The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, July 10, 1902, Image 15

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    It is Announced That King Edward
Will be Crowned Next Month.
Hi Majesty's Re:cv-y Hat Been Sc
Rapid and Satisfactory That It Wat
Decided to Crov.r. H:m Before An
Quit 15.
London. July 8. Kins Edward will
be crowned b-nween August 11 ami Ai I
gust 15. Uin in : has !.:: m 1
raii! atkl :..i.--f..i :.i: that the ahoy ,
decision was r.'iiv.-l at yt-Mciday. Ni:
official unno'ir.t t-ii.i'iit of the la. t ha? 1
yet been ii;ad- 'I li" ja.-t-ant t!.ri"i,!
the streets an I th- , !. :..f-:iy at W.-st-j r Ah: y u--- :.. i- li nr i : !
tin:, i i;iu":':il plan, 'i 1 1 ir majes
ties will drive Hum Km Kinliam Pal
ace to the Abbey through the T. il tc
Wliitthatl and thence to the Ah!nv,
the kjiih' route as takt-n at llit c;iuin
(if pai liauit'iit.
Kit1.; IMuard parsed a favorabl" day
yesterday, and the verbal r'iirt given
nut last ni; l.t -a iliai his majesty I
tlll '1' if- v.-- !l I'll- use by tin- Prime
of Wales of tin' word ' itcovery" when
In- ri f' M- '! to-th- Kind's progress at
the iitau;. .i.i:ion of i ln Itaphal
Xiif-v.--' l'i !!"' f tl'iv's Hospital ws
ttiil.iy ufiiiiioon is itarlrd in 31 any
(1'iarti rs :is iudi-a'inn 1 ti ait tin- royal
family coiiMiii-is tin- kIhh'ji ius-i cost
Kc plying to a q-nsti'iti on th" sub
frl of th rotation stands. th liist
onini'siiTur of works. A. Aknrs
Doubles, sai. I It jvis not jtopo-ii'd ti.
remove tin-in. as it was hoped tbe
stands ;'! still In- required fur th
purpose to:- Ahi'h th.y v-r 1011
stnn t.'d.
Colonial Secretary's Head Crashed
Through GLtss In Cab.
l.oti!":i. .1'ily - i !i ' ! !'
lary, .Ifsf'i h '"hatnl t'lin. was h-vit"
ly cut in th- h.'ad i-tiv 't.-iniei-i
as th'- t .- "it if a il 1 I 1 1 n
V.'hitrlinll I li sr. ii'Mrv' l.inson
was passim: th" C.inad: in -in h, when
the lioi-- -lipped Mr I'hamherlal'i
was lrni; I'.vnrd with i:ii-ai viol-me
1 1 ;il strii. k and - hat t ! -d tl,
c'nss fro- ' " t V t'i.
Vb'"i Triiiti i ,t wsji seen thit
Mr. Oian.o train's held was hlefdinv
prol'u.- iy A piilii "inati li-1 -! the sec
rttary i'.'.' :i a! and a- oinp.tnied hlin
to a C'i 'ii.-s hospital. Just af
ter the a. 1 i nt Mr 1 'hamberlain was
asV:-il :f ! fr-lt faint "No." he re
plied: "h'it I am losing a lot of blood."
Mr. i ' .;..: ''am v.. rr-pirnirg from
his i ih- W-1 Afritan Volun
tr-rrs. 1 n iIm viewed th ni-nofivr-s.
1 i --;- i t tin- br-at. Though
Mr. Oiiah! r'ain's wounds l.icd a good
5-2l. ti.t y w. ru t serious.
The mnfrenre of tba colonlfll pm wliiih as Id have ben b'Md tr
day to (iis .s the question nf imprri f
lff'r.'? l:a 'i-n postponed in rot, . .
tuirr,. r-f t' p an-iderit to Mt
Pyle Killed Hirpe!f B-cauie Nieara-'
rjua Route W't Chosen.
C'biiaco. July s niudm boarted be-'
;ait" r pa.-fj the I'anarai
ranal bill, thereby probably niaklnp
rrany a r-- .f lod owned by bim In
Nitarnpia prartirillr valueless, U. W.
