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Editor and Proprietor.
A Week's News Dished up in
Small Quantities Visitors in
Town During the Past
Week-Other News
of Interest.
License court meets Friday.
Mrs. Curtin Bowersox lias been
seriously ill tlie past week.
All Notions reduoed on opening
Tin1 public schools closed a very
successful term Friday lust.
I). A. Kern removed the fence in
front of the old jail property.
MissMarv Hitter is making htr
home with Hon. (i. A. Sohoch.
B. T. Reiohenbuaoh of Aline was
an early caller Monday morning.
Mrs. James Row and daughter of
Sclinsgrove are visiting at the coun
ty jail.
State College of Centre Co., I'm.,
lias an advertisement in the PoBT.
Read it. 4-5-1:51.
V. B. Winev bought a horse at
Seven Points. He now has a splen
did match team.
Regular preaching services will
be resumed next Sunday evening at
7:30 in the U. J I. church.
Hundreds of yards of embroid
eries and laces at one cent jht yard
and upward. L. DCNKELBERGER.
W. H. Harder of Hartleton was
intown Saturday and took his grand
children, Wilmer and Bryce, with
Rev. John Yoderof Stewartsville,
N. J., was called home owing to the
illness of his mother, Mrs. Barbara
A. E. Soles, the burlier, was strick
eu with a severe spell of sickness
Saturday afternoon, but has again
Does your church, Sunday School
or public School need an orgain. if
so keep your eye on the Post's or
gan contest.
Foil Sale. A ne.v butcher va
4011, one of the latest stvles, will be
sold cheap. Enquire of A. W. Bow
ersox, Middleburg, Pa. li.
C. R. Spangler, formerly of this
place, has moved from I'pperStras
burg, Franklin Co., Pa., to Mc
('onnelsburg, Fulton Co., Pa.
Our line of LeTriomphe gloves i
complete and are actually worth 1.25
vill go at 90 cents 011 opening days.
1 will pay market price for good
veal calves and good country made
tallow. J. L. Wl.NKMAN,
X. Third St., Lewiaburg, Pa.
Mrs. H.'Oppenheiuier and Mim
Klsic Slattern of Belinagrove were
in town Saturday to attend the fun
eral of Mrs. A. W. Boweraox.
John H. Willis and wife wish to
publicly thank the kind friends and
neighbors for the assistance and
comfort afforded during their recent
1 roubles.
Good wages will be paid to a com
petent girl, for doing general house
work. For further information ap
ply to UBS. G. R. Van Alkn,
Northumberland, Pa.
C. C. Seebold, theSunburv music
dealer, was in town Tuesday. He
has moved into his new building ou
Third street and has one of the nic
t business places fn Sunbury.
John Kllenberger and family of
Harrisburg, L. C Bowersox and
family of Shamokin, Fanuie Bower
sox of Sunbury and John Bower
sox of Harrisburg were in town
Saturday attending the funeral of
Mrs. A. W. Bowersox and spent
Sunday in town.
Delegate Conference.
The conference to elect National
delegates from this congressional dis
trict met in Lewistown last Friday.
The conferees to represent Dr. Mer
man were M. E.' Fi d lev, Dr. E. W.
Tool, Jacob H. Airier and Prof. F.
C. Bowersox. Dr. Percival Herman
of this eountyandCarl Gageol Hun
tingdon Count v were elected Nation
al delegates, and Jas. (i. Tompson
of Juniata county was elected the
Presidential elector.
Card of Thanks.
Editor Post. Please return my
heartfelt thanks to all those who in
any way ministered so graciously to
me and children during the illness
and after the death oi my wile. It
opportunity would permit 1 would
at once answer these kind acts and
deeds individually to each and every
person who aided us so kindly in
our recent sad bereavement. 1 am
at a loss of words in expressing my
appreciation of the many acts of
kindness shown. Trusting at Borne
future time 1 may be able to do some
kind deeds in return, I remain
Yours Sincerely,
A. W. Pi KItSOX.
W e give below some clubbing
combinations with the Post. The
rates quoted are very low.
The Farm Journal, monthly, tor
almost five years and the Middleburg
Post one year, paid in advance, SI."1'.
The Farm Journal is dm of thti lit-st
agricultural paper iuulUtitU. It con
taint from HI to W puttm onch month
find treat of every mibjoi't of interest to
the farmer, luhorer unit working man.
The New York Tri-UVckly Tri
bune ami the Middleburg Post, one
year, paid in advance, only $175.
