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Sjf Envelopes Ufl
i We bought a InrV .u- t I
We have a job lot of note
heads on hand. They must go
quick. The price will do it.
Samples and prices for the ask
ing. We furnish them printed
for less than you can buy them
without printing.
We bought
signment of env. .opes
Having bought so many
we secured a rock bottom
figure. Send for samples
and prices.
Ceo. W. WagtMtlUr, Niter aid Proprietor.
A Family Journal, Devoted to News, Scteac. Art, Political Economy aid Current Literamre.
KaUa: One Dollar Per Annum, la Advance
Blank receipt books for sale at this
office. 25 receipts in a book, 10 cts., '
for 26 c. tf
Wanted Potatoes aud apples waut
oxl by Hummel and Hummel.
Kramer, Pa. tf.
Harvest Home services will be held
t Erd ley's church next Sunday morn,
lug at 10 o'clock.
Devoe liead and Zinc Paint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand.
Walnuts wantkd I want 1000
bushels of walnuts and am willing to
pay 40 cents a bushel.
tf, Paxtonvllle, Pa.
Dkikp a 1'1'I,es wanted I want Ave
or six tons of dried apples and am
willing to pay 0 cents a pound.
tf. Paxtonvllle, Pn.,
The Carlisle Indians defeated the
Rucknell Foot Ball Team Saturday at
W illiainsport b the narrow margin of
(i to 5. It was the most interesting
game ever played in Willlamsport
Devoe Lead and Zinc Paint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand.
It has been ascertained that $150 in
coin was placed upon the tracks of the
Pennsylvania Railroad between Lewis
town and Johnstown, over which the
McKinley funeral train passed on its
way west.
The new school savings bank is prov
ing a great success in the Miftlintown
public schools. During the first month
$72.33 were deposited by the pupils of
the five schools In the town.
Up In Union county a township con
stable recently returned the supervisors
for neglecting to remove loose stones
from the public highways, and the
court Immediately notified the super
visors to attend to their duty or the
law would be enforced.
The Juniata and Susquehanna Tele
phone Company has a force ot work
men building a line from Mahontongo,
Juniata county, to Liverpool. When
completed it will give a through line
from Millersburg, Dauphin county, to
Sellnsgrove, Snyder county.
According to the report of the census
bureau, just issued, there are one hund
red and six thousand, nine hundred
and sixty seven more men than wo
men in Pennsylvania, yet you would
never guess that such is the case from
the relative attendance at church or
prayer meetings.
Call on A. E. Soles in his new shav
ing and hair cutting parlor for your
bead cleaned with a refreshing sham
poo and a clean towel to each patron
on the north side of Market square op
posite Central Hotel. Satisfaction guar
anteed, tf.
FIRM of high standing would in
crease corps of representatives call
m physicians. Our eighty men now
average $40 weekly. Exclusive terri
tory. Steady employment.
l(l-10-3t. NEW YORK CITY.
On Tuesday morning the barn on the
David Troutman farm in Perry Valley
was destroyed by fire. Early in the
morning the hired man went out on the
mow with a lantern to get hay for the
horses. It is said that he either fell
and broke the lantern, or the lantern
fell and broke, and set the barn on lire.
Have not learned particulars.
The Perry County Fair is free of debt
and has a surplus fund of about $230.
Now since the Association has liquidate
ed its indebtedness, improvements will
be made to the grounds and the fair
made more entertaining than ever.
The receipts being in excess of ex
penditures gives the management much
encouragement, and there is no doubt
that the fair of 1002 will surpass all past
ones. ledger.
A western editor who has contracted
the habit of occasionally attending
church, has this to say : " Ladies
should take off their hats in church.
No preacher can inspire a man who
is looking into the lopsided uggrcgat ion
of dead birds, stuffed weasels, chame
leon skins, ribbons, bead jets, straw
paper, sticks, corn tassels and thistles
down. It makes a sinner feel lost in a
Devoe Lead and Zinc Paint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand.
Every one is offering and everybody
claiming to have the best As to our
line of Millinery goods, we prefer hav
ing the goods do the talking.
