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    Baking Powder
Makes the bread
more healthful.
Safeguards the food
against alum
fl,m b..iing perween are (hegrcatat
fiuccft U Leaks of the present day.
,.. ffv. yq .
fruit trees have veiy many blos-
.1 J il 4 "
Lnig tins yt'ur um Mint menus
Wcrop offruita, -
Insurance ageni reicr Kiegle and
Kuril brmth of Beaver Springs
LjJeqintea call in town Weaned-
sV. t . It IT ! 1
ilertiinni iienry naming anu
nfumnce agrnt William II. Wendt
ere to MuidJebiirg last Tuesday to
tteml tlit tri ennial convention of
lie school directors of Snyder Co.
Hcrkrt Troup of tins place fient
jew days at Kanta with his uncle
J.F. Troup last week.
t'm. A. Scbnee and Wm. A.
Harding were elected as delegates
i School at the Sunday School
Wut ion at Beavertown this week,
Post Mooter Geo. C. Wagenseller,
IL8.Meiser and Chas. Covert of
Min?grove spent part of Wednesday
lere tn business.
Elmer Troup and family of this
ilice spent Ascension day with their
riends near Strouptown.
The Hotel Keeper J. F. Ker
letter made a business triy to Selins
rove and Port Trevorton last Fri-
ay. .,
Rev. Spahn of Adamsburg preach
i in St. John's chuich last Sunday
The St John's Union Sunday
1 will hold children's day ser
in a few weeks. The date is not
Quite a number of oar young
le attended the dance at Ver-
!a last Saturday night.
Hie following were at the Ac
uct on Ascension day: How-
Hoover,' W. Arthur Schnee,
m. A. Harding,. JJon lioover,
oho A. Kriegbumn, Miss Stella
oover and Miss Nettie Smith of
nee. Edward Longacre, Mable
nee, Maggie Shade). Annie Bros-
W Katie Miminm. Rrh Wrvtlow
m Arabella Kaltriter of Fremont
Some of our people attended the
sale at reeburg last Monday.
Some of our young sports were
church at Richfield on the bicycles
Sunday evening.
Btaa Like atStsste Walt.
Between' your children and the
urea ol itching and barging
ma, soaldhead or' other skin di
es. How f Whr. bf uains
rkeklen'i Arnica Salve, the earth's
TOteat heeler. Quickest cure for
Jleets, Fever Sores, Salt Rheum,
2bU, Burns or Bruises. Infallible
Files. 28e at the lGddleburgh
tag Uo.i GraybilL Oarmaa Co.,
fchfield, PaJDr7j. W. Sampaell.
nscreek. Fe,
TWeStoleslastlsaSS.)' '
L E. Boust. wife and daughter.
T spent Sunday witlvfnendVin
I JowuiSassanwn from,Ppttgnve
(va a few days with mends in this
sanity. ; ... .a . .. i i: - .
aGsses Lydia, Fisher and Grace
fHrrett of Sunbury spent Sunday in
Iraner, , , . .. ' ;
lanss Harriet Wetsel has gone to
Amburyto work. : .....
I Chas. Boost of Northumberland
nlled in this vicinity Sunday. ' -Dc
wittr Vandling of Bouknel!
W Sunday .with Robert teener
uuoiiy, .
John A. Hess , left Friday for
Huntdington Mills.
J. Allen Shaffer spent a few days
!iL t . V i y
u um Daren is. lie is emnioveu
Benj, Hummel and wife spent
JMay with C U. FerUig and
Tlic gypsies liave aftrncted a num
ofour young boys to their en-
mpinont whetlior they were at
'nctvd by the dusky daughters of
the rovinor tribe or bv the idea that
ir future would be foretold is not
Peter Iiong of Selinsgrove. was
Q making repairs it the home of
mother of tilts place.
! : .CNNt CREEK. '
(Tm kte for kMl VMk.)
1 - Mrs. & F. Sbeary is spending
this week in Lewistown " with her
children. " -
Theo. Bingamsn. who is working
in Lewistown, was home over Sun
day and stayed to plant his potatoes.
L. C Bingaman went to Lewis
town where he expects to work at
niasoury. ,
' Simon Hackeubergand wife visit
ed Joseph Hackenberg in Union Co
Foster Snook moved his sawmill
into a woods near Dice, Union Co.
where he intends to do some lumber
ing. ' - '
The new presiding elder of this
place will preach in the U. Ev.