The Tri-Wroklv h pllblllhed Mnmluy,
Wcliie(iiy and i riitay, rwebM ItirK
jroporftion of nbMnben on luti of
iMiic. and rai-li I'tlltioti in a thoroughly
ut-to-dat daily fa m 1 1 y newspaper tor
biiny people.
The New York Weekly Tribune
and the Middleburg Most, one year,
paid in advance, only $1.25
Tin Weekly Tribune in published on
Thursday, and given all Important new-4
of nation and world, the most reliable
market reports, unexcelled aifricidtural
department, reliable general informa
tion and choice and entertaining tnle
eelluny. It in the ' people's paper" for
the entire I'nited States, a national fam
ily paper for fanner And villager.
The New York Tri-Weekly World
and the Middleburg Post, one year,
paid in advance, ouly $1.65.
The Tri-WV.-klv World OORIM three
tlmeH ii week, in "lllleil with the lateol
newi of the COUOtrr and in well worth
the priee ukeil for it.
The Practical Farmer, one year,
and the Middleburg PosT,one year,
paid in advance, $1.50. Both id
the above papers and the Practical
Parmer Year Book and Agricul
tural Almanac lor 1900, paid in
advance, only $1.65.
The practical ftatjnarltonoottlMtNjal
fiirni papata publlanad, i in-l mohthly.
ut ll.ini year. The year hook oontalns
iIiiii pi-. - in whieli th.'.-r Ii a fiimi of In
foriniition that ll useful to the fiirim-r.
The priM of thin boob alone in S'l eentn.
Yon Ml the PWrTi tin Practical Farmer
ami the year hook for only 11.60
court house ohips j AN ORGAN CONTEST
Go to A. Soles for a smooth
easyshave or up-to-date hair cut
:uid heid cleaned with a refreshing
shampoo or dandruff removed with
his tonic, clean towel to each patron
in hank building one door east of
Post Office; satisfaction guaranteed.
Higgle Perry Book, licing No. 2
of The Biggie Books, is all about
terries. A encyclopedia of berry
lore, boiled down after the manner
of FARM J HJKNAL. Tells about
varieties, alxiut planting, growing,
mulching, cultivating, picking and
marketing. It gives practical point
ers from the pens of scores of lead
ing berry growers from all parts of
the country who have contributed to
its columns. It has colored repres
entations of berries true to size and
color, thirty-three portraits of prac
tical berrymen, and thirty-five other
illustrations, handsomely bound in
cloth. The price is 51 cents, by
mail; address the publishers, Wil
mer Atkinson Co., Philadelphia.
l-i-l. I ill. r ii lor Krcord.
Ephraim Howell to Win. R.
I lowell, house and lot No. 1", in
Beavertown for $500.
Miss lora Smith to the Trustees
of the Unwed Evangelical church of
Smith Grove, lot in Smith (irove,
for $115.
Ida K noose to A. i. Hornberget
real estate in Perry twp., for i?."0.
.lane and Robert McClellan to
Henry .1. Lepley, 66 acresin Spring
twp. fur i? 1 ST.").
Dr. II. M. Nip: le and wife to
Jefferson Lcnig, 45 acres in Union
twp. tin- !?7l'i.
George Fisher and w ile to Ida I.
Erb, two lots in Monroe township
for one dollar.
Amanda Srush and husband to
Mary. lane Hoffman, 23 acres and
lid perches in West Beaver twp.
fin- 7.
Heirs nl Michael Ewig to Emma
I,. Heifer, S'J acres in Adams twp.
for $2065.
.i list le. s famtnloaloitn,
I'lic following Justices "I the
Peaci ininissioiis wi re r ived at
ilir rlecorder'B offjee, April 20th :
J. A. Aigler of Beaver twp.; .1. F.
Eetteroli ol Adam- twp.) W illiam
Mover and F. S. Glass of Wash
ington; A. P. Dahberman of .lack
sun; II. 1. Jarretl of Selinsgrovej
T. A. Stetler "f Monroe; J. A. Sha
de! oi Perry twp. and .las. F. Keller
nl Spring.
Jtlirrlitice l leense.
I Francis Bowar, Centre twp.
Salhe Brotichcr, " "
f Howard A. Walter, K reamer,
I Rosa A. Biokel, Freeburg.
Murdered at Lewisburg.
The "Post" Will Present a Hand
some Chapel to a Church,
Sunday School or Public
School in Snyder County.
Friends of "The Post"
Roll of Bonor. The following
persons have paid their subscription
tu tln Pout to the dates opposite
their names. Should any mistakes
occur in these credits or on your pa
per please notifv us :
Lkwishuho, Pa., April 22. las.
