The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, April 19, 1900, Image 4

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    The Middleburgh Post.
ubIUlM .1 f.vrrj ThnmUy.
Editor and Proprietor.
I .OO pal MM i' Bald '" advance.
I..V per year if I'' in lvinc.
Single Copies, Five Cents.
Advert iatnc Hntrn. 1 .1 cents x-r line.
parrll MMMMilll, for llr.t oisertio;. and 10
lent, per lin.- fr each subsequent Insertion-
Entered at tlie Pout Office aTjUddleburti, PaV, '
aeond claa mail matter.
OFFICK. Ncartlir Counly Court House, l
tween tlie First National Hank Bad the County
Sunday School Convention.
The 80th Annual Convention of the
Bnyder Count; Bunds? hml Awc
tiontobe held in Lutheran and Ite
formed chureh. FNebuig, l'u., May Mb
mill loth. 1900:
Wednesday KvK.MMi, May it.
7 J0 Opening Exeiclaea,
Pns. Prof. Wm. Moyer,
Greeting, Prot ;. W. Walbora.
Response, Brian Teats.
Vddfeas 4K3irwlanCittoenahip,"Bev.
( has. Rboada. l. D., Gen. Sc.
Reception of Delegates.
Morning Session, May 10.
9:00 Devotional Exercises,
Rev. 11. W. Troutman.
Appointment of Committee, En-
History -Established in 1844 asthe rollment, Nomination, kssoiu-
Union pemokmt,at New Bto,aGer- tna. xennan.
,., VS tug panel . uns ( !onference')ur aim anil how
I if POST HI 1001. vjiucdi - - ...,..
newspaper In Bnyder County.
Eepublican Standing Committee.
ftlUn f lllimaman. J. 1
Heaver-A. W. Mtuaer, CMtn Pg . .
Heaver W- Freds (inndrum. Thoa Herbiter.
Centre -Allen BoTST, la. A. Stlne
Ohapman-P. A. Troup, C H I pdjrroTe
Franklin-M. U waiter. II. h. Bql.ndr,
J?in-.I. Harvey Mover. U. .A. Hrouae.
Middl.burs -Bdwln Cbarlem, FjM1.
Middlccreek --Ji.lm S. Melaor, Oco. . Stuck.
Monroe-W. L. Young. P"foun'
Pann A. R. Bmltb, Geo M. Wltmar.
I'rrrv Irwin Hover. W o. smith,
l'errv W.-T. R. Orayhlll, C. s. Sprigs'
Selinsgrove-J A. Lombard, lie;.. A. Qvtng-ton.
SpriiiK (i. M. smith. John v Hcigci.
rjnion-Jaoob 8 tab I, CD. Bogar
Wartlngton-John m. Hoyer, w. F. Bomb.
a. l.i NBASp, fUiBlrmnn.
KouiN ClIARI I -. Secretary.
J. Fbaxb Rnrs, iraMUteri
' led by Mrs. J. W.
Bupt. of primary
to plan tor it.
, Barnes, Stab
10.80 ( ionference "Methodi
tMuihlnir." led bv Rev
Rhoads, I. D.
11)0 Roll call of Delegates and their
I 11:80 Ad
if Bible
( !harles
Congress Hon.
Senator Hon
Assembly Hon
Prothonotary 1
Thau. M. MahoN.
Bbnj. K. Focht.
. A. M. Smith.
Ir.o. M. Bhindei..
Register a Recorder Jno. H. Wilms.
District Attorney M. I. Potter.
Jury Commissioner E. E. Shamhach.
Thursday, April 19, 1900.
Tlie County Commissioners pro
pose to ferret out the responsibility
for torest fires. The responsibility
tor them is to Ik; fixed ana prosecu
tion will follow.
Sunbury will have a Fourth of
July demonstration. The Post was
urging an early selection ol that
date for the Middleburg centennial.
As that date has been selected by our
sister town some later date should be
selected. We propose one or two
days in September.
The Pout's remarks concerning
the Indian Mock house at Kreamer
has brought out considerable discus
sion ou the question of preserving
that colonial relic The Post has
been cordially commended for the
Iwld stand it has taken for the pre
servation of this land mark. All
agree that something should bedooe.
