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The Absolutely Pure
Baling Powder
is the baking powder 'of general
use, its sale exceeding that of all
other baking powders combined.
Royal Baking Powder has not
its counterpart at home or abroad.
Its qualities, which make the bread
more healthful and the cake of finer
appearance and flavor, are peculiar
to itself and are not constituent
in other leavening
Keaiiv Bad Cueanlj 'nn 'acted ui
a Deelsrned That II n Da
Moved ISaally.
We recommend tli
because it i.- easily
structed. Tluibt i I,
nut, the sil;i;'r will
! d, urrd ; he Kilo
round stave silo
uuil clieuply eon-
the sila will dry .
be perfi etly pre- j
,n be lnk n down i
in an hotii
be be t up
nd moved tiny distance and i
: u i it. 1 1 is no i necessary to
takt any extra prccntitioti in this cli
mate to keep siluye front freezing. Sil
ttjee is not Injured by the frosl when
only d two-inch Btave protects it from
the weal her,
A silo constructed in the manner
shown in cut is ddinu good service on
the bluffs above. Cayuga lake, in Tomp
kin., county, X. V. We visited 1 his silo
during the extremely cold weather of
the w inter of 1808-1809, after the ther
mometer bad bet n 20 degrees below
zero. The silage w as frozen to a depth
of 12 to i i Inches around the outside.
Biach day, when throwing out the feed,
the froen silage around the edge was
mi 'I with the warm silage fromthu
center, and at feeding time it was nil
iu good condition, The silage was
mot all Inl out until June, ami that
which hud been frozen around the
outre edge was as good in everj way us
the rest, With the stave silo no sills
are necessary. The foundation may be
Bonstructed as follows:
An exenvation should be made to a
depth "C three or four inches, or to
the bottom of the loose surface soil,
and with a diameter at h ast two feet
greater than the proposed diameter of
the situ, and drainage should be pro
rided if the conditions seem to war
rant. Fill in with stones, large ones
twiner placed at the bottom and small
er ones being worked in and pounded
down toward the top. Gravel, if well
rtopmled down, may senr as tilling be
tween the stones, it is important that
the pounding be thoroughly done, oth
erwise settling will take place later on
and i he cement Bnish be made to crack.
The finishing should be dime with
eemcnt. First a thin mortar made of
one part of Portland or Rosendale ce
ment and four parts of good sharp sand
should be poured over the entire stone
work. This mortar should be made so
thin that it Will run down into the in
terstice between the stones. After
this first coat was thoroughly set a
liuisliinj,' coat made of one part cement
and three parts of sand should be put
on and worked down with a trowel.
Finish oil before thoroughly dry by
dustiujj over the top some cleur ce
ment and working' it in with a trowel.
This will give a hard finish, and will
secure a foundation that is cheap and
efficient. While the cement is still soft
it is frequently convenient to strike the
circle which will mark the line upon
which the staves nre to be set. A spike
driven in the center will serve as a
pivot. Attach to this a bit of string
or twine, the length of w hich shall be
one-half that of the proposed diameter
of the silo and to the free end. of the
string fasten some pointed instrument
with which to mark the circle. Now
strike a circle the radius of which shall
e equal to the length of the string.
. h
- Mb.
V&Mk i ... i
OreM ofTnrls are made to sell alum baking
powderi under ihe plea that they ire so many
tents a pound chespertbsn Roysl, Theatlmis
ston that they are cheaper made is an admis
sion that they are Inferior. Hilt alum pow
ders contain a corrosive poison and should
out be used tu iood, uo matter bow cheap.
and there la marked out tlie circle upoa
which the staves are to be set.
Somewhat full directions (or the con
struction uf the round stave silo nre
(riven in Cornell University Bulletin
No. ibT. This will be Benl on request
to the director !' the experiment sta
tion at Ithaca, N. Y.L. A. Clinton, in
Rural New Vorker.
it is the First step Toward Seoarlaa;
un ibsolntelj L'aeontamlBMeJ
Milk Supply.
To secure the milk without contami
nation is u problem which is practical
ly solved by washing the cows' udder
before milking them. If clean, pun-,
sweet dairy products are desired one
of the lirst and most essential consid
erations iu the process is to gat the
milk without contamination.