The Potomac Synod of the Reformed
church, embracing Southern Pennsyl
vania, Maryland, Virginia. West Vir
ginia, New Jersey and North California
meets in Huntingdon this week.
The Salem United Ev. church near
Jesse Shamltach's will be re-opened
Oct. 20 and 27. Rev. J. Shambach
will preach Oct. 2ti at 7 P. M. and Oct.
27 at 10 A. M. ami Prof. F. C. Bower
sox will give an address at 7 P. M. All
are Invited. Preaching in the Centre
ville IT. K. church Oct. 20 at 10 A. M.,
in German and at 7 P. M. in English.
A Soap Fraud.
A slcek-tongucd stranger with a black
moustache, about twenty-five years
old, claiming to lie a representative of
the Larkin Soap Company, and who
promised some very flue premiums
consisting of enameled bedsteads, rugs,
clocks, etc., canvassed the outskirts of
Milton last week and fleeced a number
of women out of sums ranging from 50
cents to $2 It is estimated that he
took about $30 with him when he left.
Diphtheria Spreading.
Owing to the epidemic of diphtheria
in Northumberland, the public schools
of that place have been closed. The
dreaded disease has been spreading
with such rapidity in the past week
that it was deemed advisable to take
this step in order to battle the disease.
There are quite a number of new oases
reMrted in the past few days.
Deeda Entered for Record.
Wilson B. Mitterling and wife to
Irwin Botteigcr and Serenus Yerger,
4 acres in West Perry twp.
Reuben Zeuhman and wife to John
Hetrick, house and lot in Beavertown,
for $1000,
Anna Fisher to James I). Wertz,
house and lot lh Sellnsgrove, for $460.
8. A. Wetzel, et a!, to H. Newton
Cornelius, six tracts' in Jackson twp.,
for $2600.
Thos. L Bauer and wife to M. E.
Erdley, tract of land in Kreanier, Mid
dleereek twp., for $200.
Geo. I. Flanders and wife to Carrie
E. Reichenbach, plot in Port Treverton
for $250.
Fianna Grayblll to Irwin Bottciger,
lot In Fremont, far $000.
Alfred Smith and wife to Jacob A.
Freed and John J. Tobias, lol No. 58
in Beavertown for $1124.
F.J. Schocli and wife to James J.
Hendricks, land in Penn twp., for
John C. Qrubb and wife to Anna M.
Napp, 00 acres in Penn twp., for $70(1.
Wills Probated.
The last will and testament of Eliza
beth Fisher, late of Beavertown, was
probated. Anna Mary Batta Shortiss
is executrix and heir.
Letters Granted.
In estate of Asaph Fisher, late of
Monroe twp., to Chas. B. Fisher; in
estate ot Andrew Trutt, late of Monroe
twp., to S. W. Trutt and J. I). Wertz.
Though William McKinley Is Dead, yet not
Although William McKinley is dead
and buried then,
And lias gone to receive his rewnrd up
in Heaven
Yet will he still be living in the heart
of his nation
He has so gloriously led without dis
crimination. He was a lovable monarch in every
true sense of the word.
In the duty of his country he never
faltered or shirked.
Whenever a task was laid on his res
ponsibility to ierform
To his (iod and his conscience he aj
pealed before he would discern.
Yea as now thou art dead but only In
Thy works follow thee as though thou
wort living the tame.
Thou hast reared unto thee a living
monument In fame
That thy kindred and country needn't
blush nor sname.
Rest on now, thou obedient, thy work
on the earth is done
Thou hast gained unto the praise of
thy country-men
Thy reward is laid in the hands of the
He will surely give it unto thee in the
R. H. Walter,
Pennscreek, Pa.
D. A. Kern and wife spent Tuesday
at Adamsburg.
Mabel Wlttenmyer returned Tuesday
from a trip to Lewistown.
Miss Minerva Stetler is visiting Miss
Bertha Erhart at Reedsvllle.
George Bickhart of Benfer was at the
cquaty seat Saturday.
Levi 8. Gelnett of Sirouptown was
a Middlebnrg visitor Friday.
Miss Hernice Snyder of Millersburg
was visiting friends in town.
