The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 05, 1901, Image 2

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A Collection Muilr jnmi nllthe l.ury-
mg Ground m Skyd (hunty
tor the MUI,-l,un,h "RM.
Kmanlei.'s CtmeTERY.
Kcmrer Solomon, I. Deo 25, 1812; '
d Mar. 8, 1887, aged 71 y 2 in
13 d. j
Keisling, our mother, Catharine, w
of Henry, d Jau 8, 1880, aged i
75 y 3 m 14 d.
Keisling, our father, Henry F. j
Keisling, d Apr 22, 1878, aged
70 y 5 in 12 d.
Keisling John, son of Freilerick H. j
and Catharine b Apr 9, 1848;
il Feb lit, I860, aged 11 y 10
" 10 (l
Kerstetter, w illiaai, s ol Uavul and .
Sarah l S-p 17. 1N77: dJan
13, 1895, aged 10 v 3 m 20 d.
Kerstetter, William, s of H. S. and
A. E. il June I, 1895, aged "
Kerstetter, 'Milton, b of David H.
and Sarah, l (ot 30, 1807; d
Deo 27, 1878, aged 11 v 1 m
-7i- n ., en ..
tetter David, s of David H.
and Sarah, I) July 19, 1875; d 1
Dec 18, 1878, aged o y 4 m
29 a.
Kerstetter, Sarah, d of David II.
and Sarah, l Jan 16, 1873; d
Dec 1878, aged 5 y 1 m 27
Kerstetter, Nathaniel; s of David
II. and Sarah, U NOV I"');
d Nov 15, 1889, aged 2 y 10
Kerstetter, Janie, d of David H. and
Sarah, l July, 14, 1802; l
Dec 2, 1862, aged 4 m 18 d.
Kerstetter, Diana, d of David H.
and Sarah, b Sep 6, 1857; 1
Sep 1 1, 1862, aged 5 y 8 d.
Kerstetter, Hannah M, d of Isaac,
and Pethany, b Oct 20, 1864;
d Dee U, 1865, aged 1 y 1 m
21 d.
Kerstetter, Isaac, b May, 7, 1836;
d July, 2, 1 805, aged 29 y 1
2- (I. .
Kerstetter, Emma Jane, d of Henry
W, and Martha Jane; b Nov. !
28, 1873; d Dec, 21, 1878,
aged 5 y 23 d.
Lawver, Polly Ann, d of Solomon
1 O Lll ! I t
anil onrawaer, W Ol Xieni
n M iMo o . '
.1 Jan 29, 1882, aged 20 y 3 in
10 d.
Miller, Simon, d Apr 1, 1892, aged
66 y 19 d.
Miller, Saloma, w ol 8., d May 25,
1896, aged 71 y 2 nn 5 d.
Miller, George W. s ofSovirah and
....... ..j; n.nuiuumwiuiu
Mary A d Sep 13. I874;aged
0 " , .
Meiser, 8ttrah, d of David and
Maria, l July 4, 1858; d Jan
l i-
Miller, kitty A. .1 oi Jonathan and
Dina, b Mar 23, 1859, d Feb
20, 1863; aged 3y 10 m 27 d.
Miller, Infant, .- of Jonathan and
Dina, d Mar 1, 1863, aged 1 v
17 d.
Siller, ( hnstiana, w ol Jonathan,
h Jan 14, 1831; d May 31,
1889, aged 58 y 4 m 17 d. 1
Miller, niir father Johnatlian K. d
x" nm t non 1-,. .
l' '"' y 1 111 ,
Slinnig, Mary A. d of Moses and
Mary, .1 Aug 12, 1867, aged
10 y m 19d.
Neits, Sally M. d of L. H. and M- h Jan 22 1886i (1
Nov 9, 1886, aged 9 m 18 d.
Neitz, Ida A. .1 of L. and F.,
fv Q 1 870 ntraA m
Maj 1879, aged m.
eitz, branois i. l f Levi and 1,
d June 7, 1878, aged 1 y 11 m
Neits, Levi H. b May 28, 1862, d
beb 24, 1886, aged 23 y 8 m
Natigle, Allan W. s of Thomas H.
and Christina, l May 21, 1871, ,
aged 4 m 10 d.
Naugle, Sarah G. d of Thomas H.
and Christina, d Sep 7, 1875,
aged 1 y 3 111 2 d.
Portsline, Frany, w of Geo., b Nov
7, 1808; d Aug 2fi, 1890, aged
81 y 9m 19 d.
Portzline, Geo. b June 2, 1802; d
Jan. 18, 1894, aged 91 y 7 m
10 d.
