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    Rev.C. M.Seldoi) Irifceresbir Sbory, &Hi? Brother's Keeper" Rui)S ii) bl;i? lssi;;,
A L V IrV A 9
Geo. W. U'ageniteller, Hilar and Proprietor.
The hIkh; factory la running this
Court adjourned Tuesday morning.
Proceedings will Ik- published neat
The Ptsjr and the Farm ifewi, both
,,neyeur tor only One Dollar in ad
vance. W A NTKI . ( h m k1 Veal CiivCS, also
hides and ullow. J. I.. Winkman,
2-28-Ot. IewiBhurK, Pa.
Foil Hai.K, 2t acres of good fariiiiii;
laud. For particular Inquire of .Mia.
11. E. Arnold, 106 Kensington BtToet,
tf. Cleveland, O.
Wanted. Girl for general bouse work,
ijimkI wages, three in family.
Mrs. Bbayton,
2-7-4t. Lewistown, Pa.
Found A Miir of insse enclosed
in u well worn ease was found in Mid
dlebttlg. Owner can have the same by
oalllngat this office and proving prop
erty. The job print inn we turn out brings
back every customer and adds Dew ones
to our growing list. New material ami
competent workmen enable us to turn
out superior work.
SHOES FOB Sam-: At the shoe fac
tory, wholesale and ret4iil at a sacrifice.
They consist of Infants' Slues slightly
damaged, and Misses' and children's
McKay Shoes, odd lot.-, at manufactur
er! prices. tf.
roRhAi.K J. li. Spanker at Attains-
I.,,... ..!.- I.: . .
miu unci ins suick or general mer-
hundisc for sale. Stock can be reduced
toabout8,000by March 16th if desired
by purchaser. Possession given ny
time. 2-21-41
The most artistic job printing in Cen
tral Pennsylvania turned out at this of
fice. We have just put in $400 worth
of new material and hence we are bet
ter prepared to get out the neatest work.
Go to A. Em Soles for a smooth easy
ihaveor up-to-date hair cut and head
cleansed with a refreshing shampoo or
dandruff removed with his tonic, a
clean towel to each patron. Parlor in
hank building, one door cast of Post
office, Satisfaction guaranteed, tf.
Barqainb, Bargains for two weeks.
All goods, such us Capes, Coats, Collar
ettes, Wrappers, Skirts, Notions, Hats,
Laces, Embroidery, Underwear, Hose,
Gents' Furnishing Goods. Please call
and learn of the great bargains.
--t- K. C. AURAND.
Jacob W. Benfer and wife are the
happiest pair in Flint Stone Valley,
"hey arc the proud parents of a briirht
young hoy. They have one son almost
Old enough to vote and while the second
was a long time coming, the pleasure
"Horded makes up for the lapse of
Qany years.
The undersigned lirm of Runkle and
Walter have dissolved partnership this
wth day of Feb. 1901. All persons ow
'Ugaaldflrm are kindly requested to
make prompt settlement by note with
out interest positively, no interest ehurg
M. Ana persons having claims against
Usaaidfinq will present them duly
authenticated for payment at the store
Runkle & Walter,
Photourapher Enle Leaving.
Persons desiring to have their plo
tarw taken should call at once as 1 will
oalUvely leave Mlddlebnrg the latter
Pwt of March.
V. NEVIN Kxrii.K.
Military Entertainmeat.
t'l.ttTtJiitlllient In tlm I'
Ill IIIV, V "U 1 (
House. Feb. 21st and 22nd, g ven under
e Auspices of the G. A. It. Post, was
fan interesting character. She six
u young lady cadets who had been
arefully trained by Lt. D. T. Rhoads,
executed the military commands with
BtsMaant 11 A',, u-itlt n j, ,,,,,, 1
uioueo tbeHiMniish-Amertcan War.
manual of Arms and SerKt O. C. Gutel-
PA with 61-5 veterans exhibit-,! th
"oi una, wnne Lii. j. r. etmitn
---...wuueu Doto me uerman recruits
jj wru squsa.
the enturtut.... ...... li-li- i
n ti, -
j, ".-.uiiuoui nan Olglllj ureu-
Kble to the mrt.lnlno.nta hnf
wll patronized as the character of
entertainment meritrd .