There is some dispute as to what this
Block hou se should be called. That
can easily Ik? settled, Snyder Onuu
rv's Indian Forts' representative,
-7 - .... I . . 1 , , , ,
JavG. Weiser, called this trophy, manmg cartieistnisspnng.
Hendricks1 Block House." Kx-i
, . . , , , . : Itrnixi Ual.le Cue ol Hli. null l-ni.
. options have been taken to Mr. Kenna, Jackson Co., W. Va.
Wciser's name. J lie name is ol ( About three years atio my wife
small moment H the Hendricks' had an attack of rheumatism which
l ; U la nmnorlv named if it confined her to her bed for over a
erected it, tiaproperi) namea u uonth nnd rendered her unable to
was erected by the N'hoch s,it snouia wak Htep without assistance, her
properly be called the "Schoch Block Umbs beinir swollen to double their
I louse The name is of small mo- normal size. Mr S. Maddox insisted
II 1 '.. ' . . , , on my using Chamberlain's Pain
ment now. W hat is most needed is Ba.m j purchased a fifty cent bot
preservation. If the Schochs choose I tie and used it according tothedi-
to hnv it and oreserve it, they will I rections and the next morning she
to dun u ami preservt u, y ; .. , . hrsmkfaat without assm
I u 1 irMinir a rreal wave in eSMDllsn
Thursday Afternoon.
1:30 -Devotional services,
Rev. I!:mks wlney.
1 j46 primary class I M ill and !hlldren'i
meeting, Mrs. B. W, Barnes.
2:16 "What lias been done In our
Couni.v," M. L. VVagenseller.
2:35 What can and ought to be done,"
Rev. V. A. Haas.
3K10 Next Babbath school lesson taught
in tha nnllVBtlttnll liV 1)1'. Klm.-el-.
3:20 Sec. report, H. t. Ilomi":.
3 :40 Report of committees, election of
officers and selection of place for
Treasurer's report.
4:00 Report of Se-.. Home Depart
ment Rev. I). E. McLain.
4:l.-( "The blessings for the Home De
partment," Rev. ('has. Rhoads.
Thursday Evening.
70 Devotional services by
Rev. K. E. Gilbert
Address by Rev. E. . Correll.
Address by Mrs. J. W. Barnes.
Convention chips by members of
Closing Hymn.
Prayer ana Benediction.
Each school should 1h represented
by the Superintendent and one dele
gate. Each school is expected to con
tribute le. per member lor sane turn
Count v work.
Music hooks will be furnished.
Delegates desiring the service of the
committee on free entertainment will
notifv the Chairman Miss Mary Wea
ver, Freeburg, Pa., no later than May 5.
Executive ' m m ittek.
Lutheran communion services were
held here Sunday. 2H new members
were added to the church.
Quite a number of wheels passed
through here Sunday, owing to the
nice weather.
Home of our young boys started to
school Tuesday.
Mr. Aurand attended the funeral of
Theodore Krdley.
Mrs. Row Is numbered with the sick,
but We are glad tosay she is lowly im
proving. The school directors held a meeting
Friday evening for the last time fortius
Win. Moyer was seen on our streets
Our carnet weaver Is kept very busy
jury Liist.
Llt of Grand lurors drawn for the Court ot
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivers
.and Court of quarter sessions of the Peace 01
1 snvder county held as June Term, commencing
Monday. June 4'Ji. 1M0.
Name. Occupation Hestaeste.
! notvereox. Ammon. F.irmer, Kranklln
Hlnk'aiiiau. tHirlstliin, " OtSOS
. liollg. Luther, Carpenter, sellmigrove
Dlehl, Geo- W., Fanner, Franklin
i Fetter, Martin, Jackson
I Fisher, Theclore, Miller, PwtB
' (ielnet, Samuel, Farmer, Chapman
Gray bill. Thomas U.. Carpenter, West Perry
llH. keuburg.Geo., Lalwrer, Adams
llaasltiger, Gj. W., Teacher, Middleburg
Horntiergcr, Jacob G J. P., West ftttf
Raaa. Thomns Partner. Monroe
I KersU-lter, Henry, Blacksmith. West Perry
Krelder, Jackson, Carpenter, Monroe
I Knepp, Millon, Laborer. West Beaver
Kline, Solomon, Thresher, Jsehsos
Ixsinan, Henry. Furmer, Perry
lMttier. Sauiuel H., Jackson
Pontius, Henry, Farmer, Washington
Bins, Peters.. (Jeiitlcman, Chapmim
Sprelikle, Isaac C., Latiorer, Pens
WOOtU log, John, Shoemaker. fnion
Weller, William, Farmer, Mlildleercek
Vetter Mlltnn " West Heaver
lilil of Petit ,!imn s drawn lor the Court or
common Pleas, Court of ouarter Sessions of the
Peace. Court of Over and Tei miner and General
Jail DeRrery ol Snyder county. Pa., held as
June Term, oommtnelng June 4th, 1900.