Mrs. I). K . Haas and sou of Sbamo-'
kin are visiting J. W. Runkle.
Mrs. Wm. H. aMosjfe ef Adamsburg
wast a Mlddleburg visitor Monday.
Miss Mollie Bolender returned from
a trip to Buffalo and Philadelphia Fri
day. John L. Bowersox, traveling sales
man, spent Sunday in town with bis
John Howell left for Sunlairy where
he will make his home with his
W. A. Luta and wife of Shippens
burg paid a visit to Benjamin Bach
man and wife.
state Superintendent N. c. Schaffei
has designated Friday, October 25, as
Autumn Arbor Day.
M. S. Rruhakcr of Mahontongo, one
of the well-to-do citizens of that place,
was in Middlebiirgh last Week
Jacob Paskusz of New York is spend
ing a few days at the tannery, whieh
will shortly liegiu ocrations.
Chas. B. Weiser, proprietor ot Hotel
Oliver, at Duquesue, near Pittsburg,
was a Middleburg visitor last week.
Wm. H. Beaver is in Philadelphia
this week buying a st.oek of new goods
for fall and winter use. Look out for
Attorneys Jay G. Weiser and H. H.
Bower attended the meeting of the
Democratic State Cmniitt e at Harris
burg last week.
Mrs. Lincoln Reaver and mother of
Davenport, Iowa, and Mrs. C. B. Wltr
nier of Sunhury visited Attorney J. G.
C rouse and family.
R. E. Gift of Paxtonvllle pays $1.25
per bushel lor shelllHirks and sells
beautiful ealieo for 4e. Read his ad. in
the Post.
Pliarus Bowersox of Mlddleswarth
was at the county scut Monday. He
is now employed on a saw mill at Pen US
Cave, Centre County.
Samuel Wlttenmyer, Jr., who bad
been in Michigan engaged in behalf of
the Forestry Commission, is spending
u few days in town.
"Irish Charlie" was in this place the
latter part of last week. Charlie sells
Utble cloths, napkins and other articles
of pure linen. He is the jolliest Irish
peddler in America.
David Meiser has purchased the store
of John Hall at Meiserville and will
take charge of the same at once. Mr.
Meiser is a well known businessman of
that locality, having always resided
there, conducting a grist mill.
Francis E. Boyer, proprietor of the
Valley View Farm of Mt. Pleasant
Mills, was at the county seat Thursday
to pay for his paper and order station
ery. Mr. Boyer had u large crop of
peaches and sold them on the trees.
Isaac Smith of Sliatnokin Dam,
John c. Hehn of Hummel's Wharf, 0.
A. Munbeck of Franklin twp., Frank
Wixxlling of Dundore, 0. T. Shuirer of
Freeburg, G. C. Arnold of Port Tre
verton, W. A. Hummel of Globe Mills,
Geo. I. Kline of Kant, and Frank
Shambach of Franklin twp. were cal
lers at this office Wednesday of last
Watch for This Fellow, Ladies.
A stamping pattern agent turned up
in Shenandoah last week, and, it is
said, induced several persons to pay
him $1.50 each, he guaranteeing to
furnish them employment to pay at
least $3 per week. A lady was to call
next day with fifty patterns to start
with, and give Instructions in the art
of pattern making. She evidently took
the wrong train, or doel not exist, for
she Is yet to arrive.
The Mlfninburg 7mea last week says :
"Grant Yoder purchased the Isaac B.
Manger property, in the East ward,
for $1806." 1
' ''House to House Visitation" Satur-
psy, Oct. 26, 1001.
The following persons have been ap
pointed in the districts named, the
names of the others will appear later.
'Ada ms Township :( has. Ingram,
f. D. Folk, Jno. Longer, Jere Bow
ersox, Jno. D. Slpe, Simon Benfer,
Geo. Auraud, J. G. Napp, Geo, F.wig,
CP. Flas, J. Y. H. Moyer, D. J.
West Beaver : J. B. Khellepberger,
H. J. Peters, A. J. Krebs, W. H. Herb
stsr, Jonas Snyder, K. E. Mlddlswnrtli,
N B. Mlddleswarth, Mrs. Cal. Ulsh,
Palmer Dreese, W. S. Miller, J. F.
