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Editor and Proprietor.
A Week's News Dished up in
Small Quantities Visitors in
Town During the Past
Week Other News
of Interest.
Hurry Bowersox and Miriam
Bachman are listed with the sick.
Miss Ltllu Sinitli spent Sunday
visiting her relatives at Miffltnburg
Misses Lottie and Bertha Crouse
spent Sunday at Mr. Denius', New
A Special session of court was
held in the court house Friday ol
last week.
Miss Carrie Wittenmyer lias re
turned from her visit to Lykeus
bringing with her Miss Catherine
Monday morning Bruce Croust
left ior Vmtondale, Cambria county,
to work in a lumber camp.
Miss Paul of Shamokin is spend
ing a few days with her friend, Miss
Carrie Haas at Mrs. J. Y Runkle's.
Prof. Kclwiu Charles, teaclier of
the intermediate school) was sick and
unable to teach his school Friday of
last week.
Editor Joseph A. Lumhard, bis
daughter Mrs. Murray Smith and
child spent the day in Middleburgh
last Friday.
The public sale of I). K. Haas,
two miles west of towu last Wednes
day, wm one of the largest in this
section of the state.
Miss Susie Rine of McKees Half
Falls, a student at Susquehanna
University, Selinsgrove, visited Miss
Maine Beaver Saturday.
For Sale. A new butcher wa
gon, one of the latest styles, will be
sold cheap. Inquire of A. W. Bow
crsox, Middleburg, Pa. t!.
Attorney Joseph Woods of Lew
istown was in town between trains
last Thursday morning on legal bus
iness at the court house.
A. B. Sheary of Penns Creek was
was in town Monday morning. Mr.
Siieary is one of the true blue re
publicans of Centre township.
Hon. Peter F. Riegcl of Reaver
Springs was in town Monday to at
tend a meeting of the Underwriters
of Snyder county and this district.
A teachers' normal school will
open in Middleburg Monday, April
523rd. For particulars, address A.
A.Killiun, Middleburgh, Pa. tl
A. G. Bashoar and A. H. Fish
spent Sunday at Selinsgrove to visit
the latter's daughter, Mrs. A. E.
Cooper, w ho is ill with scarlet fever.
The borough council organized
last week by electing J. W. Sw art,
president and Calvin Stetler clerk.
H. R. Tobias was elected borough
Senator Hummel and Editor Joe
Leaner, tWO Stalwarts of Selinsgrove,
were in town on Friday afternoon
between trains. They failed to call
at this office.
Isaac Shambaeh of Avilla, Noble
Co., Ind., who is now 7f years old,
came in to attend the funeral of his
brother, George, which takes place
to-day (Thursday).
The Christian Endeavor Society
of the Lutheran church have decided
to take out an insurance policy of
3,000 on the church edifico. The
Kreamer church fire taught a very
useful lesson.
During his service on the bench,
Judge Savidge, of Sunbury, has
tried seventeen murder cases in
Northumberland and Schuylkill
counties. In only one sentence was
the defendant hanged, two were
mmmntwl to life inmrisonment, and
the others were either acquitted or
jriven lesser terms of imprisonment.
Weldon Fisher ( f Bloomsburg
lias been employed by A. E. Soles
in the harlier shop to take the place
ot Gordon Klingler of Georgetown,
who went home las week.
Last week Mrs. A. E.Williams
was appointed postmistress of Chap
man, this county, and Charles .
BrosiuSofMt Pleasant Mills. These
are commendable appointments.
Saturday of this week it will be
six years since we became the editor
ofthe Post. We wish to thank one
and all for the liberal patronage ex
tended to us during that time.
Clarence Graybill sold his livery
outfit last week in order to txo into
the mercantile business. The most
ot the outfit was bought by C. W.
Graybill, the proprietor of the Eagle
Kent houses in Middleburg are n
very scarce article at this season of
year. Those who have the vacant
lots and the money should erect
houses so that the population ran
There will be a church reopening
in connection with 1st quarterly con
ference Saturday and Sunday, Mar.