Prie flr.x nni killed himself at th
;arfi-:d Park Sanltarbim. wbr h
bad bri patit-nt since last February
Mr Py was 72 years old. a baube
!or. and without a friend In Obi'-agc?
with the T(fp!ion of the atttnlant
at the sanitaruim. He rame to l.'bl
tapo l"ss than a year ago, and nt to
tb ho.-pitai. where he received treat
cet.1 Jur ia'ora.1 of txdh eyei.
wa? a i.a':v r,f R.:. hmond. Va. He
wr.t to fertra) Ameri a 20 years a?o
lr.f! 'iir-i'. "ra- :s r.f la-jH, in Nicaragja.
Fie Killed By Lijhtnieg
Of-rrrsr.. 0 . .1 i!y S - Three white
tr.r. iw rpr'x- k.:J. one white
e -ir, a: t '!(: iepro :r; the re-
fjlt "( a '(-we 1 1 n '! -r an ;i?btsing
l'.' r?i h-'t- y j-terOaj' T- n r, wt-re
a'i r.: ; the th,:. !e.'
' .-" t. Ii-.' "e.e.J
Jh '. Tt -;--c;h '' -Lpar. y ani
w t- v r . ' . . ia .', r. k ; r k
ly -r ".-.' t. t '
r ' ' ' j , W "y it- t ; - ' ,'J .
f ; '' - ' : ; ..'.'-- w h ' ' t ji,
V ft- 1 .J ; 'ft -j ; tj 1. 1. f -r -
V. ; T;' 1-t r, - -J v Er d
y ' r
w i
1 - . 1 y ' 1 a
. i tr! ' -eli-
.. . ' L 11 'i :.e
, . i :j 'y t- ' c . .
' '. 1 : '. 'j .'. '.'j.i ; lint
i-t- o ' :,t: -j, r,! t
'.1 r: . .-' r t . p ri.-.'t-
- t, i. t .,f t'.e
t i."-
1 y
Vt- '. t'tep C" Pi '".ii Tta-t.
' . -, ; . i" J . : y y --Two b-.t
' ', f : ; ' t t !; riu r
' ! . ! 'y i.r-! t " ?' f y
i't ' ' -. t!.'.i "ouii.
!ij j y l.t-i.' -:,. t r H' i' if 'if
1 ! :::'. R:iy. the tv
? rtt. '. i-i'i i-t.-J ti.t- ;a,Bt ni n c'yiMf
i-yiifi.tivi. 'J'l-i- I'V. fu fcviji)' trvtu
lioitit '.'ti Ju y ! ! i uppV!"J tbt-y
lih(l mt t.v soti.t- I'vjM.b of July
,t-llj't:i"t. H!,Cl ftt- re uftiltf liVU,
tt,1:!. ;it 'jvt! -i )f wt-try, lmd Cows ou tb
f.!lnjii(! Uft' lvt tu tlbt p
ridgts and Ho'usm twapt Away h
Western Part of State.
Buffalo. N. July 7. A terrific
cloudburst and wind storm swept over
Western New York at an early hour
yesterday. Rivers and creeks rose
rapidly, overflowing their banks and
tweepln away house and barns and
live -stork. The loss will reach Into
hundreds of thousand of dollars. A
dispati'h from Arcade says the flood
at that place claimed one victim and
did ll'iu.imo damage to prop
prty. Minnie Loper. who kept a
bakery on the bank of the creek. wa
drowned early In the day. The down
pour and the cloudburst above the
illaae turned the creek Into a torrent.
Tin- water rose very rapidly and was
several feet deep on the lowlands be
fore any one realized the danger. Miss
l.oper's bakeahop was swept out Into
the stream, but' it bad not none far
before it fell Apart. Miss 1-oper's body
was recovered
At Yorkshire, two miles below Ar
cade, the approaches to the bridge
were washed Mway. but the bridge Is
standing. Miles of roadway are en
gullied or burled In debris that they
will have to be rebuilt. At Sandtmky,
a few miles from Arcade, it Is reported
that two houses were washed away
l'rotti everywhere mine, reports of live
Mod; killed At l'ortnga the river Is
now a torrent a niilo wldti. Yes-terdai
morning every one living In the lower
part of tbe town hail to abandon tbeli
honi'-s The (aims are laid wastn and
no Held crops can be saved. House
bud barns were swept down the river.