Of course many w ill quest ion the
sanity of a farmer-dairyman who i
seen with buckets of water and neces
sary cloths cleaning the udders of his
cows. This is to be expected. But let
it be reported, if anyone finds pleasure
in circulating the rumor, that the udder-washing
farmer is slightly "off1
and has "cranky ideas." .lust keep an
eye on him and ii will be learned that
bis butter and cream are bringing
fancy prices and (,ro Into the kitchens
of the well-to do town and city people,
Moreover, if investigation is made it
will be discovered that the excellence
of his dairy products is due largely to
1 f cleanliness is practical w hile milk
ing, the uilders of the cows washed be
forehand, it is very probable that it
will be observed in the subsequent
handling of the milk. It is right ul
ways to begin at the beginning, and to
wash the udders is the first step to
ward securing uncontamlnated milk.
This is done with milk-warm water,
and the udders are dried with absorp
tion towels or cloths. The milk drawn
first should be rejected as it contains
bacteria which have developed in the
milk at the orifice of the teat since
the last milking. This is "extra work,"
but it pays.- Farmers' Voice.
In lino, I Hands.
Consumptive (at health resort) So
you make a specialty of earing for in
valids. Landlady Yes, indeed. I let out fur
nished rooms, my husband is a doctor,
and l have a brother here in the un
dertaking business. Chicago Inter
Cold Day.
Mrs. Da Silki I wish to give a
memorial of some kind to the church,
in memory of a relative. What would
you suggest?
Struggling Pastor A er an ap
propriately decorated er new
church furnace, madam, and a a few
tons of coal. N. V. Weekly.
Tin- ; n 1 1 1 y I'nrtnrr.
Tom Here's a paper oiTering'a $25
prize for the best answer to the ques
tion: "Why have I failed iu busi
ness?" That's dead easy.
Dick Well, why did you fail?
Tom Uecause I had a partner.
Town Topics.
Kelmttal Testimony.
The Guest Isn't your little boy
rather nervous, Mrs. llimm?
Mrs. Bimm No; I think not.
Little Hov Yes. I am, ma; when
people who come here stay too long-
It makes me wriggle around ana rc
my chair. Chicago Becord.
Obeying- the Serlptnree.
Evelvn (who has just been robbed
of a kiss) Mr. Kurate, how dare you?
it U....I. mllvl T herr
as r - . -
ss.. -5T
other, as you would have others do
jrom.-Judge. m
Uuaa la the lateraatloaal Serlca for
April aa, 1900 The Ccataloa's
Servant Healed.
Prepared by H. C L nine ton.
(Luke 7:1-10.)
1. Now when he had ended all His ear
tag la the audience of the people, he en
tered Into Capernaum.
1 And a certain centurion's servant, whe
waa dear unto Him. was sick, and ready i
1 And when he heard of Jesus, he sent
unto Him the eldere of me Jews, beseech
ing Him that He would come and heal hit
1 And when they came to Jesus, they be
sought Him Inatsntljr, aaytng: That b
was worthy for whom He should do this;
(. For be lovath our nattdn, and be hath
built us a synsgogue.
t Then Jesui went with them. Andwhem
He waa now not far from the house, thi
centurion aent friends to Him, saying untc
Him: Lord, trouble not Thyself, fori am
not worthy that Tbou shouldest enter un
der my roof;
7. Wherefore neither thought I myaell I
wort by to come unto Thee; but say In a
word, and my servant shal be healed.
a For I also am a man aet under author- ,
Ity, having under me soldiers, and 1 sa
unto one: Go, and he goeth: and to another: I
Come, and he comeih; and to my servant
lo Ibis, and he doeth It.
3. When Jesus heard these things, H. j
marveled at htm, and turned b I ni about. :
und said unto the people that followed
Htm: 1 say unto you, I have not found so
great faith, no, not In Israel.
10. And they that were sent, returning u
the house, found the servant whole that
had bien sick.
GOLJJKN TEXT. - I.Ike as a fathei
pltkth his children, so the Lord p'ltleth
them that fiar Ulni.-I'sa. lo3;13.
The healing- of the centurion's serv
unt was one of the muny miracles
which Jesus performed immediately
after the sermon on the mount. It has
been noted that the three chapters 1
which Matthew gives to the sermon
ate followed by two chanters of'
miracles. The event of the lesson took
place at Capernaum, which we remem
ber is the city where Jesus made llis
home after the rejection at Nazareth.
Study not onlv the lesson text but its
parallel in Matthew 6:5-13, and the
teaching may be presented under four
(I) Character of the Centurion.
(II) Emphasis Jesus Lays on Faith.
(3) l'ronilse to the Gentiles.
i.i Healing of the Bervant.
Character of the Centurion. The
centurion is an Interesting Object lor
u character Study. What l.uke and
Matthew say of him occupies few
verses, but is decidedly to me pout.
