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note Zlzzto
ye mv J0D w w
hand. Thev must so
.u ThA nrice VtU do It
pies and prices for tha ask-
less than you' can buy them
Lut printing. ''
L vgtnIItr, Editor aas Prprlttr.
A Family jaaraat, Dertted U Hew, Sdeac. Art, Political Ecaaamjr aid Carrcat Literaure.
Rate: Oat Dollar Per Anna, la Adrian
Ihifsiiiger C. E. Society Mill
festival on the church grove,
Lv evening, July 19.
I T,.lm W. Bunkle and children
firs. 1). K. Haas and son, spent a
t Viftlinburg lt week, as the
Is of Mrs. John Oauntt.
,.tivl for the benefit of the Sun-
L liiHil will he held at Salem next
rdav evening. All are invited.
1-ShfriH'BoIender, who has lieen
I . t 1I..4 llin Itnut a I V tX lU.lj U
ht SICK I ltv lllf dia nwno,
re pleased to note made his np
nice on tlie f,treet nKln'
(ore will he preaching In the Ger-
I language at Globe Alius una com-
Sunday at 10 o'clock, by the pastor
e Aliininl Loan Fund of the Mlll-
lllc State Normal School 1h kept in
Lnt ue aiding young persons to
Llete their Normal education.
J V. Orwlg and wife and J. K.
L. and wife of Kreamer, helped
le up a jolly Ashing party In Buf-
Xarrows, I nion county, last week,
iring the sickness of Mr. Wagen
r the 1'oht ia under the manage
t of fleo. W. Burns, of Selinsgrove.
kindly ask the aid of every friend
I render to let na know of any news
eir locality.
et tier Burns, of Homestead, who
lliet n visiting his grandparents In
In, left on Monday for Selinsgrove
I re he will continue his visit with
trrundpa Bums.
It the regulnr meeting of the School
Inl Inst week the following persons
I . . . 1 11 !
e elecieu as leacners lor me conning
In-Principal, Prof. A. It. Gilbert;
Lunar, W. E. Charles; Primary,
Is Lula Smith.
Lmimiiilon services will he held In
list's (Hossingers) Ev. Lutheran
Irek next Sunday morning, Ju'y
I) by Bev. W. K. Diehl. This ser-
was postponed from June 29th on
bunt of rain.
tall on A. E. Soles in Lis new iwv
and hair cutting parlor for your
ill denned with a refreshing shani-
and a clean towel to each patron
I the north side of Market square op
ite Central Hotel. Satisfaction guar-
Iteed. tf,
p:.00 per day puid for mailing circu
it at home. No canvassing or capi-
I required. Work can be done In the
tilings. For full particulars address
Lewistown, Pa.
Seniible Conclusion.
I' wo hundred prominent merchants
Heading, Pa., have declared that ad
rtiing in the newspapers is good
ough for them and that henceforth
uy will UMj the newspapers only for
'h advertisements as they may pub-
Ui. lliey will have nothing to uo
Ireafter with schemes for nda. in
Ltel registers, desks, hill boards,
it-ks, keyboards, charts, programmes,
Ikets, cookbooks, moving pictures,
lunciutors, curtain advertisements,
paintings and phamplet." The
erchanU) and business men every
liereare raaching this sensible con
To raise good crops and improve your
lud use a good bone and slaughter
f use phosphate. Manufactured and
'I by H. S. Aueker, Shamokin, Ta
hi be bouuht direct or from G. K
eiuli icks & Son, Selinsgrove, Pa.
I'reh animal bone and slaughter
"Use phosphate from $19 up. High
hdc commercial phosphate from $18
wn. 7-10-St.
Old Copies of the Post Wanted.
While the subscribers of the Post aro
lunting up their old newspapers, they
liiK'lit look for the copies of the Tost
pt are missing from .our flies. We
fill pny lilierolly for a copy of each of
lie following dates :
July 8, Sept. 6, 1S00; Apr. 0, Oct. 13,
Tn; Jan. l!(J, 1871; Apr. 17, 1S73; Nov.
i IVc. 23, 1875; Mar. 7, 1878; May 15,
i'; March 10, May 6, 1871; April 20.
Is:; Mar. 27, June 12, Oct. 30. 1884;
h't. 17, Dec. 3, 10, 17,24, 1885; Jan. 28
I'u.v , Oct. 18, Dec. 23, 18S(i; Dec. 29,
7!. tf.
fske Laxative Bromo-Qulnino Tablets
druggist refund the money If it
hil to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
each box. 25c
Down With Typhoid Fever.