Town Covered With Water.
Pike. N. Y.. July 7 At daybreak
yesterday morning I'ike was under!
four feet of water Almost every1
bridge over creeks In Niagara and AI ;
leglieny counties and In tbe southern
pait of Wyoming county was swept
away. It is estimated that tbe damage
In this town anil in the Immediate i 1
linlty will amount to a quarter of a
million of dollars. Mmb stock wai
Wirehouses of Twenty four Railroads
Practicall Tied Up.
''in ago, July 8 A strike of over
y.unu fieigbl handler in Chicago was
called yesterday, and every freight
bouse of the II railroads concerned i
ill! but tied up. Ilusimss men tear
that the strike will be the most serious
which has affected their Interests in
years. The strike was . ailed by n com
mittee appointed at a meeting of l.utiu
freight handlers, held Sunday night.
The committee was instructed to call
a strike wilhin 4S hours unless the
railroads should meet the demands of
the liter, at once for an increase In
wages. 1 . pay for over time and
holidays d iet ognition of the union.
Hope- , a spnedv settlement r.f the
strike of 'V. fi.-1-ht handlers' union
are ni -d l.y officials of the un-;
Ion an' ..ibers of the state board of
arbltra :i. The officials of th union
list Iji. it told Chairman Job. of the
oard of arbitration, that thy were
willing to permit employes of the dif
ferent companies to met oflii-ials of the
same to discuss the wage stale, pro '
viding a Joint conference should b
held, at which officials of the union
would be permitted to act as advisers
to the men. As the railway officials
have favored this step from tbe be
ginning of the controversy, there Is
little doubt that the strike can be set
tled satisfactorily to both sides If the
conference shall be arranged. 1
Total Liabilities of Concern Is Up
wards of $9,000,000.
Trenton. X. J.. July s Judge Kirk-.
Patrick, of the United States circuit
court, yesterday appointed George n
Matlock, of Plainfield. X. .1. receiver
of tbe Bay Stale Gas Company of Xew
Jersey. This is the company that was
organized ly J. Edward Addicks and
others for the purpose of controlling
the Boston Gas Light Company, tbe
Roihury Gas Light Company, the
South Boston Gas Light Company and
the Lay State Gas Company, of Bos
ton The application for a reelrer
was made ty Prank I. Lay 4- Co. of
New York who hold $150,000 worth of
borj-; r,f the fyndi.ate. jjay (.laims
that the syndi-ate has defaulted In lbs
payr.ent of interest on the bond; that
it owes id inter'-st $.'7vi7, and owe
tr Mercantile Trust Company $10,000.
It Is charK'-d that the svLdi' ate per'ei the four '.on parses r.amed to
'r' a fotirg iLOebtJntmi of $323,.
'.-'''. t.t'1 'hit the total liabilities 01 the
Lsy ftv Ja Corr-psir.y ol T.'tw Jers'.y
: r .' of 1 000 0 '
F'igMf jily Irju'td Ey Explosion.
.t-w York. J-:ly a can ontalnina;
yt-M-'b'i ;.0'irr -,f po'J-r wa ir.r,ji.ri
lii.y y; ,. '. or. !. h of a hoie
o'c:;-i"j t,r an Italian tami'y living at
V," York. X. J. y.ittry. An
'vt,'.o sr.J si'.t C' jr.'ihio, br-lhrrs.
w..n wo t-t-rioj-iy ir,;-j't-d il.iit they
vt-rt, rioted tr a J o; !ral Mary aod
J't j' ''ol--. bio. if. .r ynrv.'-x I. other
't-t. rA 'he rh;,rn,s
t.".'h:til fri;:'fu! ,-jf the trirl'e
Lair U-ir (r 'rr.pie'ely hn'j f-'t off
St'tet tui?in Fired Into C';d.
