The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 19, 1901, Image 1

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note Heabs
We have a job lot of note
heads on hand. They must go
quick. The price wit do it.
Samples and prices for the ask
ing. We furnish them printed
(or less than you can buy them
without printing.
We bought a large con- .''vo'ee
ajHunni ui ciivciuiih"
Having bought rC" y
we secured a rock oottom f
figure. Send for samples f
and hot weather bargains, i
. W. WafMMlkr, Ulur a ad Praarietar.
A Family Journal, Devoted to Newt, MtM. Art, Political Eeoaooir aad Current Llteratare.
Batea: Oae hollar Per Annan, ia Advance
4jf Envelopes -St? j
J 1 I BUM rjr
Love poems should always be bound
In calf.
One wav to have a housewanniug is
to put in lota of coal
Truth is the very best hammer with
which to nail a lie.
The 'phones will be closed Thursday,
trom 1.30 p. m. to 5.30 p. m.
What's the use of buying troublt
when you can borrow it?
Is it the place of a bell boy to run at
the call of the belles'.'
It's peculiar that the product of the
till makes men noisy
A good mirror tells the truth no matter!
on whom It reflects
Spinsters probably love cats because
cats are not afraid of mice.
The Lutheran Synod of Central
Pennsylvania meets at Mifftinburg,
septum oer :tn.
The Republican Standing Committee
net Saturday in this plnce uud decided
on a quit hunt Campaign.
The Middlebtirg bund left Tuesday
night for Newport, where they will
furnish excellent music at the county
The paniplet laws of l'KJl will be sent
out this week. It is the largest com
pilation of laws ever printed, the hook
being twice the usual size.
Best Blood and Liver medicine in
the market. Buy a dollar box of Brown
Herb Tablets, seven month's treatment
for one dollar. Sold on guarantee; no
cure, no pay. Sold by
D. o. Buck,
9-12-4t. Middleburgh. Pa.
Little grains of powder,
Little drops of paint,
Make the ladies freckles
Look as though they ain't
Call on A. K Soles in his new shav
ingand hair cutting parlor for your
head cleaned with a refreshing sham
poo and a clean towel to each patron
on the north side of Market square opn
posite Central Hotel. Satisfaction guar11'!', died at his home on the 2d
anteed. tf.
When you're in danger, pretty maid,
Of being kissed, no trace
Of fear should ever be displayed.
Go meet such danger unfraid,
And meet it face to face !
Union COUNTY, (Pa.) Farms foh
Salk. 15 farms, 7 to 117 acres, near
market, schools and churches. 2 (Jen-
oral Stores excellent opportunities, t
town properties. Send for list describ
ing same, C, H. Ranch, Heal Estate
gent, Box 2, West Milton, Pa. 8-22-6 ti
A New Buffalo correspondent writes
thus to the Perry County Advocate
"James Low, of Watts township, win
lias for many years been digging for
gold, etc., along the base of the Half
Mountain, in said township, and lins
had some ore tested that yielded $21.80
:a ton, now claims that he has found a
.much richer vein, and all that is need
ed now is some person to furnish the
money necessary to devolop what he
believes will prove to be a veritable
The writer had the pleasure of being
resent at Rev. Haas' Harvest Homi
Knrvlfino ill Mulitiuirrfiv,. Su i , , 1 u i , . . , , , ,
n ' . . v . i i 1 1 . , ','',11, iiiui ii
'ng. The Reverend preached a very
Pnteresttae sermon. He had the church
istefully decoated with both cereals
tnd fruit. A tedious piece of work was
the making of the words " Bless (Jod
with kernels of corn and filling in tin
back ground with grains of wheat,
while a border was made with peach
I hereby give notice to the public
that I have this day sold my threshing
utttt to Abner E. Welter, who is a
thoroughly responsible man, and whom
1 can heartily recommend to nil for
honesty and fidelity. He will at once
take possession and fulfill all contracts
made by me for threshing. All parties
for whom I have threshed ate request
ed to make payment to me for thresh
iug done up to this date.
Cuktin Boweksox.