The editor and proprietor of the Post
is confined to his bed. He was enjoy
ing his vacation at Atlantic City and
was compelled to shorten his pleasure
by sickness, arriving home last Thurs
day. He immediately took his oed
and medical aid summoned, who pro
nounced it typhoid fever In a mild
form. At this writing he Is doing nice
ly and a speedy recovery ia expected.
The Ivy Ctuk Celclratc the Fourth.
The Ivy Club, of Middleburg, gave
a lawn party at the home of Miss Mar
ciu App at Muhantango, on the eve of
July 4th. Many frieuiia resiKndel to
invitations. Tile members made great
prepemtious and being aided through
the hospitality of the App family, the
party was indeed a grand success.
Music Mas furnished Ly the McKees
orchestra and the display of fireworks
was magnificent. The evening was
spent in the diH'ercnt games of interest
ana choice refreshments were served
in liberal proportions. After lunch the
guests were compelled to retreat to the
roomy mansion for protection during a
thunderstorm. Here they were enter
tained by Miss Holniitn, of Liverpool,
who recently returned from Chicago
where she had received instructions in
oratory. She soon convinced the mer
rymakers of a wonderful talent as an
elocutionist by her recital of a few
choice selections of the Shakesiierian
Many of the friends remained over
night ami all seemed to enjoy a few
hours sleep with the exception of a few
of the ladies who, with the strain and
excitement of the evening mi ill ir
minds, fancied they were in fidry bun!
mascurailing in double file. Breakfast
was served in due time afterwhieli the
guests departed feeling very thankful
that tliarc was an Ivy cluband an App
Those present were: Misses Marcle
App, Evelyn Graybill, Bertha Croiise,
Lucrecia Crousc, Catherine Holinan,
Jenette Beal, Grace Snyder, Edna
Kline, Laura Gcmberllng, Jennie
fiturtvant, Helen App, Alice Shsllen
berger, HattieApp, Mable Mitterling,
and Messrs. B. E. Kline, L. L. Bower-
sox, Albert Gelnctt, H. D. Shuniaker,
Geo. K. Mot., T. L. Holinan, J. V. S.
Troutman, C. W. Winey, Tlieadore
Troutman, 1). M. Keolin, S. T. Mitter
ling, F. C. Holier, C. E. Hcrrold nnd
W. H. Richenbauch.
Admitted His Guilt.
A drunken man staggered into church
on Sunday nnd sat down in the pew of
one of the deacons. The preacher was
dismissing about prevalent poplar
vices. Soon lie exclaimed; "where is
the drunkard?" The drunken man was
far enough gone to think the call
personal, so rising heavily, replied,
"Here I am," and remained standing
while the drunkard, s character and fate
were eloquently portrayed. A few
minuta later the preacher readied
another head of discourse, and asked,
"Where ia the hypocrite?" Gently
nudging his nelghlmr, the drunkard
said, "Stand up deacon, he means you
this time. Stand up and take it like a
man, just aa I stand. It will do you
good." Ex.
A Pitchfork Swindle.
A gang of swindlers are reported to
be victimizing the farmers of nearby
counties with a scheme thst it seems
no sane person would entertain fcr a
moment. The salesmen as they claim
to be, approach a man with the propo
sition that he shall become their agent
for a patent pitchfork. He is present
cd with a sample for his good looks
and signs an agreement to sell pitch
forks to his neighbors. The'ngreeineiit
proves to lie a judgement note and the
poor man finds himself impaled on the
pitchfork that the other fellow was us
ing. The slippery gentlemen have
made some good hauls, their profits
ranging from $75 to $450 per fork.
On the (1th Inst by Bev. W. A. Haas
Samuel E. Smith and Cora E. Bailer,
both of Monroe township.
On June 2Sth, at Dnndore by Allen
S. Sechrist, J. P., Lulle E. Shaffer and
Francis F. Stefl'eii both of Port Trevor
ton. On June 28, at New Berlin by Itev.
fi. Sidney Kohler, Mel yen Oberlln and
Minnie M. Goss, both of Middle Creek.
On June 23, at the home of Mrs. T).
B. Haruer, by Bev. J. Shambach, Wil
liam W. Brunner, of East Pittsburg,
and 'Laura M. Harner, of Paxtonville.
