The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, July 10, 1902, Image 9

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Peculiar to Summer Pe-ru-na Gives
Prompt and Permanent Relief.
uii.". . .. Vviilf , - v :f5: ..! .,(. '
i i5BffiiijiiHii!iiD)EijnniMiiftt m msmmmm JAmmn
ypir- - wt-kr&wiLtnf
Jfllif- woEn-r v vr.D Tun- ruriT iiiT' 1 -"V
" " ZL
JWii to Ailum Thotims an.l wife.
llwlv Steely, f liowel', has
-.1. I.: , ..Li. .r Mr Mullw
vhitiiii! w'1" C"D",, v
Ir the past 'k.
Jockev Oirge ami family, ot
McClure, lit-M an icecream fcrfival!
.'lt paiiiel TreasWs lat Saturday
T V. Swinfonl and three liys, of
ItfcYcvtown ppent a few Uys tare
last week Irieuds.
IVte Ilomig, of Milroy, vv seen
. . I.... C.,t...-.l ..
m our streets o.inuw.
Kzora Iviie)i, of iA-.visto An:!iit
Sunday wttli ins juuvuw ai vm
L'rove. 15 . . i.
Tlie rVirtli passed on vuryinie
in our city.
1 W. Treaster ami wic, of
Iitwistuwii, spent a few lay here
last weefc nmttmg up ttruit.
The wet weather we haw luul
l:i.t week prevented some of war far
mers from fuiisliiufr cutting -vheat.
A small shipment of liuckle
krries vm made liere last vweek by
J. 15. Sk'Ileubergur,
Some of our soliool .teachers
think Uv'y will have a hard battle
to fight 'here on the 14th with Prof.
Wallmmi acting ae captain.
Iit-vi B. Treaster took a 'trip to
Juniata county last week topiy his
daughter, Mrs. Jloak a visit.
mi'a Lite.
Tn liitve eiven ud wouig nave
meant the death of MrB. LolatCraeif,
of Dorchester, Maes. For years Bue
bad endured untold misery :rom a
severe lung trouble and obstinate
cough "Often," she writes, "I
could etarcely breathe and come
times culd not speak. All doctors
Mid remedies failed till I usefi Dr.
King's 2ew Discovery for Oou
gumption and was completely rared.
Sufl'erera from Coughs, Colds,
Throat rod Lung Trouble need this
remedy, for it disappsints.
Cure is guaranteed by the Middle-
bureh IKag t;o , urayDin, uarman
jfe Co.. Richfield. Pa.. Dr. J. W,
Sampsell, Pennscreek. Pa. Prioa 5fc
andl.(w. unai bonies iree,
Farniere -are experiencing trouble
to cut their grain on account of rain
The hay -erop is the shortest ever
had in this taction.
Fanners ac resowing their wheat
fields with clovr. The clover sov
ed last Spring all being killed by
ihe drought.
Win. Iloficiua, J. E. Uenfer ami
K'veral others tltat are working at
Ijogan were home over llie 4th, the
work being suspended a lew days.
The shirt factory has again sus
pended for a week, owing to the fact
of having no goals to work on.
The. 4tb. was observed at this
place in different ways. Some in
putting of! fire works, and others by
taking too much "oh be joyful" the
latter felt the most patriotic.
Amnion L. Bickle, who is work
ing at Patterson, Pa., putting down
cement walks was home over Sun
day. The Bell telephone company have
staked of a line through this valley
and are going on toSunbury. They
settle and pay all damage claims as
they go. This is different from
what the other company did when
they went through. Tbey cut dwn
trees and limbs of trees and just left
them lay where they cut them down
without ever asking or settling for
the damage.
Isaac Dreese was called to Pitts
burg last week owing to some trouble
about a car load of nail keg 'staves
"hipped to that place. '
Uoa rail t Try Thla.
Whenever an honest trial is civen
to Electrio Bitters for any trouble it
ii recommended for a permanent
cure will surely be effected. It
never falls to tone the stomach, re
gulate, the kidneys and bowels,
stimulate the liver, invigorate the
nerves and purify the blood. It's a
wonderful tonio for run-down sys
tems. Electrio Bitters positively
cure Kidney and Liver Troubles,
Stomach Disorders, . Nervousness,
oleeplessness, Rheumatism, Neural
Ria, and expels Malaria. Satisfac
tion guaranteed by the Middleburg
?nrOo., araybill, Garman 4 Co.,
Ini Sanders of Pittsburg is visit-
;in? his parent at this place.
Miss Ma'j L'sher,of Xorthuttiber-1
land spent few days with Miss
lUist and Miss Young of this plane.
