The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 19, 1901, Image 5

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Patience is the mainspring
This week our farmersare sowing
most of their wheat and rye.
Cider making is on m full this
week and apple butter will be a
luxurv next winter.
next week
Mr. Mull and wife of Shadle 1
were in town last week.
Our Susquehanna coal diggers
are making a success of it.
Seelicrist is on he sick
Better feed your cider apples to !
the cows than to make them iuto
eider for your boys to get drunk on. I
Our pupils schools are under full I
lieadway and it is pleasing to know
that the teacher as well asthe pupils j
are doing their lxst
Dundorc is paying good prices ;
for poultry.
The mind should not be a garret
where old rubbish is kept.
The attempted assassination of
our President has made hot blood
and our home anarchists had better
shut up.
Our Township poor house is con
ducted on the principle that he that
will not work shall not eat.
P. H. Sechrist is hauling his rye
to market.
Jacob Gaugler hauled a load of
potatoes to Selinsgrove market.
'Squire Sechrist raises the best
melons along the line.
John Houtz of Freeburg was in
town with a load of cigars.
John P. Wise has gone to a
hospital at Phila. to be treated
under the advise of Dr. Krebs.
George Campbell, one of our
oldest and respected citizens, is on
the sick list.
Maria W. Dundore and Eliza
Mears called on Katie Seelicrist and
proceeded to Mr. SlegeFs peach
orchard where they got an abund
ance of selected peaches.
Edward Witmer caught a fish
that weighed one pound.
jl UliOBKflULB
Mrs! Minnie Miller nf ICanuna
City, Missouri, who has been visiting
her cousin, Mrs. B. F. Walter,
returned home Friday.
Solomon Klase and lady friend of
Lewistown spent Sunday with his
parents, Henry Klase and wife.
H. H, Schander and James
Houser of Port Treverton transact
ed business at this place Tuesday.
Antes Ulrich attended Co. G's
annual bean soup at Selinsgrove
Miss Mable Row made a business
trip to Beavertown Monday.
Mrs. Arlington R ow daughter-in-law
of Sheriff Row, and Effie Bolig
ot Selinsgrove called on friends at
this place Saturday.
Mrs. Annie Hotten stein and
laughter of Middleburg were seen
u our streets Wednesday.
W illiam Hummel and wife spent
Sunday with Simon Kratzer and
J. A. Schroyer attended thepicuic
at New Berlin Saturday.
WANTED imrvir hat. ithsovh of miAn.
MMr and (-ood reputation In each state (one In
"us eounty required) to represent and advor
'stabllslieil wealthy business house of
o'ld Dimnrial standing:. Salary flS.eO weekly
WM i expeiuNM additional, all payable In cash
fSCll Ueillll'Allnv illn.i'l frnm liMil .,lN..a
none ami carrlwe furnished, when necessary.
nefireilcei. Knplmw ..If ,l,lr,.ml .lamml
Manager, ;:16 Canton Building, Chi.
"Poor Dylkina, made despondent bv
pari of sickness, took his own life
last night."
l'oor fellow! Rnt rh.w
le didn't have a groat deal to take."
-Leslie's Weekly.
Nothing Innsnal.
"Ue has a heart of stone."
Her friend laughed sardonically.
".No Wom'cr: ho la lh nct! .-,
the museum." Chicago Daily
"It isn't always the stronger that
ll the battle."
Well, I should SBV not. Anv mar.
led 111 T1 V,,,,,.... !... T T
, auvwa nun. A U W 11 X UJI-
His Only Chance.
'His wife kovs that he holds the
peord for talking in his sleep."
No wonder. It's about the only
'nance i,n .1-.,. i,. 4 t.
urn ... ,, -.r . - ....
I ..... i ,11,11 ll.i. ll. ml ;i
truK-cway. n. . l imes.
Talr Warnlnur.
"Onbber, you want to be careful
"' uniiKing water.
A flannel mouth like yours might
brink." Harlem Life.
"1 it n low ehurrh?"
