The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, July 10, 1902, Image 13

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    ir tlIZ VCP. i
u . laudable ambraon to men um
J the Udder ot aueeese. But many
0 laZ h runs
kit position A torment instead of a.
1Da. lie
n eed h
man can we
ed na
GW. When
,. loss of ap-
lute, ringing in
ears, u'-
L the eves r
Imitation ot"t) e
ii't ' anv vii
these symptoms
,.nt to wetness ami
lr. IK
s of nutrition.
Iffiv s liomea
i 'hseoverv cures
. of the stomach
oilier organs of di-
ki nil ami nuiriiion.
, . i . i-
i .1 ... .lia-
in each vital
in it enables the co-opera-re-
. ,.f nil the organs to pre-
v? the perfect health of
e M?- . .
l j.l(tC fusroi ClVWJ!iu. win- . r.. .-.ciwiii.
til I; r.astcrtl Ave, iuiuiuu, vniwnu. --1
L. i i irrral number m retiiroicg without sue-
r:' " h- .. . .. . i ,i
4 1 Dl'-toV I" I ct it hi mem nil. j win i
i ' rnw I could nut bear onv solid food In
, V i;;u li fur n loii(- time : felt nirl.inrhvly
I ',jrrri'-i- Cotilil not sleep nor fullow my
nti'iii'm. Some four months bro t friend
-..i-aiit-tlili'il your ' iMiIilru Mciltcat iMscm-cry.'
', r -i vrk'i treatment I had derived so mul'h
it 'it that I coutinmd the medicine. I have
I, ill turee iiuiuct . "'"' ..
rae ace'OlnpilMie-w n ipti niaurni luir.
1 ...I- - ....1 i it.. lt..
I. II C tlVCnU'Ui"7 ,rw....... ,u i.i,. .i.vw
ol .iyspr(:Ilcs iniviinouv tor mno."
Tlic " Common tiense .Medical Adviser, "
Im-.S large pages in paper covers, is sent
on receipt ot 2 one-cent stamps to
kiv cNl'iitse ot inailiiijr only. Address
t. K. V. Tierce, Bullalo, N. Y.
Low ii t own Divisio-i
1 1, .!.' ft Mil.V 1'.'"-.
3 -V.f I
"l rrATI.iv-. I K.i-T.mir ! "ITI.1M: HI-' M'lii. TfltAL SKfTION.
am I'M , !:;' ru ' ; l'f
Minburv '.'-I' I Vi I I ' '-J a:: .... c r;p. i:r .
llii-.. roe .loii.ti.iii i." 4 I . 1 .U i: i :: i;'i :.s.-.-'.t I-.x. .'
:-, i!ii;rive '.' ol 4 -t-, : A in n. ri.. It 1 1 - ; i" : .-. .!.:.. ':-'
Pawling 2; 'i I.Mil. -An i. i.. I riin th. !;:!.
! i eiitiie-r '3 t 1 n.. -.! i t1;. .. i 1 1: i.ii. no
P'i'"T si. I 'o , i :. i '. ; , .i : . I :.; I. .i i ; r:a'ir Ui.'
.t.'.iilielnirg 1 1 i l.i il: i. . j i a. :,'..r lac. :.t ur'.M.- t ..v.
lleiifer :! ; j .' i! . .: . ii.. ::-: I ";!..' t I. '
I'raver Sp iiiut Vt '' ii- : ' ' -
i;..ohs ,i;ih - :i :M .: ': '," 'i '. v " of Sir., a i. r"
Al.o I m -; :s J .!.i!i. ...! eel .-J t "t Hi. ;u:r ..;
a';rT T ' 7 a J, 2.
.-in. , il.- ;..' j i',-::j xi im-'mi:nts.
i'::t.'rv!I1- :i9 .1 'ii I We l.avc i,i I il l-; l'.::.:.1 ;i frliiii;.
lai!tov''r , r '' ! .V-'jof 1;!f li'l !-i' :' - I 'crilV t wliic'l 1
..: .-!! I . "! ";: Israelii i-s v. i'.t s . i I e-l e-1 rvv sliofi-
I .-e,, P.v ., ' 'ti'.u 2 '.':'.'.! i.!-.r cm ; ri,:- i l!..'i'-'-l'ivcry
o j,-)., n y r::.1 n n,. .-.s-- ! i ft I'V.vpt. Tl-:. ;.!' v. nn '.hi;- nt
; : .-. i.f-tiinvc 0 ' p i.t !? ! r:.c - ti'i.'. 1 1 u:it.-i-: It is
;;. . rev. I ;i!;.l p. ii;., ;t:r'.V( :' liar.! in i.' . I;, .-v. b: I llii.iv.. "
!.:n V d: ." p. I !n ttn-., . " w a :i lerc vs.
c Lewi.ottli Jlit.oti..;. : ; wt,, ;,,;,) , Ii'cii. 1(' in.-:;:!'
