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Editor ana f
ht m nuhAfl ii n in
Week S news -r
Small Quantities-Visitors in
Town During the Past
Week Other News
of Interest.
rhe Frceburg Musical College
,1 Monday "f this week.
Mrs. John A. Bnyciei reiurawi
last week from a visit to friends.
W V Seohrist bought the huck-
. . .. , . i
tprinff outfit of Reno Walter.
Miss Eva Seebold of8unbury is
4-;.i mill relatives m
Irwin Guyer of the Central Hotel,
Dnknn ma in town Oaluniav
Rnrrv II. Harter and family spent
last week in Hartleton, the guests of
i .i
111- iauier.
Fairbanks Scales weighs ." ton
. I J. 1... li..v (!
Middleburgh, Pa. 7-12-4t
ill .-aic uucnin ,
There were Doserviees intheLuth-
., . II lllt'C l It V ' I I ' ' ' ' ' ' ti
i i o 1 1 .... aid Inn
J. C. Nipple of Mifflintown has
I l II L11C JI'i' ...... -
i i . ... w.... ,.t t ninrn
1 ,) . . 1 Mllllll.
r i:
t i. i ..!.!.. ...
r Uitllinhurtr spent several (lavs
. I 4 w ! I.
I it I 1 .11111 v . 1 . . ....... I ,
......lii.... tin. ciiliilllIT Willi
.. . c . .. llnj ikMmn -mil vvltl
Thomas Jordan anil his bull ami
. :. I..,. Tlw.v
l . LJ :.. UH uinnll
rhere will he preparatory services
. .1 I L. . 4 W
l me l.iuneraii uiiuruu ucv -
V MVWII1IIIF I I I 11 1 I 111 II 1 1 ii a i .. . . w
. ! 1 .. ...... . ...I. .ii aatitriraM
mil'iv- iilnrlltnir.
In the list of old people publish-
in the POST last week, we regret
... I 1... ......... ..4' Lmnfl A v.ira ii
i, was inaaverianuy unmieu.
. .1 ... 1
Miss Libbie Dunkelberger gavea
rtv Inut wppb to her manv friends
honor of Mrs. Mahnicy and
... . . , i xr
iiiir iti.r r n .it MIDI Cll. . .1.
D I i
I ..L.. .....!.... f.... I....- I .....ii
W U1U3 Uil BAvCUBIVC m on-i
Ql l M ... 1 .".-.. 1
iii township during the past wtek.
Innotnhla Matter with a force ot
. . I ..! ll
The Selinsgrove base hall team
ame up Saturday ami piayea a
Blue ill llllr- Ill ill I llll nil. iivini
..i i .1... i
, . I It .1 1 I . ...
I' in,, nt V i tn 1 1
The hot weather we have been
otting the past few days is a rc-
ni orcaKer. i ne inennomcun una
. mi a I l
ii i nn .i . i...
en rimiiniir 1111 in i . nun
DPI 100 to 106 Monday and no
Mtement Tuesday.
We thank our friends for the
i . . i i ii i
uy Kind expressions in oenau ui
rOfTffl airirressivenes-' in getting
' ' 1 FT, 1 i 1 1 -J
. f ill "suv, . i- I i W (' S i I'll-
r 111 . . I ll
: r t,. , ., , , . , . , i The !-I etc IHI r.
. .1 If 1
.tJ n-i.i. .- Xiiil I I'imtitiill shut !1
1 i- 1 t T
LPftnairo ; kaae innir. ne wbb
K ' r it r-i t e- in nil IT. 1 1
I Ii U"1U ."I I IT 1 1 run I I'll i I'
I i I . . r . XI
lllir..l clrinmul tlia Ell'lL-n fl 111,
. - 1 .1 I J
II liiobun luilt Iri.ii till. uLrlll
fio to A . E. Soles for a smooth
U lllillil i. iHiin.1 vtlttl fl n.lri's llllir
I '
tonic. eli'Mii tnwnl in pnch natron
n i ii ii i i ... ri iifirn n n mi i h'i ii i uririi
t - i
tank building one door east of
- b
Last week's Lewisburg Chronicle
: ir. i nos. iiower. son oi r reu
e Cj. Bower, ISM., has accepted a
.. .. . ..t.... ...t "V
on J iipmlnv laar ilonnrtpn tor
kins, West Va., to assume his
neB. oucoess to you, Tom.