"Extremely low. Whv tha ln,li
ally Ukc off their hats!" Detroit
of i The correspodent wishes to in
furm the people that there was a
istake de in the time of Rev.
rolu,nLD 8 8erm(,)n
99 . . -,.
r "
u. u. Mover shot his old hound
last week. tie was also lucky
-1. t .. I A L! I I L
euougn 10 snooi u coickcu iuiwk.
T. C. Laudis remodeled his house
on the ke last week, making a
oderu and "p-to-dute dwelling,
The peach marketers are visiting
Sunbury quite often,
Percival Gnrman visited T. C.
Landis last week a few days
Some of the young folks of this
)law were jfa-jSM ,, Sunday
morning when it rained, at many
wanted to attend the cainptiieeting
at Page's grove,
P j MoV(.r soK, (w0 Iast
week for $u0.
The .Mite Society of the EbfMHf
church was reorganized last Satur
day evening.
Wilson Mitterling of near Selins
grove passed through this valhy
Samuel Straub will heirm to
plaster John Walter's house in
Freeburg this week.
Oscar Gilltert's house is well un
der construction the carpenters are
waiting on the plasterer, to finish it.
Chas. Moore, Sr., who is working
in Suubury was at home over Sun
day. James Haines will again begin
burning lime this week.
Misses Katie Trevits and Ellen
Bressler, who are working at Salem
spent Sunday at home.
There were a lot of gentlemen
visiting J. A. Mover's peach or
chard on Sunday.
T. C. Landis and wife visited his
brother, John Landis, on Sunday-
Charles Herman visited Jacob
Ranier's Sunday.
M. E. Erdley and G. C. Stuck
were at the county seat Saturday.
J. E. Ma gee, one of our success
ful merchants, is having asoetylene
lamps placed in his store and dwell
ing house.
Joe Lcsher, editor of the Selins
grove Times, was in town Saturday.
Jerome Walter and wife of Fre
mont Co., Idaho, who have been vis
iting friends in this locality for sev
eral weeks, returned to their dis
tant home.
Chas. Keck, one of our oldest
citizens, is seriously indisposed at
Miss Erne Hummel of West Mil
ton visited Amnion Gearhart's Sun
day. The people of this place were
horror stricken at the heinous and
cowardly attack on the life of Presi
dent McKinlcy. They all deeply
and sincerely mourn his untimely
death. That any but the most ras
cally maniac possessed of a million
devils could take the life of such a
good man and great President, who
has always done his duty nobly, is
impossible. This country lias no
use for such fellows and their doc
trines and the sooner they are ex
terminated the better.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollar
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cbener, for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and
financially able to carry out any
obligations made by their firm.
West &Truax, Wholesale Druggists
Toledo, O. Waldino. Rinnan & Mab
vin Wholesab Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 76o.
per bottle. Sold by all Druggie te.
J lull s family 1'ills are tne best.
The farmers are busily engaged
putting out their seeding. The re
cent lains have retarded them some
what. The picnic Saturday was well at
tended at Centrcville, also the festi
val which was held in the evening.
There will be a festival at Her
man's school house three miles west
of Centrcville, Saturday evening
for the U'lietit of beautifying the
public school room.
Miss Nora Walter of Union Co.,
visited friends in town over Sun
day. The schools opened the 9th inst.,
with a fair attendance.
Daniel Sny leV find wVe of t!i
Isle of Que have, gone to I'levciand
aud other places on a visit.
Mrs. EttKuiaii of Sunhtirv is
being cutertaincd by Mr. and Mrs.
Senator Hummel and wife re
turned from their trip.
Mrs. B. (). Kessler aud daughter
have taken a trip to Cleveland and
other points. They were accom
panied by Miss Laura Eiettrick.
Harry Thompson who has been
out of town all summer returned
last week.
Miss M. B. Scales of Massachutts
has opened a millinery store in the
room formerly ocmpied bv Mrs.
Miss Maggie Phillips went to
Chicago owing to the illness of her
sister, Mrs. McLaughtcr. A telegram
after her arrival announces that she
is better.
Rev. Warner, Financial Secretary
of the University, was to Lewistown
on business connected with the
Daniel Staufter died on Friday
was buried on Monday forenoon
aged about 78 years.
Co. Q. held their annual Bean
soup on Friday Sept. 13th.