Sept 13, 1901.
The Mifflintown Herald last week!
Ws: H. K. Spangler, a former Mifflin
town printer, son of Rev. A. H.
Spangler, of Yeagertown, Miftlin
county, one time pastor of the Port
Royal Lutheran church, is reported
critically ill at his home, in New
Kensington, Pa., where he has been
located since leaving here, being in the
employ of our former townsman, Harry
f Bonsall. He is suffering from
pevere attack of typhoid fever. Three,
of his children are also sick, being
micted with the same disease.
H. E. Walter returned from a trip to
the Buffalo Exposition.
John Meiser of Globe Mills was in
town Sunday evening.
Charles Moyer and wife of Hartleton
Kat Sunday with I). T. Rhosds and
naymona Kan and wife spent
several days with hlsparcntsatOeorges
Miss Bertha Ripka, who had spend
some tune at home, returned to Sun
Misses Itosa Sehoch and Lillian
Metier an' visiting Mrs. H. B. Rowd
ftt Millersburg.
I he Krtitor of the Post and wifd
sKnt Sunday with his mother at
Mrs. Bleckley and daughter, Carrie,
of Adanislmrg visited friends in town
)Ver Sunday.
Dr. Frank Seebold of Washington
will locate at New Berlin for the
practice of dentistry.
Haymond Katz of this place was in
the Temple of Music at Buffalo, when'
President McKinley was shot.
Miss Mabel (irimni Is spending
several weeks with her cousin, Mrs
Charles Bearlev at Lewlatown.
James Dietrich and family of Swine-
ford were recent visitors, at the hoineofi
Lincoln Kidley at New Berlin.
Airs. nr. Deckard or Richfield spent
Sunday with her sister Mis. W. H
Ripka, on the French Plats.
S. B. Simontou and wife and Homer
Rath foil left Saturday night for Buff
alo, to take in the sights at the Pan-
H. A. Good of Selinsgrove was
Middlehurg visitor Tuesday, and while
here called at this office and cashed 01
ihls paper for another year.
Asaph Fisher, late of Monroe town-
instant, aged 72 yeais. He had lieen
an invalid for several years.
N. P. Hummel and Charles Herman
of Kreanier were in town Sunday,
evening to attend the Memorial ser
vices held in the court house.
Mrs. Jacob H. Martin of Goshen,
End., Miss Kate A. Wagenseller. Mrs
lohn P. Wagenseller and Bruce Wag-
ienscllcr of Sclinsgrove last week word
the guests of the Editor of the Post
And wife. Mrs. Martin has been in tlnJ
West for 22 years
The Assassin's Name.
William M. Doyas official interpret
ter of Polish and Bohemian languages
at the united states emmlgration
office in Baltimore says B.oalgosz
should lo pronounced " Choalirosz."
Hie word is derived from a Polish
Verb," said Mr. Doyas, "which means
to drag or creep or crawl. Used as a
noun, it means a creeping, crawling!
thing, such as a snake."
Resolutions with Respect to the Death
of Our Departed President.
At tae eiose or memorial service on
Sunday afternoon the following resoln
lions in regard to the death of Presi
dent William McKinley were passed
ny tne raciiity and students of Sus-
uehanna University :
Whebah, we have had set forth t
us ibis afternoon, the beautiful life, as
a statesman and Christian gentleman,
of the departed President of the United
States, .William McKinley, therefore
Rksolvkd, 1 hat we, as an institu-
tiou, put on record our high apprr
ciation of that life, and that we recom
mend his life and character to the
students of this institution, and to all
young people of our nation.
Kksoi.vkp, That these resolutions
be placed on flla in the records of the
S 0 i U 1 1 1 1 A N X A U N I V E IW I T Y ,
Selinsgrove, Pa.
The following cases are on the calan
dar for trial at the November term offl
court : v
Eichenberger & Wolf vs. Aucker &
Knights. Assumpsit.
John D. Marks ys. Henry F. Bless
ing. Trespass.
Dr. B. F. Wagenseller vs. Ed. M.