Read S. Weis' Special Cfler.
Big Reduction Sale Saturday.
Luther Neffof Gordon spent Sun
day with A. S. Heaver and wife.
Miss Claire CJravbill of this place
visited 15. S. Mine's at Beavertown.
John Ellenbereer of Harrisburg
is visiting his family at A. W.Bow
ersox's. Mrs. Dr. .T. C. Amis of Lewis-
town last week was visiting her par
ents in Swineford,
Ida Mover was visiting W. K.
Suhlneeker's at the Merchants'
Hotel, Adamsburg.
Wilmer Ocker and friend of Sha
mokin were here .Sunday having
made the trip on their wheels.
Representative A. M. Smith, of
Adamsburg, was at the county seat
Monday morning between trains.
George Roush, who is spending
the summer with his grandparents
at rreeburg, is visiting in this placi
Quite n number of business men
and court house officials had a fish-
inaf nartv alontr Middlecreek last
o i o
week one day.
The Arndf family, or the lricb-
laver's uuititctte, rendered some
very acceptable music in the 1'. B.
church Sunday evening.
The fire alarm was sounded at
noon last Thursday caused by fire
in James Knterline'sstable in Sw ine
ford. The fire wasextinguisned he
fore much damage was done.
The Democratic election of North
umberland county will be held Sat
urday, July 28. II. W. Kline, of
Shamokin, has announced himself a
candidate for State Senator.
The Philadeldhia Imjulirr Mon
thly published a stood likeness of
Editor Ltimbard, of the Selin's
Grove Iribune. in the bxlitonal
(iallerv series.
WASTED : One young man
lroin Snyder county, Pa., to prepare
for the coming Railway Mail Ser
vice Examination. We furnish ev
erything, including books and maps.
Address, enclosing stamp, Inter
state Correspondence Institute, ( ed
ar Rapids, Lowa. , -lit-It.
The following are the officers of
Camp lis, 1'. t). S. of A. at Reaver-
town : P. Ties., J. A. Wetzel; rres.,
George A. Shivery; Vice Pres., C.
E. Shirk; M.of P., I. J. Keller;
Guard, George Feese; Trustee, W.
E. Herbster; Delegate to State
Camp, Isaac Winters; Alternate, J.
1 . Ihimamau.
We must again remind our cor
respondents that we can not use any
correspondence Wednesday morn
ing. We received two letters last
Wednesday morning and a preach
er's announcement Thursday morn
ing. When possible send news to
reach us Monday, but by all tneans
it must not reach us later than Tues-
lay morning.
W. II. Eidem, optician and jew-
k.r It I 'III 4 '
eler ot .New uernn, Will Deal VI. v.
Gutelius store room Wednesday of
each week for the purpose ot testing
eves and repairing all kinds ot jew
elry. Mr. Eidem is a graduate ot
the Philadelphia Optical College
and all work entrusted to him will
receive his most careful attention.
Last week's Selinsgrove Tribune
says : Tuesday noon considerable
excitement was created in this place
bv the non-aniiearanceof Miss Mary
Snyder. She had retired on the
previous afternoon rather mdisjwsed,
and as she did not make her aj-
pearauce in the forenoon, the neigh
Iiors liecame alarmed, and placing a
ladder at the window, Miss Maggie
Phillips entered her room and found
her lying on the floor. She was at
once placed in lied and medical aid
summoned. She probably had a
slight stroke.
A short session of adjourned
court was held Monday.
W. H. Hartman aid R. H. Wal
ter, of 1 ennscreek, were at the
county seat Monday.
Hon. Harold M. M' lure was re
cently elected one of the vice presi
dents ol the State Bar Association.
Win. II. Hampton, foreman of
the Middleburg shoe factory, and
family have just returned from atwo
weeks' vacation at Catawissa.
Prof. W. F. Magee and family,
of South Bethlehem, and Milton
Orwig, ol Houtzdale, were guests
ot Dr. J. . Orwig and wife last
Edward M. Greene of Sal t i 1 L
ami his sister, Ida, of LewistoWll
together with I.. W. ( ioldv and w ife
of Camden .were the guests of W .