Hon. G. A. Si'boch was in Philadel
phia last week.
J. M. Leeser, of this place, spent
Sunday at Sunbury.
Mrs. W. H. Foltz spent Sunday of
last week at Troxelyille.
II. Harris Bower, Esq., is spending
some time In New York City.
Mrs. Howard Foulkand little daugh
ter spent Sunday at Sunbury.
Beiialdo Bilger, of near New Berlin,
was noticed in town on Monday.
County Treasurer Ben Smith spent
part of last week at Philadelphia.
Mrs. Edward Bower, of Benova, was
the guest of Mrs. Catherine Bower.
Mr. Charles Haas and lady friend, of
Shamokin, are visiting at J. W. Bunk
le'a. Preston Krdley, of Lewistown, spent
Sunday under the parental roof in
Beau. Hartman and Balph ( lelan,
both of Lewistown, spent Sunday in
this burg.
Ner B. Middlesworth, of Mc Clure,
while in town on Tuesday made us a
pleasant call.
John Eisenhart. wife ainl sun of
Shamokin, are visiting his sister, M rs.
George ShindK
Ueno Walter has moved Into the
property of Mrs. Katie Manbeck on
West Market street.
Miss Laura Geniberling, one of Se-
linsgrove's fair damsels, is the guest of
Miss Bertha Croiise.
Frank Iteigle, the sewing machine
man, transacted business at helms'
grove on the Fourth.
Mr. Amnion Spanglcr spent several
days the forepart of this week with his
mother at Centreville.
Miss Blanch Spald, of Selinsgrove,
was the guest of her cousin, Miss Lil
lie Spald, over Sunday.
Dan Dreese and family, of West Vir
ginia, are on a visit to his parents,
Banks Dreese and wife.
Misses Cot tie and Mattel Shoenian,
of Akron, Ohio, are enjoying a visit
among relatives in town.
Miss Ida Beaver returned to her po
sition at Altoona, after a visit of sever
al weeks with her parents.
Miss llutli Bowersox is enjoying a
weeks visit with her cousin, Misa Viv
ian K. Burns, at Selinsgrove.
Jolly Joe Lesher, editor of the Selins
grove Times, transacted husiuc in
town between trains Monday.
Geo. Clelan, who ia working in
Huntingdon county, is spending some
time in town witli his parents.
Mr. Brosius, of the firm, Broslus A
Minium, of Mt. Pleasant Mills, made
this olllce a pleasant call on Monday.
Charles (). Gaugler, of the Gaugler A
McFall marble firm, of Selinsgrove,
was in town Tuesday looking up new
After spending several weeks in town
with her grand-pa, Miss Vivian K.
Burns left on Monday for her home at
After spending several mouths in
Gordon, Mrs Arthur Beaver returned
home, accompanied by her nephew,
Luther NefV.
Miss Isabella Snyder, who is employ
ed in the Sunbury silk mill, visited
her parents, Win. Snyder and family,
over Sunday.
Philip Shelley, foreman of the Sun
burg Daily Item job department, Mas
a visitor among the (dear) friends in
town over Sunday.
Charles Spanglcr and family, of New
Durham, N. J., are visiting relatives
in this section of the county. Mr.
Spanglcr was a former Snyder county
Mrs. M. E. Jones, of Washington, D.
C, will give a talk on "Better Health
for Women" in the Court House on
Friday evening. Admission free and
for ladies only.
Mr. and Mrs. William Feese and son
Earl, of Bcavertown, left on Tuesday
for their home after spending a week
in town with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Fryman.
Messers. Bobert Potter, Frank Weg
enseller, and several other companions
all of Selinsgrove, are spending the
week camping at the, foot of Shade
mountain near town. . ' '.:
J j Prize Winners.
