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Are Never Without Peruna in the House
for Catarrh, Coughs and Colds.
Publistud Every Thursday Hnraing
9 issi inn iii. mm rasa,
1.00 pel year .'imi.l In advance. Bl.itO per rear If not paid
Id advance Single copies, t'.ve Ceate.
Advertising KM". II ten's pel llM nnparetl rinavirp
ment. for Aral insertlot. and In rents per line fur each aubae
e,oent Insertion. tav-oKKU'r- -Near I M County Court House,
eetweeu the Kir National Bank anil the Ountyjall.
Justice of the Supreme Court,
iif A I lejrheny.
Statf Treasurer,
of ( Jlearfieltl.
President Judge,
County Surveyor,
Vol. xx.wiii. Oct. 10, 1001. Nvhbbb40
I fiyp if
'jk BKfl Hal
THE evidences are on hand from all parts of
Snyder County this week that Judge MeClure
will poll even more than his party vote. He
has made us an intelligent judiciary and the
vote on November 5th will be even more deci
sive thau it was at the primary. There is not
a single! district in danger. They will all be
for MeClure.
Allen Ayrault Green, a young pho
tographerof the University of Chicago,
was called on recently to take a picture
for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Railroad of their fast Chicago-Denver
train.'The Burlington's NumberOne,"
while in motion. After several unsuc
cessful trials with the usual apparatus,
he made an electric switch, attaching
it to the rail so that when the engine
struck it the circuit was closed. This
switch communicated through a metal
lic circuit to a set of dry cells, and
thence to a shutter -release. The
shutter- release was a complicated
machine, consisting of a pair of low
resistance coils, acting as electro-mag
nets on closing the circuit and attract
ing the armature, it in turn commu
nicating with a series of levers so
constructed as to minimize the resist
ance of the stout spring it was to
release. The instant that the engine
struck the switch it closed the circuit,
and instantly the electricity commu
nicated with the high-speed shutter
and the picture was correctly regis
tered on the center of the plate.
Thus the Burlington's train took its
own picture while running at full
peed, and it may seem odd, yet it is
true, that a railroad locomotive has
at last joined the Igreat army ci
amateur photographers.
Mr. William Dean Howells in the October
number of the North American Review pub
lishes the first of two papers of great interest
from a literary point of view, entitled "An
Italian View of Humor." These two papers
are professedly a review lunik of humor by
Paola Bellezza, hut they make as a matter of
fact an interesting and exhaustive essay on the
humor of the world. In Mr. Howell's genial
style the comprehensiveness of Senor Hellezza's
lxxk as well as the comprehensiveness of humor
throughout the world is suggested.
President McKinley's assassination and Mr.
Roosevelt's accession to the Presidency are the
two dominant topics in the October Review of
Reviews. Aside from the editorial treatment
of those momentous events, a fully illustrated
account of the last days of President McKinley
is contributed by Mr. Walter Welhnan, the ac
complished newspajicr correspondent, who was
himself at Buffalo and writes from personal,
first-hand knowledge of all the details of the
tragedy. Mr. Wellman's comprehensive article
is followed by a brief characterization of the last
of our great trio of martyr Presidents, from the
pen of Commissioner H. B. F. Macfariaud, of
the District of Columbia; there is also an article
on President Roosevelt, with portraits of Mr.
and Mrs. Roosevelt and the six Roosevelt child
ren. The Review presents the full text of Mr.
MeKinley's Buffalo speech, made on the day
Wore the shooting, and of Mr. Roosevelt's
Minneapolis address of September 2.
Companion is of particular interest to women.
Mrs. Lamed, the noted writer of fine cookery,
crntributes an article of "Modern Savories in
Antique Settings." Mrs. Kretschmar writes
about "Servants." Sallie Joy White and Mary
Graham talk about matters pertaining to the
household. There are five pages devoted to iall
fashions. The great Cincinnati Fall Festival is
the subject of an illustrated article. Other
features deal with Girard College and the life
of its eccentric founder; "The Southern Girl of
To-day." The fiction includes "Love's Re
compense," by Lewis E. MacBrayne; "The
Awakening of Caleb Swift," Frederic Van
Rensselaer Dey; "The Stimulus of a Hope," by
Grace S. Richmond. Published by The Crowell
& Kirkpatrick Co., Springfield, Ohio; one dol
lar a year; ten cents a copy; sample copy free.
The October number of the Woman's Home
Mrs. Peter Hoffman also writes:
Pa., writes:
"I was deaf for five year and could
find no help. I was completely deaf;
was afflicted with ahortnen. of breath,
bronchitis, trouble In the throat, so that
I was in misery. Through one of Dr.
