The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 12, 1901, Image 2

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I :
A Cottedion Made Jrom all the Bury
ing Qrouiidt in Snyder Chant y
.. the Middleburqh "Pott."
St. Thomas Cemftbrv.
Located I miles wet of Meiser-
Reported Uy H, It. Qalnatt.
Gel net t, Samuel P. s of Harvey and
Rebecca, d 8ep 'J. 1899, 'aired
2 m J I d.
Kuoii8e, ;.!. I Feb 11, 1868; d
Feb 7, 1894, aged 25 v 1 1 in
28 d.
Pause, Matilda, w Solomon, b Feb
1834; .1 Mar 24, 1897,
nged ii'i y 21 d.
Dl x K rd's ( KM K'l EBV.
Located i rt Oriental.
Reported liy li. li. Uolnett.
Mciser Sarah, w of Frederick, b
l( 17. 1-12; (I Apr 10, 1890
aged 17 v :; rn 2" d.
I'm nncr. IVrtraiu B. s of Henry and
and Klla, d Jan 29, 1892,
aired 12 v 8 in.
St. John's Cemetery.
I" ' I ; Fre it. Llsl of deaths
la from Sexton's liecord.
Heporteil liy lonathan Krlegbaum.
Arbogn t, d of Philip, d Sep
14, 1 34, aged 2 y 7 d.
Vrboga-t, Peter, tl Mar '"., 1872,
ag( I 7:1 y 12 d.
Arbogast, Knima, w of Piter, d Aug
3, I s::;, ugod 77 v 5 in 20 d.
1 87
Arboca 1
lleiijamiu, il Apr 21,
aged 72 y In m 28 d.
Sarab .la re, tl Dec 9.
aged HI y I in 1 tl.
0 in. .1 Jan 31, 1S77,
1 i y in 2 1 d.
i iiiim, ugcu
Arboga.-t, wife of John. l Dec 9,
I S" I aged (Hi y Id m 25 d. '
A rlMii!
John, d July 2s, 1862,
;.j v 2 tl. '
Arlnigast, Nathan, d .Nov 20, 1897,
aged ill y (i in I tl.
Iirbogast, John U, d May 21,1897
air iSv in : 1
Arbogast, Barbara, d ofJ.B. d Dee
31, 1879, agetl 14 y 3
Arbogast, Cora, d ol' J. R. , D, e
27. 1879, aged 11 y 1 ni 3 .1.
rlxigast, Laura E. d ol' 8iiii.ui, tl
Jan .17, l s77, aged 5 m 2 d.
Arlwg it, iv of Philip, d May 2,
I aged 7'.' y 0 in 7 d.
Arlxignst, Philip, d Sen 28, 1864,
agi 1 02 v I in ,i.
Ai l,,, ; it, Bcnjaiiiin Francis, tl Mav !
iflti, age, I I y ni
Arl ti i- . Mary Jaue, t ol
N'ov 18, 1879, ngetl 5 v
2U I
J.". .1.
(i. ,1
' Ai l. i I tenry, l N'ov "2
2 v I I m 19 ,1.
Ami;.. I 'unly, tl Apr 7, 188:5, aged
1 j 22 d.
Arbot! Mary, w of Jacob, d Jan
13, 1881, aged 58 y 3 in 27 d.
Arbogn . Jacob, 1 June 8, 1883,
ng( I 79 y 2 in 10 d.
Arl"' I laniel, (1 Apr 12, 1889,
aged .".:) y 25 d.
Arbon ..Jacob, d Mar 24, 1892,
ag I 65 y I m 11 d.
Arl Abraham, .1 Jan 29, 181):'.
ag I 52 y 7 in 21 d.
AiU . Polly, .1 Aug 0, 1851,
:.. ! I') y ! in 26 d.
Arboga-t, Piulus, d Sep 25, 1853,
agi 1 13 y 5 m 22 d.
Arbogat. N'icblos, d July 3, 1851,
ag.-l 7', I y 8 in 26 if.
Ai boga-t, Snbina, d Sep Pi, 1847,
uged 69 y 10 m 1 d.
Arbogn . Margretta, d June is,
1 i, aged 55 y 2 in 24 tl.
Arboj! . Sarah, tl Dee 9, 1866,
atjetl i','i y in in 25 d.
Arbogast, Philip, tl Sep 2s, 1864,
agi ! 62 y 1 m 25 d.
Arbogast, Maria, d June 18, 1839,
aged 39 y 2 d.