Lenhart aged 35 years, and Newton
Mutz, aged 30 years, who hail lung
been friends, had worked together in
a mill here and were almost insepar
able when utl duly, quarreled last
night uver a woman. Mot later on
was stabbed to death, and Lenheart,
who is a married man, is in jail charg
ed with the crime.
As usual thetwo men weretogetb
ei on Saturday night. They were in
the Cameron House when Lenhart
began to tease Mot about a woman,
whom, it is alleged, I t 1 1 called upou.
Mut became angry and troubleseem
i d imminent. They afterwards decid
ed to let the matter go and took sev
eral drinks together. The two
men remained together lor an
hour lunger when a reference to the
woman again led to hot words. Then
they separated, Motz joined a friend
Aaron Weidensaul, while Lenharl en
tered a nearby restaurant. Mut ami
Weidensaul went to the Baker House.
Lenharl approached Mut. and, so
the authorities allege, stabbed him in
the neck. The jugular vein was sev
ered ami Mut died within three
minutes. Lenhart was arretted by
two officers at his home. )nce ineiis
tody he begged the officers to shoot
him. Iledcclared rejieateilly that he
would rather he dead than alive. To
dav Lenhart declared that he.did not
stah Motz. He says that Mot first
struck him and that he brushed him
roughly away. The knife cannot be
found, and Lenhart's clothing is free
freed Mood stains.
9 m m
Snyder County Clay.
Ner A. Feese of Beavertown was
ut this place last week and showed
us an analysis of the clay taken from
his mines near Beavertown. The
analysis was made by M.C. Ihlseug,
of Pepartment of EngineeriDgof the
Pennsj lvania State College.
The analysis shows: Silicia, 63;
Alumnia, 22.05; Ferric Oxtd, .94;
Lime, 1.2; Alkalies, 3.4; Water, 8.2.
The inspection shows that this
clay is of a good quality and stand
ard alue for tiles and similar ware.
I The Winner Shall be Named by the
Subscribers of this Popular News
paper. The publisher ol the Middleburg
Post will present tu some church,
Sunday school or public school in
Snyder county, one of the most hand
some chapel organs manufactured.
The organ which the I'n.-r will give
away is manufactured by The Wea
Ver Organ and I'ianoCo. ol York,
Pa. Their agent in Snyder county
is Mr. Frank S. b'iegle ut this place,
who has Mild many uf the Weaver
organs throughout tin inly. The
qiluiitv ol the Weaver organs is well
known by many of our readers, but
for the benefit of thiM- w ho air nul
familiar with the line ijualities of
the Weaver organ- we w ill av that
by the clu-e uf llli- week we w ill
have in Middlchuig the very organ
that will be given away by t lit PnsT.
The, organ will be placed in the
music renin of V. S. Ii'iegle adjoin
ing th" Washington Hoiim- in llii
plaoe, where the ..rgau will remain
during the eiinie-t. Am ol the
readers the l'i i can feci at libert v
to call Oil Mr. liiegle, who will be
pleased to show them nut only the
organ we propose tu present to sonic
chore, Sunday school or public
school, but he will alsoexhihit other
organs, sew ing machines, etc., and
quote the very lowest prices on all
kinds of musical instruments.
The organ we will give away is
the style chapel No.-Ii, of the W ea
ver make, has live octaves, '1 lull
sets of reed., nctuve couplers, auo
is guaranteed by the manufacturers
for years.
The Post under its present man
agement has already conducted three
different contests and awarded at dil
ferent times a total of six scholarship
prises amounting to almost $500.
The lirst contest was conducted
Jan., Feb. and March 1805und was
for free tuition, board, beat, wash
ing, furnished room, light and use
of gymnasium at Bloomsburg Slate
Normal .school for 13 weeks value-1
at (69.50. The prize was awarded
Mar. 20, 1805, to Chas. W. Smith
of Troxelville. The second contest
was conducted through the mimiuer
of 1895 and consisted of two prize-,
Rrst, tree tuition, etc, as above lor
two terms, valued at $139, awarded
August 1895 to A. W. Gill and
second prize, consisting of one term
as above awarded to W. I. Zechman.
The third contesl was tor sl weeks,
tree tuition, heat, furnished room,
etc, at Susquehanna University,
divided into three prizes, first, con
sisting of 39 weeks or one year
awarded to A. C, Bowersoxof Pen us
('reek. Second,'-'" weeks cr two
terms to E. F, Snyder of New Berlin
and third, 15 weeks or one terra lo
J. H, Kreitzer of MoKees J Falls.
The details concerning this organ
contest will be promulgated later.
We will say. however, that the sub
scribers of the Post will have the
sole power of awarding this elegant
Weaver organ to some church, Sun
day school or public school in Sny
der county. A blank ballot will be
published in the Post each week.