The following persons were the fortu
nate winners ot prizes this summer at
the First Pennsylvania State Normal
School at Millereville: The Wicker
sham Scholarship was awarded to Miss
Itena Lauver,of Bell wood, Blair Co.,
Pa. Prizes for General Scholarship
were awarded to the following Juniors:
132 to Miss Buth Lyte, of Kane, Mc-
Kean county; $10 to Mrs. Margaret
Thomson, Chester, Pa.; $10 to Mr. Ivan
Ii. Brooktnyer, of Netlsville, Pa. Can
didates for the Senior class won the
following prizes: $25, Miss Nan M
Heniperly, of Hamburg, Pa.; $10, Mis
Maud Z. Hallman, of Norristown, Pa.;
$10, Miss Hilda M. Steel, of Altoona,
Pa. The nienilers of the Senior class
won the following prizes for scholar
ship: Miss Frieda Haiisser, of Altoona
Pa., $25; Miss M. Agues Marsh,
Gap, Pa., $10; MIhs I'na M. Cranston,
of Harrislmrg, Pa., $10 For Practice
Ttaching ill the Model School, first
prize of $25 was awarded to Mr. Till
man E. Garber, of May town, Pa.; tin
second of $20 to Mr. Curtis J. Lewis, of
Philadelphia, Pa.; the third of $1U to
Miss Inez E. Mitchell, of Reward, Per
ry county, Pa., and the fourth prize of
$10 to Miss Ethel S. Brooke, of Edgar
Hill, Pa. Prizes for Composition and
Public Siieaking: Hon. John II.
Land is prize of $10 in gold, Messrs
Ludwick Gamher and Norman Xorris.
Louis C. Lyte prize of $12.50 for ihi
best essay on "Trees" to Mi.s Jean net te
M. Conklin, of Columbia, Pa. The
Principal's prize of $12.50 for Oratory
to Mr. B. Barclay Simmons, Gap, l'a.
The class of '1)5 prize of $5 for liatory
to Miss Grace Caslner, of Williams-
port, l'a. The John B. WurlVI prize ol
$20 for the greatest progress in Natur
al Science to Mr. Pliares H. Hcrtzog,
of Scuoencck, Pa.
Summer Tours to the North.
For the summer of l'.i02 the Peimsy 1
vanla Builroad Company has arranged
to run two personally-conducted tours
to Canada and Northern New York
T1m totira will leave July 19 and
Angiiat 13, Including Xingara Falls,
Thousand Islands, Bapids of the St
Lawrance, (Juebeo, The Saguenay
Montreal, Au Sable Chasm, Lakes
Cliampiain ayd George, and Saratoga
occupying fifteen dav; round-trip rate
Each tour will be in charge of the
Company's tourist agents, assisted by
au experienced lady as chaperon
whose especial charge will be unescori'
ed ladies.
The rate covers railway and boat fare
for the the entire round trip, parlor
car seats, meals en route, hotel enter
tainment, transfer charges, and car
riage hire.
For detailed itinerary, tickets, or any
additional information, apply to ticket
agents or address Geo. W. Boyd, As
sistant General Passenger Agt , Broad
Street Station, Philadelphia.
Death of Mrs. Peter Hartman.
Mrs. Peter Hartman, an aged and
respected lady of Centreville, died last
Saturday at her home. About uiiu
weeks ago, while paying a visit to he
sons at Lewistown she was stricken
witli paralysis which was the cause
her death. She leaves a huhand and
six children, four sous ami twodatigh
ters. Slie was a daugbtt r of Mr. and
Mrs, Daniel Showers and was horn in
Washington township. The funeral
took place on Tuesday morning from
her late home. Interment in the ('en
treville cemetery. Aged about U2
Snyi'or County Choir Convention
The 15th annual choir convention
will be held on the old church ground
near Freeburg, Saturday, Aug. loth
1!H)2. The "Choir Lender" containing
the choruses for the day can be had
now for rehearcal at 7 cents per copy
W.M. MoYKlt, Pits.,
Freiburg, Pa.
Will Get I'osl.d Service.
The Pennsylvania railroad has leased
Its telegraph lines to the Postal tele
graph company which will have the
ellect of changing thousands of the
olllees along its lines now operated by
the Western Union to the Postal ser
vice. The change will not go into ef
fect until Jan. 1st. The Postal service
will establish an oftlce in Middleburg,
Zlne and Urlnllng Make
Devoe Lead and Zinc Puint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand
11-21-1 y.
rorn ru-llufunte Ui tlt
i.KVKH Kkknki. Haumku. We
mere ols in der scbnle gouga sin worc's
farshtonna osmere net uslitsluile hiern-
ing grecked hell awver aw awenich
farshtoud mil ci-g'iiumnia. Esisnim-
my so heit.a-dawgs. Now, es ursht os
le professor in uiisera colleges wissa
wella is we w ide s mere joompa con,
we good os iner holla shpcila con, (in
we long os iner si bore woxa con liissa
eli mer blind wardt. De arsht lesson
os mer demo ureeked is laerna der
"college yell" gewa, tin ea naixt oh
iner wase iloot der loo shtae mit em
inowl nil ween oin.-hel un greished w
en I lolenner:
"Zip' IIjiiik' ll'iuni!
