jane Hush,
now dectawil. ti. M. SIIINOKI..
MiddlcburK. I'a., Sept , IWi. Clerk.
KOISTEK sNOTUKS. Nouw la hereby e;!V
A en thai lUs fullowlntf named rx-ntotis Lave
ti ed their AdininlKtratonf, Ouradhtn. uiid
w.-utora' accounla lu the K-ifUter'sOnicoof Snv.
di-r i v.uli v. atid the Mine win be presented for
confirmation uud ull'iwuiice at the (Wirt House
a Mlddlebua'li, MoiitMy, Oct. Otli, iV'ft.
1. First and final account of Luther MUiuin,
executor of the estate of l atharlua Minium,
late of i erry Twp., deceased.
t. First and final account of Mary M. Tlaupt,
aiiiliiii-f',.lni In the esato of Kara It llaupt,
Jate of heiinsyrove, deceased.
8. First au-l dual aecounl of 'ieurjje Miller
nnd Charles .Miller, executors of the estate of MilicJ, late of i'euu Twp., defeased.
4. First and final aciuiit of John K. If iikIifs
hh iiUii of the estate of Mari(arel JJock, late of
ashuiKton I wp , deceased.
i. Firs sod dual account of it. M. Coleman
and J. F hroiMe, adiniiiistiatora of the estate
of xvt Krousc, lute ot Mld.ile. reck Twp., do
j ceased .
j '. Hod and fins) amount of W. I. (iarman
an-f rJiHlelli oaritian, executors of the estato
ileury Oarmaii, lal of I'erry '1 wp., deceased.
7. First and final account of Hamuel hlilrev.
executor of the estate of r.lia rtnook, lata ol
laver Twp., doceaityl.
. First and flaa! account of Klinon If. Oldt,
adiulnlstratir of t'ut estate of Isaac linker, lute
:of Wet lieaver Twp , decsrasetl.
V. First and final account of I. Norman fish
er, administrator I. II. N. T. A. of th estate
01 namuel 1 Isher, law of reuii I wp,, deceased.
I I'. First and Knul aisount of Thumbs I'alie
and Frederick Israeli, executors of lli estate of
, Catliarina iiohner, lato of Cliapiuau Twp., do-
j;. First and aocount of Jolin O. HUutT
er, executor of the estate of J;anil Mauffer, late
of l'cliust(ro'.', deceased.
I J. If. WILMH, ifea-lsUr.
UMleUutg, I'., HepUuiber , IWi.
Thirteenth Regiment For Duty la
Strike Region. ,
Numerous Reports of Violence Caueed
Lackawanna Sheriff to Call On Gov
ernor Stone For Immediate Assist
ance Excitement at Shenandoah.
. Harrlsburg, Pa., SepL 23. Governor
Stone Issued an order early this morn
ing directing the Thirteenth Regiment
to report to General Gobin (or duty
In the strike region. The Thirteenth's
headquarters are at Scranton, and the
regiment will be quartered in its ar
mory at that city temporarily. Colonel
Louis A. ' Watres, of Scranton, the
commander of the regiment, is in New
York, and In his absence Lieutenant
Colonel Stlllwell will be in command.
If there should be another outbreak,
the Ninth Regiment, with headquar
ters at Wilkesbarre, will probably bo
ordered out
Scranton, Pa., Sept. 23. Sherilt
Schadt, of Lackawanna county, lint
night telegraphed Governor Stnne to
send troops to his assistance. T o
sheriff has Just given to the nev,'s,ia
pers a proclamation announctn'? that
he would call troops if the law'rannf
did not cease, when he re?;dve ' n
series of telephone calls to c,ueT, dis
turbances up tho va'.ioy. He found on
invest!;ratl;u. that the situation was
such thnt ho could not cope with It
end sent a call for troops. Adjutant
General Stewart called the sheriff by
'phone at 9 o'clock and had a long
conference with him. The adjutant
general suggested that a posse of
members of the Citizen's Alliance be
called upon for assistance. While the
sheriff was preparing to act on this
suggestion he received more reports
of violence up and down the valley
and at once sent another urgent tele
gram to the governor calling for im
mediate assistance.