D. W. Laudensltgor and Mrs.
Grissinger were married last week
in l ork State.
Rollcn Boyer who has been ill is
able to be about again.
Clem Merts and Tuck Strawser,
two of our bngde builders, are home
with their families for a few days.
They had been working at Richmond
Va., and other places in the south.
Rev. E. H. Leieenring, D. D., of
Chambersburg was here on a visit
to see friends last week. He was a
former student at the Upiversil y He
expresed himself as very much
pleased at the evidences of prosper
ity attending the school.
Peaches arc very plentiful. They
are shipped from here by the ear
The road viewers to act on the
petition to have the north end ot
Main street widened on the west
side asjfar as the borough line. We
understand that the viewers ate
favorable to the enlargement.
H. E. Davis and J.H.McDevitt,
Esq., of Suubury were iu town on
LeRoy Holmes is the guest of his
Bert Snyder of Liverpool is visit
ing his brother Miles.
tir . i ., .....
we noiiceu the exueor on our
streets Saturday. We understand that
he and Mrs. Wagenseller spent
Sunday here.
II. K. Gregory of .New Castle
was entertained by his parents sev
eral I'avs last week.
Black Hair
"I have used your Hair Vigor
for five years and am greatly
pleased with it. It certainly re
stores the original color to gray
hiir. Itkeeps my hairsoft." Mrs.
Helen Kilkenny,New Portland, Me.
Ayer's Hair Vigor has
been restoring color to
gray hair for fifty years,
and it never fails to do
this work, either.
You can rely upon it R
for Rtnnnino vnur bnir 1
from falling, for keeping
your scalp clean, and for
making your hair grow.
fl.Mattl. AlHronltU.
If your drogeist cannnt supply yon,
send ua one dulur and we will express
you a bottle, Ho snre and pi vo the name
of your nearest exiircss ofliee. Address,
J. C. AYEK CO., Lowell, Mass.
Quite a number of pe ople arc on
tli" sick list.
Billy Luck of Selinsgrove is
visiting his uncle, Win. Troup, of
this place.
Perry Beaver of Oriental showed
us an immense buckwlieat stalk
(raised on his own farm) from w hich
he picked 1"00 grains of buckwheat
Who can beat it?
Dr. Bobreiber of Northumberland
made a call In 00? neighborhood
this week.
John Minium, mail carrier, of
this place went to the Pan-American
Miss Jennie Straub has just re
turned from a visit to Shamokin
and reports having been to the Pau-Americau.
Mill Lucy Annlo Ilelxpr, a graduated
ind crsdnated from the Homeopathic
follows :
Albert Lem, Minn., Nov. 8, 1899.
Tie Pmruoa Medicine Co., Columbut, Ohio:
Qentltmca "Although my tchool doet not believe la patent medicines,
lave found It to be a tact that Peruna la a grand and valuable medicine,
wave known It to euro Mrs. Sampaon, suffering with an Inflamed womb, aggra
vated by malaria, attar the doctors had tailed to help her. Another ot my
former patients suffered with a complication ot female diseases; she was so
tain, dotting but skin and bones, but Peruna cured her and she la to-day In
good health and good flesh. Facts prove that Peruna revives lost strength
tad restore to the sick that moat wonderful blessing ot life. health.
Lucy Annie Helser.
From Bits. Amanda Shamaksi, who hss chargs of tuo Grammar Depsrtmsat
Some of our farmers have finished
Ida Swine ford is on the s ick list
at this writing.
R. S. Meiser of Selinsgrove trans
acted business in town Monday.
Rev. Shaffer preached in the St.
John church Sunday evening.
David Hoover is busy hauling
shingles to Middleburg for the last
few dajs.
W.F.Kepler is busy hauling
coal from Middleburg for our town
Henry Harding and William H.
Wendt were to Sunbury Saturday.
VV. A. and (i. L. Schnee were to
Middleburg last Tuesday.
The festival held at the St. John
church was well attended, and the
proceeds were over 16 dollars.
The schools iu West Perry town
ship Opened last Monday.
Some of our community attended
the bush meeting at Paige's grove
last Saturday.
,,. . , , -i .