Hummel. Assumpsit,
George Shotsberger and Charles A.
Shoteberjrer vs. J. C. W. Bassler. As
Died at Buffalo, N. Y., Saturday Morning,
Sept. 15, 1901.
The Body taken to Canton, Ohio, Wednesday. Sept. 18,
for Interment.
McKinley memorial meeting was
held in the opera House at Selinsgrovd
Saturday night Dr. 11. F. Wagenseller
was elected President, and Ira C
Seine i, Vice President. Addresses
were made by Dr. B. l'Veht. A. W
Potter, 0. P. Ulrioh, Prof. Wm. NoetMand he became a passenger on the
Ug, Rev. ( ienszler, Prof. J. I. Woodruff
and Editor Geo, W. Wagenseller. Re
solutions of fympathy for Mrs. Mc
Kinley and
ai ro rlate reaolutionataT ret,'lk'ut McKinley, his widowed
. , 1 , .Baud'grief stricken wife and herrelatlveaf
Halation tending to killl . ,, ,.
ling for legislation tending
Hush ! tread softly Our Nation lies in
Mourns for the removal of its noble and
grandest ruler
Who has led his country on under
God's divine veilence,
But Martyred by the hands of Anarchy
fiendish ness.
A dark cloud of the deepest gloom over
spreads it
And the hearts of its people are strick
en in deepest grief
Lamenting their loss they have sus
In the death ot William McKinley.
McKinley'i Manorial Meeting,
Hundreds of citiens of town and
vicinity assembled in the court hoiisu
Sunday evening to pay a tribute
of honor and respect to our departed
beloved President. The different or
ders of this place turned out in a body
Music was furnished by the Middlehurg
band and the different choirs of the
town. Prayer offered by Rev. Win.
H. Boyer, after which eloquent ad
dresses were delivered by Dr. J V.
Shindel, EL Harris Bower, Jay G.
Weiserand Prof. F, C. Bowersox.
Took oath of office as President of the United States,
Saturday, Sept. IS, 1901.
IT l'.lllUlllU'.GmtC.tlUtlt TTTT
On tht: McKinley funeral Train
Through the courtesy of Private
Secretary Cortelyou uud Geo. W. Boyd
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
the Editor of the Post Monday wai
assigned a seat i.i Chair Car "Kalcigh'
McKinley funeral train.
The train carried the body of the
aaanani iiooscveu ana v aoinei, iini-,
ed States Senators, secret service men,!
McKinley's Guard of honor and iicwuJ
paper men.
I'lie number of passengers on tht
entire tram did not exceed 1 10 pcoph
including employes ,,f the I tail road
All along the route people turned
out in large numbers to see the Irani
pass. At Sunbury where the writer
boarded the train, the citizens of thi
section of the state assembled to do
honor to the nations dead. At llcrn-
lon, Georgetown, Millersburg, llalilix,
ami Dauphin people turned out in
large numbers to see the presidential
train pass.
At Harrisburg, the state capital, tht
citizens assembled In Buch large num
bers that wherever we looked, we could
see i ii '1 1 1 1 1 1 .- nut an ocean oi unman
faces. The crowd collected near th
rear ear, where the late president la
and sang, " Nearer, My God, to Thee.'
Mrs. McKinley sat in the next to th
rear oar and was much affected as sin
listened to the repetition of the last
song her departed husband repeatei
with his dying lips. Stout-heartei
men stood with heads uncovered and
ears rolling down their cheeks.
The train stopped at York and Baltl
more ami arrived m Washington
almost on schedule time.
U Chief Burgess' Proclamation
To the Citizens of THE
We kindly request that all places
of business be closed on Thurs
day, Sept. Huh, between the
hours of 11 A. M. ami ;t o'clock
P. M., in honor of our departed
President, Win. McKinley; that
all the hells be tolled at 12 o'
clock noon; that the public
schools be closed on thai day and
that the teachers impress tin the
minds of the pupils the solemnity
of the occasion. We would also
kindly ask our neighbors in
Franklin to join in as a tribute
of respect to our much honored
ami beloved departed President
By tmler of
J. F. STETLEB, Chief Burgess.
Adiitcii by the Snydit County Republican
Standing Committee, The Pint Wai
Presented by Prof, f. I. Bewereox,
the Second by . A, Lumbard
;inii the Third t I), P, Rltter.