Portzliue, Charies W. a of Andrew i
and Ellen, h Mar 19, 1874; d
May 23, 1S79, aged 5y 2mj
4 d.
Kiel, Jennie M. d of Kachael, h
Jan 25, 1884; dMar 15, 1886,
aged 2 y 1 m 20 d.
Showers, Sarah, (Limbert,) d Apr
13, 1875, Kil 54. y 5 n 18
Bg,d2iy4u,i8a. -
.Showers, Jacob, II. b Sept 4, 1818; rriou, Catharine, w of Henrv, b
df Nov 30, 1863, aged 45 y 2 June 18, 1838; d Oct 2, 1872.
26 a ' ' aged 34 v 3 m 13 d.
H.jery A i of Jacob Tn.,p, John It. 8. s of H. U and
R gld g d Feb u 1864 . Catharine, d 8ep 8, 1885, aged
aged 4 ra 8 d. 1 1 m 8 d.
Stroup, Lydia, w of Tobias, b DeciTroup, Charles M. s of H. C. and
2.3, 1835; d Mar J, 1897, aged
61 y 2 m 10 d.
Stroup, Jonathan, s of Tobias and
b J" 25; 1809, d Aug
8, 1896, aged 27 p 6 m 13 d.
Stroup, Eliza, w of Tillman, d
J,me 18yA ged Y w m j
Shatter, Amanda E. d of J. and L.
Ei b Apr 8, 1883; d Apr 21,
1883, aged 13 d.
Swineford, Henry M. s of Jonathan j
"j SVrtA b Jl"i ?' '
' " ' ;
Stepp, Elisabeth, w of Michael, I)
Oct 21, 1832; d Sep 6 1893,
ased 60 v 10 m 16 d.
D ... .1' X,f' I 1 1.1
Stepp, Mich el, d 1897, (copied from
board') , . .
Seesholte, Mary, w of Benjamin, b
Dec 2, 1822; d Dec (. 1871,
. . ' '
Stroup, Susan, w of Jn, b June
25, I805j d Jan 6, 1867, aged
01 y 6 m 11 d.
Stroup. Albert G; a of Emanuel S.
1 bii 1 .1 u 1 r o
and Elizabeth 15., d Mar 3,'
1875, aged 1 in.
Stroup, John, b Oct 15, 1807; d:
Oct 3, 187(, aged 68 y 11 m
18 d.
Stroup, Minnie G. d of Emanuel S
and Elisabeth D. d Dec 2S,
1 1878; aged 5 y 5 111 14 d. ;
'Stroup, Clyde, s of E. S. and
Elisabeth, l June 8, 1888; d
Js0v 23, 1890, aged 2 y 5 in
15 d.
Shatter, Wilson, b Dec 18, 1851;
,1 Nov 9, 1884, aged 32 y 10
, 21 d.
Shaffer, Aaron, b June 7, 1818; d
Aug 15, 1895, aged 77 y 2 m
j d.
Shaffer, Lucy Ann, w of Aaron, b
lv. 10 1820, d Sep 18, 1872,'
1 t, 45 y 2 m 8 d.
QI..4I..M flnfcaAa I. f..., 1 I Q.I.I. U
WWU 1 , VJiCFIJC, if A. Ill T, (II I , VI i
Jan 11, 1872, aged 27 y 8m
7 i. .
Shatter. Anna, w ol George, b July
21, 1848; d May 28, 1809,!
aged 20 y 10 m 7d.
Shoffar Morv Am, .1 nfl lanm onA
a., d Aug to, loos, aged w m a duiyzs, woo, aged l m 5
1 jq ( (
L. ... ...'.' .
Mejip,, (i oi iviiciiaci ami
Elizabeth, d Aug 24, 1809.
Step), John A. s of Michael and
Elisabeth, l Sejit 13, 1860; d
Mar 28. 1873. Bared 12 y (1 in
15 d,
lO Q,
Snv,K Mary Ann, d of Heiry B.
and Mary, 1. March 21, 1857;
d A uir 23. 1862. aored 5 v 5 m
2d. 1
Shifter, Edward, b Jan 28, 1828; d
Sep 14, 1891, ased 63 y 7 in I
shifferj iieI1j.imill H, B 0f Edward
and Susan, d Aug 2, 1862,
aged 5 y 1 in 12 d.
Stroup, John S. d Apr 20, 1889,
need 53 v 5 in 26 d.
Matilda, d of John S. and
Harhara, d Aug 9, 1802, aged
1 v 11 ra 20d.
Strawscr, Maria, w of Simon S. b!