Arbogast, Henry, d Aug 22, 1853,
aged l." y 9 in.
Arbogast, Aaron, d July 14, 1879,
aged 34 y.
Arbogast, Elisabeth, wof Benjamin,
d Mar 21, 1898, aged 90 y 1 m
IG d.
Brosiu . Catherine, w ofN, d May
3, 1 S59, agiil 33 y 8 in 9 d.
Bros! us, Joseph, s of N. d Aug 21,
1859, aged 6 m 9 d.
IJrosius, John, s of N. d Apr 1,
1869, aged 0 y 10 d.
Bottiger, Get), d Oct 5, 1880. aged
57 y 6 n. 3d.
BoHger, Daniel, d Nov 20, 1862,
aged ':; y 7 in 18 d.
IJottiger, wile ii Daniel, d Apr 30,
18i0, aged y 28 d.
Bosh, Wm-dDec 4, I860, aged 2
y om2od.
Bus!, J,, ,1 Nov 27, 1866, aged
..:. !l!ii8 J
unwiW) 1 .11111 uif, w in utv, 1 . u
Nov 30, 1H71, agd 25 y 2 111
8 d.
Benler, John, d Feb 15, 1898, aeeti
ao ,i
DO y J U.
Faaai .IV.... iu 1 u-M 1
'"III! I , VIMI0J . 1 1 1 1 o, 1U( TtCU
60 v 1 m 28 d.
B nter, Mary, of Jonas, d Oet 8,
1888, aged 76 y 5 m 29 d.
Boyer, Wm. II. a of H. and C. l
Mar 20, 1869, aged 6 m 28 d.
Bawersox, Mary, w of Andrew, d
June 21, 1859, aged 30 y 3 m
Bover. FHzabeth. d Jnlv 20. IS7fi.
agiil 21 y.
' ' 7 '
Brosious, Chas. tl Jan 29, lsfif),
aged Ill y IT. tl.
Buyer, Chas. tl Aug 27, 1880, aged
Boyer, Mary E. d Sep 7 1879 aged
lylOm lOd. ' '
Boyer, Catherine, d of G. W. d July
15, 1874, aged 2 v :'. in 11 i.
Becker, Barbara, w of A. Z. d e(
12, IS,:,, agetl -l y 1 in 17 d.
Butts, Geo. tl Feb 18, 1X7'., aged 5
.. 1 .,, .o 1
l 111 &n tl.
B itts, Ann,d Feb 17, ls7'., agetl
7 y 10 m 1 d.
Buyer, An , d Sep 28, 1880, aged
14 y ii in 1 I d.
Bordmon, Hannah, tl Jnlv 15,
1877, agt d 29 y S m 7 tl.
Brosious, Anna Jane, d Dee 29,
1881, aged 14 y 10 in .". d.
Brosious, Susannah, wof N. d Sep
17, 1891, aged 55 v 8 m 3 d.
J5,)tts, w of Chas. d Oct
lSlll',, agetl till y l.", ,.
Butts, John, d July Id, 1883, agi tl
:' v 1 in 18 d.
Botts, Chas. d Jan 13, 1890, aged
20 v 11 1,1 20
yer Soloma, 1 1 June is, 1888,
76 y i in 26 d.
B.v,'r M. d Feb 7, 1891, aged
1 )' 7 ni 27 d.
Bt.iitpT, Mary A. l Feb 17, 1896,
;i ,,,i 00 v m
Brosiu , Win. J. d May 5 18'.:!
' y 1 ' ' i
6m 1 ' "
.....1 1 I .1
Rnrtiouv Rnlnmo ,. .,(' n...,:..l .1
Hm-ftn tSftn ...r.,,1 i;-. ..)-. .1
. , .J-
tieiKler, John, tl .Mav 'J8, 1807,
aged 0 i y 7 in 1 1 tl
Buyer, Polly, w of Win. d Nov 25,
1881, aged 46 y 7 m 10 d.
Bage, Anna E. d of Jacob, d Apr
19, 1888, aged 1 y 0 in I d.
Bage, John, ti Apr 21, 1888, aged
7a y :; m I 1 ,1.
Page, Infant of Daniel, tl Mav 21,
1892J agetl 2 y I in 2d .1'.
Potts, wife of lharles, .1 Ocl 20,
1896, aged lilt y 16 tl.
Barge, child of Daniel, d Mav III,
1 892, aged 2 y 1 Dl 20 d.
Drcese, Jacob, tl Apr 2, 1896, agetl
10 v 1 III 111 d.