W. Wittentnyer and family ovei
J. Ii. Meiser and family of Ori
ental spent Sunday with Georgi
Dielll in Franklin township. Mr.
Meiser dropped in to see us Monday
to order the Pohl and Practical
! Farmer.
E, S. Wolf, of Dundore, one of
the students of the county Normal
hooped in Tuesday to become ;
new cash-iii-advance subscriber to
the Post.
Luther Landis of Goldslioro
while visiting his brother-in-law,
Frank Good, at Selinsgrove, at
tenanted suicide by hanging Wed
nesday. He was discovered in time
and his life was saved.
The following are the officers ot
Washington Camp. No. 515, I. U
S. ot A., for the next six month-:
Pat President, W. F. Feese; Presi
dent, Edwiu Charles; Vice Presi
dent, A. J. Crossgrove; Master i
Forms, If. R. Riegle; Recording Sec
ret nr v. .1. A. Snvder: Financial Sec
retary, II. S. Renninger; Treasurer
.1. W. Swart; ( lotlductor, M. I.
Putter; Inspector, A. W. Atlratld;
Guard, L. G. Stetler; I rustee, M
I. Potter; Delegate to Sate Conven
tion, John F. Stetler; Alternate, L
G. Setetler.
Snyder County's Big Peach
John F. Boyer, the leading sci
entific fanner of Snyder County,
Btatesithat he expects the largest crop
in many years. He has 17,000 trees
and expects to gather 8000 baskets
of mountain fruit from his orchards,
lie estimates the yield ill the county
at 100,000.
Snyder County Choir Con
vention. The Thirteenth Annual Snyder
County C 'hoir Convention will be
held on the old grounds near Free
burg, Pa., Saturday, August is,
1900. The "Choir Leader," con
taining the choruses for the (lav,
can be had at six cents a copy. Ad
dress, Wm. MoYEB, Pres.
July -S, by Rev. II. (i. Suable, at
Salem, J. Foster Dock and Mar
garet B. Yeariek.
July 2, by S. H. Graybill, J. P.,
Cloyd I. Iienner, ot West Perry
township, to Jennie E. Zaring of
July 15, by Rev. H. H. Spalm,
at Adamsburg, Charles E. Fore
man and Marv E. Wolfe, both of
Julv 8. 11KX). at Middleburg. by
J. Shambach, Mr. E. Hoyt Walter,
of Centreville, and Miss BUl J.
Bingaman, of Beavertowu, this Co.
July 15, at the U. B. parsonage
in Swineford by Rev. W. H. Boyer,
Mr. Harry E. Dauberman and Miss
Edith Brunner, both oi New Berlin,
PA.. THURSDAY, JULY 19, 1900.
Friends of "The Post"
Rot r. or Honor The following
rmrnnna Iulvh imiil their nuhnnrinl ion
i . .
to the Post to the dates opposite
their aames. Dnouia any misiaaes
occur in these credits or on your pa
per lueiise notify us :
John P. Wetzel,
Mnr. 1, 1901
June 1, 1001
M. H. Wagner,
Isaac Sprenkle,
(i. I . ( loodling,
(i. W. Page,
Henry R. Fisher,
Michael A. Mengle,
- do
J. E. Newman,
Henrv Scholl,
Finanufl Rambo,
A. F. Solomon,
Wm. Smith,
W. W. Romig,
John A . Mover,
Samuel S. Riegel,
Jonn D. Lenig,
M. R. Miller,
E. Longacre
C. A. Bingaman,
(ieo, D. Manevali
Herbert Shambach,
John L. Freisl,
W. A. Snook,
Mrs. Fannie Berger,
Miss Maggie Kerr,
('. A. Kerr,
A. A. Bingaman,
N. P. Jarrett,
George Campbell,
II. II. Shaffer,
E. C Graybill,
James Mengle,
John R. Wise,
J. M. Maurer, .
John F. Long,
A. C. Renninger,
G. S. Romig,
Mrs. Mary Herrold,
W. H. Holsapple,
Hiram Stabl,
Lester E. Wetzel,
John Kepler,
( ;. '. ( larman,
H. G. I lornlierger,
Peter Riegel,
( 'arlion Seebold,
John II. Willi-,
Wm. L. SniMik,
Daniel Bolender,
Mar. 1, 1901
Oct. '20, 1000
May 15, 1900
Apr. 1, P. toil
Julv I, 1901
June 1 S, 1901
A mil 1. I '.'i mi
( Carles Christeson, June 19, 1901
Mrs. Nettie Smith, Aug. I, 1901
Fohn K. Mover,
lolm D. Bogar,
Feb. 22, 1!oi
on. 1, 1901.