Church . in Centre vi lie Friday at
7.45 P. M. also Sunday at 7.30 P.
M. at which time will be adminintcr-
the Holy sacrament
J. j, oiioweis was home over
Sunday from the Susquehanna Uni
Cyrus Bowersox visited "Lsaac
Walters near Mazcppa over Suuday.
Our biipervisors are busily encair-
ed repairing the public .highway,
whcih adds very much to tbeir ap
Adam Brunner left Momday to
join the Regular Army.
Communion Services were held
in the U. E. Church Sunday even
to Mrs. 8. F. Sheary visited relatives
at Lewistown last week.
Elmer Zechman and wife and A.
C. Spangler and wife were fishing
in Swift Run on Ascension Day.
Landlord D. F. Bingatunn, Dr. J.
F. Kanawell and Chas. Kcx ds at
tended the horse sale at F eeburg
Daniel Bingaman and James Mit
terling of Selinsgrove were guests
at the Centreville House Sunday.
Mrs L. A. Stine, who had been
to Lwri8town, the past week wait
ing on her sick mother returned
Mrs. Levi Napp of Benfer visited
Henry Napp and family over Sun-
HMa mp m Cgre ..
"At the e ad of the campeljrn.n
Champ Clark, Missouri's brilliant
congressman, "from overwork,
nervous tension, loss of sleep ana
constant speaking I had about ut
terly follapsed. It seemed that all
the organs in my body were out of
order, out three bottles of Electric
Bitters made me all right. It's the
best all-around medicine ever sUd
over a druggist s counter. Orr.
worked, run-down men and weak,
aiokly women gain splendid health
and vitality from Electric Bitters
Try them. Only 60c .Onaranted
by Middleburg Drug Co.. Graybill.
German & Go.. Richfield. Pa., Dr. J.
W. Sampsell, Pennscreek, Pa,
Fred Keretetter made a trip to
Georgetown in company with his
great grandson.
- . Frank Bitner & Co. are a new
firm in the coal business.
' Out supervisors laid a road tax
of 8 mills and, expect to have our
highways in first class condition. .
Susquehanna coal is plentiful and
cheap and everybody ought to lay
in a supply,, "
Jacob Kerstetter planted 26 acres
of corn on Dundore's plantation and
finished last Saturday. -
The overseers' fihe'Poor laid 'a
poor tax of 4 mfllswhich- sjnoonts
to716. ; '
' Our tax collectors are slow and
our tax payers are "slower yet, and
they have $200 to collect yet of last
years poor tax. .
' George Wise is ready to sprar
frees for all who have usefor.rhu
erfies. ;:. .,
W.&ReiehenbaohisbuiklinK a
new coal flat which will be added
to bur fleet which numbers 10 aV
ready. . . V : 'r ' A
Our merchant gave 3 lbs. white
sugar for 1 dos eggs last week.
Our Susquehanna fishermen are
making no fortune. .
David Witmer of Salem Is visit
ing at Dundore, his old home. He
is the only survivor of his family
and is 80 years of age.
Minnie Shaffer visited her par
ents at ToehilL
Dollie Reiohenbaoh is on a visit
to her sister at Chapman.
Everybody is pleased with the
late election ot the new county tu
perintendent of the public suhooU.
E. S, Aucker was in town and
speaks well of his observation of the
grain fields as he passes through
the country.
The cold suap of last week calleJ
out the overcoats. '
(Tu lata lur Ul wok.
Miss Maggie Kelly raurwl Ut
her home at Williauispm t Saturday.
. Mrs. M. P. Arnold has gone to
Mdton to spend a few months with
her husband aml.cliildrtn who a-e
employed tliere. .
C.H.HeiTld, one of the all
around clerks at the City Hotel,
Sunbury, spent Sunday with his
George Strawser, an attache ot
Erdley's livery, Selinsgrove, was in
town last week.
Levi Bohner and ndrew Herrold
spent Sunday with their families.
Emanuel Neitsand wifereturnml
home Friday after lia vine anent sev
eral days with their sou atSnnbury.
n n i m .
o.r.otetttn ot llalilax spent Sun
day at home with his wife.
8heets Kelly and wife of Sunbury
were the guests of the former's moth
er aud sister over. Sunday.