Dreese, Hannah, w of Jacob, tl Apr
H laoa oinui i;- ,. c ... i .i
" )"" i "in -t.
Drcese, Joseph, d Nov 20, 1893,
aged 4!
v , I m
! .1.
Dreese," Jannie, d of Jacob, d May!
21, 1878, agetl 8 d.
Drcese, Maggie, tl of Jacob, tl ( )ei
L5, 1880, aged 7 v 8 d.
Drcese, Hannah, d of Jacob, d ( )e
28, 1880, aged 5 y 1 1 d.
Drcese, Charles M. s of George, d
Dec 13, 1881, aged 2 y 2 in
1 8 d.
Drcese, Jacob M. tl ( )et 17, 1 888,
aged 0 y 1 in 1 1 tl.
Dreese, Win. d Nov IP 1888, aged
i .. 1 ... no i
' ' -" u'
Dressier, Janu s E. d June 31,1882
aged 1 1 v I in 1 1 tl.
b 7
Dressier, Jan 31, 1882,
aged 1 1 y 1 m lid.
Deemer, Mary E. d Dec 8, 1881,
aged 10 y 9 in 19 d.
Eckert, Jacor, d July 18, 1841,
aged 48 y 5 in 29 d.
Egleman, Anna Margaret, d Apr
li, 1880, aged 75 y 11 m 9 d.
Epler, Arabella, d Oct 31, 1800,
aged 4 y 0 in 25 d.
Eckleman, Leah, d Nov 27, 1889,1
aged 87 y 11 in 21 d.
Eckleman, Elizabeth, d Mar 31,
1802, aged 83 y 5 m.
Eckleman, Henry, d Mar 5, 1859,
aged 85 y 7 in 22 d.
Eckleman, Elsie, d N'ov 17, 1843,
agetl 32 y 4 ni 1 d
Forry, Nathan, d Feb 4, I860, aged
. . 'O
42 y 11 m25 d.
Fisher, Amanda, w of Henry, d Feb
16, 1847, aged31y3m29 d.
1 Freed, Barbara, d Fab 4, lfSG9 1
aged 7C y 1 m 28 d.
Fisher, James P. d Aug 11, l8l,
uged 17 &
. d Dec Lqjj
agwim.i nd.
aged G9V 10 m 28 d.
Gartnan, Allan! J. (I Mav 5, 1863,
I - i a 11 I
agea i 4 m n a.
(Jar"':" Ali-'' ' May S, 1880,
aged 8 y 9 m 25 d.
iiriiinii Rnroh vv nf Palm- M .11
, . . ., v m wvwa
Sept 12, 1866, aged 29 V 1 Dl
an J "
I I U.
Gar man, Emelia d o" benjamin d
Feb '' 1865, aged 18 y 11 m
i 22 d.
Garinan, Samuel (a aoldii r) d Sept
1 1 0, 1 SO;, aged v 2 m 5 !
Garman, Barbra w of John d Match
i iv-.s; i aa i ... .i
I, 1 .ILIt VI 'I'l 1 111 II,
' "
Garman, John d (Jet 8, 1855, aged
ge y n M j i (
Garman, John I', d Jan 7, 1802,
i - . ... ...
atreu ox v in m a a.
Qarnaan, Cathrine, w of John P. d
Oet 111, 1891, aged 90 y " ml
' '
Goodling, Henry d July '.), I860,
1 y d.
Goodling, Thomas d Dee 1 I, 1859,
nged I v 1 m 1 d.
it,, i4r : v.... in loeb
,..11111.111, .iiriiii ti .i in, i,oup vi inr aauuijij m marnac;e aucn as
agetl 1 in 20 d. always g-o with polygamy.
Jacob's Prosperity, tsaac ami Esau
Garman, Charles K. tl March 18, j ware still living in Canaan, and Ja
187t, agetl 7 V 10 111 22 d. 1 cou L'01hl net well l'ii back without
Uurniun, William tl Apr 27, 1800,
aged I:: y 9 m 1 1 d.
tunby, Samuel d June I 7, 1 8S,
nged 9 y 17 d.
( rarman, Adam, l Aug 19, 1888,
agetl l"i y 1 m i d.
1 Uarmati, hlizabeth w ol Adam J. d
hull -'n isM ami 1 7fl ,. in
10 tl.
Garman, A Ida (
I Feb
in 19 l.
Ji, 181)1
VI v 1
Garman, Mary A. d Apr 30, 1891,
agetl 1U V 1 m r.l J.