Select Your Date.
Persons who propose to make sale
this coming spring should select their
date as early as possible and have it in
sert-d in the Post's sale register. The
notice will be inserted free in our sale
register If the bills are printed at this
The POST a welcome visitor.
Ho.vper, Neb. Feb. Is, 1001.
Editor Post, Enclosed please Bud
remittance for POST another year. The
Post is a w i 1 nine visitor every week,
because we still love to hear the news of
our old Snyder Co. friends. Welike Ne
braska very well so far, and 1 believe
It is just the place for a family to go if
they want to make an easy living anil
in addition lay aside a small fortune to
use when they get old.
Yours Truly,
N. ). Row.
tare t Horses.
Horses' shoulders get sore more fre
quently from ill-tilting collars than
from tenderness. Nineteen men out
of twenty have the collars one size too
big and there is a shuffiing of the col
lar on the neck, which makes a gall.
Fit the collar first. A used shoulder
becomes toughened, an unused one re
mains tender, and no medicine will
make It tough. Strong oak lea or de
coction used warm will in a measure
toughen them. Keeping the collars
clean and bathing the shoulders with
as hot water as the band will bear after
a day's work will d much toward pre
venting sore shoulder. I'.n when cal
luses are on them nothing but cutting
them out will ever remove them.
Report or tho I'linilltlim of Him First National
Hank or Mtddleburgb, si Mlddleuurgh. in the
state of Pennsylvania, at Uie cluseol bualneat
Pel). 5. 1001 :
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured
If. S. norms to swore circular Inn
I". N. ItornlH on limid
Premiums on r. s. Bonds
'nnnr.v Bonds
Slocks, BecuflUeft, etc
Bttnl'.lnir-nOUSe, furniture, ami fixtures
Oilier real estate and UtOrgHges 0WMH
Duefrnin Narinnal Banks (not Ueservi
Due from Slate Hanks ami bankers ....
Due from approved reserve agents
Cbecks and other cash Items
Notes of other National Hanks
Fractional paper eurreuiy.nlekles, ami
Lawful monkv kksrkvk in hank
Specie lft,lA5.J
Legsl-teuder notes ,830.uo
Itedcinptlon rund with I', s. Treasurer
(5 per cent, of OlroUlBtlODJ
; .hhuk
, ,0110.00
,V) B46.M
34. TS
.'lit. s.i
tats 019.0!
Capital stock paid In
Surplus Fund
Undivided prollts, less expenses anil
raxes paid
National Hank miles oulstamlliik
Due to other Nat tonal banks
Due to Slate Hunks and Hankers
Dividends unpaid
Individual deposits subject
to check 212 573.24)
Demand eertlllcales of de
posit SiSWUM I
Not us and Hills redtscuunled
17 000.04
137,101 so
I, J. N. Thompson. Jr.. Cosblerof l he above
named bank, do siilemntv swear Hint rim above
abatement is true to the tx-si of my knowledge
and belief.
J. N. THOMPSON, Jr., Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me ibis td
day or Fell. 1901,
J.(). WKISKK, Notary Public
OOBBBOT Attest :
Library and Art Works Burned.
Fire Thursday afternoon wrecked the J
residence of Dr. Lincoln Hulley, Pro
fessor of History, at Bnckncll LTuiver-l
sity, iewisburg. His line library, fur
niture and many valuable pictures and
art works collected in Europe were de
stroyed. The tire was discovered in
the doctor's study by a servant, and is
supposed to have originated from the
furnace. At the time Dr. Hulley was
conducting a elass at the college and
Mrs. Hulley and their four children
were asleep. They escaped in scanty
clothing. The building was owned by
the Reading Railroad Company. There
was no insurance on the furniture, and
Dr. H alley's loss is heavy.