From what we are told of the man we
can picture him as one ol quiet ana
unassuming dignity. We ure told that
he was worthy." And the fact that
he could get the elders of the Jews to
go for him to Jesus shows that he
imiuandcd the honor and respect of
others, lie was a man in uuthority.
being as u centurion iu command of
about n hundred men; but he was also
under authority, and knew how to
Obey. In spite of the good opinion of
others and the position he held in the
Roman army, he counted himself not
worthy that Jesus should enter under
his roof, lie was a kindly man, for
we nre told his servant was "dear unto
him," and beside the elders referred
to him as one who "loveth our na- !
tion." We know he was u religious
man, for he had founded a synagogue.
Chief of all his good qualities was
that of faith, and Jesus especially com
mended it.
Kmphasis Jesus Lays on Faith.
It is in just such a man that we would
look for faith, faith in Uod and faith
in men. Faith is the foundation upon
which all strong character is built.
Jesus had performed many wonderful
miracles in Capernaum, and when the
centurion heard of Him he sent for
the help He alone could give. The
servant was near to death. Jesus had
helped others, and he believed that
He could help him. Jesus canni, and
when lie was near the house the cen
turion came out. He had not meant
that Jesus should go to the trouble
of coining to him. He reasoned that
as he could send one of his soldiers
to do a certain thing, so Jesus. In com
mand not only of material things,
but of things spiritual, could have
but spoken, and his servant would In
healed. Marvelous faith) Ho won
der Jesus exclaimed; "I have not
found so great faith, no, not in Is
rael." We may note that Jesus certainly
knew as much about this centurion 'as
we can know from the story we have.
Perhaps He knew more, living iu the
same town wliere tins omcer nao ins
headquarters. He knew the man had
the good qualities that we have men
tioned, but He pointed out not his evi
dent humility, not the kindness of
heart he exhibited, not his benevo
lence, but his faith. Faith is the
chief of all the qualities of the heart
save that of love, and faith and love
go together. "Now abideth faith,
hope, love."
Promise to the Gentiles.- Matthew
(S:ll, 12) records what Luke omits,
the remark of Jesus which may be
construed into a promise to the Gen
tile world. He says: "Many shall
come from the east and west (outside
of the chosen people), nnd shall sit
down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
in the kingdom of Heaven.
Healing of the Servant. "And Jesus
said unto the centurion. Go thy way:
and as thou has believed, so be it
done, unto thee. And his servant wns
healed in the selfsame hour." Mat
thew 8:13.
Rellalooa Thought.
Like the needles to the north pole
the Bible points to Heaven. B. B.
Some glances of real beauty may be
seen In their faces who dwell in true
meekness. There is a harmony in the
sound of that voice to which Divine
love gives utterance. John Woolman.
The one thing needful is to look up.
to revere something above us, to de
sire something better, to hunger for
i . hi.her ,-ood. He who love, the high
'aas r vdr of'cod'-i h22
'. loTer of GodJ' FreemaD
for Women
Any article, whatever its merit,
must be made known to the public by
means of advertising. Advertising,
however, though it can do much for a
thing, cannot do everything. It may
create a sale for a time, but in order
to Insure a lasting demand the thing
advertised must hare solid worth.
This is the case with Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. It has
solid worth.
Women everywhere have learned
this fact, and the result is that there
is a lasting and absolutely unequaled
demand for it. It has the largest sale
of any remedy for female ills in the
world, and this has been the case for
The reason for this is that Mrs.
i'inkham claims not lung that she is
not ent itled to claim. She can do all
tiiat she says she can do, and her
twenty years of experience make her
advice invaluable. Herexpericnee has
been not only long but world-wide,
and she has helped more women back
to health than any one else in the
world. These facts should, and do,
have immense weight w ith all sensible
women. Ucuiemncr these arc not wild
statements but solid facts.
Facts About the Good
Being Done by Lydia E.
Pinkham s Vegetable
Compound in Cases of
Change of Life, Bearing
Down Pains, Etc.
" I had falling, inflammation and
ulceration of the womb; backache,
bearing-down pains: was so weak
and nervous that 1 could not do
my own work ; had sick headache,
no appetite, numb spells, hands aud
feet cold all the time. 1 had pood
doctors, but none of them did me any
g I, Through the advice of a lady
friend 1 began the use of Lydia K.
l'iiikhum's Vegetable Compound, and
after taking one bottle 1 felt greatly
relieved, and by the time I had used
several bottles -was completely cured,
so that 1 could do my work again. I
am now passing through the change of
life and using TOUT Compound. It helps
me wonderfully. 1 wantevery suffer
ing woman to lnov what your medi
cine has done for me." Mas. W. M.