Garman, Carlinaaged 1 I y m 10
Garman, Magdalena il June 10,
ss:;, aged 72 y :'. 111 19 d.
Garman, Henry d Oct 28, 1 835,
nged il y 11 in 16 d.
,i ....... .
. . ... "
iTiarmiin wi nm , II... l Wv .
I . k . . ... '
1- V - "l I tl
Garman. Khzabeth. d Junp 8. I flfi2.
i a ,. , .1 1 ,1 i
a.-vd 1 v :! in 24 d
: fear in returning to Canaan was that
Garman, tfidward d Jan 20, 1839, Esau might atlll seek vengeance. Thia
aged I 1 v 1 m 3 d. ! 'enr was increased by the news that
. w ii, ,.. , , i AAn : Ksau was ooming to meet his brother
( larnian, Simile . tl Sep .(, IS 9, T ,, ,, 7,- .
I '""). Jacobs uri'stling1. Despite the
agetl 1 y m 2.". d. ; Pnre th. which Jacob had made his
A Gipsy child (he name is not j arrangements to placate Beau and to
I... ".. ,, i it in , i save as much as possible if attacked,
known ti Jnlv 1.., 1896, aired T , , ,
, ' & he felt nerVOUl and uneasy, am! a f t er
I settling down for the night started up
Huriuan, two children of Jacob, d I
Jan 13, 1883.
Mori-, Amies. l Nov 28. 1881.
aged 6 y :! m 1 d.
Hornberger, Infant of James, d Sep
27, 1884.
Heim, . soldier of Co. s. 153 Diva.
Pa. Inf.
Helvic, George d Mav 10. 1SS8.
aged 61 y 1 m 2 I d.
in i ,' ., ,. ,
iic v nr. i ar ma. w ol iieoroe t
Mav 27, ISi 17, aged 70 j 3 m
Haas, Henry tl Dec 9, 1810, aged
1 y 8 m.
Houtz, Elizbeth w of Henry d Aug
3, 1851, aired 25 v S m 23 d.
Hepner Sarah w of John d Oct 20,
1886, aged 52 y 9 in 9 d.
Hepner. William S. d June 29,
1896, agetl 38 y 9 m 13 d.
Heufer, Ida d of George tl Aug 19,
1871, agetl 1 y I in 17 d.
Hoffman, Rmina d of F. M. d Sept
26, 1801, agetl 1 y 1 m 8 d.
Haas, Valentine (a soldier) d April
28, 1857, agetl 86 y 6 m 8 d.
ii, mi. i i , i ,
i Haas, Elizbeth w of Valentine d
j,. , I848,aged 71 y 1 rn
1 1 tl. '
Haas, Elebeeca d of Valentine d
lune 20, 1881, aged 78, y 2m
1 l.
Haas, Augustus, d Aug 10, 1853'
aged 3 y 5 ni 19 d.
Haas, Anna, d of J. and M. d Mar
Ii, 1844, aged 2 y 11 m 24 d.
Houtz, Susan, d Mar 2, 1850, aged
7 in 1 1 d.
Hoiueworth, Christina, w of Jacobi
d Oct 18, 1851, aged 81 y 11
in 18 d.
"C" With a Tail.
The "C" with a tail is the trade
mar ?f Cascarets Candy Cathartic
T rrlr frr it nn Hm ntrit h iifl onimolo(
Look for it on the light blue enameled
metal boxl Each tablet stamped
C, C. C. Never sold in bulk. All
druggists, ioc.
Lesson In Ikr International Series,
for September 1.1. 1IHH Jacob,
a Prlare with tio.
(Genesli a.'::4-30.)
M Ard J" I) was 111 ulor.t; and tta?r i
tNltM a man with, him UBI.. lit? breakta
of thr day.
15. And when he aw that h pruvallee I
At him ha loiifht'ri in,, hnUnw ,,r .
thigh; ind the hollow ol Jacob r thigh
was out of JoiLI. a.- rrtlli d v ,m lum.
And hti gdi l( m g0- (or o,c day
lap, tzoept thou btu n'i
h? ,s ' " mUo
name? And b .-.x!. Jac
breakth. Ami he Mid. I will r.ot . ,t thee
i.. i. What la thy
And he sal,i, Thy name shall ba called
ham ih..u poer ith Uod and with man.
I and hu?t pn vallid.
2V Ar il TanAk mmUmA I I ... - .1 ..I I T
no more Jacnh l.ut Uruul' f .r H. iwr.--
m, 1 pr.ty thti', ;hy nam. And ha said.