; . ::. 1 M .. i:!.j:fp in 1 .:T. .:, T a'.p j , v ..pi,;! .o. ..',.,:, f,,r racl'. 1."!
!...;., ii. tor AUooi.-a, fi.t-. u.-i..a.! , ' .
'm'I'.'ll "''I' l"l' tl f V.C.M,"!' ntll'r-.
- . ... i.' : rl V -':,!
I : '.. i 10 0 in Kor 'i,,
. s Ci. '.' :'a tn, 1 nj 1
a 1 1 a .'J'.
J 4 !.i and ill? V
i .--.-Miru s 10 p m
V() VillKliN t'KM' HA.I.W
:-..,:n i avc! s-I.i.iurovc Jtu.cilou r-r.t' 'or
' : at.d Weil.
in, 14 r-s p m, 4 52 p m. 8urday ii if. a m,
i P. p
frtis leave Siinhiify dully exeept sur.rtay:
a Mi lofliull iio.i zi a in ioi iine ai.u i..u-
t In i 111 il'l ItellClonie I-.IIO HUH a:iui:oait'Uo
" a 'a lor Loch Haven, Tyrone atnltlie Wes .
i-j t, in tor HillTiilo, 1 l:t p la tor Hellot.,nto
Iv !. l yrone nnu v arnr.niimuii
5 in pin lor hcniviiun.i r.niiiru
tr, , it, lur Wllllainipolt
Sn-i'.nyPJST ft Rt for hulTalo via Kn porlum,
1 4 a in lor tle, 5 IU a iu lor Erie huh 'iinan-j;!.-1:
i b 61 p ui lor Wn
4-i a in fur I.cK Haven anil
k 4". :i iii, ! Vi a in 2 00 and a i m lor w uues-t'ltrn-
and llazelton
6 1'. :i': l1 :a ni, 2 ut p tu, 5 3t iii l -r Si iiiiii
iii. :.. Mit.: t'iirinel
.i : . .' .Vi a pi lr Wilkesbarre
: .in? leave Sellr.-' i ve Junetion
. tu, il a 1 1 y iirri. in : at t'tiil ideii!a
''.; p ". New York's .Vip m lialtiua,re i il ji ui
tt;. '. a 4 It) Jim
$.'. a ul.v Hrrivlna ; I' rl. ielplila
10 .'!. ' : . :.i ' York 8 a.) a ui, ji.eni luiito 9 45p in
Wn-: . 10 56 p 111.
.. nally iirrlvlnit at l'iiiljilalphhi
' j.Vi iii, - urk 713 a ui. Baltimore 2SU a ui
W ufliiiiKten. ', 5a m
Tr ns also leave Sunhury :
i V, a in a illy arrlvinic at Plnliideldhla 6 52 a in
h.dtiiinTe7ai a in Wiif lili f ton 8:) u iu Muw
York V a in VekiUys, 10 .'4t a m .Sunday,
i ii - in da'ly arrivlnt; at Philadelphia 7!
m. New York 9.13 a in, 10 38 Mindays Bam
nieio ; 10 a in, Wa.slilne;ton :u a in. liilllinore
pj I1! p n NYsshiiiKton 1 1 p in.
"5 a in week days arriving nt Philadelphia
It I- a in, New York 11 U p ui, Diiltlmoru Vi 10 p
m, V. islniiKton l 15 p in
i :n ii. woi'k dy nrrlvl m at Philadelphia
1 '.'.; p in . P w Yors V :lo p iu, Haituuore s tw p ui
Wll-lllllKto: J 15 pm
i 4- p in da.iv.iirrlvliur at 1'llllaili'lnlll I 7 3i p m
New York ,t lp at, Uallhiiorj 7 30 p iu, VVuali-lia-ii
n 8 15 i in
Tr ail.- also leave SunlUiry at 9 V) a in nd 20
i - .11 p ii.. lur IiurrisiiUTK, I hiludelptna ami
I . It. Wi ii it), don'l Htt-n Aonl
i I. llU'lClllNSdN iteo'l Maimiior.