Snook, C. W. Fisher, Mrs. J. H. Rlt
ter, Milton Wagner, Mrs. II. Baker,
I. Oosher.
Beaver Township : Nelson Freed,
Edna Kline, Sudie Howell, Alice Mid
da warth, Ella Walker, Hettie How-
aJac. Hetrick, J. P. Wetzel, Annie
ikenburg, Nath. Freed, Susie Rlne,
Annie Snyder.
Spring Township : Kate Shannon,
Sue Koch, Mrs. A. M. Smith, Clynier
Romig, A. A. Ulsh, W. A. T. i'lsb,
W. I. Bllger, Ira Kline. Mrs. Ira
Kline, Mrs. Hurley Romig, J. B. Ew
iug, Andy Bear.
Jackson Twp. : Mrs. Jack Krlder,
Mrs. D. Good, Frank Dock, Joe Kling
ler, Harvey Sussaman, Gertie (iood,
Reggie Yearick, Mrs. Annie Boyer.
Centre Township : W. F. Sanders,
David Relchley, Mrs. Sara Binguman,
Clara Loiig, Warren Bingaman, Adc
lia Sampsell, Lizzie Miller, Mrs. Lizzie
Hartman, Ella Hartman, .lac. Bow
sox, Sallie Stahl, W. A. Snook, Ada
Bailey, Clias. Bowersox.
Middleburg: Lottie Hare, Jessie
Shambach, 1). G. Buck, Frank S.
Specht, Harriet Haokenburg, W. Feese,
A. R. Gilbert, Mabel Moyer.
Franklin Township : Mrs. Harry
Walter, Lottie Gift, Laura Hamer,
Joe.: Wagner, Anna Swengle, M. K.
ilussinger, J. S. Kauffman, Mrs. John
Patty u, Mrs. A. G. Bashoar, J. W.
Swatts, J. B. Herman, John Hacken
Imrg.iMrs. J. C. Shuman, Mrs. Clara
Winey, Hnry Miller, S. Spitler, M. L.
Shannon, Rev. Boyer, Miles Shannon,
Dundore Walter.
McKinley Vernal Cards.
The Postofflce Department decided
Wednesday to place the late President
McKinley 's head on the new issue of
istal cards which will appear shortly
after December 1 next. The design, as
explained by Acting Postmaster Gen
eral Madden, includes the yetr of birth
and year of death immediately at the
left and right respectively of the name
"McKinley," which will be directly
under the bead. Above tile bead will
be the "Series of 1901," and above that
"One Cent." The inscription, "Unit
ed States of America" now appearing
on the postal cards will be abandoned
and replaced at u point lower down so
as to leave the space at the upper part
the card, about one third of the width
of tlte card, clear for posl marks.
Gunners Who Will Trespass Will Have to Pay
Snyder county farmers will find
among recent acts Of Assembly one
that will assure them protection from
an objectionable form of trespass that
annoyed them for years, it provides
a penalty for wilful trespass by gunners
upon cultivated lauds. All the farmer
needs to do is to give thejpublic notice
forbidding trespass. The act imposes
a fine of $5 for each offense and pay
ment of costs. Information may be
lodged befote any justice of the peace
or uMerman. The defendant will have
the right of appeal, but if convicted and
fined, half of the fee will go to the
owner or lessee of the land and the re
maining half to the school distrct. Re
fusal to pay the line will involve going
to jail for a period not exceeding three
DIED. Oct. 9th at Red Bank, Jona
than Bickhart, aged 60 yean and 7
days. Interment at Globe Mills Ceme
tery Oct. 12. Rev. H. G. Suable of
MARRIED. Oct. 13th, at Salem by
Rev. H. G. Suable, Amnion F. Sholly
and Minnie M. Stetler, both of Middle
Devoe Lead and zinc Paint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand.
Every one Is invited to our Millinery
Opening of Winter Hats which occurs
Oct. 24, 25 and 20.
L. Dl'XK BI.HKlUi Kit.
Court convened Monday, Oct
11 o'clock A. M.