June 18, 1901
Jan. I. 1902
G. P. Mover,
Reuben Snook,
II. II. Hackenburg,
June 18, 1901
June I, 1903
Nov. I, 1900
Nov. 1, 1901
June IS, 1001
July 1, 1900
Aug I, 1900
June -1-1. 1901
Aug. 1, 1898
Jan. 1, 1901
June '';, 1901
Oct. 12, r.'i n
S . nhearv.
M. II. Kulp,
R, II. Walter,
Elias Brunner,
Rev. Jacob Yutzy,
J. o. Berge,
Wm. Boyer;
Geo. M. Winter,
II. E. Walter,
('has. N. Brosius,
Miss Ida Reaver,
Herbert ( Joss,
J. ('. Shrader,
Edward Bailey,
Rev. H. C. Berger,
Isaac Spotts,
L. O. Smith,
L. M. Moat,
B. W. Yoder,
( alvin Stetler,
W. H. Ripka,
R. W. Hare,
II. E Specht,
J. L. Meiser,
Howard Bowersox,
F.S. Wolf,
July 20, P. MM)
nil I, 1900
Julv 1, 1901
July I, 1901
Dec. I, 1900
July 1, 1900
Jan. 1, 1DII2
May 1, 1901
Aug. 1, 1901
Julv 1, 1900
Julv' VI, 1901
June 1, 1901
June 1, 1901
June 1, 1901
Preachingat the following appoint
ments over next Saturday and Sun
day, July 21-22, by the undersign
ed pastor. Hoover's, Saturday ev
ening at 8 p. m.; Witmer's, Sunday
morning at 10 a. m. Port Trever
ton, Sunday night at 7:30 p. m.
Children's Day services at the latter
place. All are cordially invited.
J. L. Boyer,
The county commissioners held a
meeting Monday.
It was true Yankee blood that
was spilled when Eincrsoil II. Li--
cum, colonel ot the Ninth Infantry,
tell before the gates of Tien I'-in
last Friday, tor Liscutn was a Ver
mont boy of the stock that liht
for the sheer lust of combat. He
has been a soldier since he w as 20
years old, and saw service in the
rebellion, the Spanish war, tin
Philippine war, and, lust ol all, in
China. Hi- country was not negli
gent ol lii- worth and, when he died
so gloriously the other day, it was
preparing to honor him by promot
ing him to the rank ol brigadier
general in recognition id' his bravery
at San Juan.
Liscum was born on Julv 16,
1841, and began his military career
May, 1861, when he entered the
volunteer army, us a coporal in the
First Vermont Infantry. He Was
mustered out the following August
and immediately entered the regular
army as a private in the Twelfth
I ufautry.
Pennsy to Bridge Susque
hanna. An engineer corps ot the I enu
svlvauia Railroad have completed
the survey tor a railroad bridgi
across the Stistiiiclianiia at Danville,
and are running a line for a bratul
which will intersect with the S. II
& W. Railroad 'in tin- opposite sidi
ot the river, and pass through lan
ville, Bloonisburg and Berwick
where it will again be earned acrosi
l.lie Siisniiehaillia to intersect with
the main line. Between I anvilh
and Berwick the tow path ot tin
Pennsylvania canal, now practical!)
uband d, will hi' llltlized as a
r mi I bed.
Reformed Reunion at Sunbury
The Reformed churches in Cen
tral Pennsylvania will hold their
fourth annual reunion at Clement's
Park, Sunbury, on Thursday, Julv
26th. Dr. fC.C. Schaffer, state su
perintendent of public schools, and
Rev. G. W. Richards, a professor of
the Theological Seminary, will de
liver addresses.
Single fare rates for the round
trip have been secured on all the
railroads leading to Sunbury. This
will he a delightful outing, and the
event promises to be largely attend
ed. Everybody is welcome to spend
the day at the reunion.