This can he cut out and sent in and
will count as one vole. There will
also be premium coupons issued to
new subscribers and to old subscrib
ers paying in advance which w ill
count toward awarding the contest.
There will lie no rules or restiic
tions except such as ire absolutely
necessary for the purpose of making
the award honestly. The contest
will begin as soon as the details can
be arranged, perhaps next week.
I J. B. Snyder,
Laura liiegel, .
j Willet Arbogast,
II. I'.. Iteichenbach,
Aaron 1 1 . Mussel',
II. I'. Hoot.
Geo. Kauffman,
John A. Bamer,
Allen A. Foreman,
Samuel Verger,
Then. Bow,
M. J. Woodling,
Mr-. Jos. Waller,
.lames A vers,
B. K. Shaffer,
A. I. Shi rev,
U.S. Wenninger,
W. . Rhonda,
Geo. W. Diehl,
J. M. Maurer,
John K . Mover,
II. B. Golnett,
Ellen Wcirick,
Roberl I .audenslnger,
J. II. App,
I . A. Stciuinger,
l. W . ( Ironse,
( leo. S. Troutman,
P. A. Troup,
A. 1 . K reamer,
John Howell,
Irwin Buyer,
W. Smith,
.;. Rice,
W. H. Herman.
W. L. Bassler,
1'. P. Fcssler,
Elmer Shambach,
Frank Miller,
Adam B. Slicmurrv,
.liiliu ' '. Slack,
( lias. A. Saner,
M. E. Erdley,
Jonathan ( Irubb,
I Inward Swart..
David Middleswarth,
N.r M. Middleswarth,
Tobias Mitchell,
P, J. Herlister,
H. H. Faust,
1 . F. ( 'nb man,
W. F. Sunders,
John H. Seller,
W. A. Kceler.
S. W. Trutt,
Sylvester Flanders,
Allen Sctihrist,
II. J. Si rub,
( ieo. Flanders,
.I.e. Middleswarth
( '. A. Manbcck,
W. It. Freed,
III, A. Bowersox,
! A. II. Mover,
' -I. W . Ki-i iihaur,
! F. F. Walter,
! Kev. .1. Shauibacli,
Simon Kratxer,
. 1 larvcy Shambach,
I.I. . Straw.-er,
George lienfer,
I Jonathan KeichenlN
T. RGraybill,
Samuel .i. nroiise,
John ( i. Shaffer,
T. P. Derr,
II. .1. Wagner,
I). ( i. Wilmer.
W. II . ( rordotl,
Frank Woodling,
Levi S. Gelnett,
Wilson Arbogast,
Jacob Row,
D. H. I iover,
Abner Aigler.
Percival Row,
Elmer V. Row,
J. P. Bowersox,
Win. Mover,
F. P. Walter,
P. S. Rlege),
S. P. Sampsell,
Foster Kratzcr,
M. L. Hassinger,
Harry L. Meyers.
John A. Parsons,
Emanuel Yerger,
W. A. Fisher,
Wm. L. Suflle,
Nov. 1, 1899
Ian. I'd, L901
.Ian. 1, 190
July 1, 1899
I ec. I, 1805
Feb. I, 1901
Dec. 1, 1891)
June I, 1900
Aug. 1, 1900
Mar. I, 1900
Jan. I, 1901
May 21, 1901
Apr. I I '.Mil
Jrn. 1, 1901
Apr. 1, 1900
Feb. 1, 1901
J line
Feb. J
A ug.
I, 1001
I, I '.II II I
I, 1901
I, I! 'I Hi
f), 1001
1 , 1 000
I, 1 00 1
I. 1001
I, 1000
I. 1001
I, 1000
I, 1001
u. S. Le; lev,
I '. II ll I
1 809
I in 1 1
1 1 M l( i
Feb. 1, 1901
Feb. I
Vpr. li
Julv I
Feb. I, 1901
Feb. 1, IHOl
Feb. I, 190
June 1, 1900
June 1, 1808
Feb. 1, 1901
Feb. I."., 1001
Apr. 1, 1900
Apg. 1, I '.in I
Feb. I J, I '.MM
Mar." I
Feb. I-
1 897
1 899
I 899
looi !
1 900
I '.KM i
Feb. 19, 1901
.. . .