24 ane 25, 1900, United Evange
lical church.
Rev. W. E. Bbillhaht.
Mrs. A. E. Williams of Chapman,
M. P. Arnold of Port Trcvcrton and
Mr. Witmer ol Sunbury were in
town Friday afternoon ot last
week to probate the will of the late
Gen. C. E. Williams.
From all appearances there will
be a lively scramble tor the position
of County Chairman. Editor Jos.
A. I .milliard of Selinsgrove and Geo.
M. Witmer of Salem will contest
with each other for the place.
Mrs. E. S. Craterand her daugh
ter, Savilla, of Spring Mills, Centre
OOnnty, spent a week with her broth
er, W . H. Kipka. I hey were call
ers at this office Monday afternoon,
accompanied by Mr. Kipka and wife.
C. Morris Showers and S. F.
Shearv of Pennscrcck were at Mid
dleburg Wednesday of last week to
probate the will of Valentine al ter.
Mr. Showers is th" executorof
the estate, and Mr. Sheary penned
the instrument.
J. Wilson Swart, ex-commis
sioners' clerk, and his son-in-law,
Clarence Graybill, last week bought
the store of David Wetzel in Frank
lin. Mr. Wetzel accepted Mr.
Swart's house and hit in the bor
ough as part pay.
If you want voiir hair cut with
out steps or a nice easy shave and a
refreshing shampoo, go to A. 10.
Soles, in the bank building one door
cast of the Post Olliee, in room with
the drug store. A clean towel to
eaoh customer and satisfaction guar
anteed. Chas.O. Gaugler of Selinsgrove
was in towu last week canvassing
and taking orders for tfcf' niarbh
firm of (iaugler Ar McFall, succes
sors to M. L. Miller. They have a
larger stock of marble on hand than
ever More. Mr. McFall worked at
the trade for Hi years under Mr.
Miller's supervision and hence the
work they turn out is guaranteed to
be of the very best.
The new mercantile tax law is go
ing to add to the revenues of the
State, as shown by the returns re
ceived at the Auditor General's De
partment. Under the old law there
were about 61,000 dealers who paid
the tax, but under recent law about
150,000 dealers who help to swell
the Treasury receipts. Former
ly the income from this source was
about $600,000 a year. The new
law will bring in about $1,200,
000. One dealer who last year paid
$70 mercantile tax will this year
pay $750. Another paid $1,000
last year; this year he will pay $20,-000.
IIn I ii !!-- lor Hrrnril.
Isaac Annua! and wile to Michael
Haines, 3 acres and 36 perches in
Beaver twp. for $85.00.
1. Bolender, Sheriff, to 8. B. Ar
nold and J. H. Suffel, overseers of
the poor of Chapman twp., six acres
in ( lhapman twp. for 1 1 .00.
The above deed has been assigned
to Catherine V. Hile for the su::i of
$45.01 .
Assignment from Susannah Hile
and husband to Anna Hile for live
acres in Chapman tow nship for$1 50.
Susan Herman and Henry M.
her husband to Jacob B. Herman. 2
tracts of land in Franklin township
containing 35 acres and 17 acres re
spectively lor $550.
(i. E. Smith, ex'r ol Margarets.
Hane, to G. li. lianc, house aud lot
iu Selinsgrove for $310.
Jacob B. Herman and wife to
Jesse Bilger, 17 acres in Franklin
twp. for $120.
nit Pro bated.
The lat wifl and testa menl ol
Valentine Walter was probated Mar.
7th. C. M. Showers is the execu
tor. Will off ietl. E. '. Williams was
probated Friday. The widow is tin
sole heir and executrix.
i.i'i i Gran tad.
Letters ol administration in the
estate of Henry K. Sanders weri
granted to J. H. Long and J, 1.
Hart man.
Miirrlnsrc UMMMi
f Murray S. Lepiey, Jackton twp.,
Cora S. Fetter,
f John A. Walter. Penns Creek,
(Mollic F. Feeder,
f William O. Wagner, W. Perry T.
Mary Portzline, " "
I Banks F. Wieand, Beavertown,
Ida Kanawcll, Adamsburg.