W H. Rlpka left Monday, for New
ton Hamilton, Pa , where he is em
ployed as mill wright, by the Silica
Sand Company of Cleveland, Ohio.
Londo Tobias left Tuesday for Hall
fax, Pa., where he is employed in a
shoe factory.
Miss Mabel Urimm of Sunbury was
at home Monday.
A Family Journal, Devoted to News, Sckace.
Wl-.o carried Snyder County Saturday fcr
President Jud'e with 750 Majority.
Rcturna Republican Prlmar) Election, Feb,
President State
Districts, .IihIk,. Delegate
a i
I is 68
."il 151
( 'cut re,
( Ihnpmnn,
M Iddleburg
Mi, I, II,
Ferry West,
Totals. iii7,'l 1)23 pjKi o7
Majorities, 7."0 60
For county surveyor, O. A. Batdorf
received 307 votes, V.. ), 11, Walter,
144; b o. II. Benfer, 73; ('. L. Wetzel,
ill; John Boyer80;and for State Dele
gate, W. L. Hassle r received 883 voles.
I. T. Ithnads had withdrawn us s. can
didate and his name appeared on tin
tickets in lour ilisi rlcts.
IliK Gifts to Hie llasons.
W lllam Howard, a wealthy lumhei
niiiii of Wliliamsport, has announced
his intention to present a cathedral to
the Scottish Rite Masons of the Valley
of Wliliamsport, and a home to the
Temple Club, a Masonic social organ
ization. The mansion which now adorns the
property will be given to the Temple
club. The plans for the cathedral are
almost complete, and its construction
will be started within six weeks. The
estimated cost of the cathedral is $60,000.
Upon the completion of the contem
plated buildings the Masonic property
in this city will be the most costly In
the stale outside of Philadelphia.
Great PossibilitM f this Ven Hatful In
Capital interested In the development
of the telephoi realises that under pat
ents granted to Dr. Puptn telephony is
very likely to make a wonderful ad
vance nit nt in the early yearsofthe pres
ent century, T e public is even prom
ised that as a result of Dr. Pupiu'l dis
coveries it will he possible to carry on
a conversation over a transatlantic
cable. If all the claims are supported,
it is evident that there will come a gen
eral Improvement in bug distance land
lines. It is just such possibilities as
these that will give great interest to
the telephone exhibit to be made at
the Pan-American Exjrosition. At
some time or other, in their homes or
in connection with business affairs, al
most everybody comes in touch with
tne telephone service, and for this rea
son they will be instructed as well as
end rtained by what the Pan-American
Exposition will present for their en
lightenment. Jell, the New nwrt.
E leases all the family. Four Flavors
iemon,orange,rasDberry and straw
berry At yonr grocer's. 10 cents.
Try it to-day. . ... ..
Art, Political Economy and Current Literature.
3m SB a
J. J. Mitchell of K reamer was in
town Friday.
William 1 Keller of Philadelphia
was in town over Sunday.
David Retch ley of l-nnserfck took
trt in the Veteran's drill Friday night.
Mrs. F. F. Munch of Wllliainsport is
visiting her parents, James Ayers and
Mrs. A. M. Bowbnox ,f Beavertown
has licen spending several weeks in
Mrs. James Beaver of Mlflllnburg
visited Gabriel Beaver and family over
Miss Minnie Adams of Shatnokin vis
ited relatives In this place during the
II. II. Grimm and family attended
the funeral of Mrs, Jonathan Grimm
at Freeborn Tuesday.
Mrs. Bebeccn Wageuseller is paying
it visit to her son, the editor of the Post,
and her new granddaughter.
Win. Snyder of ( 'lev eland, Ohio, was
in town this week, having been called
Fast to attend his brother's funeral.
Mr. Bowersox, of New York, foreign
purchasing agent for a Chicago house,
visited S. (i. Mover and family tin
past Week.
Mauks Voder and his brother, Rev.