Hartman'n almanacs I decided to try
Peruna, and bought a bottle.
"I took three bottles and now feel real
well; my hearing is good again; I can
breatho without dillicultv; my throat is
no longer Inflamed. I followed all the
directions, and can now say that Dr.
Hartman's Peruna has cured me.
"I recommend it to all suffering with
catarrh. am seventy-one years old.
have an appetite again and can work.
I feel ten yean younger. ' '
When old age comes on, catarrhal dis
eases come also. Systemic catarrh la ut
most universal in old people.
This explains why Peruna had become
so Indispensable to old people. Peruna
Is their safe-guard. Peruna is the only
remedy yet devised that meets these
cases exactly.
Such cases cannot be treated locally;
nothing but an effective systemic rem
edy could euro them. This la exactly
what Parana is.
"I was sick for many years ; suffered
with the liver, stomach and kidneys. I
had seven doctors, bnt none could cure
tne, as they did not know what ailed me.
"Every one who saw me said that I
could not live very long. I began to take
Peruna and grew better every day. The
severe pains in the stomach have disap
peared. I am now well and have a good
appetite. I am seventy yean old and
can do my work without getting tired.
Peruna It the beat medicine In the
world for catarrh. Your good Peruna
has saved my own and my husband's
Mr. Robert Metters, of Murdock, Basi
Co., Neb., Box 45, writes :
"I hod catarrh from my head all
through my system. I took Peruna until
I was entirely cured. I am eighty-thre?
and a half years old, and feel as young as
I did ten years ago.
"I visited recently among some old
friends, who said I looked as young ar I
did twenty years ago."
I Aaaress Tne reruns Medicine Co., O
Iambus, 0., for a free catarrh book.
ladies' home journal.
A youug man recently wrote to the editor of
The Ladies' Home Journal asking . "What have
you to say, squarely and fairly, to a young man
of twenty-niue who is about to marry ?" In the
October Journal Mr. Bok uses a page for his
answer, Its salient points are these: that a man
should make the woman of his choice his chum,
as well as his wife; that he should show her the
highest consideration as well as love her; that he
should remember that he owes his wife to her
mother, and treat his mother-in-law with respect.
Liver Pills
That's what you need; some
thing to cure your bilious
ness and give you a good
digestion. Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure con
stipation and biliousness
Gently laxative
All druKltf.
Want your raoattaebe or beard a beautiful
BTOWO or rich Mark ? Thou me
1(1,., or O.liMl.T.. O. R. P. M.IL CO., NMUJM.
Samuel Straub re-roofed his house
on Friday. James Haines and son
were the carpenters.
Lewis Mover got a new tin roof
on his porch in this valley this
week. J. B. Shirk and Frank
Glass did the work.
Chas. Dreese and Geo. Kline be
gan husking corn last week.
Mrs. Geo. Hauler, youngest
daughter and sou visited in this
valley Sunday.
Mrs. Chas. More and family took
dinner with our noted plasterer,
Samuel Straub, Friday.
Win. Sprenkel picked apples for
S. D. Straub Saturday.
Miss Cora Kissinger visited James
Haines Sunday.
John Woodling's steam carousal
was well attended by the Pallas and
Flint Stone Valley people Thurs
day and Saturday evenings.
( me (if Chas. Dreese'a horses was
sick last week. Dr. J. W. Mover
broubhther back to, health again.
Washington Bickhart, Curlin
Marklcy, Missis Mabel Miller and
Clare J y kens attended the Milton
fair last week.
Geo. Kline and wife wife were
to Beavertown over Sunday.
Mrs. Maud Martin of Ncita Val
ley was in our midst Sunday.
J. A. Meyer's had a load of Ori
ental visitors Sunday.
Zinc and grinding double the wear.
' For three days and nights 1
suffered agony untold from an attack
of cholera morbus brought on by
eating cucumbers." says M. E. Low
ther, clerk cf the district court,
Ceuterville, Iowa. "I thought ' I
should surely die, and tried a dozen
different medicines but all to no
purpose. I sent for a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and three doses
relieved me entirely." This remedy
is for sale by Middleburg Drug
A. W. Auckcr spent Sunday
with his family.
Chas. Stroh and Harry Neitz,
who are employe! at Sunbury 6pent
Sunday in town.
Miss Maude Charles of Sunbury
and Harvey Lcuig of Miltou spent
Sunday with their mothers.
Our town was well represented
at court this week.
G. A. Neitz has accepted a po
sition iu Berlew's dry goods depart
ment at Sunbury.