Kulr llh- -U.ilil
lllltlcle Tziu- 1 1 ii ltrevit llliule,
(trmliln Hon; tin Pnwva Millit li,
Kpniliirum. Hoof'"
tin nil so dihenkersy norrheita os n
mond wase wos es is, nwver yader el
her iarshta"i os der ooo shunt liel k-
shtart ia far en fartlompt kolh fun sich
maucha. De leit gooku tsu un sawga,
"De boova saya era wilder bower,"
awver der druvvel Is se saya der bov
ver so deef os are farfowled im budda.
Won se derno eu holb yohr fun hame
sin hen se ollcs galaerndt os so ruts-
nawsa wissa keiina waeg-i resbpectful-
ly leit insut, un se maina es ware
shmardt farawrmy, u-shuliliche maid
blackgarda waega era dressa, un ohlte
leit b'shimpa waega era diMiinheit. Se
shmoka oil grosst- pifa wile sell se gooka
inaiicht we toughs, un won se in da
kars cooma don muss yaders tswae sich
seVerhovva won shunt meede oldte
wiver im gong shtae missa nn biiblin
liceva. Now, Kernel, swag mere a
mohl, doona se de socha laerna in era
shool blcher? Won se diMiiia, ware's
net en gooder bluii en collection till'
nemma fur ena nie bicher kawfa os aw
awenich ebbes sawga waega we mer
sich badrawga set in cooinbany. Es
doot waricklicli sema os deg karl woo
es loiidsht schwetza con, de shtiukisht
plfe shmoka un hut de lengshta horc is
ea meiisht aw-g'nanie by eena. ex-
plaina de socha mit em argument oh se
mista exercise liovva. FariiKMiillich.
Awver far wass saega se net bids un
lxwa pushta feiise. Awver sell ware
g'shoft, un slioHu is gaega de rule.
Awver des is net cle rule by da boova
arle. (look amohl on unser maid.
Yobra tzvrick ben se ols laerna bocka
un bigla, un sbtricka un wesha. Now
missa se hem-shticlia, einbroidera, r;if
tla un llotmsa maiii'ha os em usht net
warein holdt aw yea sin en furfiomiite
nuisance. Won se hira don inissii se
niawd hovva-.-o gor tswae aney far
dearawet do un dcouner far ull'seocht
gewa. Won der nion net en bahk hut
don muss a le na ws nil' em shlife-
shtae bovva Ins se tsu der conclusion
coon led os se en nion g'hired hut os se
net enara eon un derno gaens on de di
vorce courts 1111 ilerdeivel lot-lit si feisht
full we en pudding os are hut.
l.'imer dciina conditions dcte Ich
silggesta os oil de colleges en post-grad
uate course ull" graichta far de shtu-
dents faishtond laerna won se 'nmhl
ollcs wissa os se in da colleges laerna
kt una, un do idea hut sich suggest tsu
mere tier onnerdawg we der Sammy
Mullmrgcr hame cooma Is fun der col
lege. I )es barshtly wore Her yohe fardt
in de shule. Der Mike, si pup, hut
usht ae suit glader g'hot de gons tzeit
os der boo in der slmol wore un si mom
my wore far dri yohr net welder fun
haineosona Grutzinger's greitz-wake,
wile se ken glader hut g'hot far gae
b'soocha. Der Sammy is der anslcht
boo. Arr wore ols en aw-g'nainer
younger nion, awver do sollege hut si
kup so full laerning g'niaucht os ken
blot, moe wore far farshtoud, nu se
Jarahto9aregadoohut wore si dawdy
retza wile are net recht English schwet
la con, under mommy sawga os are
sich shemma daid si collegr chums
cooma lussa ene saena wile de gons
nuchbershoft tsu doom ware. Are hut
oil si mail fun Schwetlletown greeketl,
tswae mile oh, wile are g'sawd hut de
Hawsa larri'k pusbt-otllce ware tsu
"itisignilleeiit." Are hut de boova
nimmy gakenthis mit une nil" gawoxa
sin un Soondrwgs room ga-draveled
hummel iit-shter stMN-lm. in fact, are
wore unich em sliodda bawm g'hucked
en gonser dawg un novels g'laesa, si
tinge r-uegcl gabutzed, si iifeg'shamok-
etl un si bore ous la awga ga-wishetl.