I'.efciit-f. Ja . J-iiy ;.-Wt,ile An- -toMo
Teddai ar.d s i.ot.'.pirlon weto
frin'iir.g ori a -'fet p'aoo jr. front of a
bo'ei bt ittt 1 -t'-l a it.ati it the ho
tel poit.Ud piiol tt tht-rj. Antonio
div a !e-.,vtr and fite-i into this
crowd. I'lllitjjt Samuel i-'jt.i;, fatally
wojn'iry L'jwsnd H"ratj ar.d t-h'fV-Jt.y
John Tmytr thto'ij'h the wrii Ao
tonio war trtene'1. b'jt ).i or: pat.ioti
e&'i pel 1
Cored to Deth By a Bull.
Cut lint;. Okla . J j i y 7. -M;k Jennie '
Harribon was Kort-d lo d-tb ly u j,uj
at OdeuinL, In Green count) esti-r
day. 7'b arntnal knotted htc down
fc&d ran Its born but k anO Ivrta
tirvniib bw b-Jy
Miners' Leader Claims End of Strike
is Not Far Off. '
Battle New Coing On Means Life Or
Death For Organization In Anthra
cite District Mitchell Goes to New
York to Consult Labor Leaders.
Wilkesbarre. Pa.. July 7. President
Mitchell, of tbe miners' union, left here
yesterday for Xew York. He slipped
out of town so unexpectedly and o
quietly that only two or three person
around strike headquarters knew ol
his departure. It Is said he went to
tbe metropolis for the purpose of meet
ing leaders of other labor organize
Today opened the third month of the
great strike. There have been many
rumors ami opinions published thai
certain coal tompanies would win In
a few days and attempt to start up
one or more collieries. The officials
of the big companies who are willing
to talk deny all knowledge of any at
tempt of their respective companies
to start work. They say. however,
that the number of men applying for
work Is grow ing each week. Many ol
tbem are given employment, and the
names of the others are placed on the
waiting list. The number of miners
among the applicants who are apply
Ing for work Is very small, and so long
ns tbe miners themselves refrain t-rom
going to the collieries no coal can be
Company cfTiclaJ who were seen
yesterday were of the opinion that the
price of coal during the remainder
of this year will not go below the
present figures but on the other hand
may go higher. One superintendent!
was quite emphatic In bis reply, by j
Faying: 'I don't think tbe price will
go down under any condition during
this year "
Id mldresslng the stationary firemen;
Saturday afternoon. President Mitch
ell said:
"I am well pleased with the showing,
made by the steam men In obeying!
the strike order nnd tbe firmness dls
plaved by tbem since. This Is the.
ba-ttlo rf our lives, ns It means thit;
success or downfall r.f our union in
the anthracite region. Of all thfl
strikes of my recollection or of any(
Hint I ever participated In, there:
never was one that I was so confident
of winning ns this one. And let n
tell you that the day is not far away
when my words will come true. j
"Those follow-workets among you
craft who refused to obey the strike'
order and those few who deserted yon
since will have reason to regret their
action, ns they will suffer greatly
when this strike Is won or lost, as I
have yet to meet the mnn who prefers
a traitor to n good, upright, honest
man. nnd those men who are now get
ting patted on tbe back by the offi
cials of the coal companies will, at
the close of our strike, be treated 'with
scorn by their employers, anil one
thing that I wish to impress upon you
people, and that is, this great strike
will never be settled with my consent
only on condition that each and every
man that left bis place with us in our
battle shall be returned to his former
position: otherwise, there shall be no
settlement that will permit discrimi
nation for taking an active part In
our battle."
Idleness Is Caused By Manufacturers
Objecting to Labor Unions.
Burlington, X. J., July 8 For the
Crst time in 20 years the six shoe fac
tories of this place, employing about
1.SO0 men and women, are Idle as tbe
result of a conflict between the manu
facturers and their employes. More
than half the population of the town is.
dependent upon tbe sboemaklng indus
try for a livelihood. Recently the
shoemakers, men and women, organ-!
Ized under the name of the Burlington
lioot and Shoe Workers' Union, Xo. l.
1 he manufacturers objected lo tbia
proceeding, and last Thursday posted
notices In their factories that only non-'
union labor would be employed. The'
ihoe workers htld a meeting Saturday'
right, with the result that not one of
tbe union workmen appeared at the
factories yesterday. The. employes
had mad no d man-Is on the manu
Cars Collided Head On, With Terrible
T'tif a. X. Y., July Z On an electric
railroad near Clovt-rsrille last night!
there w a collision between two cars
crowded with passengers, by whlrh 13'
persons were killed and 29 Injured. I
For a distance of four miles north of!
