The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, July 10, 1902, Image 14

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P lu. im ohas UM tDllitt IUBK
LtTsis poeitiosi to1 w
Uik to
' "Nature's
fx is inaigCT
,. toss of ap-
Lute, ringing m
ears, ui.-
1.. the eves or
lA-. anv or nil
I t!jrse symptoms
M of niitnuon. Dr.
friY'S Goltlen cib
i 'i.scoverv cures ui
s of the stomach
other organs of di-
,t:o" ami uuinuun.
v per
rrfect ana hduhu
nourishment dis-
I.,iitrcl to each vital
W II. . ..........
c 1 1 .I,- nrna ti. nn.
U0I10I in HiYg' , ,"V
rVf tne perreci ncaiiu oi
bodv. .
pur a!jut two yn I iwnered from a tnr
.aliiuitr tarif dyspepsia." writr. R. K. Secortf,
. ' ..f i: Knsttrti Ave.. Toronto. Ontario. M
jlnia (treat number of remedies without auo
1 litiailV Iit mull in nil-ill nil. I whs w
. i.i ... .i t i:.l e. I j mm i WUIU HWt I.VIII U11V crWIIII 111., 111
,. f!,.m:.i ii fr a loiitf time; felt melancholy
-'.I ri-m-v-ctl. loujil nui sn-ep nor luuow my
bin."!' .. ..' ',
il on. filmic iini
... 1...1 ........ :..!. L.i X4...t;,-..l ni...... i
r vT.vk'! treatment I unci derived ko much
, ' ,;'( that I eoutinuril the medicine. I have
-in thrie buttles ami nm convinced it hna
inv cae accoinplishetl a jiennaucnt cure. I
can collide"'1"1-'? in.wiiinifim it iv iiic uiuir
WTl. otiivpt-jilics throughout the land."
Tiic "Common Sense Mcilicnl Adviser,"
i(S large pages in paper covers, is sent
I fin' on receipt ot ji one-cent stamps to
InaV eM'tnsv vi ummii titucsn
pr". R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Lewitown Division
In (Aavi May 25, 1.!2.
. ,nAl!!. I "TATIONS. KA-THillu j
. M 'AM I'
,i Minliliry I -V)
1 .'-i n tii.'.rot e .hiiH'timi 'IT' 4I-
i r, :m liii"v;i(V(. 1' itl 4 a-,
liliK s ' -I -i
. ; Kmiitier 1 '9 1 't.
,i Mvinrr si. r.!n
,. ,, Mliiillebill-K I I 1 lit
; lii:iif.-r I";!
,- r'.MiViMt'iwn s '.'"i !l;,7
:i , l'e:ivr Sp i'rs -.''I :i
,, K.mlis niiU ': Ij
: 'Vi. JIi-l'luio 8 .'s I
i ' 1 7 ni:"r 7 ' i :i .:s
: ; ' i-iMiidi.- , r.-.t .'i
V:i'iit.Tv'H.- : to ;i
: 'ivtlmnl '7 1. S !:;
,' . I ..wi-ti.v.-it I ' I
.. !.' ;.-i'-l ' n ( iii s'.. '-t. 7 .s( a ;
; p U-v.M .!i.v.-:i .iii..-.'li'n J1 '
..'. ' ;.o ) fs-.'s.l'iry ft .'.! n r:, ,:i -
, S.'iii y.v'' ' p. in., :i.!-lvr:--
; , ':'i '. ily :T5 i". i!!.
i:';.VO Iu'Vvi.Truuii JtilicT 'i.i. :
. ' . : ; a ii!. 1 !'l m.j:'n mi I '' ill. 7 7
i i, t.i, i.'.i''. it ii. ir i'i; i.- ui' .'.ii.!
' I :,iir,Tt.l Wn-hii -vfun srej a n :i
i . :.:! s 10 1 111 lor 1'i.i. uif'..ll'a 1 N'
Vt- , .v, OS. a w. 1 iMM a"'! 11 H I
L 1 . i...n I'blllS! s 10 p!phia it Ere R I! Dl-bii-n-
A Ml
iin I' ave S-hl.ifc'rove Ji.incilt.ii ".r.tly lor
j.j'i iy and Wcji.
ii ;"t in, IS 5S p in, 4 52 p m. Sunday 5. A', a m,
ii i: i in.