( Lank Ha.-kenburg, Centre Twp.,
Agnes S. Walter, " "
Gen. E. O. Williams' Will.
The last will and testament d
Gen. E. C. Williams was probated
Friday of last week. The instru
ment is short and unique. 1' reads
as follows :
I, Edward C. Williams of Chap
man, Snyder county, Pa., do make,
publish and declare my last will and
testament as follows: I give, devise
and bequeath to my wile, Anna, and
toher assigns forever, all my prop
erty and estate whether real, per
sonal or mixed and 1 constitute and
appoint my said wife sole executrix
oi (his will. In testimony whereof
I hereunto sign my name this 16th
day of May, 1888.
Witness s E. I '. Williams.
C. L. Witmer.
M. P. Arnold.
The instrument is written in Gel),
Williams' ow n hand w riting and is
one of the shortest if not the shortest
on record. It contains only 85
- - -
An Interesting Experiment.
Sunday an experiment of much
imnortance. and which is said to be
the first successful experiment ot the
kind ever made. Superintendent
Hutchinson of the Sunbury & Iew-
istown Railroad, with a numlier ol
his subordinates, made the necessary
arrangements on Saturday, and
which consisted ot connecting Ao. -',
road wire Ix'tween Ijewistown and
this place, with 'phone and telegraph
instrument. The experiment con-
sistcd of sending a telephone com
munication and telegraphic message
over the same wire at one and at the
same time. The operator was able
to send the message and at the same
time a telephone communication was
transmitted to another person on the
same wire. The experiment was a
perfect success. jrioune.
Franklin Townspip this week
Mourns at the Graves of Two
of Her Oldest and Respect
ed Citizens. Other Re
cent Deaths in the
i ne nana ot iteatn ever reminus
us ol the uncertainty of life whether
the captured are old or young. We
are compelled to chronicle this week 1
i in i i i , . i .
the demise of two old and well known
gentlemen of our neighboring pre
cinct. They are Capt. Lewis Mil
ler, a gentleman with a brilliant
war record, and George Shambaeh,))
highly respected gen tlemau, descend
ed Irom a family, that for longevity
has no equal in i hese parts.
Capt. Miller was born in Wash
ington township, I Fnion ( now Snyder)
county, Jan. 1836 at tl Id home
stead, the mill pronerty ol hi lather.
Hi died in Franklin township, two
miles easl of Middleburg Thursday,
March 8, 1000, at the age of (J I
years. He was the son of John and
the grand son of Frederick Miller
wdio settled iii Penn township at an
early date. This well known pio
neer was married three times, and
by his first wife had the following
children i John, Betsy, I'olly and
Kate. lolltl Miller, the lather ol
the deceased, was born and reared at
the old homestead in Penn tow nship,
and when not engaged in agricul
tural work, In tune was spent In
I .1 Ml I 1 t I
learning me miners traae. ne
was married in I'enn township to
( 'hristy Ann Snyder, a nativeofPhil
adelphia and a daughter of Adam
ami Catherine (Beish) Snyder. After
his marriage John Miller engaged
in the milling business on Middle
creek in I'enn township, in partner
ship with George A. Snyder. Later
he took charge of the milling
nronertv in Washington township
w here the deceased was born. John
Miller lived to be 77 ' years old and
his wife 75 years. They iiad six
children i
1. Edward, born March 30, 1829,
died Sept. 30, I 807. I le bad only
one daughter, Aligeliue, married to
A. D. Kreamer, of Kreamer, Fa,
"J. George F., born Sept. 3,1832,
married Feb. 18, 1857 to Isabella
Dreese, and to them were born six
children: Christina, who died at
the age of three years, I taniel .,
who died at the age ol I J years ;
Adda I., w ho married Will. Itoush
and died in Washington township;
Mellie, wife of Ii, F. I I II ley ol'Free-
burg; John II., a clerk in Harlcy's
store', Freeburg, and Charles II.,
a teacher in the western part of the
state. Mr. Miller is an ex-county
Treasurer and at present one of the
county commissioners and during
the Civil war served in Co. I, 172nd
P. V. .
Lewis, the deceased.