Special Sale of Dress Goods
and Linings at Weis'.
Saturday, July -1st, as has been
our custom tor several years, we
w ill allow a discount ol 20 per cent.
on our entire stock of Dress (mods
and Linings. This discount will be
allowed only to Spot oath buyers.
This sale will include all our
black a n d colored Henriettas,
Serges, Crepons, Cashmeres, Cloths,
Suitings, Poplins, Novelties, Silks,
Satins, Dress tmighams, Lawns,
White goods, Picpies, Organdies, etc.
Remember 20 percent, off on all
of the aliove mentioned goods, Sat
urday, Julv 21. S. Weis.
VOL. 37. NO. 28-
Ella B. Weidinan.
Miss Ella B. Weidinan, of Ad
amiblirg, Pa., sweetly fell asleep in
Jesus alter an illness ot a little
more than a week on Monday after
noon, July 16, 1900. Although
somewhat of an invalid for manv
years, yet up to within a week ot
her death she attended to her bus
iness as usual and on July s taught
her class in Sunday school and was
present at the communion table.
She was surrounded during her
illness and death by a host of friends
and neighbors, among whom she
was so deservedly popular, who did
all they could to make her comfort
able, and by the aid of the attend
ing physician to bring her relief,
hut to no avail ; death claimed her
as another victim.
She was a faithful member id the
General Synod Lutheran church,
Sunday school, V. P, s. '. E. So
ciety and Woman's Home and For
eign Missionary Society, Her Lord
and His work were always tipper
most in her mind. She has gone to
her reward. Peace to her ahes.
She is survived by her mother,
Mrs. Hettie Smith, who keenly
feels her loss. May the lot! ol all
coiniort con-oie and iinliold In r in
Iter sore liereavemeiit.
The funeral service will take
place on Thursday, Julv 19, at 11
i. m. at house, the pastor. Rev. I.
P. Zimmerman, officiating.
O. H. Lycom ,
(tcnrire Henrv Lycom died near
Nekoda, Perry Co., Julv 11, 1900,
aged 23 years anil 20 days, He
was horn in Fayette township, Ju
niata Co., Pa., June 21, 1S77. Last
tail he injured his toot, which re
mained sore till hi- death. In con
nection with this he had consump
tion which terminated his life on
the above date, lie Buffered long
and intensely, hut liore it all pa
tiently and uncomplainingly, resign
ing himself to the w ill ot lod.
He was married lust August to
Miss Clara Shaffer, of Washington
township, who with ;i mother, broth
er, sister and a sympathizing com
munity deeply mourn his departure,
His remains were laid to rest in
the burial plot ol Ebein r church
to await the summons of the resur
rection morn.
Itrrd EntrrMt lor Record.
.lame- Hughes ami wife to Frank
Ewillg, tract 1.1 land in West Hea
ver I wp., lor SI ()0.
N. T. Dundore anil wile to John
C. Arnold Post, No. I7 A. Li.,
lot iii Port Treverton, I r $100.
.Hnrrlaii- I.Ii'ihihm.
f Charles F. Foreman, fro-Mclville,
Mary E. Wolf,
Northumberland Democrati
Shamokin, July 16 (Special)
County Chairman Lesher to-day
closed the li-t with the following
registered candidates to be voted
tor at the ensuing Democratic pri
maries of Northumberland county:
Congress, Henry E. Davis, Sun
bury ; Rufus K. Folk, Danville;
State Senator, II. W. Kline, Sha
mokin ; J. B.' Kauffmau, Mt. Car
mel : S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury ;
Assembly, John T. Fisher, Shamo
kin; P.' J. Criste, Milton; S. S.
Krebs. Herndon; M. T. Dougherty,
Shamokin ; W. J. Weldoii, Locust
(iap; Register and Recorder, F. M.
Van Decvetider. Northumberland ;
S. D. Artinan, Milton ; A. M. Reese,
Siiainokin ; Jury Commissioner,
Charles O'Conner, Trevorton ; (ieo.
K. GeSBDer, Coal Township; Rich
ard Miller, Cbillfaqnique Town
ship ; Emanuel Drtiinheller, Lower
Augusta Township.