Tr.'ii-i lenvn Siiiibucv dully except Sar.diiyi
l;-.'. ii in for Hull ilo.l 1 " in IW Iirie ami :aa
an.1! i -0;i
I in . la ior Helletotitn Krlonntl I'nnanitaliiii
ti t" imi lor hock Haven, Tyruneaiiiltlie Wen .
i-4Mi "i 'or lMlfTnlo. 113 p in tor KulleUnto
k be rvrone and t 'arar.tlaiuuii
5 Inii iii 'lor kicnavoanil Elmira
tii, i in lor Uilllauu.Poit
Sn".lity 1- 27 n m for burfalo via Emporium,
ivi a in lor Lle, 5 iu a iu lor Krio aua 'itii.-tn-jiini'.
i 8 61 p iu tur vn
4Jiii for Look Haven and
(if. a in. 9 . a m 2 00 and 5 -.5 pin lor Wilkes
hirrt' and ilunclton
6 1' a . 1" in a m, 2 as p m, 5 31 1' 'n I r St amo-
t.i i Mount t'aruiel
. j.V'hi in lor Wllkn.barre
! iln? leave Scllr.-h"Dve .lunetlnn
.. in, (I a 1 1 v urn viic: at i'tail.ideipMu
1 j. . i Nuw York 5 :,ii p lu Haltiuinre 3 11 p ui
ii-i, : ..inn 4 1 pin
5. I nlv itrrivirL' rinli -letphla
10 'Ji. ' m r.ew'Yorlt 8 M a m, Ji.uiiiuore 9 i5p in
Wii-I .. 10 56 III-
4.,. :.' uatly arriving at rmijiiuipaia
iVXa in, Nt X. or li 713 a ui. Haltiinoro 2 au a in
ttttshiiiKtmi 'i "5 a n:
Tr lis alfO leave Sunnnry :
a in ilallv arrlviiiK at Hliiladeltlhla t 82 a in
Kililinore7 iiu' a in W aflili rlon S'JO a iu Naw
V'Tk 103 a ui Weekdays, 10 :j a m Sundays,
.1-il m dally arriving at Philadelphia 7 22
m, New York 9 S3 a tn, 10 3H S'jndii.vs Haiti
n.i. io i 20 a m, Witslilnton H:)u a in. Uiltlinure
n iu p n Wasiiliigton i i.i p m.
7 Ss a m week days arrivlntf nt Philadelphia
II I-a in, New York llilp ui, Balllinoru 12 10 p
m, XVasliiiiktou 1 13 p m
I '.'i piL week day arrlvl m at I'liMiulelplila
1-.'.; p in, l w York V30 p ui, Haiti luurs t Vo p in
Wii.hlllKtO: 715pm
! l p in, urilvlai; ur plillaili'lphla 7 '1'.' pm
N' u York 10 2a p ui, Uallliiior'j 7 30 p iu. Wash
liirn n 8 15 p ui
Tram," also leave SanlUiry at ."i0auind 20
a.'. s;il pa., lor HiirriKl.urg, lliilad'ilplila and
I. It. Win ill, (iun'l fa.1t Aenl
i b. HUTCHINSON iteu'l Mauaxer.
Made a
M mm. U . IW
LWZiJS 1 Well Man
produces the above remits In' 30 days. It act!
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others fall
lonng men will regain their lost tnsnbood. and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by oalng
KEV1TO. It quickly and aurely restores Msrrans
nm, Lost Vitality, ImrotcDcr. Nightly Emissions,
Lost tower, Falling Mnacr:'. Vastlnk Oiscaaas.snd
111 effects of self-abuso or crccFoand lndiscrstion,
fthtrh nnftftanriMfrtFrtuilv. LllkintMt or DiarrlSIe. II
not only cures by avar? Ipt ct tho seat of disMse. but
la a great nerve tool n and blood builder, bring
ing btck tho plak plow to pale chees and re
storing the flr f joath. It ward oO Inaanlti
snd ConraxniitlnB. Inlet on havir.K KSVIVO, no
other. It can becart.t-U in VTt I octet. Br taail
lJ)Oierp(cksira.orBli tor IM.OO, -with pool
tlve written gnarantee to rata or re fond
tho sooner. Ctreul'-rbee. Address
Royal Medici Ca,;M
For Mule in Middkburqh, Pa., Jby
' T Your Ufeawayl
Vrn can be cared of any form of tobacco nslnij
auy. be made wen, strong, msgnetic, ran oi
ww life and vigor by taking HQ.TO-BAO,
that makes weak men strong, Ilaay gain
xa pounas in ten oars, uvcr m ( vuw
cared. All druggists. Cure jruaraateed. Boot
Vt and advice FHKB. Address 8TKBJ.lNi
XH3 CwatAT Cmi mil
Lmim la tk MwmIUmI MrlM
tor ir 1S09-TB CSItIb
f Hum,
(Prepared y H. C. LerJrrtoaJ
'I'MK 1.KB80N ThlXT.
tKaodua W:4-tf.)