4. Daniel S., born Feb. 7, 18)7,
enlisted in Co. H., .",1st P. V. I.,
and saw some hard lighting in the
Civil War. In May l7, he mar
ried Susanna Kister w ho died as did
also two children who were Inirn to
them. Nov. I, 1886 be married
Sarah Meyer and now resides at
5. Samuel, another son lived and
died in Washington township at the
age of 37 years.
0. Frederick, now resides in Penn
township, is a successful farmer and
a gentleman of affairs, highly re
spected. "Captain Miller was married Dec.
1859 to Sarah Stahlneukcr, a daugh
ter of Klias and Catherine (Hassing
er) Stahlneckcr, a sister of John,
Aaron and .David of this place. The
children of the union are :
1. John II., married Alice Hare
and resides at Strode's Mills, Mifflin
county, where he is successfully en-
gaged in Agriculture. He has a
family of four children, Henry, Dan-
iel, Sarah and George.
2. Catherine A., married tot 'has.
A. Manbeck of
May 2i, 18S7.
ter, Hattie S.
Franklin township
They haveadaugh-
Jennie, married W. '. Mover, who
resides near New Berliu on the farm
of Hon. H. Alfred Behoch. They
have had three children : Beatrice
aud Bruce arc living and an infant
son is dead.
( 'apt. Miller was an unassuming
man, a gentleman w ho accumulated
some money iu his time and unfortu
nately losi quite heavily in the de
preciation oi Lehigh Valley Kail
road stock sonic time ago. He has
still quite a fortune h it lorhisheirs.
He was a miller by trade and lived
for many years at the mill iu Wash
ington tow nship w here he was born.
Several years he lived in Selicsgrove,
several vears he lived near Sclioch's
mills above Selinsgrove and lor
about 'JO vears at the home w here he
dud last week. During the Civil
war he served with fidelity as Cap
tain of o. F, I 31sl Penna. Rejri-
i merit, wlfieh hud n ie-onioii
in this
place Sept. 19th of lasl year. While
living in Franklin tow nship, he was
engaged in farming.
The funeral took place on Monday
morning Irom his late home and the
services and burial took place at
Meiser, The funeral was largely
attended by Ids numerous relatives
ami friends.
In recording the events of the
past week, we must record the death
of GeorgeShambach at the advanced
age of more than four score years.
He was born Nov. 10. 1819 in the
house in this borough w here N. S.
Bachman now resides, and died Sun
day, March 1 I, 1900. For three
vears he has been suffering Irom a
severe cancer of the mouth and
throat which has been getting worse
from time to time, liis month was
all eaten away and during the lasl
week his jaws fell to his breast.
The sore gave otd a very offensive
odor making it next to impossible
for any oiietoeudurc the sight ofthe
unfortunate victim. Sunday morn
ing he had a hemorrhage which
caused his death at 8:50 which occur
red at the home of ids daughter
.Mrs. Wm. A. Smith in Swinetord,
w here he had his home since last
Jlllv. Mr. Shambaeh v
tw ice I
married: Fir-tin 1840 to Cather
ine, daughter of George and Eliza
beth Moyer of Centre township, sec
ond to Sarah, daughter of Conrad
and Louise Hassinger. He was the
father of 8 children, lour with each
wife, as follows :
1 . Mary A., born 1837, married
1 867 to Wm. A Smith oi Swineford.
They have lour children, Lillian.
Lester, I lerbertand John.
2. Robert R., born 1 8 H", married
1S7'J to Harriet Sw ineford, and now
resides in this borough. They have
two children, Herbert and Laura,
both single.
o. Anion, and 4, Sarah, both died
in infancy.
f. I .'has. C, born Sept. Hi, lHff,
married Clara Hower and have one
6. Margaret, died i:: infancy.
7. Galen, born Nov. 18!I, mar
ried Mollie Benter. Thy have two
children, Buhl and Harry.