Present : Hon. II. M. McClure, Presi
dent Judge; Hon. '.. T. Gemberilng and
Hon. P. F. Riegle, Ass. ciaUo Judges.
W. H. Herman was appointed fore
man of the Grand Jury.
(Hand Jury was sworn and affirmed
The constables w en- sworn and their
returns tiled.
P. J. MerUter, P. A. Brasius, H. F
Mohn and W. II. Matter were appoint-
hcd tipstaves.
The case of the Commonwealth vi
W. A. McWilliams was continued to
the December term.
In the cases of the Commonwealth
vs. Austin K. Leister, John Keasler and
Jacob Tharpc a not. pros, were granted.
In the eases of the Commonwealth
vs. William Hummel and Simon Krat
zcr, returned "not a true bill," and the
county to pay the costs.
In the case of the Commonwealth vs.
James Rathfon, the defendant was ac
quitted of the charges of larceny and
receiving stolen gissls but was ordered
to pay the costs of prosecution.
Ill the cases of the ( 'omuton wealth
vs. Joseph Walter and N. P. Hare, de
fendants were acquitted of assault and
battery and wen' directed to iy the
In the case of the Commonwealth vs.
Ephraim Bell, the defendant was con
victed of assault ami battery and sen
tenced to pay a line of $ln, and the
costs of prosecution.
in the case of the Commonwealth vs.
N. T. Dundore et al. overseers of Union
township, the defendants wertv acquit'
led of the charge of neglect of duty and
the county to pay the costs.
Report of Dr. A. J. Herman, Coroner,
of the Inquest m the dead Ixsly of Jac
ob F. Walter was tiled.
C. L. Wetzel, L. J. Manbeck and
John S. Wolfe were appointed to view
road in West Perry township.
Geo. B. Benfer, Thos. Herbster and
I. E. Maurerwere appointed to view
road in Franklin township.
Report of viewers vacating public
road and font bridge in Perry and
Chapman townships was confirmed
Report of viewers to assess damages
for widening North Market Street in
the iHirough of Sellnsgrove was con
firmed nisi.
Report of viewers of public road in
Mlddlecreek township was confirmed
nisi and ordered to be opened.
The report of the viewers appointed
to inspect the county bridge over the
Mahontongo creek in Perry township
was approved.
Reports of the following road and
bridge views were confirmed nisi, viz;
Establishing boundary lines between
the borough of Sellnsgrove and Penn
township; viewing bridge sites in
Spring and Jackson townships; laying
out and vacating public road in Mld
dlecreek township; and viewing public
road in Franklin township.
COURT OP common l-I.KAS.
S. A. Wetzel, committee of W. Yer
ger, a lunatic, presented his petition
asking t, be discharged which was
granted, and the Court appointed the
Sunhury Tiust and Safe Deposit Co. as
guardian and commit tee of said lunatic.
la the case of Stella V. stank by her
next friend, etc., vs. John L Stank, an
alias subpoena Was awarded.
In the case of Kva M. Kantz vs. Asa
II. Kantz, the appointment of H. H.
Bower us master was enlarged to ar
gument court.
In the case of Luccttu Wcntzel vs.
Cornelius M. Wcntzel, M. I. Potter,
Esq., master, tiled the testimony and
the Court granted a divorce which is
to be issued upon payment of the costs.
In the case of (ieorge and Charles
Shotoberger vs. J. C. W. Bassler, the
ycrdiet was in favor of the plaint ill for
the sum of 974.81.
Geo. W. Row, Sheriff, acknowledged
deeds to W. J. Relchley, J. A. Beebet
and G. A. Sohooh & Co.
The committee accounts were all con
firmed as advertised.
H. H. Grimm, Esq., was re-instated
to practice law in the several courts of
Snyder County.
orphans' court.
Orders of sale were granted in estates
of Elvlna Kantl'man, deceased, Levi
Kline, dee'd, Lewis K rouse, dee'd,
Daniel Brouse, dee'd, Susanna Solo
mon, dee'd, Magdalena Leonard, dee'd.