mmuo. LA irj. v.j ti u, ffey
restore mim
Made a
Well Man
THe 'ifl3r..of Me.
prodnres the above resnlts In' 30 days. It teti
Powerfully suit oulmlT. Cures when all others falL
loans mn will roftalo their lost manhood, and old
men will recow their youthful vigor by nslng
HEVIVO. It quickly and surely restore Nervous
tiwi. Lost TltsHty, Imrotcncr, Nishtly Emissions,
Lost Power, Failing Ueiacr--. vi astins Olscues.snd
til effects ot self-abutio or rccfosnd Indiscretion,
Kblch unfits ono for ntudy.bubinrss or marriage. It
notoDly cures by nu.r'lruttthoset of dttatss.but
Issgrett nerve tonln and blnod builder, bring
ing btck tho plak plow to palo chera and r
torlng the firo af jouth. It wards ott ;nunltf
sod Cooramptloa. Iislst on bsvmfi
cthor. U esn be can. eel in vert l octet. Of tasll
1.00 -wrptcksite, or oil lor 8S.OO, wlths poai
tire written guarantee to ear or refand
the money. Ctroul .rlree. address
Royal Mediciiie Ca.oM'
For- We in Jfiddleburqh, Pa., 6v
and 5 At OKB
Your Ufeawav!
Yen can) be cored of any form of tobacco usini
r. ds aiane wen, stronr, magnetic, run oi
new life and vigor by taking MO-TO-BAO,
inat makes weak men strong, Many gain
tea pounds in ten days. Over BOO.OOt
cared. All druggists. Cure guaranteed. Boot
and advice PUBS. Address 8TKU.INV
-.UsXDYCO, Chicago or 3
- -J .1 IRf mm mm n BV
r-an tr.-vi Tar
! tkm IaptVMttnaJ Srla
tor Jaljr , 190-Th Glvlav
t Mavaam.
(Prepared y H. C. LeiUnrton.
(Eodu 1:-U.)
4 Then laid the Lord unto Moawa, Be
hetl, 1 will rain bread troro heaven for
you; and th people ktall fo out and
tether a certain rat every day, that I
my prove them, n tether they will walk
in my law, or no.
6. And It shall come to patm, that on th
itxth day they shall prepare trwt which
thvy bring- In; and it ahull be twice a much
u they not her dally.
C And Mopes and Aaron said unto all the
children of Israel, At even, then ye srutll
know that the Lord bath brought you out
from the land of Egypt:
7. And In the moniit.g; then ye shall see
thv glory cf the Lord; tor that he hearelh
t.ur nuirmurings unulu.- the. Lord: and.
what are w e, that ye murmur against us?
0. And Moms ha Id, This shall be, when
the Lord Khali give you in the evening Hesti
to tat, ar.d In the morning bread to the full;
tor that the Lord heanth your murmuring
which ye murmur urjIi-.m lilm: and what
are we? your murmuring! are not ugaliut
ua. but U.-c Lord.
. Ar.d Min. ' ej'ke unto Aaron, i?ay unto
and the congregation of the children of
Israel, Come m ar before the Lord: tor He
ti.ttli heard your munnurlnH
10. And it came lo pass, as Aaron epake
unto the whoX -gallon of the
lini of lsraei. that lh looked tow.trd the
wilci iK .-.-, ar.U, bi lioid, the glory ot thtt
Lord au ar.! in the cloud.
11. Ai d the Lord lake unto Musep, May
ing: , I have hvard the murmuring i f the
ciiiAIr. n ot l.-ra. 1: ;Lak unto tlnm, ay
li'.g. at tven ye .shall eat Ih-h, ill the
i.ii rt:ii:r ye hall he tilled with bread; and
e li.all know that 1 am the Lord your
1U. Ai d It came t pas, that at even the
iu..lls came up and cov rid the camp; ni d
tn tin iiuui.liiK the dew lay round about the
li. Aril whi n the C.i that lay wa- grille
up. I'-hi.'.ii, upon ll.e face if the wli!
l.iss lliire 1 : a r-'mail ruur.d thir.g, as .-moll
as the ho. il 1 ro.-t in. ground.