Bull, New Palestine, Mv
" Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable
Compound saved my life and gave back
a loving mother to eleven children,
which was more than any doctor could
have done or any other medicine in
the wideworld. My trouble was child
bed fever. The third day after my
babe was born I took a -chill, which
was followed by a high fever. I would
perspire until my clothes were as wet
us though dipped in a tub of water.
The chills and fever kept np for three
days. My daughter got me a bottle of
your Compound. The fourth dose
stopped the chills, and the fever also
disappeared. My life was oaved. My
age at this critical time was forty
nine." Lydia k. Bouobkb, Etna, Pa.
Facts About Two Cases
of Falling of the Uterus
Recovered by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
' 1 suffered for fifteen years without
finding any relief. I trieddoctors. but
nothing seemed to do nie any good. I
had falling of the womb, leucorrluea.
pain in the back and head, and those
bearing-down pains. One bottle of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound did me so much good that I sent
for four more, also two boxes of Liver
Pills and one package of Sanative
Wash After using these I felt like a
new woman. "Mas. U. A. WOfTKB,
(Hidden, la., Box TM.
' I was suffering with falling of the
womb, painful menstruation, head
ache, backache, pain in groins, ex
tending into the limbs ; also a terrible
pain at left of womb. The pain in my
back was dreadful during menstrua
tion, and my head would nche until I
would be nearly crazy. Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has
given me great relief. 1 sutler no
pain now. and I give your medicine
all the praise." MliS.J. P. McSPASBI,
Rosenberg, Tex.
A Grateful Woman Recom
mends Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to
Every Wife and Mother.
" I have taken eight bottles of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
with most gratifying results. I had
been married four years and had two
Children. 1 was all rundown, had fall
ing of womb with all its distressing
symptoms. 1 had doctored with a good
physician, but 1 derived very little good
from his treatment. After takiug a
few bottles of vour medicine, 1 was
able to do my work and nurse my
seven-months'-old babe. I recommend
your medicine to every wife and
mother. Had I time. I could write i
much more in its praise. I bid you
j Godspeed in your good work. "
MRS. Li. A. MOBB18, tteiaua, ruinam
Co., El a.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham When I com
menced the use of your remedies I was
very badly off. Every two weeks I was
troubled with flowing spells which
made me very weak. I had two of the
best doctors, but they did not seem to
help me. They said my trouble was
caused from weakness and was noth
ing to worry about- I felt tired all the
time; had no ambition. I was growing
worse all the time until I began the
use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I am now able to help
about the house, and am much im
proved in health "Mrs. A. Walks,
Callicoon Depot, It, Y.
Only exclueiv
Bicyrle Store ii
Snyder Cotiuty.
W. Pine St
V-V v:-V.X sV.
Middletmrgb, Fa.
Is working at the Barnoaa busi
ppaa for tl c past a ears, Mini
I litis built up ii tlice ttaile. He
sella note Tnrrrfis ntm rlorc"
Furnishing Goods every season,
Give Him a Call
ftlld bt convinced that bfl keeps
the largest stock in the Harness
ine of any patty in Snyder
County and that you get
i Your Money 's Worth !
every time you buy of hitu.
Central Hotel,
Flrst-Class Accoimofl3iloiiS, Livery Mattel
0xiilt- I'lritt nlloiinl llnnli.
UK SEE HI! All H int Httllt'HKfe lo sstaf rk
bv hnlr l from 65C ' $3.25. tin tw il wf
wktNMlhnt retail at f .l.u t MaM
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uun vrrcn. to u-. Im lor a poiKi i .
namjile ul tlie '-n euaue vij.t ftil, nnd ct.t tl
out an near r i rnptd us i. ,..) hit-, iiir;
osjr m prlrt qutlJ nnl S rrnls ritrn t
pny itotttai', unu of mil lurks' the tm:r in
nlrh yur fc.ilr r'txt. Mid aWtld Co yoi l
mail. Posrt Paid. and n vourn i-t ihtii '.!
MilKiiud, n tun. i l unu c will iuiiuetiiatt-i
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ao-i n. loaf, Kong itvi ., 6801 ihort ittm,
' 00c; 2-oz. af-lD, lonijr, s t stem, 1 1,?5;
Lnx. it. la. long tliort Main.