Liloya apcece ot Wmevetli snent
several days wit i In wifr, ne fcue
Bogar, who is Rh:ii1 6- a mon h
with her jwreuts, Ji:o. -g;ir ai d
Elmer Daubert and wife. P. W.
Daubert and family and Ed. Arnold
and family were in town over Sun
day. .
Geo. Michael, wife, son and daugh
ter of Suubuiy visited relatives over
Landlord Suhrawderand wife en
tertained eight of the "Four Hun
dred" of Lewisburg Sunday.
miss Mayne lloyer ol AUentown
is paying her parents a visit
Mrs. U. U. Faust and son. Robert
of Sunbury returned home after
having spent a week with her Bar
ents, Wm. Boyer and wife.
Mrs. Albert Gemberlinir and sis
ter-in-law of Selinsgrove visited the
former's mother. Mrs. Jno, Rice.
Sunday. ,
Milton Herrold of Sunburv was
eutcrtained by his oareuts Suiidar.
Aue u. ivvan. Dunday school will
again hold its session)) in the morn
ing. Miss Msyme Martin returned
from a sevenl months' visit to her
mother and sisters at Wilkes Barre.
Nathan Shambach and wifeattend-
ed the funeral of the former's father
at Salem church Sunday. -!
Misses Carrie and Lottie Reichen-
bach spent several days with their
aunt Mrs. Jonathan Herrold at Par
adise. ...
Mrs. J. G. 8n yder and Miss bora
Arnold are visiting Rev. J. E. Fran
cis snd family who reside near Hali
fax. The Reverend was formerly
pastor ot the U. B. church in town.
C. W. Stroh and Miss Olivia
Stepp of Sunbury were guests of
reiauves Sunday.
Misses Valeria Bingaman and
Kathryn Flanders were entertained
by the hitter's cousin, Miss Sue Bra
baker at Mahantongo Sunday.
Chas. Heinttman passed through
our burgenroute to Chapman to
visit relatives.
Wm. . Helfenstein and wife ot
Harriaburg are spendinsr several
days at their summer home in town.
G. C. Faust, wife and son spent
Sunday with his father-in-law Wm.
- Miss SaUie Arnold and niece Miss
Rath' 'Arnold of Shamokin spent
Saturday in town. vi
GeL Flanders had his oU store
torn down and h new has nite
number of oar best oarneptars e
igaged to build a neT xme.
Our young folks enjoyed s day's
outing at the Acqueductoo Aaben-
i uav.
J. D. Bogar and wiiewere visitors
at Port. Trevorton over Sunday.
Peter Folts and daughter of Aline
visited his daughter, Mrs.' Henry
uangier and family.
Mrs. Wm. Snyder was a visitor
at Shamokin Monday.
- Miss Byler of -Lewisburg spent
Sunday with Wm.Knhn and family.
Harvey and Arthur Grissinger of
Selinsgrove rere seen in our yuan-
Arthur C, Heiser and Miss Ivy
Hottenstetu attended the opera at
Sunbury Saturday evening.
S. H. Kirkwtrick, wife and son
of Sunbury were visitors among re
latives Sunday.
Harry Hoak of Sunbury was seen
pacing through our streets Thurs
day evening.
J. 8. Reiohenbaoh and wife moved
from Pittsburg to this place,
Mil s a
JLtie gypsies who had ramped in
Sander's Hollow for several weeks,
loft Monday for some other camping
fi ILLE0Ef B0FE8S0B.
Ono of (Qeorsria's Useful Educators
f Grateful Fop What Pc-ru-na is Do
' toff For Suffering Humanity.
T. A. Curtright, A. B., Principal ot the
GtorgU Konasl and Indaitrial IuU
tats, sad editor sad proprietor of the
"Georgia Helping Hand" write the
following glowing word concerning
Pemna, and its efficacy In the ear of
He aayat "I was Induced to try Pem
na by the sdrics of a friend, and cer
tainly bellevs that angering humanity
woald be rellered If they only gare Pe
mna a fair trial. Would that I could
frame wordi aufficient to
graUtnde for the bene&U derlred from
Ita nee.' P. A. CURTRIGHT. Greene-
Hon.' W. N. Roach, United SUtee
astor from Korth Dakota, in e. letur
written from Larunore, North Dakota,
say ei . ., .. . .