The festival held for the- benefit
of the Sander's Hollow Sunday i
school on Saturday night ws well
J. F. UTalborn, wife and daughter
of Sunbury, spent Sunday sritli Juo.
Shatter wad family.
Miss Cora Perk of Northumber
land is visiting her aunt, Airs II-jI-lenbacL
Miss Harriet Wetzel of Stitilniry,
is visi'j'Ug her parents.
SuiiMiel Troxel and M.y friend of
Uetiow., spent Sunday his par
ents. Jsiwt Seliaetier aiw wife sient
Sundavwith Mr. 1 ittri VVinlield.
'7, Samuel Smith atxS xMiss Cora
Jiuiley both of this place, were unit-.
ed lit .'he Holy IhhhIs of matrimony
on Sunday. The good jieople of
this place wish them happiness nixl
suc!fcKs in all their undertakings.
Mo l,ii(vr Hum Vur llnntl
is the spot in your buck directly affect
ed by lumbago. Jlut it 'lis big enougfe'
to pFustraie you until a kind friend
rubs iVrry Davis' Painkiller into yow
aehiug flesh. Then thebhrobbiug)aie'.,
whioii has been as bad .as toothacUis,
dies sway. Painkiller W. equally gowd
iu relieving aclutiea and the varius
forme for rheumatism. 25c and Mk
bottlrts. 8CHNEE.
Pon Hoover and John Shadle, ui
Fremont, started foi Atlantic City
last Monday to stay a ifew weeks.
Po not forget that 'febe Si. John'
UuiocD Sunday school wtll hold their
annutJ picnic, July, 18th.
Rev. P. I. SchaefJer, the Reform
ed minister, prcacitcd in the St.
John's church Sunday (forenoon.
Howard Hoover anc! F. Tvandiri
were to Sunbury Thursday to trans,
act sotsie business.
The 4th of July Cekbration was
well attended from all ;arts of the
Mrs. J. P. Wendt ands:nol'Meiser-
ville, ware in town Saiiirday.
Sonic xf our people attended the
show atFreniout last Saturday night.
. F. J. Kerstetter, wife and son
and Henry Harding and wife were
toMckeesto visit Geo. lull Sunday.
Win. A- Harding, Esther Hard
ins; and Stella Hoover started for
Allentown gib Monday.
Next Sunday forenoon lev. C. C,
Miller the Lutheran niini-rer will
rareach in the St. John's church.
Pavid Hoover was to Seliasgrove
oil Monday to transact some business,
Sent More Help.
Often the over-taxed organs of di
cestion cry out for help by Dyspe
psia's pains. Nausea, Dizziness.
Headaches, liver complaints, bowel
disorders. Such roubles call for
prompt use of Dr. King's New Life
Pills, Tbey are gentle, thorough
and guaranteed to cure, a cents at
the Ttfiddleburtr Drug Co.. Gray-
bill, Garman and Co.. Jlichfield, P
Dr. J. W. Sampsell, Pennscreek.
The funeral of J. II. Ulsh which
took place on Wednesday of last
week was largely attended. The
business places were closed from 10
to 1 o'clock, there were many per
sons from the surrounding towns
present among them from your
town we noticed ex-Prothonafy Wit
tenmyer, ShirifT Row and Editor
r. s. after. :; '. ; ;
Mrs. BufBngtonof York jassed
through here on her way to her
home. She was accompained by
Mrs. Grabill and child.
Editor Lumbard and wife spent
Sunday of last week at Sunbury
with Murray Smith and family.
Mrs. Smith being their daughter.
Mrs. S. P. Burns was treated to a
genuine surprise party on Monday
evening of last week,, which the
womens relief corps had gotten up,
and to find her Bister Mrs. Dr. Ul
rich oj Millersburg in. the crowd
was an additional surprise. .. '
Mrs. C. H. Klose and daughter
jter, Mrs. Klaur Snyder.
j K. Knrtr. Gamcler. i.h..t..irraiher
nt Uai-rUl.iirjris on a viit to his
Km m is A pp . f Lvkvns .Valley
w,llMM,Vi , hist Monday to see his
brother, Norm in, who had been sick
but is ot again,
.Mrs. Tine is uiiikinira with
Mis. .1. 11. U!h. S'k- expects to
rein tin for some time
Mr. and Mrs. Miller, of Mt. Car-
uiel the latter a nieee of Mrs. Wag
ner were entertained in town several
Iavs last week.