July 5, 1817; d Nov 13, 1890,
aged 73 y 4 m 8 d.
Strawser Simon S. b Sep 30, 1814;
(1 May 2 1885, aged 70 y 7 m
2 d.
Strawser, Simon, ased 72 v 2 m 8
flkrawder. Lewis E.b Feb 5. 1S55:
. - , o. , ' 1 ' 1
,i Nov - 1862 ;1,r,,i 7 y 9 m
Btook KniI1(.is w. b Aug 11, 1829;
died July 11, 1896, aired 86 v
LI m.
stuck, widow, d A. D. 1897 (from
Stctler, Lavina P. d of John and
Eliza A., d Mar 2, 1871 aged
6 y 111 10 d.
Shctterly, John, d May, 18, 1880,
aged 30 y 9 m 0 d.
Shctterly, Sarah P. d of Frederick
and Sarah, d May 27, 1880,
aged 0 v 0 m 30 d.
Shetterly, Frederick, d Oct 31,
1885, aged 57 y 1 m 1 d.
Troutman, Samuel, s of Samuel and
0. d Oct 30 1805, aged 5 m
19 d.
Teats, Wm. Clarence of Philip M.
and A. d Oct 28, 1804, aged
2 y 1 d.
Tressler, Jeorme, s of Benjamin and
Polley, b June 16; 1874, d Dec
13, 1878, aged 4 y 5 m 27. d.
Tress'er, Pollev, w ot Benjamin, b
.Jlr 31, 185(1; d Dei-19, 1877,
Catharine, d Mar 16, 1883,
aged 11 m 15 d.
Trawitz, Jacob, d Dec 26, 1883
aged 78 y 6 m 10 d.
Troup, John J. b Mar 31, 1810, d
Apr 8, 1808, aged 58 y 8 d.
Went, G. G. McClel!an, s of Robert
and Sarah, b Mar 7, 1804,
aged 1 y 8 m 10 d.
.,,, Lucilla, W of Frelerick, b
De 6 1817, d Apr 27, 1804,
a,r(Hj 4c v 4 m 21 rj.
WeDt Frederick, b July 12, 1815,
,i January 1. 1864, aired 48 v
. ' ' '
fi m 19 d.
Willow, Minnie M. d of J. and L.
d Mar 1 I. 1887. aired 1 v 13
Willow, Mary, w of Jacob 8. dAng
- 1872 aired 31 y
, e J , 1 1 w 1 r 1
Infant, s ol Jacob and Mary, b July
Wiilow, Xora A. dof J. A.pdM,
E. d Out 12, 1893, aged 6 m S
. ' b
... ... , .. ,OQfl .
Vfolte, blias. d Deo 11, 1886, aged
.,' , . ', ' '
Pobtzliite's Cxmetsbt.
'p,js cemetery has 2ti marked and
100 unmarked irraves. This
is a very old cemetery.
Rpportod by 8 B. Ctellnttt.
Dressier, Adam, d July 21, 1821,
aged 57 y 3 m 14 d.
Gellnett, Jonathan, b Feb 16, 1810j
d Apr 8, 1885. aged 75 V 1 111
22 d.
Gellnett, Anna Mariah, w of Jona-
than, b Aug 15, 1808; d Aug
1, 1874,aged65y 11 in 10 d.
Gelluett, Hannah, d of J. and, A.
M. I Mar 2, 1843; d May 11,
1802, aged 19 y 2 m 9 d.
Gellnett, Catherine, d of J. and A.
M. b Aug 28, 1S10; d Sep 19
1858, aged 18 y 21 d.
.OallnaM InmillM .! T or. A A
V..I.II1.1.J VUMll.llHll, D Ul V. ......
M. I) May 25, 1848; d Jan 15,
1807, aged 18 y 7 m 15 d.
Bornberger, Barbara, d of Abner
and Lydia, b Nov 20, 1838,
aged 19 v 23 d.
U'Mnm.r .T W ..f .T ,...,1 W S
Liimtiert, ousan, w ot xienry, o xvov
L, 1804; d May 8, 1803, aged
"8 y 6 m 7 d.
Limlierl, Peter, a of H. and S. b Jan
7. 1842id IW I t. 1RA.WiMd
21 v 11 111 7 d jaI
! 1 V 1 1 111 7 tl.
Limbert, Henry, s of H. and
June 11, 1833; d Feb
and S. b
IRKK 91 A ... 1JS A
1 1 . ws 1 1 a 1 1
Limbert, Viola, d 01 Andrew and
Lydia, d Jan 1, 1802, aged 2
t:-i1-4 m.,....v .i . u a..
liiliii'iiij . ' i . i i j hja i ti Mlllt , M X.