- "Peranaded by a friend. I have need
PsrsM ea a tonlo, and am glad to teeUfy
that rtaaa grfsuy heipea me la strength,
rlmr and aonatlBa. I hSTe been mA-wtmtui
by friends that it Is rematkably efflca-
ea s as a mwn xec tmm ausoei BSrru
Beaator Roach ' wife reeommAiuU V.
'son also. Saoaaysi -S, esa cassrrnlly
JnoL'Scharf of the Logan House,
AUoonfyia home, with- hia family.
Ue is ; the . steward of the Logan
House and is considered one of the
best in this section. '
The graduating exercises of the
High School took place Tuesday-
evening'' of last week in the Opera'
House. The class acquitted them
selves very well. Everything pass
ed off finely.
The funeral of Miss Ada E. Wag
enseller. took place from her late
residence 'Monday forenoon of last
week, Rev. Focht officiating assist
ed by Rev. W. A. Haas. She had
hosts of friends as was attested by
the floral tributes and the attendance
at the services. Many friends at
tended' from a distance.'
i i .
Mrs. B. F. Emerick and son of
Carlisle visited her mother last week
and attended the funeral of her
cousin, Ada' Wagenseller.
The undents of the University
had a rally recently and determined
to have a' share in the new gym
nasium, by subscribing atthatmeet
b ll for that purpose. We
learn that more has Jbeea added, to
the list sinoa.
The riser re team played a zame
of base ball with Central Pa, Col-
legeCktutday. The score was Re
serves 18, C' P. C 6.
- .Quite a number of our Sunday
school workers expect tq take in the
county convention at.Ivertcwn.
' Harry McCarjty, . who baa. been
visitiiuj the Philippines fbr some
time, returned home hut week.
Rev; IL 3. Fortner has been
selected by Post No. 148 to deliver
the memorial sermon. . The Rev.
can speak from experience. as he
was in the service.
The cold weather Friday and Sat
day nights did much damage to
vegetation, such as beans, tomatoes
and strawberries.
E. P. Rohbach is on a trip to
Phila. and Lancaster on busiuess.
A. D. Carey made a trip to Wil-kes-Barre.
Art. says it looked like
a general strike among the miners.
All hope that it may be averted.
far Infanta and Children.
Ri tki Ya Km Atoaj E::it
Bears the
recommend your excellent remedy, Ps
rnns. Indeed, I know of no other rem
dyssgoodssyomra. It la a grand tonic,
and many of my friends hare used It for
catarrh with good rooults.w-Mrs. W. W.
The moat sommon phases of aummer
catarrh are catarrh ot the stomach and
bowels. Pemnsiasenooillaforanmmr
Mm U n
writes;'' sat carraaTe cmtmrrh ottht
ttomaclft tm run ttmadln. 1 bmd
it bo bad thmt I coals' mot anything
rors mad ther could rtvm sss nlM tor a
short tlmt oaty. I tmwPtniam recoa
sMoeW and thought I would try ft,
ad I mow think I am cured ot catarrh.
Ihavo workod two mtoatht and did not
haa a cayS'Wmi. Heblay.
sir. Moses T. If trrlll. Coinmhna. rmr.
okee Co Kansas, Rural Routo No. s,
"I had been troubled with .vitamin
catarrh, which affected the lowar hw.i.
MpeciaUy. I was troubled with running
. . . . .
uu oi we ooweiaana irouoieaome catarrh
of the bronchial tubes which
pitting of thick mucue. Sine taking
nruua my Improvement baa been
wonoartuL mybowela are nrulmr mm
clock-work, lean now eat like other
people and my vltuala dlgeaL"-
moaeap. merrtu.
Hon.' Willis Brewer. Rnrun.iv
In Congreee from Alabama, writ-. th
following letter to Dr. Hartmani
House of Kepreecntatlres,
Washington. T) n
The Peruna Medicine Co, Oolumbue, O.i
usnuemen "I hare naed one bottle of
Peruna for lauitsde. and I take nl.unn
In recommending It to those who need s
gow remea j. ai s ionic it le excellent.
In the chart time I hare need it it hmm
done me s great deal of good." Willie
If yon do not derive nromnt and ...
factory reeulte from the use of Pemna,
write at once to Dr. Hsrtmsn, giving s
full atatsmenf of you ease snd he will
be pleased to give yon his valuable ad
vise gratis.