Si dawdy hut inieh g'frogt far advise
wos art; mit tlelil lioo t)o set. Ich bin
nows ous lioiisc-i-ck un cue long ha-
giHikctl unich cm shodda bawm; dern
hin Ich tzurick un lioh enie dare advise
aevva: "l-ongene un liiu en nil' en
huvvel-lKink os we en oldt liiooder-
shofe; derno greek en hecka-share Ull
nein si heist? film kup; schmide tie loug
a liegle fun sina linger un inaucli cue
se fressa; shtrip en kelsich hem ivver
si kup on a pawr over-alls ivver si fees;
drae si g'slcht 1 1 1 -1 1 em wt-lskaru feldt
Ull derno shtell (lich llillliieh ene mit
der fawr-gaishel iiii givish:
'.ip' l:tii' Houlil'
liuh! 'Kali' -Knit'
IllllklC THf III! licrV.I llluill-,
ilriidcl.t llnri- un potvv.i Milliili,
l-iHiltiriitn, Knul"
un won are sich ii-t raiked don liock
eint? in de Hank un Ich insure dich Ii
druiivel is om end."
Der naixt morgan i b Ich ull' wore
bov b li hara d.-r oldt Mike der "col
lege yell" gewa un de lure is g'shtart
liucli em weMi-Uam feldt. Ich hob
cue der naixt dawg g'frogt We's gonga
is un are but g'sawd:
"Boonastiel, u hisht en lillossift-r.
De jiost-grailuat urse hut my Sam
ollcs g'larndt os are f:irges.-t hut in lire
yohr un sated mere en k -lit. Wos
sawgshf." Mere slitm-fi en post-graduate
course oui B:trrick far nxa hreclia?
ols widdcr,
Mil l I.I K JicHlN A.STI
Deeds Entered far Record.
W. E. Zimiiierinsii and wife to Ada
Hannaii for lot in Paxtonville for $102.
Mary Bingain.iu heirs to F. M. Wet
zel for lot in lieavertowu for $85.
Wm. E. Smith, et. al, to the Com
monwealth of l'enn'a, 4o.s acres and
78 perches in West Beaver for $112.
M. K. Harringcr and Geo. M. Shin
dle Exit's of the last wiil of Absoloni
Snyder, deed, to Kate A. Manbeck,
house and lot in Middleburg fur $1200.
Henry A. Mengt-I and wile to I). F.
Bottlger, from divided interest in 35;5
acres and mi perches in Perry and W.
Perry for $.sini.
Isabella Bousli to I'hilij, Ji, kel :t2
acres in Wet Perry Twp., Snyder Co.,
and Monroe Twp., Juniata Co., for
Jonathan Woonier and wife to David
Bottiger, et. al, ."5:t acres and iiii perch
es in Perry and West Perry for$ ;0.:5.
J. A. Grimm and wife to Abraham
Lawvcr for s acres ami 17 perches in
Washington for $:;5o.
Aarriet Smith, et. al. to Henry A.
Baiii-h 3 acres in Franklin Twp. for
Samuel C. Kesslt-r and wife to Amos
Bolig acres in I't-nn for $2"i0.
W. A. Leapold, et. al, to Jcdiii
tlis for 1 interest in Khenezer Fivmoiit
( 'hiii'ch and lot for $:i5.
I.oviua Coleiueli and liilsbaud to
William Fall two lots of ground in
Beaver for i-125.
Henry 11. Iteiminger and wife to
Jennie Moyer house and lot in Frank
lin for $1550.
tellers Griinti'il.
Letters of administration in the
estate of Elian Sliotzberger, Into of
Freeburg, were granted Calvin Sliotz
berger. Letters of administration in the es
tate of Win C. Moyer, late of Frank
lin township, were granted to J. M.
Kw'r GhIIimim; Wt Hri LunifT.
You can paint a building with fewer
gallons of Devoe Lead and Zinc than
with Mixed paints, and it will wear
twice us long as lead and oil mixed by
hand. tf.
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Laxative !Bromt-vuiiilne Tablets curt
a cold in a day. No cure, no pay. Price
25 cents. tf