Glove;svii:e the Mountain Lake Rail-j
road, an tier trig railroad, connects 1
Gloverxvilie with a pcpular place of re-j
sort or picnic ground. As It was the'
J'otirth- 'f July, the place was crowded 1
with pleasure Makers. !
At a distance of about two and a half j
miles north of Gloversvllle there was '.
a coiiihion between two cara, one
bound north and one bound south.
They came together bead -on with ter
rific velocity. As a result, tbe 13 per
sons were, killed outright and 29 In
jured, the latter more or lesa seri
ously. 1,100 Houses Destroyed By Earthquake
Vienna, July Tbe Xeue Krelo
pregFie publihbt-s a dispatch from 6a
lonlea, Kuropean Turkey, saying that
eince last Katurday 30 shocks of earth
quake, eight of wbkb were violent.
Lave been experienced there. Other
4irpathc-is received here from Salon
ica say that tbe aiiock of Monday
aiorulng destroyed 1,150 bouses ead
killed one child at Cuavetsue and that
two pe'ple were killed at Salunlca,
1 la the lateraatlMl Series
tew la IB. 1B4I2 The Tea rf
ssaatoeBtet DatUa t G.
' (Exodus It):l-12.1
L An God spake all tbtse words, sar
tor: X. I am the Lord thy God. which have
brousht thee out of the land of Eaypt.
aut of the house of bond.'.ne.
x. Thou shalt ty ve no other aods be
fore me. '
4. Thou ahalt not makemto thee any
graven Image, or any l.cneit of any
thing that U In heaven above, or tht
la In the earth beneath, or that Is In the
water under the earth;
6. Thou shalt not bow down thyaelf to
them, nor serve them; for I the Lord
thy God am a Jealous God. vl.sltinit the
iniquity of the fathers upon the children
unto the third and fourth generation of
them that hate me;
t. And shewing mercy unto thousands
of them that love mu ami keep my com
mandments. 7. Thou shalt not take the name of the
Lord thy God In vain: (or the Lord will
not hold him Bullth-ss that taketh hta.
name In vain.
8. Remember the Sabhath day. to keep
It holy.
t. 81a days shalt thou labor, and do all
thy work;
10. Bat the seventh day Is the Sab
bath of the Lord thy Hod: in It thou
shalt not do anv work. thou, nor thy
son. nor thy daimhter. thy manservant,
nor thy malilsi-rvuiit, nor thy rattle, nor
tliy stranger that Is within thy gates:
11. For In six days the Lord made
Heaven and earth, the sen, and nil that
In them Is, and rested on the seventh
day; wherefore the Lord blessed the
Sabbath day and hallowed It.
12. Honor thy father and thy mother;
that thy days may be lontf upon the
land which the Lord thy Ood glveth
CiOI.DKN TKV1'. Thus shalt love the
Lord thy I. oil n 1 1 It all ()' heart.
Lake lt)C7.
Water from the rm k
AltHt-k upon th - Amulekllis..
Meeting with Ji-thro
Sanctifying the people
Klrst table tif the law
Kx. 17:1-7.
Kit. KiS-lti.
.Kx. ls:l-2t.
Kx. 11H1-23.
Kx SKl-12.
time. h. v. inn.
I'l.AOKS.-M. rlli.ih, Rephldlm.
of God," and Sinai.
The Tables of tbe Law. The Teu
roiiiiiiamliiicnts pre sent a summary of
man's duties, first to (ioil, nnd then to
man. They are wonderfully brief,
simple nntl ctuiiprebeiihive. Tlie.v en
join nothing to which the monitor iu
every man's breast docs not respond.
The law as preseiiteil by (belli was writ
ten in man's heart before it was writ
ten oil tallies of stone. Conscience pro
nounces them to lie "holy, ami righte
ous, and guml" ( Ki'in. 7: l-).