WHKUKA8, in the Providence oft iod
the American Nation is now Steeped in
leepesl gloom ami the very heart
strings of the citizens of the United
States profoundly touched by the said
alamity which has befallen the .Nation
In the foul assassination of that gem
bus, pure-sou led, noble-minded statt
man, his Excellency, the I lou. Wil
liam McKinley, Chief Magistrate of tht
l tilted States, lor whose cruel and
ntlmely demise the civilized world
has expressed its sense of horror,
ami offered the tenderest sympathy.
i herefore be it,
Resolved, That the members of tin
Snyder County Bcpublicaii Standing
('ommittee in convention assembled,
lo hereby express their sorrow in the
personal bereavement occasioned Iti
each member by I he horrible removal.
)f our President.
That we deplore the loss to our party
if Its most brilliant ami conspicuous
leader, to our nation Its wise counselor
and great captain, ami to Die world out
who ruled not by force or passion, but
who by cool, calm, intelligent states
manship, proved himself to be the
eipial to any emergency, ami made tht
lovernment of the United states hon
ored ami respected throughout the
Resolved, That we emphatically
icnounee inai svsteni oi principles
mown us anarchy. That we call up
hi all loyal citizens to join us in a petl
tion to our representatives in Congress
lo pass such laws as will make forever
Impossible the progagation of cowardly
wretches like t'te reu Uanuetl assassin
if our President.
That we give our sympathy and ail
to remove from the borders of our own
fair Stale, every anarchist or lndivldu-1
tl who entertains the murderous ami
treasonable principles proclaimed bv
Emma Goldman and her bloody as
Bociates. l hat we compliment thi
vigorous action of the municipal an
thoritics in theit prompt efforts t
crush every symptom oi anarcuistl
tendency within the domains of th
city of Philadelphia,
That we denounce Yellow Journal
ism, so called, with all our might am
trengtb, and emphasize the fact that
those who encourage free speech and
Iberty of the press to abuse civi
Iberty, and Vilify freedom, are njil
friends, but enemies to the basic prin
clpals of our free government.
Petfh Youno, Chairman,
K. Bi WETZEL, Secretary.
ReeoLVED, That it is with the deep
t sorrow that we leai n of the death of
President William McKinley and that
we mourn nis loss as a wise ruier ami a
faithful Christian citizen.
Resolved, That we deprecate tht
growing tendency of the anarchistic
principles in our country and call upon
Senators M. S. Quay, Boise Penrose
nd Congressman Mshon to use their
Ibeat endeavors to secure the passing of
national legislation that will exter
minate all open acts of anarchy and
finally exterminate it from our conn
Resolved, That a copy of these re
solutions, signed by the Co. Chairman
attested by the Secretary, and the same
be forwarded to the above named re
presentatives in the National Legisla
ture. Resolved, That the same bo pubs'
11 died in the Philadelphia inquirer and!
the Republican county papers.
Petrh Young, Chairman.
K. WETZEL, Secretary.
Whereas, it hathnleasedAlmbrhM
. . .. . " i
itKi to call hoin our midst, David K.
Itau, who was u member of the Renub
tan Standing Committee of Bnydeti
ouuty. Therefore be it,
Resolved, That in bis death we re-
ogllize the fact that we, as the Re
publican Standing ( ommittee of Sny-
ler County in session assembled, have!
ist an ardent supporter of our uriiH
iples, a faithful worker, a warm friend,!
i courteous gentleman and an earnest
Resolved, That we n humble sub
mission bow to the will of Him whol
loeth all things for the best, ami ao
ept this visitation of Divine Provi
dence with bowed heads ami hiimbletll
nnouLVKU, mat we sllieerelv sym
pathize wiih the bereaved family ml
ithls, their tune ol sorrow.