Returns to orders of sale were con
firmed in estates of Levi Kawvell,
dee'd, Samuel Fall, dee'd, Levi Kline,
i dee'd.
R. K. Walter was appointed guar
dian of Emma E. J. Walter, a minor
grand child of David Hummel and Mi
Ohael Beaver, dee'd.
Dr. Pereival Herman and Ed. M.
Hummel were appointed guardians of
Clara E. and Henrietta Bailey, minor
children of John Bailey, dee'd.
Pharos Sliambach was appointed
guardian of Milton E. and itaba Erd
ley, minor children of Theodore Erd
ley, dee'd.
Benj. Stetler was appointed guardian
of Verdilla ( '. and Herman C. Haltley,
minor children of Jonathan Hefflev,
Returns to writ of pan it in were con
tinued and a rule granted n heirs in
estate of Alexander Bishop, dee'd.
The auditor's report of A. F. Gilbert,
Esq., distributing the balance appear
ing on account filed in estate oi Tobias
Ramer, dee'd, was continued.
The accounts of the executors, ad
ministrators and guardians and the
widows' appraisements were all con
tlrmeil us advertised.
Court adjourned to Thursday, Nov.
7, 1001.
J. G. Crousr, Reporter.
Mangles by a Street Car in Cleveland, Ohio,
Last week news whs received here
that John II. Arnold, formerly of this
place, was killed in Cleveland, . A
Cleveland paper sent to friends here,
says : "Broken down in health and for
tune, Major John H. Arnold met
death. Tuesday evening, under the
whirls of a I'. A- K. suburban car, in
front of his temporary residence, 1218
Eculid-av, His wife and daughter live
at 105 Kensington street.
A veteran of the civil war. formerly
a merchant and lawyer of prom-
in enee, Major A mold staggered f am the
saloon of L. Keifer, at 1214 Eoulld-av.
onto the street ear tracks. An east
bound car hurled him to the opposite
track where he was struck by a heavy
suburban car. The body was fright
fully mangled. It was taken to the
county morgue.
Major Arnold had recently earned
his living by selling a life of Win. Mc
Kinley. A G. A. R. button was found
on the body. Arnold was 70 years old
and a pensioner."
The tragic and unfortunate ending of
the life of a man with rare Intellectual
ability, such as Mr. Arnold possessed, iH
indeed sad and unfortunate. He was
a kind-hearted man and deserves com
passion rather thann cesure.
Jonathan liickharl died at his home
at Ui-d Hank in Washington township
last Wednesday anil was buried Satur
day, aged ."id years and 7 days. He was
the son of Conrad Bickhart and his
wife, Mary Iteddig. Another s Em
anucl, died in 1803, after his return
from the war. Henry It. Bickhart is
the only surviving brother of the de
ceased. He was married Oct. 14, I860 by Rev.
C. ;. Erlenmeyer to Harriet Wetzel of
Northumberland county. They had!)
children, 7 of whom survive :
1. Kale, married to E. L. Bums of
Sellnsgrove. They have two children.
2. Sarah, married Jonathan Thomas
of Kreanier. They have J children.
3. John, residing at Kreanier, mar
ried Miss Ida Helm f Aline. 2 chil
dren. 4. William, resides at home, married
Laura Snyder of Fremont. No children.
"i. Hose, (6) Cora and (7) Charles are
Rev. H. (i. Suable preached the fun
eral sermon.
That Lewlohurtj Uridine.
Last week the board of commission
ers of Northumoerland and Union
counties and their attorneys Journeyed
to Harrisburg to talk bridge with the
state board of property. Neither coun
ty is able to stand the pressure of build
ing a bridge across the West Branch at
Lewisburg under an act passed by the
last Legislature familiarly known as
the Fo.'ht hill.
Northumberland county already has
ti bonded indebtedness of 1108,900, and
can issue no more unless the people so
vote when the question is submitted.
The aasessed valuation for all county
purpose-, is in round numbers ', "'o,;
INK), and the tax levied and collected
will not permit any extra bridges to lie
built. Northumberland county's share
of the proposed structure will foot up in
the Deighborhood of 886,000.
A birthday party was given Friday
evening for John W. Walter of Frank
lin township.