:5. Ai.J wa. n the chi.creii of Israel saw
it. tlo v sait' on. to nr.oth r. It Is mai.n i:
i ..r th. y w ; i i.ol li-t t It wac. Ar.d Mi:.
i .,:d ol. lo tl.. n, 'I'll i i.- I hi I read w hlch the
j l.o. .: h..tii . . . v. n to cat.
i. m. ii. s i r. i.-iilve Hits ilny 0 i il 1. r . :i .1 . Mm i. i: I I.
V.'P. s
': i-rii
.il 1
i' 1
i t :
r tl'nlll ilor.-t
any imi.-t li:ie
roe days niilrr
y tasted :. it
In di'iliU. 'I "I
fni' ml to be
' Kotiiethiutf
lilo i ) it -1
cried to the Lord. In answer
Moses' prayer, be was shown how '.' "
hit t it waters of Mnrnli mio-lit i.e
made sweet. In answer also te
Moses' prayer, (iod revealed Himself
p.s the "Lord that healelh thee." Tim
peojile are ivmindcd (in verse -Mi)
that while lh"V had sulTercd ill the
wilderness and iiiiu'ltt yet have to tui
(!criri) severe siilTerint', yet if they
would "diligent ly hearken to the
voice of the Lord thy tiod, and d
tiiut which is rio'ht" lie would n-'
ii in in them urine of the diseases (or
pi;i, :t"s) which he had brotio-ht upon
the I'p-yptiiins who had not listened
to t!'o i dee of (iod.
The Ii-ra elites Attain Coi:iilain.
Not lot ;r v. Tier a not her crisis oicurred.
The Israelites were apparently fac
i ii tr liiuii.rer mill starvation. And the
"whole conjrrcfrat ion" iniirmiired
n jrti i list Moses aul Aaron. This was
only.a step removed from f nll-fledjjod
rebellion. Ilunirer and thirst in Hie
wilderness made slavery in Ktrypt
with plenty to eat and drink seem
far better than freedom.
Manna and Quails Sent. A train we
find Moses resorting to prayer. In
answer (iod promised the tiails aud
the inaiina, and showed Moses that
the sufl'erinp'S of the people had come
as a test. The Lord was trying to
impress upon them the lesson of
trust, one of the most important les
sons an individual or a nation can
learn trust in the kindly provi
dence of (iod. Cod further showed to
Moses, and Moses faithfully declared
it to the people, that the "inurmur
inr" of the Israelites was not so
much against Moses as npalnst (iod
Himself. Moses found it hard to in
spire in his followers that they were
really following the riiidance of
Jehovah. A rebellion asrainst Mose.s
and a turtiiiifr back to Kff.vpt meant
rebellion against God and a turning
away from the fruits of national
life and freedom in the promised
bind. It tuny be said in passing that
it does not npepar that the quails
were sent every evening, but rather
on only rare occasions. We hnv
records of special inst uncos. An im
portant teaching in connection with
the manna was the, emphasis it laid
upon the observance of the Sabbath.
Spear Poliiln.
lie who knows only Christ knows
One whisper of love from Christ's
voice is worth more than nil the
symphony of nature.
- To persuade one soul to lend a bet
tor life is to leave the world better
than you found it.
(iod nsks no man whether he will
accept life. You must take it; the
only choice i how.
Consider whnt in your heart wars
against the peuee of Christ, and pre
vents your acceptance of it. Eam's
Horn. ,
tt Is as Full of Romance as a Not
Is of Meat.
Daw a Xew York Groeer Daas;alat
Ueeaaic a Uermaa Frlaeea aa4
Afterward taa Wtf ml Field
Marshal Voa aldersee.
Mary Lee, the American girl, the
Itrict stickler for the observance ot the
babbath the devout church member
the Sunday school-teacher the
Paris art student, the friend of the
yotinj' l'riucess von Schleswig Hol
ttein the wife of the young princess'
father the chiiriuinjf w idow the wife
of Count von Waldersee the friend of
l'ritice llisiiinrck, the ffreat diplomat
the one Atiierietin woman who can
claim the tittcntiou ami the "ear" of
Knikt'r YVilhelni.
Tli is, -;ts the Xew York World, is
iu brief the life record of the woman
who is to visit us sunn in company with
her husband, loiint n Wuliie r.-ce,
who commanded the allied armies iu
At t):.' she iiits been termed the"woin
u ii Uiiiiscveli." She is a belieer in the
"slrciiumu life."