Famous Maryland
Men's Clothing
M-detoOreVr. Iipuwagi Ti94
and iinarman-ei m
TV tylih kind of Sulu. 0
coatk and Ttihi. made by beat
city turn, hint uilun.arr made in
our w nrkn-cm at atxnjt one-half
what you liae to pay at retail. uf
Mh'm Clothini- Catalogue, with
um doth tample ittacheU.
ahowa the litest tyle m l M
c-li. and i profusely illnvirated
with the l-tet ) --:.i- ii- will
be worn l v the tt IrniW
this tfison. We hlp vu t.ur
CI. 'thing C.O.D .inJ we gnar
anc enh garment to fit M
' o that "u run a)jlntelv no mk ;
think of the Urge avlng you effect
and the atyllth garment we aeod youl
,sKwrwaj' m
We tt r..lor
,ho-. Clrptii. k.iir,,
, alii., a" I., - ("tut itn
an1 B-l HH, T.l-lc n.l
Plinr. I ..v.fs. tW . II,
Ihclr Colon .n-t
M.-' ... Ili.t t.y I.m.L-
tiu a. IK.W ml l tlllle.
v .u ran t-ll -.aclly how
thefai'ti. iiscll appear,. a
an', Povl ur ir-.m B1 jmt
Puy ai Bill prim , tad tnm to tt p"
All Carpeti Mwed free, lining furniihed without
charge, nnd freight prepaid
Botli cataKni-. arc WM r"
Ait.lreft, tht, way I
JULIUS H1NES k SON, Depl.909. Baltimore, Md.
Oorapatton, Residence,
Arnold, caivin. Carpenter, Union
AI'mti , Peter, Farmer, Bellnssrove
Bowersox, Irvtn, oonfeetloner, Middleburg
Hums, Lot, Lalwrer, Union
iierge, oiitw, carpenter, Adame
Bowersox. Samuel, Laborer, Centre
B?bt. WllUam, " BcHntgrove
CornellOg, Jaane, Blacksmith, Jackson
Flatter, irvln, Farmer, Pen"
pteher, Newton, "
Fisher, Oliver,
Fetterolf, Fbaree, Laborer Sprlug
Ureenboe, Cbas. o.. QenUemao,
OraybUI, Elmer, Fanner, West pi rry
lirlmni, William, BOIUer, WssUlngton
llaslIlger ClMS, Fanner, Centre
Herman, Daniel,
Hall. Geo. W., " Chapmaii
ilornberger, Jamea M Parmer, Perrj
Haaainger, John, Teacher, Heaver
Boff. Thomas, " Washington
Kants, Clayton, Druggit. Sellnegrove
Kern Aaron Ii , Gentleman, Middleburg
Kline, Howard, Clerk, west Beaver
Kerritetler, John M., Fanuer, Chapman
Lepley. Henry,
Lenlg, James It , Boatman,
Moyer, Chas., t.arpenUT,
Metzgr, Geo. , Laborer,
Mlllner, Meyer. Merchant.
Miller, William. Farmer.
Mccarty, William, Laborer,
PortzUne. Geo- D .
Romlg, Harvey. Farmer.
Rlegle, Jonathan D, "
Rlegle, Peter. tlenUemaa,
Spotta, laaac, Farmer.
Snydor, Jacob G.. (Jentleman.
Snyder, Mllea, (Xl Dealer,
Stnders, Richard, J., Farmer,
Smith. Robert S., Carpenter,
Trutt, David, Laborer,
Trutt, Samuel w
Walter, Absalom, Farmer,
Wetzel, Elmer F.-, Teacher,
Wendt, Robert, Laborer,
Zechmao, E.mer I , Fanner,
Zleber, John,
Moyer s Store!!
ing a claim to the name in the al-
seiu of pi oof as to who really erect
ed the memorial.