John Voder intend to leave on Friday
on a trip to Cuba. They think all
the allow drifts are gone there by this
time. .
John W Kline, Troxelville, John S.
Melser, Globe Mills, P. A. Hrosins,
Fremont anil Anion Womer, Richfield
were business callers Monday.
J. V. Rlsenhauer, Kisslmmee, Jere
miah Hummel, Shatnokin Dam, J ().
Smith, Beavertown and A. I. K rea
mer of Krcuuicr dropped in to boo us
Mrs. W, II. Itipka of this place, wl 0
was visiting at Richfield, has takin
sick at that plan-. Her daughter,
llertha, of Sunbury, is at home keeping
bouse lor her father and brothels.
Deeda Entered lor Record.
John Saner and wife to Samuel Lelt
Iter, one ai re in Jackson twp. for $1000,
Jacobs, anil Kmanuol Wetzel, exe
cutors of Joseph Wetzel, deceased, to
Samuel il. licituer, 04 acres in Jacksou
twp. for -son.
Isaac Itotnlg, et al to Samuel Leitncr
1 li; l acre- in Jackson twp. for $2700,
H. E. Walter and wife to Florence
s. Beaver, house ami lot in Mlddlebnrg
for 100.
Jacob Mosscr t,, .1. D. Bogar, Jr.,
house and lot in Port Trevorton for
Geo. s. Schafferand wife t Kittle
Ann Heintzelman, :il acres in Perry
twp. for-")t in.
Jonas P. Coryell, et al, to Geo, M.
Coryell, two tracts in Monroe twp , for
$1.00 etc.
Henry Jarrctt ami wife to Daniel Jar
rett 70 acres In Monroe twp. for $2400.
Letters Granted.
Letters of administration in the es
tate of Daniel M. Herrold, late of Chap
man twp., weic granted to the widow
Mrs. Millie A. Herrold.
Letters of administration in the es
tate of Annie M. Stahl late of Wash
ington twp., wen- granted to Ellas
In estate of Levi Kline, late of West
Ueavei to Edward 11. Kline.
In estate of John Walter, late of
Franklin twp., to E. I). H. Walter.
Wills Probated.
The last will and testament of Hen
ry Garman, late .of Perry twp., was
probated Tuesday. The widow, Eliza
beth Garman and W. I. (rammn are
the executors. The children and wid
ow are the heirs.
The last will and testament of Uriah
Weirich was probated Tuesday. Elios
Brunner hi the executor. The widow
and his daughter, Mrs. Ellas Brunner
are the heirs.
Marriage License,
f Wm. F. Bickhart, Freeburg.
Laura E. Snyder,
( Kelson Bbaner,
Carrie B. Noll,
I Ira Luck,
Nora E. Straub,
Port Trcverton.
KV 28 1901
anwARn I'omci
Edwatd Forty, ofFreeuurg, theoldesl
son of John ami Esthev(Zerbe) Foirer,
was born in Berks County, Pa., AujrtM
28, 1888, was baptized by Rev. Fred
Herman, Sponsors, George and Magda
lena Forrer, and dledlal Freeburg, Sun
day, Feb. 17, 1001, aged 08 years, 5 inos.
and 28 days John Fiirrer, the father of
the deceased, was born in Berks comi
ty, March 25, ISOAdled In Penn town
ship, Jan. ', lsii,". aged 88 years, s mo-.,
and 7 days. Kewas nmrried, October
28, 1830 by Rev. Thomas Leiubach, to
Esther Zcrbe. born Nov. 2D, 1814, and
lied in Perm township, this uoUllty,
August 27, VsTI. John Forrer, sitb
his family, uiovetl Irom Iterks county,
about ls:lo, to Perry, (now NW-si Peiry)
towushlpSnyderCouiity, near Rich
Held, He was a fill er and conducted
a woolen mill there for several years.