The worst of last night's outbreaks
occurred at Archbald. A crowd of 200
strikers, mostly foreigners, ransacked
the quarters occupied by the 40 men
employed at the Ilaymond washery of
the Ontario and Western Company
while the men were at work, and their
meeting with tho men as they were
returning, drove them back to the
refuge of the washery. The mob then
returned to the colliery proper, drove
out the engineers, firemen, pumpmen
and guards, and took possession of the
breaker. The plant of the Crescent
Electric Light Company, which is sup
plied with steam from the breaker,
had' to shut down, and the whole re
gion atjpund was loft in darkness. Iiv
the attack on the breaker two men
were shot, one a striker and the other
a workmen. Their names or condition
could not be learned.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Miles Mc An
drew was attacked nnd shot nt by a
mob nt Olyphant. The steam plpeg
of the Pennsylvania 'Coal Company's
colliery at Old Forge were blown up
with dynamite last night. Two cooks
at the William A. colliery were res-i
cued by deputy sheriffs from a crowd
that was threatening to lynch them.
Chief Warden Miles McAndrew, of
tho county Jail, who wa3 acting as a
deputy, and District Superintendent
Berkeiser, of tho Ontario and Western
Company, were attacked by an armed
mob while driving through Priceburg
last evening. They returned the fire
and shot a Hungarian through the
Will Return to Work If Assured Mr.
Baer Will Adjust Differences.
Pottsvllle, Pa., Sept. 23. A delega
tion of Mine Workers, headed by Pe
ter Williams, of Mahanoy City, called
at the offices of the Philadelphia and
Reading Coal and Iron Company last
night and submitted a proposition to
return to work if they could have as
surances that President Baer will ad
Just all local differences at the collier
ies. They want the restoration of the
price of 50 cents per prop for setting
timber, extra pay for erecting sheet
iron chutes and repairing toppings and
headings after the fall of coal. Tho
delegation had a conference with
General Manager R. C. Luther and
General Mining Superintendent John
Veith, of the Reading Company, this
Must Help to Pay For Boer War.
London, Sept. 22. The Daily Mall
this morning says the government has
decided that the new South African
colonies are to be required to pay
1300,000,000 towards tho cont of the
South African war. The colonies aro,
however, to bo allowed ample t!mo in
which to make this payment; It will
cot be collected until tho extension
of trado and expansion of rovenuo per
mit. Consequently tho loan will not
be floated for two or three years. Min
ing profits will probably bo taxed 10
per cent, n.oro than they were before
the war, and money also will be ob
tained by granting all kinds of con-ct-sHlons
ond mineral rights.
Editor Shot In His Office.
Pittsburg, l'a., Koj.t. 23. Guorgo
Fredi rlek M:jllr, owmr and editor of
the Sewleliity Valley News, and nno
fjf tho oldt tit end heal known Journals
hits t,t I hid i-Uon, wan found In his
office yoLK 1. lay iiiifor, '.clous wkli n bul
let hole In his Lead. Miiller hits bnen
suffeiinz fioio ii'.tonioulu for several
months. jH'i Lfliev.-d ilio wound was
self-liiflU ti d, whilu teri'iiiirnrHv lnn
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fun-Dioou Cnerokee vlnnians
clearing the right of way fir a rail
road la the Indian territory. And 1!
these years we have been led to t
lieve that the Indian stood on a bift
bluff in the foreground, shading i
mournful eyes with his hand, wk
he watched a locomotive of tie "st
age of 1809 invading the backproosi
The sl?e of this year's cotton ji
is as j et all aneculatlon, but tt-"
no (peculation about the great dtrtV
ouiueut of cotton manufaeturirjB
the south. And this, the Louisvut
Courier-Journal ventures to dwlu
is but the bt ginnlng. What is trot &
cotton manufacturing is destined t
to true of many other industries.
Three hundred million feet of !
were cut on the Penobscot river W
season. This is the biggest barve1
ever known, and nenrly half vt il '
for the manufacture of paper.
In tho general discussion s
what punlKhiiifiit should be
on reckless itutomobilists it Is utraip
that no one lias suggested touchuj
a mutch to lits gasoline lank.
At Huntington, Ind., Farmer
son's cow swallowed a snail KlieJ
all. The siuiil explored its sew
ters. runner Mason's covrtiitJ
lH. t b ju,rumatai
AllDladdnrand gJlWYl
Crlnary blseaSM. I ill IVM
flu iM-SKbiisifrf Kiil afff '
M (Hi II. I