Fanners are busy aowlnsjoata.
W. I. Yerger moved his saw mill to
Wilson Mitterling's tract of timber
J, I. Varner moved to Shamokln
last Wednesday.
There was no auction of J. L. Varn
er's hardware as mentioned in last
week's Post. iicdisoscd of his hard
ware -tore to Lewis Minium.
tanoe it anv manner, and she has
not had a similar attack since. A.
B. Parsonu. For sale by all druggists.
Kissimmee, Pa.
American Eagle Blend Coffee, 11c.
Scott's Teas, ic. per 11).: :'. lbs., 10c.
Hominy, 3c, per 11.; I H'., 10c.
;1 pounds Mixture Candy, 19c.
IJi'.-t Belle Syrup, 8c. icr quart.
Best N. O. Molasses, 13c. per quart
Pure Liverpool Salt, 4c and 8c. per
Baking Soda, 4c. pr 11).
Chocolate I'enn, I5c. a cake.
California Lima Beans, 7c. per lb.
Jauac Rice. Nc per lb.
spring i California Prunes, 1 lbs. 'Joe.
ttt--Ft II M-HI 'at-t t J-tW -X-tt-X- I II .t H Mil
have just arrived. The consist of the finest line
of up-to-date Hats evei seen.
Te Pearl Steel, Gold Browq
Pearl, Otter ard Hazel
are the handsomest collars now out.
Prices Range from 25c to $2.50.
Our Special 20-Pennyweiht Soft Mat is a
Wonder for Lfihtness and Quality,
AT $1.50.
s Ask to see our latest 25c. Caps.
H. Katz, The Clothier,
Next Door to Court House. Mlddleburflr. Pa.
1 iPlio Cnfb Wnir
i i nr. iiir vm n ii w a.
m inu uuiu it uv &w
If some money is to he
expended for
1 II K.I I
West Beaver
I ri Ion
West Beaver
Lemons. 1 cent each.
Matches, 1 cent box 200.
Clothes pins, 15 for 1 cent.
Kissimmee, Pa.
a j
HKurt r.n k wm to CUfCIVBtATL
For the benefit f those desiring to
visit Cincinnati during the session of
the Peoples' Party National Conven
tion, May !; the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will sell tickets from all sta
tions at the rate of one first-class fare
for the round tri. Tickets will besold
and ir(Mid going on May 7 only, and re
turning leaving Cincinnati not later
than May 1.
Josenh Youmrnnd wife, of Northum-
a v '
beiiand, were visitors at her parents J.
c. Bakeleas1 sunday iinun icats, n
Hummel's Wharf wiu seen in our
vicinity Sunday S. 11. Kirkpatrlch
and wife, of BunbUTV, were visitors in
our place Sunday Roy Hottenstelu,
who is working in the Snyder t ounty
News printing office paid a visit to his
narcnts Win. Hottenstein and wife,
over (Caster Miss Edith Dutry was
a visitor at Sunbury Saturday last
Keep off the grass that is what the
chickens on Helen street must do
Miss Annie Kiss started Monday last to
take a term of schooling at New Berlin
Conrad Dutry and wife were visit
ors at his brother Jonas' Sunday at
Northumberland Mrs. Lewis Hot
tenstein and Dilla Newman were seen
on Blue Hill one day. last week
Harrv Bobb and wife, who moved on
Martin Lesher's dairy farm this sprint
on Blue Hill, was a visitor in our
vicinity Sunday John Bilger and
antra nTSalAm. were visitors at J. N.
Young's Sunday Frank San toe, of
this place joined the Masonic Lodge at
Sel.nsgrove last week Geo, Leffler
and Jonas Coryell attended Free
Masons Lodjre at Selinsgrove last week
Mrs. Wm. Buoher and daughter
Carrie, of Sunhurv, were visitors at
.. , L3 1 I.'. .....I- K'.li.r
Hi. 4M. Ijros.-. ?UIIUU ....a' latim mm
I who Is working for Jonaa Trexler, was
a caller at home Minciay.
Is the nlace to find
n Aill -itiil iu IIM ilit O
(a illll UtSB OllljOt ag
line ot
Ladies' Shoes, j
There are Russets,
Black and Patent
Leather Shoes. . . .