He also conducted a woolen mill near
Knutx ainl Paxtott vlllc, and later, as
the progress of invention displaced the
old process, be ahaminni il Ills occupa
tion and wcni to farming which be
followed until his death which occurr
ed in Penn township, Moth be and hi
wife arc buried In the Union cemetery
at Selinsgiove. John and Esther Fort
er were the parents of 10 chlldreu as
' follows :
1, Edward, the deceased,
2, John, born in Berks county, Sept.
28, 1884, has a large family and resides
at Elkhart, I ml.
.!. Levi, born May 20, 1880, died
4. Amanda born in Berks county,
Sept. 20, 1887, married, to Win. il.
Gemberlihg who died at Sellnsgrove
about one year ago. They had eight
children, six of whom are 1 1 V I n
Mrs. Harry M. Noli, Myer town; ('.
Augustus, MlflHinburg; Mrs. Perry L
Romlg, Sellnsgrove; Mrs. Fleiu See
sholt, Lewistown; Mrs N. A. Bowes,
of this place, and Mrs. James I-'. Moyer
of Sellnsgrove.
5, Jonathan, born in lierks county,
Nov. 22, 1888, married, in 1801, Deborah
GrltSillgcr, and they now reside at Mil
ton. They have a family of It'll chil
dren, one of w hom is dead,
ii. Rebecca, born near Rlchiield, with
in the limits of Snyder then Union)
county Nov. 20, 1840, married, Nov. ',
1801, to William J. Wugeiissller. They
bad a family of teli children, " of whom
are dead and live are living.
7. William, burn July HO, 1843, never
married, and died Auk. II), 1870, lined
Mil years and 211 days.
0, Elmlra, born Oct. 20, 1M4, mar
ried first, July 0, 187 1, to M. 1'. App,
now di use. I, ami second to David
Meed, Feb, 25, 1800, and now reside at
Adtuusvtlle, Cuss county, Michigan.
In. Lydia, born in Washington twp.,
Snyder county, Sept. 10, 1840, married
to Norman Fisher, and leside on the
Isle of t Jlle.
11. Mary Ann, born ill Washington
twp., Oct. 21, lss, married, March 0,
1H7.", to Jacob Martin, iiad a family of
live children, two dead and three
inn, and now reside al Goshen, I ml.
12. Elizabeth, born in Washington
twp., Sept. 20, I860, married Nov. 3,
lsi;7 to W. New ton Fisher, and have 0
children, (one now dead . They reside
south of Sellnsgrove,
13. Samuel M., born Ann. l'",, I8"2,
resides on the Isle of QUO.
II. A son born Jan. 12, 1854, died in
15. Calvin, born Feb. lis, 1855, mar
ried Oct. 20, Is71, to Alice Daubert.
They have two children and reside
near Kant..
10. Catherine, bom Nov. 25, lN-"7,
married Frank Duck, have one son
and reside near Kant..
Edward, the deceased, was the oldest
ol this large family of children. He
was a carpet weaver of the best reputa
tion for good work. He was murriisl
December IX, 1h.'i!i, by Rev. A. IS. Cas
per, to Sarah Ann Jordon, who was
born May 10, 1886. The widow survives
and also four children us follows :
1. B. Franklin, lurrn April 14, lKtiO,
married Sept. 6, ISHOto Amanda Elisa
beth Moyer. Residence, Sellnsgrove.
Five children : Edward, Mabel,
Charles, Howard and Hoy.
11. Simon Peter, born Auk. 1802.
III. John Thomas, bom June u, Ism;.
IV. Mary Ertie, born Oct. 18, Wl,
married to Joseph Itoush.
The funeral took place last Wednes
day and all the. brothers and sisters in
the state were in attendance. Rev. ('.
C. Miller officiated and J. Howard Ar
bogast had charge of the obsequies.
Kales: One Dollar I'cr Annum, in Advance
Mrs. Maria C. Grinuu, wife of Jonath
an Urimm, of Freeburg, died on Satur
day forenoon, of dMwy of the heart.