A u idow v ith immense wealth at her
command, she chose a husband- at
first a pawn, now u jrallunt Knight
whom she could mic fin-ward aliing
the chessboard of life. That she litis
mace her iimw-s wisely may be jioiyed
by the fact that ('omit vmi Wal a r.-ce
is now one of tin- nmM lni-:n! t ml
most prnniii'i'itt oiliccrs in the entire
tieruian empire.
'riifoM-li the iiiHucnee i f his wife.
Mary l.i-o. hi- iit'osc. it i s:.-d. to the
ci'tMiii.-.nd i f ihc tir-t d',i. i- r. i f t!.e
(li-f'.iaii arm;..
'i'li roil' vli hi- wilY he was ;; oji ':i!e;l
to tl'c chief e.uiae.i.fd if tie anied
Ui n.i.-s in ( I i: a.
M. i'v y.i::- i j'-,. -, , i.i Km.
I i rur Wiiliatit tin ill t .-i! ! ! : i . it-nt
O'l'.NY I '..-.-I YON WAl.M'.r.SKK.
(A 1'inM r ;., i. ;i i . A'.:hmii;li a Native of
Ni v Yuili City.)
throne of the Ilohi-nzollerns Countess
Waldersci! was known as .Mary Lee.
Slie was burn in New York. Her fa
ther wits a wholesale grocer, a man
lin weiuh.'d cl'cc.-e and cnlVce, just as
!iis hri!!::nit daughter nflciwinl
weighed ii"s and cons in the German
I'.ut. eiei'.t ua lly Daniel Lee ilied. leav
ing a wife and four children, aini a
great deal of money.
The widow took the numerous
progeny to Paris. Here her eldest
daughter married Huron von Wat liter.
In I Mil the second daughter married
a captain in her niaje.ty 's Kast Indium
a ruiy.
Mary Lee became iiciii;iiiiled with a
daughter i f Tr'nu'ess von S-klesw
llnlslcin. She was Invited to the
fv'lilcswig-ll'ilsiciii house in l'ari-.
where she In en me :u uailit I'd with the
fat Iter of t lie princess.
He was a strict Lutheran, she n
Presbyterian. Aflera short co.urt ship
Mary Lee and the prince were mar
ried. but not niorga nat ieally. Thiswu
n sine iia lion of Mary Lee. She made
the prince re no mice his t il le of "st ri lie
highness." She induced the Austrian
emperor to name him Count von Noer
litul slie took the title of countess.
Thev were wedded much ns Senator
( haitncey Dcpew was married recent ly.
They were united first lit the I'nilei'.
Slates legation, and then in the disi
lory, a Protestant temple opposile
the Louvre. I'Voin the church thev
rode out to the Hois with orange blos
soms on horses' bridles, buttonhole
bouquets on coachmen's coats ami all
that sort of thing.
In 1 lie following year Prince Fred
erick died of apoplexy, ntid pretty
Mary Lee found herself a willow at ihe
age of 27, with .$I,IK)((.I10 at her min
imi ml.
In deep mourning t-he went to Wies
baden. Here t-he met Count von AYal
dersee, a member of one of the oldest
families in Germany and a distin
guished oilicer on the German em
peror's staff.
The following year he murried Mary
Lee, the widow of Prince von Kettles-wig-llolstein,
and they went to live in
Here the diplomatic game began.
Here tlie young American widow began
tn disclose those strenuous traits
w hlch have gone ko far toward the ofli
ciul success of her husband.
She became acquainted with the em
peror and with Count Bismarck. She
became one of the most important per
sonages of the Prussian capital.
Her influence with Bismarck was
only second to that of the emperor
The Price of m Car Seat.
A resourceful humorist got a seat
In a New York street car by telling
the other passengers that ha had small
pox. But he was quaM&tined for
awhile and later was required to give
bond to abstain from disorderly con
duct in the future. . i
" Are your
Kidneys Healthy?
. KemcuiWor the Kidneys
are the most wonderful
organs. Your very life do
pe nils upon theiu. Nine
tenths of all sickness is
caused by diseased; and ne
glected kidneys. If healthy
they filter nil the impurities
out of the blood. ,Hheuin
tism, dypepsi:i, constipation,
liver disease), bladder troubles,
biliousness), headache, blood
disease and female weakness
are all the result ot diseased
Do you know
Dr. Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy
is the neatest spwiilo known to
medical science, fur I ho euro of t hesu
diseases or any form of kidney
trouble I It has been used for nearly
ID years with unfailing siii-ccas by
physicians in hospitals mid suni
turiums. If you will semi your ad
dress to llr. David Kennedy Cor
poration. Unndout, N. Y., tlioy will
soinl you flh.ioifcy frrc-a trial
bottlo. Its sale is so largo to-iley
that it can bo found nt any Qru6'
store in tho United States.