I-cb. 20,
Mar. 21,
Feb. 15,
Mar. I,
Anna Fisher,
Adam J. Fisher,
Isaiah Walter,
N. I '. illtelllls,
-I . II. II. (oven,
L, E. Pawling,
N. Wentsel,
Anion J. K line,
M. J. Vuirtncy,
Lincoln Zieber,
. P. Hummel,
Dr. H. S. Braucht,
J. W. Kiester,
Wm. Snyder,
A. W . 1 lowers ,
Sarah '. I lobsou,
Foster Kratzcr,
K. E. Miisscr,
II. M. Hassinger,
Geo. Stahl,
Daniel Knbs,
R. C Fiss,
( t iis I kiwersm .
James I !eaer,
Flias Wcirick,
Allied ( 'huhb,
( Seorgc I luuliert,
Snvilln Wale-.
. . .-ii
. v . ,. i isn,
o n. S. K line,
John II. Miller.
A . B. luuhermaii,
Mrs. David Reed,
s. II. Gruybill,
Samuel Bilger,
t 'harles Schrey,
I'. I.. Row.
Thomas Bailer,
II. A. Riucli,
L. G. Smith,
R. F. Sipe,
(J. W. Voder,
J. H. Troup,
F. S. SI roup,
A. P.. Wolgemuth,
A. II. Rose,
F. W. Thomas,
( lyrus ( 'ourtnev,
B. F. Row,
I lenry I ituidcnslager
W in. Hassinger,
R. A. Kant,
Natiuiial Hotel,
l. F. Seip,
( ' 1 1 : i -. I Icimbnch,
I 'bares Herman,
Kcu ben Benler,
J. L. Weiser,
Samuel II. Martin,
I r. J. ). Wagner.
A. K. oil.
I hiniel I Iiinl .
Jaini - Sliuniuu,
Wm. I.i.-s,
Mar. 1, I '.Mil
Apr. 1, 1901
Mar. I, 1901
Mar. 1, I '.mm i
Mar. 1, 1901
Jan. I, 1902
Mar. I, 1901
Feb. 1, 1901
Mar. "J, 1900
Jan. 1, l'.inl
( let.
Illlie I
5ent. 1
1 ; m m i
I '. M V I
Mar. 1, 1901
.Ian. I, 1901
pr. 1. I '.Mil
I '. M M I
1 '. M II 1
-I III"."
pr. I
I i e. I
Apr. I
Jan. I
June I
Jan. I
Apr. I
I. I
( I. I.
I, I
in 1 1
I in in
1 '. M II I
I '. II M I
ii in
I '.Mill
I '. M 1 1
Mar. I.
Apr. I ,
Mar. "J I,
Julv I,
Apr. I,
May I, 1900
Apr. 1, 1901
I S'.l'.l
; '. M H i
1 , I 901
May I.
July I,
May I.
June I.
Apr. I
.I one I .
IVb. 15
June I.
Anr. I"
Apr. I, l'.MH
Aug. I, 1000
Apr. I, I '.'i 1 1
Jan. I, 1901
llli K)
I'.M Ml
l'.MII I
1 1 II II I
I '. M II I
A Free Scholarship for Sny
der County.
: The Car-ineortHiruted
Nov. 1, 1895
Jan. 1."., l'.MH
Mar. I, L901
Sept. 1, 19(1(1
Mar. 1, l'.MH
Apr. I, l'.MH I
Jan. .), 1901
Feb. I, 1111)1
Apr. 1, 1900
Mar. 16, 1901
Mar. 1, 19(11
Jan. 1, 1901
Mar. 1, 1901
Sept. 1, 1900
Mar. 14, 1901
Mar. 1, 1901
Jan. 1, 1901
Mar. 14, 1001
Jan. 15,1001
May 1. 1000
I Rogers, .. April I
i negie ( lollcgc, a new!)
I (ml lege a! Rogers, Ohio, mi order to
introduce its un thuds nl teaching by
correspondence, wdi give one Free
Scholarship In Snyder 'oiinty ( !ouu
ty. The Free Scholarship gives the
i student Iree tuition in tie Normal
and Academic Courses, and also in
the ( oniniercial nurses un iiiuing
Book-keeping and Short-hand. All
(he instruction is given by mail at
the student's home. Students mak
ing application for Free Scholarship
write al once to tin- College and
mention the Post, and also Snyder
'mint v Pa.
Bark Wanted. We can useall
the hem luck, oak and chestnut kirk we
can get and will pay the highest cash
prices for the same. We pay cash
weekly. M n r ie H.KxtlpA Co., Shamokin, Pa.
To the Deaf.
A rich lady, cured of her Deafness
and Noises in the Head by Dr.
Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums,
gave $10,000 to his Institute, so
that deal' people unable to procure
the Far Drums mav have them free.
Address No. 10327 The Nicholson
Institute, 780, Eighth Avenue, New
York. 1-25-ly