12, 1808, aged 1 y 7m 8d.
Limbert, Sarah, d of same, d Mar
24, 1870, aged 7 in.
Portsline, Bebeoca, w of Frank, d
May 1865, aged 05 y.
Portsline, Silas, b of Frank and lle-
beoca, bAug 9, 1830; d Nov
9, 1863, aged 27 y 3 d.
Portsline, Win. b Oct 7, 1812; d
Sep 24, L865, aged 52 v 11 m
Portsline, II. E. 8 of V m. and Ger
trude, I) Aug 28, 1844; d Mav
29, 1861, aged 16 y 9 ml d.'
Portsline, Ciias. a of same, b 1849;
.1 1 U-.M n...l 1 ..
L ......... ' t ', . ,
1 ori.uue, jvaimon, imam u oi
... . . D 0n t
i c 1
Shetterk Elisabeth, b May 1,1830
d Nov 21. is:?s a.r,Hl 2 v s
8hetterlv, Henry, 1. May 8, 1701;d
Jan 6, 1835, aged 07 y 8 m 8
Shctterly, Froniea, w of H. b Aug
12, 1770; d Aug 21, 1844,
aged 74 y 9 d.
Shetterly, Andrew, s of H. and F.
b May 22, 1796; d May 12,
1873, aged 70 y 1 1 m 20 d.
Shetterly, Mary, w of Andrew, b
Feb 12, 1807; d Aug 10,
1855, aged 48 y 5 m 27 d.
Trevitz, Conrad, d 1830, aged 80
1 m.
Six Million Boxes a Year.
In 1895, none; in 1900, 6,000,000
boxes; that's Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic's jump into popularity. The
people have cast their verdict. Beat
medicine for the bowels in the world.
All druggists, loc.
Lesson la the lutersmtlosml Serla
tr September s. mill Jacob
at Uetfeel.
(Gr.esl ri:l-r.)
11 Ad Jacob went out from Berthsb,
rd wtnt toward Uar&n.
U. And ht llghti d upon a ctrtaln plaoa,
and tarried there all n,lght. becauaa the
tun waa sat; and ha took the stones of thai
Caca, and put the m tor his pUlowa, and
r down In that plee to sleep.
U. And ha dreanv i. ar.l behold a ladda
M up an tha earth, and the (op of M
reached ta Heaven; snd leho!d the sis
af God ascend. ng and descending It.
11 And. behoid. the Lord stood shore It,
and aald. 1 am the Lord God af Abrahaa '
thy father, and the God of Isaac; tha land
whereon thou Heat, to the will I glva It.
and to thy seed.
U. Aad thy seed shall b as tha duat olj
tha earth, and thou ahalt spread abroad ta:
tha west, and to the east, and to tha north'
and to the south; and In thee and In thy
seed shall all tha families of the wthst
IS. And, behold. I am with thee, and win
kp thea In all places whither thou goest.
and will bring thee again Into this land;'
for I will not leave thee, until 1 have dona
that which 1 hnvi spoken to thee of.
lti. And Jacob awaked nut of hl.1 sleep,
and he said, Sur. ly the Lord Is In this plaoa;
and I knew It not. j
17. And he was afraid, and said. How,
dn adful Is this place! this is none othei
than the house ol God, this Is thu gate
of Heaven.
lti. And Jacob rose up early In the morn
ing, and took the stone that he had put for
his pillows, and set It up for u pillar, and,
poured oil upon the top of It. j
19. And he called the name of that place
Bath-el; but the name of that city wua '
called Luz at thu first.
1U And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, 11
Qod wll be wi:h me, and will keep tnv In t his
way that I go. and will Rive me bread to
'.at. and raiment to put on, j
21. So that 1 come usaln to my father's
house In peace; then shall the Lord be my I
It, And thl? stnne, which I have set for a
pillar, shall be. Uod's house; and of all thati
Thou lhalt Klve me 1 will surely glvethel
tenth unto Thee.
UOLUBX TKXT. Surely (ha Lurd Is1
1st this plncc.-l.e u. iiNilu,
jacou aim BiSau. i nes.e twin .smia ot
Isaac and Bebekah were very unlike
in temperament. Esau had his moth
er's active a ml rrstless disposition;
facob resembled t lie quiet Isaac in his
tastes. Jnooli was also like his father
in spiritual sensibility, but the unscru
pulous cunning with which he sought
his end was more like Rebekah than
like Isaac. The sa'.e ol the birthright
shows both brothers almost equally
unattractive. Jacob schemes and takes
advantage of Esau's need. Esau's hun
ger becomes resistless greed.