8. Harvey, liorn May 1863, mar
ried Martha Bowersox and reside in
Paxtonville. They have seven chil
dren; Anna Ixniisa, Hattie P., Geo.
Guy, John Blaiu, Jane, Amanda
and Claire.
Mr. Shamlmch descends from a
family that for a record ot long liv
ing tliere are few it any in this day
sad generation. So prominent a
characteristic is the longevity oi this
family that it is but proper for us
to give some details ofthe family
from the time the founder of the
Shambaeh family in this country
set fool upon the American soil.
! The name ot the pioneer or found
er was ( ieorge Shambaeh; a nativeof
Germany who landed in Philadelphia
Sept. 9, 17 49. Ol his bneaire there
were at least three sons, Ueorge, Jr.,
Philip and Daniel. The hitter two
moved to Shenandoah, Virginia.
George, Jr. settled in Montgomery
county, where he married Mi-s Bern
ard. To them were born six chil
dren, three sons and three daughters.
George, Jr. moved to Middleburg
and a few miles north ol this place
hough; a tract ot land containing
300 acres, Irom William Pcim's
agents or heirs. The land then pur
chased i covered partly now by
deeds held by .lames (i. ('rouse,
Mrs. Moses Fry, Stahlneekers and
other parties. ( H the children of
(ieorge, dr., 'hristiau was thi young
est son and lather ol the deceased.
Christian Shambaeh was born iu
Montgomery County, but was mar
ried in what is now Snyder County
to his fii-st wile. Mar. Waller, the
daughter ot David and Susan (Eber
hart) Walter, the father having been
il soldier in the Revolutionary war,
anil his bones now rest in the Salem
church cemetery,the onlyones in thai
burying ground that were used in
defense of the Independence of Amer
ica. Mr. Shambaeh was a fanner
and a wagon maker. He was a. ro
bust man aud ol untiring vitality
and in his dav was noted ior his
physical wrdpranee. In is:7 his
lirst wife dfeu and he married Mrs
Elizabeth (Betehel) Bilger, wido
ol Isaac Bilger, Elisabeth w as born
June 26, 1809 and died Dec. 17.
1844. Christian died at the age ol
88 years and 3 months. His chil
dren are as follows :
Firs! Marriage.
1. Daniel, now Hi vears, married
Sarah Yciser, now reside at Leo,
Allen County, Ind, Undertaker
and carpenter.
'1. David, now about S-J vears ol
age, married Catherine Stab lnecker,
resides at Paxton ville.
3. (ieorge, the deceased, aged 80.
I . Mary (Polly) w idow oi lieu
ben Snyder, aged 7'.' years, now re
sides at Avilla, Noble Co., Ind. Mr.
Snyder was w broom-maker and
5, Jesse, born Aug. :'.(,
ngcu over ,
Fry, tin
11, 1842 b
daughter ol
(Walter) Fry. Tiiev now reside in
( 'entre township and are well known
and highly respected. They have
1 1 children.
6. Isaac, aged 73 years, married
to Julia Hassinger, and now resides
at Avilla, Noble Co., hid. Isaac is
a carpentei .
7. Jacob, aged 73 years, married
Maria Hassinger, a sister of Isaac's
wife, and now residi at Perrvsville,
Ashland Co., Ohio and is a black
smith. 8. Elizabeth, aged about 70, mar
rick Benjamin Loose, who is now
dead, but the willow resides iu the
town of Centreville, this county.
Mr. Loose was a Cooper.
9. John, now dead, lived to le
about 68, married Catherine Keller
and resided at Adamsburg.
10. William, aged 08, married
Amelia Walter, daughter of Adam
Walter. Resides in Franklin twp.
11. Lydia, aged 66, married first
Frederick Erb but is now the widow
of Reuben Fisher. Resides at Port
Treverton, this county.
J2. Henry, born April 7, 1836,
died Feb. 2, 1863. He was a mem
ber ot Co. C, 120th Ohio Regt. He
died in the hospital in St Louis,
Mo. and was buried in Middleburg,
March 9, 1863.
Continued on Fourth Pac.
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