4 Then said the lord unto Moaea. Be
hell, 1 will rain bread from heaven for
you; and the people afaall go out and
tiner a certain rate every day, that I
nvi)- prove them, whether they will walk
In my law. or do.
6. And It shall come to par that on the
sixth day they shall prepare ttMU which
they bring; In; and It ahull be twice as much
am they rather dally.
(. Ar.d Moses and Aaron aald unto all the
children ot Israel, At even, then ye shall
know that the Lord hath brought you out
from the land of Kgypt:
7. And In the then ye shall see
the glory ct the Lord; tor that he heareth
tur murrr.urinRs agalns the. Lord: and
what are we, that ye murmur against unT
s. And Alofts said. This shall be, when
the Lord thall give you In the evening IWtii
to tat, ar.d in the morning bread to the full;
tor that the Lord heart I h your murmuring
which ye murmur against Jlim: and what
are we? your are not ugalnst
us. but tl.-u Lord.
V. And Muvi.t ( unto Aaron, Say unto
and the congregation of the children of
Israel. Come near before the Lord: tor lie
t..tlli heard yuur murmuring
10. And It came to pas, us Aaron paku
unto the hoU- congregation uf the cliil
dnn of Israel, lln.t thiy looked toward the
wile!. mis.-., and, billed, the glory o( Ilia
Lord iipi'i arnl in the i!.jud.
11. And the Lord .s;take unto Mosec, a:.y
lng: i I have hvard the murmuring t.f the
chiitr. n of Israel: .'p.ak unto them, say
ing, at tvtn ye shall eat tle.-h, ar.d In the
i.n rr.ii.K ye i-hall lie II. ltd with bread; and
tl.all knuw that 1 am the Lord your
IJ. Ar.d It came ti pass, that at t vtn the
tiuatis c.tnie up and cuv rtd the citnip; and
in llu morning the dew lay round abuut the
ii. .: t wht n the dt w that lay was gone
up, lii-hoM, tipuii the face if thi?
llu re lay a mitil round thing, as . -mull
as the In. ai mt on Ui: ground.
15. And wlii ii the children of Israil saw
II, iluy .-a!'! on. to ur.othtr. It lsnianni:
1 1, r tii. y ! i not what It Wiis. Ar.d M'; s
f.tid unlo t!.. n, 'I'hi.- if Iht Lrtad which tlK'
l.ui i'. h i th v.w .: )i ii to eat.
.i:.ii.N l i . i . i e U4 llils ilny
our l:iil limiil.-Mitli. Hill.
Ol'Tl.lM: (!!' ri l.lrri-'UAI. SKi'TION.
'i'li. 1 ir ; w ill I n n. i.i " - w . i t l . i.:'--::i
1: 1 liii s a;: .!;. c t!-..: ilr. I'.a
al i m : :ir..: ii'i.'T.x '."it Kx. I'i.l--!
A in. n. 1 1 a i '.( '.- i.roval. : . .!.:..
VI.Mii.-Acconi.t.i; in f.s.1.1 rtin tin l!:!-.
m, '-.ii i i ' . v." :.- i r, i. s-..t. uiri u
i i, .nil
r : ii '
. r i .. :.t xt I'.'
:;-'.' I n in IV."
ct l. 111! H.S 1 11
1 :- 1 .
V 'I . r:
t lit- t-.i.-t i-i
!:-: AM' '
in 1 ..his
a I. i-.'
I'lU'.f I.
t id 111.
Slii i.
We hint' i.i I:m1ms I.".::.':.' a glinr.
of t'ic I i'11' m; f't'i-in t;i which I : !