Mr. and Mrs. I. II. Kiscnhuth
are entertaining Mrs. Eiseiiburg of
Geo. Haines went to I'ine Sum
nut to see Iih wu'e and cliilcl, who
are visiting her parents.
Pauntless IbxikA: Ladder Co. were
guests of the fiiviiien at Danville on
the 4 tli. A nuiMikT ol our ulizens
iuok in the celebration there -and at
Muncy. The vtvual racket was in
dulged in here, in the evening, bal
loons were sent skyward and rockets
and other fire works were set ofl,
which furnished amusement for the
crowds on the streets.
Dr. 1J. r. ai'enseller wid wile
left on Saturdity for a tri, to the
west, they ex pact to le goae alnut
a inonth.
John and "Garfield lustner rf
Sunbury were 4th of July visitor?.
Lawrence Lontz night oiwrator
at the Junction aceoinpatDejd ty his
wife and child have taken a trip to
UaU lirove t visit Mrs. L s Barents.
J. S. J!ufi!:luut, anil daughter.
Mary and lIUr Ccarhart of Sun
bury are guci's of Mk. Margpet
- J. C. Forrester is mining a sure
foot, it has basn piitc eorc, but is
Will Mark -of Phila. uvd acoun
of his from ebanoii are visitiug
the former s parents.
Mrs. Geo. Uolincs .is cutertainii:
her father Mr. Mattis ami a nephew
of l'hila.
Pr. W. If. Ulsh and wife ac
compained Mr. Mitcliellv((ier father)
to Ins home at Lhiftwoud for a few
II. I. Mover, of the Corn ier, wa
in town on S;di.rday.
Oil Friday night one (if the most
turrilic thunder ttorai evtr known
here, passed over the town about 1
o'-olock, accompanied by a downpour
of rain the latter ilasted oufy alout
10 ciinutes but a f.i'eat del of water
Pr. N. II. NiiiIe and wife of
Akron, C)., are tiemling several
weei with friend.
Mrs. Gleason uiixl daughter of
Prittwood attended Ihe faucral of
Pruggist Ulsh.
Percival Herman Uxitrht the
Fisher property on Market St. now,
occupied by A. A. Conrad aud fam
ily. Consideration we understood
was $1,500.
Miss Lydia Fisher returned home
from a five weeks trip to Hazleton
and Berwick.
If A MtTl.le to Ya,
And say som other salve, oint
ment, lotion, oil or alleged healer is
as good as Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
tell him thirty years of marvelous
cures of Piles. Burn". Boils, Corns,
Felons, Ulcers, Cuts. Scalds, Bruises
and Skin Eruptions prove it's the
best and cheapest. 25 cents at the
Middleburg Drug Co., Grarbill,
Garman & Co., Richfield, Pa., Dr. J.
W. Sampsell, Pennscreek, Pa.
A. F. Auck'er and - family of
Chula'sky spent Suuday.with friends
at this place.
Miss Lizzie Schrey is spending
the week with her friend Miss Bertha
Keller at Puncannon, Pa.
Pr., II. M. Krebs and A.. S.
Sechrist transacted business at Sun
bury last week. "
P, Ii. Neitz Is working on a farm
near Panville during" hay making
and harvesting. ' .
Chas. Kantz of Sunbury spent
Sunday at home.
R. S. Aucker of Sliamokin was
here to see the crops on his farms.
'Squire Sechrist is boused on ao
to tniM-li -x-r. '.
Our Ihiy li.i-l c"i'e a
di-play f
lire wirUs . iinr 1
BAP. ( WANTED We will pay the
lltghtwt t-Msh ,rre fnr Inn k delivered in
tl. MlKKI.KItrHO I.katiikii MkoI'o
Qnfn Ab'tandra yesterday er.tff
talnPil 10.000 l.oiulon reivanls ntnt i"0
Fcnlwl U enrh niiest a lnx ul i l.uid.
late and R silvpr kIU l.nnn h.
Vice Chani'-llor Urey, of New Jpisey,
IsRued an lnunctinn restraining the
Glass Blowers' Association from Inter
fering with the operation of the U. W.
Jonas glass walks at Minetola.
ifl alt:-.lillll- WhiiIihI.
No! I diil nt ask for a bottle any
cbeaier, or twice as large, or one made
by yourselves. 1 did aU for nnd will
not have any substitute for Perry
Davis' Painkiller; I have used it, my
father used it and I would not be sur
prised if my Kl:"idfatber diil so too;
titer.-is no i i 1 1 lit I i ii i that can eiial it.
That I am sure of for stomach ache.
Fweddy Fniiplngtoa Ah you fond
Of daw'. Miss Moneybags?