$t a bottle or 6 bottles for $5.
Farmers should have a certain time
to begin and tn st.nji work.
Nothing i lost that :;m'v to make a
home beautiful or pleasant.
Gno'l fort ili.'i'fs a re aa im i .,-t a n :
fact of in n inde ru fa rmicg. ami tin- ; :imc
for aoiiiving them ia at hand.
l'r. or r 1 1 ride in 1 1 e g o d mm i-.m .a-f i
and condition of one's s.irn '.mlir: '
and the lnealily in which he 1 i
shoii I 1 f nil in see.ii In-" : I r ml...
S dli I f-ri iii''i' i o.'
ns-il t" it- the ;.! .!'. f. .-.I il
Pel ; i that c -v. i i nil '
pie i'!r ,'ii'ii I - if : : ii . ;
tf (.;, 11 .'..'. ' .' '
ter : : : i : il v 1: : ;'
lathe.-.' v.' i':. l; . ' , ' ::
will ,' ' " I ' " !'' 'i : .. .'! !
to "I.' a" hi 'i.
i'.: r ',' ' ' i.i'
Ii i-i Il i II r " . ' ' ' ! i '
of :-l .. l".i 1 , i'. 1 i-
-. '".v. i il i'l i o r- ' : ' ,,h,.
Tn; . ' '..:. '. ' -
' Hud . el li.-.'.lt-e.
rim es- IVp.iiV. Mr. Il 1
bet. rt.
Mr. (in.iilhe.irl - Mi-- ih- :i,li old I
lime met ! cfnrt'.
Miss J'e.-llltic Why. l' have 1
tlmngl't your f:ne m'o:ih-. familiar.
Mr. Gnndheiirt Yi', I am ntie of
the men vmi accept ed l ist summer. -- 1
N. Y. Wc'eUv.
IIU t lev. of It.
"What make- lini so io'iint ly op-;
p:ised to the second term idea V" J
"Why, the fact i-. he gut things j
little mixed. Ilij's just out of the pelli-;
ti nt ia ry bimsclf and he didn't know'
w e were tnlkiiur polit ie- hen I he see- I
ond term question came up."-- I'.rook- j
Ivu Kiigle.
The flvecent packet is enough for an ordin
ary occasion. The family bottle, Sixty cents,
contains a supply for a year.
Reeeatlr Aaaalateel laHea State
Civil Servle rasaaslaalaaer
Ha Cleaa Reeara.
Mr. James 15. Carfleld, who was re
cently appointed by President lioose
vek I'nited States civil terrice commis
sioner, is the secoud son of l'resident
Garfield, was born In Mentor, the little
town in the neighborhood of Cleve
land in which his father so long bod
his home, was graduated from Wil
liams college, studied law in the city
of Xew York, and he pin the practice
of his profession in Cleveland in co
partnership w ith his brother, Mr. Har-
... i ,-il " - ' I .a l i g .
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For years I had been a s u&ver
with chronic stomach trouble, pres
sure of gas and distress oi my bow
els. I contracted what the doctors
pronouueed a low type of malaria.
I could not take solid food at all,
and only a very little of the lightest
of diet would create lever and vom
iting. The druggist sent me a box
of Eipans Tabules, saying he sold
more Eipans than anything ese
for stomach trouble. I not only
found relief, but believe I have been
permanently cured.
Dr. King's Hew Discovery,
Consumption, Coughs and Colds
Than By All Other Throat And
Lung Kemedieg Combined.
This wonderful medicine positively
cures Consumption, Coughs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia, Hay
Fever.Pleurisy, LaGrippe, Hoarseness,
Sore Throat, Croup and Whooping
PriceCc. & $1. Trial Eottlo Fres
I AHjIiIIi ( free.
j Fi t ilcpl'uio i t i.ti Sueci ss. i:hfit IsGi
Mi:- M S:. v. ps Co.,
j I!' I Mi St , Wasbnton.
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I Si'. LINiiiHOVE, PA.
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