IsriKditcs were subjceteti xevy simri- J
!y i.lii r i'-i :: )::. from "t 1 i - i - shixery i
in Kgypl. 'I'h'.-i . days xvan !c-!!i;-s in I
i!h wi:.l; r:.c -s timl mi xviiI.t; II is
ha rii to ii'-:: i '. h;i I I l'.i--; x-. . " ' ' !
I hi' 1 lit "' -a ;.'! of".-!'!'.-.
iii.ii'ii ami t MMi't'ii. l( in. -an: :. .
( nlv ti!'i.-:-l st'iV.-e'io; for eacli. ln'l
on'at iinvioty fur the xveaker ones.
Add to tl;o . i ' V. -1-i 1 1 ur from tliirsl
sii'i..:ic...-i In xt Inch many ina.-t haxe
Micf.i ii.l t .1. Al i M' liii-t".' tl.-ixs water
was f.-iiiml. w!..'-i Hn'y tasled it. it
xvns foniiil to lc unlit to tlrinU. 'I ' "i
the people "miinniiri'd" ngaiiiil
Moses, implying soinetliing like an
incipient rebellion. Then . Moses
cried to the Lord. In answer to
Moses' prayer, be xvns slioxvn hoxv
bitter waters of Mnrah might l.e
niiitle sweet. In answer also to
Moses' prayer, (iod revealed Himself
ns the "Lord tliiit healelh thee." The
people are I'-minded (in verse 'Jli)
that while they had sillTered ill Hie
xvihh'rness nml iiiight yet have to un
dergo severe sutTering, yet if they
would "diligently hearken to the
voice of the Lord thy (iod, and do
that which Is right" lie would bring
upon iluin none of the diseases (or
plagues) which he hail brought upon
the I'gyptinns who -hail not listenei!
to the voice of (iod.
The Israelites Again Complain.
N'ot lung ."fter another crisis occurred.
The Israelites xxere apparently fuc
intr hunger and starvation. And the
"whole congregation" murmured
against Moses anil Aaron. This was
only.n step removed from full-fledged
rebellion. Hunger and thirst in the
wilderness made slavery in L'gypt
with plenty to eat nml drink seem
far better than freedom.
Manna anil Quails Sent. Again we
find Moses resorting to prayer. In
answer (iod promised the (pinils and
the milium, mid showed Moses that
the sufferings of the people had come
as a test. The Lord was trying to
impress upon them the lesson of
trust, one of the most important les
sons an individual or n nation can
learn trust in the kindly provi
dence of Cod. God further showed to
Moses, and Moses faithfully declared
it to the people, that the "murmur-
inir of the Israelites wits not ho
much against Moses ns against God
Himself. Moses found it hard to in
spire iu his folloxvers thnt they were
really following the guidance of
Jehovah. A rebellion against Moses
and n turning back to Kgypt meant
rebellion against God ami a turning
axviiy from the fruits of national
life nml freedom in the promised
land. It may be said in passing that
it does not npepar that the quails
were sent every evening, but rather
on only rare occasions. We hnv
records of special instuneos. An im
portant teaching in connection with
the manna was the, emphasis it laid
upon the observance of the Sabbath
Spear l'i! iila.
lie who know only Christ knows
One whisper of love from Christ's
voice is worth more than nil the
Bvinphony of nature.
To persuade one soul to lead a bet
ter life is to leave the world better
than you found it.
God asks no man xvhether he will
accept life. You must take it; the
only clvolce is how.
Consider xvhnt in your heart war
against the peace of Christ, and pre
vents your acceptance of it. Barn's
Horn. ,
ft Ib as Foil of Romance as a Not
Is of Heat.
Dow Row Vrk Graeer'f Daashtev
Uceasao Urmia Prlaeea mmi
ifttrwsre th Wife at Flelil
Marahal Vea MtUtmi.
Marv Lee, the American girl, the
It rict stickler for the observance of the
bubbath the devout church member
the Sunday school-teacher the
Paris art student, the friend of the
young l'riucess von Sehleswig Hoi
Mem the wife of the young princess
father the charming widow the wife
if Count von Wtildersec the friend of
l'riuve llisinurck, the great diplomat
the one American woman who can
claim the ntteutiou and the "ear" of
Kaiser Williclm.
This, tnjs the New York World, Is
iu brief the life record of tlie woman
who is to visit us soon in coiiiianv with
Iter husband. Count xon Wultlei'see,
who cuiiiiiiau. k'tl the allied armies iu
At li she lias lifiii termed the "wom
an Uoosevelt." Slie is a lelieer in the
"strenuous life."