MIh M. Ves; big dogs. Not pup-
pieH. Chicago Daily News.
Tch Man to Ilia Tmile.
Thin world which fomt times wc-m. t biik
Would Jos along mor- ncurly rig hi
If pukiUsis would mvir talk
And nenators would ntvtr Ht;hl.
WamhliiBton Star.
AnkliiK I'" Murb.
'Wrig-bt You say you miw the ed
itor throw all my jokes in the Move?
Penman Yes; I did.
"Why .didn't you Kave thiMii fiir me?
"Do you suppose I was Kuinj; to
pull your chestnut out of the tire'.'"
Youkt-ru Statesman.
lufi-rmtliitf u4 KeMluA:.
I noticed a larffc erowil gathered
in front ol your Iioum- this morning,
Worrit. What was the matter?"
was discliar(,'ins' 111 wik." .
5 roai-t ttct.
There is more Catarrh in this sec
tion the country than all other di
seases put together, and until the
lat few years whs supposed io be
ineurable. For a great many years
doetora pronounced it a local di
sease, and prescribed local rem
edies, and by constantly failing to
cure with local treatment, pro
nounced it incurable. Science, has
proven catarrh to be a constitution
al disease, and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured liy F.
J. Cheney &. Co.. Toledo, Ohio, is
the only constitutional cure on the
market. ' It is taken internally in
doses from lu drops to a teaspoon
f ul. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for
any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Pi ops.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
flail's Family Pills ara the best.
"Two yews sjo my hair w
falling out badly. I purchased a
bqtjlo of Ayer's Hair Vigor', and
spoo my hair stopped coming out."
Miss Minnie Hoover, Paris, 111.
Perhaps your mother
had thin hair, but that is
no reason why you must
go through life with half
starved hair. If you want
long, thick hair,' feed lit
with Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and make it rich, dark,
id heavy.
SI.MaMU. AlltanWi.
If your droffglit cannot (apply yon,
nod as one dollar and we win express
He tare aoarirv wo uh
express omoe, Aaarow,
oa kbottu
tf oor Mrt
Clem (!. Moore, Editor of the Advocate-Democrat of t'ruw furdville, Cttx., writej
the Peruna Medicine Company as follows:
Oentlemen-"'AHer lour yean of Intense suffering, caused by systemic
catarrh, which I contracted while editing, and traveling for my paper, I have
been greatly relieved by the use of Peruna. I gave up work during these ears
of torture, tried various remedies and many doctors, but all tbc permanent
relief came from the use of Peruna. My
was catarrh all through my system, and a few bottles of Peruna made me feel
like another person, noting the Improvement after I had used the first bottle.
Peruna Is undoubtedly the best catarrh
Judgo Win. T. Zcnor, of Washington,
P.O., writes from 213 N. Capital Street,
Washington, I). C:
"I take pleasure in saying that I can
cheerfully recommend the use of Peruna
as a remedy for catarrhal trouble and a
most excellent tonic for general condi
tions." Wm. T. Zenor.
Mrs. Amanda Morrill, 136 Keid street,
F.lizalieth, N. J., writes:
"I have been nick over two years with
ncrTous prostration and generaldebillty,
and heart trouble Have had four doc
tort; all said that I could not get well.
I had not walked a step in nino months,
suffering with partial paralysis and
palpitation of the heart every other
day, tod had become so reduced In
flesh an to be a mere skeleton weigh
Ing only 8S pounds.
"Up to this date I have taken Peruna
fur sere a months. It has saved my life
Nrarly all ill. ul-- sin- c .im-. -I t; I
..fl .1-.i.!:. i. i" 1
r . r i 1 . . t . . I'r. Mall's Nervo i-.
The Sure and
j;... - 'U ..i,'.. I I I'ii- r-- l . f tr ':' ..
air! i i.i. - nu i . ii r- -II..H-I, i . I I ric AciJ, i - K : . n.I l.ivi-r Jl
Ciiriiplaints. r tumac!i ih orders. t;t.c.:r.:.r:. Ih-C4,n.t!rti.nt. In.::.:c--.inn,
rr iiuM-.y. Lie of SK-rp und A; .'ttiti-. Ir. tlall's Ner.i i .1 r. - - i -i K
.....ii.... .,.,.1 i ll.i lii.. l..i i.- :!i..l in. .ii l..;!.it- i - '. .1. ....1. A
b mm, niiik. r, 1U...I ImiMi r ami 1.1 1 t-unli.
Price 50 Cents a Bottle
An pt t. 'j'n- v f-.r lin n- ih-im-
Or. HU Ntrw 1" r j "ii. I T lit 1. tii-.t'i. .
u : -..t lit- l.x - ; f j'.ii-l.