Wntretora is jt thai thou dost ask after my
namtT And he biesaed him there.
3U. And Jacob i alii d the name of the place
Penlek, lor I bava aaen tiod laae to face,
and my iii la preatrved.
UOUMtN '1'aiA't' Meat onirbt nlirnya
to pray nnil m.i lalnt. INtl.
Jacob's larriufi . The story of Ja-
?b,B luvv f'"' how" Jaoob'a
character at Ita beat uu.l Laban'i at
in worn, jar. in was evidently a man
"' ener8'yi is shown by hia conver
.... , ...
"mi li-. i epnerua at the well
and his prompl oiler to serve for his
bride. His serviee was valuable to
I I-, .....I .1.... r..... !t-
( ........... uu ...u, lUK, .,!, M,nit- u
miieli Id tin witlt ilie deception which
forced Leah upon Jacob us
torn which was alleged an es
the ou
ciisc for
the Fraud
Jacob's Family, The 11 Bona and
one daughter who were born to Ja-
; ?bn!'. " much ,ok,;ns
1 prosperity as the Increase in his
poaaessiona which took place later.
But the MmI'v reveals a jealousy be-
tween Jacob's wives and a low itlea
, .1
property to maintain ins family. So
he was ready in accept Laban'a jirop
osition thai he n main longer. The
schemes he adopted fur increasing his
own flocks -.m ii- in accordance with
the letter nf tl e contract but were of
eourse close in lie- verge of dishon
Jacob's Plight. The jealousy of La
! b:i" and his sons was evident to .in
' eoo, tun 11 wouia nave oeen us dan-
serous for him to propose going as it
was to remain. 'Hie departure was
made when La ban was absent; but
Jacob, traveling with his family and
luln 1,1 ,,., , Tl.
"brethren" who,,, Laban took win,
Him (31:23) were probably a consider
able number of armed men, sufficient
to overpower Jacob. Their intention
to force Jacob to return was changed
by I.aban's dream (31:24), The tera
phim were images to which were ,'it- n ..mill t vln a ,.li i r. ,t .
ftfeoogh they were not claaaed aa idols'
h the ordinary tense. The watching
K .Tatinvall fur wliii-li tlxiv nnv.
" J
.ns not as a sacred seal nnon frieud-
l shit), but was to orcvefit thtdr wroijir-
Iwr each other while apart
Jacob's Presents to Esi
iau.- -Jacob's
fi"11'" and moved his family across the
Jabbok, The "man" who wrestled with
him was not recognised at once as a
supernatural visitant, hut very likely
eemcd to Jacob n robber or an as
sassin sent by Esau. Jacob's wrestling
was a desperate struggle for his life.
It was only after a contest lasting al-m-ost
all night that the wrestler
touched Jacob's thijrh and made him
lame. From that time Jacob clung to
the other for Support, and when the
unknown wished to depart because
the day was at hand Jacob perceived
that it was a heavenly mess enger w ith
whom he had been struggling. Then
came his petit! in for a blessing, and
in this petition, determined as it was.
we And the reason for his prevailing,
Hosea (12:a 4) gives a hint of this
truth when he says! "In his manhood
he had power with Qodj yea, he had
power over the angel, and prevailed;
he wept, and made supplication unto
him." The change of Jacob's name
was the token of bil success. 1! was
not the persistent striving, but the
clinging and the prayer that had given
him thp victory. The name for which
Jacob asked was unspeakably sacred,
(tod Himself had been face to face with
the patriarch, as Jacob recognized in
naming the place. The blessing Jacob
received was no; merely the eaeape
from Esau's vengeance, which had
been the first object of hia prayers. It
included also something hich may be
described as a new birth.
Prayer is a great refuge In time of
trouble. Ooil can help us when we can
not help ourselves.
True prayer for help is follovVed by
one's best efforts to help himself. God
helps through them.
When God's spirit strives with men
it is that they may receive a great
Not Jacob's wrestling, but hU cling
ing, is a model to us.
Prevailing; prayer is earnest and per
severing. It will not give up until the
blessing is obtained.
God can so ehanpe the heart that a
new name is needed to express the
Not an Institution
Christianity is not an institution
it is the energy which creates institu
tions. John Clifford.
Xo safe harbor is gained by tacking
before the wind of truth.
.Some think they are sinless because
they are godless.
for Infants and Children.
Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contuins neither Opium, Morphine nor ether Narcotic,
nnbstance. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishness.