Mrs. J. C. Schaeffer spent part
of last week at Sunbury.
Mrs. Ed, Wolf transacted busi
ness at Sunbury last week.
G. B. Rine and wife of Kantz
were the guests of the hitter's par
ents, Henry Keller and wife over
L. G. Herrold, one of the lead
ing pedagogues of Union township,
was entertained at the home of F.
A. Bingaman Saturday night.
Mrs. Susan Snyder is visiting her
son, Jacob, and family at Shanio
kiu Dam.
Susan Stroh, Sarah Shader and
Ix'vi Wood ling, three of the town's
most aged inhabitants, are on the
sick list.
Rev. Romig of Maryland, the
newly elected pastor of the U. B.
church, delivered an interesting
sermon to his congregation Sunday
Mrs. H. P. Charles and grand
son, Russell Knights, visited the
hitter's mother at Sunbury.
Geo. Strawscr of Seliusgrove
called on fiiends Saturday evening.
P, G. Shambach ofSunbury call
ed on his parents Monday.
Mrs. Sue Beistle has gone to
Lewishurg to spend the winter.
lieu ben Aucker and wife oi
Shamokin were the guests of Mrs.
A. W. Aucker Monday.
Mi. Berlew of Sunbury was in
town one day last week.
A oew remedy for biliousness is
now on sale at Middleburg Drug
Store. It is called ChaniberluiuV
Stomach and Liver Tablets. It
gives quick relief and will prevent
the attack if given as soon hs the
first iudicition of the disease ap
pears. Price. 2.3 cents per box.
Samples free.
Andrew Trutt.
Andrew Trutt was bom Dec. i!4,
182), died Sept 28, 1901 aged 71 years,
! months, and 4 days. Two sons,
Samuel of Hummel's Wharf and Henry
of Danville and two daughters, Mrs.
James Wertz of Hummel's Wharf and
Mrs. Kate Trate of Sunbury andja
widow survive.
When you have no appetite, not do
relish your food and feel dull after
afllincr vnn muv Liwur that vtwi rimtA
I a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach
j and Liver Tablets. Price, 25 cents.
Sample freo at Middleburg Drug
! Store.
Is Life Worth Living?
Then don't neglect cough or cold, especially
when only twenty-five cent will buy a bottle
n( Mexican Syrup. It la an northing;, and so
many conaumpti vea have been made well by It
uxe. head some of the testimonials on the
wrapper around each bottle that prove this
remedy more i sure (or deep seated colds,
haliltunl coughing and even consumption, than
any other remedy known to physicians. Many
of whom recommend and prescribe It where
less effacacio-is remedies fail.
Pale, Puny, Children.
If a child lias a bad smelling breath, if It
habitually picks its nose, if It Is cross and
nervou, If it does not sleep soundly, if it is
hollowed-eyed. If it has a pale, bloodless com
plexion, if it Is growing thin and lifeless, give
It Mother's Worm Syrup and you will remove
the cause of its distress quickly. Then will
its little cbeeks get red and rosy, its appetite
and digestion improve, and its health be better.
I'rice only 25 cent. No other worm-killer so
Be Mat Deceived.
Don't think you can neglect your health and
rouch old n;te. The way to longevity Is to be
kind to nature nnd then nature will be kind to
you. (.'onstlimtion, Inactive liver, etc,, arc foes
to nature. Try them. They cure by cleaning
and Mtrcngthriiltig
lHln run Be Cared.
WlivnufTcr pain? I'ain Is trying to kill you.
Why not kill pain. Nothing kills pain, either
inti-rtuil or external puln, so quickly and so
effectively as Uooch's Quick Relief, Cures
OTSjlnp nnd colic.
A Complete Car.
When you take Hooch's Soraaprllla you And
it a complete cure for bad blood.
Ptlelae Cares PJIa.
Money refunded If It ever fails.
Anti-Auuii cures Chills and Fever,
Susquehanna University M. C. Lec
ture Course, opera house, Seliusgrove,
Pa., Oct. 20th. Dr. Charles Steck, of
Shamokin, Pa., Elocutionary Enter
tainment. Nov. 7th, Hon. Emerson
Collins, of Williamsport, subject : "Ab
raham Lincoln." Nov. 19th, Gen. J.
P. 8. Gobin, Lieut. Gov. of Pa. subject:
" Providence in War" Nov. 26th, ltev
E. D. Weigel, D. D., of Mechanicsburg,
subject: "The Mis. of Music." Dec.
5th, ltev. R. H. Gilbert, D. D., subject:
"Man's Destiny." Dec. 10th, Di
Charles Steck, subject: " Hamlet."