A widow with immense wealth at her
command, she chose a husband at
first u pawn, now u gallant knight
whom she could move forward along
the chessboard of life. That she lias
niai'e her muxes xxisely max be junked
by the fact that Count von Will It r.-ce
is noxv one of the most trusted i )id
most prnniiiH nt olliccrs in the entire
(.ii i'iiian empire.
Through the iiiiliicnce i f l is wife,
Mary Lee. hi- arose, it i said, to ihc
ci'imn.'.iul i f il.e lir.-t d'.tisi' ii i f the
(It'V.Kiii arm;..
TlirniH'.h his wiTe he x:is
to the chief eon iiml if l
am. ics in China.
M .. n y yea i ' fore the
t r William nioiir.ti'd t!
icnt I'ui XTi:.-.-; vo.n'.r.sKH.
(A l'ovxi r ;a ia. 1 AliiiouKh a Native of
1st xx S uilt city.)
throne of the Iloliciiziillerns Countess
Wahlersce was known as Mary Lee.
She was born in New Yolk, lier fa
ther xvas a xxholc.-ale grocer, a man
x ho xx ei'lii'd chi e.-e ami eolVce, just as
1 : i I i :i 1 1 1 daughter aftt"'xxnrd
XM'iglietl pros anil cons in t ne Herman
cn nrt.
lint event ually Daniel Lee died, ieav-
ing a xvife and four children, ninl a
great deal of nioiiev.
I'he xvidoxv took the miineroiis
progeny to Paris. Here her eldest
tlauritcr luarrit'tl I'.aron von Wachtcr.
In IM'.l the secontl daughter married
a captain in her majesty's Kasl Indian
Mary Lee beeanie aeiiiainl etl xxith n
dtnifrbler nf Princess von S'hlesxx i--
lli.l.-tcin. She xvas inxitetl to t!ic
blesxvig-Ilolstein house in I 'il ri-.
where she been in e ai (plaint ed xx ith the
fat her of t he princess.
He xvas a strict Lutheran, she a
Presbyterian. After a short courtship
Mary Lee and the prince were mar
ried, hut not morgaiiiitically. Thisxxn
a sine pta lion of Mary Lee. She made
the prince renounce his til b' nf "sen ne
highness." She induced the Austrian
emperor to name limit mint von .Nner
nml she took the title of countess.
Tltev xxere xxedded much us Senator
( ha iim ev IVpew xvas married ri nt Iv.
They xxere united first tit the Tniied
Slates legation, and then in the Owi-
tory, a Protestant temple opposite
the Louvre. From the church they
rode out to the l'.ois xxith orange blos
soms on horses' bridles, buttonhole
bouquets on coachmen's coats and all
that sort of thing.
In the following year Trinee Fred-
crick died of apoplexy, and pretty
Mary Lee found herself a xvidoxv at the
age of 27, xxith $I,(X)0,IM at her com
ma nd.
In deep mourning she went to Wies
baden, llere she met Count von Wul
dersee, a member of one of the oldest
families in (ierinnny and a distin
guished officer on the German em
peror's staff.
The following year he married Mary
Lee, the xvidoxv of Prince von Schles
xx ig-llolstein, and they went to live in
Here the diplomatic game began.
Here theyoung Americnn xvidoxv began
to disclose those strenuous traits
which have gone so far toward the ofli
cinl success of her husband.
She became acquainted with the em
peror and with Count Bismarck. She
became one of the most important per
sonages of the Prussian capital.
Her influence with Bismarck was
only second to that of the emperor
Tho Price of a Car Seat.
A resourceful humorist got a seat
In a New York street car by telling
the other passengers that he had smnll
pox. But he was quassntlned for
awhile and later was required to give
bond to abstain from disorderly con
duct in the future .
; -' -
' " " ' -V
f " " - fkja) Jayat'fc' r't' j
" Are your
Kidneys Healthy?