It cures I)iH.rrhoa and 'Wind Colic. It relieves Teeth
ing Troubles and cures Constipation. It regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
In Use For
tkc eawTaua eoneawT.
The People's National Family Newspaper
lUblllhtj M 0 n (1 a T,
Wnliicftduy aim! Friday,
i in rt-ftlity a lino, frth,
pvtTy-oi hr day Pn i 1 y,
giving the taU'Nl Q6WI on
tlays of iMtMf and cover
ing DflWI of tht' tttlior
thrfc. It contains all im
portant foreign a ii h 1 e
news which nDpcari in
of MUM date. aUo homr
tic and Foreign Corre
pondencc, Short Stories,
Klegant Half-tone Illotv
triitioiis BtinoroUl Items.
Industrial information,
Fashion Notes, Agricul
tural Matters ami t'otu
irehensive and Kehaldc
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R e g u la r ubfoription
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furntflh it with the
PotT for $1.75 per year,
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liberal Adjustments-
Only the Oldest, Strongest Cash Companies,
Fire, Life, Accident and Tornado.
Nol Assessments No Premium Notes,
The Aetna Founded A. D., 1819' Assets 11,0 ,18.88
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44 American 44 " 44 1810 44 : . ,84.3
The Standard Accident Insurance Co.
The New York Life Insurance Co.
The fidelity Mutual Life Association.
Your Patronage S elicited.
New Rochester"
rOOKlNG under tbese circumstances is a pleasure. The Rochester
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Ilrfrrri-il to nr. i nrucKir.
"Now, let me seel We've orot the
parlor furniture, the bedroom suites
anil the kitchen outlit. Js there anv-
thing else?" said the prospective
"Why. you have no librarv!" said
the girl's mother.
"Oh, never mind that now. mam
ma! Til write Mr. Carneine after
we're married about that." Yonkers
n-iiiti Valve,
Cumso All value la relative, and
Cawker (interrupting) -And I sup
pose the nearer the relative is the
greater is the value.
Cumso I am afraid I do not follow
yon. Cawker I was merely thinking of
the tendency anion); some young' men
to court girls for their pa value.
Leslie's Week 1 v.
Precisely Hie nifllcnlt?.
Ambitious Politician I don t think
Til have a bit of trouble in getting
any office I want. Look how easily
I was elected last year, when the peo
ple hardly knew me at all.
Trusty Henchman But that's the
whole trouble. The people h'm
mow you now. Chicago Tribune.
Genuine stamped C C C Never sold in bunt
Beware of the dealer who Met to aaO .
something, tut at laod."
Signature of
Over 30 Years.
Published on ThurxtUt
a i id known for nea r I y
Hivty years in every pari
of the I nitcd States it- .i
National Family News
paper of the highetcl;ia
for farnn rs ami villagrrs.
It contain all the motl
Important K'iieral nrw
of tub Daily trii
INK up to hour of Rot no
to press, an
l'pattment of the hiyh
ent order, has entertitni
ing reading forever?
meinher of the faini'T,
nhj ami young, Market
Reports which are accept
ed as authority hy fann
ers a n tl country tn e r
chrnts, ami is dean, Ui
to date, interesting ami
R e g u I a r iiibeerlptlon
price, $l.tnt per year.
We furnish it with hi
I'ost for 1. 'i'l per yej.r.
"Post", Middleburgh, Pa.
Prompt Payme
MmsLKBUfte, p
All business entrusted to his can
will receive orotuot attention;
fi. Pottiegei',
Veterinary sUrgeoN.
All professional tmsliiess entriivietl to my raw
will receive irompt and earelul attention.
There is no better investment W
people of small or largo moans than
the shares of tho Union OoNSOUDifl
ed Co., which are now beinj
offered at one cent a share. fulbpll
non-assessable, and without person
al liability.
Interest Dividends at th9 rate 01
10 percent per annum, payublo hull
yearly for two years, are OUABAN
ed, in addition to the regularly earn'
ed dividends.
We also call 'attention to Uj
"Smelter Shabes" ofjthe "KkttlP
Curlkw," "Boundary Cami
"Qubkn Bkk" companies; now
incr at. tbrnn entn. with same lUtf' 1
eat dividend guarantee-
All shares sold onlthe installwH
nlan. or all cash. .
Send for illustrated circulu'l
maps, terms, prices, etc.
MbIKbbI Mlnlaa- Promotion ""
Fourth Floor. Andrus BldfJ
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