These entt rtainments will be a very
high standard, Interesting and instruc
tive, and will be a rare treat, as they
are the first of the kind to be produced
In Seliusgrove. Course Tickets 1
Single Admission 2-" and IJ5 cefits,
Reserved seats 10 cents extra for each
When you cannot sleep for cough
ing, it is hardly necessary that you
need a few dosee of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to allay the irritation
of the throat, and make sleep possi
ble. It is good. Try it. For sale
by Middleburg Drug Store.
We have a nice line of Winter Stock,
WEAR. ssttOtfeX
You are cordially invited to I
examine onr excellent stock,
whether you buy or not. Our
stock is all marked in plain
figures, and you can see all prices for yourself.
We have a strictly one-price to all. Thanking you for.
past patronage and soliciting a continuance of the same.
I remain Kesp'y.
318 East Market St.,
Sunbury, Pa.
senator Beveridge returns Home.
Indianapolis, Oct. 8. Senator Baver
idga yesterday arrived home from his
six months Journey around the world.
Most of this time was spent in Russia
and the Orient, but particularly in
Manchuria and the Philippines, al
though a brief time was spent In Eng
land and in Germany. The senator de
clined to be interviewed.
Fatal Fight On Excursion Train.
Dallas, Tex., Oct. 8. In a free light
on a negro excursion train on the
St. Louis Southwestern railroad, ten
miles from Dallas, yesterday, one ne
gro was killed and two were mortally
wounded. It was negro day at the
Texas State Fair, and all the railroads
ran special excursion trains, bringing
to the city probably 20,000 negroes.
NEURALGIA cured by Dr. Miles' Path
Piixb. "Onscent ft doso." Atalldniselfite
First Frost In New Jersey.
New York, Oct. 8. The first heavy
frost of the season occurred on Sun
day night in the vicinity of Freehold,
N. J., and yesterday farms and gar
dens throughout the county showed
the efTects. In many places the far
mers report that the frost killed to
mato and lima bean vines and put an
end to all harvesting of late growths.
Czolfloaz Shut Off From View.
Albany, N. Y., Oct. . State Super
intendent of Prisons Collins has given
orders that Czolgosz. the murderer of
President McKinley, must be the sub
ject of no notoriety while in Auburn
prison awaiting electrocution, must
not be seen by visitors.
; A. Ura of Admlnistntion la the -" '
Andrew Trutt. late of Monroe lownrhiv,
der County, P., dacewwd. havlniilwe" t.'rn"
i . .i. i i j ... i lorn
I ..l....4.J.MInuiH ar. rt'll BSSMI I
m.k immediate payment, while thoav M
claim, aiainst the said estate will prcenl t
duly aatbeaUeated to the unleriKm'i.
JAMES D. WKKTZ, Admlniiitmto"-
Oct S, 1931.
Valuatole H.ol
!,. virlua nl nn nrilnr lulled llV the I ' '
I Court ol Snyder County to the UDtwg
a . iui.i.t... ( ' T k Hernial RlOueS, K1
! Mid Townahlp, deceaaed. I wi I MP
i public sale on the premieea on ...
1 Thursday, October 31st, 1901)
be following- real eatate: .in
All t.iat certain tract ot lann " jjS
A."""", "-'.r.,. T ,:. I land M
in' no
I Sulem
1 rond,
: acren, more or Ickb, wiiprccn an- '"yMfU
I dwelling iioune, Kiauie aim )V..r
o.-inif i iu ,''"- ,", Daniel
nroiinu w mo nmv. - - , r0,.
occupied daring her ratural life,, saw J
la situated III tne village 01 ?".r (rsflBl
plenty of choice fruit tree and V1"(,1. .jtel
It; aiao good waier. inuim.--
a atore or other hiifineaa. . ,v,cla
Salo to begin at l o ciock r
conditions will be made known.
A. B. Keck, Auctioneer.
Wlll'am II. Rover.
AdmlnlstratorCiini "
Anm IS
Ckns Pi Dlrtoh Ksn.,
Atty. for cutatc.
ran y m i n rrtWi
Church, on the eaat by B P"',".c"u
f Matilda Usher, on tne souiu "'Tiu
and on the west by land of tl'' ':
rv .Mover, deceased, and coma in
... . nAW
For sprainta, swelling " "o0dJ
ness there is nothing so PT I
a a I".. Iln 111. !
Chamriorlain-s rain ""JT'-fll
For sale by Middleburg Drug ol
pin Vr
own w,
I G H.
1 "ays at
mi to
Pa bit
Pr- Mrs
"Win set
pah Arj
V. Su,
ente oi