JacoVa Deception. Neither fsaac
nor Esau seems to have recognized the
sale or the hirthrijrht as valid. The
patriarch was determined to leave the
inheritance to Esau. The plan to de
ceive Isaac was Rebekah's, and Jacob
appears as her willing tool. The bless
ing which Isaac save was thought to
settle the inheritance, much as a will
does In modern times. This blessing,
couched in poetical language, gave its
rvcipient the headship of the family.
Esau's Blessing. The bitter disap
pointment of Esau Is pictured witrf re
markable literary power in 27:31-38.
His earnest plea brought from his fa
ther a prophecy of prosperity and final
Jacob Sent Away. Esau's plnn for
revenge was natural; its self-restraint
shows how deep was his respect for his
father. The choice of a wife by Jacob
from among their kindred in Haran
would appeal to Isaac as fitting.
Jacob's Dream. Jacob was nearly
or quite 40 years old when he set out
on his long journey. Apparently he
went on foot and alone, though we
should expect a man in Isaac's circum
stances to provide some attendants
and means of easy travel for his son.
The distance from Ttcersheba to
Bethel is somewhat more -than fin
mil, so that the dream can hardly
have come to Jacob on the first night
after his departure. Kven if he had
been provided with camels, he would
hardly have been able to reach llethel
the) first night. The use of the stone
for a pillow does not indicate as great
a lack of the comforts of life as it
would in these days. Probably soft
pillnws were an invention of later
times. The form of Jacob's dream may
hnve been due to the impression left
on his siirht by the mountain about
him. The ladder wag a staircase
rather than n series of rungs. In the
dream Jacob received the same prom
ise which Gnd had given Abraham and
Isaac. It is noteworthy that the prem
ise of blessing to the whole world,
which had been given to Abraham
fl2:3; 22: IS), but not In terms to
Isane, was here repeated. To this
promise was added assurance of Ja
cob's safe return. The form of conse
cration which Jacob used in pouring
oil on the stone was common. Such
sacred stones stood in many place
and were objects of popular reverence,
though not generally of direct wor
ship. Jacob's vow was in part a token
of gratitude and in part, apparently,
an attempt to make conditions with
Ood, though he named no conditions
which (lod had not already pledged.
This experience of Jacob at Bethel
may be perhaps called his first spir
itual awakening. An outcast and a
wanderer through his own avarice
nd deceit God now takes him up nnd
encourages him with Bis promises.
In his great distress nnd need he had
eyes to see and ears to bear (Mark
8:18). What a blessed experience it
was to him. We all need liethel ex
periences. Grappa from Cnnann.
No fnel, no fire.
Nothing is more profitable than
A hypocrite's religion is always the
worst thing about him.
i The darkness OI night throws a
, fierce light on many of our deeds.
Ood gives no goods to those who are
! sot seeking the chief good.
The best preaching for the times is
preaehing lor the eternities.
The best things will be but stuff to
tha man who only seeks the stuff.
You cannot appraise a man apart
from hit soul, aad that ii invaluable.
for Infant! tmd Children.
The Kind Too Hat Always Bought hava bone the signa
ture ef Chaa. H. Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal nperriaion for over 80 years. Allow no one
to deceive yon In this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Jost-as-arood" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of CLUdren Experience against Experiment.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bean the
SM yv7
Use For Over 30 Years.
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A TnlltntlTV Matr.
"She is so garrulous," said the'flrst
'deaf mute, speaking of a friend who
was similarly affected.
"Is that so?"
"Yea. Why, do you know, when no
one is around for her to talk to sha
makes her right hand talk to hei
left." Baltimore American.
Who Could Have Told Itf
"What an effeminate looking man
Horace llighmore is!" said the girl
in the pale green shirt waist.
"He's just as effeminate as he looks,"
replied the girl in the Gainsborough
hat. "I have been told he sits on the
floor when he puts his shoes on,"
Chicago Tribune.
In No Danger.
Amateur Sportsmun (in the Maine
woods) Aw, I say, man, man, ara
bears vewy dangerous?
Guide You needn't hove no fear,
sir. Bears don't never turn on a
man until they've been hit, on you'd
most likely miss 'em. NT. Y. Weekly.
"Did you get your cook from an
intelligence office?"
"Yes, and I've made up my mind
that I have sufficient grounds to an
the proprietor for giving her to ma
under false pretenses." Philadelphia
CCC Nsvar saM labdk.
Bfwut W At duUr who Mm to mM
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