ItcmcinUrr the Kidneys
are, the) moat wonderful
organs. Tour very life de
pend upon tueru. Nine
tenths of all sickness is
caused by diseased and nc-
CJ glected kidneys. If healthy
iney niter ail tne impurities
out of the blood. Kheuina
tism, dyw)cpsia, constipation,
liver disease, bladder troubles,
biliousness, headache, blood
disease and female weakness
are all the result of diseased
Do you know
Dr. Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy
is the greatest specific known to
medical science for the cure of t
diseases or any form of kitlnuy
trouble t It has been usod for nearly
4 years witti unfnilhur success by
physicians in hoiiitnls and aani
turiuins. Ifyouxvill acml your ail
drcaa to Dr. David Kniinedy ( or
porntlon, Hontlmit, N. Y., tlioy will
aoiid yon absolutely frte-n trial
bottlo. Its Bale ia ho lark-o to-ilay
that it can bo founti nt any drug
store In tho L'uitetl Sluica.
$ t a bottle or 6 bottles for 5.
Farmers should lime a certain time
to bcirin and to stop xvork.
Xotliing is lost that goes to make a
home beautiful or pleasant.
(Jood fertilizers are an impni'laul
fuel or in modern fanning, and 1 lie ! ;Uie
for applying them is at hand.
l'ri .tier pride in tie u tl ;i opea rn ace I
untl ci'ii litioii of one's sarri'iitidir
n in 1 the loealily ia xvhii li lie I i v
shod 1. 1 re Hit ill see til 'n "' :: mil ri ads
. 1: 1
Us til I'.
t f tT' 1 . ii'C 1 1 . Mi
llie pi- nl fii.ul il
rs t lia I 'Pi : i 1 nil v.
11. 1 : 1 1
itl or
.1 ;
'f . "l call
fa: I
t" "
1 : t. . t y
ri. I :
.re I I in in I.i
as ei'x.l;.
t II tl:.'
hi '1.
1 r.
i r
1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' -
' ci... a 11 ill I '
.re I -: Ih.
f s!:a if 11"1 .
hoc. 11 il i'l a p
-l-nivi".-.' v..;.-.
I r , I
' . 1 ... ! ,
1 1 xx.
Hull Vel lie
Unites--- Miss I'.eaiii
Mr. (ioo.llic.irt- Miss
C... .d- 1
Meant ie a lid I j
Luxe met l.ef.m. '
Miss I'cuiitie Wliv, so xve havi
thought your face seemed familiar.
Mr. (iootlbeiirt - - Yes, I am one Of
the men you accepted last summer.--N.
V. Weekly.
Ilia View nt it.
"What makes L im so violently op--;
posed to the second term idea?" j
"Why, the fact is, he got things a
little mixed. He's just out nf I he peni
tentiary himself and he didn't knovvj
we were talkintr jiolil ic- xx hen t he sec - j
olid term question came up." I'.rook- j
1 x ik Kagle.
The fivecent
ary occasion.
contains a supply for a year.
Kaecatlr Aaalale4 raHe State
CIvU Be-rvleo Caasaslaalaaoe
Haa Cleaa Seesii
Mr. James R. Garfield, who was re
cently appointed Dy i'resulest ICoose
vrH I'nlted States civil service commis
sioner, is the aecoud son of l'resiilent
Garfield, was born in Mentor, the little
town in the neighborhood of Cleve
land in which his father so long bad
hi home, was graduated from Wil
liams college, studied law in the city
of New York, and began the practice
of his profession in Cleveland in co
partnership with his brother, Mr. liar-
J AMI-IS 11. (iAUKIKl.l'.
(N'txv .Mi r.i!..r nf Ci .' S:.,ns (':
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For years I had been a sufferer
with chronic stomach trouble, pres
sure of gas and distress of my bow
els. I contracted what the doctors
pronouueed a low type of malaria.
I could not take solid food at all,
and only a very little of the lightest
of diet would create lever and vom
iting. The druggist sent me a box
of Ripans Tabules, saying he sold
more Ripans than anything ese
for stomach trouble. I not only
found relief, but believe I have been
permanently cured.
packet is enough for an ordin
The family bottle, Sixty cents,
, C:CH3 LIVZ3 Ar.2
Dr. Kiug's Iter Discovery,
Consumption, Coughs and Colds
Than By All Other Throat And
liting Hemedies Combined.
This wonderful medicine positively
cures Consumption, Coughs, Colds.
Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia, Hay
Fever, Pleurisy, LaGrippe, Hoarseness,
Sore Throat, Croup and Whooping
Price 50c. & SI. Trial Bottlo Free.
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oMsulliuk 11 free.
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Milo IJ S:. v. ns & Co..
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