Address Dr. Hsrtmsn. PraabUnt i
The Hsrtmaa Sanitarium, Columbus.
, .Ice formed here last week 1-16
ol. an inch. thick.. Some gardens
looked quite sick next morning.
Some of our farmers were rush
ing their corn planting last week so
they would be ready to take in the
big show in Lewistown. Our end
of the township was well represented
by all classes of people.
J. B. Shellengerger and family of
Eannervule expect to be present at
the German Baptist Brethern Con
ference to be held at Ilarrisburg
next week.
Chas. Wagcer & Co. expect to
move their Stave Mill from Fisher's
to the Black Mountain next week.
News has been received here that
Joseph Steely of Idaho, formerly a
Soyder County boy, is not able to do
any kind of work on account of a
severe -spell of sickuess. He has
been teaching school in that country
for a number of years.
It was a mistake in regards to the
ailment o( our Hon. P. F. Riegle.
It is his father who is the sufferer.
A speedy recovery is hoped for by
bis many friends. '
Our supervisor, J. P. Fisher, ex
pects to make some improvements
this season by putting bridges and
the roads in good shape. John is
the man such work as he un
derstands the trade and pays no at
tention to othert who know toothing
about it.
Jacob Erb has been on the sick
list for the past week under the
rare of Dr. Shive. He is slowly
Aeustus Knepp snd family of
McClure spent Sunday with his
father in New Lancaster.
-Mrs. Robison Middle warth of
McClure i numbered .with the sick
for the past few weeks.
. stoveeJsareMSeervt.
Tt la nttan aalr&il hn an oh utaril.
ing cures, that puzzle the beet phy
sician, are effected bv Dr. King s
ISew Discovery lor uonsumption.
Ilere's is the secret. It euta out the
the phlegm and germ-infected mu
cus, and lets the hfe-giTing ox?gen
enrich and vitalize the blood. It
heals the inflamed, coush-worn
thrnat am) bnn. Hani eokld and
stubborn cougha soon yield to I'r.
rllug's New Discovery, the most In
fallible remedy for alt Throat and
Lung Diseases. Guaranteed bottles
&)e and ft.OO, Trial bottles free at
tbs Middleburg Drug Co., Oray-
Kill riannan ami On . TlHhfiM. l'a
Dr. J. W SaxnpseU, luniscrwk.
350 Rolls
New Patterns
Brussels Carpet 45, 0, 6 ,7
Velvet Carpets, 75 and $1
Axminstercarpeta,1.15&l 25
Ingrain Carpet8,a25 to 7-3
Rag Carpets,
Straw Mattings
China Mattings,
Lace & Portiere
Dpes Goods
, ampu,
Silk Waists
Skirts & Jackets,
SUITS $3 TOI$30.
Tie LarsEstUsBKrtry,
Trexler's Store,
Sunbury, Penna.
SselleS r OTerSelag.
"Yonr beauty intoxicstea me," said
the would-be auitor.
That settle It, replied the u. -id
la the case. 1 csn never bec-os
yonr wife."
"Becenee why T soened toe yo&n
MBecsuie yon weM be full all the.
time", aha nwerL-Chlcaro DailW
A. riesSua Aaaseeaaasis.
"Yon are his rtvsl la lever
"Yet'yoa profess friendship fog
1 do. I have been hli dentist for
several years, snd I wouldn't forego
the fun of fixing up his teeth for any
thing in the wortd." waabingtos
Knox I set down in my essy chair
last evening snd picked np that new
tovel of Scribbler's, snd I didn't get
Into bed until four this morning.
Cox The West Why, I thought
it awfully tiresome.
Enox Exactly I It was four o'clock
when I woke np in my chair. Catholitt
Standard and Times.
A Deneetle Myaterr.
-Mr. Binks Something queer about
Biff kins. lie has never once mentioned
his wife.
Mrs. Binks rerhaps he Isn't mar
ried. Mr. Rink Oh. j, be U. He wears
out three pair of hos a month try
Ing to save car fare. S. Y. Wekly.
rlWh .
"So Markley U iUd
Ys, it wa a complication of trow
"Why. vratt I saw him a wk ay
he only seemed to have a stight cold."
I Cutis ri-nc. dui i
all ths rentUea his friends su$rsW
, sd." VaUsdehahis
Sfc fii-
it 1