We keep
is to take the time and
trouble to examine the
Mtiuilr wa nnrrv loom tlw
... .tv , ivuiu ,aiJ Y'r " ..Vlai'.'i. .aamaaa
prices at wnioo we gell and tuen compare, it any
doubt as to value can remain, with the offerings of
others. I firmly believe I will get your order, be
cause we have done everything to merit the trade
of prudent buyers.
Call and Be Convinced.-
446 M -r l.ot flat., X3atfciax"y , X A.
4H444444444 M 111111111
James Etothermel and wife accom
panied by his brother Benton of Man-
data spent a iew aays in mis vicinity. ,
WnTshrawder, hostler al the F..-! Primary School Department.
Punila from the intermediate and
primary departments are invited to
nonrllntra f. u lvleome. The 111111111111111 tuition ot
seventv five cents tor six weeks will
admit anv and all nupils Ironi the
primary and intermediate grades.
o-22-4t. William Romk..
mont Hotel, is spending a lew weeksat
Mt Pwpek. The undersiirned wMI open i
ht?dwil5' ZjrZ ! primary school in the primary de
and ifivimr it h coat of Mint i mrtmcnt on Moiidav. Apr. .JOm.
r, o I i '
PbUIp Moyer and wireoi near r ree- Pupil
1 ........ I ... ,.-ii..i i.t II s.- ii . a
1 1 1 1 I L- m i' n 9Vm a. i t mm o
Sum. ii v.
MmIh-1 Schiiti1 h stM'iiiliiiLr it few da vi 1 00016a The
at Dalmatia this week.
Cloyd Hnghca of Kant, was in town
Miss Katherine Miller, who taught
a sucressful term of schiail at (Vntrc
villc. is staviiiK at T. (i. Arboaast'l at
Mrs. Samuel Shadle of Little York
sp nt Satunlay and Sunday at Dr. M
J. F. Btfaub'l visited friends near
Middlehurif over Sunday.
Peter (iarman put a new riKif on his
dwelling last week.
Dr. M. Rothrock is efWtlng a new
witi;on -lied on his farm. ,
Tlie Easter exercises held in the L.
and R. church on Knstcr STenlDg were
well attended, and all present enjoyed
A. F. Schnee made a husiness trip to
Meiservllle Monday.
Absalom Hchnee of New Berlin sjient
several days at home last week.
"What is the price ot
Electric Soap?"
"Five cents a liar, full size, just
reduced from ten and your choice
of 189 2")-cent !ooks sent free,
tor each .? wrappers and 7 cents
for postage. Hasn't been less
than ten cents lor 33 years.
"Whv that's the price of common
0 i
brown soap. I can't a fiord to
buy any other soap than this.
Send me a lxx of Dobbins'
g VW V aa an w
is a food medicine for the S
baby that b thin and not v
well nourished and for the J
mother whose milk does v
i hahh.Ii 4ha hahv
1IUI iwuimi mw
It is equally good for the
iuw nr dirl who is thin and
oale and not well nourished
bv their food: also for the
-j . '
Anmir or consumptive
adult that is losing flesh
and airantith.
In fact, for all conditions
of waatintf. it is the food
medicine that will nourish
and build up the body and
give new me ana energy
. when all outer means ian.
', Should be token hi summer m
well mm wumr.
yx. ada,.oo. alldmsgiata.
rrTT & BOWME. CI Wl, Ytt
the Im'si
quality of SHOES
and when you buy
curliest you can rest
assured the quality
is rigid
have them as
as 90c, and all
other grades up to
the very best for SI.