Resolved, That a copy of these re-
lutions bi' printed in tin untv pa
pers, and a marked copy of the samel
i. . . i
lie scut to I he niiiiinimii' u iilnu-
By oriler of the Republican Standi
pug ilttoe oi Snyder County,
Potek Youno, Chairman.
S. E. Wetzel, Secretary.
Patenti Issued to Pennaylvanlaaa,
Messrs. Alexander and Howell. Pat
nt Lawyers, Washington, D. C, n
port tne loiiowmg patent-' as having
. It.- r I, . . .
been granted to Pennsylvania invento
for the week ending Hentember 10. 1001.
Charles W. Allen. Phlladelnhin
"Fastener for envelopes"; John A. AI
tenbaugh, Pittsburgh, "Combined bar
' 1 ,
row and roller"; Albert W. hfeanh.
Knoxvllle, "Kail-joint"; Win. cV, J,
Botikel. PI illndnlnnln "U,-..i-.,,
, , t.,v van ,
Win. Brown, Johnstown, "Contact.
device lor electric railways": Cvrus M.
Carnehan, Allegheny, "Bolster"; Geo,
A. Cooper, Plttstown, ''Respiratory
htsHl"; Harry Etheritlge, McKee.-port,
"Olobe-tester"! ('has. 11. Fitter. Phil.
Lhiladclphia, "Machine forcuttlngand
naping W I or other materials"; Beiij
ktmiii p. Green, Sheridan, "Thread
protector"; Henry K. Hess, Philadel
phhi, "Steam- propelled vehicle"; John
P. Huer, PltUburgh, "Kail-joint";
mi i , ,.- i , i
muuiH ii. icisav, .ieanvine, ,-witell
loperating mechanism"; Isodor Kit.sts-,
Philadelphia, "Device for indicating
leaks in Insulating of eleetri induct
ors" and "RecordillK device": .lohn
Lanss, Pittsburgh, "Picket fence"; Frit
Lesehenski. Philadeliihia. "Hollnhlno
levice"; Henry A. Mack, Weathcrly,
, r - - -
'Bobbin "; I'rank A. Meerlck, Johns
own, "Circuit-breaker"; I'lysses OI
losser, Itohrsburg, "Clamn for bed
'ails", Wm. S. Paca, Erie, "Median
ism for removing or replacing switch
board-jacks"; Peter Pattison, McKees
liort, "Making lapwcld tubing"; John
B. PovmII, Philakelphia, "Reneatlna
(mechanism for phonographs"; Wm. K
l'rindlc, Johnstown, "Car-truck": Kd
win Rund, Pittsburg, "Automatic cut
loll' for gas-service pipe": Henry J, Sage
Pitt-burgh, "Apparatus for bending
Iglass"; Louis K. Scblarb, Pittsburgh,
'Curing meats"; Jacob A. Thompsou
McDonald, "Trolley and Safet y-value"
Ambrose G. Warren, Philadelphia
'Mixer for saild-blast apparatus."
A copy of any patent issued may lit
hail by sending ten cents in postage
stamps, and tin nunibi r of (be palciit
leslred, to the above named firm, 'I'h
'lltent I llllcu has grantetl up to tht
present time-(1-2,51)0 patents.
Acquired Wisdom,
Two year- ago his business
Was very, very bail ;
He said 'twas money wasted
Invested in an ail.
But he ai last consented
An ad. to give ii trial,
Although he said '1 would only
Decrease bis little pile,
Bast year his business doubled,
Much to his surprise ;
And now he never overlooks
A chance to advertise.
Advertising hues It.
Hie best book ever witteii would
uever sell if someone did not either see
it or hear of it in one way or other
Neither will any other article sell un
less the public is brought into contact
with it. Advertising is the thing
Iwhlch brings the purchaser and thd
advertised article together.
Very Pleasant.
IHVi.m the Lnmloll lilohl'.
woman who took out a summons
kiirii i n st her husband vesterdav for1
- -
ill, stated that she possessed twen-
- ... - - , J
ty-eight hospital cards as souvenirs tu
their matrimonial disputes.
sumpsit. .