Simon Arbogast and family visit-
.r-i o j t i a a i
Wilson Snyders last Sunday.
J. P. Shadle and C. W. Troup
of Fremont were callers in town
last Sunday.
The wet weather prevented a,
good many on this side of the
mountain from attending the bush
meeting held in New Lancaster last 1
o. . ximiijic wu m.u w. ..
TT Il'li: 1.1 ,.f k.a
farm to Robert (Joss last week.
Mrs. Annie Snook, who spent
nan oi uie huuiiik'i unuu
.J :.. Mill ;,, I
as a domestic, is now a
Peaches were sold at Lowell last
week at the rate of 25 cents jier
bushel, at Beavertown they were
sold at from 70 to 75 cts. per crate.
Howard Treaster and S. H.
Phillips took a trip for golden rod
tea last week and claim it to be
plenty, they had about 5 ounces
each. Your scribe also took a trip
and had about 7 lbs. for his labor.
Kline aud Kneim made 219
gallons of cider in one day last week
with the aid of Michael Folk
T. F. Swineford and family are
now locnteil at Me.Veytown, Milll;n
Co., running a stave mill for Olive r
Herbster of Siglerville.
Dallas Stolor is on the sick list.
Our blacksmith is of! on a visit.
W. B. Bine's grandmother is
visiting here.
McClellan Cox, who is working
at Shamokin, is home on a visit.
nurie of nine yesri' experience, trained
Hospital of Minneapolis, Minn., writss as
Mrs. Augchua Ilouscwurtli spent
several days of last week with her
grand-son, Win. lline and family at
Dr. Krebhs was to Phils. Friday
and Saturday.
P. W. Steflen and wife of Snn
btiry called on the hitter's sister,
Mrs. H. V. Charles, one day hist
Miss Era Rice and friend. Mr.
j "eem.rn oi DUDDUry, were tne
gUfla of Mre- Sowara Herrold over
ay i i i ii n ni. i n i i ' I m lit S I K 'V.
linsgsove passed through town last
Geo, Shatler, Frank Houser,
('has. and James Neitz transacted
business at Sunbury Saturday.
11. J. Stroh transacted business
at the county seat Saturday.
Dr. H. S. Krebbs and wife spent
Sunday with the fottners parents,
D. S. Krebbs and wife at Dundorc.
Mrs. II. F. Charles spent the fort
part oi the week with her son, E
1 . . , '
win, at iMiddleliurg.
Harry bogar
pent Sunday with
Jno. J). Bogar.
t i 1 1 i
Y. E, Bogar, wife and son were
the guests of Wm. Front, and fam
ily at Silver Run, Sunday.
Mrs, Jacob Dutry and daughtet
of Shamokin spent several days
with her sister, Mrs. Levi Holiner.
Miss Nellie Shatler has returnei
home :dLr linvinrr siti'iit t hp summer
:i o l
Richard Foltz, who is employed
nt 1 liiiirfimiitii SiMldtlv veitli
! ' r '
his family
DUlcner, vnas. Keiiar, 01 oelins-
grove spent Sunday with his par
G. L Reichenbacb of Shamokin
is spending a week with his daugh
ters. Miss Kate Shaffer and Jacob
Leach of Independence passed
through town Sunday.
Some of the boys attended the
party given by the Fisher sisters at
the Hotel Independence Thursday
Mrs. Ed. Wolf of
Shamokin is
Hclll'V Stent)
visiting her parents,
llld wife
Rev. Kliugler of Milton, Rev.
Bauer of Sunbury, and Rev. Boyer
of Middleburg, spent part of last
week in town.
Master Robert Faust, ofSunburv
is spending this week with his grand
paicnts, Wm. Boyer and wife. His
M rents and his aunt. Miss Mavine
Boyer i of town are viewing the
sights at Buffalo.
of tbs I'll1 lie School!, of Columbia City,
Wash., alio Past Qrsmd of Independent
Order of Oood Templsri. Dr. Hatmsa
recelrsd the following lsttar :
Columbia Citt, Wabh.
"I can speak only good words of the
repeated benefits 1 hsre had from the
use of Peruna.
"Too constant application to work
last winter caused me to tin severe
head and backache and dragging pains.