The First Table of the Law. Com
pare Dent. 5:0-21. anil note theiliiTer
enees. Most l'iblienl ndiolars believe
that the eoinniiiiitliiients, or "Ten
Words" ns they are more properly
called, stood originally upon the tables
of stone in their simplest anil most
terse form, ns fi, 7 ami S now stand, nntl
that the explanatory comments were
milled later. Of course this is conjec
ture, but it is extremely probable in
view of the fact that the Ten Words
are amplified differently in Petit. 5:0-Sl
and in Ex. 20: 1-17. Some slight adjust
ment must clearly be made. 1. "Thou
shalt have no other gods before (be
sides) me:" The Hebrews had come
out of a country of jnany pods; tliey
were froing" into a country of many
grids. Let us not seek to fine! all re
ligious truth in these Ten Words. Je
hovah does not say. "There is but one
Ood." He says. "Thou shalt have" but
one God. It was God's method not to
teach the people monotheism by pre
cept so much as to prove it by experi
ence. 2. "Thou shalt not make unto
thee a praven imng-e:" The reason
may or may not be plain, but God never
commands without a reason. In this
cae the reason could nut have keenied
plain, but "God is a spirit," nnd tbe use
of any imape would be n misrepresen
tation, and n ninterialiinor of the con
ception. 3. "Thou shalt mt take the
name of Jehovah thy Got' in vain:"
God's name, to tbe Hebrews, was a
very sacred part of Gotl's self. (See
Pent. 12:5, Prov. 1 S : 1 0. etc.) The orig
inal force of the command wns not
against profanity in the modern kense.
Hypocrisy, or the henrinjj of jflod's
name without beincr bis at heart, bear
ing it meai)inglesly (in vain), anil also
irreverence, anil the taking of God's
name in vain in false swearing, are
nearer to the meaning of tbeeiiiiiniantl.
i. "Hemember the Sabbath (lay, tokeep
it. holy:" "The Sabbath was made
for man;" not man's ImhIv, not man's
spirit, but "for man'" inelutlinp both.
We need the Sabbath. (1) to break the
dead level of tbe (lays. (2) ns a tiny of
re?t from work. ?.) as a day forborne
lore ant! fellowship. (4) ns a clay for
increasing1 our intelligent interest in
lie progress of tbe great causes of
hemar'ty nnd religion. (.",) for tbe op
portunitv it hrintrs us to worship pub
licly, (li for the opportunity it lirinjrs
lo lie still nnd ciitiiiiiiiiie with rim! and
'raw near to Christ n n personal
Smior. Ti. "Honor thy father nnd thv
mother:" To the Ilelii ew s the honor
ing of parents is not simply a "neigh
horly" virtue. The parent stands to
the child as ihe rt prt-'i-nt at ive of Clod,
and so this command was put on tbe
first table with the relit' laws
rather than on tbe second with those
regarding- our rclat iniik to our fellow,
men. The old Hebrew itlea nf rever
ence and honor to parents as a relig
ious duty in too iiiut-li ni-glet tt-.! in jjH
age of Irreverence.
Tbe fmt table of thelawcan be kept
only by loving God with all your heart
and all your ouI.
If Ood fills your heart, nothing ult.
worth v and debaning can enter into it.
The more one loves God, the better
a man he i mentally, morally, und
tjniully even pl;yiculjy.
Tbe jrreatest dishonor can be done
God's name by lulmln to be his child,
and yet a-t injr contrary to his law.
Open all the doors to the religion of
Christ. It will tuake tbia world a pare-dUe.
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Filipino Leader Given Hia Liberty by
General Chaffee.
Manila, July 7. As a result of tbe
proclamation of amnesty of July 4,
the guard of' American soldier has
been withdrawn from the house where
Aguinaldo lived la Manila, and Lieu
tenant Johnson. Agulnaldo's custodian,
brought the Filipino yesterday to see
General Chaffee. It was the first meet
log between the American general and
tbe leader of the Filipino revolution
lieutenant William E. McKlnlay, ol
the Ninth Cavalary, acted as inter
Aguinaldo was told that he was
free to go anywhere he pleased, and
General Chaffee asked him If he had
any complaint to make of American
discourtesy or harshness. Agulnaldc
replied that he had no such complaint
to make. He told General Chaffi'6
that he was eolnn to visit friends al
his home In Cavite Vlejo, in Cavitej
province, and inquired what protec
tion the American authorities would
afford him. He seemed to be afraid tc
venture out. General Chaffee replied
that Aguinaldo would get the same
protection as any other citizen.