G-ive Us a Trial-
W. I. Garman.
m ,.. c
4hH i m m m m i i i m H-m
Send u K 2-eent
tamp with yourT
name and arlilri'M T
and we will nd T
yiiu a copy ol the T
lateat edition of the y
New Idea Kaahion T
Heview and one of T
theae handaome T
1. Sti.tmii il l"
Poyliea free. We do thia to introduce the
New Idea 10-ceiit I'aper Iatterna. T
Hardware, In, Nails, Steal,
S XX UU J.1U11M)
Leather, Paints, Oils,
T '
Coach and Saddlery Ware,
Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers,
Market St., Lewlstown, Pa. f
'!"M"M"M i MH-H m m m 1 1 : i m 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 H
Sheriff s Sale of i
liy virtue of n certain writ of Fieri Facias i-
aued out of the Court of Common I'leaa of Sny
AM OoaDtjr, r. and to ata directed I will exMe j
to purjllO aale at I lie , . nu i i,ouf,e in .iiitiuiei.uiac, )
Pa., on
THURSDAY, MAY 10th. 1900,
The following ilcaeribed Heal Eatate to wit:
All tl al certain lot of TOUnd aituate in the
Iloro.ilh of Mlddlcliurtr. county and atalc afore
aaid, iMillliilcd and deacrilied aa followa to wit :
Houiidi d on the north by a I'uhllc lloail on the
eaat 1 v a lot of II. K. KeiRel, on the aoutli and
wrfi M land of John Mover. coiitainiiiK ONB- 1
......... T. . . , , nn ... 1. 1 .. I . mmm
ri till, rt. iii.ire r .cr.".
containing an eiiKiuc and other machinery ne- '
ceaary for bottliiiK beer and an Ice iloiiae.
alfO a c-rtain Farm or meaaiiatie of land ait
uate in Washington townahip, Snyder county.
I'a.. ailjoiniiiK landa of I'etcr Kratzer on the
north, enst by landa of Peter Xratier, and
... -iJ . - ....,,!, t.v Intwta of J.tht,
r t . t 1 1 k . ."" .-.... "j "
W eller and K C. Oniybill, and weal by lamia of
When you buy a carriage, buggy or harness. Choose from
the biggest stock and fullest assortment, and pay only the
cost of making, with but one moderate profit added. Our
plan of selling direct from the factory insures satisfaction
your money back if you re dissatishea witn
your purchase and enables you to
save the dealer's profit
e,ahowtng many atyleaof high
nketa. and bora. MQiDmanU.
with detailed deacrlptlona of each, mailed n-6. Write tor It and
learn how cheaply you can buy wh.n tb. Jobosr'i and dealer a
nroflta aire cut OfT.
THE COLUMBUS CARRIAGE I HARNESS CO., P. 0. Boi 772, Columboi, 0. "rStu
Ho. M34 fluff . Prli-r t3
with laatber qearur lop.
Ourcomnleto illuatraUd catalogue,'
grade vehicle., harness, robe., blanket, an
Anr. 1& bv Rev. W. E. Brill-
I'eter Krater. Jackaon Weller anil .Nathaniel T . at I, .1 U V ,
ArboKt conlalnmn ON K 111 NDRKD AND ' l,ardt, C. Stewart Hall of McKeeS
NINlvlii))ACHFAmoreor leaa whereon are ' ... w pl , ,1 nt
CWkiwB W iiiit: ia. iiwuhji mvi
J li II . II. .... L i..,ur, aa lw.
rremra nca nwcumn a.n.
SI MMITHIITEI. aKomlllAhNanoaiicwanea Trii.inrtnrl
and all otner ouiounainifa arau imawa wa. m v. . aa..v.w..
and ten hundred yOOttg pencil and other treea
on the premises. About aixtv (.0) acres of the
above land iaclearaod in a fair atate of culti
vatioh. the balance is young timber.
Heized taken into axecntion and to be sold as
the property of Kachal J. Bowcn.
Hale to commence at 1 o'clock P. M.
O. W. frOW. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Ofnce, Mlddleburit, Pa., April 17, WO.
To Care m Cwld
Take Ativr Baaao Qcikikb Tablttb. All
. . . - .Ho mntiaV ,1 It t (. 1 1 ,n flirp
Obovb airratuieou every 101. woe. iihm ,
Anr. 1. bv A. B, Shearv. J. P..
j- - - f - - j ,
Daniel 1j. Railey and Edie E. Loss,
both ot Centre twp.
Anr. 15. at Aline, bv Rev.H. M.
Trau t man. James G. Knouse to Miss
Lydia la. Eoyer, both of Oriental,
Butter 20
Engs 10
Lard 6
Tallow 4
Chickens 0
Wheat 68
Rye 50
Corn 36
Oats (old)..... 26
Potatoes 30
Bran per 100. 90
Middlings" 90
Chop 90
Ham Floiirperbbl 3.50