I could not stop my work, neither waa
1 tit to go on. Reading ot the bene'
flclal results from the use of Peruna I
purchased a bottle and within a few
days after using It, began to feel better.
I constantly Improved and l)t ths
urrnth bottle wii completely n-cil.aU
paint were gone my strength was re
torrd, and I now teem ten yean
"If I get tired or feel bsd, Porunt at
once helps me, nnd I feel yon deserve
praise for placing snrh a Bomclentlooi
medicine seforc n suffering put lie."
Mrs. Amanda Shun;akvr.
Mattie B. Curtis, Secretary Legion of
Loyal Women, Hotel Baiem, U ton,
Mass., wrltee :
tor over a year
with general
weakness and
debility, mani
fested especially
In severe back
ache and head
ache. "My physician
prescribed differ
en I medicines,
none of which aeemed to help Die any
until a club associate advist iJ uu to tiy
Peruna, ae ltcurcd her of constitutional
headache and stomach troubles. I at
once ordered a bottle and before It was
uied, felt greatly improved.
"I have taken four bottlei and for two
months have been entirely free from
theie maladies. Several of my friends
arousing Peruna with beneficial result,
especially in caseB of trouble with '.e
kidneys and other pelvlo - ri;iins, to
gether with weaknesses peculiar to
Peruna is a apeciflc for the catarrhal
derangements of women. Address- The
Pernna Medicine Co., Columhui, i ,.;o,
for free book on catarrh wrltton by Dr.
B. B. Hartman.
Samuel Arnold and wife of Sham
okin, former residents of our town
mingled with friends Monday and
Miss Marion Charles of Middle
burg is spending a Week with her
The Mite Society of the U. B.
church will hold a chichen and
waffle supper Saturday evening,
Sept. 21st.
Jacob Fisher and wife
were in town Sunday.
Mrs. Reuben Aucker of
spent several days with
if Kant.
her aunt
Mrs. ( ico. r landers.
A. H. Troutman and wife attend'
ed his father's funeral at L'nioutown
C. W. Neil, left for Berryburg
Henry Stepp transacted business
at Selinsgrove Saturday.
Miss Jennie Strotip i 1 Pal It
passed through town Monday,
H. F. Charles and C. , Knight
were at the county scut Tuesday.
wan n-.i si:vi;ii.i. n-:i:so
aeter and good reputation In eacl oni i
this eounty required) to rcpresc I mil ndver
Use "lil established wealthy lu i 1 i I
stillil standitiK:, Salary t'eukh
with expenses .-ul.liti ,1. nil eiv rasl
eaoh Wednesday direct Iiom
ad offices
noeesi -iry
i -i si imped
I lieu. Chi-
Ibtri- niel carringc furnished, w I
References. Knclose sel(addn
envelope, Manager, 8101 .-t'ii '
Peeina) i anla RsHlrosiel'sNpeeiwI
The Pennsylvania I t:i i I r :; ! ' niptur
will run a excursion to RuflHlo
on account of the Pau-Aniei an Ex
position, from I'liilpdclplii.i aud
joining territory, on Bepienilmr 17,
giviti)? an opportunity of wlti wing
the ceremonies on Pennsylvania Day,
September 20, Round-trip tick' Is, good
going only on special train leaving
Philadelphia at 8:44 a. M., Harrisburg
WM A. If., Sunbury 1:30 P, M .. W il-
Uamsport, P. M., Lock FTav n KXl
M., and on local trains nevting
therewith, ahd good to return on re
gular trains within seven days. Includ
ing day of excursion, Will be soid :it
rate of tfil.SO from Trenton, i'.i.W iron
Reading, $9.00 from Philadelphii 9.00
rom Lancaster, $8.40 from Harrisburg,
$7.25 from Altoona (via Tyrone), $t0
from Winchester, and proiiortionate
rates from other points. Thi tickets
will not be good in Pullman . irlor or
sleeping cars in cither direction v i
of 80 minutes will be made at Williams
port for luncheon. For specific time
mtes, consult loeiil ticket agi
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Alway
Be irs the
8ignatnre of
Kattla ii. Curtli.