Wednesday, July 2.
lt Is reported In St. Ixwls that KIdr
Menelik. of Abyssinia, desires to visit
the World's Fair to be held at St, Louis
In 1904.
Thlrtf-flve chair manufacturers met
In Greensboro, N. C, yesterday and
formed an association for "mutual pro
tection." Forty-one new cases of cholera were
reported In Manila, P. I., yesterday, the
largest number In one day since the
Congress passed a resolution pro
Tldlns for the erection of monument!
at Washington to Generals Francis
Nash and William Lee Davidson,
heroes of the Revolution.
Thursday, July S.
According to the United States cen
sus report there are 179,719 farms In
Ohio, valued at $1,036,815,180. of wblcb
79 per cent Is In land.
A. B. Dusch shot and killed Will
Woods at Metropolis, 111., during a
quarrel. Woods accused Dusch ol In
suiting bla sweetheart.
Captain C. W. King, of the Mln
Leapolis detective force, was sentenced
to three years In the penitentiary for
being an accessory to a felony.
The Photo Engravers' Union has
been expelled from the American Fed
eratlon or Labor for breaking faith
with tbe International Typographical
Union. .
Mrs. Harriet Avent, cook for A. M.
Clary, of Chelsonvllle, Va was found
unconscious, wlwth ber skull fractured.
Her husband Is charged with the
Saturday, July 5.
Tbe Pennsylvania Kallroad Company
baa ordered 207.000 tons of steel rails
for 1903.
Tbe Texas Prohibitionists' tdate con
ventlon met yesterday and named a
full ticket
Joseph Merrifleld, treasurer, of the
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore,
trouble was called Indigestion, but It
remedy ever compounded. CLEM O.
as I can safely testify. I have net felt
so well In five years, having walked
over one mile w ithout III result, and
have also gained thirty pounds since
commencing to take Peruna. In ftet,
I cannot praise It too highly." Mrs.
mnnda Morrill.
Peruna never fails to prevent systemic
atarrh or nervous prostration if Uk-a
in time. Peruna is tlio mopt prompt anj
permanent cure for all cases of nervou
prostration caused by systemic catarrh
known to tho medical profession.
If you do nt derive prompt and fati
faetory results from the u" nf Pnrtini,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statoment of your case and h-.- will
bo pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
Tho llartman Sanitarium, Coluiubua,
m iac - "in' f"i i
'ir.- 1.1... .1. I.ik
!:' I I ric Acid i ' . .
Speedy Remedy
.1 I...; I . I ' :.'! I : '.I'll' tin .1
and Worth a Dollar a Drop
'tln r ju-t ; 1 1.-1 -1 1' t '. . '.
-.a u- i.:iiii4 i.i :iti'i -rl
One hundred workmen employed by
the Spedden .Ship Handing Company, at
Paltimore, strui k for ?.n iti'-n-ase in
General Lloyd Wheaton reached Chi
cago. 111., frnrn Manila, where he will
reside, his retirement for aye being s(
for July 15.
The keel of the battleship Nobraska
was laid In Moran Pros. & Company's
ship yards, at Seattle, Wash., yester
day, before a great ( rowd.
Monday, July 7.
The 20th national convention of the
North American Turnerhund opened
In Davenport, la., yesterday.
Canned salmon poisoned Henry
Amis and seven children at Pittsburg,
Pa., and one child may die.
A cloudburst at Klllspnrt, Idaho,
swept away 12 or more houses and
flooded the country for miles.
Forty-eight passengers of the Ward
line steamer Esperanza. from Havana,
were put In quarantine at New York
Laborers in the coal mines of tbe
Altoona district refuse to work less
than six days a week,
miners are disobeying
claiming the
the four-day
President Roosevelt has decided to
spend the greater part of tbe summer
at his home at Oyster Bay, N. Y
where he will transact all Immediate)
public business.
Tuesday, July 8.
Mary S. Knowlton, aged 70 years,
was killed In a runaway accident at Ar
lington, Mass., yesterday.
Walter Arnold and an unknown com
panion were drowned while swimming
in the Matimee river at Toledo, O., yes
terday. Inls Botha, the Boer general, will
spend the summer at La panne, a Bel
gium summer resort, where bis wife
has taken a house.
Richmond P. Hobson, Eero of the
Merrlmac, delivered the opening ad
dress at. the Winona Chautauqua, at
Waj-saw, lnd yesterday. .
h ST
(nft, fi
v UT.
I ol