The former Filipino leader then
aRked General Chaffee to prevent tho
courts from requiring him to testify
In civil Fuits. General Chaffee replied
that be bad no authority to grant thit
request, and advised Aguinaldo tc
make a social call upon Acting Civil
Governor Wright. Tbla Aguinaldo
aid he would do, but that he would
go at flight, as he was timid about ap
pearing on the streets In daylight.
The release of thu former Flllplnc
leader has renewed speculation as tc
possible vengeance upon him by
friends of General I.una and his otbei
enemies. Gener'al Luna was a Fili
pino leader whom Aguinaldo caused to
be Killed in JS'J'J.
Two Women and Child Lost by Cap
siring of Sail Boat,
New York, July 7. The wife of Cap
tain Tlemann N. Horn, of the Ninety
fifth Company, Beacoast Artillery; tilt
daughter Frances, a god 5, and Mist
Alice McMahon, of Nyaclc, N. Y., were
drowned In Handy Hook Day yester
day. Captain Horn la atalloneil al
Fort Hancock, on Handy Hook.
Captain Horn had made up a galling
party to go out on tbe bay In his email
cat-rlggcd yacht "Midget" Those on
oard were. In addition t the capta!
Ittttt ttlMOMM4.t
Shoes and Ox-!
that are right.
reduced Shoes that we will
vour muslin. TYe have,
Middleburgh, Ta.
! M array 8t., New Tt.rk City, S. T
Mrs. Horn, with their two cmmral
Misi Horn, a sister; Dr. Waterhouul
his wife and Miss Alloa McMahon, i
sister of Mrs. Waterhouse. At a poltil
about half a mile off Old Camp Loil
dock a strong puff of wind caused ttil
sail to gybe, and in a moment the Ml
tie vessel rapslzed, throwing ail handil
Into the water. Captain Horn and Dr I
Waterhouse made every effort to saiil
the women and children, but a strimi
ebb tide quickly swept them beyom
reach, and before any other help conlJ
be had Mrs. Captain Horn, Franc
and Miss McMahon were drown1. 1
The others clung to tho mast of tbi
capsized vessel for about 15 niftiM
until a sailboat, containing W. 11. Til:
of Atlantic Highlands, N. J., and Wal
ter Tubbn. of this city, rame up an!
rescued Mrs. Waterhouse. At tt
same time Captain llnrtung, with hi-
lau'" h F.dna May, of Newark, N. J
res-1 "tl Captain Horn and his hair-
boy. Mlns Horn and Dr. Waterbuusi
and broui;ht them to Atlantic 1IU
Carl Uoe-krran Killed Wife, Wornis:
Friend and Then Shot Himself.
New York, July X Call von Until
man shut r.nd killed bis wife, fatal!)
wounded O. F. Kan .veil, a friend of Lb
family, arid then a bullet tlnoC
his own heart yeo-rday, Tho shoot
ing occurred at the noma of Mrs. Vot
ftoftckman, In the upper part o
A iltnr of tho drad woman said Vo:
TloockiTiftn had served 18 months fa
burglary in a Massachusetts priwi
and thai In the meantime his wlo! U'
put two of their five children inio at
Institution, allowed another to 1
adopted, and supported herself and
other two. A f-iw mouths ano Vr
Iloeckman went lo live with his wii'
In the Hal. but took to drink and treat
ed her so badly that nho caused
hia arrest. He was sentenced to Of
Island, hut yehteuluy returned nnd I'
Into the Hat wIuIh his wife was out
She heard of hi lull nnd got FareweH
to nlc I ho poll, c' what could he l"t
Ho returned lo iim flat after recolvist
a promise Unit an officer would fce wnt
to investigate. While Farewell was it
the flat Von Ho rkman returned so'
begin shooting Farewell fought
him to get tbe pltiol, but wai overpow
ered and i hot twice. Then Von licw-'-man
went close to bla wife and tb4
her through the head. Then he
t bullet Into bla own head. , Tbe coro
ner laid neither of the men coulJ U"e