She was in her 7th year, and had
passed through a very severe spell of
pneumonia last spring, but seemed to
have reeovered Rally until dropsy set in
iii from which she sutlcred for th last
two months.
Mis. Grimm was a daughter of Hsnrj
ami Elizabeth (Walbourn) Herrold.
She was bora in Chapnuui (now ITn
ion) township. Her parents, two i-
ters, Mrs. Elizabeth Hummel and Sus-
I ft HerroM and one brother, Ella
Herrold precetled her to the spirit
w orld. The latter named dii-d at Lew
Istowik three weeks ago. She leaves to
survive her four brothers and one sister
viz: Henry W. who, resides in Union,
township, Rev. Samuel W., residing in
Chapman township; Israel, residing at
Areola, Ind.; Perry Harrksui, residing
at Hegewish, HI.; Catharine Grimm,
residing in Washlugttui township; also
her husband and four sous and two
daughters, wie daughter, Susuu, hav
ing died In knutuey. Those living re
side as follows ; her husband, two -oris,
William H. and Jonathan A. in Free
burg; Mary A., intermarried to Nathan
Man beck, m Washington township;
H. IL, at Middleburg; S, Edwin, al
CeutralLt, Lewlscouuty, Washington,
ami Sarah S., at MilUinhurg, l'a. sin
also leaves to survive her fourteen
Shew. is btirierl in Evergreen ceme
tery at Freeburg Tuesday, Rev. Miller
pastor of the Lutheran elmrch of w hich
she was a member, ofticiuted. She be
came a member of the church under
catechetical Instructions of Rev. C. i.
Erh'iimycr. J. Howard Arbogttsl was
funeral director.
Lizzie Klose, daughter of John and
Irene Klose, died Tuesday morning,
She was born In Mlddleoreek township
July 22, 1806 and baptised by II 11
Sch liable, She died of croup, uged "i
years, ti months and 20duyu. She was
laid to rr-st In the iSvlber cemetery,
ii i iii: i i i r. i.v in nni i .
Hattle Luclla Hummel was bom
May 2, 1807, and died Friday, Feb, 1 'i,
1001, hence ngetl 3 years, I monts and
Is days, Her disease was convulsions,
She was laid to rest in the Keiber ceme
tery. JAM KM a, M.MITII
i f near Beavertown died last Friday of
dropsy, aged 88 years, 10 inns, and 10
days. His wife preceded him to the
spirit world eight years ago, Ho leaves
four daughters ami on,- son, Burial
Monday, Rev. Spuhu officiated.
The .'mil Annivcrsarj Celebrated,
On Feb. 15th being the 20th anniver
sary ot the marriage of Rev. s. Sidney
Kobler and wife. The members of the
Reformed church of New Merlin im
proved the occasion by visiting the par
sonage in a b,ly bearing testimonials
of love in their hands, and greeted their
beloved pastor and wife, Mr. L. W
Mciehley, supt. of the Sunday Scl I
acted as spokesman, after each one of
the 48 members present bad personally
greeted the pastor ami his wife, con
gratulating the honored couple on the
happy occasion of their life, he addres
sed them a follows:
"Rev. and Mrs. Kohlcr, we under
stand that this day Is the 20th anniver
sary ot your marriage. We tin- mem
bers of your congregation have there
foregathered here on this occasion l,i
greet you and further to w ish you u
blight ami happy future full of Christ
ian service. We will now present to you
this envelope containing money, as a
token of rememberance and christian
fellowship, a free-will offering of your
church members for the able service
rendered this congregation and the
hiir.h esteem in which you are held as
their pastor. May Cod specially look
iilKin you with favor, KrantiiiK unto
you our honored couple to-night a long
anil prosperous life."
The pastor responded to this cliwpient.
address by briefly expressing his and
Mrs. Holder's gratefulness and ap
preciation for the Unexpected surprise
and the many gifts received expressing
the love and giteem of the congrega
tion for their pastor.
The occasion was a pleasant one and
will long be remembered by pastor and