04 in. l-JfiLT,hl:..rtrti ni,f,2.1:ij: ' " V- in
Monu'. M,20 H Ot'AKlBTII
, ol li WultK thw WgbMt irrudn on the
lilitrktt. Order ni unci nr. 1 r't (Iisp tMf ill
prlr- Vimr n 1 fftllfM II J"u rc not
pi-Mii WflM for rrM CuuogM ol
J HuirtiocxiM. At! !m -.
1 SEAKS.R0ERUCK fit CQ.(lnc) Chicago
(Mart, aMtbuek to. a,e i :ior .t : ( rcUaOi.
ur. oi ii aw erTs.ft
m Unnecessary m CDildDirtb.
I'nin is no limner nrcesnary In childbirth
morning sickness, iwollen limbs, sad likestrlls,
are readily controlled, and womli diiieuws immm1
lly eared (Carer known to tall. Phjrslelani
pronoonee it wonderful, sad aver 50,000 iwlio
uttuit itn N erit. Lady reader, eat tin out; it
may nvr your Ufa) suffer no longer, but send
us atwo-eent stamp, aad rstieiee In staled en
vi'loprd full particulars and vkluuh'c proof" ol
our wonderful remedjr. Aililn-Bn PRANK
rUOMAd .v r., Baltimore, MO. 3-.'.i-:it.
Till: I i KM OK Al.l..
For over fifty yvarn If Bfl WlHSLOW! South
ing HTRUF heU bMtl lUMMa hy BOtbOfM foi thi-ir
ohlldrcn while tMthlnff ire mi dltturbedal
n1rtitsnd bioken of jfouf ret by n nick child
Mincring nml vryltiff with pstin of oottlnR lorth?
If aoiend Rl once ftid tr bottle ot "iMr Win
ilow i Soothing 85 run for t'hHdren T- ethlnx.
Its vAiue N nc i'i uiaiiin. if will rein vr the poor
ttle MilT-rer tin.iu'niiitel v. If ml 11 ii 11 it.
Mother, there 1 imin -la- nlwiiil 't ltenree
tllarrluMe regnlte the m nnncli and .tow.),
onrei itil OoHc, nftrm I ho titnnt relii(e
ltri:itnniutiiii, a ti I glvitof and energy loint
wliOlf -vMrm ' Vi. Win-Um'f Ho iinx Bjf
ui T . i .. lilreti tifilii. in n;i it t. t'ifl
it6And la the prMcrlpllon of one f the oM--1
iiimI hoot ff ma la phyali ktioAod nunwi in the
Unltod state- nml ( for mIo by h'I drttggttsi
ihrouarhout thi world Price, t ttyfl vacant
. boltl
Mil". W IXM.OW rt
j Y I I'.
A vlabla manual, hthhtlv iHF.tTKBiKt.
A true snido for tin- inv'tor in utocfca, imuu
r -mi.,1 I 1 now 10 1 1 i 1 1 ii.ii' a iiu ' ' 1 1 1 1
Uiilttll A liH.TtNKt infOtW
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eopy "f lb ftbova win v
liinic by n-tiirii mail
t.urftrH'r with a valiialilf trfiitiM (illu-tral-
ad on iH-r YUtitiiK Inl olorndo. H'kI'Iv
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i0 jmy pMsjajge. Bcod tocUajr bolnra Ina prerr
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ata JK.rt 'sUWOB 4 i bx US, Dtoror.
Colo, l-U-lin.
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WaaSsrleYslMt.M mUae north of llonanl.
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1 . 4 VlM A M W I RN. IX-oy e. Cola.
veterinary sUroeoN.
All ptnftaslnnsl business entrusted to my am
win receive prompt snd careful attention.
V T,' .
st. satnisa
BE SURE . . .
That your eves and yoni
Children's eyes are inl
good condition.
They may not complain, and, you
uiuv not know that their eves are
weak, hut lime will develop manv
nervous disorders us a result of nep,
lectinn this imtiortant (matter. We
test the eye with alsolute accuracy
No glasses rtt'omineiidul unless theyl
ure needed. It you netd medica
treatment we will tell vou so. Nd
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methods i:i sitrht testino-. Thiseom
liined with oxpui it'iuc and skill
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Our brush should be used daily
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Dr. Scott s
Hair Brush
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Nervous Headache in five minute. l
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Neuralgia i.i i i c cilmtcs I
DanJru'.f and cisrascs-off tlie scalp!
Prevents f.-illir.;: balr nil kaMoesol
riaxtis tlie hair long glesay I
Foriulc st B.-y Goodi c tores tod Crsgsisis
or sent on spprovol, p il, on rccei
of ice and ten cents for postage.
iiTtwolr. "Til DOCWrS BTOKY," gtjf"'
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